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The Mission
Part 12 - Never Leave A Man Behind
By Randy Dragon

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The Mission

Never Leave A Man Behind

Kyle and Chuck had been working for the whole day digging for large boulders that might have broken the farmers plow.  Both had forgotten about their former life.  Now they were dedicated to serve the temple and the community of farmers in the villages nearby. The buzz cut hair and the USMC tattoos told a knowing stranger that they did not belong here.  Neither was this the work they had been trained for. The villagers knew that they and many others had arrived on a mighty battleship. The giant carrier was now lying at the shore like a stranded whale. The crew, who had been so sure about their superiority had fallen one by one victim to the temple’s arcane powers and brought in by the Red Guards.

The work was backbreaking and the two young hunks were hollering, although they were obviously in excellent shape.  They were only clad in skimpy black Speedos and the late afternoon sun made their muscular bodies, shine with the sweat they were working up in the field.  

The taller one of the two young men suddenly let go of the heavy boulder they were trying to move to the edge of the field.

"Why do you stop?"  The other one with the short cut blond hair asked.

"I don't know," his friend replied, "I thought I had seen somebody in the bushes over there.”

Curious, he stepped into the shadows of the nearby forest. There was movement ahead of him. A young, lanky man with a goatee and a neoprene shorty emerged from the bushes.

"Kyle?"  The stranger asked.

"Who are you?  How do you know my name?"  Although he was much taller, and obviously stronger than the stranger, the hunk flinched back, when the young man quickly closed the distance between them.

Suddenly he found himself surrounded by Asians, dressed in the uniforms of the Red Guards.

“Let go of me!” he shouted, while he was wrestled down. His friend, who had rushed to his aid, was quickly overpowered by the strangers as well.

“Don't be afraid, bro," the young stranger said, "you’ll be fine.”

Taylor and Mike were looking down on Kyle and Chuck as much as confused as their two friends were looking back at them obviously not recognizing them at all. Eng-Lok spoke to the Red Guardsmen, who grinned lustily. The two fiercely resisting blond marines were stripped of their Speedos.

“Now it's your turn,” the monk giggled.

"Are you sure this is going to help?”  Mike asked, shaking his head doubtfully.

“Yes, this is a sure way to break the spell,” Eng-Lok replied assuring.

“Only one way to find out,” Taylor said with determination.

“No!  Go away, don't hurt me!” Kyle cried out in panic as Taylor, who had also stripped naked, sat on his chest.

"Shhh, open up for Daddy," Taylor jerked his cock semi-hard and guided it against the lips of his brother, who was pinned to the ground by the Korean soldiers.

"Nnnoo-mmmpphh," Kyle's protest was gagged with a rapidly growing cock filling his mouth and throat.

“This time, I am truly sorry, bro,” Taylor said,” but this has to be done.”

Beside the brothers, Mike had cupped Chuck's face with his hands and held the burly Marine in a hot kiss. He thrust his tongue into the reluctantly opening mouth, catching Chuck's tongue and sucking it into his mouth. His hands caressed the Mohawk and traveled along the neck over the broad shoulders.

Chuck's muscular legs lifted reflexively and wrapped around Mike's waist. Both men moaned softly.

Finally, Mike broke free of the embrace and pressed himself between Chuck's thighs. Without breaking the kiss, he rolled himself and his partner onto their sides and lifted one of Chuck's legs over his shoulder. His hand wandered between the gaping cheeks and stroked the moist cleft. A finger snaked into the puckered hole and began to soften the tight ring of muscle

Meanwhile, Kyle had given up his resistance and swallowed his brother's cock until his nose sank into the curled hair that surrounded the base of the cock. Instinctively, his tongue washed over the underside of the cock and finally over the slightly hairy balls.

"Fuck! That feels good, bro!" Taylor moaned as his brother's lips caressed the sensitive rim of the head. He feared he wouldn't last much longer and pulled his cock out of Kyle's mouth, only to find that his brother was now chewing on his nuts.

“Oh, fuck! Yeah, suck my balls,” Taylor groaned. He pulled his brother's arms over his head and rested all his weight on his crossed wrists. With a deft swing of his slender hips, his hard cock began to fuck his Marine brother's mouth. Again and again he had to pause to avoid climaxing immediately. Then his wet cock was on his brother's face and precum was dripping down his cheeks.

Then Kyle straightened up, reached behind him and found his brother's throbbing, hard cock.

"Ah, that's what I thought. You like that, bro." Taylor smirked.

Hastily he rose.

"Turn over, on your knees!" he ordered his brother.

No sooner was Kyle in position than his brother pulled his melon-shaped cheeks apart and began licking his ass.

"Uhhrgh, aaahhhrgh," the bigger brother moaned as Taylor spit on his hole and licked along the slightly hairy crevice.

Taylor pulled the plump balls down with a firm grip and captured the pulsing cock with his mouth.

"Ahhhh!" Kyle screamed as his brother's tongue licked from the tip of his cock along the shaft, over the balls and then across the crack to his loins.

Taylor spit a few more times on the twitching rosebud and let his thumb slip into his brother's ass. He sucked the cock while gently squeezing the balls and guided first one, then two and finally three fingers into the slackening ring of muscle.

"Oh, oh, oh! Fuck! Oh yeah," Kyle's eyes popped out of their sockets as his brother found the pleasure button deep inside him.

Taylor bent his body over his brother's tattooed back. His fingers moved to his panting mouth. Kyle tasted his own ass. Taylor licked at the shell of his brother's ear.

"Is your hole ready for my cock, bro?" Kyle heard his teenage brother's whisper at his ear.

"Oh, yeah," Kyle moaned,

"Do you want it hard or soft?" asked Taylor hoarsely.

"Hard! As hard as you can!" the bigger brother had lost all inhibitions.

"Are you sure? Are you sure you can take it?" murmured Taylor, covering the Marine's neck with kisses.

"Oh, yeah! Pretty sure," Kyle gasped.

“Ahhhhrgh!” His eyes opened wide, when Taylor’s cock pushed past his sphincter.

At the same time Mike spooned Chuck kneeling behind him. His cock moved slowly in and out of Chuck’s ass, while his hand was stroking his buddy’s dripping cock. Chuck’s head lolled back on Mike’s shoulder and both men engaged in a hot French kiss.

“Ahhh shit!” Chuck bellowed in heat when Mike impaled him with a low-voiced grunt. When his muscle-packed body slumped, Mike caught him around his chest and started to knead the sculpted pecs. The hips of both Marines were now bucking in perfect synch.

“Oh fuck, bread me!” Chuck hollered. He jerked his cock in a frenzy.

Cheered on by the surrounding Koreans, Mike and Taylor lead their partners through a number of positions. Their friends were no longer resisting, and obviously enjoying their bottom role.

"Man, I'm close,” Mike gasped. Both he and Taylor were now on their back with Kyle and Chuck bouncing up and down on their dicks.

"Me too, this is, so… so weird. “ Taylor gasped,”…uh…uh…gush I am cumming! Aaargh!”

Kyle’s back arched when his bowels were flooded by his brother’s seed and then confusion set in.

What the hell is going on with me?

The hypnotic veil that enveloped his mind was torn apart by the thrills of the impending climax.

Shit! I'm fucked. Who is that? Oh shit, he's fucking my brains out.

TAYLOR you fucker!

“What the fuck do you think you're doing?” shuddering from the shock of his orgasm Taylor found his brother glaring down on him, now obvious recognition in his eyes.

“Oh fucking shit. I can't believe it.  It worked!” Taylor started hugging his brother, while his cock was still buried inside Kyle's ass.

Kyle was still struggling with the realization that his brother was fucking him, when his own climax hit him.

“Aaww fuck! You are a fucking shit! Oh shit I … I …aaarghhh,” Kyle’s cock erupted in gushes of hot cum, splattering across his brother’s six-pack.

Taylor watched Mike twisting Chuck’s nipples, triggering his friend’s climax simultaneously unloading his own seed up his ass.

“You, damn you! You’re fucking me,” Chuck roared when his mind snapped to reality,” urrgh…huh..huh…you – you’ll fucking pay for this, I swear. Oh fuck I am shooting my fuckin’ load. Who the fuck are those gooks?”

“Shut up! You needed it,” Mike grinned, pulling his cum dripping cock from Chuck’s chute.

“What has happened?"  Kyle asked puzzled,” Could anybody give me some clothes?”

It took a while to explain the whole story. Chuck was shocked, how terribly their mission had failed.

"Fuck! I would have never believed, that I would ever wear these things,” he muttered, while he closed the buttons of the Korean combat pants which had been given to him.

"But now it looks much better isn't it?"  Taylor said.  "I mean, you are back, and it lasts. So we can bring them all back, and those guys are now on our side."  He pointed at the Red Guards.

“We can hardly fuck the entire crew,” Kyle said,” …you of course, you would like to do that.”

Taylor grinned. “Some of them, I'd definitely like to do. It would be a national duty, you know?”

“Oh, you never grow up,” Kyle sighed in faked despair.

“Luckily, we have found some very horny fuckers,” Taylor chuckled mischievously,” and they are most gladly going to help us.” The Red Guards seemed to have understood and nodded eagerly with a lecherous grin.

It was close to sunset, when they reached the temple walls. Now they were an impressive force. Whenever they encountered squads of Red Guards, Eng-Lok and Khoo convinced them and won them over to join the Abbott’s cause. There was no resistance when they entered the dark temple complex.

“Cliff, damn’ man where are you?” Craig was rushing up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.  The Seal wiped his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand. Lowering himself down on one knee, he carefully peeped around the corner, but the long dark aisle was empty. He scurried on until he came to a door, which had been left ajar.  Raising the pump gun in front of his chest Craig kicked the door open and burst inside the room.

"What took you so long, soldier?" Cliff grinned. The big, studly man was dressed in gray, baggy monk's cotton clothes.

"Man, what have you been doin’ man," Craig couldn't believe to find his friend, and obviously good shape.

The two buddies fell into each other's arms, embracing in a warm hug.

"These guys are not that bad, you know?"  Cliff concluded.  He had told Craig his story.

"No, they aren’t," Craig nodded, the picture of Khoo in his mind.

The two men were sitting on the rug-covered bed. Craig had left his pump gun on the furry carpet. Cliff smelled the manly sweat on his friend's body as he had smelled it many times before, however, this time he felt very different about it.  The few days with Gao-Ban had changed his attitude. There was no more prejudice in having sex with another male.  Although he considered himself straight, he knew now that there were other means to satisfy his urges and it was quite natural for him to seek satisfaction from every opportunity that showed.

Cliff was hesitant, however, because he was unsure how his friend would react; but seeing his muscular second-in-command, sitting so close, dressed only in a pair of cut-off neoprene shorts was simply too tempting.

"Relax man," Cliff's face was suddenly very close to Craig's, "you look tense, you know?"

Craig hadn't yet told his buddy about his jungle romp with the Red Guards, for he himself wasn't sure how the other Seal would react.

"Uh-huh,” Craig cleared his throat, "so - are you going to do something about it?"

And that was all what it took. Only minutes later, the bed was creaking under the weight of the two naked bodies that lay entwined in a hot embrace.

"Fuck, man, you smell so good," Craig buried his nose into Cliff’s oiled, perfumed ass crack.

"Uhh, yeah that feels good, fucking good," Cliff was writhing under the assault of Craig's tongue, to his puckered hole.  Craig entirely ignored Cliff's superior rank.  He only knew that this nice clean shaved ass was there to be taken. Assuming the top role he flipped the moaning Seal Commander on his back and lifted his legs on his shoulder.

"Prepare to be boarded, Sir,” Craig rasped hoarsely. His fuck-stick was rock-hard throbbing between his thighs.

Cliff looked up into the sweaty face camouflaged with paint. He saw the undisguised look of raw and unrestrained lust in the other Seal's eyes and knew that Craig was so aroused that he would drop all inhibitions.  Craig was leaning forward, guiding his aching boner between the firm butt cheeks. He felt Cliff’s hands on the side of his neck, and on his lower back.  His dick met resistance when he found the tightly closed sphincter and he grunted irritated.

“Don’t fight it, man!” he thrust his hips forward.

“Not so fast, pirate,” Cliff’s eyes were twinkling devilish, He was not going to bottom closed his strong hands, viselike on the acupressure points on Craig’s neck and back.

From one moment to the other Craig felt all the strength sapped from his body.

“What the fu…?” He collapsed into his friend's arms. Cliff’s thighs wrapped themselves around Craig's waist, and before the horny stud realized what was happening Cliff was on top of him.

“No, oohh shit!” Craig arched his back in lustful agony as Cliff was skillfully kneading his swollen erection.

“Ah, may be you like this better, pirate-boy,” Cliff’s hands reached for Craig’s protruding sensitive man-tits and gave them a twist that made his buddy howl.

Gao-Ban’s “training” paid-off. Trapped in Cliff's strong grip, Craig found himself turned into a grunting, moaning heap of lust. When he tried to wriggle free from Cliff’s hold he was firmly held in place.

Cliff closed Craig's mouth with a hard kiss. His tongue penetrated between the lips and wrestled with Craig's tongue for the upper hand. At the same time, the tip of his steel-hard cock pressed against Craig's puckered hole. Soon the sphincter gave way and Cliff buried his shaft balls-deep to the root in Craig's ass.

As Craig's body arched up into a bridge of pleasure, he knew the angle was right to fuck his buddy senseless. He alternated the rhythm between hard thrusts and sensual slides until Craig was transformed into a moaning wreck.

“Cum for me pirate-boy!” Cliff barked and Craig went nuts.

“Fuck you, oh shit yeah, I’m cummmmin’ …huh…huh… I’m shooting my fuckinnnn’ loooaaad,” Cursing like hell, Craig spilled his juices across his abs.

“Fuck me man, oh please fuck me, I need it badly!” Craig howled. His head was lolling right and left. His legs were spread giving his ass-hole away to the sneering Cliff.

“Now you know, what I had been doing, babe,” Cliff grinned while skewering his hollering buddy on his dick.

* * *

Unaware of the ongoing assault on the temple, Master Huang was wearing a sneering grin on his face.

“Ata Boy!” he cooed after having jerked Dwight skillfully to a climax. The blond Marine was eagerly licking the Asian’s fingers.

“You like that, Sergeant, huh? Huang chuckled.

“Mmmhhh, yes S-sir, huh, w-what ... what the fuck?!” Dwight’s mind snapped back to reality. He tasted salty cum on his tongue and flinched back in disgust. The sudden move made him stumble. Struggling for balance he realized that his wrists were cuffed behind his back.

“What the fuck?” he repeated while tearing at his bonds shooting hateful glares at the Asian. Huang watched the futile struggling hunky American, who was dressed in a grey skin-tight singlet and a skimpy black Speedo slip.

Dwight followed Huang’s gaze and looked down at his lap. The moist head of his dick was poking over the elastic waistband of his flimsy slip.

“Fuck!” The husky Sergeant realized that he had cum and that it was the taste of his own man juice that was filling his mouth. More and more memories flooded his conscious mind. Lee, whose real name was Huang or Master Huang, had betrayed him utterly. Dwight couldn’t believe how he could ever have had a crush on the lanky Asian, who was grinning haughtily at him, wiping his cum-soaked fingers clean in his wide scarlet robe.

The Sergeant recognized the room as Huang’s private chambers. He looked down on his naked feet and the furry rug. He had been here before and he had been fucked, his face buried in this filthy rug. Each climax had cleared his mind and added to the seething humiliation of being reduced to a sex toy by the man, who had played him so mean.

Again he had shot his load apparently straight into Huang’s palm, pathetically like an inexperienced nerd unable to control himself.

“Pervert!” Dwight was looking around wildly. He did not know how Huang managed to control his mind, but for the time being he was free from the spell and he would use this chance.

“You’ll pay for this,” Dwight snarled, “I swear.”

“Well, I am delighted to see that there is still some fight in you, Sergeant,” Huang started slowly circling the Marine, like a predator who was stalking its prey, “ you were such a pathetic sissy when you came in my hand…’

“Shut the fuck up!” Dwight yelled furiously.

“… and you were so eager to eat your own sticky seed, like a little whore”, Huang taunted,” you are my little bitch, aren’t you?”

“Treacherous bastard! Shut the fuck up! I ain’t nobody’s bitch,” Dwight roared, barely able to contain his rage.

“I think you are going to be a quite useful, uhm how do you call it? Homeboy, yes that’s it. A useful homeboy – when we have tamed your temper of course.” The Korean grinned challenging.

“Fuck you! I won’t be ever anyone’s fuckin’ homeboy!” Dwight bellowed,” I’ll fuck you silly, you pathetic slit-eyed prick – just let me get my hands on you …”

“Oh yes I know, you still consider yourself a top, “ Huang stopped in front of a door leading into an adjacent room,” …and you are the leader of the faggot squad, which was supposed to bring us down.”

Huang threw his head back and laughed.

“But all this can be changed, Sergeant and rest assured, it will be changed,” Huang’s eyes narrowed menacingly. “When I am through with you, you will be my devoted servant and you will find satisfaction in worshiping your Asian master. You will …”

“Never!” Dwight finally lost his temper. He lowered his head between his broad shoulders and charged at the lanky Korean, clearly intending to ram him into the wall. Huang, however, was lightning fast. Before Dwight had even made one step in his direction, the Asian had stepped aside and opened the door with a sliding motion.

Unable to stop, Dwight charged straight into the man who was waiting behind the door.

“Ooufff,” he groaned when he collided with the 6.1 ft. giant.

“Ah, let me introduce you to a real top,” Huang laughed, “ … of course you know each other already.”

Dwight looked at the hunk in disbelieve. The man in his late forties was slightly taller than him and weighed about 230 lbs. A fur of ice gray hair that was buzz cut on his head, covered his barrel chest and spread as a treasure trail from his belly button down to a nest of dense curly pubic hair and finally across his thighs and legs.

He paraded a large tattoo picturing a mermaid on his sculpted chest and another anchor-like Navy tattoo on his right biceps.

“S-sir, “ Dwight stammered in shocked surprise.

“Time to put ‘ya in your place, boy!” Commodore Laurence Mulroney roared. The big man was buck naked and he sported a raging boner of at least 12 inches.

“W’what … nooo…arrghhhh,” Dwight gurgled when the Commodore’s big paw seized him by his throat. The young muscular Marine was strong, but with his tied wrists he had no chance. Coughing and retching he was lifted clear of the tiled floor. His legs were pedaling frantically.

“Thank you, Laurence,” Huang said softly,” Dwight has been a bad boy, but I think he has learned his lesson…”

The big officer released the jerking Marine with a reluctant grunt.

“Oh fuck,” Dwight, who had landed on his back, stared at the Commodore. His face had turned crimson, while Mulroney was still throwing his impressive boner.

Huang grinned at the Americans. He had virtually wasted two German soldiers, who had been abducted from Afghanistan, in order to turn the queer-hating Navy officer into an ass pounding bear. The Korean made the Commodore drill the two Germans throughout an entire night. The Teutonic muscle jocks ended well bred, exhausted with Navy cum dripping from their raw bung holes and the soar mouths and Mulroney came out as a very promising master. It filled the Korean with pride to control both American leaders – at least one of them and the other would be broken soon. He shed his robes and sat down on the edge of his broad bed.

“Now you will service me, Sergeant, nice and easy, like the bitch that you are,” Huang grinned at Dwight stroking his meat to a semi-erect state.

“Fuck you, I’ll be damned before I blow you, you dirty Asian prick,” Dwight snorted.

“Laurence, will you teach the boy some manners?!” Huang sighed.

“No! Sir! Commodore, awww…shit, don’t,” Dwight struggled desperately. The Commodore seized him by the neck and shook him like a puppy before dropping him down on his knees. The Speedo was ripped away and a big hand cupped the young Marine’s now exposed balls.

“Awwww! Nooo! Fuck! Sir, that hurts!” Dwight wriggled about while his balls and dick were mangled. After a while, however, the constant rubbing and kneading got to him. His struggling became slower.

“Nooo!” Dwight moaned fighting the familiar pulsing in his loins. Mulroney stopped kneading the buzzing nuts and smacked the Sergeant’s firm buttocks.

“No! Stop! Fuck it!” Dwight yelled, surprised by the spanking. His body arched backwards and was promptly caught by the Commodore in a half nelson.

“Yeah, come to Daddy,” Mulroney grunted. He was grinding his rock hard dick between Dwight’s reddened buttocks.

“No! Let me go! You can’t …aarghh,” Dwight struggled valiantly, but was manhandled like never before in his life in the strong arms of the Navy officer. It took one rip and the singlet was shredded. The big paws were now rubbing and massaging his heaving pecs.

“Uhhh…shiiit,” The firm kneading made him feel weak. The fight was systematically squeezed out of him. Mulroney subjected the sturdy buck to a massage as he had never before in his life. Strong hands squeezed his melon-shaped buttocks. Moments later he heard himself groan when his pecs were kneaded and so it went on: dominating, overpowering subtle stimulation.

“Oh no!” the young Marine felt a treacherous sizzle rushing through his body. Huang recognized the growing arousal in the flushed expression. His earlier milking had already damaged the Sergeant’s stamina.

“Uuurghh…,” guttural grunts came from Dwight’s throat when Mulroney, without releasing the half nelson, reached down between his buns. A strong thumb was viciously probing against his tight clenched puckered hole while his aching balls were rolled between strong fingers.

“Shiittt!” Dwight’s dick rose into a proud throbbing erection.

Mulroney pushed the weakly struggling younger man towards the bed. From the many hours of passionate fucking Huang knew Dwight’s body very well. He reached up for the jutting pecs and twisted the hard man tits, knowing how the Marine would react.

“Ff-fuck youuuuu!” Dwight’s head lolled back. Mulroney felt his thumb sinking deep inside the tight bunghole passing the suddenly relaxing sphincter. The young stud’s body went rigid. The sphincter clenched tight around his thumb in a final desperate attempt to avoid the imminent penetration.

The Commodore buried his thumb up to the hilt as deep as it would go, until the Sergeant collapsed forward, jerking wild and obviously out of control.

“Ohhhhhhh! Huhhhh!” Dwight moaned in sudden ecstasy. His body still shuddering, he dimly noticed that the thumb was removed from the highly sensitive spot deep inside of him. Before he was able to gather his senses, something huge impaled him, filling him so entirely that his resistance was shattered to pieces.

Huang watched as Dwight’s mouth opened forming a silent “O”. Mulroney’s hands grabbed the stunned Marine’s hips and pulled the defenseless jock into his lap.

“Gottcha, boy!” Mulroney hollered triumphantly when his man meat took possession of the younger man. A squirt of precum spurted from Dwight’s suddenly gaping pisshole.

“Uuhhhhhngggg,” he howled while he was pushed face-down into the Korean’s lap. Mulroney forced the trembling thighs of the conquered buck as wide apart as it would go. He pulled his monster meat back and rammed it in again with one powerful pelvic thrust.

Dwight’s cursing and furious howls were silenced by Huang’s cock that had been stuffed into his mouth. The Marine’s legs started to flail while he was taken from both sides. Mulroney was now humping the young Sergeant with steady rhythmic thrusts. Soon the overstretched sphincter had learned how to accommodate the Commodore’s flag pole and then Dwight’s sweaty body started to rock in line with the fuck rhythm. Satisfied Huang let go of the buzz cut head which was now bobbing up and down his own erection. The Korean waited until Dwight’s tapered waist moved up and pushed his legs form both sides under the Sergeant, trapping Dwight’s dick between the soles of his naked feet. The constant rubbing pushed the young Marine finally over the edge.

“Mmmurghhhh,” a stifled gurgle signaled Dwight’s climax.

“Yes. I knew you would like it.” Huang grunted through clenched teeth, close to climax himself. Warm cum was seeping between his feet.

“Fuck yeah! “ Mulroney roared. His head jerked back and Dwight’s bowels were flooded with naval seed.

“Ohhh yessss!” Huang’s body tensed and then he watched his own cum drooling from the corners of Dwight’s mouth.

The exhausted Marine was flipped on his back. Huang and Mulroney changed positions.

Swiftly Dwight found his ankles seized by Huang’s hands. The Korean spread the powerless legs. The slack buns parted and gave a clear view to the gaping cum seeping hole.

“Well primed Laurence, good job,” Huang grinned and drove his dick inside the stretched hole.

“Oh fuck!” Dwight’s back arched and his dick hardened visibly. Huang caught the twitching dick and started to pump.

“Yeah, milk the pussy boy!” Mulroney cheered when Dwight’s mangled dick came back to life again in Huang’s skilled hands.

Huang had topped the beefy Marine Sergeant before, but that had been consensual. Dwight had allowed the lanky Asian to fuck him, fully aware that he could take control at any time throughout the fuck session – at least that was what Dwight believed.

This time it was different. He was not just fucked, he was taken. His body had been subjugated and his mind was overpowered by arousal and weakening sexual stimulations. Dwight started to indulge in this very new role as a bottom. His eyes rolled back when he was engulfed by an avalanche of primal lust. A sheepish look appeared on his face.

“Yeah, fuck me!” Dwight panted, quickly responding to the Asian’s thrusts. His hips jerked up and down in line with Huang’s strokes.

The Commodore forced his dick between the Marine’s half open lips, shifted his position directly over the flushed face and started to face fuck the younger jock with slow steady thrusts. Dwight bend his head back as far as it would go, obviously trying to swallow the entire meaty shaft that was carrying the taste of his own ass.

Huang spat huge amounts of saliva into his palms while the meaty Marine cock was gliding like a squirming Boa through his hands. He tugged Dwight’s nutsac, played with the balls that were trying to connect to the cock base, prolonging the sweet agonizing countdown to eruption. But the sensations were too strong. Fucked and stroked in tandem Dwight produced a huge gushing shot of white cum that rose 3 feet high until it splashed back on his six-pack. Only then did Huang allow his own climax to hit. Almost in time with the Asian did Mulroney feed his seed to the frantically sucking Marine.

“Bitch!” Mulroney howled, obviously losing it. He flipped the dizzy Marine on his belly, forced him into a doggie-style position and started to hump him like a rabbit.

Perplexed by the unexpected behavior of the Commodore, Huang stood back and watched the two American leaders fuck each other into madness. Following a sudden inspiration, Huang rushed to the adjacent room. When he returned, he was holding a camcorder in his hands.

“Yeah, boys, show the world how much you enjoy our hospitality.” Huang gloated.

Dwight and the Commodore did not disappoint. Although both men were at the brink of total exhaustion they went on and on. Dwight couldn’t get enough of the officer’s cock and jumped at the towering Navy man. Mulroney hugged the young Marine in a tight embrace and impaled him on his raging boner and Dwight humped on like a monkey in heat despite his hands tied behind his back.


Kyle and Chuck led another group of Red Guards to the quarters, where the captive foreigners and the carrier’s crew were sleeping peacefully. The Koreans grinned mischievously, while they positioned themselves between the snoring hunky men and stripped from their uniforms.

“Let them enjoy this,” Kyle said to Chuck,” we have some scores to settle here first.”

Leaving the hooting crowd behind, the two Marines rushed to the temple’s main building. Inside Kyle hesitated for a moment, then turned into an aisle and kicked one door in. The three men inside looked startled at the intruders.

"My, my, my," Chuck grinned gleefully, "look what we found here!"

Hoarse animalistic grunts from the horny fuckers filled the room, when Chuck and Kyle burst in. The two were startled by the acrobatic spectacle Dwight and the Commodore were delivering.

“What are you doing here? Get to your quarters, boys!” Huang ordered, not realizing that the two Marines were no longer in trance. He realized of course that the tide had turned, when a horde of Red Guards raided the room. His martial arts didn’t help him too much against the superiority.

“Traitors!” he screamed on top of his voice. But the Korean soldiers ignored his orders and curses, forced him down to the floor and cuffed the naked spy.

“Your career is over, motherfucker!” Chuck grinned down on Huang.

“But before we bring you to justice,” Kyle sneered maliciously,” we feel it would be just fair that you can enjoy the pleasures of this nice laboratory of yours …”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Huang turned visibly pale.

“Try us!” Chuck laughed.

The Red Guards forced Huang up and pushed the cursing, yelling naked man out into the aisle.

“That’s gone be fun!” Chuck said happily.

“You’ll bet!” Kyle laughed back.

“What the fuck is going on?” a loud roar from behind interrupted their cheering. Commodore Laurence Mulroney was looking with obvious disgust at Sergeant Dwight Collins who was still impaled on the officer’s dick tightly embraced by the Commodore whose sweaty face turned alarmingly crimson.

“Y-you are fucking me, Sir. “ Dwight gasped. ”… and, if I dare say so, you are doing me like a pro, Sir!”

Chuck and Kyle were bursting with laughter. The Commodore pushed Dwight quite ungentle away. Cuffed as he was, he landed on the floor with a painful cry.

“You pervert faggot!” the Commodore ranted, ”I … I’ll have you court-martialed for this …this…”

“Rape?” Kyle tried to help out.

“What?!” Mulroney glared at the Marine.

“Rape of a subordinate, Sir, “Chuck said sternly, ”that is what you did and it seems we got it all on tape.” He pointed at the camcorder. The Commodore’s expression was simply priceless.

“Would somebody remove those fucking cuffs?” Dwight said into the silence.

“Sure, but first let us fuck your bubble butt a bit more,” Chuck replied, opening his fly,” I have been waiting for this for a long time; always took you for a top but now …”

“Faggots!” The Commodore stormed out of room.

“Shouldn’t we have told him, he was buck naked?” Kyle asked innocently.

“Oh, let our Korean friends cure him, “ Chuck grinned. He looked at Dwight: “So – where were we …?”

“Oh no! Don’t you even think about it, Lance Corporal!”


Meanwhile Taylor was strolling along a dimly lit aisle. His adventurous part had taken over, eager to explore, what the ancient temple had to offer. Hank and Brock had told him about the devilish ‘Dragon Claw’ and that story was enough to get Taylor’s fantasies spinning. He had to find one of these claws and take it back to the States. It would be fun to use it one those self-centered macho jocks who showed off their muscles working out at the beach.

The young surfer chose one door at random and entered a room that was only lit by the flickering flames of a fireside.

“Wow, I can’t believe that,” Taylor walked across the room to a round table of oiled dark mahogany wood. On a plate was an 18 inch long yellowish cucumber. It was the same kind of gourd that Khoo had used to drain Craig’s nuts.

“Not really the Claw, but it has potential,” Taylor mumbled.

“Indeed, it contains a very potent aphrodisiac,” a voice came from the chair in front of the fireside.

The young jock froze, when he saw the face of a man in his mid-forties, who had talked to him so casually but nevertheless in a controlled cool voice. He recognized the black-clothed Asian from a video clip. Dark, mesmerizing, piercing eyes were dominating the clean-shaven face of the man who introduced himself as Master Kim.

Not good, oh shit that’s not good at all ,’ Taylor’s mind was reeling. He had just walked into the Dragon’s Lair. Kim Nang Po was Colonel in the Research Department for External Intelligence, a very dangerous foe, actually the leader of the Koreans in the infamous bio-engineering project.

“…and who would you be, young man?” Kim asked with a slim smile.

“Me? I-I am …uhm … Taylor,” the youngster stammered, staring fearfully at the double bladed dagger the Asian was playing with.

“Taylor Henderson, I presume,” the Korean rose from the chair. ”I met your brother, you know?”

Taylor looked back to the door, waging his chances to escape.

“Don’t!” the dark Asian was suddenly between the young American and the door. “There is no reason to be afraid. I have heard a lot of interesting stories about you, young man, and I admit, you as well have a lot of potential.”

Again Taylor had not realized, how Kim had moved, but the Korean was now right in front of him. The tip of a dagger touched the young American’s chin.

“I-I … am not sure, what you are talking about, Sir,” Taylor finally managed to speak.

“Master!” Kim corrected him in a soft voice. He put the dagger on the table and reached for Taylor’s shoulders.

“You smell … so young, so delicious,” Kim cooed.

Taylor was suddenly sweating in his skintight neoprene shorty.

“I am sorry, S- uhm… Master, I should have taken a shower, but you know …”

“Shhh, young man, you are just fine,” Kim’s fingers played with the zipper cord on Taylor’s back. His face moved closer and before the teen knew what he was up to, he found himself embraced and kissed.

“Mmmmhh…,” he flinched when the neoprene suit was stripped from his shoulders.

“Aaahh …,” Taylor gasped as Kim’s tongue licked his sweaty nipples.

Embracing the startled teen with one arm Kim stripped him naked with his free hand.

“I d-don’t understand,” Taylor was writhing in the tight embrace.

“I think you understand quite well, young man,” Kim replied hoarsely, while disrobing himself now as well. “I want to know more about your special talents.”

“My special tal…?” a broad grin appeared on Taylor’s face. “As you wish, Master, as you wish.”

Taylor was far from the cocky teenager he had once been who had taken control of his older brother, but he was still a rebellious spirit. Remembering how he had taken down even the mighty Hank O'Dowerty, he knew he could take down the Korean colonel.

The Asian, who was now naked, took the dagger. The double blade swished down and cut right through the gourd in Taylor’s hands. The American swallowed hard. The Korean took the gourd from his slightly trembling hands.

“Try,” Kim offered the vegetable and Taylor tasted suspiciously the greenish pulpy juice.

“Not bad, Master,” he grinned almost cocky by now,” but I won’t need it.”

“I am yours to serve, Master” Taylor made sure that his muscles were flexing. He went down on his knees in front of the fireplace. Kim followed with the two gourd pieces in his hands. Taylor decided to make his move and before the Colonel could react, he found his dick hardening in the American’s expertly sucking mouth. The teen was impressed by the size of the clean-shaven nutsac and the as well impressive cut cock that was twitching hot on his tongue.

Taylor’s fingers were softly rubbing the Asian’s hole, working cautiously between the cheeks. The probing index finger teased the puckered hole…

“Uhhh…” Kim moaned. The young man was skilled. He felt his legs tremble and so did the teen, who did now proceed with growing confidence.

Yes ,’ Taylor thought,’ just a bit more and… ’ Deftly he pulled the Korean down. He gazed into the dark eyes and lifted the lean thighs high.

“I bet you’ll love that, Master,” the young jock lowered his face between Kim’s butt cheeks. His tongue darted into the quivering hole.

“Huh…,” a groan of surprise came from the older man. Taylor knew he had to proceed fast now as long as the Asian was indulging in the pleasant waves of arousal.

The young American’s dick was his most reliable weapon in that kind of contest. It was of average size but of exceptional girth. Taylor had seen a lot of bigger guys losing their haughty grin when he rammed his thick rod past an overstretched sphincter. The Asian was up for a surprise. He reached for one of the gourd pieces and dipped his already raging boner in the pulpy slime. Instantly the dickhead started to tingle. The gourd was hot. He would take some of this stuff home. Well lubed he forced the Asian’s legs even further up.

“Ahhhhh…” Kim suddenly found his head between his knees and Taylor leaning heavily into him. His ass rose high and Taylor didn’t hesitate to take the offer. The grinning surfer boy guided his throbbing and precum oozing erection to the rosy hole. It took one pelvic thrust and he was inside.

“Uuuumphhhh…” Kim’s face contorted.

“How do you like my special talents, Pops?” Taylor taunted disrespectfully. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had managed to take the Korean leader down. That stupid old fart had practically turned himself in.

“Hope you don’t get a heart attack,” Taylor sneered and started to thrust into the gasping Korean. Soon the two bodies were bucking simultaneously. Both Kim and Taylor were hollering. Both were sweating heavily. Taylor accelerated his humping. His legs were spread wide as he was hunched over the writhing Colonel, who recognized too late his mistake. Now the American jock was in control and he was about to fuck him silly.

“Noo… uuhrgh…” Kim’s arms wrestled past his trapped legs and reached for Taylor’s man tits.

“Nice try, Pops,” Taylor gloated when he felt the spidery fingers tweak his nipples,” but I am going to last a long time, while you …”

Taylor increased again the fuck speed. His lap was hammering hard against Kim’s ass until he heard the sound he had waited for.

“Aaaaieehhhhhhhh,” a high-pitched yelp when Taylor’s dick rammed against the prostrate. He watched gleefully as the Asian lost his composure. The dark eyes opened wide while the sinewy teen hammered the sensitive spot he had discovered again and again without mercy.

“This is for what you did to Jack Durango,” Taylor panted, without slowing his rhythm.

“Aaaieehh,” another cry of purest sheer lust and the Korean’s dick gushed huge white spurts of hot man seed. Kim went into a frenzy and Taylor continued to fuck the cum out of the wailing intelligence officer.

“…and…uhhhh…that is for what you did to Hank and my Bro. Fuck, you are so tight, have you been a virgin, Pops?” Taylor’s face had turned crimson.

Kim’s sharp fingernails scratched Taylor’s back making him groan and finally grated his flexing buttocks.

“Fuck!” Taylor decided it was time to go for the kill.

“You like it, huh? You thought you could top me, huh? Now I’m gonna shoot my fucking seed into our dirty Asian ass!” Taylor’s balls were cocked and loaded. He was ready for the final humiliation of his foe.

“No…wait …I… aaaaaieehh,” Kim’s back arched in despair, but it was too late.

“Yeeahhhh!” Taylor convulsed and emptied a full load of his man juice into the helpless groaning officer.

“Uhhh…Fffuuuuck!!!” the young buck did not hold back anymore and gave himself up to a mind shattering orgasm. He realized amazed that the gourd’s juice had indeed the effect to increase the sensitivity of his bloated dick head.

“Fuck!” Shuddering he clung to the Korean, who was just meekly moaning and waited until the thrills of his climax finally subsided. His dick was still rock hard and sensitive to the extreme when he pulled it with a soft plop from the well-drilled asshole.

“Wow, you were a hot fuck, Pops, I give you that,” Taylor wiped his sweaty forehead and looked down on the Korean, who looked back at him with glassy eyes, his jet-black hair disheveled.

He got up on shaky knees. “Huhhh,” he winced as he accidentally touched his sensitive mushroom head. He was still hard, but he had to secure the dagger. His job was not yet done. He had to get some help before the Colonel could recover.

“That was indeed, not bad,” a familiar voice sounded close to his ear and made him freeze, “but now it’s my turn.”

Kim reached around the surprised teen jock’s neck and pulled him back with surprising strength. The Korean forced the young hunk to arch his back. His hand was holding the yellowish cucumber over the obscenely bobbing dick.

“Ahhh! Fuck, nnoo!” Taylor shrieked when the gourd was forced over his jutting boner.

“Why not? A young buck like you need to be milked. I will drain your nuts to the very last drop. You’re going to enjoy it.” The cucumber fit tightly and the young man’s eyes bulged when Kim started pumping his sensitive manhood with the gourd.

“Fuck you! Get your hands off me!” Taylor was well aware what had happened to Craig. He tried to wrestle free from Kim’s hug.

“Shit!” The agonizing sensations tantalizing his dick made already his knees buckle. Something solid and warm slipped between his parting butt cheeks. Shocked he realized that the older man was about to top him.

“Nooo!” he was pulled back further and finally he lost balance and landed on top of Kim.

“How do you like that, boy?” Kim entwined his lean legs around Taylor’s thighs spreading him wide open. It looked as if a giant black spider had seized its prey from behind waiting to immobilize it with a deadly sting.

“Wait! Don’t … I am not used to …oh shit!” It had been a while since Taylor had been fucked. He fought feverishly, but the Korean waited patiently until the struggle slowed down. The he thrust his dick upwards right between the spread buttocks easily spearing the floundering younger man.

“Aaawwwww! Help!” Taylor shouted as his ass was conquered. Relentless pumping the young throbbing cock, the Korean kept him horny and weak. Taylor realized in horror that he was in the hands of a master and that the control over his body was slipping away quickly.

“No! Stop! Uhhhhhh… fuck!”

“Shut up, boy!” Kim brought his left hand up and stuffed the other piece of gourd into Taylor’s gaping mouth.

“Mmmhh… nnnghhh,” His throat was filled with gooey pulp. Taylor had no choice but to swallow.

The slimy juice was drooling down his jaws, seeping across his chest. Kim squeezed the almost emptied fruit for a final time dripping even more juice on Taylor’s rippling abs. The swallowed juice started to work on the teen’s neural system. His moves became more sexual, rather than fighting. With almost no objection he allowed the remaining juice to be rubbed into his pecs and all over his belly. His entire body got flushed and he felt as if he was going nuts.

“Come on, give in to it,” Kim’s fingertips were circling the itching nipples.

“Fuck! My brother will kill you for that, uhhh t-that feels good,” the teen squirmed.

“Your brother, liked it as well. I had him many times, did you know that?” the Korean smirked.

“Oh fuck,” moaning and writhing Taylor started to rub his tingling skin and finally to twist his own swollen man tits.

“Now you like it, huh,” Kim gasped humping the helpless flipping body from below. Expertly he adjusted his position and Taylor saw sparks when his prostrate was hit. In reflex he jerked his hips up only to find his dick now clamped tautly by the slippery veggie.

“Your brother called that a reverse cowboy,” Kim chuckled, “only this time the horse rides the jock.”

“Uurghh,” Taylor gurgled. The Asian clung tight to him, safely on his back and out of reach of his flailing arms. His thighs were held obscenely spread by Kim’s legs. The suction of the gourd was so strong that he feared his nuts would be sucked from his sack.

“Ooouuhhh,” His balls contracted and attached themselves to the base of his steadily pumped shaft. Toes were curling, there was no holding back.

“Huh…huh…uunngh...” His back arched high when his cum was sucked inside the gourd.

“Yesss!” Kim hissed. He sensed Taylor’s cumshot when the younger man’s sphincter clenched around his own dick. “Now let’s see who lasts longer”, Kim continued to discharge the howling jock.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me fuck me,” Taylor was unable to control himself.

“Your big brother begged the same,” Kim cooed.

The constant arousal and the torturing suction on his dick head sent Taylor into a state of delirious agony. His body contracted again when his teen juice was extracted from the shrinking, aching balls, then his flailing arms and legs went limp. Kim extracted one more load from the passed out teen, then he rolled the sticky, sweaty body on his side.

The Korean regained quickly his usual composure. He waited patiently until Taylor started to stir. The Colonel watched as the young man finally managed to stand uneasy on his hands and knees, still disoriented and oblivious about his surroundings. Kim turned to a small coffee table and opened a jar of jade green China. He reached inside and pulled a strange looking device made of dark metal, a leather sheath and ivory abutments from the oil inside the jar.

“…and now young man, I am afraid your destiny will change forever,” Kim bend down and started to slip the Dragon Claw over Taylor’s deflated dick. “Your juices will be a valuable contribution to my cause.”

“Noooo!” Taylor knew it was over.

“I will keep you and your brother collared as my pets.” Kim crooned into Taylor’s ear.

“Enough, Master Kim, please let the boy go,” the Abbot Gao-Ban had entered the room unnoticed by the two men.

“Stay out of this Gao-Ban,” Kim said forcing the ivory abutment into Taylor’s asshole,” this is none of your business.”

“I am the Abbott of this temple, anything here-in is my business,” Gao-Ban approached and seized the wrist of the Colonel, who was about to force Taylor’s dick into the leather sheath. The young American whimpered meekly.

Kim pushed the old monk back – at least he tried. Somehow his push was turned against him and he landed with an audible thud on his back.

“You old fool! You just made yourself dispensable,” Kim fumed and charged.

The two men were quickly engaged in a fierce close-hand combat. Again and again the naked Colonel was thrown to the floor. Mad with rage he eyed the dagger on the table and rushed for it. When he turned back to the Abbott he found that the old man who was kneeling at Taylor’s side, was no longer alone. Eng-Lok and a group of Red Guards had entered.

“It is over, Master Kim,” Gao-Ban carefully pulled the Dragon Claw from Taylor’s genitals.

“Traitor!” The Colonel raised the dagger and charged. The Red Guards reacted with a furious howl and came to the aid of their venerated Abbott. Kim was seized and pushed onto the table where he was held spread-eagled.

Eng-Lok carried a wooden box and placed it between the writhing Colonel’s legs.

“No! You will die a terrible death, I swear” Kim yelled furiously when Eng-Lok took the golden phallus of King Barsaf from the box.

“We will see to that later, “ Gao-Ban was standing close to Kim’s head. He was holding a golden prayer wheel in front of the Colonel’s face. Eng-Lok waited for the Abbott’s nod and pushed the rod with a swift motion between Kim’s butt cheeks.

“Aaaiiiiiiiiii!” a high-pitched scream signaled that the Colonel’s rear defenses had been taken.

“Stop! No! That will never work. Ohh… nnnooooo… ahhh… huhhh,” Kim’s shouts and curses turned to moans when Eng-Lok moved the golden phallus steadily in and out. His naked body was covered in sweat when Gao-Ban started to chant. The Red Guards who were not busy with holding the squirming officer down, sank down on their knees.

“Uuurghh,” the Colonel’s cum spilled over Eng-Lok’s fist who was slowly milking the groaning man.

“Nooooo!” Kim’s vision was filled with the whirling prayer wheel. He listened to the old monk’s soft voice and suddenly he felt so young… so very young.


A group of Red Guards had entered as well Dr. Takashima’s quarters. Brock and Hank had put up quite a fight to defend their perceived Master, but in the end they found themselves pinned face-down with spread legs. The Koreans took turns to “liberate” the hunky Americans. They enjoyed their job so much that it took a bit longer than necessary, which triggered a rather ungrateful reaction from the two men.

Takashima had used the havoc to get dressed and to sneak away, however, Hank and Brock mad with rage and up for vengeance managed to find him in time before he had a chance to leave the temple. Now they were chasing the Japanese across the pebbled courtyard. The white laboratory gown was flying, as Dr. Takashima entered the building underneath which the research facility was located. The scientist was desperately keeping hold to a red helmet, the prototype of the latest generation of the mind control devices. He was determined not to surrender it to the enemy.

“Let's finish that mother-fucker once and for all,” Brock shouted. The two men were bare-chested, wearing a pair of camo pants and combat boots that they had found in a storage room.

“Yeah, let's take the damn’ gook down,” Hank nodded.

They entered the building as well, just to see the Japanese disappearing behind a wall carpet. Brock didn't hesitate and ripped the rug down to reveal a small entrance. The two Marines rushed down the stairs, just when Takashima closed another door. Too late they heard a lock turn.

To add to the mishap they found themselves in front of two closed doors when they reached they basement floor.

“Shit!” Hank cursed but Brock motioned him to step aside. He took a few steps and rammed his shoulder into the first door, which was clearly drawn torn from the hinges and thrown out of the frame.

“You first, boss!” Brock motioned with mocked courtesy.

Acrid hospital-like smell filled their nostrils. Agitated Asians in white gowns weaseled between computer terminals and chromed laboratory tables. First alerted shouts sounded when the two burly Americans were discovered.

“Can you see the gook?” Brock asked.

“Nope! I am not sure at least, among all those gooks…” Hank replied.

“We cannot take any chances,” Brock said,” he must not get away, try to check these nerds out and I have a look what’s behind the other fuckin’ door.”

“Affirmative, pal – take care of your hide,” Hank received the first attacker with a roundhouse kick that sent the lanky Asian flying behind a chromed table.

“Anybody else like to try?” Hank challenged. Five men charged simultaneously at the grinning Master Sergeant. He went down under a ball of bodies.

“Have fun mate!” Brock grinned and turned, sure that his friend would be able to handle the situation. He heard already the first painful cries behind his back when he kicked the second door in.

He found himself in a vault that was definitely not a clean research room. It was an older part of the temple complex. Moist, stale air filled the dark chambers. A single oil lamp dispersed some meager light. After his eyes adapted Brock recognized some torches, which had been dropped careless in a corner. He fetched one and lit with the oil lamp. The tar-soaked head of the torch burned with a bright yellow flame and now he also saw the old armor on a rack on the opposite side of the room, guarding a small door.

Brock had little admiration for the intricate craftsmanship of the ancient Asian armor, but he whistled when he saw the empty sword sheath attached to its side.

“Fine with me, if you wonna play sword and dagger,” Brock took the dagger from the belt scabbard. He pushed it inside his combat boot and entered cautiously the doorway. At the end of the adjacent aisle he sensed some quick movement, however, he was not sure.

“Only one way to find out.” he grunted. The steps of his heavy boots echoed through the hallway when he rushed forward.

Takashima heard the hunk coming closer. Panic-stricken he looked around, like a trapped animal. He had reached a dead end. There was no way out of the chamber he had entered, but the door through which the American would come. The Japanese extinguished his torch and grabbed the sword with both hands. The helmet was between his feet.

Brock reached the door.

“Come out, come out wherever ‘ya are,” the burly ex-Marine cooed.

He heard a sob from the room and entered slowly, holding the torch straight in front.

The Japanese stood at the far end close to the wall. A red helmet was between his feet and he was holding a long single bladed sword – and he was shivering.

“Drop that big ‘ol knife, before anybody gets hurt,” Brock snarled. He moved closer and the Asian lifted the sword above his head.

“I warned you!” the hunky construction worker closed in. The boots making dull thuds on the tiled floor with every step and every thud sent a shudder through the lean Asian.

“I’m tellin’ ya for a last time: Drop that fuckin’ sword and ‘ya can hand me that fuckin’ helmet of yours as well, it won’t do ‘ya any good anymore.” Brock glared at Takashima.

“Nooooo!” the Japanese yelled and to Brock’s surprise charged.

It happened incredibly fast. Brock’s instincts sharpened over the many years in the service kicked in. The torch deflected the sword and his fist landed straight on the Japanese’s nose. The ex-Marine felt bones breaking under his knuckles.

“Ahhhh!” Takashima howled in pain and was driven back against the wall. The sword had dropped from his hand. Blood trickled between his fingers as he cupped his nose.

“Outch! Did that hurt?” Brock sneered and made another step. The tile under his foot gave slightly way. The American frowned, but moved on.

He never saw it coming. The ancient trap worked with vicious precision. The coarsely meshed net wrapped itself around him, pressing his arms to his body. His feet were pulled away from under his body. He found himself hanging upside down before his torch had hit the floor.

“Fuck! Shit!” Brock roared. Takashima looked perplexed with open mouth at the wildly floundering body. The booted feet were tightly secured close to the ceiling from where the net had dropped. The coarse mesh was cutting deep into the flexing, bulging muscles. The American’s head which had slipped through a mesh turned already red from both the rage and the blood that collected from the upside down swinging body. Obscene curses resounded from the stone walls.

Brock struggled furiously, but the more he fought the tighter the meshwork contracted. He was helpless. The tables had turned and the pathetic gook could now gut him like pig hanging in a cold storage of a slaughterhouse. Desperately he tried to get to the dagger in his boot.

The Japanese walked hesitantly to the fuming hunk. Brock whose face was in level with Takashima’s knees struggled to look up.

“OK …fuck you, you have been lucky, so get it over with, finish me off, will you,” he gasped.

“That would be a waste. “ Takashima licked his lips,” I need a bodyguard to get out of here and you, although you have little brain, you have the muscle I need.”

“I will rather be damned, fuck you, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Brock reared up, but failed to hit the scientist.

“Yes of course you won’t cooperate,” Takashima muttered,” unless…” He looked at the helmet. He had never tested the new software and had no clue whether it would work. However, he had no choice.

“I must try this,” he looked at Brock.


“Just relax, everything will be fine,” Takashima reached for the stud’s crotch and started to knead the soft dick.

“Fuck off!” Brock went berserk. His heavy body flipped up and down. He cursed, he yelled, he shouted and finally Takashima had to accept that he could not get into the ex-Marine’s mind so easily.

“Why do you have to make things difficult?” he sighed and fingered in the pocket of his gown. “You need to relax, otherwise you cannot be receptive.”

He produced a syringe from the pocket and now despite all the flipping and bucking Brock could not prevent getting the injection right into his taut bull neck.

“Shit!” he was left to utter a roar of desperate frustration.

Takashima waited a few minutes until the cursing turned into a gibberish bubbling. The jerking and bucking subsided.

“Well, then, why not earlier?” Takashima started again to rub Brock’s genitals through the camouflage fabric. Unfortunately the mesh was so tight that he could not strip his helpless victim. Slowly the hefty cock responded. The Japanese followed the outline of the more and more expanding shaft. He massaged the balls and softly rubbed the contour of the mushroom head that was now poking out.

“Uhhh…” a horny moan told him that he was succeeding.

He fetched the helmet and put it over the lolling head. He pushed the switch and grinned. The American would now hear the Abbott’s chant, but he would not watch the prayer wheel on the inside of the visor. He would see a video clip showing his own first milking session. Takashima waited anxiously.

The dick reacted first. He could feel it twitching through the fabric. Then the whole body started to convulse spasmodically. Guttural grunts and hoarse moans came from the helmet.

Takashima frowned. The subject reacted extremely agitated. He intensified kneading the rock-hard dick, hoping to trap the rebellious mind in a flush of arousal.

Suddenly a howl. The heavy body tensed and started bucking. A wet spot formed in the lap and finally cum was oozing from below the waist belt, drooled across the contracting six-pack abs and soaked the mat of curly hair covering the chest.

“I kill ‘ya, fuck man - that one you will regret, ya’ motherfucking pisser,” a flood of muffled curses came from the helmet.

Irritated Takashima was wiping his moist palm in his gown. The prototype had failed. He had now no other option than to make sure that the American could never follow him again. He turned in order to fetch the sword that he had dropped before.

He made one step towards the weapon and didn’t feel the tile giving way under his feet ……..


After roughing the Asians up thoroughly, Hank had rounded up the frightened scientists.

“So,” he lectured,” as we have reached an understanding of our terms of… uhm… cooperation – who is in charge of the mainframe?”

Shyly a young guy with black spiked hair lifted his hand.

“OK son, you will put our ship’s computers back in fuck mode, understood?”

“You mean,” said the geek with cocky disdain in his voice,” you want me to reboot your ship’s mainframe, cleanse the viruses and …”

“…and fuck yourself, yeah Mister Wise Ass,” Hank mocked, ”that is exactly what I want you to do.”

“…and those fucking pussies among you, who know the whereabouts of our TCUs…” he looked around and when nobody showed a reaction he demonstratively cupped his groin. A few scientists lifted their hands.

“Thank you pussies for your cooperation,” Hank grinned naughtily,” you will dismantle them and have them delivered to our ship, asap”

The Asians rushed away and almost collided with Brock, who just came sauntering into the lab, a flipping body, wrapped into a net over his naked shoulder.

“What took you so long?” Hank asked unable to hide his amusement.

“Well, Marine. while you obviously enjoyed having your balls licked by these pussy boys,” Brock grinned, “ I did all the work and caught us a fish.”

He dropped the Japanese deftly on the floor, making Takashima squeal. After the scientist had caught himself in a likewise trap, Brock had managed to strip off the helmet. He finally succeeded to get to the dagger and free himself.

“You stuffed the sushi good, huh?” Hank squatted and pointed at the cum-smeared mouth of the Japanese and at the neat cuts through the net, the gown and the bottoms of the trousers.

“Piece of cake, mate,” Brock shrugged innocently.

An excited whispering and even shouts of astonishment went through the scientists when Grand Master Gao-Ban entered with a boyish grinning Colonel Kim. Chuck and Kyle pushed a reluctant Master Huang ahead.

“Why are these men crying, Grand Master?” Kim pointed at Huang and Takashima who had been strapped onto the devilish milking devices.

“They are punished because they behaved very bad,” Gao Ban petted Kim’s shorn head, “I will explain this to you once you have grown up, my child.”

Lee cursed until the moment when Dwight forced the helmet over his head. Takashima pleaded and even wept, but Eng-Lok – after Gao.Ban’s nod - did not hesitate an instant putting the helmet on the Japanese’s head. Soon their bodies adjusted to the bucking rhythm of the rocking bike-like machines and their shouts were replaced by moans and childish giggling.

It took almost a week until the well-fucked crew and the captives from the temple were back on board of the USS Vincent Mancroft. The Abbott had instructed the laboratory to be dismantled by loyal Red Guards. On the departure day farmers from Suyang-dong came to the shore to bid the Americans a farewell. Chul-Ba and Kua’i were hugging Kyle and Chuck, while Brock and Wade Rowley and Jack Durango jokingly loaded equipment into a landing craft. The Rowley brothers and the Captain had plans to set up their own construction company after returning back home.

“May Buddha always smile gently on your missions,” Abbott Gao-Ban softly shook Commodore Mulroney’s hand.

“We are greatly indebted, Sir,” Laurence Mulroney bowed courteously to the small monk.

“No Commodore, I have to thank you and your brave men, for preventing me from committing a most serious mistake. And I am most rewarded that you granted your two crew members to stay as advisors.”

Mulroney looked at Cliff and Craig. Both were bald shaved and dressed in the grey clothes of novices. Cliff looked admiringly at the Abbott and Craig grinned to a group of Red Guards, who had gathered at the shore as well.

When the sun set over the Nine Moon Mountains the carrier was already on his way back to Okinawa. Many of the crew, however, far from being asleep were discussing their big adventure.

“I fucked him silly, he was pleading for mercy,” Taylor was in Kyle’s and Chuck’s cabin, ”too bad that the Abbott came in, so I had to stop, otherwise… you know.”

“We are so much proud of you ‘lil Bro,” Kyle grinned. He knelt behind Taylor on the small bed and kneaded his brother's shoulders.

“Yeah, you did what none of us Marines could do,” Chuck said admiringly. ”It paid off that you trained with us so much, huh?”

“Yeah and we thought, you might teach us some of your moves – like the reverse cowboy …” Kyle pulled his surprised brother on top of himself.

“What the fuck? No… let me go you oafs!”

“Oh mighty Master let me please you,” Chuck giggled and closed his lips over the head of Taylor’s already hardening cock.

“That’s not fair! Oh, shit! You’ll pay for that – both of you, I have a claaawwwwww ….” Taylor’s head lolled back on his brother’s muscular chest.

The End