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Behaviour Modification
Chapter 8
By ProfGuy15

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Professor Gray left Todd still bound to the bed in the back room to sleep off the effects of the chloroform. He knew it was time to return to Frank whose conditioning program would soon be completed. The professor looked down at Frank's nearly unconscious body, taking in the beauty of its muscular definition. The professor's ever-hardening dick yearned for the release which was soon to come. He decreased the flow of nitrous to Frank which would allow him to almost wake up from the programming.

Once the computer indicated that the reconditioning program had run its course, Professor Gray removed the earphones and goggles from Frank's head. However, he left the gas mask on with a very slight flow of nitrous still entering Frank's system to heighten his enjoyment of the next event.

With the flow of nitrous decreased, Frank was fighting his way back to consciousness. He began to tug slightly at the restraints securing his wrists and ankles and to faintly moan as he became more aware of his surroundings. But reality was still a bit distant for him until he heard the professor's voice which snapped him almost back to full consciousness.

"Frank, can you hear me?" asked the professor.

"Yessssssss," was the slurred response from Frank.

"Very good, Frank. You have been a very good boy so I think it's time we rewarded you for all your hard work." The professor wheeled over a cart with what looked like a vacuum pump on it. He picked up a plastic tube with a hose connecting it to the pump. With his right hand, he began to stroke Frank's dick, eliciting pleasurable moans from the young man as it became engorged and erect. Once Frank was at attention, the professor slipped the plastic tube over Frank's cock and turned on the pump. The device began to automatically suck on Frank's dick. Frank again began to moan from the euphoric feelings the machine was giving him.

The professor was more aroused than ever at the sight of this young buck being milked by the machine. It was finally time for his own release. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor, followed quickly by his boxer shorts. Professor Gray grabbed the bottle of lube that was one the cart and squeezed some into his right hand. Standing next to Frank and watching every contortion of his taut body writhing in ecstasy from the effects of the machine, the professor began to stroke vigorously on his own dick. He was engulfed by the sight before him and the pleasure he was giving himself with every movement of his hand up and down his shaft.

After a few minutes of this stimulation, the professor could see that Frank was on the verge of ejaculation. His body was tensed in that certain way that indicates imminent release. He began to pump faster on his own cock so that he could share that moment with Frank. Both were now ready for the ultimate feeling. As soon as Professor Gray saw Frank erupt into the plastic tube, his own dick spasmed and released its load. Both men were totally spent by the experience. But the machine was still working on Frank's dick causing the young man to still pant with stimulation. The professor smiled to himself at the sight as he cleaned himself off with a towel and got his clothes back in order.

"I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, Frank," said the professor.

"Too much. Please stop. Can't stand it any more," pleaded the bound stud.

"Oh, all right, Frank, if you insist," replied the professor as he removed the device from Frank's still semi-erect cock.

Frank sighed as the device slid off his dick and relaxed in the chair. He was still breathing heavily which was causing him to become light-headed because of the nitrous. The professor began to wipe Frank's dick with the towel, causing him to breath deeply once again. His vision became blurry.

The professor looked down at Frank. "Now it's time to see if the second conditioning program has worked. Time for a quick nap, Frank, and then some more fun."

"No, please, don't want to go back to sleep," was all Frank was able to get out before the professor turned up the flow again.

He stroked Frank's head and whispered in his ear, "Just relax, Frank, and let the gas do its work. Just let the warm sensation flow over your body. That's it, breath deeply. You'll enjoy what I have planned for you when you wake up."

Frank did not hear these last words as the gas once again overcame him.

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