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Sayo's Revenge
Chapter 1
By ProfGuy15

"Sayo's Revenge" is a sequel of sorts to a story that I wrote withTelemachus called "Ultimate Prize!" In case you missed it, you can find it (with incredible illustrations by Telemachus) on his website at

So here's the first chapter of "Sayo's Revenge." Hope you enjoy.



It was a hot and steamy day in the jungle. John woke upearly and decided to go for a swim to help combat the growing heat.

He crept out of the tree house quietly so as not to wake Tarzan. Helowered himself down the rope ladder, his arm muscles alreadyglistening with sweat. He walked the distance to the lagoon slowly,enjoying the early morning.

John arrived at the water's edge more than ready to cool offhis body. He quickly removed his khaki shorts, his only clothing,revealing a well-endowed member and a tight ass. Living with Tarzanhad helped him to tone his frame; John was very pleased with hisphysique. And apparently so was Tarzan. The two men could not getenough of each other's bodies.

Wasting no more time, John dived into the cool, crystal clearwater. The effects were instantaneous: the humid jungle heat washedaway as the refreshing water cascaded over the young man's muscles.

After a short time, John was sufficiently reinvigorated that hedecided to head back to the tree house. "Tarzan should be waking upsoon. Wouldn't want him to worry about me," thought the young man.

Somewhat reluctantly, John swam back to shore. With waterdripping from his body, John walked back to the place where he haddropped his shorts. He was surprised to find them missing.

"Looking for these?"

The voice startled John. He could not believe hiseyes. "Sayo! You're supposed to be in jail."

"Funny that. It's amazing what a little money can do foryou. A few bribes and I find myself back in the jungle," said Sayoarrogantly.

"What do you want? Why don't you go back to your father?"taunted John.

"I will, my young stud, I will. But I'll be taking back afew trophies with me." Sayo pulls out a gun and aims it at John.

"If you hurt me, Tarzan will kill you."

"I don't want to hurt you, John. But I do need you as baitto capture Tarzan." Sayo pulls the trigger. A dart embeds itself inJohn's chest. "Just a tranquilizer. You'll be easier to handle whenyou're asleep."

John's legs begin to buckle as the drug streams through hisbody. With his mind fogging over, John falls to his knees. The lastimage he sees is Sayo walking toward him with a huge smile on hisface. The young man collapses, naked and unconscious, on the junglefloor.

Sayo stands above his prize, admiring John's taut buttocksand tapering torso. He kneels down and pushes John onto hisback. "Very nice. Very nice, indeed. I didn't get a chance tosample you last time, but I'll be making up for that shortly. Butnow it's time to secure your better half."

Sayo removes the dart from John' chest and drops it on theground. "This should get Tarzan's attention."

Sayo whistles and from the bushes emerge severalnatives. "Bring him," he says simply. One of the brawny nativeshoists John over his shoulder and follows Sayo into the jungle.

After a short trek, Sayo and the natives find themselves in aclearing. "I chose this spot perfectly," says Sayo as he surveys theterrain. "More than enough hiding places to surprise the apeman.

Tie young John to that tree."

The native who has been carrying the sleeping stud brings himover to the tree. Another native follows with cords of rope to bindJohn. They work efficiently, binding John's arms to the limbs aboveand his ankles around the trunk of the tree. Still under the effectsof the tranquilizer, John's head rests on his chest, his eyes stillclosed in a drug-induced slumber.

Sayo walks over to his unconscious captive. "Quite the body,I will admit," he says. Sayo traces John's musculature with hisfingers, enjoying the feeling of the lad's tight muscles. He makeshis way to John's flaccid cock, giving it a few pulls. "I can't waitto work that over once you're awake." But Sayo knows there are otherplans to make before the fun begins.

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