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The Mission
Part 1 - Recruitment Woes
By Randy Dragon

The Mission

Part 1 – Recruitment Woes

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate gay sex. If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don't. If you are offended by acts of sexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior discussed in this story. It was written strictly as a form of entertainment and acts described should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what the hell they are doing. Any similarity with existing persons would be accidentally as the whole story is pure mad fantasy.

NOTE: After the final sequel to "Teaching Big Bro A Lesson", many readers demanded the story to go on (thank you!), but I definitely didn't want to go on rather than to write about some other strong but hapless guys, like "Jack in the Box". Well, after a while there were some new ideas materializing and so "The Mission" was borne. If you don't know both stories, this one might be confusing -- but if you did like them, you will meet some good 'ol friends here.

The muscular body collapsed. Knees slipped in a puddle of cum. Guttural grunts mixed with pathetic moans of both pleasure and utter shame. Grinning soldiers dressed in the Red Guard's uniform lifted the hunky body and put the butt-naked semi-conscious man on display for the cameras. After the long transport in the confinement of the wooden container he was reduced to a smelly heap of sweaty muscle. The contorted reddened face looked exhausted and the unsteady eyes were unable to focus on the stunned audience. The strong jaws were unshaved and his greasy hair tousled. Just his dog tags and the USMC tattoo identified him as the strapping Captain of the US Marine Corps he had once been.

He felt weak and dead tired. There was still some of his once proud spirit left; however, this gave no comfort to the Captain. On the contrary: Helpless, locked away far in the back of his drugged and reprogrammed mind, his proud man's ego had to witness his very own humiliation. He was still trying to process, how an older, smaller Asian had bested him in hand-to-hand combat, then drugged and fucked him into a pathetic bitch.

The nefarious drug still dominated his system. His fist was gliding mechanically up and down his swollen dick, now slippery from his own man juice. The grayish slime was drooling between his fingers, while his left hand was cupping his balls. The Korean soldiers were giggling as they watched him trying to stimulate himself by pushing a finger up his ass forcing the meaty butt cheeks apart.

His strong rebellious mind mustered some pitiful attempt of resistance and he stopped fondling himself. But then he found himself mesmerized by a pair of dark, black eyes. Colonel Kim whispered something. Barely audible, nevertheless, the order materialized crystal clear in the captive's strangled mind.

The moaning started again when the man's strong hands milked his mangled cock. His trembling body went rigid. A little pleading moan escaped from his lips. Then his small hips bucked in a frenzy while spurt after spurt of his semen splattered on the floor in front of him. Finally his head lolled back and he sagged back in the arms of his sneering captors …

The picture on the wide plasma screen froze.

"Fuck!" Sergeant Dwight Collins felt his dick twitching. The 25-year-old blonde buzz cut Marine was turned on although he didn't like it. He was openly gay, but he felt embarrassed about getting aroused by the humiliation of a captive comrade soldier.

"It's outrageous! Sergeant, we have to bring this boy home; our asses are on the line as well!!" Major O'Rourke was fuming.

Dwight studied the file the officer had thrown on the conference table. The photo showed the captured hunk as a brawny USMC Special Forces Captain with a cocksure grin, dark blonde crew cut hair. The file said that Captain Jack Durango was 34-year-old, 5.7 feet weighing 170 lbs.

The Captain had been abducted from the US-Base `Camp Tango' in the demilitarized zone separating South Korea from the hostile regime in Pyongyang. The experienced well-trained fighter had somehow been overpowered by a significant smaller Korean opponent whom he had apprehended earlier at Camp Tango for spying on TCUs. The TCUs were a highly-sophisticated computerized target acquisition system, which was said being capable to take down short range and even medium range missiles.

Details were unknown but fact was: A unit of the TCUs was missing and the hapless Captain Durango had been displayed in a most embarrassing way to the international media as a captured American spy.

Since then, almost 7 months had past and the Captain had disappeared. Diplomatic efforts for his release had failed. Now US counter intelligence had managed to find a trace of the missing soldier.

"Our boy his held somewhere in the West of the country. South of Nampo in a fucking village named Suyang-dong in the Nine Moon Mountains area. It is the village where this Korean spy comes from. The bastard has been identified as Kim Nang Po. Kim is now a Colonel in the Research Department for External Intelligence. Here is the motherfucker's photo!" the Major tossed a photo on the table showing a lanky Asian, probably about 46-years-old.

"How did we get this photo?" Dwight raised his brows.

"You don't believe it," the Major snorted in open disgust, "we’ve fuckin’ trained that piece of shit at West Point! The brass calls it "cross-cultural de-escalation". Cross-culture fuck my arse! That's what we get for our generous de-escalation."

"So, now what ...?" Dwight shot a questioning look to his superior.

"Hank is in Iraq and won't be back for at least 10 months," the Major's lips curled in a small devilish grin. "So - given the circumstances -- we will send a man who can handle a bunch of North-Korean fags, because ..."

"What?!" Dwight's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"... because he is a fag himself." The Major finished, now with an undisguised sneer.

"B-but, but ... Sir ... I don't know Korea at all," Dwight sputtered.

"Bullshit Sarge, we will put an advisor at your side," the Major walked around his desk and hugged almost cheerfully the obviously devastated soldier. Both knew each other very well. Dwight had saved O'Rourke 4 years ago, when a gang of drug dealing teenagers had almost managed to overpower the former Captain and seize the drugs confiscated at the base. The young Corporal had made a perfect career always supported by a grateful Captain O'Rourke who had been promoted Major since then.

"Dwight, I need you for that job. We cannot risk sending in a ... hm ... straight squad. You know our guys. All fine soldiers and tough fighters, but if they see a chick and smell cunt they get controlled by their dicks. We know that the North-Koreans have specialized agents who are trained to seduce Westerners and who are only waiting for a squad of horny Marines. You decide who will be on your team, take your time, I'll back you up and I'll get you someone who knows North-Korea as intimate as I know my wife's pussy." The Major laughed.

“Yes Sir, your wife’s pussy,” the Sergeant groaned. ” North-Korea! I am so fuckin’ fucked!”

Corporal Thomas Dorset knew immediately that something had fucked up his Sergeant's day when Dwight entered his office fuming.

"Get me Master Sarge O'Dowerty," the secretary was barked at.

"Yes Sir, Master Sergeant Hank O'Dowerty, Sir," Tommy rushed to his phone.

Static noise garbled the satellite phone connection, but Dwight recognized immediately Hank's drawling voice. Hank O'Dowerty was on a special mission in Northern Iraq, hunting insurgents. Since the incident with Taylor Henderson, the gang leader of the teens who had assaulted the base, Dwight and Hank had become close friends.

"You have to help me, mate," Dwight was pleading. "Whom should I choose for that suicide mission?"

"Can't you wait `til I am back," Hank asked. The Master Sergeant stood bare-chested in his tent. Outside was a temperature of 117 F. Sweat was covering his muscle packed torso, while he downed an ice-cold can of Budweiser.

"No chance," Dwight replied," Ben wants me to go by next month already. I am screwed, man."

"Shit!" Hank tossed the empty can. "If I would be there, I'd try the Rowley brothers..."

"Are you kiddin' ?" Dwight jumped from his chair, almost dropping the phone.

Brock and Wade Rowley were an infamous legend at the base. The brothers were known as ferocious fighters. They had, however, never bothered about army discipline. Many times they had been involved in bar room brawls and beaten up MPs who had been trying to arrest the rampant bullies. Both were feared for their brutal sex and many men had been fucked raw during their orgies. The Rowleys fucked everything that couldn't fly away or climb on trees. When a General visited the base, they tag-teamed the General's wife and deflowered his daughter right in the back of a tank that was parading in front of the General.

However, they hadn't expected that the General would want to inspect the tank and their time had come. They were dishonorable discharged from the corps. Brock -- as far as Dwight knew -- had found a job on with a construction company and Wade had spent a number of years behind county bars for assaulting a Sheriff.

"I know, but Wade and I get along quite nicely," Hank replied, "I might be able to talk some sense into this stupid shit-head. If Wade agrees, Brock will follow. The dumb oaf always does what his older brother tells him to do."

"I can give it a try," Dwight sighed.

"No you don't!" Hank warned. "Don't mess with these fuckers. Wait for me ..."

The line went dead.

"Fuck!" Hank cursed and smashed the phone in the sand. He turned around and glowered at the curly haired Arab who sat handcuffed on a chair. The stocky built insurgent gave him a defiant look.

"Fuck you!" he spat the words with a heavy Middle-Eastern accent.

Hank gave him a devilish grin, unbuttoned his fly and pulled his cock out. The impressive man tool was already semi-erect and it took the 200 lbs muscle hunk just a few strokes to yank it at full attention.

Sudden panic showed in the eyes of the Arab.

"You were saying ...?" Hank growled, forcing the Arab's head back.

"Mmpfff ..." was all the captive could reply when 11 inches of hefty Marine meat were shoved down his throat.

"Fuck!" on the other side of the globe Dwight cursed, banging the receiver down. There was a soft knock at the door.

"What?" the Sergeant shouted.

The door opened and a lanky, sinewy Asian man entered. He was in his early twenties, but Dwight was not so sure. He had trouble to guess the age of Asians anyway. The man was wearing a dark suit, white shirt and a dark blue tie. He bowed politely.

"Good afternoon Sir, my name is Choi Lee Kwan, I am your inter-cultural advisor", he said with a low voice, " Major O'Rourke sends me to assist."

"Fuck ...", Dwight muttered.

"Sir..?" Lee Kwan asked.

"Uhm ... good afternoon Mr. Choi, please have a seat," Dwight said.

"Please call me Lee, Sir, "the Asian replied friendly.

"Uh ... Dwight ... the name is Dwight," the Sergeant spluttered.

"Well, certainly Sergeant Dwight ...," Lee started but was interrupted.

"Dwight ... just Dwight is fine," the Marine said.

"Yes, certainly, Sir ..." he stopped when he recognized a painful expression in the American's face.

"Uhm, Dwight it is nice to meet you," Lee smiled. "I am from Korea, but I have been living in the USA since 15 years. Major O'Rourke told me you are traveling to Korea very soon?"

"Uh ... yes but, you know, Lee, this is a bad moment, I have a lot of things to arrange. Can we meet, let's say tomorrow at 07:00 hours sharp?" Dwight asked.

"Certainly S.., Dwight, but the Major said ..." Lee was trying to say.

"Thank you, for your understanding", Dwight said and opened the door.

Lee looked as if he wanted to object. His dark eyes were suddenly piercing into the Sergeant's blue eyes. Dwight narrowed his brows. There was something about this guy. He wondered what his instincts wanted to tell him, when Lee had got up.

"See you tomorrow at 7 o'clock then," he smiled winningly, bowed again and left.

"Uuuphhh.." Dwight snorted. He hit a button at his phone.

"Tommy?" he asked.

"Yes Sir?" he heard the voice of his secretary.

"Get me Chuck and Mike but fast!" Dwight ordered.

"Yes Sir, Lance Corporal Riley and Private Johnson asap," Tommy replied.

Chuck Riley was 6.2 ft tall and weighed 205 lbs. Vigorous gym training had equipped the 26-year-old Lance Corporal with a gladiator's body. He was the undisputed Wrestling Champion of the base. Like many recon Marines he had his blond hair cut to a stubble at the back and sides and tapered very closely on top with a runway in the middle going all the way to the back like a horseshoe resembling a Mohawk.

The cocky muscle boy fucked a few chicks in town as part of his work-out routine, as he called it, but what he was really into were the mid-night wrestling bouts, were the loser got fucked until the winner shot his load. Chuck had quite a reputation for his sexual stamina. Being a total top he could fuck a guy for hours, without busting his nut.

Private Mike Johnson, 22 years old, 187 lbs. stood 5.8 ft tall. His ash blond hair was crew cut. Mike was sinewy built, but compared to the huge wrestler he looked almost lanky. Dwight knew better. Mike was a specialist in Martial Arts and even the hunky Chuck respected him. Besides, both Marines knew each other since high-school already and were buddies since a long time.

Chuck and Mike were both shocked and furious when Dwight briefed them about Captain Jack Durango's abduction and ordeal.

"So you are in then?" Dwight asked.

"Yep!" the two Marines replied unisonous.

"Time to kick some gook ass, but good!" Chuck added with a dangerous voice.

"Before we can do that, some training is required and we need to recruit some more crew members," Dwight told them. "Meet me tonight at 22:00 hours at the gate and no uniforms ..."

When he told them what he had planned they looked at each other, but then shrugged and nodded.

Dwight waited in his SUV in front of the gate. The engine was running. He was wearing a black biker jacket, a skin tight white T-Shirt, Jeans and heavy work boots.

Soon Chuck and Mike appeared and hopped in the back of the car. Both were clad in black tank tops, black baggy gym trousers and sneakers.

"I've been told that Wade Rowley is off to L.A.. Usually Brock will then be out for hustling. Making a few bucks fuckin' some rich, pot-belly business men," Dwight explained while he drove off.

"We wait until he is finished with his customer and take him down." He pointed to the back of the car to a gym bag.

Mike opened it and found pepper spray, hand cuffs and baseball clubs.

"Wow!" He hooted, "that's some nice stuff for `da cavalry," he grinned and took the pepper spray.

Chuck grunted an approval and grabbed a baseball club. "That Brock needs to be taught a lesson anyway. When I am through with that fucker he'll crawl up to `da base all `da way!"

The brawny wrestler had a score to settle with Brock Rowley, because Brock had deflowered Chuck's sister and dumped her on the same night. Now was the time to pay back.

The car's stereo was playing Hard Rock music while the SUV approached the city. Despite the risky task ahead the three men were joking. The air in the vehicle was soon filled with musky male perspiration mixed with the scent of the leather seats on which they were lolling.

Finally the three Marines arrived in downtown. They headed straight to the
"Pink Cock", a gay bar, where the Rowley brothers were usually hanging out.

"Bingo!" Dwight said and pointed to the bar at a muscle-packed giant of a man, about 30 years old, 6.4 feet tall. Brock Rowley was wearing a pair of faded work-jeans with ripped holes at the knee caps and a red and black checkered work shirt with cut-off sleeves. The shirt was open half-way down to his waist, exposing a thick mat of dark curly hair that covered the barrel chest. Huge tattoos covered both arms from the shoulders, along the chiseled biceps down to the wrists. The wavy dark brown hair was tamed by a red and white bandanna.

Brock was having a beer with a chubby man, approximately in his early 40ies, with thin strawberry blond hair, wearing a business suit and a tie. Darren Orchard, a sales agent from Ohio was a well-off family man. He had a lovely wife who had born him two lovely daughters. Yet Darren was looking for a kind of fulfillment his family could not offer. Since high-school he had felt attracted to men. He was in particular into beefy athletes like the members of a football team or a wrestling squad. Unfortunately, being a pot-bellied bookworm, these dream men were clearly out of his reach. Even during his college time he never got more excitement but to offer a few blow jobs.

This had changed since he was in a position to buy him some hunky lovers. In the end brain was mightier than brawn and Darren had learned quickly that a few bucks could win him the attention he had been longing for. Whenever he was on a business trip he visited a raunchy gay bar and picked up his beefy prey.

This evening he had been sitting at the counter nervously cleaning his glasses, when a huge guy addressed him. Brock, as the construction worker had introduced himself, was keen to make some quick bucks. He had guessed why Darren was visiting a place into which he definitely did not belong. The snug salesman was excited that the impressive hunk had offered to suck Orchard off for a hundred bucks. Darren couldn't believe his luck to find such a gorgeous piece of man-meat willing to give him head so easily.

"Look at this pathetic weakling," Chuck mocked pointing with his head towards the flabby businessman," he is a borne loser. I can't fuckin' believe that a man like Brock does even talk to this nerd." The Marines were sipping their beer and waited for an opportunity to strike.

"Sergeant Dwight, what a pleasure." A familiar voice greeted Dwight from behind. Turning around the startled Marine recognized the Korean who had visited him in the morning.

"Who is that gook," Chuck muttered loud enough for Lee to understand.

"This is, uhm … well, our inter-cultural advisor, Mr. Chow ..." Dwight spluttered.

"Choi Lee Kwan," Lee corrected with a polite smile," but Lee is fine."

Lee looked definitely different then in the morning. He was wearing jeans, sneakers and a skin tight Marine-blue T-shirt revealing his sinewy torso contradicting the nerdy impression he had made during his visit at Dwight's office.

"Uhm ... Lee, these guys are Chuck and Mike," Dwight introduced his buddies to the Korean who took his sun-glasses off.

"Pleased to meet you," Lee nodded.

"You like a drink?" Mike asked.

"Bourbon would be nice," Lee replied.

"I ... I didn't expect you in a gay b ... uhm in a place like that," Dwight was still trying to catch his balance.

"Well off-duty, we can enjoy our life, isn't it," Lee grinned casually putting his arm around Dwight's waist.

"Y-yeah sure," Dwight looked at Lee openly confused. Chuck and Mike were grinning. Dwight didn't know what to do. They were here to take on Brock Rowley and now he was hit on by an Asian, whom he didn't even know for a day.

"Uhm ... excuse me, I've to take a leak," the Sergeant wriggled from Lee's embrace and turned towards the toilets.

Chuck and Mike were snickering. Dwight was usually not shy and to see him in a predicament was a rare moment.

"You know, there is a dark room over there as well, if you want some privacy ..." Mike told Lee with a vicious grin.

"Thank you, that's good advise," Lee put his dark glasses on, grinned at the two Marines and walked across the bar room.

"Well -- I guess, that leaves the two of us to have a date with Brock," Chuck grinned.

"You have a problem with that?" Mike asked.

"Me?!" Chuck raised his eye-brows, "Are you joking? I could handle that fucker on my own."

"Big mouth," Mike laughed.

When Dwight left the toilet he heard a low whistle from the dark room, despite the loud music. Surprised he recognized Lee leaning against the wall, apparently waiting for him.

"Lee?! What ...?" Dwight asked. With amazing power Lee seized the Sergeant by the shoulders, pulled him around and pushed him against the wall.

"W-what ...?" Dwight stammered.

"Being an American you are quite bashful, Mr. Dwight," Lee said and stripped the biker jacket from Dwight's shoulders. Quickly he unbuttoned the Marine's jeans and sled his hands under the T-Shirt. Dwight was pulled into a kiss and while his jeans traveled down to his ankles he felt two hands squeezing deftly his bare buttocks. That did it.

"Being an Asian you are quite straight-forward, Mr. Lee." Dwight pulled the Asian into a firm embrace and soon the two men were sinking down on one of the black leather couches increasingly unaware about what was going on around them.

Lee was sitting straddled on Dwight's groin. Pulling the T-Shirt over his head he moved his hips seductively back and forth. Dwight's cock expanded rapidly when the fabric of Lee's jeans was rubbing alongside the impressive shaft. In the dim light Dwight recognized a dragon tattoo on Lee's right pecs and a sun tattoo circling his belly button.

Lee smiled down on the beefy Sergeant. His hands covered for an instant Dwight's firm pectorals. The soldier's man tits responded promptly when the Asian rubbed the fleshy knobs between his thumbs and index fingers. Lee bent down on Dwight and started to lick the Marine's throat.

"Ohh ... yeah ... that feels good ...", a soft moan escaped from Dwight's mouth. His eyes were halfway shut and his hands were caressing Lee's back and shoulders.

"You like it?" Lee whispered into Dwight's ear.

"Yes ... I like it," Dwight's back arched with pleasure when Lee was nibbling at his earlobes. All the while Lee's hips were rubbing and undulating across Dwight's groin keeping him hard and turning him on.

"Mmmhhhh ...” Lee's tongue slipped snake-like inside his mouth and played with his own tongue. Both men were heavily breathing by now.

Entranced by Lee's stimulations, Dwight had completely forgotten about Chuck and Mike and why they had come to this place. Realizing that Lee was still half clothed he decided, he had to become more active. Otherwise he wouldn't last very long under the Asian's expert stimulations. However, as if he had anticipated what the American intended to do, Lee broke the kiss and kneeled above the Sergeant's head. The Korean bent down and kissed Dwight's face. The touch of the lips was soft and warm and when Lee teased Dwight's lips with his tongue, the Marine threw his arms up and pulled the Asian down into a passionate kiss. While his tongue was massaging Dwight's, Lee unzipped his jeans and produced his hardened 7 " cut dick. He wriggled from Dwight's embrace and fed his boner brazenly to the Marine who parted his lips in surprise.

Lee made sure that the American was in sucking position nicely secured between his thighs and let his body fall heavily on Dwight's torso into a sixty-nine position.

Dwight's 8,5" cut dick was quite hefty. His lovers often had trouble taking the meaty shaft all the way down the throat when giving head. But Dwight was up for a surprise. The Asian swallowed his man tool without any hesitation. He even managed with an amazing technique to take one of Dwight's nuts inside his mouth too.

A tingling sensation was spreading through the Marine's body spreading from his balls into his groin and then heating up his entire hunky frame. There was a finger poking at his puckered hole and before he even knew it, he had willingly dropped all defenses and relaxed his sphincter eager to receive his anal massage.

Lee's body seemed to be glued onto the Marine stud. Both men were grunting, slurping and sweating. Several times Lee was almost thrown off, when Dwight tried to rear up and to get in top position. But with a firm grip around the aching balls and his finger deep-probing the hot ass channel he managed to quell any of Dwight's attempts of rebellion.

Dwight's hands were feeling their way towards Lee's ass crack, but before he could part the firm butt cheeks and retaliate, the Asian started to hump his face and to fuck his mouth in earnest. All that Dwight could do was to relax his throat and lubricate the hammering dick.

Lee sensed quickly that he had a price to pay for his boldness. His abs went into shuddering spasms and he knew he was close. Regretfully he released the juicy Marine pole.

Dwight sensed that his throbbing dick was released from the sucking embrace and wondered what the Korean was up to do now. A moment later his whole body was zapped by a pleasure surge. Lee had stretched the cock shaft deftly making the saliva covered mushroom head ballooning hard and crimson red. The Korean held the stud's twitching shaft firmly at the base and squeezed it down into the churning nuts. Pre-cum was oozing.

"Nnnnngh ... urggh," Dwight's mouth closed in desperation around Lee's pulsating dick.

Lee felt his climax irreversibly triggered. His face contorted in ecstasy and then he pointed his lips and put a very soft, velvet-like kiss on the swollen helmet licking the glistening drop from the gaping piss slit. That did it.

"Urggh! Ahhh!" both men were writhing and hollering. Lee's face was suddenly covered by Dwight's jets of man juice and the Sergeant's mouth and throat were flooded with Lee's hot cum.

Lee moved around and looked at Dwight. Cum was sipping from the corners of the Marine stud's mouth and cum was slowly drooling down Lee's cheek and dripping from his chin. Both men started laughing. They embraced each other and lay huddled exchanging passionate kisses.

Outside in the bar room Darren Orchard had accepted Brock's deal without hesitation, and gladly followed the hunky young man for "some privacy" as Brock had explained.

The two Marines at the bar watched as the two men left.

"Fuck! Dwight won't be here in time!" Mike cursed.

"Let's go, mate. We can handle that fucker." Chuck grabbed his friend's arm and pulled him up. They left the bar and watched as Brock squeezed himself into the convertible which Darren had rented at the airport.

Mike drove the SUV observing a cautious distance from the rental car. A few blocks away from the "Pink Cock" the car stopped in front of an abandoned brownstone warehouse.

The Marines parked the SUV in a side alley. Chuck nodded to his friend.

"Let's move!" he said. Mike pointed to the next street to the right and Chuck and Mike sprinted across. In moments they had disappeared in the darkness.

Chuck and Mike had hardly reached the back of the warehouse when they heard soft moans coming from the inside of the dark building. Chuck pointed to the fire escape and motioned his buddy to enter the building through the first floor. Bending his knees he closed his hands and lifted the Private up to the lowest step of the ladder. With well-trained agile moves Mike was up on the balcony and entered through an open window.

Chuck went to a sliding door at the opposite side of the building. He found it locked by a heavy chain that was wrapped through the door handles. Without a moment of hesitation the burly Lance Corporal grabbed the chain and pulled. The muscles of his biceps and across his broad shoulders were bulging and moments later he felt the chain coming apart. Chuck grinned while he pushed his huge frame through the door inside the darkness of the building. The moans were now much clearer and a slapping sound was audible as well. Chuck was quite sure to find Brock at work. Carefully he moved on.

With cat-like moves Mike was gliding along the dark corridor. He had removed his shoes to avoid any noise that could have alerted Brock Rowley. The moaning and slapping grew louder now while the Private approached an open window that was looking down into a narrow yard from where the noises emanated. Cautious, Mike was peeping down to see what was going on.

The chubby man was lying face-down on an old filthy mattress. His office trousers were down at his ankles. Despite the huge hand that was covering his mouth, he was gurgling and moaning. Brock Rowley was holding the man down on the mattress with an iron grip.

"You like that, huh?" The giant grunted while his huge 12 inch cut monster boner was pumping the wincing man's ass.

Brock had changed their deal dramatically. Orchard lost his wallet, his golden watch, and his hand phone. Then the married father of two daughters was fucked silly, unceremoniously on a filthy mattress of a ramshackle downtown warehouse. His initial howls and protests were silenced by Brock's huge hand that covered his mouth. Soon, he had given up all resistance and only hoped to get out of this ordeal alive. Then, however, something very strange was happening. As if his overstretched sphincter was accommodating to the invasion, Darren felt the pain subsiding and gradually being replaced by erotic arousal.

Brock felt another climax approaching. He was ready to shoot his cum up into the quivering ass for a second time this evening. He was humping the chubby man steadily. His breath did not even accelerate when he reached again, the point of no return. Orchard only felt the hand, forcing him down, pressing slightly rougher and then his ass was flooded again with a huge load of hunk cum. Again, Brock did not stop and continued to buck, forth and back.

Darren was grunting and groaning in sexual ecstasy by now. Being dominated by the stronger and younger man gave him a kick he had never expected to experience.

"Yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder man," Darren was cheering his brawny stallion without any inhibition. Although he was the one, being screwed he imagined that he was in control and that he had taken that prime male for a ride.

"I knew, you like that, bitch!" Brock sneered down into Darren's crimson face and accelerated his pounding.

Mike couldn't but admire the awesome stamina put on display by the muscle-packed hunk below him. Eager to see more he bent down and stuck his head out of the window. Now he had a clear view into the yard. He watched Chuck entering. The Marine scurried along the wall and went down on his knees behind a garbage container right below Mike's window. Mike grinned as his buddy was obviously enjoying the show put up by Brock Rowley and his moaning "client".

The Private's hand traveled down to his crotch and adjusted his hardening dick.

A moment later, his wrist was seized and his arm was pulled firmly through his legs, making him stumble forwards. His throat hit painfully the window frame and before he was able to react, the sash window came down from above trapping his neck. His arm was pulled up, lifting first his hips, and then his legs clearly off the ground.

His air supply was cut off by the sash, and without leverage he had no chance to escape. His legs were struggling in midair, while he was fighting for air.

"Rrrghhh ..." a hardly audible croak came from his throat as he tried to attract Chuck's attention. When his hand was released he tried pushing the sash up in order to escape from the murderous trap that threatened to crush his windpipe. However his unknown attacker increased the pressure by pushing the sash window further down. Mike decided quickly that it was wise to remain passive and to wait for a chance to fight back. His hands rested loosely on the lower window frame just trying to ease the painful pressure on his neck.

A hand grabbed his waistband and yanked his pants down. His flaccid 9 inch cock was dangling between his thighs unencumbered by any underwear. Mike heard a spitting sound and a moment later his buttocks were spread when a hand entered the warm cleft separating the firm melon-shaped orbs. A finger slippery from saliva entered him and found unerringly his prostrate. His legs went rigid. Mike couldn't believe what was happening to him. He was expertly finger-fucked and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Rrrghh ... rrgh..." he croaked miserably while his resistance faltered. When his hips started to buck in rhythm with the probing finger, his attacker uttered a soft snickering. By now the Private's dick stimulated both by the lack of oxygen and the anal massage stood at attention. Helpless Mike had to witness as he was loosened up like a cheap whore.

Finally the unknown attacker decided he had prepared the sphincter sufficiently. The wriggling finger moved out and was instantly replaced by a huge invasion of massive meat. Mike wanted to yell feeling being torn apart, but all he could produce was a pathetic groan.

The raw conquest by the hefty man-tool crippled his resistance. His knees buckled, but he was immediately held in place by a firm grip around his churning balls.

The hefty invader started to move in and out. Soon the renewed stimulation of his prostrate became overwhelming. In addition Mike was caught and mesmerized by the scene down in the yard. When a hand closed around his throbbing dick and started to pump him all the remaining will to fight was taken out of him and he surrendered his body to his attacker.

Chuck crouched behind the big garbage container and watched Brock fucking the shit out of the moaning businessman. If he only had turned around and looked up he would have looked right into Mike's glassy eyes in a scarlet face staring down at him, but he did not.

The hunched Marine was fascinated by the hunky ex-Marine ramming his man meat relentlessly in between the quivering white ass cheeks of the deliriously howling man. The sight triggered a tingling reaction in his crotch.

"Aargh, man I like it! Hammer your gorgeous fuck meat into my man pussy," Darren yelled, "faster, harder give it to me ... oh yes uuhhhh yes, that feels sooooo good."

High pitched screams of lust echoed through the yard, when Darren totally lost control.

Every thrust by Brock was now met with an equal thrust from Darren's white ass.

When Brock started gyrating his hips Darren retaliated by wriggling his butt like a cat in heat.

Above the scene, Private Mike Bartlet had his guts fucked out as never before in his life.

His hard body was glistening with sweat. Mike's naked feet were slipping on his own cum. The snickering attacker had pumped his hot juice from his balls until they were dangling empty in his deflated nut sac. Mike felt exhausted and dizzy. Breathing stertorous he was gliding into unconsciousness. The last thing he registered were the hips of his attacker relentlessly slapping against his sweaty ass-cheeks. When his bowels were flooded with the seed of his conqueror he was already passed out.

Down in the yard Chuck was throwing a raging boner. Instinctively his hands started rubbing his broad chest. He felt his nipples hardening through the fabric of his tank top. His fingers twitched the erected knobs of flesh protruding from his well-developed pectorals.

"Mike, damn, where the heck are you?" Chuck thought, while his tongue was licking his lips. The man on the mattress was writhing and wincing in utmost sexual agony. The Marine doubted the weak nerd would last long under the mountainous body mass of the bearish man.

Hell - he could take out Brock on his own. Horny men are good lovers, but bad fighters, he thought. The hot fuck session had certainly reduced the strength of the powerful hustler. He could be taken.

The hunky young Marine cleared his throat, rose and hit the container with his baseball club. Brock turned around to see where the noise was coming from; however, he did not bother to stop his fucking.

"You had enough fun, don't you think? Let the loser go!" Chuck said letting the club fall several times into the palm of his big hand. Brock understood the message and pulled his dick from the violated ass-hole. Chuck could see a heavy Prince Albert piercing the hunk's mushroom head. Orchard collapsed in a heap with a sigh of disappointment. He turned around to see who was interrupting his pleasure session. His eyes widened when he got sight of the muscular young man with his baseball club.

Brock, seemingly unimpressed by Chuck's physique, rose from his knees and pulled his jeans up. He pushed his slippery cum-covered cock inside and buttoned the fly. All the time he looked at Chuck with an almost friendly smile.

"Are you talking to me, boy?" he peeled his shirt off and faced his opponent bare-chested, displaying the powerful developed chiseled muscles. Brock's brown nipples were pierced and huge black and blue colored tattoos were covering his hairy chest.

Now, there was no turning back.

"Last time you fucked my sister. This time it will be you who gets fucked!" Chuck stripped from his tank top and moved slowly closer towards the sneering hunk, keeping the raised club in front of him. Darren gasped at the young man's defined washboard abs and his V-shaped torso, who was opposing his stud. Chuck was quite a sight to behold. His sculpted pecs were heavily pumped and his tanned skin somehow dark reddened by the arousal the fuck scene had provided to him. Darren suddenly fantasized how he would suck this dream man off.

"Do I know you? I don't remember your sister, but if I fucked her, I will gladly fuck her brother too," Brock's, grin widened. Chuck's mind snapped.

"Fuckin' bastard! I kill you for that!" Chuck howled in red-hot fury and charged at Brock.

It happened in an instant. Someone from behind seized his waist and pulled his gym pants down to his ankles. Brock laughed, seeing the startled Marine without any underwear in all his glory. Stumbling on his pants with his baseball club, his long rock-hard dick and the flexing bubble butt, Chuck looked embarrassingly ridiculous.

"Ah I see, you wanna join in, baby!" Brock scoffed at Chuck's obvious arousal.

Before the surprised Lance Corporal could turn around and see who had attacked him, he received a violent blow in his back.

"Wha .." he yelled in shock when he was propelled head-on towards the laughing hunk. The Marine's feet were still trapped in his trousers and while he was helplessly staggering, Brock easily wrestled the club from his hands. Chuck was still wondering whether to pull his pants up, to defend himself or to find out who had pushed him, when Brock hit him with the club straight onto his forehead.

"Oh ..," Chuck's knees seemed to turn to jelly. His eyeballs rolled up in their sockets.

Brock moved the tip of the club under the stunned Marine's chin and pushed his head up. Chuck's muscular body was swaying back and forth. The glassy look of his eyes told Brock that this guy was his by now.

"Did your sister like this?" He let go of the club, seized the defenseless hunk by his head and pulled him into a forced kiss. Chuck's eyes opened wide. His anger defeated his dizziness. Furiously he tried to push Brock away from him, however, the big ex-Marine caught his wrists and forced his arms on his back. The stunning blow to his head had sapped a lot of his power and all Chuck could do was to bend backwards, trying to avoid the kiss from the man who had deflowered his sister.

"Nnnoooo ..." he grunted reluctantly. Brock bound for sexual conquest took the younger man in a firm embrace. He pushed his crotch against Chuck's dick. The Lance Corporal struggled, but could not break free. Brock started to hump against Chuck's groin. The coarse fabric of his working jeans was rubbing across the quickly responding mushroom head and the more the naked stud squirmed to escape from Brock's embrace, the stronger the rub increased. Chuck felt Brock's nipple piercings scratching on his own man tits making his body tingle. Finger nails roamed down his back and scratched his exposed buttocks. His cock reacted now strongly to the stimulation and all the while his tongue was wrestling with Brock's.

Chuck's bonerized man-meat was pressing against Brock's crotch. He interrupted his assault on Chuck's mouth and grinned at the young Marine. Chuck gasped for air. His mouth was still filled with the taste of the bearish hulk.

"Gotcha!" Brock trapped Chuck's dick between his thighs and started to hump back and forth.

"Uh..", Chuck groaned and Brock's tongue forced again its way past the opening lips and continued to conquer his mouth.

"Mmmphh ...nghhphhh", Chuck's muffled protest was stifled by Brock who pressed his mouth hard over Chuck's. Brock's right hand traveled down Chuck's broad back. Nails were teasing his spine. The overpowered helpless Marine took a number of clapping blows spanking his exposed ass. In reflex Chuck thrust his hips forwards sliding his rock-hard dick between Brock's thighs. Chuck sensed a gnawing sensation in his loins. He couldn't believe it. Despite his situation he was turned on. The musky odor of his own sweat that started pouring from all over his body filled his nose. The will to fight back was replaced by a steadily increasing desire to submit to Brock's domination.

When he responded to the kiss, Brock knew he had his opponent ready to be taken. The young Marine would entertain him through the night.

"Mmmmmm ...", Chuck's muffled groaning increased. The meaty nipples in the center of his heaving pecs were standing stone hard at attention. His dog tags were clad to his sweaty chest. Brock broke the kiss but kept his face close to Chuck's.

"Good boy, now show me what sister's big bro has got," Brock belched into Chuck's face. His callous hand caught the throbbing erection and started to twist, knead and pump the twitching man-tool. Soon the younger man was oozing pre-cum. Brock used the goo expertly to keep the meaty shaft slippery. He squeezed and rubbed the swollen dick head, sending Chuck into a state of tantalizing agony. His brawny arms rose and reached for Brock's muscle-packed shoulders.

Chuck couldn't believe what was happening to him. He was used to last for hours and here he got turned on in no time by a man whom he was to take down, but who had turned the tables on him.

His hips were bucking driving his cock in and out of Brock's palm. The big, hairy stud sucked the air from Chuck's lungs and twisted and mangled the moaning Marine's pulsing cock.

"Almost there muscle boy, huh?" Brock sneered.

"Oh no.." Chuck groaned, but his body had already a will of his own. Brock's triumphant eyes filled his view.

"Big bro is a lil' whore like his sister, huh? Cum for me boy, shoot your load, for daddy," Brock teased.

"Shiiiiit! Ahhh ...ohhhhh Fuckkk! ..uuunghh" A final helpless squeak and the wrestling champ creamed his load into the milking hand of his conqueror, like an inexperienced pubescent boy without stamina and unable to hold back.

"Huh ... huh," Chuck was gasping heavily. His body was shuddering from an explosive climax, when he realized that his ordeal was far from over.

Brock released the dripping cock and bent down seizing the pants hobbling the ankles of the defenseless Marine. With a powerful move he jerked Chuck's feet from the ground, tossing the 205lbs body high in midair. The momentum of the hurling was so strong that the trousers were shredded over the ankles ripping the sneakers off Chuck's naked feet.

"Uuurghh ...shit!" Chuck's shoulders hit the floor hard. The back of his head followed with an audible thud and finally his bubble butt was flattened on the concrete. Dizzy he was shaking his head trying to get rid of the cob webs that clouded his vision. He knew he was in trouble. Never before in his life had he been manhandled like this.

"Outch that must have hurt, shall we call your sister?" Brock sneered.

He towered over the dazed Marine who struggled awkwardly to get up on his fours. He met Darren's leering look. The businessman had watched in awe how quickly the muscular young hunk had been subdued by the sneering giant.

Darren was wondering whether Brock would now take advantage of the situation and have his way with the hapless younger man. Perhaps even he would get a chance to enjoy this dream body.

"You want him, huh?" Brock could read in Darren's eyes.

"Wh-what...? Darren blushed.

"Well -- if you want him you have to teach him to respect you." Brock sounded seriously by now.

"Let me help you, Baby!" Brock discarded the shredded pants. He straddled the kneeling Marine and forced him up holding him in a full nelson. Chuck's chest was pushed forwards. His arms dangled fecklessly, stretched across Brock's muscle-packed biceps. His dick was still semi-erect and glistening from his man-juice that Brock had milked from him so expertly.

"He is just a bit weak, but there is still a lot of fight in him." Brock lectured. Unimpressed by Chuck's miserable retching and coughing Brock pulled him up, shaking him violently until the hunky body was swaying like a rag doll.

"Fuck you!" Chuck struggled in Brock's grip while his body was tossed right and left.

"Damn you sonofabitch ..." He tried to kick. He tried to wriggle free, but in the end he stopped realizing that he was just exhausting himself to no avail.

Brock pushed and paraded the naked cursing Marine to Darren who was still sitting on the mattress his chubby body resting on the palms of his hands. Brock forced the dizzy stud to kneel between Darren's spread legs. Chuck's cock was almost touching Darren's thigh. The chubby man got transfixed by the impressive man tool. He was wondering how it would taste. His tongue licked his lips in anticipation.

Darren's desires were like an open book to Brock who had developed a devilish plan to humiliate his captive. He could have bent the cocky Marine over and fucked the shit out of him right away, but he decided to have some fun first. He would humiliate the stud's macho ego by letting the chubby nerd topping the top.

"If you really want to take a man like this, you need to show him that you are in charge," Brock lectured.

Darren took this as an invitation and closed his hand around Chuck's cock. He was about to get down and bend in front of the Marine when Chuck brought one knee up and kicked his hand away.

"No way! You're not going to have my dick!" Chuck shouted angrily. Being fondled and sucked of by the flabby 40 years-old was unthinkable.

"Aaaah! Shit!" Chuck yelled in pain when Brock strengthened his grip pushing Chuck's chin down to his chest while lifting him up until his feet did barely touch the ground. Brock's knee pushed Chuck's thighs apart and when Chuck continued to struggle he received a painful kick right up in his balls.

"Aawww, you fuckin' sonofabitch!" Chuck howled in pain, but soon his struggling subsided.

"That's a good boy," Brock whispered into his ear.

"Now that was bad, wasn't it?" he looked at Darren who looked fearful at the fuming soldier.

"Show him that you are in charge," Brock demanded.

Darren nodded hesitantly. Chuck shot him a warning glare and Darren flinched.

"Oh come on man, don't be such a sissy," Brock grinned encouragingly. He released Chuck from the full nelson and closed his massive arm around the Marine's throat. Chuck felt the muscles in Brock's brawny forearm contracting as he squeezed clearly warning him he would shut off his air supply in case he'd put up any resistance. Brock's right hand was traveling slowly down Chuck's spine.

"Now let's see if you have a nice pussy like your sister, muscle boy.", Brock sneered while his hefty finger was sliding up and down between Chuck's butt cheeks.

The Marine still felt numb. He hated what was done to him but the hit on his head and the paralyzing fall on the concrete floor had claimed its toll. Worse -- the much he despised Brock, he felt somehow attracted to the muscled giant. He experienced for the first time in his life being controlled by another man both bodily and increasingly sexually.

The latter was a rather confusing experience for the young fighter who was used to have his way with his lovers in bed same as he dominated his opponents on the mat. When Brock's probing finger invaded his puckered hole he instinctively clenched his virgin sphincter tight. This did not stop Brock's advance and the deeper the finger probed and wiggled inside Chuck's guts, the more uneasy the young Marine got. He knew what Brock was looking for and had finger fucked himself before a number of times. The sensation when he found his prostrate had been so intense that he - being a top anyway - would never let a man touch him there in his most inner sanctuary out of fear losing himself in the churning vortex of sexual stimulation. It was this fear as well, why he would never allow being topped.

When Brock finally found Chuck's love button the Marine hit the roof.

"Uunnnnhhhgg!" a strangled moan erupted from deep inside of his body. His head jerked back until it rested on Brock's shoulder. Involuntarily Chuck was thrusting out his chest while simultaneously impaling his ass even further on Brock's finger.

"Yeah Baby, now big bro is moaning like his sister," Brock knew he had him and he didn't let go. His finger rubbed and probed relentlessly across the tiny elevated spot that made the young hunk wail and twisting in his arms.

"Oh shit oh nooo, man ahh ...uh uh huh," Chuck hollered.

"See, he likes it up his pussy." Brock told Darren, "now feel his tits ..."

Brock pushed the Marine again down in front of Darren. Shuddering fingers were cautiously touching Chuck's chiseled pectorals. The soft caressing of his protruding nipples added tremendously to Chuck's sexual agony. He hated being touched by the chubby man, but Brock's expert manipulations had driven him too far already. The rebellious hunk accepted the additional stimulation and didn't try to kick or to object anymore.

Darren got bolder and started to knead Chuck's heaving pectorals, twisting the erect nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.

"Unghh ... uhhh," Chuck reacted with a serial of ecstatic moans.

"Oh, yeah ... ahhhh!" Chuck couldn't believe being turned on by the flabby guy. The probing finger inside his guts triggered again a wave of lust.

"Fuck!" he howled. The shuddering body of the Marine was flushed from arousal. Darren was now massaging Chuck's writhing torso which was slippery from the sweat the fondled Marine was producing generously.

Instinctively knowing that Chuck would not object, Darren seized the throbbing rock-hard boner Chuck was sporting. His hand was gliding up and down the meaty shaft distributing the oozing pre-cum evenly as he had seen it earlier done by Brock.

The trick worked again. Chuck's hips started to buck. From behind he was fucking himself on Brock's finger, while his dick was sliding in Darren's palm.

"You are a fast learner, pal." Brock nodded to Darren with a grin.

"No ... not him, fuck!" Chuck's head lolled right and left. Brock knew that his plan was working. The shame being fondled by a plump nerd was eroding the self-esteem of the athletic Marine.

"Uhhhhhh!" When Chuck's sphincter tightened again, Brock knew the over-stimulated stud was about to shoot another load. He released Chuck's throat and bent instead his head backwards until he was able to invade the gaping mouth again with a feverish kiss.

"Mmmmpffff ... ung ... unggh.." Chuck groaned his climax into Brock's mouth.

Darren watched in amazement as the twitching dick in his hand convulsed, spilling gush after gush of warm gooey man-seed in his hand. The businessman couldn't believe it. He had made a virile powerful hunk cream in his hand.

Chuck had produced two impressive loads of cum. Brock knew that the potent stud was good for more, however, he knew as well that the next cum shot would already affect the jock's prowess.

"Now you get your fuckin' mouth on this man's dick, boy," Brock ordered and forced the helpless Marine face down on the mattress between the spread legs of the startled Darren Orchard.

"You wanted him huh? " Brock grinned.

"Now you can have him, feed him your dick, come on man, he is game." Brock pulled Chuck's head back and when the drowsy Marine opened his mouth he pushed his face straight into Darren's crotch.

"Hold his fuckin' head!" Brock commanded and Darren obeyed instinctively forcing the mohawked head down on his dick.

"Nnnooo ... fuck ... mmmfff," Not used to sucking cock Chuck began to struggle when Darren's dick was swelling inside his mouth. His legs started kicking, but Brock silenced him by a few powerful spanks on the melon-shaped butt cheeks. He held Chuck's bulging arms firmly crossed behind his back and forced the younger man's legs apart.

Darren had found a rhythm and was pumping Chuck's head up and down his raging hard-on. The experience to dominate the beefy young Marine was turning him on beyond recognition.

"Mmpphhh ...," came Chuck's weakening muffled protests. Something forced its way between his buttocks sliding along his sweaty shit chute, stimulating his asshole against his will. As Brock had predicted his resilience against the sexual assaults was considerable weaker than before. The two climaxes had primed his body and he succumbed more and more to his primal instincts.

"Come on stud. Don't fall asleep. Hump that mattress, come on!" Brock slapped the reddening bubble butt and Chuck obeyed. He pushed his ass up as far as he could from his prone position ramming his prostate on Brock's finger.

"Ummmpf!!!" spasms made his sweaty body convulse. His hips were now rhythmically bucking, grinding his cock into the mattress. Brock didn't need to hold him any longer. He was into it by now. His hips slammed down, as if he was trying to drive his boner right through the mattress.

"Mmpf ...ungh mmpff," grunting he swallowed the businessman's dick chewing feverishly. His dog tags were rattling. He increased his bucking and gyrated his hips driving his dick in circular motion over the mattress.

Darren watched in awe the muscle-packed man bouncing about, shifting his weight again and again to buck in ever new positions. The whole flexing body turned red from the strain and was covered with a thick layer of sweat.

"Oohhh ...ahhh ..." Darren finally reached his climax. Chuck's throat received a rich coating from a salty load of cum.

"Uggrhh ... ungg rrghh," with a red face he wretched and coughed but Darren was holding his head firmly in place until his spurts subsided, forcing the muscular Marine to swallow the entire load.

"Oh that was fantastic!" Darren wiped his brow. The panting jock was lying exhausted between his thighs. His hips were slowly rocking.

Brock was already up, glowering down on the writhing stud.

"Now get your ass over here," he ordered Darren who eagerly obeyed.

The chubby bookworm was on top of the world. All his life he had felt inferior to the athletic hunks surrounding him at school, high-school and later in college. He hadn’t even questioned his pathetic role. He had his place as a loser in a society that was worshipping these stars, posing with their sculpted bodies and boasting about their sexual prowess. Now, it looked like he could turn the tables on these over-inflated macho egos.

There it was, right in front of him: a pathetic moaning, sweat-soaked heap of muscle. Not cocky anymore and as for sexual prowess, well – indeed the stud horse had delivered copiously. Helplessly screeching like a cheap whore, he had sprayed his man juice. Oh yes, he would make use of the hunk’s slippery goo, instead of letting it go to waste.

Even Brock was surprised when Darren scooped some of Chuck’s cum into the palm of his hand. He playfully spanked one of the jock’s rounded butt cheeks, making the hard muscle flinch in reflex.

“Ah!” an angry grunt came from Chuck. The Marine was not yet done. There was still some will to fight. But before he could get up, his weakened body was flipped on his back and suddenly a perplexed Chuck found one of his lower legs with the circling barbed-wire tattoo on the flabby man’s shoulder.

“No! Fuck you, fatso! I’ll break your fuckin’ neck!” The writhing Marine arched his back in an attempt to muster some resistance, however, Darren managed to hold him down. His hand was digging between the buttocks. The firm butt cheeks were force-spread, revealing the rosy puckered hole. Darren giggled and greased Chuck’s gaping chute with the stud’s own slime.

“Oh, shit!” Chuck’s free leg was fidgeting helpless.

“You are a fast learner, indeed,” Brock laughed. The two men shifted the overpowered Lance Corporal until his head was lolling over the edge of the mattress.

“Take his virgin pussy!” Brock ordered.

“No way!” Chuck yelled. He fought to get up, but Brock held him down by his shoulders. Darren, now self-assured caught the flailing leg and fixed it on his other shoulder.

“Here you go, young man,” he sneered pushing his dick against the tight sphincter.

“Get off me, motherfucker!” Cursing and threatening to do the worst to Darren, Chuck clenched his hole as tight as he could. For a moment it seemed that he would succeed. The butt cheeks closed around Darren’s dick, holding it in a strong but warm and moist embrace. His dick bent, unable to penetrate the Marine’s rear defenses. Darren pulled and pushed, rubbing his manhood along Chuck’s chute.

Now both men got turned on, although the Marine didn’t want, but the chubby man did even more. Darren felt his erection hardening between the sweaty buttocks. His weapon was sharpening.

“No! Fucker!” Chuck was struggling against the pleasurable sensations.

“Come to Papa!” Darren grabbed Chuck’s mohawked head with both hands and pulled himself onto the cursing Marine with the full weight of his chubby body.

“Aaargghh!” the Marine howled in desperate fury.

“Open up!” Darren’s face was now right in front of Chuck’s contorted face. The dick was grinding, drilling deeper and deeper. A rush of lust flushed through Chuck’s body, making him shudder. Chuck’s concentration on his sphincter muscle slipped.

“Huh!?” Chuck exhaled a frightened sigh. The older man watched as the fury in the eyes of the writhing jock turned into astonishment.

“You …you….uuurghh!” Chuck yelped when Darren pushed again. His flabby belly was now pressed against the Marine’s chiseled abs. For an instant his dick was cranking painfully as he pushed and then agonizingly slowly he felt the ring muscle giving way.

“Wow!” Darren shouted. His cock had never been as hard as at this very moment when his dick head entered the tight warm channel. His look of surprise met Chuck’s shocked expression.

“Nooooo! Uuuhhh!” Chuck screamed when his cherry was popped. With bulging eyes he looked in disbelief up into the red face of the snug “couch-potato” who had impaled him on his dick.

“Yeee-hooowww!” Brock hooted,”Ridem’ cowboy!”

“Now you are mine, muscle boy,” Darren cheered and bucked his hips.

“Ahhh … shit …uhh,” the Marine groaned. The tight sphincter opened further until finally the cock was nicely slipping in and out of Chuck’s asshole.

The Lance Corporal had never taken a dick up his ass before. It didn’t hurt as much as he had imagined and he found that he could adapt easily. However, the humiliation of being topped by someone whom he regarded a girlish bottom was a devastating blast to his ego. He couldn’t do much about it though, as Brock secured his wrists firmly above his head. Darren’s bodyweight was pushing his legs against his chest until his knees were almost touching his ears.

Even in his most adventurous dreams, never had the Marine believed something like this could happen to him. Brock that mean fucker had cracked him really good. He had expertly pushed all the right buttons to launch Chuck into arousal. Like a whore in heat he had succumbed to the chubby nerd. Trying to preserve what was left of his pride he put up a composed expression, but he knew it was a fake and Brock knew it too. Chuck could see it in his eyes. Sweat broke out heavily from all his pores, turning his body into a heap of glistening muscle. Brock looked down on him, grinning mischievously. He sensed the fear growing inside the stud.

Then Darren started to fuck. He was not used to being a top, but to his own amazement he quickly found a rhythm to grind the tight hole.

Huh, huh, huh,” Darren huffed. The muscular Marine seemed to have given up all resistance and endured his ordeal with a look of indifference.

Darren felt annoyed. He was in charge and he deserved respect. He rammed his dick down and wiggled his hips. A move that his wife called “naughty”.

First the Marine didn’t react. Then he inhaled sharply, baring his clenched white teeth and his back arched. Being an experienced bottom, Darren knew he had hit the jock’s prostrate.

“Not so tough anymore, huh?” he gasped and focused on staying in that position and thrust his dick deep down into the flexing hole, squeezing Chuck’s balls with his groin.

“Fuck!” Chuck yelled and arched his back again consumed by his lust. Darren’s dick was now constantly rubbing and grinding his love bottom driving him into a state of uninhibited ecstasy.

“Huuuuhhhh …”, the Marine stud groaned.

“You like that, huh?” Darren panted.

“Yeah, uhh, I like it,” Chuck raised his head as far as it would go from his prone position. His dick was caught between his tight abs and Darren’s flabby belly. Once in a while the crimson mushroom head appeared. Clear pre-cum was oozing from the piss slit. Darren hit again his over stimulated prostrate and Chuck found himself absorbed and caught in the rhythm of the thrusts.

“Fuck me man … give it to me,” Chuck groaned in pleasure.

“Harder, fuck him fast and hard!” Brock egged him on. Darren accelerated his humping.

“Oh yeah that’s hot!” He was hollering loudly and sweated heavily.

“Fuck my ass, oh yesss, arrghh,” Chuck yowled in frenzy. He got completely carried away. The sinewy body was writhing and bucking making it difficult for Darren to control the raging bronco he was breaking in.

“Hold it, muscle boy!” Brock secured Chuck’s head between his thighs. Chuck’s face was covered by the big man’s ass and nuts.

“Now lick my balls!” Brock ordered the Marine.

“Mmphh … uhmmphh,” without hesitation Chuck started to lick Brock’s hairy, fat testicles. He enjoyed the musky taste on his tongue, while his nose was buried between Brock’s butt cheeks.

Then Darren’s ram hit for the home run. Chuck’s body went rigid and convulsed in pure ecstasy.

“Uuuuhm … mm … mm” Several streams of white goo erupted from his dick head and greased Darren’s and his own belly.

When Darren watched the hunk shooting his load he knew, he couldn’t hold back much longer. He bent even further down and before he knew it, Brock was feeding him his hefty dick. Darren sucked for all he was worth. He adored that hunk, who had shown him how to conquer a macho stud.

“Yessss !” Brock hissed and threw his head into his neck. His eyes were tight shut.

When Brock came, Darren’s mouth was unable to contain the huge load. Cum was pouring out from the corners of his mouth and than he reached his climax too. His cum filled Chuck’s insides and he felt great. This hunk was his by now. He had taken him. He had impregnated him. He had taught him respect.

Brock’s dick slipped from his mouth. With a contented smile Darren huddled on top of the writhing stud. He wanted to relax, but Brock had other plans.

“You did great, stud!” Brock gave Darren a high five. The two men were looking down on the Marine who was lying spread-eagled on the mattress.

“Let’s see, if the boy can go another round,” Brock was striking his dick to hardness.

“Oh fuckin’ shit, he made me cum, he made me shoot my fuckin’ load. Oh shit…” Chuck felt dizzy and weak. His deflating dick was resting on his cum covered belly, after-dribbles of his man juice oozing from the piss slit.

“Wh..what?” he asked meekly when Brock lifted his legs on his shoulders.

“Don’t tell me you are wasted already,” Brock said. He made sure that the Marine’s butt cheeks were spread and spat on the quivering sphincter. He giggled when the puckered hole contracted fearfully. Then he seized Chuck’s wrists and pinned his arms down to the mattress. His heavy frame leaned onto the feebly struggling Marine, who found himself again with his ass vulnerable lifted.

“Motherfucker! I hate ‘ya … I … I” Chuck could feel Brock’s breath on his face. He blinked and tried to focus.

“Now big bro gets shagged, like his ‘lil sis before,” Brock sneered. With expert moves of his hips he positioned his 12 inch ram rod against Chuck’s rear entrance. Unimpressed by Chuck’s cursing and yelling, the Prince Albert penetrated the weakened sphincter defenses and in one swift push Brock’s manhood consumed the whole of Chuck’s narrow channel.

“Nnnoooooo!” The studly Lance Corporal arched his back in momentous pain. His eyes opened wide and he gasped deeply. His cries and yells of pain and protest, however, were silenced by Brock’s mouth closing over Chuck’s wide opened mouth.

“Mmmnghhh … mmphhh.” The muffled grunts were quickly subsiding and Chuck’s rather shocked than painful expression told Brock that Darren had done a good job breaking the jock in.

“You primed him well, partner,” Brock grinned to Darren who was watching the scene in awe.

Chuck looked up at Brock. He felt so weak and so terribly at the mercy of this man. The huge cock which was shoved up his ass was filling his entire being. The pain was gone and replaced by renewed arousal. Gone was his legendary stamina, his ability to control himself. It took only a few heavy thrusts and Brock had the younger man moaning and groaning in lust.

“Uuhh … aahhh… ahh..nghh”. Chuck writhed and threw his arms around Brock.

When the Prince Albert scratched the prostrate his moans turned into high-pitched yelps.

“Ohhh, yeah fuck me, huh … huhh iiiehhh,” Chuck was out of control.

“Yeah, muscle-boy I am nailing you good,” Brock grunted through clenched teeth. His whole body was active by now. Sweat was forming on his shoulders. His muscles were flexing under his skin. The huge orbs of his hairy butt cheeks were opening and closing. From time to time he had to reposition himself over the howling Marine who was wriggling about on the mattress. But now Chuck did no longer try to escape. He was responding to each and every thrust and tried to take Brock inside as deep as possible. His head lolled right and left. His red face was contorted in ecstasy.

“Huh … huh … huh” he hollered in rhythm with Brock’s relentless bucking.

Darren watched Chuck’s re-hardened dick expanding and gushing loads of gooey sperm all over the Marine’s sweaty abs. Chuck was still twitching, caught in the thrills of his climax, when Brock rose.

“Take over mate, the bitch needs it bad,” Brock said with a devilish grin.

Darren looked at the heavily breathing Marine and at his own dick. He couldn’t believe, he was already hard again.

“On your knees!” the chubby businessman was all authority now.

Mechanically Chuck turned around. While he struggled to assume a kneeling position, Darren pulled his hips up and went down on his knees himself.

Brock had stretched Chuck’s chute well. When Darren drove his dick inside there was nothing but a soft moan to be heard. Darren started to pound the Marine’s ass with determined thrusts. His heavy body was hunched over Chuck’s sweaty back, finally pushing the jock’s face down on the filthy mattress.

Chuck smelled the musky stench from a mixture of both his own cum and sweat that had soaked the fabric. The masculine smell was a turn on. Darren’s hands reached around his chest and fingers played with his protruding nipples. The chubby bookworm had developed an amazing instinct to play the sexual system of the moaning hunk. Darren felt the sphincter tightening its grip around his cock. Teeth were nibbling at Chuck’s defined shoulders. His ecstatic shouts of lust were silenced by the grungy fabric into which his gaping mouth was forced.

Brock watched gleefully as the stud’s throbbing hard-on twitched. The shrinking nut sack contracted. The young Marine was depleting himself quickly now.

“Aaaaarghh,” a helpless howl and some spurts of creamy cum gushed from the piss slit drooling down the inside of the thighs. Chuck’s man juice was at an obvious low level. Brock moved for the kill.

The conquered top was pulled up until he was suspended only by Brock’s strong arms. Brock reached down and guided his cock between Chuck’s butt cheeks. He found the sphincter gaping, the muscle too weak and overstretched to close.

“Uuuuhh!” Chuck groaned when he was taken again. His head lolled back and his fists closed instinctively on Brock’s furry chest.

Brock didn’t know that Chuck liked this position as much as he did. It was in fact a move that made Chuck so famous around the chicks. Impaled on his cock the girls could bounce from climax to climax. The sinewy wrestler liked to fuck this way especially in front of a mirror, which was a turn on for both him and his chick, seeing his sculpted body flexing and sweating, while driving the girl into a state of senseless ecstasy.

Now it was Chuck who was about to be fucked silly. Something in his mind switched and his macho ego lay in shattered pieces. He assumed willingly the position of his many fuck-dates. His thighs closed instinctively around the big man’s waist while his ass was bobbing up and down on Brock’s monster dick.

“Shiiiiittt!” Brock watched in glee as the young Marine’s eyes glazed over. His body contracted, but only a few dribbles of clear cum popped from the shrunken penis.

“Your tank is empty, huh?” Brock sneered.

Darren didn’t know how many times Brock had cum already. He had apparently fucked through his climaxes and now cum was dripping from Chuck’s sore chute.

“Stop, please no more,” Chuck pleaded breathless. He was hanging on to Brock’s shoulders for dear life. His head sank against the hunks heaving hairy chest.

“It looks like big bro is done,” Brock shook the limp body.

“I … I ..,” Chuck whispered hardly audible, unable to finish his sentence.

He was raised from Brock’s erection. The dick flopped out from his ass with a plopping sound.

Effortlessly he was pulled over the big man’s shoulder. His arms and legs were dangling. When Brock played with the melon-shaped butt cheeks Darren could see some cum oozing from the gaping reddish pucker of the semi-conscious Marine.

“Let’s dispose of this little shit!” Brock sneered and hurled the slack body high into the air. Tumbling it crashed into the garbage container.

Chuck's head hit the metal frame with a dull thump finishing him off for good. The naked body disappeared inside the container. Only the legs were dangling over the frame.

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