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The Mission
Part 6 - Seals Hell Week
By Randy Dragon

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The Mission

Seals Hell Week

Okinawa Island was the home base for the aircraft carrier USS Vincent Mancroft. It was one of the biggest US naval bases abroad. The military airport was bustling and nobody paid attention to the six men. While Dwight was reporting to the officer in charge, Taylor was watching the strapping Marines and hunky sailors hustling by.

“Don't get any ideas.” Kyle said with mocked warning.

“Why shouldn't I? I'm looking for a new lover. You've cost me my pony-tail,” Taylor glared at his brother with equally mocked indignation.

“Well, you've got my tail instead, and besides, you look fuckin’ sexy as a Marine,” Kyle grinned and Taylor hugged him.

Dwight returned with a serviceman, who led them straight onto the airfield. They climbed into a CH-50-D helicopter and took off for the USS Vincent Mancroft .

The giant warship had anchored fifty miles off the shores of Okinawa Island. Surrounded by her supply fleet she looked almost like an island herself from a distance.

With 320 meters in length and a beam of 41 meters the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was one of the largest warships ever built. It could reach a maximum speed of over 30 knots, and accommodated a complement of 6,000 personnel. The carrier was home to 50 jets and 50 helicopters. When need required, it would be capable of launching one aircraft every 20 seconds.

The helicopter landed on the 340 meter long flight deck. They were received by a friendly smiling young sailor.

“Welcome on board, Commodore Mulroney is already waiting for you. We better hurry, he is already quite pissed off,” he shouted over the noise of the jet engines.

Commodore Laurence Mulroney was in his late forties. He had a bull neck, stood at 6.1 ft. and weighed 230 lbs. His ice gray hair was buzz cut.

The one star officer was studying a nautical map of the Korean Sea, when Dwight and his friends entered the bridge.

“Sergeant Dwight Collins, reporting for duty, Sir, ” Dwight saluted and stood at attention.

“Hi skipper! That is one hell of a ship that you are sailing here,” Taylor said. He fetched one of the microprocessor-powered binoculars and aimed through the armored window front of the bridge down at the flight deck. The officers and sailors on the bridge froze and turned visibly pale, while the face of the Commodore changed to a crimson color. There was absolute silence. Dwight looked in horror at Taylor and Kyle just wanted to die.

“Sir! He is a civilian.” Dwight finally managed to say.

“I know what he is,” the Commodore roared on top of his voice. Taylor winced and the binocular fell to the floor shattering to pieces.

“I… I'm sorry. I didn't want..” Taylor stuttered.

Mulroney looked at him with undisguised disgust.

“Sir…” Dwight started again, but was interrupted.

“And I know what you are. I don't know, however, what has gotten into the Marine Corps to send us a fag squad, “ the Commodore roared again,” but as long as you are on my ship, you will stay put in your cabins and don't you even think about playing with your fucking dicks.”

“As for the little problem, because of which you have been sent here, I want you to know that there is no problem. The Navy can handle the situation very easily. We do it our way and you will not interfere. Do I make myself clear Sergeant?”

“Sir! Crystal clear, Sir,” Dwight replied, still standing at attention,” but my orders…”

“Your orders, Sergeant,” the Commodore drawled,” you can shove your orders where the sun never shines! I assume that's what you guys like to do anyway, huh?”

“Yes Sir…uhm I mean… no sir. I…I…, “ Dwight  was totally bewildered. The Commodore knew that he had harpooned his prey, and continued to dismantle the young Marine with obvious enjoyment.

“The Army is sending us people who are queer and who don’t know how to speak,” he sneered. “Let me give you a fair warning, son, don’t mess with my Seals. They might rip your fuckin’ queer balls off and stuff ‘em up your sweet mouth. Then you can’t talk at all.” His staff on the bridge grinned.

“Full speed ahead,” Mulroney ordered,” we have already lost too much time with you fruit flies.”

Buttons were pressed and keyboards were clicking.  The nuclear reactor went online and the USS Vincent Mancroft started to plow the waves leaving her supply ships behind. Four turbines of 260,000hp propelled the four shafts, generating a displacement of 102.000 t.

“Sir.  May I ask…?” Dwight started again and was again interrupted.

“Of course you may ask. Watch and learn superior naval warfare,” the Commodore said with glee.

“We will sail up the Yellow Sea right into the Korea Bay. Then we will stay about fifteen miles clear off the shore and send our Seals into the enemy facility. We free the hostages if any, and then….,” Mulroney pointed to the missile launchers,” BOOOOMMM!”

“But Sir, isn't it unusual that an aircraft carrier operates without support fleet and where is the crew?” Dwight asked.

“Are you scared already?” the Commodore’s voice turned acidic.  “Son, our enemy is a bunch of hairless, prickless monks, who would piss in their pants if they spotted the Vincent, but they won't even see her.

We don’t need no fuckin’ support fleet and our skeleton crew will suffice to do the job. Hell! I will not spoil the shore leave of my boys, who are making the girls of Okinawa happy.

This is not World War III. We move in, take ‘em out and sail home. You and your …uhm…men,” Mulroney drawled the word,” are asked to do nothing. Enjoy the cruise! Dismissed!”

"Commodore Mulroney is not like Major O'Rourke,” Lee spoke for the first time after they had arrived on board of the carrier. Dwight and Lee were sharing a cabin. Two other cabins had been assigned to Taylor and Kyle and to Chuck and Mike.

“Yeah, I guess I can call myself lucky that the old shark has not eaten me alive,” Dwight sighed. He was stripped down to his jockstrap unpacking his duffel bag and tried to squeeze his stuff into the small locker. There was not much space on the big aircraft carrier for personal items.

“But maybe it's not so bad after all.  If the Navy does the job, we don't have to risk our lives. Without Brock and Wade, the team is definitely lacking muscle. I dunno whether we ever had a chance to succeed…Oh, what..?” Dwight looked startled at the Asian, who had undressed and put two pillows from the bunk beds on the floor. Dwight watched Lee setting up a small incense burner.

“Please sit down,” Lee invited the Marine to sit down on one pillow. He lightened a candle and switched off the light. Then he sat down cross-legged on the opposite pillow and looked at Dwight.

“You need to relax. There is too much trouble on your mind…,” he reached forward until his hand rested on Dwight’s shoulders and started kneading the taut muscles. The Marine was mesmerized. Since a long time he had felt attracted to the Asian, but after their one encounter in the darkroom of the Pink Cock there hadn't been another opportunity for intimacy.

Although Dwight was versatile, he usually preferred a top role. He couldn't explain why he had bottomed for Lee. He even felt that in relation to the smaller Asian, it should be him being the dominant partner. Now again, the Korean had taken the initiative from him. In the flickering candlelight all the muscles in Lee’s sinewy body seemed to flex. The brown skin seemed to glow golden and for the first time Dwight became aware that the whole torso of the Asian was covered with a fine intricate pattern of tattoos.

The scent of the incense made him lightheaded and he felt it difficult to focus on what Lee was saying. Lee was constantly talking in a monotonous voice. He had reached into Dwight's jockstrap and the quickly hardening cock of the Marine was now gliding in the palm of his hand. His fingers and Dwight's boner were glistening with oil, however, Dwight could not remember where the lubricant had come from, nor how Lee had applied it so generously that it was even oozing down on his balls.

Lee had made him kneel until he was sitting with his firm butt cheeks on his heels. Dwight's thighs were spread and the waistband of his jockstrap was stretched under the shaved taut nut sac pulling his aching nuts obscenely to the front. His 6 inch baby-maker was fully erect now, and throbbing in the hand of the Asian who was jacking him softly and agonizingly slow. Dwight felt his man-juice churning in his balls and he knew he wouldn't be able to last long.

“I'm going to cum.” He moaned.

“Relax…” Lee smiled and changed the rhythm of his strokes. Amazingly, the urge to cum dissipated.

“Fuck, man that’s …, “ the Marine groaned.

"Shhhhhh…” he was silenced by the Asian, who was speeding up the rhythm again.

For Dwight it seemed to go on for hours. His whole body was soaked in sweat, and his arms were dangling limp at his sides.  He was staring with glassy eyes at the tip of his cock covered with oil and pre-cum, glistening in the candle light. It was as if his whole being was centered in the bloated mushroom head, where Lee was holding him, controlling his entire brawny body.  Dwight couldn't remember how many times he had crossed the point of no return, ready to explode, only to experience being guided back into a state of lesser arousal by Lee’s expert hand.

Dwight's man tits were filled with blood by now, and protruded from his rounded pectorals.

“Oh fffffuck!” Dwight hissed and threw his head backwards, when Lee's free hand twisted, one of the hypersensitive knobs of flesh.  At this moment, a gush of pre-cum sputtered from the gaping piss slit. Lee's fist closed viselike over the pulsing dickhead.

“Aaargh,” Dwight's body contracted and started shuddering. He felt Lee's hand pushing against his chest and sank down on his back. The pillow lifted his hip and the next thing he realized was that Lee was filling him with the full length of his Asian cock. Without releasing his grip on Dwight's boner Lee fell on top of him and closed the moaning mouth with a hard kiss. Lee's hips started bucking. The movement of the cock in his guts was sending thrills of sheer lust throughout Dwight’s body.

Simultaneously tongue-wrestled, jacked-off and fucked, Dwight experienced a mind blowing climax. His feet left the floor. The legs were shooting straight up and closed around the slim Asian waist.

“Mmmmpffhhh,” There were only guttural grunts as Lee was sucking the air from his lungs intensifying the orgasm to a state of unbearable sweet agony.

Lee, who was pumping the Marine’s guts with his own man seed had now trouble to control the writhing body beneath him, while Dwight’s cum gushed over his fist and covered their abs.

Finally the groaning and moaning subsided. The two men lay huddled together. They were deep asleep, when the candlelight burned down and the cabin was swallowed by darkness. Dwight’s cum was slowly drying, gluing their bellies together like a pair of Siamese twins.

Chuck and Kyle had both announced that they needed to crash and as neither Taylor nor Mike did really feel tired, they had decided to give their bodies a work-out in one of the ship’s gyms. Taylor had hardly left, when there was a knock at the door of the cabin. Kyle opened and looked right into the grinning face of Chuck.

“They are gone.” Chuck said.

“You look tired, why don't you come to bed,” Kyle pulled him inside.

Kyle was only wearing his boxer shorts and discarded them, while Chuck was hastily stripping.

“If they find out…mmmhhh…” Kyle couldn't finish for Chuck was silencing him with a kiss. The two hunky Marines stumbled and fell tightly embracing each other on the lower bunk bed. What followed was raw animalistic muscle sex.

Although they were almost equal in size, Kyle was thirty five pounds heavier than Chuck. Nevertheless throwing in his wrestling experience, Chuck managed to pin the Sergeant down.

“Get ready for the fuck of your life, Sarge !” Chuck grinned down into Kyle's contorted face.

“Not so fast naughty boy!” Kyle slammed his hands on Chuck's sexy buttocks and started to give the Lance Corporal a royal spanking. Although Chuck managed to wrestle Kyle down again he found himself weakening under a wave of kisses. The bed made a dangerous squeal when 445 lbs combined horny Marine muscle meat moved into a 69 position. Grunting and slurping filled the room.

“Oh fuck, baby you are so hot,” Chuck moaned. He had again managed staying on top of the heavier Marine. Kyle was nibbling at his ears, sucking his nipples and gave him love bites on his shoulders, arms and chest. Chuck felt again a weakness spreading through his body, but this time he was prepared. He lifted his hips allowing Kyle's rock-hard boner slipping between his legs.  As soon as he felt the hot cock touching his balls, he closed his sweaty thighs trapping Kyle’s fuck-pole between his hard muscles.

He gripped Kyle's wrists and forced the arms under Kyle’s back. Kyle could hardly move.  When Chuck started bouncing his hips, Kyle realized what was happening.

“Oh shit, damn you, oh fuck!” Kyle's head was flying right and left, while his dick was kneaded between Chuck’s thighs. Now it was the Lance Corporal’s turn to cover his fuck buddy’s face with kisses.

Shortly later Chuck felt the hard body under him tensing.

“Uuuuhhh!” Big blobs of churning cum splashed on his butt cheeks when Kyle’s dick erupted.

“Yeah Baby, cum for me,” Chuck moaned, feeling Kyle’s man seed oozing between his butt cheeks.  While Kyle was still caught in the aftermath of his climax, he was turned around on his belly and Chuck started to fuck him doggie-style.

And so it went on. After Chuck had spilled his load, Kyle had recovered and topped the younger Marine from behind.

“Nooo!,” Chuck squeaked when Kyle’s tongue entered his ear…

While Chuck and Kyle were fucking each other silly, Taylor and Mike had finished their work-out. They walked over to the shower room to wash the sweat from their pumped bodies.  Soon they were joined by two athletic built members of the USS Vincent Mancroft crew.

"My my my, you better don't bend in case your soap falls down.” Cliff O'Leary grinned. He was the Lieutenant of the carrier’s Seal squad. He stood 6.1 ft. tall and was 220 pounds raw muscle. Colorful tattoos were all over his body. The red hair was cut down to stubbles. His impressive man meat, however, grew from a nest of curly red hair that continued as a treasure trail up to his belly button.

His buddy and second-in-command was a red-hair as well. Craig Braddock could have been Cliff’s twin brother. He was just slightly smaller and weighed 200 lbs. Both Seals were twenty four years old. They were elite combat divers specialized in anti-terror missions. When they were on furlough, they had regular contests, who could bed the highest number of chicks in the shortest time.

They knew of course that the Marine Corps had deployed a mission to North Korea. Like the Commodore they found it unbearable that a ‘bunch of queers’ had been entrusted with such an important task.

“Thanx for warning me Bro,” Craig laughed,” maybe we should have brought some whores from Okinawa to scare the faggots away.”

Taylor and Mike pretended not to listen, hoping to avoid a conflict. But that seemed to provoke the Seals even more.

“Hey, you! We're talking about you,” Cliff shouted while lathering lasciviously his semi hard dick.

“Are you from the ‘Fag Squad’?” Craig sneered.

“Oh look they are so scared without their friends,” Cliff mocked in a high-pitched voice.

“We can take you any time, any place asshole!” Mike was flaring up before Taylor could stop him.

“Oh shit,” Taylor mumbled. It was too late. The challenge was out. Taylor knew that the Seals had only waited for this to happen and they had walked right into the open trap.

“What did you just say?” promptly came Cliff’s reply.

“Listen, forget about it, we are on the same side isn't it?” Taylor tried to defuse the situation, although he knew it was to no avail.

“We are definitely not on the same side, faggot!” Craig snorted.

“If you want to back out, just say it!” Cliff challenged and Taylor knew what was now to happen.

“No, if you want to back out just say it. I am ready for you any time any place.” Mike barked. He was relying on his martial arts training and sure he could take at least one of the hunks down.

“Well, is that so?  Then why not right away?“ Cliff asked slyly.

“As I said” Mike moved into a fighting stance.

“Ha! Look at that boy!” Cliff laughed,” Not here, we need a more cozy, private place, where we don't get interrupted.” They left the showers and went to the locker room. He whispered something to Craig and both grinned devilishly.

“Did you bring your swim gear?” Craig asked.

“No,” Taylor and Mike were at a loss.

“No problem, your boxers will do just fine,” Cliff said with a dastard tone in his voice. The two Seals changed into pairs of skimpy red Speedos that could barely contain their bulges.

Cliff and Craig walked the two Marines to one of the lower decks.  Soon Taylor lost any orientation about their position.  The Vincent was a gigantic maze. Finally they arrived at the special training area of the Seals.

“This is, where real men are training,” Cliff said. They had entered a room that smelt intensively of seawater and there was indeed a lot of water below their feet. When Craig switched a button at a console, lights went on below them. The entire floor was a metal grate. Very deep down there in the eerie green shadows of the basin filled with seawater was the actual tiled floor of the room.

“Have you ever heard about the Navy SEAL’s ‘hell week’?” Cliff asked.

Taylor went pale and Mike didn't look so sure anymore.

“As I said, this is for a real man only,” Cliff snickered when he saw the concerned expression on the two faces.

“We are doing the drowning exercises here. Men are tied up and drowned. Then we see how long they last and whether they panic. Only when they almost pass out we pull them out,” Craig explained.

“Listen this is not our deal. We expected a fair fight,” Mike objected,” you are trained to do that, that’s not fair.”

“Calm down pussy-boy,” Cliff laughed.

“We will do a simple diving exercise,” Craig pulled a trolley to the center of the room. The trolley carried two 154 lbs barbell sets. There was a hatch in the floor and Cliff opened it. Both Cliff and Craig fetched one of the barbell sets and did a few two arm curls.  Their biceps were bulging.

“Do you wanna warm up?” Cliff offered, “ No? I thought so.”

The Seals dumped the barbells down the hatch.  Quickly, the heavy weights sank down to the tiled floor.

“Now these are just 30 feet.  We will dive and bring the barbells back. First one wins. Easy, isn't it?” Cliff laughed. He adjusted his dick in the Speedos and jumped down the hatch. He disappeared under the surface of the water. Taylor studied the console with interest.

“Don’t touch anything”, Craig warned.

Cliff came up again, wiping the water from his face.

“So, who is first?” He grinned.

“You go!” Taylor said to Mike in a firm voice.

Mike looked as if he was going to be drowned in hell week. The Seals giggled at his obvious predicament. Taylor pulled Mike close and hissed into his ear, so that the Seals couldn’t understand.

“Don't go for the barbell. Let him go down, but you come back quickly, pretending that you ran out of air.”

Mike looked at him at a complete loss.

“Trust me!” Taylor pushed Mike towards the hatch and almost forced him into the water.

“Ok, are you ready?” Craig asked.

Cliff gave him a thumbs up.

“Ready, set, go!” Craig shouted.

The two men disappeared. Taylor and Craig watched how they descended to the bottom of the basin. Cliff seemed to fall like a stone. The trained combat diver was in his element.  He shot ahead of Mike who was pathetically struggling to get depth. Then he gave up and returned to the surface.

“What’s wrong pussy-boy? Got a bit wet, huh?” Craig laughed and helped the huffing and blowing Marine out of the hatch. Mike blushed visibly but Craig had already focused his attention on his buddy, who had arrived at the bottom and was on his way back with the heavy barbell. The Seal was struggling as the weight was pulling on him. They could see bubbles of air blowing from his mouth.

Taylor looked for a moment at the cleavage at the top of Craig’s buttocks that appeared over the hem of his Speedos while he bent forwards to watch Cliff. Then he kicked the Seal‘s butt and the surprised man fell down the hatch.

“Now quick, help me!  ” Taylor said and they secured the hatch.

“This won’t get us anywhere, we have to let them out sooner or later and then they will be really mad!” Mike lamented.

“I don’t think they will be mad at all. You’ll see they’ll be cool,” Taylor grinned.

Craig was already under the hatch and tried to push it open.

“Fuck! What the hell you think you’re doing!” he cursed.

Cliff resurfaced at this moment red-faced with the barbell. He was breathing heavily.

When he realized what was going on, he went berserk.

“You fuckin’ queers, open that hatch or I swear, I fuckin kill ‘ya!” he thrust the heavy barbell against the hatch and pushed himself under water while struggling.

“You need to control your temper! Chill!” Taylor laughed and went to the console. He hit a button labeled ‘Hypothermia’ and turned a switch to ’30 F’. Machines that had been silent until now came to life. There were humming and pumping sounds in the walls. The room temperature seemed to drop rapidly.

“What is going on? What have you done?” Mike looked at Taylor in concern.

“You see, we have a training center of the Navy at our beach as well. The Seals are training in a dive tower like that one here below. I didn't recognize it at first, because here on the ship it looks different.  The whole construction is submerged. But I recognized the console. It is like the one I know. The sound that you're hearing is pumps at work. They are filling liquid nitrogen into pipes all around the basin. That cools the water fuckin’ fast.

The Seals are using this to train rescue missions in an Arctic environment. You'll see it will cool down their temper in no time.”

Cliff and Craig felt the water temperature dropping dramatically. They heard the pumps and looked alarmed at the console.

“Are you crazy? Open that fucking hatch, let us out!” Cliff shouted on top of his voice ramming the barbell against the hatch.

The water temperature dropped to 60 degrees F. The Seals had already cold sensations. Goose bumps were developing and they began to shiver.

“Fuck you!” Craig howled and pushed against the hatch but to no avail. The two men grabbed the barbell and thrust it against the hatch in a joint effort, but the hatch didn’t give way.

When the water dropped to 45 degrees F the shivering became really intense, their movements slowed down and became labored.

“Sh-shiiit!” they cursed when the barbell slipped from their numb hands.

’30’ degrees F and the machines went silent. The Seals were shivering severely. To conserve warmth they had embraced each other, however, the drop in temperature was too much already. Without any clothes the core temperature of the hunky bodies dropped to dangerous levels.

“Oh look at our straight boys, aren’t they cute cuddling so nice.” Taylor mocked.

“Pp-llezze ..l-lett u-u-ussshh..outtt,” one of the Seals – it was not clear whether it was Cliff or Craig – pleaded with a stumbling voice.

“I don’t believe this..,” Mike watched in shock and awe. It was the first time he witnessed Taylor in ‘full action’.

“Say: ‘We are your little bitches!’”, Taylor ordered.

“Ff-fuckkk…yy-aahuh..huh..huh,” came the answer.

“Say:’ We are your little bitches. You will fuck us.’, or I chill you down to 20,” Taylor threatened. There was a moment of silence.

“W-wee..huh are ya…’lill b-bitchchessss….Y’youuu…w-willl f-f-ffuuuckk..huh u-usssss’,” came the answer almost as a sob.

“Good boys, we take this as a wish, and I promise we will get you hot in no time,” Taylor unblocked the hatch. Together with Mike they pulled the limp bodies out of the icy water. The men were shivering violently and crouched into a fetal position. The bulges in front of the Speedos had totally disappeared.

“Look we have a drowning accident.” Taylor sneered,” I was told you have to get rid of the wet clothes first.” He stripped the Speedos from the shivering bodies revealing the ridiculous looking shrunken balls and dicks.

“We better start with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,” Taylor went down and started to kiss Cliff. His hands were rubbing all over the goose bump-covered skin.

Mike followed Taylor’s example and gave Craig his ‘kiss of life’.

Taylor switched into a 69 position and invented a cock-to-mouth resuscitation, of which the semi-conscious Seal became barely aware. Taylor licked Cliff’s shrunken balls and sucked the tiny dick. Mike started to feed his dick between Craig’s blue lips.

“That’s like a cone of ice-cream. Seals taste delicious!” Taylor gloated while licking Cliff’s chilled shaft. He lubricated his index finger with saliva and forced it between the hard, cold butt cheeks. It took some effort but then the tight sphincter gave in.

“See, this is how you open something up. Lucky you, I didn’t use a barbell,” Taylor talked almost casually while he finger-fucked and sucked the moaning Seal.

Taylor’s and Mike’s unorthodox resuscitation had an effect on the Seals. Groaning they came out of their daze and found themselves catapulted into a state of horniness. Their dicks were standing at full attention.

“W-whazz…goin’ on?” Cliff was looking from glassy eyes up to Taylor who was twisting the Seals nipples.

“Oh you are just in my special ‘hell week’, turn around Baby, I’ll get you hot,” Taylor pulled Cliff up and forced him on his knees. He reached around the hips and pumped the throbbing shaft. The hips of the red-haired Seal started bucking. Knowing that he could take the hunk by now, Taylor guided his erection between the muscular butt cheeks.

The two simultaneous deflowered Seals howled and gasped when Taylor and Mike fucked them doggie-style.

“Uuurghh! Arghhh!” the duplex orgasm was impressive. Cliff and Craig came almost simultaneously. White Seal cum gushed from the milked cocks and seeped through the grate into the chilled water. The chunks of man-juice gathered first on the surface; than it sank slowly down to the tiled floor of the basin, turning in endless spirals in the eerie glow.

“You need some explanation for your pool-boy!” Taylor laughed and gave Cliff a hefty spank on his butt.

“This job is done.” he said to Mike who was letting Craig licking his cock clean. “Now comes the difficult part.”

“Do you know the way back?” Taylor asked.

“Trust a recon Marine,” Mike laughed and hugged him playfully. The two slipped into their boxers and gave a final kiss to the exhausted Seals before returning to their cabins.

Mike lived up to his promise and they really found their way home.

“May be, we better don’t tell anybody about this. The Commodore would keelhaul us.” Mike suggested.

“Yeah, you’re right partner, we can tell that story, once we are back home,” Taylor gave Mike a kiss and entered the cabin he was sharing with his brother.

Kyle was sound asleep. Despite the air-condition running on full speed, there was a strange scent in the air, reminding Taylor at the pungent smell of heavy sweaty sex. He sniffed his arm pits. ‘I should have taken a shower’ he thought to himself, but he felt suddenly very tired and climbed into the upper bed. Soon Kyle heard his brother snoring. He grinned in the darkness, still tasting Chuck’s cum in his mouth.

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