The Telemachus Story Archive

By Ranger Pietro

I’m always looking for critique and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have constructive criticism, ideas for stories you would like to see made reality, or unfettered praise.


Cody woke up, slowly opening his eyes to take in his surroundings. All around him were tree branches, twisted and gnarled. His strong, thick arms were held tight above him, the full weight of his muscular body resting on them. His legs dangled freely, two or three feet he guessed, above the dark waters of the swamp. He craned his neck back to see what was restraining his arms and froze. Two thick, black tentacles were wrapped around his arms, wound tightly from his biceps to his wrists. A thick slime dropped from them, landing in his short hair, running down his face, oozing into his armpits, and sliding down his ripped torso.

Cody kicked his hairy legs thunderously, twisting and contorting his body, hoping to escape the tentacles’ grasp. He stopped abruptly as a third tentacle swiftly raced out of the water and wrapped itself around his naked waist, the same slime dripping down his hairy abs and pooling at the band of his gym shorts. The tentacles reeked of swamp, and the thick slime was hot on his flesh. Cody choked and coughed, his whole body wracked by the effort. More tentacles rose from the water to restrain his legs, coiling around his naked calves, their tips caressing his inner thighs.

The sensation, while revolting, caused a stirring in his groin. His meaty dick, musky from the day’s hike began to swell, hardening against his will. The hotness of the slime covering his body spurred his arousal, and within moments the mesh of his shorts was stretched taught over his nine thick inches of hard cock.

Cody’s primal yell, desperate and angry, echoed through the swamp. A different kind of tentacle emerged from the waters below, five thick finger like projections curled at its tip. The tentacle rose to Cody’s face, the five appendages stretched out and wrapped themselves around his face, covering his mouth. Cody’s muffled scream brought the attention of another tentacle, which wrapped itself around his muscular pecs and coiled loosely around his neck. Cody struggled again, thrashing his arms, kicking his legs, twisting in the firm grasp of the tentacles.

An eyeless head atop a spindly, wrinkled tentacle rose from the swamp, alien and hideous. The head was about as wide a Cody’s frame, punctuated by two wrinkled drooping lips. The head considered Cody in his entirety a moment before spreading wide its wrinkled lips, revealing a deep, muscular throat. Cody could see a movement in the tentacle below the head, like something being thrown up.

Two tentacles emerged from the open mouth, one dark purple and sharp, the other translucent and hollow. The purple tentacle wandered into the leg of Cody’s gym shorts and moved up towards his waist, brushing against his heavy balls. The sharp tip of the tentacle emerge briefly from the shorts before cutting the fabric away, letting it flutter down to the surface of the water. The tattered shorts were quickly pulled under the water by other tentacles.

With Cody’s hard dick free from its binding, the translucent, mouthed tentacle wriggled to life. It passed between Cody’s legs, circled around his thigh, and sheathed itself around the swollen head of Cody’s cock. The tentacle inched its way slowly down the thick shaft until it sat flush with Cody’s body, the whole of Cody’s dick visibly engulfed inside the tentacle. Cody squirmed and thrashed to no avail. The tentacle undulated around his dick, sending waves of pleasure through Cody’s body. It sucked and massaged, causing Cody’s dick to start leaking precum. Cody tensed his body as his heavy nuts ascended, the waves of pleasure too powerful to combat. Cody grunted as rope after rope of hot cum shot from cock. He watched as it passed down the translucent tentacle before disappearing into the hideous head. The sucking continued, torture to his sensitive cock. Cody groaned and thrashed, but the tentacle persisted. It sucked and massaged, sucked and massaged, sucked and massaged relentlessly, coaxing out innumerable sizable loads from Cody’s throbbing dick despite his violent straining. Hours passed, with hot cum flowing almost non-stop from Cody’s tortures cock.

The last of Cody’s cum disappeared into the head, and the tentacle relented. It slid slowly backwards releasing Cody’s dick from the pleasing prison and retreating into the dark throat. The tentacles around his legs retreated as well, though Cody had no chance to be thankful.

The head, wrinkled lips still agape, moved under Cody, the tentacles holding his arms lowering him into the waiting mouth. The lips wrapped around his feet, the throat swallowing continuously, pulling his body down into the beast. Cody’s muscular legs disappeared into the throat up to his knees, then his upper thighs, then his heavy balls. His thick, soft dick rested on the lips then was pushed up against Cody’s stomach as he was further swallowed down. The lips pursed and pulled, up Cody’s abs, up his pecs, past his hairy, musky armpits. Cody kicked and worked his body against the inside of the throat, digging his toes into the sides searching for leverage to stop from being swallowed.

It wasn’t until he had been swallowed up to his chin that one of his feet found purchase within the throat, halting his downward plight. Cody pushed off with his foot, but a sickening snap sent him sliding fully into the throat, now completely enveloped. Hands now free, Cody pulled them down to his sides and tried to push outward against the throat to slow his progress. His arms strained, pulling himself up against the swallowing, every muscle taut and shaking. The throat closed tight against his body, but still he halted being eaten.

Trying to hasten its meal, the creature resorted to new methods. The translucent tentacle wriggled up past Cody’s legs, pressing between his muscular body and the meaty wall of the throat. The tentacle finally reached its goal—Cody’s struggling arms. The tentacle convulsed quickly and turned milky white. The tentacle’s mouth opened and spewed Cody’s hot cum out, drenching his arms, covering his pecs and abs, and flooding over his thick flaccid cock. The cum ran down his shaking triceps and pooled between his fingers. Cody choked against the feeling of his body being lubed up. He redoubled his efforts, pushing harder against the throat. The extra force was his undoing. His left hand, now slick with his own cum, slid straight down. His whole body slid swiftly down the throat of the master tentacle, the muscled walls undulating against his body. Cody closed his eyes and surrendered himself to his fate.

Cody woke up, slowly opening his eyes to take in his surroundings. He was flat on his back on the ground completely naked. His massive cock was rock hard against his stomach, throbbing expectantly. His whole body was covered in his own cum, and this realization released a final hot load arcing out of his dick. His cock lifted off his stomach and sprayed his cum out over his chest before smacking back against his abs. It lifted again, shooting another rope of cum over his face. Again, hot cum over his arms, again, sticky ropes covering his body. Cody’s muscular body was soaked in his cum, and no tentacles could be found. Had he escaped his fate, or had he simply been left to marinate?