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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson
Part 4 - Having Fun on the Farm
By Randy Dragon

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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson

Part 4 – Having Fun on the Farm

By Randy Dragon

When Rafe came around, his sore throat was filled with salty gooeyness. He was somehow floating in midair, his spread-eagled body suspended from chains attached to his now numb arms and legs. A hefty column of meat stuffed his mouth and throat, making it hard to breathe.

It took some immense effort to finally open his eyes. His blurry vision was filled with a pair of hairy ass cheeks while his head was trapped between sweaty muscular legs. His nose smelled the musky scent of a heavy set of balls, swinging from the underside of the meaty dick, which made him gag.

While his world was still in turmoil, his ass was sore too, but the pain was somehow wrapped in a layer of sheer lust. He realized that he was being fucked. Horror made him wake from his stupor. His lean body arched while he struggled desperately to free himself.

"Yeah fight it, boy I like it when they struggle," the big man in a biker uniform who was impaling him on his man's tool was laughing.

Rafe was still high. The drug raging in his system turned him on and held him semi-conscious, however, slowly he managed to put the shattered pieces of his memory together:

He and his brother Blake had tried to jump that fuckin' Marine, but it had turned out bad, really bad. The soldier had forced a mother-fuckin' load of coke up the college hunk's nose, rendering the Quarterback helpless and left him sucked by some old buggers who could only dream having a muscular young hunk like Blake for their desires. To complete his revenge on the brothers the soldier had drugged Rafe with a shot in his buttock and left him dangling in a sling at the mercy of a gang of bears.

Rafe gagged when he had to swallow the load of the man fucking his mouth. Another one readied himself to take the place of the spent hunk.

"Nno, listen, don't do that, I … I," Rafe gasped desperately.

"What is it punk?" a brawny man in a cop's leather uniform asked him while unzipping his pants.

"I ... I am HIV pos," Rafe stammered.

"Holy shit, what the fuck are ya' doing here!" the guy who was fucking him pulled his dick out. "The bloody punk has AIDS!"

"I don't believe it," another biker doubted, „the boy 's just bluffin’”.

"No I am not, I was just here for a drink. When I went for a piss, that Marine guy jumped me and put me up." Rafe urged seeing a chance to get away.

Finally, none of the hunky bears wanted to risk anything. They left him dangling and it took again an hour, until he was freed by a waiter who came looking for the yelling youth.

Rafe collected his clothes and went to look for his brother Blake.

The college athlete was on his fours. Still coked, he happily sucked the dick of a man in his late sixties. His sexy buttocks were pounded by a guy, who - judging from the smell - was one of the many vinos who were usually offering blowjobs for some dollars to the visitors of the pub. This time the bugger had scored high, getting a nice ass for free. Rafe watched amused. The splashed cum between Blake's knees, was proof that the arrogant Quarterback enjoyed his situation. Rafe who despised his brother as much as Blake did him, considered for a moment leaving without him. But he knew, that they would need every hand to get even with the powerful Marine sergeant.

"Come on Bro, time to leave..." with a sigh of regret he interrupted the hot session.

Meanwhile Hank found, that Kyle and the teen gang had left already.

Shit! He thought, the punks were thinking they had me and took off. Luckily I know that ranch. He rushed out into the street and jumped in his waiting H1 Humvee jeep. The 6.2 diesel engine was roaring while he left town and drove into the countryside.

When the lights of the Lanson Estate became visible in the pitch black darkness of the night, Hank brought the Humvee to a stop. After the roaring diesel engine had died with a gargling sound, the Marine and his vehicle were swallowed by the background noise of humming and chirping insects and the occasional sounds of animals hunting or being hunted in the night.

Now another dangerous predator prepared his hunt. Hank took his boots off. He peeled the tight jeans from his husky body and slipped instead in his camo pants. He was still wearing the black leather harness and the matching arm bracelets. With well-trained perfection, black and green camouflage was applied to his muscular frame and finally to his face. His naked feet disappeared in a pair of heavy combat boots.

He covered the remaining three kilometers to the farm by a brisk run. Hank felt the warm air caressing his nipples protruding from the centers of the heaving pecs, while he was jogging through the night. The rocky surface he had to cross on his way was still radiating the heat of the summer day. This and the exercise caused a thin film of sweat covering his naked torso and his face. But apart from that, his trained body performed effortless, without any sign of exhaustion. The sergeant grinned, imagining the terrified surprise of the fags, when he would appear unexpected. Hell, he would teach those brats a lesson, they would never forget. Same as this miserable punk and his college brother back at the pub had learned what it meant to mess with a member of the Corps.

He flanked over a white-painted wooden fence into a paddock. His booted feet made almost no sound when he landed on a neatly groomed piece of lawn. The shape of some huge stable appeared on his right. The yard was dimly lit by a small bulb. Hank's body melted with the shadow of the barn. He scanned the area.

On his left were the lights of the farmhouse. Unlikely that Kyle was held there, unless he would enjoy himself with Lanson's daughter. Hank grinned when he felt a soft tingling twitch in his groin. Carefully avoiding any sound he slipped inside the barn; here his footsteps were as well silenced by a thin mat of hay covering the floor. The still air inside was even hotter than on the outside, causing him now to sweat profoundly.From the adjacent stable he heard the neighing of some horses. Where was his buddy Kyle?

19 years old Joey Dalton was a ranch hand at the Lanson estate. He stood 5.7 ft. with 180 lbs. Heavy biceps were bulging from a red and black plaid sleeveless western shirt. He was wearing a pair of skin tight jeans and mid-calf leather boots. The stocky cowboy had light-brown wavy hairs and a circle beard with a close cropped chin goatee with thin facial hair strap around the jawline and clean-shaven cheeks.

He was looking for some tools when he sensed some movement inside the barn. He crouched inside one of the horseboxes and peered cautiously through a crack in the board wall. A large shadow crept through the stable. The dim light of the only lamp reflected the thin film of sweat that covered broad, tattooed shoulders. Joey couldn't believe it. It was the Marine from the club. Rafe and Blake should have taken care of that. How could he find them here at the ranch? Joey's eyes fell on a lasso hanging on the wall.

Swooosh! With a well-trained swing, Joey threw the rope. Before the Marine could react the sling closed around his brawny upper body. A powerful pull from the stable boy and Hank's arms were securely fixed at his sides.

"Fuck a duck!" Hank started to curse and tore at the rope. When he realized that the sling was too tight he charged at Joey.

"Fuck you!" With an amazing speed he closed the distance to the ranch hand. Joey stepped aside, thus allowing the fuming Marine to pass. When the raging hunk charged again, he quickly squatted escaping the direct collision. Instead Hank stumbled over the hunched teen. He was still trying to regain his balance, when Joey flung the end of the rope around his legs. With a swift move that Joey had trained at many rodeos to rope a bull, Hank's legs were catapulted in midair. A heap of 200 lbs. sweat-soaked military muscle hit the ground.

"Aww, shit!" Hank yelled.

While Hank was still dizzy, Joey quickly wrapped a few coils of rope around the wrists and ankles tying them firmly. Grunting like a tethered bull, Hank struggled feverishly to free himself. Every tendon of his powerful body strained.

Quickly dust and straw was sticking to the soldier's sweaty skin. Finally the exertion took its toll and the exhausted Marine collapsed panting on his side.

“Yee-haw! Looks as I caught myself a rutting bull” Joey kneeled down beside the brawny body. His hand moved between Hank's thighs and squeezed the heavy balls through the fabric of the camos.

The Marine started again a furious struggle to free himself.

"Untie me, faggot or I'll take you apart, I swear I kill ya, I ... mmmmnnooo ..mrrghh...“

Hank's curses stopped when Joey closed his mouth with a kiss. Despite Hank's wild writhing he could not prevent Joey from playing with his man tits. The harness constricted the sculpted pecs putting the protruding nipples obscenely on display. He cursed himself for coming in his leather outfit. Still playing with his tongue inside the soldier's mouth, Joey got hold of the harness.

"Time to break you buddy," Joey grinned. He knew he had put the man in a state of sexual arousal, unable to resist. Joey drew a knife and cut the rope. While Hank got stumbling up on his knees he mounted the Marine trapping the waist between his muscle-packed thighs, which he had developed in so many rodeos and during his work with the horses at the ranch. Having broken in countless horses, he was confident to tame this human stallion as well.

“Now I take ya for a ride!”

Too late he realized that he had dearly underestimated his opponent. Hank - far from being controlled - grabbed the youngster's ankles and threw him off to the floor.

"Fuck! Nooooo!" Joey yelled in shock.

The young ranch hand was taken by complete surprise. In an instant, he was wrestled to the ground. The heavy Marine's body was pinning him firmly down and so were his wrists, which were fixed in the iron grip of Hank's brawny hands.

The Sergeant felt the muscular body beneath him writhing in desperation. Joey's attempt to call for help was easily thwarted when a big hand closed over his mouth, preventing him from shouting but as well from breathing. In rising panic he put new effort in the hopeless fight to get free. Struggling for air he barely noticed his T-Shirt being virtually shredded from his body. His booted feet were looking for leverage and his legs were kicking, while his now free hand delivered a first punch, which was blocked, however, by Hank's biceps.

"Easy boy," Hank said calmly," if you cooperate I am not going to hurt you ...“

Joey's struggling stopped and his body fell limp.

"You won't shout, will ya?" Hank still kept his hand over the cowboy's mouth.

"Mmm....mmmpf," Joey nodded feebly.

Hank released his hand and the young man took a deep breath.

"What do you want from me?" Joey gasped.

"You are going to tell me where to find my buddy Kyle and then I am going to teach you fags a lesson for life," Hank's voice sounded menacing.

"Hey man, that was all Taylor's idea, I swear, I never did any harm to Kyle," Joey pleaded.

Hank got up. Standing squarely he glowered down on the visibly afraid cowboy.

"Get the fuck up and show me the way!" he ordered.

Joey was now on his knees. Looking up at the burly soldier he continued to beg.

"Please don't hurt me, man. It was a joke. I'm telling ya ... just a joke."

As if absent-minded his hands got hold of the broad belt holding the Marine's camos. Joey checked for any sign of objection, but Hank was just glaring down.

Joey's hands traveled around the Sergeant's waist and grabbed the tight buttocks through the canvas. His face was buried in Hank's groin and the ranch hand was more the aware of the soldier's musky man's smell, when he felt the hardening dick under his mouth and nose.

He rather sensed than saw that Hank's head lolled back.

An instant later the belt was opened and the pants down to the ankles.

Hank realized with amazement that the younger man managed to take all the length of his fast hardening shaft down his throat.

"Yes, suck it!" he hissed while watching the young cowboy through half-shut eyes.

Joey felt the big blue vein encircling the meaty dick pulsing at the tip of his tongue. He tried to gather as much spit as possible and roamed the throbbing shaft up and down. Moaning and slurping filled the barn, while Joey hang on to Hank's groin for dear life. His fingers were cupping the Marine's flexing ass cheeks and were slowly, carefully moving towards the sweaty cleft.

Without stopping the tongue bath he was applying to the grunting hunk, Joey looked up to check, if he had managed to turn the big guy on.

His blue eyes met Hank's green Irish eyes and when he did not discover any objection he let his right hand slip between the Sergeants butt cheeks. The tip of his index finger was slowly caressing the tight unconquered sphincter.

Joey knew, that he could not dare to enter yet, but he was confident that the muscular Marine would allow a little bit of teasing.

His hope was confirmed. After a short moment Hank's body tensed. The soldier gave in to indulge the tingling sensation.

Joey moved his left hand under the heavy set of balls and started to rub his palm in circular motions into the sweaty hairy nutsac.

The army cock inside his throat responded with a wild twitch.

"Oooh yeah, sucker, that f-feels fantastic," Hank moaned softly. His knees started to tremble.

Joey's confidence was rising. He had the big bull where it counted and as long as he was horny as hell, he wouldn't beat him up. Assuming that the Marine would agree to some rougher play he squeezed the golf ball sized testicles deftly and pressed the tips of his fingers against the small area of skin between the nut sac and the ass.

Hank's knees buckled. He closed his hands firmly behind the ranch hand's head and forced the young cowboy to take his pulsing man's meat up to the hilt.

Joey did not stop for a second. His fingers both at the anus and behind Hank's balls started a vibrating rhythm, sending hot shockwaves into the hunks sexual system.

"Ff-uuck! Urrgh" Hank hollered when he couldn't bear the weight of his heavy body any longer. The sweaty mass of Marine muscle collapsed right on top of Joey, who held tightly to Hank's buttocks and tried to keep his mouth around the throbbing dick.

Hank landed on his hands, burying the young cowboy's head under his waist. Instinct took over and he started to hump the younger man's throat in a frenzy.

"Huh ... huh ... huh," he was hollering, "yeah, faggot, fuck - you are gooood ... here it cummmmzz!"

His whole body convulsed out of control. Hot salty cum was erupting from the dick head deep in Joey's throat. He spanked the quivering buttocks in order to intensify the groaning hunk's ecstasy.

"Ahhh ... yeah spank me boy," Hank rasped, while another load of cum was gushing from his man's tool.

He finally wanted to withdraw, when Joey surprised him by digging his finger nails deep into his butt cheeks. The muscular youngster held him in a firm embrace and sucked the sensitive, still hard dick in order to get the last drop of cum.

Hank jerked wildly in the aftermath of his climax. He finally ended on his back. The hay was stinging at his bubble butt. Joeys head was still bobbing up and down his shaft, making his broad back arch, when the tongue was gliding over the swollen dick head.

He covered his eyes with his forearm and tried to slow down his breathing in order to regain his senses.

“What the fuck is going on?” an angry voice echoed through the barn.

“Uhm … Mr. Lanson … I … I …” Joey stuttered.

In front of them stood a man, in his mid-fifties about 6.2 feet tall, with a well-toned body. His ice-gray mane was tied in a ponytail. The jawline was shrouded by a heavy ice-gray stubble. He wore a sleeveless cowboy shirt, black jeans and black riding boots. His angular facial expression showed a man who did not tolerate contradiction.

“Shut up boy!” Lanson barked, “ And you, who the fuck are you?” he glared down at Hank.

The camo pants trapped the prone Marine’s ankles and were somehow wrapped around the combat boots. The face partly hidden under one arm and the upper body were covered with camouflage, which was slowly melting away and mixing with the sweat that the sexual workout had produced so far. The rock-hard pole was still standing ready at attention glistening wet in a purplish color, in contrast to the white skin of the narrow waist that typically for members of the Corps had hardly seen any tanning sun.

“Uhmmm …” Hank started, but stopped while his eyes widened, realizing what the man was pointing at him.

“Fuck! Noooo … arghh … uhhhh.” Hanks body reared up and convulsed in uncontrolled spasms, when Lanson pushed a cattle prod against his abs. With a devilish grin the older man zapped the helpless Marine with another shock, sending him to the land of dreams. His body collapsed on the floor.

“Hm … too easy,” Lanson watched the Marine’s deflating dick going limp.

“Strip him and string him up!” he ordered Joey.

“Yes, Sir!” Joey pulled off Hank’s boots and camo pants. Apart from the harness, the bracelets and his dog tags, the hunk was now stark naked. Joey threw a rope over a wooden beam under the ceiling, tied it around the wrists and hoisted the unconscious body up until his toes barely touched the ground.

Hank woke up after his body was doused by bucket of ice-cold water.

“Wakey-wakey,” Lanson taunted him.

“What the fuck do you want? Let me go! Now!” Hank shouted struggling in his bonds.

“Or what?” Lanson sneered.

“Listen, Mister, this is not how it looks …,” Hank croaked.

“You will address me as Sir!” Lanson interrupted him.

“Fuck you! You have nothing over me, old fart!” Hank fumed. In vain he tried to free his hands.

“What did you just call me?” Lanson asked in a dangerously low voice.

“Motherfucker! You heard me! Let me go immediately, or I swear I’ll fuck you over for good.” Hank hollered.

“We’ll see, who get’s fucked today,” Lanson took his shirt off, turned to the wall and fetched a riding crop.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare!” Hank roared. He reared up and twisted his body violently, his legs kicking in the air.

“Shit!” Hank howled furious, when the whip connected with his melon shaped ass cheeks.

“I kill you! … Awww!” Hank jumped, when the whip stung again.

“Aaaiieeh! Awww! Fuck!”

Lanson stopped and stepped in front of Hank. He let the tip of the whip trace along the harness and tapped at the bracelets around the Marine’s bulging biceps.

“You consider yourself a master, huh?” Lanson said.

“Fuck you! I swear, I’ll take you apart for this, ol’ bugger!” Hank’s sculpted six-pack tensed while he was desperately struggling to wriggle his body free.

“I had others before, you know,“ Lanson let the whip travel over the heaving pecs, tapping at the swollen nipples, across the abs and down the ginger treasure trail to Hank’s groin. Hank froze when the tip of the whip touched his sac. Lanson playfully scooped the plum-sized nuts on the tip of the whip and lifted them, until the limp dick was lying flat across the wrinkled sac on the keeper the whip.

“Cocky street fighters, proud Marines, brawny fire fighters, yeah even a cop, “ Lanson mused.

“They all considered themselves tops. But I helped them to understand, that behind that top image, deeply buried inside their inner self, there is a suppressed, nevertheless strong, desire to submit, to be dominated and to serve a true master.”

“Bullshit!” Hank gasped. ”I’m a Marine! I never submit and I serve only my country, you pervert! Cut me loose, and I might forget about all that shit.”

“Hmm, you are biggest catch so far. I give you that.” Lanson replied. “It will be interesting to discover your hidden desires. I take it as an honor to guide you …”

“The fuck you’ll do!” Hank hollered, “You’ll guide me nowhere!”

He reared up again and tried to kick the farmer.

“Awww … fuck!” Hank howled. Lanson had caught one of his ankles and, holding it up with surprising strength, he hit the unprotected dangling nuts with a quick slash from his wrist.

“You are feisty. I like that,“ Lanson grinned, “taming ya will be quite entertaining.”

“Motherfuckin’ geezer! You won’t get away with that!” Hank raged.

“My, my suck a foul mouth.” Lanson chuckled,” I think we start stuffing that chute and teach you manners.”

“Boy, get me a bridle!” he ordered the ranch hand.

“Yes, Sir!” Joey acknowledged.

Lanson took the bridle and stepped behind the dangling Marine.

“No way! Fuck you! Get the shit off me you freaky motherfu … ummmpfff,” all the flailing and cursing did not help, when the farmer tossed the bridle over Hank’s head and forced the snaffle bit into his mouth.

“Now, that’s much better,” Lanson said with glee.

“Uummphrggh ..” Hank shook his head. He could only grunt in reply. He was boiling with rage and his face and torso head had flushed deep red. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

It had been easy. Just teaching a bunch of faggots a lesson, roughing them up and help his buddy Kyle. He had been fucking careless and was ambushed by a stable boy and then zapped by an old fart with a cattle prod. Now he was stripped buck naked and hanging helpless like a slab of slaughtered cattle in front of a pervert dom who had gagged him and was going to whip him.

“There is no shame in submission to your master,” Lanson lashed out and the crop hit the exposed armpits.

“Urrghhhh!” Hank’s eyes bulged. He twisted his body to avoid the next lash. His ass was next, then his torso, his legs and even his feet. Hank was howling more in rage than in pain.

Joey watched in awe as Lanson was skillfully whipping the cursing soldier. The whip never broke skin and never inflicted injury. Lanson let the whip dance in an almost artistic way all over the floundering hunk.

Hank realized that Lanson was playing with him. He felt helpless as never before in his life. Completely at the mercy of an old man.

It didn’t matter in which way he was twisting his body. The crop was stinging everywhere. It was Lanson who decided, which body part was next. Total humiliation sank in. Then the whipping stopped.

Hank stared at the farmer through bloodshot eyes. Spittle was drooling from the corners of his gagged mouth. His body was glistening with sweat. The skin was flushed crimson.

“Ready to submit?” Lanson asked.

“Unngnoorgh,” Hank muffled in his gag.

“I take that as a no. Great! I knew you would be fun,” Lanson laughed.

Lanson feinted a whiplash and Hank instinctively tried to dodge, but the blow didn't come. At least not immediately. Grinning derisively, the older man took advantage of Hank's confusion and hit him in a completely different spot.

“Shidd!” Hank yelped. He kicked angrily.

“Yes, fight it! Show me what you’ve got, you big badass Marine, come on!” Lanson sneered.

And so the game went on. Feinted lashes, dodging, some caresses with the tip of the crop at the dick or the ass and then again some burning lashes.

After a while Hank’s cursing and shouting turned to feeble, guttural grunts. The old man had trashed him. Despite all his fighting skills, his muscles had been whipped to jelly. A strange sensation developed in his groin. A soft tingling in his nuts. Finally his power left him.

“Aaaaarggh,” there was a final groan of surrender and the struggling faded. His body was swinging slowly and he was throwing a fucking boner.

Lanson stopped whipping and moved behind his tenderized prey.

“I knew you would like that,” he whispered, while he started to slide his hand up and down Hank's rod.

“Uungghh,” Hank moaned softly as hands were caressing his sensitive butt cheeks, exploring his sweaty chute. Then a thumb entered him and when it touched the prostate his hips started to his horror a bucking motion, fucking his dick in the older man’s calloused hand.

“Yes! There you go,” Lanson taunted, ”come for me big boy!”

"Aaaargh! Pleeethe Thiiir led meee guuummm!" Hank was howling in his gag. He was gradually losing control, while Lanson stimulated the muscular body with the experience of a well-versed lover.

"Yeth, yeth, yeth oh I'mmm gumminnnnnn," the younger man yelled totally enthralled in the grip of his approaching orgasm.

Hank's swollen cock stood ready to shoot its load, when Lanson with a devilish grin closed his hand around the base of the pulsing organ. The Marine jerked in wild spasms, when he was prevented from the relief offered by the imminent climax.

"Fuggg youuu! Urrgh!" Hank was thrashing helpless in Lanson's grip.

“Still some fight left in you, huh? Next time you visit; I will use a flogger,” Lanson hissed and Hank froze. Abruptly, Lanson released him. A glistening crystal-clear string of pre-cum was oozing from the slit of the bobbing dick.

“Okay boys! He is ready now. All yours!” Lanson sneered and backed off.

"Well, well a gelded stallion has arrived." Someone removed the bridle.

Struggling to focus, Hank's glassy eyes gazed at the guy who had talked to him and recognized Kyle's little brother Taylor.

The teen was wearing a pair of worn-out sneakers, baggy navy-blue pants, a white undershirt and a baseball cap front back. The lanky body had never experienced a thorough work-out and judging from the pale white skin of the arms, Taylor was not much into outdoor activities as well. If there weren't the outfit and the goatee, he could have easily passed as a nerd, but Hank knew that the teenager was no bookworm at all. He had subdued his bigger brother several times now and didn't seem to bother that Kyle was a young hunk in his prime, who had undergone a profound training in one of the toughest units the Corps had to offer. The brat was definitely dangerous and his cocky smile told that he was up to no good at all.

Taylor's smug grinning face filled the soldier's blurred vision. Hank was still shuddering on the edge of a climax.

"So, I am told, you are here to beat the shit out of me and the gang, huh?" Taylor continued in a casual way, "that's not a nice thing to do, ya' know?"

"Fuck off boy before you get yourself into serious trouble", he threatened.

"Oh, I guess I am already in serious trouble," Taylor grinned," alone at the mercy of a muscle-packed fighter and - so I heard - the best fucker in town. Man, you want to fuck me right now, isn't it?"

"Bullshit!" Hank retorted angrily while Taylor walked around him.

"Admit it! You want to fuck my tiny little ass raw. You want to plant your big flag pole as deep inside of me as you can and have me writhing under you in agony and lust," Taylor whispered from behind. Hank felt the words getting to him, keeping his cock hard.

"You feel so strong, so powerful Sergeant, isn't it?" Taylor's hands were now resting on Hank's shoulders. "You fuck whom you want, whenever you need it. So proud of your iron dick, huh? Well, so was my big bro - before I topped him. Why do you think a miserable nerd like me can take a hunky Marine apart?"

"I give a damn! Fuck you, asshole! Aaaargh, shit ..." Hank grunted through clenched teeth. The teen had playfully spanked his ass.

Taylor sneered devilishly: "Your problem is, you cannot even imagine that a little punk like me can best you. Kyle was up for a surprise and so are you, babe!"

"Shut up, freak! I'll get ya, I swear I'll beat da shit outta ya!" Hank hollered.

“How rude! Let me help you to calm down, Relax!" Taylor stepped in front of Hank.

He reached out and started twisting the Sergeant's hefty nipples. Ignoring the soldier's furious cursing. The teen was deftly kneading the fleshy knobs in the center of the sculpted pectorals. Already turned on as he was, Hank felt a sudden weakness throughout his body. The horny Marine looked at the teen with a flushed expression. Involuntarily he arched his back.

"Oooohhh ..." a soft moan escaped from his mouth.

Taylor registered satisfied that Hank's tits were turgid by now.

"See, you are a titman, like big bro. You might not know, but Carol told us, that you really like your tits squeezed. She had ya going all night and kept ya hard just by squeezing your tits, while she drained your cock. That's how I'll get you. Feel it already? Can't hold back any longer, huh? Shoot your load baby, blow your fuckin' wad for me, cum on stud, show me what you're made of."

"Fuck! You never make me cum," Hank hollered," ... shit, oh fuck you bastard, uhh ... uhh ..."

First slowly, but then in a more steady rhythm accelerating to a frenzy his hips started to buck again. The old man had primed him well. Streams of sweat were drooling from his flexing shoulders down his tattooed back. He had lost control. That bloody brat was playing him at will. He tried to concentrate, to cool down. There was no way that this punk would make him cum. But as much as he struggled his hips kept on bucking.

"Shit ... shit ... oh ...urrgh", he groaned, fighting desperately the approaching climax.

"Good boy keep it on," Taylor mocked appreciatively.

Then Hank felt his dimpled buttocks spread apart and despite his feeble attempts to keep his asshole closed something wet and soft slipped past his sphincter. Joey pushed his tongue inside the quivering rectum. His face was deeply buried between the cheeks. He inhaled Hank’s manly scent.

“Aaaaahhhh … fuuuuck” the Hank moaned.

“Yes, Carol told us that too. Soldier boy enjoys a rim job.” Taylor taunted.

Hank's groins were warming up again. His nuts were bouncing in desperate spasms inside the swollen sac until they attached themselves against the base of the bobbing pole. Joey chuckled watching the pink wrinkled hole clenching and opening. He couldn't resist and let his index finger slide inside Hank's back entrance.

"I ... I ... huh ... huh ...uhhhhhh!" Taylor watched as the Marine's eyes glazed over. The stimulation of his man-tits and the relentless finger-fuck triggered a handless wad of hunk spunk from the panting muscleman.

“Oh, oh … too early. Where is your stamina? We have a long way to go until you cum.” Taylor deftly squeezed the dickhead and prevented further cumshots.

“Aaargh! Fuck youuuu!” The muscular body jerked helpless. Finally Hank's head slumped.

The Marine was in shock. A bunch of brats had riled him up and prevented him from release. His exhausted body was hanging limp. Droplets of cum were seeping down along his thigh. His dick, however, was still rock-hard. Was the old man right? Did he crave to submit? He was about to become a toy for the teen gang and his boner told, that he liked it.

"OK, I guess you're ready for the next round, buddy", Taylor laughed pointing at the erection.

"Why is it that you Marines always fight in the buff?" Hank heard again Taylor's familiar voice. Slowly he opened his eyes. He tried to pull his hands down. When he met resistance he remembered that his wrists were still secured by the rope dangling from the hayloft.

Taylor stepped close in front of the big Marine. Instinctively Hank's muscled arms strained, but he knew that he had no chance to break the bondage. Taylor stretched his hands until he reached the wrists. So close, he could smell Hank's musky male sweat and he sensed an instant reaction in his own groin. His eyes met Hank's while his nails touched softly the tight arms and started gliding slowly down past the elbows, across the biceps and into the hairy armpits. Both the Marine and the brat were holding the gaze. None of them was blinking.

Hank felt the nails scratching down the sides of his chest until they reached the ticklish spot at the height of the belly button. The fingers rested for a moment, probing for any reaction.

"Sarge, you are always welcome as a friend," Taylor's lips parted and gave way to the rosy tip of his tongue. He licked a drop of sweat from Hank's cheek and started to kiss the soldiers sensuous lips.

“Fuck off!” Hank clenched his jaws and turned his face away.

The teen went down on his knees and kneaded Hank's firm butt.

"Why would you take by force what you can already enjoy for free?' Taylor mocked. His tongue touched very softly the tip of Hank's dick.

"Stop that!" Hank tried to twist his hips away but Taylor held him by his butt with a surprisingly firm grip.

"Relax big boy," Taylor smiled, "I will make you feel really fine, I promise. His tongue licked around the rim of the big mushroom head and removed some stains of hardened cum. A slight trembling of the big body showed Taylor that he was getting somewhere.

"Fuck you, no!" Hank jerked when all of a sudden his cock was swallowed by the teen's mouth. The writhing shaft was bathed in warm saliva while the tongue was vibrating around and up and down the now quickly expanding head. Taylor secured the meaty pillar with one hand at the base and closed his other hand around the dangling nutsac.

"Shit!" Hank's head lolled back, while he indulged the expert treatment he was receiving.

Taylor registered that the Sergeant's package was bigger than his brother Kyle's. When he probed the balls, he was surprised that they were still quite flexible and definitely containing a number of loads of hot Marine cream.

The teen released the now rock-hard penis from his mouth. He squeezed the dickhead slightly between thumb and index finger until the piss slit parted to a round hole. Hank watched fascinated as Taylor's tongue tip probed softly into the opening.

"Uuuhhhh... oh ... nooooo", Hank's hip's tried to move back, but Taylor kept him in place by tightening his grip around the testicles. The skin of the nutsac was now pulled tightly over the swollen balls that had connected again with the base of the twitching shaft.

Hank felt a wave of hot arousal gathering inside of him. His hips started to move back and forth, while his seed was churning in his balls.

Taylor looked up. When he saw Hank watching him glassy-eyed, mouth half agape, he decided to try to French kiss the hunk again. He rose up and this time his tongue invaded the Marine's mouth without resistance. Hank was hot. He was horny like a monkey in heat and responded eagerly to the teen's kiss.

"Mmmpfff ... mmmmm, urrgh ... ghh" both men were grunting. Taylor pulled Hank's head towards himself with one hand while he continued to strike the pulsing dick. He knew it was important to keep the hunk now hard all the time, but without driving him over the edge.

When Hank's body started to buck again, he broke the kiss.

"What's wrong," Hank asked huskily," come on boy, cut me lose. I'm game, I won't do ya' any harm and for the fucking I need my arms."

Taylor was playing again with Hank's now supersensitive nipples. The brawny Marine reacted immediately, thrusting his pecs out while his head lolled back. "Uhhhh, yeah that feels good. Keep me going you fucking brat."

Taylor looked in satisfaction at his captive. Bulging arms tight up, chest and hips thrust out and the rock-hard boner standing at attention oozing pre-cum in a tiny silvery string drooling from the piss slit down to the hay covered floor. The teen punk, who was still fully dressed, moved swiftly behind the sweating Marine. Lubricating his hand with Hank's sweat he grabbed the cock again and continued to jack it with a slow pumping motion.

Remembering Carol’s advice he went again for the nipples. Soon after one finger was circling around the orb of one tit, Hank's head sank back until it rested on Taylor's shoulder. Taylor kissed the soldiers ears and nibbled at the lobes.

"Are you ready to fuck?" he whispered into Hank's ear.

"Fffuckkk .. yeahhh," Hank groaned his eyes half shut.

Taylor went down on his knees again. His nose parted the melon-shaped ass cheeks. The heat from Hank's body was amazing. The teen enjoyed the manly smell, while he dug his face deeper between the muscular buttocks.

"Ohhhh shiiiit!" Hank groaned as a wave of lust washed over him. His body shuddered.

"Mmm ..rrlx ... maaann," Taylor grunted without removing his face from between the buttocks. His left hand closed around the cock base while the circle formed by thumb and index finger of the other hand was moving quickly up and down the dickhead.

When Hank's butt cheeks relaxed, Taylor drove his tongue straight forward and probed the pink hole. Hank's muscles tightened again.

Taylor started to massage the inside of the heavy thighs and soon Hank's knees buckled. The full weight of his body was now supported by the rope to which his wrists were bound. Now as the ass cheeks were hanging relaxed, Taylor bent the boner backwards and started to lick the sensitive underside of the bloated head along the shaft, across the balls, expertly rimming the whole length of the hairy cleft, up and down. Again and again Hank felt the tiny wet tip of the eager tongue poking at virgin sphincter.

He had never allowed anybody to top him, but the sensations felt so good that he did not object to the treatment. Gradually the tight ring of muscles loosened and Taylor knowing that he had to wait for the right moment did not push too eagerly. The wet vibrating piece of flesh probed deep inside the sphincter, but left the gaping ring in frustration when he moved again away for another tour of cock licking and rimming.

"Oh shiiiit ... that feels fucking hot, "Hank almost yelled when he was butterfly kissed inside his ass. His feet left the ground lifting his thighs up to spread his buttocks even more.

Now Taylor allowed his tongue to dig deeply inside the surrendering sphincter.

"Oh yeah ... oh yeah ... don't stop!" Hank howled in lust, trying to impale his ass on Taylor's vibrating tongue.

Hank's body bucked again in heat and Taylor knew that the hunky Marine was now ready to be taken. He wriggled his tongue inflicting another wave of agonizing pleasure on the sweat-soaked trembling bloke. Simultaneously he unbuttoned his baggy pants and pulled his own hard cock free.

"Uhhh .... Uuhh ... uhh," Hank was almost sobbing. If Taylor hadn't delayed the eruption by holding the bobbing dick tight around the base, he surely would already have surrendered another gushing load of his cum. He was so consumed by the mounting climax, that he was not aware that Taylor had stopped tongue fucking his ass and that he was hanging from the ceiling thighs spread leaving his vulnerable, relaxed asshole gaping open.

"Well, let's fuck then!" Taylor laughed in triumph and rammed the whole length of his teenage cock in the unprotected man hole of the Marine.

"Aaaaaauuuuuuw ... nooooooo!" Hank howled in pain and rage when his cherry was busted. His feet tried to get a firm hold on the ground but when he closed his ass he realized it really hurt.

"You bastard, take your fucking dick out of my asssss, "Hank shouted furiously.

"Relax baby, you will get used to it and finally ya'll like it as Kyle likes it," Taylor mocked. He was breathing heavily now as well. His hand was pumping Hank's dick for all he was worth.

Lanson and Joey were hooting.

Hank was swearing, he was howling, cursing and trying to wriggle to buck free but to no avail. Enraged he had to admit that the pain was subsiding and some thrusts he received from behind were almost exciting. Pain turned to lust and soon he responded to the thrusts of the teenage dick that hammered his prostate.

"Don’t stop! Oh yeah shit … you sonofabiitchhhhh ... aaaargh", Hank's body tensed, when his inside was filled for the first time in his life by another man's cum.

"Yeah, I gottcha!" Taylor was now hollering, " ahhh ...uhh ... uhhh... uhhh!"

"Shit, fu-uuurgggh ... fu ... ahhh arrghh arrgh ," Hank's dick gushed his load. But this time it was different. It was not the thick gooey greyish cum anymore, rather than a sequence of 3-feet-long thin glistening strings. When the rush finally subsided Hank's body trembling in the aftermath of his powerful orgasm was hanging limp from the rope. His dick had shrunk to half its size and was clearly bent down over the deflating sac.

Hank was in disbelief. He had been turned on like a cheap whore by a mere teenager. And that punk had topped him with ease. All his power his muscular body had been rendered useless by the skilled youth who had busted his cherry.

"May I take care of the lady now", a sneering voice interrupted Hank's thoughts. Hank shook his head to fight the blurry view. More people had witnessed his deflowering. The punk from the club had joined Lanson and Joey. There was Kyle and there was Blake.

"What? ... You!" he asked meekly.

“Yes me! I guess, we have a score to settle!” The Quarterback was stark naked. He lifted the Marine’s knees high in the air until they rested on his broad shoulders.

"Hey, we are walking to the farmhouse to get a bite," Rafe said to his brother, "ya' can handle `da motherfucker, huh?"

"Sure, no problem! Just take your time," Blake answered, with a vengeance in his voice.

"Remember me, soldier boy?" Blake grinned while striking his dick to hardness.

"Yes I do remember you, shitface", Hank yelled, "the last time we met, you were creamin' in one ol' bugger's mouth and ya' were enjoying it like a cheap whore.

Blake's face turned red with anger. "You arrogant jarhead, I'll have you screaming like a whore in no time. I'll make you my bitch ... just wait ..."

Blake's hands were reaching under Hank's ass, spreading the dimpled buttocks apart. The college athlete's dick was pressing against Hank's butt hole. There was still some of Taylor's cum drooling from the loosened sphincter.

"No, you fuckin' bastard! Back off! I swear I'm gonna kill ya. I'm .... I ..." Hank's sweaty body was jerking wildly, struggling against his bonds.

"Yes, fight it! I like it, when my whores resist," Blake laughed. He kept the Marine's legs tight in place on his shoulders and pulled his waist closer to his own. Hank felt his ass ring part, slowly giving way, but he was not willing to surrender. His powerful arms flexed as he pulled his body up.

"Here we go, motherfucker," he heard Blake's triumphant voice as a searing pain rippled through his body. Hank's hips arched in a final, futile attempt to escape, but it was too late. To Hank's shock and Blake's delight, Blake's hefty dick was slipping almost effortless past the Marine's ass muscle.

"Yeaaaaah!", Blake grunted while ramming his rod up to the hilt inside the helpless soldier.

Taylor's dick had been comfortable small compared to the college quarterback's pole that had now conquered him. Hank couldn't do anything but hang almost immobile, entirely at the mercy of the younger hunk.

"Fffffuuuck ... ohhhhhhh", his head slumped back, when he felt Blake's dick hitting the sensitive spots deep inside of him.

Blake was on top of the world. Finally he had topped the Marine who had humiliated him so many times. He would make the arrogant jackass pay dearly. When he sensed that Hank's resistance was waning he interrupted his thrusting. Without pulling his dick from the soldiers quivering hole he reached up and loosened the knot securing Hank's wrists by the rope. His muscles bulged when he carried the full weight of the Marine.

Holding the limp body in a firm embrace he carried the impaled Marine to a haystack and pushed him down in a missionary position, the muscular legs still on his shoulders.

"Let's get cozy, bitch." he mocked at his moaning victim, who laid motionless, eyes shut. Fixing his hands on the Marine's shoulders, he leaned forward pushing Hank's thighs against his chest lifting the Sergeant's ass obscenely in the air. He knew, in this position he could hump the groaning stud for hours.

"Woooo ...hoooo," Blake cheered and buried his shaft deep inside his fallen nemesis.

Hank's eyes opened wide.

"Aaaaaarghhhhhhhh ..." his screams echoed through the barn as he was fucked for the second time in his life.

"Yeah, bitch scream, I told ya' I'll get ya'!" Blake was hollering. His chiseled body was now as well glistening with sweat.

"Oh yeah, you are tight, uuuhhhh," the horny Quarterback was now getting into it himself as he felt the first signs of contractions around the base of his cock. His eyes closed while he humped the gasping Marine with clenched teeth. His sweat was dripping down on Hank's face, blending with the soldier's own man's sweat and the rest of the melting camouflage. Hank's moans suddenly stopped.

Muscle-packed thighs closed in from both sides of Blake's head, trapping the college hunk in a murderous grip.

"Uuh ..wha .. nnnnoooooo ..shiiitttt!" Blake's eyes opened in blank terror as he realized that he could not get up, while the blood supply to his brain was cut. He tried to push himself up. His dick popped from Hank's bunghole and his hands were desperately clutching the Marine's knees, trying to pull them apart.

Blake's heartbeat was pounding in his burning ears. He didn't hear anything else. Red fiery circles were flushing through his view. He gazed down at Hank's devilish grinning face. The Marine had closed his hands over the college hunk's mouth, preventing him from shouting and calling for help.

"Boy, I am afraid, this time you've pulled it off," Blake heard Hank's sneering voice, while his knees started to buckle. This was not happening. Not again. His mind was racing while his resistance grew weaker.

Hank grabbed the Quarterback's head and before Blake had any chance to yell, his face was pushed into the Marine's groin. Blake's nose was filled with Hank's musky smell and he felt the man's semi-hard cock pressed against his lips.

"Suck it," he heard Hank's command.

"MMMghhhh ... nn- nnooooooo!!!" Blake's weakening body convulsed in desperation.

"Mmmmhhhh ... mmmm", Blake gurgled. He struggled now only for air and had given up the fight to free himself.

Finally his lips parted and closed around the Sergeant's dick.

Rafe didn't want to trust his eyes when he, Joey and Taylor returned and found his brother kneeling between the Marine's thighs, his face buried in Hank's groin. Slurping sounds told him that his brother was indeed sucking the Sergeant's dick.

In a first reflex he wanted to come to Blake's aid, but then ... He had always been the punk, the useless brother, disregarded by his father, who was so proud, so fond of his first-borne son. Blake the college star quarterback, who had all his parents' support, was always so neat and clean. He had chicks whenever he wanted. He had a car. He had bucks and he had never shared any of those with him.

Rafe's eyes rested on his brother's sculpted butt. The chiseled buttocks were flexing. Rafe licked his lips and - as if hypnotized -- parted his brother's quivering ass cheeks exposing the rosy sphincter. Rafe spat a generous load of saliva on his brother's asshole. He watched the gooey fluid drooling down the cleft, while he unbuttoned his pants pulling his cock out.

Blake in his semi-conscious state did barely notice that his hips were lifted. However his muscular body went rigid, when his younger brother impaled him on his teenage cock.

Rafe leaned forward with the full weight of his body on his brother's back. His hands seized Blake's head over the Marine's groin and pulled and pushed it up and down forcing his older brother to intensify the blowjob.

"Shiiiit!!" Hank's head lolled back.

"Suck it, baby!" a dickhead was pushed against his half-opened lips. First he wanted to object, but when he recognized Taylor, he hesitated.

This was the one who had taken him down and fucked his man's seed out of him. His lips parted mechanically and without further thinking he gave in to his body's urge. He was going to be part of a teen orgy. The hell, why not!

"Good boy!" Taylor rewarded the hunky Marine by massaging the sweaty pecs. Knowing that Hank liked it he took the hardened nipples between his thumbs and index fingers and rubbed and twisted the sensitive knobs.

"Mmmmmmm... mmm", Hank's guttural moans proved immediately the effect. His hips started to buck, shoving his dick even further down Blake's throat.

Blake's eyes were closed. His knees were hurting from the pounding he was receiving from behind. He did not realize that Hank was sucking Taylor's cock. His mind was filled by his brother's whispering into his ear.

"Who is now the underdog, huh? Can you feel my punk cock, Quarterback? What will your team mates say when they learn that you have been fucked senseless by your little bro?"

Joey who had watched the scene grinning, went down on his knees. He laughed when he saw Blake's erect dick swinging under his belly in line with the rhythm of Rafe's bucking.

"Your brother likes it, man! Keep on humping!" Joey closed his fist around Blake's throbbing dick and started to jack the college athlete in a milking motion.

It happened all simultaneously. Taylor collapsed on top of the Marine, while his dick gushed a hot and salty load down Hank's throat.

Unable to hold back any longer, his back arched high and Blake's sucking forced the soldier’s almost depleted nuts to release his remaining cum in a few short bursts from his shrinking dick into Blake's eagerly sucking mouth.

"Aaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Hank howled in the grip of his lust. At the same time he felt an overwhelming weakness while his bucking body was getting numb until the spasms finally subsided and the world around him turned black.

Rafe yelled in victorious triumph when he pumped his cum inside his conquered brother. Blake's load splashed useless between the hands of a hooting Joey soaking the dust of the stable floor. The mentally broken and physically exhausted college hunk was sobbing.

"Get outta here and wait at home. I'm not through with you, pussy-boy!" Rafe ordered, obviously enjoying his new dominant role over his older brother. The teens were loudly laughing, while watching Blake crawling along collecting his clothes.

Hank awoke and found Rafe’s ass in his face.

"Not so tough anymore, huh?" Rafe sneered, but Hank did not reply. His eyes were closed and he was instinctively rimming the punk’s ass. In the end Rafe straddled the prone wanking his cock until gushes of hot teenage spunk hit Hank's belly and his deflated man tool.

After Rafe had stepped aside Taylor bent down scooped some of Rafe’s cum and fed it to the dizzy Marine.

"Uuhhh ... wha ...," Hank tried to focus. The brats had worked him over as it had never happened before in his life. How could that have happened? He could not allow himself to go down so miserably. He had to fight, there had to be a way out. Taylor's face filled his view. Taylor the one who had taken him down ...

"Listen Sarge, you will do us a little favour and you may leave. How does that sound, huh?" Taylor asked casually.

"What do you want from me?" Hank asked cautious.

"See, we want to sell our stuff right into your base, because there are many guys who love to get hooked on coke. But there is one guy, who creates problems and we need you to get to him." Taylor explained.

"Who is it, what do you want me to do?" Hank struggled to get up, but Taylor pushed him back, forcing him to look up at the teenager, reclined on his elbows.

"Actually it is a friend of yours, as Kyle told me. You know Captain Benjamin O'Rourke, do you?" Taylor continued.

"Ben?", Hank was indeed a close buddy of the Captain, who was in charge of security at the base. The officer stood 6 ft 2 inch tall. Blonde hair and stocky built. His arms and neck were heavy muscled and he was well-trained in all sorts of martial arts. Nobody dared to mess with him.

"No way! Forget it!" Hank's rebellious spirit was back again.

"What the fuck has Kyle to tell you about Ben anyway?” Hank glowered at Kyle all suspicious by now.

Kyle blushed. There was big trouble ahead for him.

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