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One Night in Bangkok
Part 2 - ... the harder they fall
By Randy Dragon

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One Night in Bangkok

Part 2– ... the harder they fall

By Randy Dragon

"Ahhhh! Fuck! Damn' you! Oh, yeeaaahh ... mmmpfff" Josh heard Duke's ecstatic shouts, which turned to muffled grunts when he buried his face into a pillow.

The big linebacker was drunk as a skunk and horny like a monkey in heat. The massage had pushed him into sexual overdrive and his primal instincts were about to take control over his body. His breath was heavy with the smell of liquor. Although used to be the active part the muscular young man had allowed to be put on his hands and knees and indulged in a rimming of his ass cleft and the churning balls. The meaty dick was pointing down, slowly bobbing in the rhythm of his accelerating heartbeat. There was a gooey silvery stream of pre-cum oozing from the piss slit drooling down on the sheets.

Duke had just decided to grab the girl, throw her on her back and fuck the shit out of her, when the curtains went up and he found himself exposed to the audience.

“W-what the fuck?” He went almost sober when Mongkut buff naked appeared in front of him. The Thai quarterback was stroking his impressive cut cock to hardness and offered it to the shocked American.

“Aaargh! Shit!” The linebacker reared up when the Kathoy forced a well-oiled thumb up his ass. He had ample experience to pleasure both Asian and Western men. Young and old, athletic or pudgy he knew how to handle them. The bull before him was surely straight and the way to subdue him went probably through his until now unplugged ass. Being an expert in prostate massage, the lady-boy found immediately the spongy gland inside of the virgin chute and pushed the love button.

“Ooohhh ...” Duke arched his back. He saw stars. The Kathoy grabbed Duke's hair and forced his head up.

“Fu-umphhh,” Mongkut used the moment of surprise and forced his dick inside the gaping mouth.

“Uuuurghh …mmmphhh,” Duke’s face turned dark red. Mongkut felt teeth closing around his dick.

“Don’t even think about it!” The Thai nodded to the lady-boy and the wriggling thumb in his ass was taken out. Before Duke was able to react, something cold and big was screwed passed his sphincter. His eyes were bulging when the Kathoy drove the bottle down in a spiraling motion.

A burning hot sensation flooded his guts and an instant later it felt as if his veins were pumping molten lead into his groins and from there throughout his shaking body. Mongkut watched in glee as the eyes of the big linebacker, who had tackled him so hard, glassed over. Duke groaned in helpless agony, while the liquor numbed his senses.

The brawny football player was on all fours. His mouth was stuffed with Mongkut's dick, while the "girl" he had wanted to screw so badly, had impaled him on a bottle filling him up with booze.

But Duke had still some fight left inside of him. Again and again he tried to spit Mongkut's dick from his mouth and to wriggle free. Every time he gathered his remaining strength his defined muscles were rippling across his flushed, sweaty body.

Mongkut nodded again to the lady-boy and the Kathoy slapped the bubble butt, making the cheeks contract in reflex. With each slap a shot of booze was sucked into the writhing jock. Duke's eyeballs moved back inside their sockets, when the bottleneck dove deep between his reddening ass cheeks.

A sizzling heat extended from his ass throughout his guts. His toes curled and his fists grabbed the bed sheets, while he fought the impairing effects of the alcohol. The audience applauded, when the last drop of Mehkong disappeared. The Kathoy pulled the bottle with a soft plop from the ass.

Mongkut pulled his dick from Duke's mouth. He put his foot on the American’s ass and forced him flat on his belly. He pushed in the center of the back knocking the air from the prone linebacker.

"Oops, sorry for that!" the Thai quarterback mocked.

He squatted over the coughing hunk and grabbed him by the armpits. Duke’s heavy body was lifted between Mongkut’s legs until his biceps were resting on the Thai’s meaty thighs. His head was hanging limp while the quarterback was proudly flexing over his foe to the cheering audience.

Mongkut pulled Duke’s head back by the hair and forced the moaning stud in a vicious camel clutch. Earlier the linebacker had mocked the German wrestler. Now his own crimson contorted face was shown to the audience in exactly the same way the girl had done it earlier with the German..

“And now, Farang, you will spill your seed and then I will make you my personal bitch!” Duke heard the quarterback whispering into his ear.

“Fff-fuck you!” he struggled futile in the iron hold.

“I hoped you would say this,” Mongkut laughed,” as I will fuck this insolence and rudeness out of you. Now you say ‘I am your bitch and you are going to fuck me’ ”

“D-dream on!” Duke scoffed.

Mongkut let the hair go, but before Duke’s head could sag he locked his hands around the chin and pulled the head painfully hard to the back.

“Say it!” Mongkut shouted.

“N-never!” Duke was writhing helpless in the submission hold. Drunk as he was he realized that he was no match for the quarterback. His pride, however, compelled him to trying to break the hold. But then Mongkut’s ass fell heavy on his back. Duke was almost passing out from the instant shock of pain.

“I am sitting comfortably!” now Mongkut scoffed smugly.

“Aaargh …” Duke’s eyes were rolling upward, his legs fanning out of control.

“Say it!” Mongkut roared and Duke felt the discs and vertebrae in his spine moving.

“For fucks sake. Say it!” Josh hollered.

“I-I … ahhh … I am .. ahhhh!” Duke gargled.

“What are you? I can’t hear you.” Mongkut sneered.

“I … I’m yer fuckin’ bitch an’ ya will fuck meee,” Duke groaned through Mongkut’s fingers closing over his mouth and chin. The audience was roaring. They had never seen such a show before.

“Good boy!” Mongkut released the limp linebacker from the hold only to pull him into a kneeling position to apply a sleeper hold. Duke looked sheepishly at the audience. The liquor made it hard for him to focus. Everything around him was blurred. His dick dangled half-hard between his thighs.

Mongkut talked to the Kathoy in Thai language, who signaled the staff.

A waitress brought a polished silver tray and placed it under the linebacker. The Kathoy took a diamond shaped blue pill from the tray, put it in his mouth and forced a deep-throat kiss on the defenseless jock.

“Mmmh” the lady-boy’s tongue invaded his mouth and Duke was feeling something going down his throat.

“W-whaa … oh fuck!” the Kathoy’s finger caressed the sensitive zone between his asshole and the nuts, jump-starting his dick back to attention.

The Thai closed both hands around Duke's throbbing manhood and started rhythmic strokes. The audience clapped in rhythm with the stroking.

“No … Fuck no …!” Although dizzy in the grip of the alcohol, Duke realized in horror that they wanted him to cum in public. He hoped, that shame and utter embarrassment would prevent him from getting turned on, but his body betrayed him terribly. A too well-known tingling sensation developed in his groin and increased soon to a torrential pulse hammering in his ears and shaking his body.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh yes!” His hips started to buck. His cock hardened even more.

“Now you will cum for me, Farang,” Mongkut whispered, still embracing him tight in a neck lock.

“Oh yeah … t-thad f-feelzz goood, keep going. D-don’t stooop “ Duke moaned in ecstasy.

After many joint fuck-sessions Josh recognized in shock the glassy look of his buddy's eyes. He knew this expression all too well. The Thais had stimulated Duke beyond the point of no return. The young hunk had become a senseless sex toy for his smaller opponents. He didn't bother anymore that he was about to be forced into a public climax.

“He is ready” Mongkut told the Kathoy in Thai language. ” Unload him!”

“Gladly,” The Kathoy grinned broadly.

“N-never,” Duke groaned.

“Cum for me baby,” the lady-boy cooed. Without stopping to pump the shaft he closed a fist firmly around the balls of the linebacker, who responded with a howl of uncontrolled lust.

"Uuuuurghh ... Ahhhhhrggh ... Oohhh ... huh ... huh..." Duke's cum splashed onto the silver plate. The head held in place with wide open eyes and guttural groans and moans coming from his gaping mouth, he displayed a marvelous picture of true uninhibited ecstasy of a muscular young man.

The audience hooted and cheered while the Kathoy milked some final spurts into the poodle that had formed on the plate. The waitress removed the tray and carried it from table to table, offering Duke's man seed to the eager spectators.

The drunken linebacker was still breathless and drowsy from both alcohol and the milking. He was trying to understand what had just happened, when he felt strong hands grabbing his shoulders.

"Wha...?" he stammered helpless.

“Not much stamina, Farang!” Mongkut gloated.

With surprising strength Mongkut flipped the bigger body of the American football player on his back and pulled him to the end of the mattress. Duke's world went upside down when his head dropped back. He was facing again the audience when Mongkut straddled him and sat down on his chest. His throbbing dick was touching Duke's chin.

“You know the drill, Farang. Serve me!” Mongkut grabbed the sweaty hair with a firm grip and jerked Duke's head up.

"Hey ... mmrgh ... mmphh..." the yell of protest was instantly muffled by Mongkut's dick that filled his mouth and throat. Duke tasted again the other man's hardening prick. His head was forced to bob back and forth on the growing erection.

“Yeah, good boy, get me hard!” The Thai quarterback looked intently into the American's eyes. Duke was looking back at him with a mixture of confusion and a new found sense of respect for the man who had bested him. His tongue was struggling with the invading cock. The manly smell from the Asian's groin gave him a stimulating kick as if he was inhaling a line of coke.

Meanwhile Mongkut's hard-on reached deep inside the throat of the retching stud.

“How do you like my tackle, Farang?” Mongkut relished in his revenge. “Tomorrow we will continue this on the field. Every time you see me, you will remember my dick in your mouth and the taste of my cum on your tongue. And when you tackle me, you will remember how it felt to dance on my dick.”

Duke felt completely conquered. Without any experience to give head, he found it hard to breathe. His eyes filled with tears, pleading for the mercy of the Thai quarterback.

"Ummmphhhh! Nnnonngrgh!" Duke's muffled moans made the audience laugh when Mongkut forced him to take his dick all the way in.

“Yes! Take it! Get me hard for you!!” Mongkut groaned.

The panic stricken hunk's legs started to fan when his air supply was blocked, but Mongkut and the lady-boy held him firm. The jock's gurgling changed into desperate high-pitched squeaks, when he felt his muscular body going limp.

It was almost seconds before he would have passed out from lack of air when Mongkut released his head. Powerless it dropped back. Duke was miserably coughing and sucking breath.

“I guess, that’s mine now,” Mongkut fetched Duke’s discarded baseball cap and donned it back-to-front.

Duke was still dizzy and did not offer any resistance when Mongkut ordered him on all fours. While Mongkut spread the butt cheeks, the Kathoy loosened the sphincter ring with two wriggling fingers.

“Oh, oh buddy, I am so fuckin’ trashed and you are getting fucked,” Josh snickered.

“Uhhh yeahhh,” Duke moaned in sweet agony, when the lady-boy played with his love button. He enjoyed the pleasure and was almost disappointed when the fingers left his quivering overstimulated hole.

Before the puckered rosebud could close he felt it stretched again and this time something long slipped deeply inside of him.

“Unng … fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck!” The smaller Thai quarterback had unceremoniously taken the big American linebacker and he knew exactly what he was doing.

Before Duke's rebellious spirit could muster an infuriated attempt to fight back, he felt a soft, velvet grip around cock that was still rock-hard by the Viagra that had been fed to him.

Mongkut was pumping his oiled cock with an agonizing slow motion, just enough to keep him hard, horny and too weak to put up resistance.

“Oh God! He is turning me into a fag!” Duke couldn’t believe, he was getting hard being fucked and fondled by another man and the thrill this was giving him made him confused.

"You like that, huh?" Mongkut gloated.

“No! I kill you for that! Fuck you!” Duke hollered. Again and again the invading cock hit the highly sensitive spot inside of him and each time his body convulsed out of control.

“What was that?” Mongkut barked angrily and pulled his dick out.

“Y-you d-devious fuckin’ trickster. Y-ya w-on’t get away with that,” Duke babbled.

“Oh really, won’t I? Watch me! I’ll put you in to your place” Mongkut straddled the linebacker and set one foot square across the jaw forcing the face into the mattress. Then he pulled on leg up until the thigh rested against his chest. The ass cheeks were forced wide apart.

“Take it!” the Thai speared the defenseless hole of the big hunk who wriggled under him.

“Aaargh, fuck!” Duke howled.

“Oh no, oh fuck, oh shit!” His protests changed into ecstasy as his prostate was hammered. His muscular frame shuddered as if struck by an electrical shock. While his brain was still fighting, his body understood and adapted to the Asian’s rhythm.

“Yessss!” the Thai quarterback hissed. He continued to fuck the big American into submission. Duke’s will to fight was obliterated. He was totally revved up and shouted his unbridled lust to the hooting audience.

“Yessss, fu-fuck me, ffff-fuck me harder! D-don’t stop!!! Uuuurghhh …” some drops of cum drooled from his spent dick on to his face in his prone position. He had been milked dry before, but Mongkut managed to fuck him into a mind shattering dry climax.

This finally pushed the Asian across the point of no return. His sweaty brown face contorted. He let the leg go and pulled Duke back to the center of the bed until the audience had a clear view of the gasping linebacker's flushed face with the unfocussed eyes.

Mongkut squatted in front of him. Almost lovingly he raised the linebacker's head until he faced his raging boner.

"Uhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Touch down!" It took the Thai a few strokes and shots of white cum erupted from his gaping piss slit hitting Duke right in his face and into his open mouth.

While another roar of applause came from the audience, Mongkut forced Duke's jaws closed. With a firm hand he squeezed the nose, making Duke instantly writhe and struggle for air. Gurgling he was forced to swallow the Thai’s man seed in his mouth to clear his throat. Only when he was sure that the American had taken it all, did the Thai quarterback release his head.

“Now it’s your turn brother,” Mongkut reached across to the other bed and gave PakPao a high-five. “Make him your whore!”

“Ready to get sacked?” PakPao sneered at Josh and plugged the empty bottle from the chute. Josh felt a sudden relief when the bottle was pulled from his ass. Liquor induced warmth was rapidly extending from his guts throughout his body. Both his aggression and his will to fight were wrapped in layers of urges to relax and to give in to the soothing, relaxing sensations. As a quarterback Josh was used to tackling and he was never the one to back off, when challenged for a fight. Though he had taken some serious beatings in bar rumbles before, he had the stamina to fight pain and to overcome any opponent with an amazing resilience.

This time, however, it was different. Nobody was pounding on him. There was no pain at all. Just softness and the feeling as if his entire body was padded in cotton wool.

"Nnnnnoooo,' he protested meekly, his voice slurry from the effects of the liquor.

He was pulled to his knees and put on display in all his buff glory. His stiff boner was pointing straight forward to the audience who watched in awe at the impressive muscle hunk.

"I see you enjoyed the show," he heard PakPao's cooing voice at his ear. The Thai linebacker was holding him embraced from behind.

“Do you like that, baby?” the stocky Thai purred. He was softly kneading Josh's pecs and twisting his protruding nipples. The Kathoy was lying between his thighs and tickled the bobbing dick with a velvet tongue.

The quarterback could have gotten away with ease, but the brawny stud was kept tethered just by a tongue around his dick and some finger tips at his tits. Helpless he arched his back, when shudders of sexual heat zapped his system.

In his blurry view he recognized the waitress with the polished silver plate approaching.

"Nnno! Nnnnevvv!" he shook his head to clear his drowsiness. "I ... I."

"Shhhhh " Pakpao whispered lusciously, nibbling his ear shell.

"I w-will never c-cummmm f-foooor y-ya, f-fuck'n gooooooksss", Josh drawled.

"No problem, Farang, you will cum only when you want it," PakPao replied squeezing Josh's pecs firmly, "and you will soon beg for it!"

"Nnever! Fuckk you! You sick b-bastard!" Josh grunted.

The Thai linebacker pushed him forward without any warning. Josh fell flat on his face, burying the Kathoy beneath. PakPao spit in his hand and parted the American's luscious butt cheeks. He started to rim Josh's furry cleft.

"Oooaah …Get your f-fuckin' tongue offff my butt," Josh slurred, but his butt snuggled back into the Thai’s face.

The Kathoy was wriggling under his heavy body that was slippery from the oil and his own sweat. Soon Josh felt again that his nipples were twisted and his pecs being squeezed.

“Oh … fuuuck … feelz good,” Josh's soft moans and his heavy breathing told that the stimulations started getting to him. His straight macho ego suffered the first cracks.

PakPao was jerking the jock's hefty shaft slowly in a milking motion. Knowing he had to lull the big football player into fuck mode, he kept his strokes slow but steady, turning the heat a few notches up until Josh's buttocks started to flex. The Asian slowed down and gave the American time to accommodate to the higher level of arousal. He needed him horny and weak. When the butt cheeks relaxed he accelerated again his strokes.

"Mmmh . mmmh," Against his will Josh’s body lay limp and indulged in the surging lust. His sphincter was so relaxed by now that the puckered hole was slightly gaping. When PakPao's finger entered him from behind he almost didn't feel the penetration. Could it be? Was he already a kind of fag, used to get fondled and deflowered?

"N-nooo, huh .huh," Josh pushed himself up and it took him considerable effort to do so.

The Kathoy used this opportunity and hugged him from underneath. He forced his mouth over the stud's mouth and darted with his tongue inside. Josh, however, kept his jaws clenched. He felt the Thai's teeth collide with his own, while the Kathoy tried relentless to push his tongue inside his mouth.

PakPao's finger was now probing inside of him. First as gentle as usual, but then after Josh was betrayed by some involuntary spasms of his body, he rubbed the tip of his finger more deftly over the tiny sensitive spot that controlled the big jock.

"Uuurghh," Josh's moans turned into animal-like grunts. PakPao grinned when the hunk instinctively spread his legs to allow him to finger-fuck him even deeper. The Thai complied with glee and added another finger which was rubbing in and out of Josh's chute.

"Ooooohhh!" the girlish pathetic whimper stood in contrast to the ripped body that was now profoundly sweating. PakPao knew that the hunk was almost ready to be taken. He skewered the quarterback on his two fingers and pressed his thumb deftly on the area between the ass hole and the taut nutsac. The big helpless cock twitched madly in his grip.

"Awww! Noo! Ohhhhh!" Bolts of sexual shocks were now raging through Josh's body and when he screamed in pure lust his mouth was invaded by the Kathoy's French-kiss.

"Uhhmmmm! Mmmhhppff!" the big man's muffled grunts triggered laughs from the audience.

His chicks had always assured him that he was a good kisser, but he had never experienced the sensations the lady-boy was offering him. The little flickering tongue seemed to dive deep down his throat. The air was sucked from his lungs leaving him breathless and weak in the arms of the small Asian. Helpless his own tongue was pushed around, while the invader tickled it from the underside. Their saliva was mixing and Josh tasted the taste of his own dick that had been served by the tongue before.

Another bolt of sexual energy was triggered inside of him, but this time PakPao did not remove his fingers. The tips remained on the prostate and vibrated quickly on the spongy spot.

"Uuurghh! Fuck!" Josh howled. His body reared up, out of control. PakPao's grip sled from the bubble butt and now he was buried under the convulsing stud. The Kathoy hang on Josh's neck for dear life and covered his face with kisses, holding the football player in a crouched squat. He tried to balance himself on the mattress.

“Oh yeah, come to Daddy,” Pakpao snickered and guided the wobbling hunk by the hips over his lap. His boner rose up like a flagpole, aiming at the puckered, oiled hole.

Josh felt again something between his buttocks and guessing that it was PakPao's hardening dick he arched his body high up to escape from the unthinkable.

As if the Kathoy knew what was happening, he started to bounce on top of the tense body.

Josh slumped slightly down and fell back, steadying his body with both hands right and left of PakPao’s body. PakPao's hard-on slipped between his clenched buns.

"Noo! Awww! Don't!" Josh hollered in rising panic as his sphincter was slightly spread by the Thai linebacker's dickhead.

"I am not forcing you, just let it happen!" PakPao mocked. He seized Josh’s wrists holding them in place. From his prone position he raised his lower legs lifting the American’s calves until the quarterback was held in a kind of reverse amazon position. He had fixed himself below the quarterback's back and Josh could not get away.

The crowd watched in awe as the smaller Asian manhandled the big Westerner. All the time the stud was throwing a raging hard-on pointing obscenely straight up to the mirrored ceiling.

"Fuck youu! Damn, I ..! Aarghhhh!" Unable to maintain his arched position, the beefy body slumped further.

"Awww! Shit!" Josh yelled, almost sober by now, because it started to hurt.

"Hm, is my little Asian prick too big for your big Farang ass?" PakPao sneered.

"I give ok? You win, man! Oh no! You made your point! Huh . huh! Please don't do that, not in front of all these folks. Aaaaah! Shit! Noooooo! Pleeeeze!" Josh wailed, his body rocking and writhing in terror.

"You need to be taught some manners and some respect!" PakPao had no intention to let his prey go away.

"Fuck youu! Damn, I . can't hold it any looongerrrrr! Aarghhhh!" Josh's eyes opened wide when the anal ring gave way and he was invaded by a man for the first time in his life. All his strength evaporated and his body collapsed, screwing himself up to the hilt on PakPao's shaft.

"Aaaaaaaaeiiiiiiiiiii !!!" with Josh's howl of surrender his macho ego fell apart.

"Man you are tight!" PakPao hissed, forcing his dick into the spasming backdoor.

The Kathoy was now kneeling beside the two hunks. His slippery hand was holding Josh's throbbing hard-on in a loose grip.

"Awww! Noo!" Josh yelled again in protest. That was not happening. The captain of the football team got fucked by a gook in public. In a frenzy of despair he wanted to rear up again and ended fucking his dick in the Kathoy's soft grip. The sensitive underside of his cock rubbed across the warm palm, creating an almost pussy-like feeling.

"Shit! Aww!" Josh rammed his ass again on PakPao's waiting dick. The whole thing turned into a rhythm. His calves were resting on PakPao’s raised lower legs, who let him bounce agonizingly slow up and down.

The Thai linebacker liked this position because it gave him complete control over his partner. To get out, Josh would have to disengage his lower legs, which would force him to impale himself fully onto PakPao’s boner. Lifting his legs, would pull his dick from the ass, teasing the sphincter and when he lowered his legs he could plug the moaning stud to the hilt, hitting his love button.

Now the stud was tandem fucked between the Thai linebacker's rod and the Kathoy's hand. His already shattered macho ego was now in the grinder.

"Uhh!" a first moan of pleasure came from Josh's mouth. He had to buck now up and down and was unable to break the rhythm. His balls were on fire. He almost felt his cum churning. A first drop of pre-cum appeared in the piss slit of his purple red dick.

"Oh yeah! Fuck!" he gasped weakness in his voice.

"Yeah now you're getting into it," PakPao whispered into his ear. "You like it huh?"

"Damn you! I like it! I fuckin' like it!" Josh grunted through clenched teeth accelerating his bucking.

"You want me to take you, Farang, isn't it? You want my Asian prick fill you with my man's seed, huh?" PakPao asked hoarsely, while his hips started slowly to thrust upwards.

"Oh shit that feels good!" Josh howled, "Yeah man I want you to fuck my ass. Fill me with your Asian juice!"

“Oh yes, Farang, now you dance on my dick!” PakPao let the hollering college jock bounce wildly. Each time he hit Josh's prostrate with one of his wild thrusts, the delirious American released a high-pitched squeaking howl of lust. In his heightened state of arousal he didn't care anymore that the silver tray was placed on his belly.

"Aaaiee! Yeahhh! Yessss!" Josh's face had turned crimson by now. He was hollering and sweating heavily. His whole body was straining and aching from the tough work-out. His head lolled back and his eyes bulged in their sockets. PakPao buried his teeth in his shoulder.

When the dangling balls attached themselves to the base of the cock, the Kathoy knew that the hunk was ready. The Kathoy seized the taunt nutsac and rolled the balls in his hand. The athletic body went rigid.

"Uurghhh! Aaaarghhh! Uhhhhhh!" Josh's dick shot a clearly visible stream of white hot jism high in the air. The mangled rod produced a second, a third and a fourth one. Gooey drops splashed on the plate, over his thighs and on the mattress.

Even after the shots subsided, the Kathoy continued pumping the softening dick, forcing the big man's balls to spill more gooey fluid, which was drooling over his fingers and alongside the shaft.

"Uuuhhhh! Aahhh! Mmmhh!" PakPao reached his climax as well. His dick seemed to expand inside Josh's ass. The fallen stud was seeded with Asian cum.

"Quarterback sacked!" the Thai linebacker gloated when he caught his breath again.

The applauding audience watched as the two Asians kneeled behind the semi-conscious Americans. They hugged the dizzy football players from behind, locking the rams around the necks in a sleeper hold. Josh and Duke were leaning against sweaty chests. Their asses were pulled into the Thais’ laps and their legs open in a V-shape. Their limp dicks were resting on their thighs.

The two lady-boys kneeled in front of them. They reached under the balls to the ass cracks, while the audience watched in awe.

“Lights out!” Mongkut and PakPao tightened the holds. The big bodies convulsed. Legs were thrashing and the hips rose as the jocks struggled desperately for air.

“Urgghh … fff-fuuuuuck!” to the delight of the hooting audience, two ping pong balls were expelled from the slackening ass holes and then it was over. The trashing of the legs slowly subsided as the big Westerners slumped into darkness in the embrace of their Thai hosts.

The two studs who had got far more fun than they had bargained for woke up naked in the hotel room they were sharing. They had been tied to their beds and gagged with their jock straps. Someone had wrapped one of their wrist bands around their flaccid dicks to keep them up. Their asses and the wrinkled, depleted nut sacs had been colored red with lipstick. Helpless they had to wait until they were freed by their coach under the roaring laughter of their team mates.

The re-match ended disastrous. The whole American team seemed to be tired and lacking concentration. Unable to focus and because their core players the quarterback and the linebacker were neither able to score nor to develop any strategy, they were sent home without scoring a single point, tails between their legs. Mongkut and PakPao were clearly dominating their opponents, who seemed being scared whenever they met the Thai stars in a tackle.

Duke and Josh remained unusual quiet when the Thais sent the American team to the airport.

"Please come again, Farang boy," Mongkut was bidding a gleeful farewell to Duke. To Duke it sounded like, “cum again”.

"Yes please visit us any time," PakPao added.

Josh mustered all his remaining dignity - as little as it was - and wanted to thank their hosts politely on behalf of his team mates. However he froze when his look fell on PakPao's hands. A pair of ping pong balls in transparent gift wraps was offered with a polite bow.

"Uhmm ... yeah thanks man ... bye!" he squeezed the words through clenched teeth gave a brief nod and rushed to the gate followed by PakPao's laughter.

"Thanks for the souvenir, Farang!" PakPao touched his head. He was wearing Josh's baseball cap.