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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 8 - Last Chance
By Rough Stud
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Tony woke hog-tied to the bed, groggy as looked up and saw Matters, now all in black, checking him out.

“You’ll be okay – I’ll be back for you in the morning.”

Tony was furious and bucked wildly. Matters slapped his huge ass and then pulls his face toward his. “You yell once, and you’re out. Okay?”

A livid Tony nodded as Matter removed the ball gag from his mouth. Tony could find he could only whisper anyway.


Matters shook his head. “Kid, you’re over you head – you’ve proven that again and again. They’ll end up suspecting you no matter how you play it on the boat and I’m not going to let your dumb, oversexed ass get you in serious trouble.”

“The Commander…”

“I’m going against orders, but he is wrong to send you in. He’s hot for you – jealous of what Steve has done to you; probably thinks this is all you are good for – so what not send you in? But I can handle this and I will.”

“So all those things you said to me – about wanting me – there were just to get my guard down and my ass opened wide.”

Matters smiled. “Yes, although it was fun – you really are an incredible muscle bottom.” Valor’s fury rose up but Matters slugged him and tapped his mouth shut again. “Just to keep you company – he shoved a dildo in the young buck’s spectacular ass – which, to Valor’s shame, made him moan. And then he left.

Valor struggled but realized it was no used. Damn it – Matters didn’t think of him as any kind of true asset – he still thought of him as this dumb sexual beast – with contempt. He had taken him out of the mission, would want nothing to do with him when he got back to Price. The man had conquered and humiliated him more than Steve ever had with one fuck.

An hour passed. Tony felt like he was going to pass out –he was finally beaten for good, when suddenly he heard a knock at the door. He groaned and tried to shout through the gag, banging his trussed-up body against the wall. Finally, the door opened – and a man came in – it was the Commander.

The Commander looked at the incredibly built young stud, bound and gagged and naked with the dildo in his huge ass. He had never seen such a sight. Tony registered the look as the Commander came forward and released the gag in his mouth and demanded to know what happened.

Tony told him how Matters tricked him, drugged him and tied him up. The Commander was pissed as he untied the work-over pup, removing the dildo as his hands lingered on Valor’s ass. Matters had gone against his order – he had a feeling he might and he decided to check on Valor. Valor, finally free, rubbed his aching head, naked on the bed as he asked the time and realized he could still make the boat.

The Commander hesitated as he looked over Tony – he was the most incredible piece of ass he’d ever seen, but he had clearly been plowed good by Matters. “I’m not sure about this.”

“Sir, I –“

“You supposed to go on that boat at Steve Gray’s plaything – we can get you showered and dressed, but after the pounding you just took from Matters, there is no way you can take more or even act like you can.”

Valor realized he had one way of making that ship – and showing Matters up as a plan started in the back of his head. And for once the drugs he had been given worked in his favor. He moved his naked body closer to the Commander, spreading his legs.

“Sir – I can be fucked all night. I’m insatiable. That won’t be a problem.”

And with that he kissed the Commander. And the soon the Commander was fucking him. There was a time Tony would have been mortified – Matters would never touch him now – but Matters wasn’t going to anyway. He thought he was just a dumb piece of ass. It was time to show Matter he wasn’t – and his body was the way to do.

The Commander fucked him hard and Tony loved being plowed – but when it was over Tony made it clear he could do more.

“Shit, you are the bottom bitch Matters says you are.”

Tony flushed but nodded. “I can get on that boat and handle whatever.”

And so an hour later, showered and refreshed, he arrived on the docks. There were a number of men there, including John and Clay – but Steve was not around. But he had no intention of being their party toy – he was going to bring Steve Grey down himself.

As he talked them up, he spied a lay out of the ship and where Steve’s office would be. Steve finally came down and looked Tony over and told him he was glad he came.

Tony got close to Steve and whispered that he had learned his lesson – maybe they could go somewhere together – he really wanted time alone with him.

To his shock, Steve shrugged – maybe later. And a huge blond bodybuilder appeared – they had things to do – he’d see Tony later.

Tony privately freaked – he was already replaced…but then he realized this could be a good thing. As the boat headed out to sea, he stripped to a bathing suit that barely covered him and jumped in the boat’s pool. He flirted with this man and that man – but made no commitments. Then he saw Clay alone at the bar and moved up to him and asked him how he was.

Clay was wary but Tony acted like a boy in heat as he said he couldn’t wait for Steve, who clearly had found someone else. And he told Clay how well he had fucked him. Clay got turned on – Tony suggested they go to his room.

They did – and as soon as they were alone, Tony jumped the leather man and put him out cold with a choke hold. Fuck yes! A little payback, but that is not why he did it – he tied the unconscious man up while he check the room and found what he was looking for – more advanced plans to the ship, including the positions of two guards outside Steve’s office. While Steve was fucking his latest prize, Tony would get the papers.

He slipped out of the room and made his way up the stairs in just the swim suit – he knew he didn’t have a lot of time. He saw the first guard – big but distracted. A kick to the head put him out, and got Tony a weapon. After he trussed him up, he moved on.

The other guard was right outside the office. Tony planned to jump him when suddenly he was hit from behind and went sprawling to the floor. The guard’s replacement had arrived – fuck! Both men started beating on him, even as he tried to explain it was a mistake. They held back for a moment, recognizing him as the boytoy, nearly naked in his fuck-me swimsuit. And that was all Tony needed – he punched one out with a swift kick while quickly outfighting the other – and stowed them both in a closet. Pride flooded through him. He was still a fighter, a stud.

He entered the office and was at the computer, trying to call up the papers. He tried password but to no avail – then he thought of one – VALOR – and it opened.

He started to put all on a flash drive when he saw someone through the window. It was Matters and he was pissed. The arrogant, angry kid flashed him a smile and went on with what he was doing. Screw him! He was done and slipped the drive in his hand when he turned – and saw Steve Gray in front of him, with a gun aimed right at him. The beaten guards were behind him.

“What are you doing in here, kid?”

Tony knew he never beat all of them – but he did have one card up his sleeve. He moved closer to Steve, his beautiful body nearly naked.

“I had to see you – I hate that you threw me away. I knocked them out to find you. I had to figure out who this new guy is – because I want to be yours. You taught me my place.”

He knew Steve loved hearing this and he moved closer, kissing the man who was hard for him. If he could just get past him…

But suddenly the gun Steve held went off – a dart went deep into Tony’s chest. It was a tranquilizer but it didn’t stop Steve from slugging Tony repeatedly in the face as he went black. “You were a fucking plant all along, you bastard – and now you’re going to pay.”

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