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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson
Part 1 - Are you gay now?
By Randy Dragon

Teaching Big Bro a Lesson

Part 1 – Are you gay now?

By Randy Dragon

This story is fiction. Should the characters in this story even remotely bare similarities to any real person, living or dead, it was purely accidental and any such similarities are strictly coincidences.

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate sex. If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don't. If you are offended by acts of sexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior discussed in this story. It was written strictly as a form of entertainment and acts described should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what the hell they are doing.

BOOOM, BOOOM, BOOOM. The pounding beats of heavy metal drowned out both the squeaks of the shaking bed and the moans of the tightly embraced couple. The air in the room was thick with the scent of weed and the grunting man’s sweat.

"WOW...What a rush, you are the best", Dolly was gasping in the aftermath of another powerful climax.

"Please, baby … Stop..give me a break", she pleaded to the amused looking blue eyes of Lance Corporal Kyle Henderson who was fucking her for hours. His narrow waist was relentlessly moving his 8inch dick in her pussy like a well-oiled piston in a cylinder.

Tribal tattoos were covering his sculpted pecs and a SEMPER FI tattoo stretched across the broad shoulders. Marine Corps Eagle tattoos were engraved in his bulging biceps and barbed wire tats were circling around the meaty calves. His muscle-packed body was glistening with sweat. The Marine was wearing a cocksure grin over his flushed, sweaty face. Again his body - 6.1 feet tall, pure 230 lbs beefy muscle - had let him score with his hot blond girlfriend. Dolly was demanding a lot of the 23 years old hunk's special talents in the sack and as he was home from base just during the weekend, he had to give her quite a show to keep her memory awake throughout the week.

"No chance, babe, I still wonna cum", Kyle increased his pumping and clenched his flawless white teeth while approaching his climax. Holding his girl in a tight embrace, his close-cropped head resting on her shoulder, he hammered his hips into her lap. Firm buttocks were flexing.

"Again", Dolly gulped in disbelief. Her friend had already creamed three times and her breasts and belly where sticky from his cum. The girl was exhausted and thoroughly satisfied, so she decided to unload her lover. Her sharp nails were raking his bubble ass. One of her fingers softly teased the tightly clenched rosebud.

"Yeah this time I fill ‘ya up! … Fuuuuuck! Oh, shit! Here it cummms. Uuuuh.. uuhh ... uuhhh… nnghh..mmmmmppf." for an agonizing second Kyle’s body locked in a seizure. Then his nuts contracted and he felt himself emptying into his girl’s juicy cunt. He collapsed on top of her and she covered his gasping mouth with a kiss.

The two lovers didn't know, that Kyle's teen brother Taylor was eagerly watching their "show".

Unbeknownst to Kyle, his little brother had installed a set of tiny wireless video cameras with mikes in his room. Neither the brawny young soldier, nor his sexy girlfriend were suspecting that they where the stars in Taylor's web cam channel session. Taylor watched gleefully his brother’s performance from all angles. This would earn him definitely some good extra bucks from his subscribers.

"Gee, baby, you really saved a lot for me", Dolly moaned enjoying the sweet exhaustion after the hot lovemaking. Sharing a joint, the two were lying side by side the legs entwined wrapped in the sweaty, crumbled sheets.

"I was afraid I would need to call on your little brother for help", she teased him.

"Huh, are you kiddin'? Baby Bro is a faggot in the closet.”

“Taylor is gay?” Dolly was surprised.

“Yeah sure, he fuckin’ is. That pitiful nerd will never play in my league. By the way ... ready for another round?" Kyle drawled. He mounted her in a 69 position and buried his face between her thighs.

Taylor was speechless. The arrogance and rudeness of his brother hurt like a burning iron. And now his brother had just outed him! That brainless jarhead needed a lesson, he would never forget. He vowed revenge.

While Kyle had already scored with the girls as captain of the high-school wrestling team and went on straight to the Marines at 17, his 5 years younger brother’s focus was on science and book reading. While his class mates engaged in all kind of sports and wild parties over the weekends, Taylor’s favorite place was the library and his favorite sport was chess. O.K. he was not as well-built as his athletic brother, but he had more brains than the dumb oversexed jock.

Speaking of his sex life, he had not yet come out to his parents. However, what Kyle did not know, Taylor and his buddies had regular hot encounters and were no virgins at all.

It was a hot Friday afternoon in August, when Taylor was ready to put his revenge into action. After a brawl in a bar with some local rednecks, Kyle had been disciplined and was stuck at base for two consecutive weeks. Taylor knew his brother would be horny as hell. Rushing home with aching blue balls, he would take a shower and then go to pick up Dolly for an evening of partying and of course of hot and raunchy sex. At least, usually he would do this, but now Taylor had other plans for him.

When Kyle drove his heavy motorbike inside the garage, Taylor was leaning against the backdoor. He smiled at his brother and walked towards him.

"Howdy Taylor," Kyle took his helmet off, "everything alright?" Taylor admired the gorgeous looking Marine, dressed in Oakleys, camouflage pants, combat boots and a black leather jacket.

"Well, o.k. I'm fine, only … Dad has me tellin' ‘ya, the lawn needs a mowing. You shall trim it right away! He doesn't want the neighbors talking about our garden being neglected, you know."

"Shit! Fuck that lawn and fuck those neighbors!" Kyle was not excited at all about that job, but he didn't want to run into trouble with his old man. Anyway, as it was too early to see Dolly, who would still be at work, he could do the lawn.

"O.K ... no problem I do it." He sighed. He peeled the jacket off and put his impressive muscles on display. Taylor could only gasp when he was hit by a wave of male sweat and leather.

“Like what you see?” Kyle laughed catching his brother playfully in a bear hug.

“Let go off me, you oaf!” Taylor tried in vain to escape from his bare-chested brother’s embrace.

“Worship your big bro! Here you go,” Kyle flexed his biceps and forced his brother to kiss it.

“Mmmh-nnooo,” Taylor struggled helpless in the Marine’s grip.

“You know, it’s about time, you tell Mom and Dad,” Kyle finally released him.

Taylor fumed while his brother carried the heavy mower out on the lawn. The sun burned hot on his tattooed back while he kick-started the machine and began to move across the lawn.

It was a definitely hot summer day. Soon his back and chest were covered with glistening sweat. It crossed his mind that he should have taken at least a can or two before starting the job, when Taylor appeared with a jug of ice-cold beer.

"Wow, that comes at the right time," ignoring the glass Taylor was offering, Kyle took the jug and poured a large gulp down his throat. Mesmerized Taylor watched two streams of beer dropping from the corners of his mouth down across the dog tags between the orbs of the bulging pecs where it mingled with the sweat.

"That was fuckin’ gooood!" Kyle belched in delight. He hadn't realized at all the diluted roofies Taylor had mixed with the drink.

"I get you some more, it's really hot", Taylor rushed back inside the house. His plan was working. During the week he had raided his brother’s closet and found the box of Rohypnol stashed away with some weed, porn mags and condoms. Now he just had to be patient and let the drug do its work.

Kyle finished the lawn half an hour later and joined his brother in the kitchen. He downed another beer and again another one, while they were chatting. The fucking heat of the sun must have gotten somehow to him. He felt kind of drowsy and had difficulties to follow-up with Taylor's stories.

"I guess I hit the shower," Kyle finally slurred and staggered across the hall to the stairs leading to his room in the first floor.

Taylor fetched a roll of heavy-duty Gorilla tape, which he had bought for this special purpose and followed the dizzy Marine. His brother pulled himself upstairs along the handrail and finally stumbled into his room. Taylor waited and as there was no noise from a shower he followed his brother.

Cautiously he opened the door and glanced inside.

“Gottcha!” Grinning he noticed his brother lying on his bed. His muscular body was face-down on his belly, obviously passed out cold before he could even get out of his boots. Taylor did not waste any time. He fetched the duct tape and bound the wrists of the slightly snoring hunk behind his back. It took him quite an effort to roll the heavy body on his back. A short moan escaped from the young man's sensual lips, but there was still no sign that he would come out of his slumber. The drug held him firmly in its grip.

Taylor unlaced the heavy boots and took them off. Smelly sox were peeled from sweaty feet and then he crawled on the bed. He straddled the passed out jock. He could not resist and kissed the belly button nested between the well-sculpted six pack. While his tongue was playing in the hollow, he tasted the salt of Kyle's male sweat.

The touch, however, triggered something in his brother's nerve system and he started slightly to stir.

Taylor moved now quickly. He opened the belt, unbuttoned the fly of the camouflage trousers and pulled them with a swift and determined motion down to the ankles. A damp army-green jockstrap appeared, holding an impressive set of plump balls and a hefty still soft circumcised dick.

Taylor stripped the pants from Kyle's legs and fetched again the duct tape. Another moan warned him that the fit body was successfully fighting the effects of the drug. He had to secure his prey quickly. It took him some effort, but he managed to carry the barbell from his brother’s workout bench to the bed. He placed it between the ankles and fixed them with the duct tape to both ends, leaving the already stirring legs slightly spread. Then he added some more weights.

He shed his clothes and straddled his tethered Marine brother, who came more and more back from his drugged state.

When Kyle came out of his "slumber" he got his first shock to see his naked brother kneeling over is face giving him a perfect view to his teen cock. A second shock hit him once he realized that he was in bondage.

"WHAT THE FUCK??? YOU PERV… Aaarrrgghh ….mmmpppf … ungggg … mmpf ... His furious shout was stifled, when Taylor pushed his hips into his face, sealing his wide-open mouth with his dick.

"Ts..ts..ts..How rude! Is this the way to flirt with your lovely bro?" he was talking in a smoky, seductive voice. "I will not do you any harm, brother, just let me love you and I promise you will forget all these bitches, who can never please you ... How does my baby cock taste? Isn't it delicious?"

Kyle furiously shook his head right and left and managed to spit out his brother’s dick.

"Gaahhh … Fuck you! Are you completely nuts! Untie me at once!" the enraged hunk was hollering, struggling with his bonds.

With a roar, his body went up in a sitting position throwing Taylor - who was completely surprised by his quick recovery - off the bed. Cushions and sheets were flying as the Marine flipped his body to break free. Unlike a wire or a rope, which he might have managed to loosen by means of his boot camp training, the duct tape stuck to his skin and did not move an inch. His little brother had done a perfect rope job.

“Fuuuck!” Breathless he slumped flat on his back. He was trembling from rage and the effort to free himself.

"Bro, don't make it difficult on yourself. If you continue to fight me, I will milk you dry whether you like it or not, until you admit that I am the best lay you ever had." Saying this he hugged his startled brother and covered his mouth with a hot kiss.

“Mmmmnnoo …” Kyle kept his mouth tight and did not allow the tongue to enter. When Taylor broke the kiss, he growled at him: "You are definitely a pervert! I will never fuck you and you will never see a drop of my cum. Stop this now before you get hurt and I might forget about this crazy thing!"

"Don't you find me a little bit attractive? Why don't you at least try it once? I promise you won't regret it." Taylor continued to plead, trying to soften the steel blue eyes glowering at him in disgust.

"You don't get it! I am straight! I would never touch your faggot body even, if we were trapped on a remote island. Man, be reasonable you are my brother!"

"May be you are just shy, because I am not a girl", Taylor replied slyly. "Let me help you to get turned on!"

He fetched his shorts and pulled a bottle of poppers from its pocket. He poured some of the intense smelling liquid onto one of Kyle’s army sox and furled into a neat roll.

"What the fuck is this? Shit, no! Get off!" Kyle shouted, but Taylor jumped at his protesting brother as hard as he could, pushing him off balance and sent him falling on his back. Before he knew it, the smelly, popper-soaked gag was shoved into his mouth. Now, that really pissed him off.

“Aarghh!!!” boiling with rage he reared up again, trying to throw Taylor off.

Suddenly, however, he was feeling light-headed. The vapors were seeping through the fabric right into his gums. The effects were far stronger, than when the poppers were inhaled.

Taylor watched his brother’s eyes roll back in their sockets. Kyle’s face turned crimson. His body arched and his cock bulged against the fabric of his underwear. Taylor pulled the rim of the jockstrap under the plum-sized balls and the dick rose promptly in a curved erection.

“Here ‘ya go,” Taylor closed one fist around the throbbing shaft and started gentle strokes. It didn’t take long and Kyle’s head was lolling left and right. The jaws slackened and the mouth opened, releasing the gag.

Taylor unwrapped the duct tape from his brother’s wrists and ankles and lifted the long legs up across his shoulders. He folded the body until Kyle’s dick almost touched his lips. Then he buried his face between his brother’s muscular buttocks and started to rim the asshole. Kyle’s eyes shot wide open. Slowly the rosebud began to quiver.

"Shit! Oh Shit! Ooooh....Fuuuuck, oh fuuuuck...! Uungh... huuuh... aarggh!......" Kyle moaned, barely conscious.

Taylor tickled his brother's balls and let his fingertips dance along the moist cleft and teased the asshole with slow vibrating strokes of his fingers.

"Nnnnnggggg...uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh...nnnnooooo", muffled groans came from Kyle. Taylor watched the muscular body writhing. The Marine's dick was fully erect now and drops of precum were leaking from the purplish red cock head into his gaping mouth. Kyle tasted his own cum.

Then his buttocks were spread apart. The hunky Marine panicked.

"FUCK.NO. STOP THAT, NOW!" His body went stiff for a moment and then he tried vehemently to wriggle himself out from his hunched position. Taylor let the legs flip down and looked at his panting brother.

"Are you afraid I might fuck you, aren't you?" Taylor purred. "That would be exiting indeed. I did it to many men before, but I want you to cum in my ass and not in your sheets. So just relax and enjoy this.

Before Kyle knew it, his brother was all over him. His tongue was invading his mouth before he could close it.

"Mmmmmmmnnnnnnnng..nooo!" Kyle was fighting his brother’s tongue with his own, spitting it from his mouth, but that did not stop Taylor's assault. His tongue flipped over his forehead, licking the sweat from his face and slowly slithered alongside his throat, while he was writhing right and left trying to avoid the tongue bath as much as possible.

"Kyle, darling are you at home!" their Mom’s voice came from outside of the door. The brothers froze at the unexpected interruption. Kyle was almost ready to answer his Mom, when Taylor covered his mouth with his hand and whispered in his ear.

"You wouldn't want her to find us in this situation, wouldn't you? A badass Marine making out with his little brother …"

Kyle froze. The brat had a point. Who would believe that a Marine trained in hand-to-hand combat, built like a Greek god, had gotten his ass kicked by a wimpy teenage nerd. His parents would believe he was into kinky gay sex and his Dad would cut his balls off for finding him in bed with his baby brother. While he was feverishly thinking for a way out, Taylor's tongue flipped inside his auricle.

"Good boy", he was whispering while he moved down across the pecs and started to suck on the left nipple while his one hand was slowly forcing its way inside his brother’s mouth and the other hand was twisting his right nipple.

"Kyle are you in there?" their Mom was knocking at the door again. Kyle did not know what to do. Almost in reflex he started to suck on Taylor's finger. Used to be on top, the muscular hunk now felt dominated during a sexual encounter. He felt sensations as he had never experienced before. And this got to him, turned him on. Blood flushed hot into his man tits and made them hard. Their mother knocked again. apparently not willing to give up so easily.

Kyle had to endure the soft tit torture Taylor was inflicting on him in silence and then to his embarrassment his treacherous dick started to stir again. His confused blue eyes met the green ones of his brother's lying on top of him. Was he about to get turned gay?

"Ah, you’re tit man! That's cool!" Taylor was whispering. His fingers were twisting the now rock hard nipples until his brother’s cock bounced rock hard over of his six-pack. He knew that he had entered his brother's sexual system and that it was now only a matter of time until he would have his way with the Marine.

“Come on man! Stop this bullshit!” Kyle hissed through clenched teeth. His resistance was not yet quelled and he was about to push his little brother off him.

“I should call Mom for help then?” Taylor threatened.

“NO! You can’t do that!” Kyle froze again. His baby brother had him cornered.

“Then let’s do it, soldier!” Taylor taunted. He fetched the remote from the bedside table and started the CD player.

BOOOM, BOOOM, BOOOM. The hard beats of heavy metal sounded from the speakers.

Outside in the hallway their mother blushed. She knew, what that music from inside of her eldest son’s room meant and quickly walked away from the door.

Kyle exhaled, however, his relief was short-lived.

"Not so fast, bro!" With an obviously experienced move Taylor shove his ass against Kyle's dick. Before he knew it, the head of his cock was sucked deep into the tight hole and a ring of muscles closed firmly below the jutting rim. Kyle's eyeballs rolled upward as Taylor started riding the trapped shaft.

“Oh shit …” Kyle's mouth opened as he gasped from the sensation of his cock held in a viselike grip by Taylor's sphincter muscles.

Kyle was shocked, how effortless Taylor managed to take his 8 inches. He had looked down on his kid brother as a bookworm and a virgin and found him now being a skilled lover. As much as he refused to admit it, the fucking tight ass, riding his boner felt good.

Without realizing it, his athletic body adapted to the Kyle's humping rhythm. His body was soon oozing with sweat, as his hips were bucking his brother up and down. The tattooed biceps were bulging; the sweat covered face turned dark red and his back arched. His balls churned and prepared to unload.

"Oh shit! Oh no! Kyle burst out. His body writhed and twisted in heated sensuality.

Mustering all his sexual prowess he fought desperately against being overwhelmed by his cock's sensations. He always had considered himself straight. Turned on by cunts and boobs, a male meant to pound bitches into matrasses or on backseats of cars. It could not be that he was ridden in his own bed by his kid brother to shoot his load into a man’s ass and enjoying it.

For the first time in his life the young hunk felt completely helpless in the sack. Usually he was in control, causing the girls he fucked into an endless circle of climaxes.

Now the tight ass steadily massaging his sensitive prick was melting his stamina. He realized, that his brother was actually fucking the shit out of him. His muscles tensed again to free himself and to regain control, but instead his cock controlled him. The boner was still sizzling, submerged in an ass that hopped wildly on him, knocking the air out of his lungs. The heavy metal rhythms worked as a trigger too, as his mind associated them with unbridled sex romps.

Taylor watched his Marine brother's eyes first closing and then opening wide. His features contorted. He struggled up and locked his muscle-packed arms around his teen brother in a sweaty slippery embrace

"Uuuuouarrrgh! FUUCK!" with a wild roar his body collapsed back on the mattress.

"Aaaww! Aaaw! Aaaw!" he howled in the rhythm of the pumping fuck ride.

There was no holding back and no control. Taylor was virtuously playing with his system and drove him over the edge. The pounding fuck ride caused him to scream out his lust as never before.

"UUUUOOOOUUUAAAARRRGH !" the brawny body jerked frantically as he was milked. The Marine cock shot bolt after bolt of hot cum.

"Aaaarrrgggghhh. Ooooouuuuuuw. Yeaaaaaaahhh!!! I can't stop cumming. Oh shit, I can't stop cumming!" He cried aloud, but he moaned in ecstasy.

Finally, after what seemed like endless sweet agony, Kyle felt his dick going limp inside his brother’s ass.

“Are you gay now?” Taylor grinned in his face.

“What? Nooo! … Argh, shiit … Stop it!” Kyle protested and yelped when Taylor wriggled his ass, overloading his sensitive dick with renewed stimulations.

"Aaaaarrrrgggghhh !! Okay, okay … Please I give up. Stop it! I can't take it anymore. Uuuuhhh!"

Kyle felt exhausted and drained. He was covered in sweat, his massive pecs were heaving like a bellows and he was grunting like a frenzied ape in heat.

But Taylor was not through with him. He grinned at his helpless gasping soldier brother.

"What are you doing? Leave me alooone!" I can't cum anymore," Kyle groaned in horror.

"Uuuuuuuuh!" Taylor somehow had found the discarded sock and pressed his in his brother’s face.

"Aaaww shit..." the Marine’s face turned dark red and he felt his dick rising to a fucking hard-on again. His brother played him like fiddle.

“Are you gay now?” Taylor taunted again. He changed position and let three fingers slip up his brother's ass, pushing against the puckered hole.

“No! Not this! Get off my fuckin’ aaasss. Oh fuck oh shiiiit …” Kyle was terrified of getting finger-fucked. Taylor, however, knew that the poppers had already loosened the sphincter. He spat on his fingers that were already slippery from the sweaty cleft and breached his brother’s rear defenses. While Kyle was completely unprepared, Taylor knew exactly, what he was doing.

Kyle had just accepted that having his cherry popped didn’t hurt as much as he had feared, when the inward thrusting fingers hit something inside him that triggered a surge of lust, frying what was left of control and dignity from his brain.

"Aaaaoooow! Aaaaaaarrggh! Taylor...ohh-h...ffu-uck..oh Ttt-ta-taylor .....Please stop...aaaahh!"

“Come to Daddy!” Taylor taunted. Thumb and index finger squeezed the shrunken nuts, but before Kyle could even cry, Taylor started to suck his dick.

"Ah shit ! Oh fuck!" He panted. "No! Yeah! No! Uh! Uuuh! Uuuh!" he cried torn between shame and arousal as he was expertly sucked off by his triumphant teen brother. His head began to thrash from side to side in sexual agony and he felt his hips moving up and down. Kyle tried to hold back but he had no chance. His kid brother squeezed his balls, sucking him and fingered him knuckles deep.

“I think you are gay now,” Taylor stated, forcing a final mad climax.

"Urrrrghh...ggghhhhh...ghhh ! Huh … huuh … ngg!" Hollering turned to squeaks and pitiful moans. His body flailed out of control as Taylor forced the last drops of seed from his deflated balls.

The music was still hammering, when Taylor left the room. His brother’s eyes were glazed and he was curled into a fetal position. Lance Corporal Kyle Henderson was drained and wondering whether he was now a fag.

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