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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson
Part 2 - Not so straight anymore, are we?
By Randy Dragon

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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson

Part 2 – Not so straight anymore, are we?

By Randy Dragon

It was already later in the evening, when Kyle was finally able to get up. He still had difficulties to accept what had happened to him in the afternoon. He could not believe that he had been raped and seduced by his younger teen brother. However, his aching muscles and the dried cum, which covered his body told him, that it had not been just imagination.

He hopped under the shower, hoping to wash the shame away with sweat and dried cum. Hot water was splashing on his broad shoulders, while he was lathering his sculpted body with his favorite shower gel. The earthy, woodsy scent fragrance of sandalwood and camphor filled his nostrils. His hands were kneading his pecs and he found himself absentmindedly playing with his man tits. His cock responded by rising to a semi-hard state.

“What the fuck am I doing?” Kyle muttered to himself.

His hands were skidding down across his six-pack and lathered his hairy sac. He cupped the balls and fondled himself. Suddenly he felt the urge to shave his nuts. Lifting the hefty shaft he pulled the razor across the wrinkled sac and while he was at it, he pulled his melon-shaped ass cheeks apart and shaved the hairy cleft as well.

His dick was throbbing, when he rubbed the body wash along the cleft, making it squeaky-clean from the touch of his brother. As if by accident his soapy finger slipped past the puckered hole and found its way to the enticing pleasure spot that had felt so well, when his brother did hit it.

“Uhh, f-fuck …” his hips started to rock back and forth. Drops of precum were washed away by the stream of hot water.

“Ahhh, that feels sooo fuckinnnn’ gooood,” Kyle groaned. His other hand had started to play with his nipples again.

“Mmmh, mmmh, mmmh …” then he found himself sucking his thumb, while his hips were thrusting back and forth making his finger gliding in and out of his quivering asshole.

His upper body was flushed and went into a seizure when, without being touched, his throbbing cock released a shot of hot white cum that splashed against the glass wall of the shower cabin.

“Oh fuck, this can’t be happening,” Kyle steadied himself on buckling knees against the tiled wall. With a dick dangling limp as a wet noodle between his thighs, he stumbled from the shower cabin and grabbed a towel.

For sure an all-niter with Dolly would clear his mind. His hair still damp, he choose a tight pair of jeans, and a well fitting T-shirt, grabbed his leather jacket and went downstairs, where he heard his mother preparing the dinner. Taylor was sitting with his father at the table, looking as innocent as ever, pretending that nothing had happened.

"Hey soldier," his father greeted him," thanks for taking care of the lawn. The job must have worn you out. Taylor told us that you worked so hard, so we let you sleep. Dolly did call several times already. She sounds quite upset ..."

"Yeah, the afternoon was quite tough," Kyle glowered at his brother, "anyway, I'm going to see her now..."

"Enjoy your evening," Taylor grinned.

“Shut the fuck up!” Kyle mouthed, but preferred to keep quiet.

Kyle didn't enjoy the evening at all. For the first time in his relationship with Dolly, he wasn't able to produce a boner. Dolly was as frustrated as the confused Marine himself. In the end, he gave up, grabbed his clothes, jumped on his bike and drove home.

Ignoring his family, watching the latest soap opera on TV, he went straight to his room. Kyle stripped down to his army boxers and brooded in sullen silence in the dark, trying to gather his thoughts.

It had started after he had finished mowing the lawn. The beer had gotten to him much more than usual. He could take a lot, so why did he pass out like a wimp ? This fucking faggot had spiked his drink! That was it! That little miserable prick had just scored a lucky shot!

He had to put that whimsy nerd back in place. Teach him respect. His lips twisted in a menacing grin, when he fantasized, how he would beat his queer brother to a pulp.

He heard his parents going to bed and waited for a while until he could assume that they were sound asleep. Quietly, and avoiding any noise, he went up and walked across the aisle to his brother's room. The door wasn't locked. "Gotcha!" he thought while he opened the door and sneaked inside. He approached the prone form of his brother on the bed and jumped him. Before Taylor was fully awake he was forced down by the full weight of his brother's muscle-packed body.

"OK, pal, now it's payback time! Payback’s a bitch and you are mine," he heard Kyle hissing in his ear with an undisguised vengeance in his voice.

"Nooo..mmppf!" Taylor's cry was muffled by Kyle's big hand closing his mouth. The teen, who had slept naked, was lifted from the bed and carried away like a rag doll. Kyle lifted his desperately writhing brother over one shoulder, carried him down to the basement and into the garage.

Both brothers were panting. Kyle’s dog tags were rattling. Despite his valiant resistance Taylor was wrestled down to the floor behind the family van. It took the combat trained Marine only moments to subdue his smaller brother. He straddled Taylor, immobilizing him by pinning his arms down with his knees. His right fist went up preparing a full swing right into his brother's fearfully contorted face.

"Yeah, now you pee in your pants, you miserable fuckin' faggot," Kyle growled, "I'll beat the shit outo' ya!"

"Is anybody here?" their father's voice interrupted the fight. Taylor's struggling on the way down had not gone unnoticed and woken up his dad, who had come down. He looked into the garage obviously wondering why the lights where on. Kyle hunched down and closed his hand with a firm grip over his brother's mouth preventing him from calling for help. That could mean disaster. How was he going to explain to his parents, what he was doing with his brother buck naked in the garage?

Fortunately his father had stopped at the door. "Anybody here?" he asked again. "What's wrong John?" he heard his mother calling from upstairs. Kyle froze. Shit! Not his Mom, too!

Desperate to avoid any noise he fetched his dog tags, preventing them from rattling. Taylor, however, used this opportunity and managed to wrestle one hand free. He reached between the brawny thighs and pulled the flaccid shaft from the army boxers.

"Nnng ...," Kyle flinched but there was nothing he could do about it. Taylor started to pump the Marine dick with deft strokes. Kyle clenched his teeth and felt his six-pack abs tense.

"Nothing, Mary, we have to tell the boys to switch of the lights, when they are leaving." they heard their father, who didn't bother to check out the garage. The lights were switched off and the door closed. The garage was dimly lit by the lights from the street lamps shining through the windows.

"What the fu... Get your hands off my fuckin’dick ... you fucking faggot." Kyle barked enraged but in a lowered voice.

"Shhhh... will you be quiet ... or I'll shout," Taylor warned," and besides, you like it."

Kyle looked down with a shocked expression. Taylor had succeeded, where Dolly had failed. His cock was already half hard, obviously eagerly responding to Taylor's jacking.

How was it possible that he a straight jock couldn't get it up anymore when his chick spread her legs, but was so easily pumped up by his brother? Memories of the afternoon flashed like snapshots through his mind. Horrified that the whole story would repeat itself he wanted to get up. But his brother didn't release his grip and pulled him back down by his cock.

"I may not fit into your league," Taylor smirked," but I sure as hell will make you a member of my league."

“Huh? What did you just say?” Kyle became suspicious.

“Uhm, nothing”, Taylor couldn’t hide a grin and now his brother was connecting the dots.

“You fuckin’pervert were eavesdropping on us!” Kyle blew up.

“Shh … Dad can hear you.” Taylor warned and added with a sneer: “Actually I’ve got it all on cam. You and your bitch rutting like rabbits!”

“Fuck you! How could you? I am your brother!” Kyle was outraged. He hardly could keep his voice down.

“My brother, who outed me!” Taylor fired back.

“What? Oh come on, man … I …. I didn’t mean …” Kyle stuttered.

“Oh yes, brother, you meant it. I heard you! Loud and clear.” Taylor growled, “… and yes, it’s payback time! But I own you and I make you my fuckin’ bitch, Mr. Marine!”

“What? Are you out of your mind? You got nothing on me!” Kyle looked flabbergasted at his kid brother.

“Well, I just got our little fling of this afternoon,” Taylor retorted,”Mom and Dad will love that clip …”

“Fuck, you … you wouldn’t …” Kyle was lost for words. His little brother had him on a leash and the noose was tightening.

“Dare me!” Taylor challenged, knowing he had the upper ground.

He slipped his other arm free from Kyle’s loosening grip and started to fondle his jock brother's balls.

"Noooo...oooohuuuuhhmm..", Kyle moaned. While his brain was putting up a desperate fight, his groin knew already he was a goner.

“Not so straight anymore, are we?” Taylor taunted.

Taylor felt the grip of his brother's strong arms loosening. He knew, as long as he managed to keep the hunk hard he would be weak.

He wriggled from under the big hunched body and kneeled facing his Marine brother. Knowing how well he responded to the stimulation of his nipples, Taylor grabbed the sculpted pecs heaving before him and twisted the jutting man tits roughly.

"Noooo ..fuck..", Kyle jerked.

"Shhh..", Taylor silenced his brother by closing his hands behind the crew cut head and forced the jock into a kiss.

"Mmm...mmpfff," Kyle was protesting against the invasion of his brother's tongue, however, whether he liked it or not, he found himself turned on.

Soon Kyle was eagerly responding to Taylor's tongue play and Taylor continued to work on the hardened tits.

Taylor felt the strong body relaxing. He seized his brother's wrists. Pushing them first down, he finally broke the weakening resistance and bent Kyle's arms, behind his back.

To Kyle's frustration Taylor ended the kiss. However before his turned-on brother knew what hit him, one of his hard protruding nipples was trapped between Taylor's sharp teeth. Holding his brother's tit tight, he started to suck and worked his tongue over the sensitive surface.

Kyle arched his back, pushing his pecs out to expose his nipple to even more suction. His eyes almost closed and he started to moan softly.

"Ooohhhh, yeaaaah … that feels gooood" When he saw the flushed expression of his brother's face Taylor knew he had him.

He boldly crawled between the slightly spread thighs and turned on his back. Taylor pulled the army boxers down and dug his fingers in the melon-shaped butt cheeks pulling the lap into his face

"Noooo...oooohuuuuhhmm..", Kyle groaned when his brother's mouth took his dick in a velvet grip.

Never before had the horny fucker experienced such overwhelming sensations. He had experienced countless blowjobs, but none of them had turned him on like it did his brother's flickering tongue. While he usually last for hours, he felt the exciting first contractions of his balls at the base of his cock already now. The heavy workout that his brother had given him during their afternoon lovemaking session and his shower fling had profoundly weakened his stamina.

"Oh yeahhhh...," The lustful moaning increased and his sun-tanned skin developed a fine layer of male sweat. All ideas of a fight had been dissolved in the churning cum boiling now in his heating balls.

The cocksure Lance Corporal with his bragging attitude had been reduced to a throbbing cock and a swollen set of balls aching for release. Kneeling over his teen brother, the brawny Marine was caught in horny stupor.

“Oh shiiiit!” Taylor did something with his tongue to the head of his dick and Kyle tumbled forward on his hands. His brother’s teenage boner throbbed right in front of his face. It was not as fat as his own, but slightly curved and of impressive length. While his mind told him, that Marines don’t suck cock, Kyle discovered mesmerized that his lips were drawn to the mushroom head. Fascinated he watched a crystal clear drop leaking from the piss slit and wondered, how his kid brother’s pre-cum might taste. He had eaten his own cum from Dolly’s pussy, but never another man’s.

“Uhmmmpfff …,” before he knew it, he was licking Taylor’s pecker and shortly after, the two brothers were slurping, engaged in a 69 suck fest.

"You are a lousy cock-sucker Bro," Taylor commented the retching sounds emanating from Kyle's throat.

"Uurgh..mmh", Kyle choked. It was the first time he had to deal with a cock in his throat. He felt completely helpless and in rising panic when he could hardly breathe. His brother stuffed him good, shoving his teen dick all the way down his throat.

"Uuuh ... fuck ....," Kyle's lean hips started bucking driven by primal instinct. He had no choice, but to adapt to the rhythm commanded by Taylor's further accelerated rocking.

Knowing that his brother would now follow blindly what his cock told him to do, Taylor stopped his motions. Instead he wrapped his arms around his brother and pulled him towards him with all he was worth.

"Come on fucker! Show me what kind of stallion you are!" Taylor spurred the jock.

"Yes bro, give it to me, harder, let me feel your hot bull rod. Fill me with your Marine cum", Taylor spurred until his brother's eyes glazed over, when the juice was sucked from his contracting balls.

"Oh fuck ... oh yes ... that's iiiiiitttt, aaarghhh," Kyle panted," here it comezzz...huh ...huh!"

Taylor felt the muscular body's convulsions, when together with the load of cum his energy was drained from his body.

"Wheew..!" paying the price for the afternoon marathon and the new ride his brother had taken him on, Kyle collapsed exhausted on his back beside his brother. Still caught in spasms in the aftermath of his orgasm, he heard Taylor whispering into his ear:

"I hope you enjoyed that bro, because that has been for the last time, that I allowed you to fuck me."

He forced the still dizzy bloke down to his knees and stood in front of him.

"Wha..." Kyle started to ask, when he was silenced by a slap across his face.

"Shut up soldier boy!" Taylor said.

He pulled his cock out and hustled his coughing brother over to the motor bike. The heavy machine was Kyle's pride. He spent hours to tune it and polish the chrome accessories.

Taylor pushed the swaying hunk against the bike. "Assume the position, Lance Corporal," he commanded and bent the husky body over the leather saddle. Taylor couldn't resist and whacked the bubble butt in front of him.

"Oouw...!" it was not really painful. Kyle was more shocked about being spanked by his younger brother.

"Spread 'em bro!" Taylor kicked his brother's legs apart.

Taylor dunked his fingers into a jar of grease in the shelf behind the bike and spread it between the sculpted butt cheeks.

"Let's grease you up good. A virgin like you needs some comfort." Taylor chuckled.

Before Kyle was even able to protest his ass was lubed nicely by his brother's index finger.

"That is not happening ..." he groaned when he felt Taylor's dick pushing against his sphincter.

"Welcome to the dark side!" Taylor smirked.

"No man, not that, you can’t do that," Kyle protested desperately. He struggled to evade from the pushing dick and wriggled forward trying to crawl over the bike. But that made him only lose leverage when his feet left the floor.

Taylor laughed. He moved even closer between the fanning legs and pulled the thighs towards him impaling his brother unceremoniously on his cock up to the hilt.

"Fuck!, shit, shit!" the officially deflowered Lance Corporal howled in pain."... get it out, get it out, that hurts ... please no more!" His body was writhing on the saddle.

"Aaaawwwww...!" Kyle's high pitched screams filled the garage.

"Shut up you sissy! You'll wake the neighborhood!", Taylor was concerned about the noise his brother was making. Looking around, his eyes fell on a box of tennis balls in the shelf.

"That will do fine," he said with a devilish grin that Kyle couldn't see.

Kyle didn't hear that even. He was almost paralyzed by the shock from his popped cherry. His head was pulled back and when he gasped for air, a tennis ball was forced between his jaws gagging him efficiently. The size of the ball blocked the jaws so well that he was unable to spit it out. Before he could reach to his mouth, Taylor grabbed his wrists and forced them behind his tattooed back.

Only muffled grunts could be heard while Taylor thrust his dick again and again up his brother's ass. After a short while the grunting stopped and turned into heavy breathing through Kyle's nose. The searing pain subsided and was replaced by new, entirely different sensations while the teen dick was sliding in and out the greased butt channel.

It felt like a finger fuck only much more intense and powerful. Taylor realized that his brother didn't fight anymore. Taylor released his brother's wrists. The jock's head and legs hang limply. Only from time to time the brawny body convulsed when Kyle was coughing into his gag. Without stopping his fucking, Taylor removed the tennis ball.

"Oooaaww...," a sigh of relief came from Kyle.

"Let's explore that nice new pussy of yours" Taylor probed his brother's deflowered ass by aiming his thrusts from different angles. His hips wriggled in spiraling motions. Kyle lost it. The hammering on his prostate sent him into ecstasy. He needed this and he wanted more.

“Fuuuck mmeeee!” When the sweaty body below him responded by bucking back, Taylor knew he had struck gold.

"Oh yeah man ... that feels good!" Kyle said in a clear voice, "Fuck me bro! Harder! Fuck me harder!"

"See, I knew you'd like it. They are all alike - before they are broken in." Taylor laughed, "Now keep your pussy tight."

He started to plow his brother's ass in earnest.

"You need a cock up your fucking ass." he said almost in a lecturing tone while impaling his brother. Each thrust caused another crack in the walls surrounding the Marine's alpha dog personality.

"You always wanted to get it from me." The lecture continued.

Again and again the dickhead reached into the depths of Kyle's butt pounding the hypersensitive prostrate sending the moaning dude into an orbit of insane lust.

"The muscle stud likes it to be dominated by his little brother, isn't it?"

It took about half an hour of hammering Kyle's macho attitude until it lay in shattered pieces.

"Yeah give it to me! Fuck my brains out!" Kyle had the urge to get fucked senseless by his brother.

The pounding stopped abruptly. Taylor's cock left Kyle's ass with a wet plop.

"Shit no!" the horny Marine complained in frustration, "I haven't fuckin' cum."

"Oh you fucking whore!" Taylor was mocking disgust, "do you need it that bad?"

"Yeah, man I need it," Kyle hollered.

"Yes, 'Sir'!" Taylor objected sternly.

"Yes ... Sir ... I need it bad!" Kyle hurried to correct his mistake.

"Shall I make you cum, bitch?" Taylor asked.

"Yes Sir, please make me cum," Kyle was begging now.

The Marine's swollen dick was jerking helpless between his legs.

Taylor fetched a wooden board from the shelf. "To make sure that you have learned your lesson here are the rules", he said.

"Promise, you will treat me with respect!"

Whack! The board hit the bubble butt. Legs were jerking.

"Awww ...Fuck..!" Kyle winced. Toes were curling.


"Yeah ... I'll do it!" Kyle shouted while his cock throbbed.


"I can't hear your, soldier!" Taylor shouted back.

"Yes Sir, I promise!" Kyle sobbed.

"Promise you will follow my orders without questioning!" Taylor demanded.


"Yes Sir, I promise!"

"Promise you will dump that Dolly bitch!"

Whack! The ass cheeks turned red.

"Yes Sir, I promise!"


"Your bike is mine now!"

"Yes Sir, it is yours!"


"You will cum NOW!"

Kyle felt his balls leaping to the base of his cock

Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Yesss Sssir! Awww!!...Unngh .... I'm cumming ... Fuck ... huh huh huh," Kyle's cock twitched wildly. Each whack triggered a blast of white jism splashing at the side of the bike.

Taylor continued the spanking until his hunky brother’s cock was completely deflated and unable to produce even the tiniest dribble of cum. The once heavy nut sac had shrunk to a wrinkled pouch. The gooey streams trickled slowly down the bike, finally dripping to the concrete floor.

"That's what I call, beating the cum out of someone," Taylor referred to Kyle's earlier threat, "we have to do this again some time."

He helped his groaning brother to get up. Kyle looked at him almost shy, with a sort of new found respect.

"Now give your little brother a kiss, will you?" he smiled at the exhausted jock.

Without any objection Kyle hugged him and kissed him warmly. The brothers' tongues where playing in their mouths. Then Taylor gave his brother's butt a friendly squeeze and broke the kiss.

"That's my boy. You may go back to your room now, but first clean my bike", he said.

"Sure ... uhm, I mean ... yes Sir", Kyle answered respectfully. He fetched a polishing cloth and started to rub the cum from the bike.

"Stop!" he heard his brother's voice, "you have to do this thoroughly."

"But I always do it like th..." he stopped when his bother cast him a disapproving glance.

"What do you want me to do, Sir?" he asked. "Lick it!" Taylor ordered. "I don't understand ..." Kyle looked desperate and confused.

"You brainless jarhead!" Taylor grabbed the Marine by his shoulder and pushed him to the bike. "On your knees!" he commanded and Kyle obeyed instantly.

"Open your fucking mouth and show me your tongue!"

The teen seized his big brother's head and pushed his face against the bike's cum covered tank. He started to rub the face and the tongue dangling from the open mouth up and down over the surface.

"You lick it clean, understood?" Taylor asked again.

"Mmm..ysss...S...r!", came the muffled answer.

"Do a good job, I'll check it out tomorrow," Taylor said when he left the garage.

Kyle overslept in the morning as well." I don't know what's wrong with the boy," his mother wondered.

"Hm .. I think he was working late on his bike," Taylor replied innocently.

"Ah, that's why the lights where on last night," his father added, "and his bike was never as shining as I found it this morning."

Their parents were glad to see, how well the brother's went along. Taylor made sure that his brother stayed with the Marines. He needed him fit, strong and handsome. On the weekends after Kyle had done his jobs at home (Taylor prepared the schedule during the week), they went out with Taylor's buddies. Sometimes they needed the big Marine to beat up some faggot haters, but most of the time they drove out of town to a barn.

There was always plenty of beer to get the jock drunk. Then the guys took turns in engaging in naked wrestling bouts with Taylor's muscular brother. Kyle behaved like a good boy and played his role as a jobber, which granted the winner a victory fuck.

True to his promise Taylor never allowed his brother to fuck him again. But Kyle had learned his lesson well and knew when he was allowed to cum.

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