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Behaviour Modification
Chapter 1
By ProfGuy15

Professor Gray walked into his introductory psychology class expectantly. He always looked forward to the beginning of a new semester. There were always new faces and bodies in the crowd of students. As he went over the syllabus with the class and took roll, his eyes scanned the classroom for the student he would invite to participate in his research. Professor Gray was involved in behavior modification studies and was known to involve undergraduates. As he came to a student named Frank, he knew he had his new toy.

Frank could not have looked more like a typical 20-year-old college student. He wore the typical "uniform" of a T-shirt, shorts, and a baseball cap. He wasn't a big guy by any means. He was only about 5'9" but was obviously cut. He evidently spent a lot of time in the gym as do many guys his age. His tight black T-shirt clung to his impressive torso and biceps; his shorts revealed muscled legs and a tight butt. His blue eyes and dirty-blonde hair helped complete a remarkable picture.

"He will do nicely," thought the professor. "I'm sure there are many things I can do with him." His dick twitched at the prospect.

Over the next couple of weeks, Professor Gray found that Frank was smart enough, but not so smart that he didn't need some extra help with the material. This meant some one-on-one sessions during office hours. Each time Frank wore a tight-fitting T-shirt, "spray-painted on" as he had overheard Frank's buddies kidding him. Frank certainly knew what he had and liked to show it off.

During their tutoring sessions, Professor Gray would make it a point to make some small talk with Frank, finding out, for instance, that he was quite the athlete and sports fan. In addition to psychology, they would talk about hockey and football. After a few weeks of this, Professor Gray decided that the two of them had established enough of a friendship that Frank would now trust him without asking too many questions. It was time to make the offer.

At their next session, Professor Gray casually brought up to Frank the idea of doing research with him. Frank hesitated. "Well, I don't know, Professor. I'm certainly not the brightest guy in the class, and I have some commitments outside of school in the afternoons."

"Nonsense. You're more than bright enough. Believe me," replied Professor Gray, stroking Frank's ego. "As for your other commitments, we could easily schedule the research in the evenings. That's no problem. And doing research with a professor would look great on your resume. Any other reasons not to join up?" Professor Gray knew he almost had him.

After only another moment's hesitation, Frank replied, "Now that you put it that way, no. Count me in."

Professor Gray smiled. Another "willing" subject to play with. They set up their first research meeting for the following Monday night. "More than enough time for me to set things up for Frank's `enjoyment,'" he thought.

The following Monday around 6 o'clock, Frank was making his way to the psychology labs on campus. The campus was pretty quiet and deserted. He saw that the only light on in the building was in Professor Gray's research lab. He quickly entered the building and went up the stairs to the second floor. He didn't want to be late for their first research meeting.

Frank had made sure he looked good. As usual, he wore a tight-fitting black ribbed T-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts which showed off his legs and butt. He had noticed how Professor Gray seemed to admire his physique and wanted to be sure to keep his new mentor happy. He wanted to get as much out of this experience as possible.

He got to the door of the research lab and walked in. What he saw impressed him. The lab was totally modern and fully equipped. Cabinets along one wall were filled with chemicals and glassware. Several computers lined the bench along a second wall. Several work stations were positioned around the room with various equipment on each one. At the far end of the lab, he saw what looked like a dentist's chair surrounded by several carts with metallic cylinders on them. "That's strange," Frank thought to himself. "I didn't think Professor Gray performed any human testing. But I guess he'll explain everything to me tonight."

Frank was about to take a closer look at the chair when Professor Gray's voice startled him. "I see you've made it. And right on time. I like that." Professor Gray extended his hand to Frank, and the two shook hands. Professor Gray could feel the strength in Frank's arms. His attraction to Frank was palpable. He could barely contain himself knowing what he had in store for the young man.

"I was just admiring the lab, Professor Gray," said Frank. "You certainly seem to have everything you might need here."

"I've been lucky enough to get several grants to purchase all of this equipment," replied the professor. "There are several foundations interested in my behavior modification research. I'm glad you're impressed with all of our toys." Professor Gray could see Frank's eyes light up with the mention of "our." He could see that the young man was proud to be part of the lab team. This would be a relatively easy catch for the professor. The members of the "foundations" would be pleased with this newest research subject.

The professor immediately set Frank to work mixing several chemicals in beakers that had already been set up at one of the work stations. Frank was working diligently on his tasks, enjoying the fact that he was helping out Professor Gray. He could feel the professor's gaze on him as he worked so he made sure to take the occasional break and stretch his taut body so the professor could see his muscles strain under his T-shirt. "Keep the professor happy," thought Frank.

As Professor Gray watched Frank work, he smiled to himself whenever Frank stretched. Not only was he getting an excellent view of the young man's muscles, he also realized that Frank was trying to please him. "He doesn't suspect a thing," thought the professor. "This is going to be easy."

Professor Gray looked at his watch and saw that it was almost 6:30. He knew that campus security would be walking through the building on their nightly patrol any minute and would not return again that night. So he would have all the time he wanted to initiate Frank into his behavior modification program. The plan would commence shortly.

Right on schedule Tony, one of the campus security guards, poked his head in the lab. "Working late tonight, Professor Gray?" asked the guard.

"Yeah, Tony," replied the professor. "I'm getting a new student started on some research." At being mentioned, Frank looked over and nodded to the guard.

"Sounds good. Have a nice evening." Tony closed the door and left the building.

"Like clockwork," thought the professor as the guard left. He turned and smiled at Frank who went back to mixing the chemicals. He thought, "Assuming my calculations are correct, it should be just about time to get things started."

Professor Gray went to one of the storage cabinets and retrieved an amber colored bottle. He reached into the pocket of his lab coat and felt the cloth that he had placed there earlier. His heart began to beat more quickly in anticipation, and his dick started to get rigid. As if on cue, he watched as Frank's motions slowed down a bit. Frank put down the beaker he was holding and rubbed his eyes as if he was trying to clear some haze.

"Has it suddenly gotten warmer in here, Professor?" asked Frank a little groggily.

"No, I don't believe so," he replied, knowing that the drug he had coated the beakers with had been absorbed into Frank's skin and was kicking in. The sedative alone would be enough to render Frank unconscious, but Professor Gray always liked to take a more active role in the process.

As Frank stood at his work station trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head, Professor Gray reached into his pocket and retrieved the cloth. He opened the amber bottle and wetted the cloth with the chloroform.

With the cloth in his right hand, he walked over to Frank who was standing with his back to the professor. Professor Gray put his free hand on Frank's left shoulder in a way that would communicate friendly concern to his young assistant. "Are you feeling OK, Frank?" asked the professor.

"I don't know. I feel tired all of a sudden," was the slightly slurred reply. Frank began swaying a bit, trying to maintain his balance.

"Here, let me help you" said Professor Gray as he made his move on the young man. Suddenly the professor's left hand wrapped around Frank's neck causing him to stumble backwards against the professor's chest. Simultaneously, the cloth in his right hand was clamped over Frank's nose and mouth. The professor had planned this perfectly.

"Mmmmmpphhh," was all that Frank could muster through the cloth.

"I've waited several weeks for this moment, Frank, and now it's finally here. Just breath deeply and it will all be over soon. Just relax. Go to sleep." Professor Gray's dick was rock hard as he held the well-muscled young man in his arms.

The sedatives that Frank had absorbed from touching the tainted beakers had already made him very drowsy. While under normal circumstances he would have been able to fend off such an attack, in his weakened state his feeble flailings were no match for the arm around his neck or the fumes he was inhaling through the cloth. He could hear the professor telling him to relax, to sleep, and he started following those directions well.

Professor Gray quickly realized that Frank was his. After a few moments, Frank was barely able to lift his arms in his attempt to remove the cloth. After a few more breaths, Frank's arms fell to his side, his eyes fluttered shut, and his head dropped back onto the professor's shoulder. He was completely unconscious. Keeping the cloth in place, Professor Gray gently lowered Frank's limp body onto the floor.

Satisfied that Frank was totally under, he removed the cloth and placed it back in his pocket. Standing, he smiled with delight as he looked at the drugged young stud whose muscled chest rose and fell gently in his sleeping state. "Now on with the program," thought the professor.

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