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One Night in Bangkok
Part 1 - The bigger they are ...
By Randy Dragon

One Night in Bangkok

Part 1 – The bigger they are ...

By Randy Dragon

This story is fiction. Should the characters in this story even remotely bare similarities to any real person, living or dead, it was purely accidental and any such similarities are strictly coincidences.

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate sex. If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don't. If you are offended by acts of sexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior discussed in this story. It was written strictly as a form of entertainment and acts described should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what the hell they are doing.

Sarah woke from the bright rays of sunlight that were piercing the blinds of the shutters. It was hot. The air in the bed room of her dormitory flat was still rank with the mixed scent of male sweat, cunt juice and heavy sex.

Her sensuous lips curled in a broad smile while her hands traveled over her buxom boobs and down to her belly. She felt thoroughly satisfied and relaxed.

The two hunky young men, still sound asleep on both sides of her, had given the sex crazed blonde what she needed.

Except from the leather wrist bands, brand signs of all members of the college football team, and his Puka shell necklace Josh Banner was buck naked. The quarterback was flat on his back, the bed sheets twisted around his ankles. He wore his jet-black hair crew cut. Silver earrings glittered from his lobes. The manly face with the square jaw was relaxed. His full lips were slightly apart while he was lowly snoring.

The 6.4 ft., 220 lbs. beefy body was packed with hard muscles. Barbed wire tattoos circled his biceps as well as his calves. Sarah knew that a large tribal tattoo spanned across the athlete's shoulder blades. Across his sculpted pecs down his chiseled six-pack grew a mat of curly black fur extending in a thin line down to a hefty 12-inch cut cock, the base and his plum-sized balls covered in black pubic hair.

She grinned at Josh's throbbing morning wood. The cut mushroom head was throbbing in line with the man’s heartbeat. The piss slit oozing a pearl of pre-cum. His dark body hair, the shadow shrouding his unshaved chin and the sun tanned skin gave him an almost Italian look.

Duke Ennox the brawny linebacker was face-down on his belly. His smooth body had the full chiseled definition of an athlete who was regularly working out at the gym. The strong traps gave him a rather bulky look. Huge tattoos covered his arms. His wavy brown hair with the blond bleached strains was disheveled and platted at his sweaty fore-head.

This night he had fucked himself senseless. His balls in the shaven nutsac had pumped until the last drop of his sperm had been sucked in by Sarah's tight pussy. The 6.3 ft., 255 lbs. linebacker was as wild a lover as he was a fighter on the field. His sexual appetite was insatiable and he was an expert to fuck his chicks in all imaginable positions.

Duke was Josh's best friend. Both men were 22 years old and had a reputation for their scores on the field as with the girls, who were more than willing to spread their legs for the good looking, well-endowed muscle boys. Sarah the head of the cheerleaders, however, was the only one who managed to bed them both. She countered young male stamina with exquisite skills of love-making that drove the hunky jocks wild.

The quilt of the king-size bed was still damp from the sweat of the three lovers. The wild blonde had blown the two fuck-buddies to mind shattering orgasms and enjoyed being sandwiched between the brawny bodies of the grunting football players. Her ass and pussy had been thoroughly plowed by the two swollen, rock-hard dream cocks which had gushed load after load of hot baby juice until the exhausted lovers fell into a deep post-orgasmic sleep.

The hot threesome had been the farewell fuck-fest as the football team was leaving for a goodwill tour to Thailand. Sarah was furious that the cheerleaders had been excluded for lack of budget, nevertheless, she was to make sure that her two favorite studs would remember her despite the charm of the Thai girls they were about to meet.

Although Josh and Duke had sworn to be "faithful", Sarah had no illusions about what the always horny, healthy young men would do after their games.

Her hands squeezed simultaneously the quarterback's meaty rod and the linebacker's sexy buttocks. The resulting extended morning romp made Josh and Duke almost miss the bus to the airport.

There was no time to shower and the jocks just slipped into their jock straps, tight black Tees and the baggy sweat pants, kissed Sarah good-bye and rushed off. With duffle bags over the shoulder they made it last minute to the airport transit bus. Their team mates were broadly grinning but the coach was fuming. Luckily they had to leave right away to catch the plane to Asia.

"They say these Thai chicks are hot," Josh said while he was trying to fold his big frame into the narrow Economy Class seat of the Asian airline.

"Yeah and they crave for American cock!" Duke grinned, "Asian jocks are too small to satisfy their brides, ya' know?"

"Damn you! Your talking gave me a boner", Josh moaned in fake despair, "and that fuckin' seat is already too small."

"Well, just imagine you are an all-American cock stuffed inside a tiny Asian pussy. Hear the moans and cries of passion..." Duke teased.

"Fuck you!" Josh adjusted his package through the sweat pants, "Do you always have to think about sex?"

"What's wrong with that?" Duke asked so innocently that Josh became immediately alert. He knew his friend too well.

"I'm just putting my assets to work, dude ..." Duke watched intently the butt of the stewardess who was serving drinks.

"No, you wouldn't," Josh said.

"Watch the Master," Duke grinned. He got up and went to the service station of the plane.

Josh watched the linebacker offering a winning smile to the stewardess, who smiled back. The two were exchanging some remarks and finally Duke was given a Coke, which he opened on the spot. He leaned against the wall, while the stewardess went into the toilet. Josh was just wondering why the occupied sign was not turned on, when Duke gave him a thumbs up and entered the toilet, too. The sign was turned on.

Twenty minutes later the stewardess emerged, red faced with tussled hair, obviously trying to get back her composure. A moment later Duke came out as well with a flushed expression. He nodded to the stewardess and returned to his seat.

"Well?" Josh asked.

"Definitely the highest blow job I ever had," Duke scratched his crotch and yawned. "Now we can crush, good nite fellow." He slouched into his seat and soon Josh heard his buddy's snoring.

The Thais presented them a warm welcome. The college team was openly surprised about the lanky built Asian players, whose small frames stood in contrast to the large bodies of the college jocks, but the Thai coach explained that the Thais played with a more gentle touch rather than brute force.

"Bullshit! Football is a men's sport. Let's see how long this gentle touch will last against our touchdown," Duke sneered in the locker room, "we'll teach these sissies a lesson they'll never forget!"

"Yeah. Let's kick some major gook butt out there!" Josh roared pulling his helmet deftly over his head.

Although it was a friendly match, the Americans made it clear that they were taking the matter seriously and the Thai team had to work hard.

“Fuck! Those Farangs are tough ones.” PakPao the stocky linebacker gasped to Mongkut the quarterback, using the common expression for Caucasians or Westerners coming to Thailand from another country.

Before Mongkut could reply he was tackled by Duke. Although the Thai was quite well-built with 5.9 ft. and 150 lbs. of hard muscle, the impact with the big US-player launched him airborne. He crashed on his back with a sickening thud that knocked the air out of him. The big linebacker towered over him. Mongkut reached out expecting to be helped up, but Duke just grinned through his face mask. His hand went to his crotch adjusting his bulge under the skin tight fabric of the royal blue Lycra pants.

"Oops, sorry for that!" Duke mocked.

The smaller Asians were no match for the muscle-packed American jocks who dismantled them to a humiliating defeat.

While the Thai team was limping back to their locker room, the Americans were in high spirits.

“Whooha … we showed them!” a hooting Duke gave a high-five to Kurt Schwarzsteiner, the 230 lbs. fullback of German ancestry. Stinky, sweaty bodies in all states of undressing were crowding the locker room.

“Fucked them good, and tomorrow we will wipe the floor again with those wimps,” Kurt laughed while stepping from his jockstrap.

“Ladies!” the coach interrupted the bragging and horseplay of his players.

“I know you are goin’ to have fun tonight …”

“Oh yeah! You can bet in that coach,” the crowd hooted.

“Shut the fuck up and listen!” the coach shouted. ”Remember: this is Asia. People don’t take it well if you show disrespect to their national pride, yell in public, or walk around semi-naked …”

“Oh, I’m gonna be full-naked tonight,” Dan Stingley, the black halfback from Bronx, NY snickered.

“Son, if you interrupt me again, you will clean up this stinkin’ gear tonight!” the coach warned.

“Sorry, coach … I didn’t mean to …” Dan muttered.

“But I mean it!” the coach shot back. “Besides, don’t get fooled by them smiling and playing nice. Here it’s all about face. If you step on their honor, you may really piss them off …”

“Oh yeah?” Duke scoffed,” … and what are those chinks gonna do to us?”

“They‘ve got nothing!” He flexed his biceps.

“Just shut the fuck up, dickhead!” the coach gave him ma furious glare.

“So again to all you suckers: Control your dirty dicks and put that little brain of yours to work. Booze yourself up, enjoy the shows, but never, go to a bar without sign boards and never go up to a second floor. They are gonna fleece you good up there.” the coach concluded,” don’t level this town! I am off for dinner with our hosts. See ya tomorrow!”

“Bye, coach!” the grinning players hit the showers to rinse off the turf and sweat.

“Fuck! Man I need it badly”, Josh groaned while lathering his muscular body. His dick rose already in anticipation of what was to come during the night.

“Coach is an old duck. Don’t worry, buddy”, Duke replied while soaping his firm butt cheeks. “We are gonna score big tonight. Thai chicks crave our Western cocks. I bet the pricks of these little weasels are as tiny as their bodies.”

Mongkut and PakPao met Josh and Duke in front of the hotel.

Josh gloated at the bruises that Mongkut had incurred from Duke during the tackling. Duke and his linemen had efficiently thwarted most of Mongkut's attacks. Josh had proven too fast and too powerful for PakPao and his block of linemen, throwing five touchdown passes. Nevertheless hospitality was shown and the Thais took the Americans for a nightlife tour of the buzzing Thai capital.

Both Americans were wearing baseball caps back-to-front and sleeveless T-Shirts with "Suck my dick!" printed across the chest. Bermudas and naked feet in worn-out flip-flops completed the outfit.

"So -- where are the famous Thai chicks? My dick needs some work-out," Duke asked with glee and adjusted his package with a meaningful look. Josh grinned while chewing on his bubble gum.

"Don't worry, man," PakPao said, "we will take you to a nice place to enjoy ourselves."

"Oh we will," Josh replied," and I hope you will too, because tomorrow we will kick your sore butts again."

Although they were fuming over the insult the Thais showed an indifferent smile. They hailed Tuk-Tuks, Each American needed one of the three-wheeled motor vehicles used as taxis to fold their huge frames inside.

A ride through the notoriously bad traffic took them to Silom road. The group had some of typical spicy hot Thai dinner from the many food stalls lining the street. It did not take long and the spices heat and humidity made the Americans sweat. The T-Shirts came off and the US-Athletes put their sculpted torsos on display, ignorant of the disapproving glances from passers-by about what was considered rude and indecent behavior.

“Fuck! That’s hot,” Josh and Duke flushed the chilies down with ample of beer.

After a short stroll the four young men arrived at Patpong, a night market with one of the famous red-light districts of the Thai capital. The hunky football players were instantly targeted by a swarm of giggling girls, dressed in tight miniskirts, trying to drag them inside the many Go-Go bars.

They visited a number of bars and met other members of their team. The college jocks were delighted to watch the naked Go-Go-girls dancing on the bar desks. The Americans were hooting.

"Wow, look at those boobs dude!" Josh shouted to his friend.

"Yeah, but I thought there would be some more on in Bangkok, if you know what I mean," Duke said.

"Would you like to see a show?" Mongkut asked.

"Yeah dude, where are those chicks who crave for huge American dick?" Josh blurted.

“This is for Farang tourists,” PakPao said slyly,” let’s hit some really hot spots!”

"Yeah sure why not, some action would be fine," Duke replied.

They took the Sky train to Sukhumvit Station and walked a short distance to Soi Cowboy. Soi Cowboy is a short street, named after the cowboy hat-wearing African-American who opened the first bar there in the early 1970s

PakPao led them into a strip-bar offering a U-shaped row of stools directly around a UV-lit central stage. The Thai players took seats on the opposite side across from the Americans. Draft beer was served and a group of girls dressed only in bikini tops entered the stage. They squatted down in front of the ogling patrons and pushed ping pong balls inside their shaved pussies.

“D-did ya see that?” Duke pointed at the girl in front of him, who laid now down on her back.

“Whoaah!” the ping pong ball expelled from the pussy hit Duke straight in his face. The crowd was cheering.

Josh watched Mongkut letting a bundle of banknotes disappear under the table.

“U-ugh …” a stifled groan from Duke alerted him.

“Hey, are you okay?” He turned to his friend.

Duke’s face was flushed. His jaws hanging slack, while his cowl muscles were bulging.

His buddy looked back at him with glassy eyes. At that moment Josh felt a pair of hands reaching from under the table around his waist. A slap on his buttocks demanded him to lift his ass and his Bermudas were pulled down to his knees. Before he even knew what was happening his jockstrap was pulled under his nuts a mouth swallowed his dick and he felt a tongue playing with his piss slit. His ball sac was fondled in the palm of a hand.

“Oh …” overwhelmed by the expert blowjob he sank back into his seat.

From across the stage the Thais watched the Americans steadying themselves at the rail surrounding the stage. Their faces had turned crimson and they stared sheepishly at the dancers. It did not take long and their eyes were rolling back in their sockets.

“Fuuuck …,” both hunks groaned in unison, when their man juice was expertly drained from their balls. Mongkut and PakPao watched cunningly how the Americans struggled in the aftermath of a climax.

Josh felt a wet towel cleaning his slippery dick and nuts and finally managed to look under the table.

“What the fuck?!” Expecting a hot beauty, he was shocked to find an old man grinning at him with a toothless mouth. He was crouched in a niche and Josh discovered that every patron around the stage was receiving a special “under table service”

“Oh shit, no way!” The Americans pulled their shorts up and fled from the bar in a hurry. In the rush they lost the flip-flops and even forgot to take their T-Shirts with them.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Pakpao asked innocently.

“Fuck you!” Duke coursed.

“You knew this!” Josh glowered at the Thais.

“Sure!” Mongkut scoffed, “What is your problem? You needed a release and you got it.”

“But not fuckin’ like that!” Duke shot back.

“It’s nothing wrong with that,” PakPao was surprised about the Americans’ dismay,” look those old people make a living out of this service and they are good at this, isn’t it?”

“Getting sucked off by a geezer is never good!” Josh bristled.

“Okay, okay,” Mongkut tried to defuse the tension. “I know, what you want. Let’s go to another place.”

“That better be good,” Duke grumbled. ”But first I’ve gotta piss.”

He turned into a dark backstreet and faced the wall. The amount of beer they had had, demanded its toll and Josh joined his buddy. The Thais watched as both men pulled their shorts down. In contrast to their well-tanned V-shaped backs and strong legs, pale melon-shaped bubble butts, only held by strings of black jockstraps, were appearing, while the college athletes relieved themselves.

A taxi took them away from the crowded streets until they arrived in a dark, quiet quarter of the Thai capital. The taxi driver grinned at the two half-naked Americans, when they stopped in front of a two storey building and said something to PakPao.

"What did he say?" Josh asked suspiciously.

"Oh, he just said, we made a good choice with this place," the Thai linebacker replied.

"It looks quite dull to me," Duke frowned equally suspiciously.

"Well, just wait until you are inside," Mongkut knocked at a black lacquered door.

They went straight up to the first floor into a dimly lit room. Couples seated around tables were watching a huge stage that took almost half of the size of the room. Spot lights were lighting a broad bed the center of the stage. A heavy muscled Caucasian man was on his back, eating the pussy of a Thai girl that was sitting on his face. But what shocked the two jocks was the lean Asian man kneeling between the wide spread legs of the blonde hunk, jacking his huge uncut cock while finger-fucking his ass.

"Fuck again, I am not into that kinky faggot stuff," Josh said with open disgust.

"Ah, relax man, we take it easy here in Thailand. The show will cover every kind of action, so everyone will be happy." PakPao tried to calm the Quarterback.

"Who is that guy anyway?" Duke pointed at the prone hunk.

"He is a German wrestler," PakPao replied, "actually the team captain. They are her for the Asian-European Games. The girls like him and his friends. They are tall and strong. Dicks uncut and excellent fuckers with great stamina." PakPao grinned.

"I don't know about that, "Josh looked with undisguised dismay at the stage. Drops of pre-cum had formed at the piss slit of the angry red dickhead that was throbbing in the hand of the Asian. The hunky wrestler's hips were now bucking up and down while his head was bedded into the lap of the girl, who was kneading his impressive pectorals.

"Aaahhh! Ohhh! Ohhh ... jaaaaaa!" The German was moaning loudly. He grabbed the brass bed frame as seizures were rippling through his body announcing the approaching climax.

The girl lifted his head until his crimson, contorted face was facing his own cock. Another howl his broad back arched and the mangled cock exploded. A huge white stream of cum splashed right into his face, a second followed, now hitting the wide open mouth while the crowd was applauding and cheering.

"Shit! I would never allow a thing like that happen to me," Duke was outraged. "Did you see? The fucker drank his own spunk. Gaaah …that's disgusting..."

"But he wanted to be part of show," Mongkut replied.

"You mean, he is a guest???" Josh asked in disbelief.

"Of course," said PakPao, "all guests can participate in the shows ..."

"... and get fucked on stage!" Duke rebuked, "That's perverse shit, let's get outta here!”

“Ohhh ... wow ... shit! Now we are talkin’, finally!" Duke was staring with open mouth at two gorgeous Asian beauties at the bar.

"Man, I need it badly," Duke said to his buddy, "I need to fuck! Let's go and screw these babes, huh?"

Mongkut and PakPao introduced the American's to the girls, who looked in awe at the two well-built young Caucasians.

“Sawasdee Krab! Sabaidee Rue Krab!” (Hi! How are you doing ) the girls giggled at the two big football players, who didn’t understand a word. They looked quizzically at their Thai buddies.

“They asked whether you are so big in all the places” PakPao translated mischievously.

“Absolutely!” both jocks bawled. Sheepishly grinning they were taken by their hands and followed the Thai girls to a table in a discrete compartment at one side of the room. PakPao and Mongkut followed. Finally a waitress was called. The two revved up hunks ordered and bottles of Champagne were served.

"That's what my Mom's boy needs," Duke grinned grabbing the boobs of the girl that was sitting beside him. Both girls were giggling and talked in Thai to PakPao and Mongkut.

"They want to know whether you like to participate in the show." Mongkut said.

"Mmmh ... that would be the day ... mhh, " Duke mumbled, French-kissing his girl.

"Tell them, we can give them a show in private," Josh grinned and slapped playfully his girl's behind.

PakPao talked to the girls, who looked amused. A conversation in Thai started.

"You know they would love to see you do something on stage," Mongkut finally said, "They like the looks of you. May be you want to sing something, huh?"

"Never!” Josh rejected categorically. But the girls insisted. Then PakPao came up with an idea.

"Hey guys, I've got an idea. We all go up and have a drinking contest."

It was agreed that the four football players would down 6 glasses of Mekhong rum and the fastest drinkers would be declared winners. The prize was a bottle of Mekhong for each.

"Oh men you both will be sooo wasted," Duke laughed," let's go Josh and teach `em another lesson."

The bed was replaced by four chairs. The girls went to the microphone and announced the new contest. There was a loud cheering and applause when the four football players went on stage. Every man had one of the girls straddle his lap, who was feeding him the drink. After each round the men were rewarded with a French kiss.

Duke and Josh had done a lot of that kind of contests and were confident to win with ease, well knowing that the Asians would be unable to cope with the booze too well. They were proven right after one glass already. While the college jocks downed the liquid with ease, the Thais were retching and coughing. What the Americans, while French-kissed, did not see was the girls pretending to kiss their Thai partners did suck the liquor from their mouths and spit it in hidden buckets

The Americans had finished the 6 glasses before PakPao and Mongkut had even had their third ones. They applauded to the winners and wanted to get up, but were stopped by Duke.

"Oh n-no, you'll have to fff-finish what you sssstarted," he slurred with a foolish grin, " and we …. we …we'll have another round. Heyyyy waiter! Another one for the great US Team!"

Three more glasses were siphoned in by the two increasingly intoxicated hunks, while PakPao and Mongkut exchanged knowing glances with the girls.

Finally Josh and Duke rose on wobbly legs and posed with flexing muscles to the cheering crowd while emptying their glasses.

Belching and laughing they went back to their table. Josh and Duke on clearly uneasy feet supported by the girls.

"Oh man that wath fun," Duke laughed with a slur, tears in his eyes. His girl straddled his lap and soon her tongue was exploring the smell of booze inside his mouth. The linebacker's cock twitched in excited anticipation inside the tight jockstrap. Josh leaned back as well and enjoyed when his girl massaged his massive pecs.

The two Thai football players watched their bare-chested American friends kissing the giggling girls. Impressive bulges began to develop between the brawny thighs.

The hot kissing session was only interrupted when the college jocks took sips from the Mekhong they had won from Mongkut and his friend before.

One of the girls said something to Mongkut.

"They ask if you want to have a Thai massage," the quarterback translated.

“Abtholuu-utely!" Duke slurred with glee. He took a deep sip from the bottle and wrapped his strong arm possessively around his girl.

"C-come on B-babe, I have sssome strained m-muscle that ne-needs your immediate attention." he chuckled.

The girls led them through an aisle and behind a heavy set of curtains into a room with a red velvet carpet. Two beds with brass frames and scarlet bed sheets were the only furniture, but that was all that Josh and Duke needed in their aroused state.

Drinking from their bottles they let the girls pull their Bermudas down to the ankles. A moment later the jocks had kicked the shorts away and were clad only in their black jock straps. The girls took their baseball caps, guided them to the beds and made them lie face-down on the red quilt.

Josh relaxed while warm aromatic oil was poured on his back. He was surprised, how firm a petite girl could squeeze his muscles. Soothing vibes were traveling through his body while the oil was worked into his skin.

"Oh yeah that feelz good," Josh groaned, comfortably giving in to the pressure of the kneading hands of the dainty Asian girl. The hands seemed to be everywhere. Once they circulated in the hollow of his armpits, the next moment he giggled when they traveled alongside his rump across the ticklish spots at his sides.

The girl bent the athlete's legs at the knees and worked the well-muscled calves and finally the feet. Big toes were wriggling. Then she changed position and kneeled between Josh's thighs spreading the legs apart until she could see the rosy puckered hole appearing between the parting butt cheeks. Josh's whole body was glistening from the oil by now and he hardly realized when the thumbs of the hands kneading his buttocks slipped inside the cleavage, oiling him thoroughly up.

"Aaaaaaahhh," an involuntary moan escaped from his lips. The rubbing fingers created a never before experienced tingle at his bunghole.

Drunk and sleepy he opened his heavy eyelids and gazed at his friend. Duke’s jock strap had disappeared and the girl knelt over the big linebacker's head and pushed her palms alongside the spine of the well-oiled muscle stud.

The bottles were softly wrenched from the football player's hands. Their eyes were closed while they drifted off under the calming manipulations. Josh felt now the weight of his girl on the back of his head, when she knelt over him working on the loins.

“Uh, yeah,” firm hands were kneading his buttocks.

PakPao and Mongkut walked in. Their plot had worked very well. The whole American team was receiving a special workout by now. The quarterback and the linebacker, however, were up for a special treat. The horny studs had no idea that their girls were actually Kathoys, i.e. lady-boys who were a common phenomenon in Bangkok's red-light districts. Gorgeous beauties who were fairly able to outperform their female "colleagues", but nevertheless fully equipped young men. Many tourists could tell about embarrassing surprises when they had thought to have hooked up with a beautiful Thai girl and discovered the truth in the hotel room.

Caught in the relaxation of the comfortable massage neither Duke nor Josh were becoming aware when the lady-boys undressed showing their true nature. The Thai football players were now shedding their clothes as well preparing to score in a revenge match of a very special kind.

PakPao and Mongkut grinned at each other and with a nod to the two Kathoys pulled the curtains in front of the beds apart. Spot lights went on and focused on the two couples on the beds, which as it turned out were on a stage that opened to the bar room. The audience reacted with an excited murmur going through the ranks when they recognized the brawny Americans, who had done so well in the earlier drinking contest.

PakPao climbed on the bed and the lady-boy quickly stripped the jock-strap from the prone hunk, exposing Josh to the audience in all his buff glory.

"Hey! W-what the fuck...?" Josh turned his head and watched in shock that his girl was actually a man and that he was on stage.

The dizzy quarterback tried to throw the Thai men off, but he found his arms and legs pressed to the mattress and all he could do was a bucking motion with his hips that triggered whistles and laughter from the audience.

The enraged jock pushed and pulled, tensing his powerful biceps, but in his drunken state he was no match for the Thai linebacker, who easily subdued him now. Then the lady-boy jumped on him from behind, reaching around his chest.

"Get off me fag! Don't even think about it," Josh hollered, now almost sober.

But the Asian did not struggle with him. Instead he had his hands travel across the stud's taut pecs until the tips of his middle fingers found the protruding man tits. Knowing that these were points of highest sensitivity, were lots of nerve ends concentrated, he let his fingertips rub across the big fleshy knobs with extreme softness.

Josh scoffed again when he sensed the gentle touch: "Too late for a flirt, I'll rip you apart you fuckin' gook! Hey what ... get your hands off! "

However, the more the enraged hunk was struggling and fighting, the more gentle the sweet attacks became.

The Kathoy grinned when he felt Josh's tits hardening and the football player sensed confused that his whole body started to respond to the gentle but persistent stimulations.

"Fuck!" he cursed trying to wriggle away from the caressing fingers, but to no avail. Wherever he turned, the gentle rubbing followed. A hot wave of lust pulsed through his body and he felt his muscles mellowing.

"Aaaahhh ... uuhh ... no stop ... I don't want," the hunk stammered in confusion.

The lady-boy reached between his thighs and pulled the hefty cock from under the belly. Ignoring the angry shouts and curses of the writhing hunk he dove between Josh’s legs and licked the soft underside of the quarterback’s dick.

He wetted the tip of his finger with the pre-cum that was oozing from the piss slit and played along the rim of the dark red mushroom head concentrating his efforts on the frenulum.

“Fuuuuuck …” Josh groaned. His hips rose involuntarily.

PakPao spread the melon-shaped bubble butt. The rosy wrinkled hole was opening and contracting in reflex.

“Oh you are blinking at me, Farang, are you inviting me in?” He grinned.

“You bastard! I kill you for this,” Josh groaned through clenched teeth.

“Relax, Farang!” PakPao fetched Josh's rum bottle and pushed it gently between the relaxed unsuspecting butt cheeks. He waited for the moment when the puckered hole opened and hit the bottom of the bottle with his palm. The sphincter was already slippery from the oil and as much as Josh clenched his ass in a terrified reflex, he could not prevent the penetration by the booze enema.

Nooooo! Whaaaa ... Aaaauurghhhhhh!" he howled when his ass was devirginized. The audience went wild.

The Kathoy was gently massaging the throbbing dick. The impressive set of plum-sized nuts moved inside the wrinkled sac and attached themselves to the base of the cock. He felt the pulse in the rock-hard shaft quickening. A ring of thumb and index finger locked under the rim of the dickhead and squeezed.

“Aaargh! F-fuuck!” Josh moaned when he was prevented from cuming. His body went rigid but relaxed when the gentle strokes started again.

The lady-boy smiled knowingly. From experience with many clients he had learned how to keep a man hard and weak. The big Westerner was no different. He could easily hold him at the brink and drive him into a helpless state of sweet sexual agony.

PakPao held the bottle at its bottom and pushed it deftly further down inside the stud's ass. Bubbles of air indicated that the golden liquid was sucked inside the quivering anus.

"Uhhh! Shhittt! Ahh! Ahhh!" The hunk was hollering as his guts were flooded with Mehkong. The booze hit him with full strength and left him as a writhing sweaty heap on the mattress.

Desperately fighting the liquor induced stupor, Josh turned his head to the other bed, to look for help from his buddy.

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