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Behaviour Modification
Chapter 5
By ProfGuy15

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The host retrieved Frank's jacket from the table and found his car keys in the pocket. He gave both to Todd who had Frank slung over his shoulder. He was enjoying the feel of Frank's limp body and patted his round, firm ass. Todd smiled in anticipation of the night's activities.

"You had better get going back to Professor Gray's lab," ordered the Director. Todd nodded in response and started toward the door. The Director pulled a cell phone from his pocket and dialed Professor's Gray's number. The professor answered immediately. "The experiment was a complete success. Frank will make a fine agent. Todd is bringing him back to your lab now."

"Is Frank unconscious?" asked Professor Gray.

"Naturally," replied the Director. "Thanks to your tranquilizer darts."

"I'll take care of things from here," said Professor Gray, hanging up the phone. He was excited about what was to happen next. He would finally get to sample Frank this evening. And maybe Todd as well.

Meanwhile, Todd carried the unconscious hunk out to Frank's car. Todd opened the passenger side door and gave Frank's ass one last squeeze. "All in good time," he thought. He gently placed Frank in the passenger seat and secured the seatbelt. He then got himself situated in the driver's side and started the car.

It was only a short drive to the campus. Todd watched the sleeping Frank during the short trip. He noticed how handsome Frank was and admired his fine form which was easily visible beneath the tight black muscle shirt. Todd rubbed his right hand against Frank's well-developed chest and stomach. His dick lurched at the feel.

Quickly enough, the pair arrived at Professor Gray's building. Todd parked the car in the back at the service entrance where he would go unnoticed. He walked around to the passenger side and opened the door. Frank was still in a deeply drugged sleep thanks to the professor's powerful tranquilizer. Todd maneuvered Frank back onto his shoulder, again luxuriating in the experience of having this beautiful man under his control. He was disappointed that he would have to turn him over to the professor first. But his time would come later in the evening. Todd smiled at the thought.

Todd carried the slumbering stud into the building. As usual at this time of day, the building was empty. The security guards had already made their rounds and would not be back. Todd opened the door to the laboratory and saw Professor Gray waiting there expectantly.

"I see all has gone well," said Professor Gray to Todd.

"Like clockwork. You've picked another good one, Professor. Frank is handsome, built, and strong. He took care of our test agent with no problem. I can only imagine how good he'll be once he's got some training under his belt." Todd wanted to keep the professor talking so he wouldn't have to put Frank down. His dick was leaking precum at this point, having been carrying Frank for some time now.

"I'm very good at what I do, Todd," replied the professor. "Remember I picked you a few years ago as well."

"I remember," said Todd.

What Todd didn't remember was that part of his training erased some of his memories of being "introduced" to the Foundation. He merely thought that Professor Gray, as his mentor, had helped him get this great job at the Foundation. But the reprogramming ensured that he retained only the memories that his superiors wanted him to retain. In fact, all he would remember of tonight's activities would be his upcoming sexual encounter with Frank. Not Frank's capture or the reprogramming itself…that would be far too dangerous. It was better to have the agents think they were in control of themselves when, in reality, that was the furthest thing from the truth.

"Well, time to get on with things," said Professor Gray. "Why don't you put Frank down on the examination chair and have yourself some juice to drink from the fridge. I'm sure you're tired from carrying Frank around. And grab a seat. This will take a little while, so make yourself comfortable."

"It's no problem, believe me," replied Todd. He regretted having to relinquish Frank to the professor, but was still excited by the knowledge that he would have him all to himself later on that night. And he was a bit thirsty. Something to drink sounded good. He brought Frank over to the chair and gently put him down. He took a moment to use both hands to stroke Frank's body from head to toe, savoring the moment. He then walked over the refrigerator and got himself some of the juice that was on the top shelf. It tasted good…cold and wet…as it traveled down his throat. He sat down in a chair that gave him a full view of Frank. He didn't want to miss anything.

As Todd watched the professor begin to undress Frank, Todd once again got excited. He started to rub himself through his pants as more and more of Frank's body came into view: his magnificently sculpted torso, his muscular legs, and finally his beautiful manhood. Todd felt that he couldn't resist cumming right there. Suddenly he started to feel lightheaded and began to have trouble coordinating his hand rubbing against his dick. His head started to fall down against his chest; he jerked it up to keep his view of the now naked Frank. But it was getting harder and harder to keep his focus; all he wanted to do was close his eyes. He fought against the drowsiness, wanting to keep Frank in his line of sight. But that line of sight was becoming a narrow tunnel as his field of vision became darker and darker. Each blink became longer.

Professor Gray looked at Todd sitting in the chair and smiled. It would be over in another moment or two. Todd's eyes finally closed and did not open again. His muscles sagged into total relaxation. "Well, now I know my new sedative works well," said the professor to the now unconscious Todd. "Now on with the program."

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