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Behaviour Modification
Chapter 3
By ProfGuy15

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As Frank once again slept peacefully, Professor Gray started working on a specific computer program based on Frank's responses to the questions which the professor had asked him. "This will prove most interesting," thought Professor Gray. He smiled as he thought about the experiment he was about to perform on Frank.

After about half an hour's work, he had completed programming the images and suggestions that Frank would shortly see and hear. Professor Gray then returned to Frank's side. He again marveled at the young man's naked body, so defined and strong. He enjoyed watching Frank sleep. He began to caress the unconscious youth, feeling the solid muscles of Frank's chest and arms. He moved down Frank's abdomen, reveling in the ridges of his tight abdominal muscles. He stroked Frank's thighs, brushing ever so slightly against Frank's flaccid dick. He saw it twitch. "Typical 20-year-old," thought the professor. "Even deeply asleep he can still be stimulated."

The professor's "examination" was interrupted by the phone ringing. Knowing that it was the director of the "foundation," Professor Gray tore himself away from the slumbering youth and picked up the receiver.

"Yes," began the professor.

"Do you have him?" asked the director.

"Yes, he's sleeping soundly right now. I've completed the preliminary questioning and programmed the computer accordingly. The sedatives will be wearing off shortly. I'll be starting with him soon."

"And how soon will you know if it's worked?"

"The experiment will begin tomorrow morning. By this time tomorrow night we'll know if the aggression program has worked on him. I'm very confident that it will. Frank has shown himself to be an excellent subject so far."

"I hope so," replied the director. "We need a new agent as soon as possible."

"After the aggression programming, stage two will take only a day or two more. I trust the second experiment is in place."

"Yes, just as usual. We'll do it here at the foundation building."

"Fine," replied the professor. "I'm sure you'll find Frank fits your specifications exactly."

"You've never disappointed us before, Professor Gray. I'll be in touch tomorrow evening to see how things have gone."

"I'll speak with you then," said the professor. He hung up the phone.

As he was turning back to Frank, he saw that the young man was regaining consciousness. He faintly moaned and began to move his head back and forth in his fight to wake up. The muscles of his arms and legs tightened against the restraints. The professor smiled and thought, "Just like clockwork, Frank. You're the best subject so far."

The professor approached the carts which stood beside Frank. He began to input commands into the computer attached to the various metallic cylinders. Each cylinder contained a specific type of gas which Professor Gray had developed. The correct combination of these gasses would cause Frank to become very suggestible to the messages he would soon be receiving. Once he was finished at the computer, Professor Gray reached for the gas mask to which the various cylinders were attached.

He returned to Frank just as his eyes opened. Professor Gray could see the confusion in Frank's eyes as he tried to make sense of what he was experiencing.

"What's going on, Professor? I feel woozy," asked Frank.

"I'm performing an experiment on you, Frank," replied the professor calmly. "Nothing to worry about. Everything is going to be fine. Just relax and enjoy the experience. I know I am."

"What are you talking about?" Frank was becoming more awake and suddenly realized that he was naked and strapped to the chair. "I don't want any experiment performed on me. Let me up. I want to get out of here!"

"Now Frank, you're getting upset. There's no need for that. You won't even remember any of this in another hour or so. You need to relax."

"Let me up!" yelled Frank. He was fully awake now.

"It's time to get started on your reprogramming, Frank. Just lie back and breathe deeply."

"Reprogramming?!?! Let me up!" The young man's muscles strained against the straps holding him to the chair. Professor Gray enjoyed this sight, knowing that there was no way that Frank could escape.

Professor Gray picked up the gas mask and approached Frank's face. Frank's eyes opened wide as he saw the device, and he tried in vain to release himself from the restraints. The professor calmly reached for Frank's head to place the mask on. Frank tried to move his head to keep the professor at bay, but it was useless. The professor placed the mask over Frank's nose and mouth and secured it behind his head. Frank began to scream through the mask.

"No one else is in the building to hear you, Frank. I'm going to help you relax and then everything will be fine." Professor Gray walked over to the computer and started the program that controlled the gas. The metallic cylinders came to life; small lights on their tops lit up as each was activated. The computer controlled exactly the combination of gasses to put Frank in a state of near-sleep, but still conscious enough to be affected by the conditioning program that would shortly be initiated.

As the gasses began to flow into the mask, Frank could see the professor smiling down at him. He began to smell the odor of the gasses coming in through the mask. He instinctively held his breath, but knew this would only buy him a small amount of time.

Professor Gray could see that Frank was holding his breath. "We can't have you not breathing, Frank." The professor reached down to Frank's dick and began to massage it. Immediately the limp organ began to engorge with blood and become erect. The pleasure Frank felt caused him to moan and take in a lung-full of the gasses. The effect was instantaneous. Frank began to feel lightheaded and forgot about his desire to hold his breath. Each subsequent breath became easier and easier as the gasses made him float higher and higher. He could feel his consciousness fading away.

The professor watched Frank's chest rise and fall as he breathed in the gas. As Frank's eyes closed, he stopped massaging his dick. He would return to that later. When Frank's body became totally relaxed, the professor asked, "Frank, can you hear me?"

"Yes," was the distant sounding reply.

"Good. I'm going to put earphones and goggles on you now. You're going to hear and see various sounds and images. You are going to be very attentive to this, Frank, OK?"


Professor Gray placed a pair of special goggles over Frank's eyes and a pair of earphones over his ears. He returned to the computer and initiated the conditioning program. Frank's subconscious was being reprogrammed by the images and sounds coming from the computer. The gasses he was breathing would ensure his cooperation. Within an hour, he would become more aggressive. Professor Gray smiled again as he watched Frank being kept pliable by the gas and reconditioned by the computer program. He looked forward to the experiment that would determine how well Frank responded to this first round of reconditioning. He knew the second round would be even more enjoyable.

After the program had finished, the computer alerted Professor Gray who returned to Frank's side. "How are you feeling, Frank?" he asked the young stud.

"Strong," was the assertive reply.

The professor smiled. "Very good, Frank. There's just one final step before you can leave." Professor Gray returned to the computer, typed in a few new commands, and activated the program. Immediately, anesthetic gas flooded Frank's mask, putting him to sleep once more. "Just a short nap while I get you dressed," said the professor. Frank barely heard these words as darkness enveloped him again.

Once Frank was asleep, the professor removed the mask and earphones, and undid the restraints on his wrists and ankles. He lingered one final time over Frank's naked unconscious body. But knowing that he would have other opportunities to marvel at Frank's physique and that the anesthetic gas would wear off quickly, the professor got to work putting Frank's clothes back on. When he was done, it appeared as if nothing at all had happened to Frank other than the fact that he was lying on the chair.

Shortly, Frank began to come around. He reached for his head and rubbed his eyes. He slowly sat up. "What happened, Professor? The last thing I remember was feeling warm and sleepy."

"Yes, that's exactly what you said right before you passed out. It was a good thing I was here or else you could have hurt yourself. I helped you over to this chair and let you lie down for a while. You seem OK now, though. How do you feel?"

"I feel fine. Strong actually. Like I've just gotten a really good night's sleep. That's really strange, though. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I'm sorry about all the trouble, Professor."

"No trouble at all, Frank. I'm just glad everything is all right. Why don't you head home now, though, and get some rest. I want to make sure my star research assistant stays in good shape."

Frank smiled at the complement. The professor returned the smile and said, "Why don't you stop by my office tomorrow. That way I can make sure you're OK, and we can discuss further plans for our research."

"You got it, Professor. I'll see you in the morning." Frank got up off the chair and shook Professor Gray's hand. "And thanks again for this great opportunity. I hope this didn't freak you out or anything."

"Not at all, my friend. I'll see you in the morning."

As Frank left the lab, Professor Gray felt very pleased with how this first session had gone. At their meeting tomorrow, he would trigger Frank's conditioning program and begin the experiment to see if the agressiveness program had taken effect. He was excited at the possibilities. Tomorrow would be an important day.

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