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Space Rangers
Part 10 - Vega Part 5
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 5

Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector),680.92.2324, year 4063


Three Space Rangers have been assessed and milked; they have experienced a snippet of the hyper-galactic super orgasm known as Universal, a taster of their delicious demise. Parallax, the captain of the Space Cruise liner Bordello was extremely pleased with his beautiful new captives. Each Ranger responding to his treatment exactly as he anticipated.

A ship-wide announcement had confirmed the acquisition of Ranger Force, and the advertisement was playing across the liner, in every suite, in every facility onboard the nefarious and covert ship. The mighty Space Rangers would soon be available for public consumption and their unveiling was highly anticipated. How would the Captain display them? Would they be in a display of some kind? Would there be other space heroes in the unveiling? The questions and rumours flooded the ship, and the anticipation was palpable.

Having been milked for the enjoyment of the Bordello’s owners, the Hedonic Council during a galactic conference call, Aereon, Blaze and Dixon remain inside the clutches of Toy, each spreadeagled in tight unforgiving bondage, their bodies brimming with Hival power which was sucked from the cosmos into their bodies during their first foray into the delights of Universal. They were ready for closer examination; Parallax wanted to understand the Hive and tap this source of incredible and gigantic energy, this spectacular resource of immense power.

Covered in cum mixed with sweat, their bodies brimming with power which was fuelling their twitching muscles as they struggled and writhed attempting to escape their bondage. Their erosuits and Aereon’s erothong drenched and dripping in their rich erotic nectar, saturated in a delicate diaspora for Pleasure Particles released from the Fillip creatures living inside their penises. Dixon could only moan, his pleasure plastered on his face. He looked at Aereon, Aereon looked so hot, so erotic, he looked at Blaze and watched as a Blaze’s penis throbbed inside the erosuit pouch. The beauty of his Rangers made Dixon want to cum again.

But the Bordello had other plans for Dixon, and for Aereon and Blaze.

“Take them down and prepare them in the Sacristy!” Parallax said drawing delicate lines down Aereon’s cum glazed chest. Parallax could feel the gentile buzz, a discrete tightness in Aereon’s muscles and he smiled licking his lips.

“Oh Aereon, how delicious, I can feel your beloved Hive coursing through your body, it is so strong, it is so masculine and virile!” He loved the defiance in Aereon’s eyes, he enjoyed the lustful way Aereon was slowly moving and pointing his hips, left, then up, then right. The movements were sexual and erotic and Aereon was unable to resist the Fillip’s latest infusion of delicate pleasure into his bulge.

The moan releasing from Aereon’s diaphragm was deep and sexual, the sound joining with Blaze, their sexuality so fragrant and domineering.

“That’s right Rangers, allow the pleasure to infuse with the Hival energy, your bodies are cauldrons of majestic sexual power, so rich in mighty power and so ready for me test and titillate. But I have many wealthy oligarchs, rulers and tyrants onboard Bordello and they are hungry to part with their lucre, Ranger Aereon!” Parallax was tracing the edge of Aereon’s drenched, throbbing and oozing lime green bulge, toying with Aereon, enjoying the sumptuous bondage of the helpless hero.

“Can’t free myself!” Aereon struggled and twisted his spreadeagled body, his eyes diverted to Tom and Beau making their way to Dixon and Blaze. “If I could break these bonds I would, Mmm…” Aereon’s head flew upward as a spike of pleasure buzzed across his bulge tantalizing the underside of his penis, using the bulging, and deliciously stretched green nylon as a sensual diffusing agent.

“Do tell Aereon...” Parallax said licking his fingers, “…when you regain composure, by the look of it, my little bulge sensation tinkle is agreeable to you!” He stood back to watch as Aereon thrust his hips moaning toward the ceiling.

Turning his head and with his mouth open, still in the throes of the sexual pleasure stimulant, Aereon tried to focus. “Aghhhhhh, so del-I-c-ious, ahhhhhh, I would vap, vaporise you!” Aereon’s voice was infested with sexuality.

Parallax bent over laughing, “Not very convincing Aereon! I am shaking in my boots young hero, so bound, so helpless, so, shall we say, sex-u-al and moist!”

Parallax spun on his heal away from Aereon and stepped out of the glowing light perimeter surrounding Toy and in a jovial voice, while making his way out of Toy’s domain, he spoke loud enough for the Space Rangers to hear him as he walked away.

“Enjoy the Sacristy gentlemen, no expense has been spared in every accommodation on this ship, only the best and, your cell, er quarters, not that you will get to enjoy room service that much, is no exception, plenty of space to stretch your legs, ha, ha, ha. My staff will serve your every need, indeed!” There was a slight pause before Parallax continued. “…We’ll chat soon, I have excited guests wanting my attention, I expect, they will be demanding an hour or two of private time with you boys, I’m sure they are hungry for rich Ranger cum, so precious and now exclusively available to Bordello clientele. The Bordello Cum Club Rewards Club members will get extra benefits soon and exclusive access to recordings of your pleasure sequences! They are quite discerning boys and very demanding, they are going to just love you three.” The loud buzzing noise indicated that Parallax had disappeared behind a closing door and into another section of the ship.

The soft lapping of pleasure caressing his wet powder blue erosuit bulge made Dixon purr, he flicked his sexy wet hair from his mask looking at Blaze so rich in sexual scent, looks and charisma. Although he was still reeling and oozing globules of cum, he was just as horny as had been for hours. Every cell in his beautiful, glistening body exuded his sexuality, he was bathed in the soft blue light to match his powder blue erosuit tied into a thong. Dixon was pure erotic decadence twisting, oozing, radiating sexuality inside the unforgiving bondage and Blaze looking across to him could feel his desires crave his beautiful Dixi, he looked across to survey Aereon too, but his attention was diverted to Beau and Tom. They were standing either side if his helplessly stretched body.

“Toy provided us special vision of your milking Blaze, shh don’t tell Parallax!” The smirk on Beau’s face communicated their lusty intentions, they were paying Blaze special attention with Tom squeezing a wad of Blaze’s cum from the tip of Blaze’s red bulging erosuit pouch.

“Mmmm, you have creamy luscious cum Blaze!” Tom licked his lips while Blaze tried to look away to hide his pleasure, to hide the delight he knew was impossible for him to hide. The touch of Tom’s finger on his bulge had set off the Fillip and the discrete swarm of Pleasure Particles in a frenzy of sumptuous sensation.

Blaze’s moan made Beau shiver in delight, and he reached up grabbing Blaze’s hair forcing the mighty hero to look back toward he and Tom.

Beau was so horny, he was pumped, but he had his orders to carry out, but he let his smirk rein across his face speaking in a determined and lusty manner to his helpless prey. “The black market will fetch high prices for your cum and that of your delicious Dixon and Aereon! I will get the juice right from the source, fresh Ranger cum on tap!” Beau’s hands were now worshipping Blaze’s exposed buttocks while Tom, who had positioned himself behind Blaze, licked the tight, pert crevasse between Blaze’s butt checks and started to gently cup Blaze’s balls from behind.

Blaze felt the pleasure immediately, he felt his testicles shimmer, they were surrounded by a sheath of hungry Pleasure Particles that followed Tom’s caress, reacting to Tom’s hand as it gently fondled his lower bulge.

Blaze cried out, the sensation driving him to twist and struggle, he knew he was oozing pre-cum, he felt his juices sizzle as his Fillip activated his smooth warm syrup.

“Mmmm, fuuuurken leave him alone!” Aereon tried his best to sound defiant and threatening, however he too was experiencing a flood of fresh Pleasure Particles, they were infesting every millimetre of his luscious green bulge, the inescapable delicious feeling sending ripples of tingles across his body. Aereon’s face screwing up in delight and his body twisting to the left toward Dixon’s writhing body. “Bahhh!” He moaned looking into Tom’s eyes, who had made his way from Blaze’s buns, licking his lips, toward the centre of Toy.

“Oops, nearly slipped on that juicy Cum that Toy hasn’t devoured yet, its working hard analysing your juices boys, logging it in the Bordello’s records. We have quite the database of hero juice! From every corner of the Galaxy and beyond to be exact. Space Ranger jism will be the latest and greatest addition to our records.”

Dixon felt his body tingle too, he cried out in his latest surge of pre-cum, his powder blue pouch of Ranger delight oozing his juices to the hungry receptacles opening and closing, sucking between Dixon’s beautiful, stretched legs, trunks of rippling muscles, flexing, and straining in the unforgiving bondage.

Tom felt his desires escalating, the sheer extravagance and rich beauty of three of the Galaxy’s most beautiful and sexual heroes writhing in sexual decadence was enough to send him into overdrive.

“Yeah Beau, I think their cum will fetch a good tariff, but first we must ready you delicious boys for your horny admirers. Now, this ship has been dubbed ‘The Lust Bucket’, and” he paused slightly, “…for good reason, but I have never seen such anticipation for a hero introduction before! The ship is a huge cruising, festering concoction of hormones and thousands of hungry penises are twitching, waiting for the first glimpse of Ranger Force and their famous skimpy erosuits! It’s our job to present you to them. So, we better clean all that delicious ranger syrup from your delectable bodies.

Beau tapped his ear. “Understood!” he replied to the Hero Operations team, as if talking into the air.

He grabbed the tops of Aereon’s legs, bending his knees, his mouth watering in full close-up view of Aereon’s lime green pouch jam packed with hero testicles and penis, it was bubbling a fresh, silky secretion of Aer juice. Beau was fascinated by the magnitude and sheer beauty of the erothong bulge that Aeron was sporting and the trembles of delight coursing through Aereon’s muscular legs. Beau looked up and stood up at the same time, his attention on Aereon’s beautiful twisting torso.

“Wow you are sumptuous my delicious Aereon!” Beau was taken back and horny as all fuck, but his professionalism shone through. “Ops tells me that Drake and Tarn have arrived onboard, they are re-acquainting themselves with their suites. The Hedonic Council members are our most demanding guests and Tempest is due soon. Drake prefers the Royal Suite, Tarn has the Hero Suite, and Tempest the Sepulchre Suite, and they each have their very own way of decorating their private Bordello worlds! And, well, you boys are going visiting before dinner, a little entertaining and pre-dinner appetiser, you will each get to visit the most lavish accommodations on board Bordello, Lucky you!” Beau revelled.

Dixon fought his bonds, twisting his body vainly. “You are sick!” he spat toward Tom and Beau.

“And you get more sexual by the minute!” Beau replied to Dixon, turning to face his delicious and helpless captive.

“We’ll clean you up, apply a fresh, crisp erosuit so you look sumptuous and delicious, their eyes will pop!”

“Gah!” Aereon looked at his beautiful Blaze then to Dixon. “You c, can’t pleasure them anymore” Aereon pleaded with their captors, “The, the, that last or g-g asm so intense, so beautiful, bath, has filled us with super Hival energy, we can’t take any more, Gah!” Aereon’s face twisting and contorting in pleasure pleading with Beau, Aereon suddenly cried out and gaping down over his cum soaked beautiful body to his lime green bulge to watch his enriched pre-cum surge through his drenched throbbing erothong bulge. “Gah!” Aereon blurted, he had drool running from his mouth.

Beau was aghast standing in the middle of Toy, his attention diverted to Aereon. “A super powered, sexually charged space hero, so perfect in every way, in every dimension and…” Beau stopped and span around slowly between the three helpless Space Rangers to enjoy a moment of desire and fulfilment, he breathed in the rich humid, sexually charged air slowly with his smile bursting across his face, “…the best part we have three of the same! Three sexual masterpieces bound for the pleasure of the Galaxy’s elite and, little old me n Tom!”

Tom stepped inside the confines of Toy, he had been infatuated with each of the Rangers muscular buns, the way Dixon and Blaze’s erosuits tightly pulled between their cheeks into a body-hugging thong and Aereon’s erothong tightly caressed that most intimate and private part of their bodies, to Tom it was one of the most erotic sights in the Galaxy, he revelled in the beauty of these three magnificent specimens their bodies so pure, so athletic, so erotic. He put his arms around Beau, licking his partner’s left cheek and providing the ship’s transport system the co-ordinates of their shared destination onboard Bordello.

“The Sacristy, Ranger Station!” The five were instantly vapourised leaving Toy to continue sucking the remains of Ranger Force’s juices.

It was instant, just like Intrepid3’s atomiser, however Bordello’s transference system did not provide the Ranger’s with a delicious puff of discrete pleasure as Intrepid3’s systems did.

They arrived at the Sacristy immediately, it was instantaneous.

Blaze felt his body fizz, it was sensation of diffused pain shooting through his abdomen, it contrasted the pleasure in his oozing wet suit. His arms were fused together by a band of blue energy, they were bound behind his back, he writhed in pain and realised that Dixon’s face was in his bulge. Dixon lapping up his juices. Dixon too was bound and writhing. Suddenly his face was engrossed in green, he could smell Aereon, he knew the taste of Aereon’s juices, and his face was coated in Aereon’s juice. He could hear his boys moaning and crying out, they were all experiencing the devious distress, post transportation, the were each bound with their arms behind their backs and deposited into a small pit-like holding pen. The shallow pen surrounded by a blue light around its circumference. Three Space Rangers entwined in the holding pit, writhing and helpless. The pit also delivering discrete waves of dampener energy designed to detect and control the surging Hival energy inside each of the Rangers.

Beau and Tom stood opposite each other on either side of Ranger containment pit. They stood on the edge of eerie blue pen watching as the trio of scantily clad, horny heroes writhed and slid their sexual bodies together, listening to their moans, the sounds of Ranger cum and pre-cum squelching as three beautiful heroes cavorted inside their bondage below them.

“Such a beautiful, touching sight Tom, don’t you think?” Beau asked across the pit toward Tom.

“Mm, yes, Red, green, and light blue nylon thongs tightly wrapping the mighty Space Rangers’ bodies, sliding together, hungry sexual masterpieces! Whatever are we going to do with them?” Tom pretended to be thinking with his chin leaning onto his left closed fist. Tom’s right hand rubbing the front of his uniform.

Dixon’s initial sensation of nausea and pain in his abdomen dissipated fast, he was left with the sparkling feeling of Pleasure Particles erupting on the underside of his penis. He had Blaze in his mouth, he sucked as hard as he could, his tongue familiar with the topography of Blaze’s bulge, and the lurking sexual instrument inside the fabric. He felt the warmth of Blaze and Aereon’s bodies sliding across his smooth slippery skin, coated in Ranger fluids, it was sexual and erotic, his bonds frustrating his deep desire to explore Blaze and Aereon’s bodies. He heard the voices above him, as did Aereon and Blaze. He heard Blaze speak.

“Gah, where are we? So horny! Gah, arms tied, restrained, can’t break the bonds! Aereon, Dixi are you boys, ok?” Blaze was violently writhing and fighting his bonds and his attempts spurred Aereon and Dixon to follow his lead. The trio had detangled, they were desperately trying to free their arms, twisting their bodies, contorting left and right, their faces grimacing with every strain. They each ended on their backs with their bodies arched looking up at Tom and Beau who were looking down into the delicious Ranger containment pit.

“Welcome to The Sacristy a special place where the Galaxy’s most beautiful space heroes, sexual vessels are prepared for service to the clientele of Bordello. You are deep inside the ship, Space Rangers, deep in the belly of Bordello, a place where Tom and I ‘supervise’ and command! You are at our mercy, the Sacristy is our world of bondage and sexy space heroes, you will leave here ready to serve this vessel.”

Dixon looked up, twisting his body to the left and spreading his muscular legs vainly trying to get a foot hold on the slippery surface of the pit’s base, he moaned lifting his blue clad bulge upward, pre-cum oozing off his body adding to the fluids covering the base of the holding pen. “You must be joking, bah, never!” Dixon’s voice defiant but impregnated sensual tones, it was deep and determined.

“Mm the erotic Dixon speaks!” Tom said focussing his attention on Dixon.

“Yeah, we won’t ever ‘serve’ you or anyone on this ship!” Aereon lifted his head, as if trying to lift himself from the floor, his body fighting his bonds, frustrated that his ability to fly was clipped so powerfully, frustrated that his mighty power could not break the bonds binding his wrists. But he was floating, struggling in the air, he felt the coolness of the air surrounding his body as he was forced off the base of the pit. Aereon fought against his bonds, he assumed that his powers were being restored pulling on the powerful energy fusing his arms behind his back. His frustration suddenly fuelled when the realisation dawned on him that his beautiful and helplessly bound body was being compelled upward by a force beyond his control.

“You’re first, the stunningly handsome, exquisitely erotic Ranger Aereon!” Tom’s smile was discreet, hidden in the determination on his face. His index finger was pointing at Aereon, he was gesturing an upward motion and Aereon’s body was rising at Tom’s silent command.

“Ah, Wh, what!” Aereon spat out his words, he was twisting his body, looking down at Blaze and Dixon struggling and twisting on the floor of the pit. He looked across at Tom and Beau and noticed beau standing by the centre restraining device. Aereon recognised the devices as the ones stolen from Intrepid3 in his capture.

“No, n, no!” Aereon tried to resist the unseen powerful force being applied to his body, he was moving through the air in response to Tom’s finger and Tom was revealing his smile as Aereon’s writhing body made its way to the centre presentation device.

“You remember these Aereon?” Beau quipped; the question was rhetorical. Beau was standing by the second device, the three devises aligned in a row facing the stolen eroapplicator device.

“These were transferred here when we introduced you to Toy, we replicated a third device while Parallax played with you. They can easily hold you even without our Hival dampener systems deployed.” Beau was standing next to Aereon’s assigned presenter device, his arms extended like one of the hotel concierge’s up in the public sections of the ship would welcome a paying guest. “I have your restraint device ready for you, my delicious Space Ranger!” Beau was radiating his hospitality skills and welcoming his first guest.

“No, n, No!” Aereon’s struggles were turning Beau on, but Tom was determined!

“Now, we won’t take no for an answer Aereon!” Tom demanded firmly and authoritatively. He stepped toward Aereon gesturing with his hands for Aereon to stop moving. Aereon had no choice. Tom pointing at Aereon and forming his index finger and first finger of the hand he was directing Aereon with into a V.

“Gah, err!” Aereon’s struggles were turning Tom and Beau on, they were also gaining the attention of Dixon and Blaze, still struggling on the floor of their shallow containment pit.

“Leave him, you bastards!” Dixon was vainly wriggling on the slippery juice coated floor, and like Blaze pulling on the energy surrounding his wrists and binding him.

Aereon fought the power compelling him, twisting his body but his legs opened in mid-air, Tom was motioning his helpless body toward Beau and forcing Aereon to face upward toward the Sacristy’s roof he was being delivered toward Beau’s hungry face, his bulging, wet mound of delicious pleasure, his green cum filled erothong was being delivered closer and closer to Beau’s waiting face and hands. He could feel Beau worshiping an admiring his strong muscular spread legs, he could see Beau’s face lighting up, Aereon was straining, lifting his head to look down over his heaving and glistening torso, to his pleasure filled bulge and Beau’s evil and lust filled face.

“Just a quick inspection Aereon, if I might?” Beau spoke determinedly. He like Tom was a tall man and well built, he and Tom joined the Bordello on the behest of Tarn after serving Tarn’s business interests. They were now permanently assigned to Bordello, and they used their foreboding looks and powers in the service of the vessel and ultimately in the service of Tarn. They had developed their skills on the planet Utan6 part of the Etro system that Tarn controls through his network or cartels and insidious bands of loyal elite, all serving him in a system of greed and fear. Tarn had an eye for quality and Beau and Tom knew their boss very well. They had chosen Aereon correctly.

“You my delicious Aereon will soon meet one of the most powerful Dons in the Galaxy, he demands nothing but the finest, he can afford what he likes, when he likes. He does not take to disappointment very well. We just know he has chosen you Aereon, so it will be our job to prepare you to service his sexual needs!” Beau was caressing Aereon’s left upper leg, his fingers following the lines of muscle, massaging the juicy mixture of cum and pre-cum into Aereon’s skin pretending to be a masseur, massaging Aereon’s body. Beau looked toward Tom, whose eyes were firmly fixed on Aereon’s beautiful struggling body, floating supine in the air. “Lower him a bit Tom will you?” Beau asked, the lust now oozing from Beau’s eyes.

“I need better view of that delicious green bulging thong Aereon is offering me!” Beau had both hands on Aereon’s quadriceps and was pulling Aereon downward.

Beau stood looking across Aereon’s majestic body, he could hear Blaze and Dixon struggling in the pit behind he and Aereon, but he was focussed on Aereon’s defiant face.

“Gah! Get off me!” Aereon was trying to struggle, but his vain attempts at freedom were unproductive and only served to turn Beau on more.

Aereon screamed out in delight as soon as Beau’s right hand extended between his spreading legs, Beau’s fingers were exploring the green erothong clinging tightly to Aereon’s taint, fingers exploring and exploiting the drenched elasticised nylon fitting tightly to the Space Ranger’s body between the two muscular glove like buns of Aereon’s butt.

Beau moaned in self-satisfied enjoyment, he was feeling and caressing the most erotic and sexual parts of one of the Galaxy’s most beautiful space heroes. He just loved the way Aereon’s body vibrated and the emission of clear juices bubbling on the Aereon’s bulge. Aereon’s cries of delicious abandonment to the waves of pleasure were only bolstering Beau’s intent. The warmth of Aereon’s body, the smoothness of his skin welcoming Beau’s fingers as the explored the tightness of Aereon’s buns. Aereon’s head thrust upward his eyes popping as the pleasure used his erothong to delight his arse in layers of sensation.

Aereon’s eyes popped even more while he watched his tormentor, seamlessly and without adjusting his hungry fingers exploring his butt, bend forward and lick his plentiful pre-cum from his sumptuous bulge. Aereon threw his head backward, his upside-down view of Dixon and Blaze still vainly struggling in the shallow containment pit becoming blurred momentarily as a wave of exquisite sensation coated his balls, he could feel the heat radiating delicious energy into his testicles, his whole lower bulge was a sea of energy and Aereon’s cries filled the Sacristy as his body shivered in response to Beau’s ministry.

Beau released his fingers and stood tall looking down toward Aereon’s struggling mass of eroticism, the writhing, beautiful young man before him, listening to his new toy’s cries of delight.

“You’re doing well Aereon!” Beau spoke over the din of Aereon’s raging response. Beau was licking his fingers, savouring the moment, the tase of perfection.

“Tarn will enjoy your sumptuous body, Ranger!” Beau could not extract his eyes from Aereon’s beautiful twisting form, his eyes watching every muscle in Aereon’s body trying to fight his bonds and the compulsion forcing his legs to comply and split for Beau to access to his raging green bulging pleasure inferno. But Beau started to back up, moving closer to the three restraining devices and after licking all Aereon’s sweet syrup from his fingers, he motioned, pointing towards Aereon’s erothong, his hand gestures causing Aereon to float toward the centre presenter. Tom was waiting to welcome the captive and they released the energy bindings leaving Aereon’s arms compelled behind his back, but free of their visual restraints.

Aereon twisted his body, he was allowed movement albeit decidedly restricted, but he used whatever was available to him, they allowed Aereon movement in his arms and Aereon was able to lift them to his sides, pulling against the compelling forces constricting his body, he could see Beau and Tom watching and enjoying his struggles, his momentary glimpse of freedom was showing in the determination on his face, his struggles so erotically charged, sexual and beautiful for Tom and Beau to enjoy.

“He struggles like a champion! Beau stated, running his hand along the length of Aereon’s left leg.

“Pity this beautiful boy, our mighty hero of the Hive is so helpless and powerless, You are such the sexual turn-on Aereon! Now, once you are all nice and presented, we will give you and your outrageously beautiful colleagues a nice refreshing wash, dress you three in new sexual suits for your new masters to enjoy you in and then you will be presented to our paying clientele at Captain Parallax’s Gala Ranger Reveal Dinner. Our most discerning guests will be able to book your services soon, so you will get to know this place here well. We will prepare you here in the Sacristy for your sacred sexual service to our guests!” Beau continued smiling and watching the look of delight on Aereon’s face transform into horror and then determination.

They allowed him more struggle space.

Aereon’s body twisted and turned, but he could not overcome the compelling forces acting on his body.

“You won’t get Mmmmm, away with, BAH, this!” Aereon said struggling, he could hear Dixon’s moans and Blaze as their pleasure continued to infest their penises stuck in the containment pit. They too had heard Beau’s little pep talk and they were struggling and writhing too, slipping, and sliding in their own Ranger juices, the pit containing them easily, they were awaiting their turn for Beau and Tom’s attention.

It took several minutes for Beau and Tom to position Aereon on the centre presenter. Aereon’s legs were spread and bound by the cold metal restraints, his arms pulled behind him, forced by the restraint system tightly backward and away from his body at an angle pointing at a slight angle. The device adjusting him so that his bulging green thong was presented to his captors. The machine also forcing his handsome face forward. It was unforgiving erotic bondage, and he knew that his body was theirs to enjoy. He pulled on his restraints as best he could, his pelvis rocking on the cold metal pressing his buttocks forward. The stolen device was one of Blaze’s favourites and before their capture, Blaze often enjoyed playing with Dixon and he, restrained to the device. He remembered the time he, Blaze, and Dixon, played with their delicious Kroy, in his erotic loincloth, restrained to one of these devices in the Atlantis suite on Intrepid3. Aereon thought of his beloved Kroy in that moment of panic watching as Beau and Tom began to transfer Blaze and Dixon to the presenter devices on either side of his.

It took twenty minutes, they enjoyed Dixon’s helpless body, caressing him, exploring Dixon, and milking wads of Precum, right before Aereon’s helpless and bound body, Aereon was forced to watch them molest Dixon before presenting Dixon in the device to his left.

They enjoyed Blaze, similarly, pleasuring the red pouch, the drenched V of Blaze’s erosuit fashioned into a tight thong. Blaze’s cries of delicious abandonment to the Pleasure Particles and Tom’s expert handy work ensured Blaze was a writhing mass of sexual erotic beauty, and erotic show that Dixon and Aereon were forced to watch, all the while struggling inside their own bondage and dealing with the waves of subtle pleasure their Fillip creatures continued to delight their bulges with. The scene was erotic and wonderful. it was almost private, and once Tom and Beau had Blaze restrained and presented to Aereon’s right, they stood back to review the three helpless Space Rangers. Three spectacularly beautiful bulges presented to them, a smorgasbord of drenched, erotic nylon clinging to human penis and genitalia, such decadent beauty, such erotic masterpieces.

Tom and Beau were spellbound, they were overcome and hyper horny.

“So many heroes onboard, we have dealt with them all, but look at what we have on offer here!” Beau was masturbating his cock slowly and wryly smiling at Tom.

“Ha! Don’t blame you Beau, fuck such a beautiful sight! Don’t you think Interstellar?” Tom said while removing his work trousers. Tom needed to stroke his own cock.

The Doors on a cylindrical chamber began to open and as they slid open the cylindrical walls began to sparkle and disappear, leaving Interstellar struggling and suspended by green power restraints, he was spreadeagled facing the three Rangers, opposite them with the eroapplicator device between the four young heroes. Beau and Tom loved playing with their powerful space heroes, they loved to toy and play with their minds, and they had decided to allow Interstellar to watch as they prepared the mighty Rangers for service.

“Space Rangers meet Interstellar!” Beau said stowing his penis back into his tight under-suit. He and Tom had removed their uniforms and wore dark skin-tight suits, their hefty bodies causing the tight material to stretch and cling to their bodies. Tom’s erection fighting for freedom, but Tom merely stood looking at the four heroes, stroking the length of his angry member lurking below the tight fabric of his under suit.

Interstellar was also twisting and pointing his pelvis upward and downward, his beautiful satin-like suit sparkled and shone like twinkling stars with every futile twist and turn of his struggling body, the suit was a part of his body, not just draped on his body and his beautiful torso ballooned from his thin waist. The suit covered his body like a glove from his neck down to his feet and his handsome face and blonde wavy hair made Interstellar look exceptionally dreamy and handsome. Interstellar’s baby face was screwing up, his eyes wide and wild and his moaning was subtle and inviting.

“Interstellar joined Bordello over a year ago Rangers, and, well like you, he was insolent and defiant!” Beau had arrived to greet him and Interstellar’s glare communicated his ongoing defiance. The glare only intensified when Beau ran his finger along the red V of the sexy thong proudly displayed covering Interstellar’s genitals. The thong also sparkling with every delicious and inviting movement of Interstellar’s crotch.

“This of course is my favourite part of Mr Handsome here, we call him the Blonde Bomb!” Beau licked Interstellar’s delicious red bulge slowly sucking in the air as if inhaling the very sexual essence of Interstellar. His hands caressing the hero’s hips, following the red thong across Interstellar’s hips caressing the hero’s tight buns, delighting himself in the tight crescent at the top of Interstellar’s tight rump and enjoying the sight of the red thong strap pulling Interstellar’s tight body hugging suit between his crescent shaped buns. He cupped the ripe juicy red bulbous lower bulge of Interstellar’s thong causing his captive to struggle more and cry out in abandon.

“His Fillip is well established, like yours will be soon!” Beau was looking back toward the Space Rangers, each struggling and emitting satisfied and erotic sounds, their heads forced forward ensuing they could watch their erosuit bulges being enjoyed by Beau and Tom. It also meant that their attention was also focused on the mighty hero spread before them.

Dixon felt the line of pleasure inside his flaccid penis suddenly ignite like micro-explosion, he tilted his head to the left as much as the presenter’s head restraint system would allow him, screwing his face in a delightfully cute expression of enjoyment watching as his penis radiated the pleasure through his thong like nylon pouch, his drool seeping from the corner of his mouth attracted Tom’s attention. He didn’t know where to look, at Tom’s determined approach, his beautiful sexual blue bulge so deliciously pleasuring him or the extremely beautiful and sexual Interstellar writhing in front of them.

“Pp please! Too mer, me, much pleasure.” Dixon fought the sensation to get his words out. He was helplessly stretched in the presentation device, unable to move freely, so full of Hival energy, yet unable to access his power. He was at the mercy of his captors as were Blaze and Aereon. Dixon watched his pre-cum emerged on his bulge and his penis head move underneath his drenched nylon pouch, his juices warm, causing the nylon to fizz and add to the rich tapestry of sensual enjoyment. Dixon’s moan was intense. Tom had won his attention momentarily, using his tongue to lap up the delicious Dixi juice as soon as it oozed from Dixon’s erotic bulge.

Tom then looked up at Dixon’s handsome face, it was seeping erotic delight from every facet of Dixon’s facial expression, attracting Tom to straighten up and reach, lifting the sexy long sandy blonde hair from Dixon’s right eye. Tom peered into Dixon’s green eyes lustfully and determinedly, enjoying the sexual attraction, the lustful needs engulfing him, carefully allowing his other hand to smooth the pre-cum oozing from Dixon’s warm bulge. Tom could not drag his eyes from Dixon’s eyes, he let his expert hand molest Dixon’s wet erosuit revelling in the responses plastering all over Dixon’s face, he knew his right hand was allowing the pleasure to mutate and delight his helpless Ranger in exceptional and beautiful ways.

“So, what do think Interstellar? Looks like Space Ranger Dixon has attracted Tom’s attention!” Beau said looking at Interstellar’s beautiful sex-crazed eyes. Beau’s hands enjoying Interstellar’s erect and sensitive nipples, caressing the hero’s pectoral muscles enjoying the sensual feel of Interstellar’s suit.

Interstellar muffled several moans and delightful sounds in response to Beau’s attention.

“I just love the way you interact with your suit, hero!” Beau said loudly to Interstellar, he wanted the Rangers to hear him clearly but wasn’t sure if Dixon was capable with Tom’s attentive hands molesting him.

Beau turned his head toward the helplessly writhing Rangers enjoying the way their struggles were making him horny and aroused, Beau stood to the side of Interstellar allowing his right hand to cup and caress Interstellar’s left tight muscular buttock. Beau was clearly enjoying Interstellar’s response and the way he was slowly pointing and thrusting his bulging red thong forward and upward. Interstellar was now oozing a line or clear pre-cum from his ret bulge down toward the floor between the delicious, inverted V of his stretched legs.

“You are all so sexual, so erotic, welcome to the Sacristy Rangers, Interstellar here is well acquainted with our little operations here, he knows that his visit here signals his next ordeal!” Beau looked back toward Interstellar’s handsome face, enjoying the way Interstellar always screwed the sides of his mouth when his pleasure aroused him. Beau could tell that the Space Rangers’ writhing bodies would turn the beautiful space hero on and the look on Interstellar’s face revealed the instant sexual attraction.

“Mmm, I have a hunch that that you four will get on well!” Beau continued looking at Interstellar’s handsome red bulge. His suit sparkling with every movement of his delicious struggling body. He turned his attention to Aereon and Blaze. Dixon was crying out delightfully while Tom continued to worship Dixon’s bulging erosuit. Beau ignored Dixon’s satisfied moans.

“Interstellar is very popular on Bordello, as you Rangers will be! I’m very certain of that!” Beau’s smile was mixed with evil and lust. He returned his lustful gaze back to the young hero enjoying the way Interstellar twisted and hissed. He looked the beautiful and erotic hero up and down and then continued.

“His little red thong is so popular, he is very busy, we have him booked hourly almost, he has to service a lot of clients!” Beau feigned concern in the tone of his voice, and he ran his index finger up Interstellar’s left thigh, circling the sparkling red bulging thong slowly and with determination before allowing his finger to caress the bumps and ridges of Interstellar’s abdomen muscles. When he finished his lewd little show, Beau licked his fingers.

“His juices are so sweet, so wholesome, so popular!”

Interstellar threw his head up in abandon his moan was loud enough to drown Dixon out, it lingered for twenty seconds before he regained composure, looking down toward his bulging thong watching the bulb of juice form and seep down off the front of his bulge toward the floor.

Beau patted Interstellar on his left buttock before looking the hero in the eye, “Well done hero, your penis so loves its Fillip doesn’t it?” He said lustfully and sarcastically enjoying the hero’s struggles and the sounds of pleasure pushing up from his diaphragm.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was all Interstellar could say, the outburst so delicious and erotic, it gained Dixon’s attention as well as Tom’s, who turned from molesting Dixon to enjoy the beauty of Interstellar.

Tom spoke loudly over Interstellar’s outburst. “You have some very erotic competition Interstellar!” he said running his fingers across the expanse of Dixon’s bulge. “Dixon here trembles like a pro when I pleasure him, a bit like you Interstellar, ha, ha, ha!”

Beau piped in again.

“You see Rangers, Interstellar here has his own Bar on Bordello. The Hedonic Council debuted it several months ago! Cocktail hour is always packed, isn’t it Interstellar?” Beau kept up his smug tone as he continued his introductions. Every cocktail uses this beautiful young hero’s precum as its base. The rich deep viscosity of Interstellar’s juice is consistently pleasing. When mixed with other exotic ingredients, well you can imagine creates cocktails that are, let’s say, heavenly!” His smile so full of lust and then Beau continued. “We milk him for fresh juices, pure and delicious, the cocktails from Jism Bar are famous for their freshness and rich tapestry of flavours!”

Interstellar arched his body crying out in delicious abandon, as if on perfect cue for Beau, the Fillip inside Interstellar’s penis was attuned to the needs of its victim and its masters, and by supplying the beautiful young hero a more intense dose of Pleasure Particles, it gave Beau the wad of sweet precum he wanted. Beau scooped it up from the bulbous red bulge while Interstellar trembled, twisting and hissing in response to his pleasure. Beau filled a small clear container and walked across to his new Ranger charges. He chose Blaze.

Blaze felt the warm blanket of pleasure tingle across his erosuit bulge, he looked down at it, he had no choice, his bondage presenting device compelled him to, he could see the perfect outline of the underside of his penis through the drenched red fabric and he involuntarily arched his hips as best he could to ensure his penis could rub inside the fabric, he watched as the head of his penis moved through the sea of cum and precum inside the confines of the bulge, he was turning himself on, amazed at how rich and beautiful his penis felt. However, Beau’s hand on his chin snapped Blaze out of his sexual meandering thoughts, his wandering mind jolted back to reality, he looked into the face of his captor, he remembered his original capture, he struggled and fought his bonds glaring at Beau.

Beau was holding the clear container and placed the warm container on Blaze’s cheek for him to feel the warmth and energy that Interstellar could produce.

“Some of the best hero pre-cum and cum in the Galaxy Ranger Blaze! Can you feel the intensity and energy that this beautiful specimen of a space hero can generate? His nectar is prized onboard Bordello!” Beau put his finger into the nectar and forced his juice coated finger into Blaze’s mouth.

“Suck it, Ranger!” Beau said with a determination filled with sudden rage.

Blaze had no choice, Beau’s finger lingered inside his mouth ensuring Blaze ingested the sweet freshly extracted Interstellar juice. It was sweet and his mouth and tongue fizzed and tingled, he felt his chest warm up inside and he moaned deeply as a delicious portion of his own pre-cum appeared on his bulge. Blaze, like Dixon and Aereon were each oozing a line of Ranger Pre-cum to the base of their presenter devices.

“You can imagine how popular and precious that is onboard Bordello” Beau’s voice returned to his normal gloating tone; the rage suddenly replaced with smugness. Beau began to smear the pre-cum over Blaze’s bulge with two fingers before handing the container to Tom to apply Interstellar’s nectar to Dixon and Aereon’s throbbing bulges. Beau paid special attention ensuring the nectar was massaged onto Blaze’s bulge, it had formed a white viscous coating during the process and Blaze’s face began to radiate.

Beau and Tom then moved to either side of the eroapplicator, Interstellar writhing and oozing his precious nectar behind them, they were surrounded by the sound of four of the Galaxy’s most beautiful heroes succumbing to their deviously erotic treatment. They watched as Blaze, Aereon and Dixon struggled, their bodies straining and contorting as the extra special extravagant explosions of pleasure radiated inside each of their majestic bulges. Red, lime green and powder blue pouches filled with delicious penis and testicles, scrotums so spectacular and beautiful that ensured Beau and Tom’s delight. They watched and rubbed their own raging hard-ons as three beautiful and striking young heroes strained and cried out in a symphony of delight.

It was Beau that spoke first after several minutes of watching the debaucherously and depraved scene unfold for their sexual entertainment.

“Now Ranger’s how was that? Hope your delicious cocks and balls enjoyed that explosion of light and colour, that eruption of delicious pleasure! You can get an appreciation of how each of your personal pleasure activating little Fillip creatures enjoy the flavour of another. It’s like a special treat for them, they communicate when they detect the juice of another, the extract of another hero always sets the Fillips into a frenzy. They will develop and evolve as we introduce them to all kinds of delicious treats like that!” Beau said slapping Tom on the Back.

Tom looked at Beau, back toward Interstellar and then back to the three panting Rangers.

“By the look of that reaction, it looks like they and our delicious Interstellar here will get on very, VERY well. Jism Bar will be even more popular.

Dixon felt the tears inside his mask, his body buzzing, every pore in his body was alive and sensitive, he could feel the drenched nylon pulling between his buttocks, it was tight and sexual, his body was aroused and piquing all at once, his bondage felt erotic, he was helpless, he was a sexual vessel for their enjoyment. Yet he remembered the fleeting words of Dale, or were they just his imagination, just an emanation from the Universal Orgasm they had milked him in? But he held onto the distant hope, he dared not utter anything to Blaze or Aereon in their predicament.

Tom walked across to Aereon whose face was contorting and screwing, Aereon was desperately trying to free himself, he urgently needed to attend to his penis, his frustration enraging him as he tried vainly to access his superpowers, he pulled and strained with all his might and screamed in frustration.

“Bastards!” He screamed it with all his might, shaking Tom to his core and gaining the attention of Beau who stopped masturbating.

Tom smiled and looked deeply into Aereon’s beautiful oozing green bulge he loved the curves and fullness of the throbbing bulge, so ripe, so majestic so potently pert and a veritable gold mine. It was his responsibility to deliver this bulge to the Galaxy’s elite and he took his job seriously. So, Tom spoke to the raging green sexual mass, glancing into Aereon’s eyes momentarily and then back to Aereon’s green erothong he spoke loudly and confidently.

“Stand down for now!” Tom spoke not only to Aereon’s beautiful erotic bulge and the Fillip lurking inside Aereon’s penis, but Tom was also speaking to Dixon and Blaze’s Fillips also. He then approached Beau who was stowing his penis back into his under suit.

Beau looked up to Tom and then across to the three writhing Rangers, he could see the relief on each of their beautiful faces as he approached and glanced toward the eroapplicator.

“Time to see if our modifications to your beloved eroapplicator have been successful, it’s time to get to work!” Beau said enthusiastically. “You have a big ship waiting for you to explore boys! Many guests, so many horny and hungry people and species all excited that the Space Rangers have been captured. We can’t have you all cummy and drenched in fluids, no matter how enjoyable that is, you are so fucking sexual, each of you. Mmmm, so beautiful! It will be an honour to attend to such sexual majesty!” Beau stood back as did Tom and they faced the three writhing Rangers all in a row facing the eroapplicator and Interstellar behind the eroapplicator.

“Strip them!” Tom said

The eroapplicator responded to Tom’s voice and began to glow green.

Dixon, Blaze and Aereon were suddenly naked, they felt to humid air of the Sacristy envelop their balls, their testicle were hanging free, released from their nylon homes, they felt the air caress their penises, desperately needing to break free of the bonds to hold their beloved cocks and caress their effervescent testicles vibrating inside their scrotums. Tom and Beau clapped and hugged.

Well done, Beau! I knew you could do it!” Tom said, before looking toward the helpless and naked heroes.

“Beau has made some technical adjustment to allow this ingenious machine to obey my and Beau’s commands.” Tom’s expression of happiness and joy was evident, and he let the ramifications of this modification sink into the minds of the Rangers. Tom and Beau had in one sense, gained control of Hival power, the erosuit was a conduit of power a connection to the Hive bestowed on the Rangers, the eroapplicator only responded to their bio-signatures and although it would be impossible to amend its very purpose of applying erosuits to their bodies and their bodies only, it was now responding to the vocal commands of Tom and presumably Beau as well.

The Fillip was calmer now, but slightly aggrieved that the erosuit had been removed. Blaze still felt it caress the inside of his penis he felt it adjust itself, it was a smooth and delicious feeling, he was hosting a creature inside of him that seemed to complement his sexuality, he was becoming accustomed to the enjoyment it was delivering him as if it was slowly taking over his mind, providing a false sense of acceptance. Blaze, Dixon and Aereon were at the early stages of their Fillips’ insidious and diabolical occupation not only of their penises but of their minds. The creatures were carefully obeying their masters and taking their hosts into a world of sensual mind-controlling pleasure, they would invest time and pleasure to their hosts gaining acceptance and trust. Insidious and diabolical control was their ultimate goal, and they were the backbone of Bordello’s sexual enslavement of super space heroes from across the Galaxy.

Pre-cum drained from Aereon’s beautiful penis, it was limp and extended from his body, from the well-kept, short patch of pubic hair, the penis then flopped downward, its shaft’s circumference impressing Tom as he placed his hand below the appendage and lifted the penis up allowing the underside of Aereon’s cock to rest in his palm.

Aereon was glaring at Tom, yet his blue eyes behind his green mask revealed the delight that Aereon was frantically trying to hide for his assailant, his penis felt like velvet, the pleasure had decreased immensely after Tom had directed the Fillip to abate, but his cock felt amazing, he felt so exquisite inside Tom’s palm, he was helpless and at Tom’s mercy, but Aereon knew that his penis and those of Dixon and Blaze were their captors prize possessions, they would be honoured and revered and he was confident that Tom would not make any move to destroy the prize penis resting in his palm.

Tom examined the beauty of Aereon’s cock slowly and determinably, he enjoyed its weight, the penis was a perfect example of human male sexuality, enhanced by Hival power and now further enhanced by the erotic Fillip symbiont. He felt Aereon tremble and enjoyed the hero’s seething sounds hissing from Aereon’s mouth. Aereon was desperately pulling himself forward, his eyes widening as the erotic energy filled his torso. Tom was now cupping his scrotum, enjoying the micro-vibrations of his testicles, it was sending waves of delicate sexual energy through his body.

“Enjoying the work of your Fillip Aereon?” Tom enquired enjoying the way Aereon’s sexy eyes were rolling in and out of ecstasy, focussing and then rolling again as the sensations bathed his body like gentle waves lapping on a shore.

He let the penis drop and ooze pre-cum moving to examine Dixon to Aereon’s side. Beau was already examining Blaze’s penis and the sounds of self-absorbed delightfully sensual pleasure engulfed the Sacristy.

They completed their examinations and stood backward, Tom stood to the left of the glowing eroapplicator device and Beau to its right they marvelled at the three sexual masterpieces moaning delightfully, twisting their stretched helpless bodies in subtle pleasure still lapping inside their torso’s, their limp penises discharging lines of pre-cum.

“So beautiful, so sexual!” Tom announced.

“Cleaning Arrays” Beau commanded loudly, he could hear Interstellar screaming behind them, begging them to halt.

But the process began incredibly swift, the cleaning arrays lifted from the floor surrounding the naked Rangers, high pressure cleaning chemicals jettisoned from the floor mounted nozzles and tentacle-like devices began to twist and turn surrounding them, their mouth-like evil extremities opening and closing, they too were shooting incredibly hot cleaning compounds mixed with superheated steam. The Rangers screaming and twisting as the purification systems maintained their focused and resolute task.

Dixon was losing his voice, he was crying out, begging his captors to reduce the Hival dampeners restricting their ability to fight the torturous chemical-based cleaning process. Dixon looked across to see Aereon and behind Aereon, Blaze also fighting the agony, their cries were as urgent as his own, they begged for power, they begged for their lives. Dixon felt as if the very skin on his body was being flayed, he was becoming numb and as much as he needed to thrash his head and try to escape the supercharged insidious steam enveloping his face, the presenter device denied him that ability, he was forced to endure the torture, his screams were being sucked into the mouth of one of the tentacles.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” He couldn’t free himself; his screams were being ignored and the cleansing process continued to torture his body. Blaze felt his body being absorbed, being eaten, he felt his skin ripping too and by the sounds of Dixon and Aereon, they too were experiencing the same agony. He also heard Interstellar screaming and begging.

Interstellar was beside himself, he knew how cruel and strongminded Beau and Tom could get. This place, the Sacristy was their territory and playground, and they were testing the Rangers, they were making him witness their evil play-time, and he knew they had similar evil plans for him as well. But for now, he was being forced to witness the torture of the famed Ranger Force.

“Lower the dampeners, you bastards!” Interstellar was screaming at the back of Tom and Beau’s heads, trying to get their attention.

“They can’t withstand that punishment much longer!” Interstellar was thrashing inside the bondage array pulling his sumptuously spreadeagled body, the restraints on his wrists and ankles glowing and turning from orange to red and back to orange in a cycle. His red bulging thong filling with sumptuous yet delicate pleasure and his pre-cum, ensuring the thong displayed his delicious penis so clearly. His Fillip purring and depositing a constant calculated portion of Pleasure Particles. Yet he had to witness the torture of Blaze, Aereon and Dixon. It was fiendishly vicious and typical of Beau and Tom’s style.

Tom lifted his hand as if to acknowledge Interstellar’s pleading as well as the desperate cries inside the wall of steam and chemical surrounding the helplessly naked Space Rangers.

“Dampeners down twenty percent!” Tom ordered and looked over his shoulder to the deliciously agitated Interstellar, smiling, Tom raised his voice above the din of cleansing process and the cries agony and pain emerging from the commotion. “You’re right Interstellar, better not to kill them before they are released into service!”

Aereon felt the Hive immediately, it was deep and rich, deep inside his body, he was filled with sudden hope amidst the pain they were inflicting on his body. The Power of the Hive began to cover his skin, cleansing him, restoring him and Aereon immediately tried his bondage, pulling vigorously and twisting his body in his attempts to escape their hold on him. He noticed Blaze and Dixon too were accessing some of their power. The three naked Rangers struggled violently but they were held firm. The access to the Hival power was a gesture, it was also a warning about the very dominance their captors held over them.

Beau dismissed Interstellar as did Tom, they were focusing their attention on the Rangers as the cleaning process was now heating their drenched bodies in a wall of searing heat. It took thirty seconds, and the Rangers were dry except for their hair. Beau and Tom shielding their eyes from the searing wave of heat energy. Dixon, Blaze and Aereon pushed their bondage to the limits, they arched and twisted their bodies as the searing agony engulfed them, but as soon as it had begun, it abated. Interstellar reeling from the bust of heat energy too his head pushed backward in his attempts to shield himself from the searing waves of heat.

“Bastards!” Interstellar screamed, twisting inside his bondage. He knew exactly how the Rangers felt, Beau just loved cleaning him up too. He had endured the process countless times; it was expected after they milked him.

Cold air felt sensual and sweet, Blaze felt the restraints stretching his legs and pulling his arms tighter behind him, he felt the push above his buttocks, the device was tightening his presentation, His penis and balls hanging in the cool swirling air, his head held firmly by the device looking down over his body, he looked up to see Interstellar struggling and then glanced to his left to see Aereon’s face grimacing, they were stretching him too. Blaze could hear Dixon’s sexy moan, it confirmed that Dixon too was alive and being stretched.

“Aghhh!” Blaze’s moan lingered and attracted Tom’s attention.

“Squeaky clean, refreshed, and scented! We aim to please, Blaze!” Tom said, he was running his fingers through Blaze’s moist hair, “Don’t worry those delicious curls of hair will bounce back Blaze!” Tom was running his finger around the extremities of Blaze’s red mask. “Let’s have a feel of your penis, shall we?” Tom said running his finger down Blaze’s handsome nose. Enjoying Blaze’s defiant glare.

Smooth and clean, Blaze’s penis filled Tom’s hand and Tom looked into Blaze’s widening eyes momentarily, then back to the sumptuous penis. Tom used his other hand to stroke the shaft and twist the appendage to view its underside. Tom drooled and smiled at the same time, he had one of the most prized sexual objects in the Galaxy in his palm, it was heavy and hefty, the penis head pink and so full of youthful virility. He cupped Blaze’s low hanging scrotum after finishing his inspection of the penis with his left hand. Tom was holding Blaze’s cock in his right hand while gently lifting the Blaze’s impressive and warm scrotum in his left hand, toying with each testicle, feeling Blaze’s beauty, appreciating the sexual majesty of the young hero.

Tom’s attention filled Blaze with a mixture of delight and trepidation, he was helpless, the bondage competently restraining him, pulling his extremities, his bondage felt so sexual to him, he knew that Aereon and especially Dixon would feel the same. Bondage was their thing, they enjoyed its very concept, the eroticism it possessed made Blaze feel horny, he had to control his penis as best he could, he could not let on how aroused he felt in that moment, his genitals being fondled by the cruel Tom. Blaze could feel the warmth of Tom’s hands embracing him, his penis felt delicious and sumptuous, and Tom’s enjoyment was clear.

“I could enjoy your junk for hours hero!” Tom squeezed Blaze’s testicles tighter. Making Blaze grimace, the force of the fold felt sensual and erotic, he could feel the Fillip move slightly too in response to Tom’s attention.

The moan exited Blaze’s mouth from deep within his chest; it was deep it was sexual. Blaze had no other choice; his genitals were feeling glorious and exceptionally sensitive. He could only roll his eyes and lick his lips; Blaze was helpless and yet somehow ready. He was disappointed when Tom let go of his junk. Hissing slightly when he felt his penis and testicles drop down between his stretched legs.

Beau had inspected both Aereon and Dixon in the same amount of time and met Beau directly Infront of Aereon’s stretched body.

“Superb!” Beau said, twisting to turn to the eroapplicator device behind he and Tom. Beau produced three slender metallic devices, the slender devices had rounded ends and they shone and glinted as Beau displayed them for the Rangers to see. Fifteen centimetres in length, slender and cold! Tom picked one out of Beau’s little display extending it toward Aereon, knowing both Dixon and Blaze’s attention had been procured. Beau just loved his toys, and these were just one in their arsenal.

Tom let the cold metallic device slide between Aereon’s pecs, he was holding one of the ends of the slender device dragging it across Aereon’s abdomen muscles.

“Wha?” Aereon exclaimed, “What is that?” He asked looking at Tom with piercing eyes.

“It’s a Drilling Wand, Aereon!” Tom let go and the device hovered in mid-air in front of Aereon’s face. Beau threw the other two slender devices toward Blaze and Dixon, they were unable to flinch and avoid the trajectory of the two wands, their powers also dampened, Blaze and Dixon could only watch as the two projectiles approached their faces.

“Gah!” Dixon screamed expecting a direct hit in his left eye, he was helpless and able to turn his head.

Blaze watched the device approached him, wincing his face in expectation of the collision. Yet to his surprise the slender device stopped just before his face and then retreating slightly and turning slowly so that it was floating lengthways at a ninety-degree angle, its body reflecting vivid lights. All three wands hovered in front of the Rangers.

“Mining devices, dear boys!” Tom said smiling and rubbing himself, “…they will deposit energy into your bodies Aereon, energy that will work with your Fillips, Tarn requested this little treatment Aereon, he is so looking forward to enjoying your body; he only has the best, he demands perfection, he demands you, delivered to him in a state of sexual preparedness!”

Aereon pulled on his bonds glaring at Tom and then to Beau, he was powerless, his bondage strong and powerful, the glinting device hovering in front of him his dark sultry look so sexual and rich.

“These will invade your anuses Aereon!” Tom said smiling while grabbing the device directing it slowly down Aereon’s body, Aereon watching carefully, Tom enjoyed grabbing Aereon’s penis in the process, enjoying how erotic the sexual appendage felt in his hand, pulling the penis out from Aereon’s body while Aereon grimaced and twisted his body, glaring at Tom and then the device, Aereon was desperate.

“No! What are you doing?” Aereon tried to demand in an authoritative tone.

“Leave him alone!” It was Interstellar screaming across from his viewing position opposite. He knew the wands; he had endured them as well.

Tom and Beau ignored Interstellar.

Tom was so close to Aereon’s face, close enough to lick the mighty Space Ranger. He whispered into Aereon’s ear, his hands caressing Aereon’s body, cupping Aereon’s tight erotic glutes, the wand hovering close to Aereon’s now dangling penis. “Tarn has arrived on board and is expecting you in the Hero Suite, Aereon! Tarn will so love what I give him, I will expect a raise, ha, ha, ha!” Tom felt the roundness of Aereon’s muscly curved bubble butt, purring he felt his own penis stir inside his suit. But his attention in that devilish moment was Aereon and as he licked Aereon’s handsome face allowing his hands to appreciate the sheer sexual majesty of Aereon’s body, he pulled away from Aereon’s face so that Aereon could watch the enjoyment on his face while he molested and toyed with the hero’s helpless body. Aereon could hear Interstellar, hissing and fighting; the handsome young hero clearly agitated and aware of what was about to unfold.

“Oh, you will please Councillor Tarn so well Aereon! The Hero Suite, is one of our finest suites and we have prepared it for your arrival as much as your most powerful new owner!” Tom couldn’t wait any longer, grabbing the slender wand with one hand and lifting Aereon’s penis once more with his other hand. Tom stood to Aereon’s side so that Interstellar could witness the moment.

“How’s the view Interstellar?” Tom said glancing over to the erotic, handsome young hero.

“Gah!” Interstellar thrashed and glared at Tom and then to Beau who was giving his attention to Dixon.

“You will pay!” Interstellar hissed at them.

Tom ignored Interstellar, turning to enjoy Aereon’s reaction, Tom was turning Aereon’s cock twirling the penis with his fingers.

“Wow such power in my palm Aereon, The Hive’s chosen vessel is so beautiful, so potent, powerful, yet enslaved by the Fillip! It’s dormant right now, but this will awaken your little pleasure worm.”

Aereon’s eyes conveyed his anger and desperation, his body still recovering from the cleaning process, once again his powers dampened and restrained just like he was earlier. He was a captive to Tom’s erotic and evil desires and that of their captors, he was stretched tightly and helpless.

“Get it over with you bastard, the suspense is killing me!” Aereon said glaring defiantly toward Tom, his face had a look of determination plastered across it.

It turned Tom on immensely.

“With pleasure!” Tom responded slowly in a low determined tone of voice.

Tom positioned the wand close to Aereon’s flaccid penis resting in the palm of his right hand gently allowing the cold strange metal to touch the underside of Aereon’s penis.

Aereon could feel the cool metal along the length of his cock, it felt luxurious and ominously powerful, he glanced down, surprised at the tender and reverent way this cruel and ruthless man was treating his organ. He wasn’t ready of the burst of energy that transferred into the length of his cock, a shockwave of tingles and sensation rippling down each of his legs, up his straining abs and across his torso, he felt them engulf his face to the tips of his hair on his head. Aereon tried to move his head from the Presenter’s diabolical grip, he tried to pull on his bonds, desperately seeking his powers, craving the Hive, his desperation palpable and making Tom hum with enjoyment and satisfaction, watching Aereon twitch and vibrate uncontrollably.

It was no longer cold, the wand was transforming, and glowing from inside, the metal surface changing colour and then he felt the Fillip energise and awaken inside his penis, as if stretching from a slumber, its movement sending pleasure pulses throbbing throughout his penis. Aereon’s cry, the reaction everything that Tom expected.

“Welcome back little Fillip!” Tom said glancing up from Aereon’s buzzing penis, his evil smile confirmation to Aereon that the treatment had begun. Tom could feel the Pleasure Particles oozing though the pores in Aereon’s penis some escaping into his palm.

“Oh, I love the feeling of those little darlings, is your cock enjoying them as much as my hand, from what I can feel? I think your cock is having a blast! I’d love to rub some on my own bulge, but I’m a little bit busy with your delicious penis Aereon.”

Aereon’s face radiating the enjoyment, he could not supress it, or hide it. His body raging with wave after wave of sensation. He looked at Tom, pleading for deliverance but Tom was having nothing of it. But the wand seized his attention, Aereon watched as one of the rounded ends of the wand starting to glow ominously. He glanced back toward Tom then back to his penis in Tom’s palm.

“Juice it up will you Aereon?” Tom said laughing and positioning one of the glowing ends of the wand on the tip of Aereon’s cock head, Aereon could feel the hungry power of the diabolical device through the lips of his penis and then his Fillip exploding with life and vigour, it was almost orgasmic and Aereon’s mouth screamed with rage and abandon, his body tensing. His penis exploding and shooting Pleasure Particles into the tip of the docked and suckling wand on the tip of his penis, the feeling of the Pleasure Particles exploding through his flaccid shaft causing Aereon’s eyes to roll back into his head; the wand sucking the pleasure energy from his body.

It took several minutes until the wand and Tom were satisfied. The wand still glowing with a line of blue energy inside its entire length, but in addition, every millimetre or two was stunted with orange pulsing blobs of light brightly turning on and off like little ominous beacons along the length of the wand.

Tom stood back from the panting hero, Aereon desperately needed to hang his head, his tongue sticking out from the left-hand side of his mouth, he was panting and pulling on his bonds, his penis now hanging, dangling, and buzzing with the remnants of the pleasure particle outburst, his moan soft and erotic. He looked up at the wand now hovering in front of his face.

“Good job Ranger!” Tom said, “I’ll let you stew a while we get Blaze and Dixon’s wands energised as well!” Tom said leaving Aereon to desperately fight his bonds, forced to look directly at the pleasure charged floating wand hovering directly in front of his face. Behind the wand, Aereon could see the handsome Interstellar, struggling and moaning, a long line of pre-cum flinging from is body like a whip. He was clearly aroused by the extravagant and diabolical sexual preparation of the famed Ranger Force.

It took fifteen minutes and Aereon had to endure the sounds of Dixon and Blaze either side of him being molested by Tom and Beau, their drilling wands being energised directly from their enraged penises just like his allotted wand had been prepared. Three wands were finally floating in front of the three beautiful victims after what felt like an eternity. Aereon, Blaze and Dixon helplessly watching the diabolical devices floating in front of their restrained heads, waiting to enter their bodies and fulfil their purpose.

Tom wasted no further time and he and Beau knew they were on the clock, the grand dinner only hours away, the revealing of Ranger Force to the sell-out dinner, so many revellers waiting for their first introduction to the Rangers, and yet they were required to deliver each Ranger to their respective, ravenously excited Council masters. Tom needed to ensure the rangers were delivered on time and in a state of sexual bliss. He needed to insert the drilling wands into the rectum of each Ranger.

Tom had chosen a synchronistic insertion, the Rangers would accept their supercharged wands in unison, a trio of delight would fill the Sacristy and he would later, deliver each Ranger personally to Drake, Tarn, and Tempest, they would be delivered sexually aroused, prepared for their master’s pleasure.

“The wands are from the Andromedins cluster, not far from Tarn’s Etro triangle, they are used widely on this ship, aren’t they Interstellar?” Tom said turning toward Interstellar.

“Fuck you!” The hero spat back toward Tom.

“He loves it, as will you three!” Tom said looking each of his captives in the eye one by one. They were each mesmerised by the hovering and glowing device, they each understood that the drilling wand represented another dimension of their subjugation into the sexual needs of Bordello and its evil ownership.

“Wands!” Tom gave his command, “Are you ready?”

Each wand pulsed and hummed, the top end of the device pulsing with rich blue light.

Aereon could not believe the beauty of the device, his eyes fixed on it as floated in front of him.

Dixon’s moan set off the trio of delightful moans from each Ranger. Dixon could feel the presenter device changing shape, preparing a flight path for his wand, the device opening his buttocks and forcing him forward. He could see Aereon, and Blaze being reformatted into the reception position from the corner of his eyes, his head still firmly in the clutches of his Presenter device.

“Bah! You won’t get away with this!” Dixon’s face communicating his defiance, but deep inside him, he felt the sexual arousal. He could feel the cool air being blown onto his now exposed anal verge. Dixon desperately wanted Blaze or Aereon’s tongue to lick his exposed anatomy.

“Enter them!” Tom said watching as the wands hovered and positioned themselves moving around their hosts, manoeuvring themselves into a docking, insertion position, their glowing ends now lighting the threshold of each of the Ranger’s, anal entrances.

Aereon cried out in defiance, he knew they were inserting yet another control device to manipulate and arouse his body, he frantically tried breaking free of his bonds looking upward towardTom and Beau, pleading for mercy with his eyes, yet the sexual expectation was palpable. He could hear Blaze straining in his bonds to his left, however the cool air caressing his hole felt like the kiss of a lover, he felt energy caress the two hemispheres of his beautiful ripe butt, the energy felt like the an erotic thong caressing his body, his eyes rolling into his head, he could hear and feel his deep reaching moan growing from deep inside his chest, his body alive and tense, his bondage exciting every pore in his body. He heard Dixon too. Dixon’s moan was of a higher pitch to the one festering deep in his own chest, but he suddenly realised the reason for Dixon’s delight.

Aereon felt the energy intensify, he felt the coldness of the drilling wand lubricating his love hole with energy, but this felt like the most sensual lubricant that he had ever felt! He desperately wanted it to be Dixon and Blaze’s tongue, he craved the warm embrace of Kroy too in that moment of sexual conquest. The drilling wand was entering him, and he desperately wanted it.

“Oh Aereon, Dixon!” The sexually charged cry was emanating from Blaze, he was calling out the names of his lovers, of his boys, as the drilling wand continued its erotic journey slowly entering his majestic body. Blaze felt his dangling genitals tingle and he could hear his two boys’ being conquered by the devices.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Dixon’s moan was long and lingering, he pulled on his unforgiving bondage, deeply enjoying the experience of his drilling wand dominating his body, his bondage so exquisite, so sexually arousing, and beautiful. His buns alive with erotic energy, the feeling of the energy captivating the cleft between his buns so invigorating and delicious, he could feel his pre-cum activating the Fillip inside his penis and he shuddered knowing he was oozing Dixi Juice. But his attention became fixated on the inside of his rectum. The drilling wand had negotiated his prostate, it was deep inside him, and he felt the divinity of the moment; it was moving in deeper and had retraced its path, it was moving backward in a slow fucking motion, pumping his magnificent body, and causing his eyes to roll into his head. Dixon could hear Aereon and Blaze too, their cries and outbursts were so sexually charged and erotic, he knew that the devices were fucking his beloved Rangers as his was fucking him.

The process conquering the Rangers took fifteen minutes until Ranger Force were completely enthralled, each Space Ranger drooling, their cocks a concoction of discrete sensation, oozing ranger pre-cum.

“Normal presentation position!” Tom commanded the Presenter devices.

Blaze’s body was now super-hot, sensitive and he was completely enamoured by the feeling of the wand stimulating the walls of his rectum, he could feel his penis tingle and feared that the slightest touch of his penis could cause him to become erect. As the bondage device retracted, he, Dixon and Aereon slowly to a more upright position, re-pulling his arms backward and his legs outward, he was able to survey the room, and glance over his beautiful body he felt the mass of sexual energy gushing through his veins, he felt his desires and needs pumping as if absorbed into the delicious energy pumping through his body, his every cell had become a distinct sexual entity a confluence of sexual majesty!.

Dixon was purring, Blaze new the sounds of his Dixi, the sounds of sexual happiness, he loved to watch when Kroy would fuck Dixon, that magical power Kroy possessed and controlled, that so energised he Dixon and Aereon, he longed for Kroy in that moment of conquest listening to Dixon and Aereon reacting to the sexual captivity of their drilling wands. His wand was still fucking his love hole deliciously and his penis was alive, with sensation, his cum was becoming heavy inside his scrotum, he was being prepared and he knew it, the process subjugating him in such delicious ways.

They each returned to the presentation position, eyes rolling, tongues licking lips, bodies trying to turn and twist, in sensual ways inside the tightness of their bondage. Tom and Beau were standing either side of the eroapplicator rubbing their enraged thick bulges inside their tight black body suits.

“Oh Man! How are you enjoying that mighty Space Rangers?” Beau said drooling, he was in a sexual rage, but restrained himself, the Rangers were due to meet their new masters, and he was not allowed to enjoy the merchandise before the Hedonic Council had their first taste of Space Ranger booty. He would be vaporised or enslaved by Tempest for crossing that line! But the sight of the three naked young and sexed-up Space Rangers, each drooling a line of pre-cum was supercharging his evil cravings.

Beau screamed in frustration, but soon reclaimed his dignity, scooping up some of his own pre-cum and licking his finger.

“Time to dress you boys for success! We cannot deliver you naked, that would not be on!” Beau said with a wry and wet smile caressing his face and then licking his own lips. “You are famed as the beautiful sexy Rangers, the heroes that radiate sexual arousal in your skimpy erosuits wherever you turn up in the Galaxy. Every patron onboard Bordello demands your presence, your erosuits, it fuels sexual desire, and fantasy!” Beau said, continuing his lewd commentary.

As he said his words the eroapplicator came to life and transported Beau and Tom with it, hovering closer to the Rangers, as it moved into position, the Rangers too began to move, their presenter devices no longer in a row, they formed into a circle around the eroapplicator.

Dixon could at last see Aereon and Blaze, their eyes met and the sexual abandon raging behind each of their masks. He felt his body surge with sexual and sensual energy just at the sight of Aereon and Blaze’s beautiful, helpless bodies, he longed for this to be an Atlantis Suite play time and he longed for Beau and Tom to be replaced by Kroy. But that was just fantasy! Tom was very real, very determined and toying with Dixon’s sexy mask and Dixon’s fetching hair hanging across his forehead and over his mask.

“Get off me!” Dixon somehow regained his dignity amongst the sexual energy surging in his body.

“So erotic, so beautiful, Dixon! Tempest will enjoy you Tom said stepping away from Dixon.

Beau continued his commentary. “As we said earlier, we were unable to decipher or tamper with the machine’s Hival code which meshes with your genetic signatures, the way it is also enmeshed to your unique sexual and pleasure signatures is amazing. We would love to try one of your famed erosuits, but your beloved Hive have ensured that you alone can be fitted with the garments. They become a part of your sexual identity and not just mere erotic garments. Amazing technology and, let me say, we are immensely impressed by your connection to your Hive via your beautiful erosuits!”

Blaze looked to Beau, Blaze’s face emblazoned with erotic energy, yet he was able to convey defiance and his smug smile communicated “You will never break the erosuit connection with us!”

“Nevertheless!” Beau said ignoring Blaze’s defiant stare. “We were able to tamper with the voice control sub-routines, it will respond to my and Beau’s voice commands which now override your own voice controls of the machine!” Beau said glancing into the masks of each Ranger.

“Let’s get you boys suited up! Can’t keep the Councillors, your new masters waiting, can we?”

Dixon felt his body shimmer, that sensational feeling he always felt just before the machine applied his erosuit always turned him on and he felt the Fillip inside his already buzzing penis stir also. Dixon desperately wanted to throw his head around, he wanted touch his cock, caress his buttocks, he had never felt so sexually aware of himself, and his bondage fuelled the power deep inside him.

“Fillips, halt the Ranger’s production of pre-cum!” Beau commanded each of the Fillips inhabiting their Rangers’ cocks and Tom wiped the latest emissions of juice from the three Ranger penises.

“Good, you boys must arrive in pristine condition, your master will take his Ranger juice when he is good and ready! Your extract is the most prized substance aboard Bordello right now Rangers!” Beau exclaimed.

“Good, you are ready for application my beautiful young hero!” Beau said once Tom had finished wiping the last vestiges of Aereon’s pre-cum.

“Bright Royal Blue soft nylon with one-inch sides, include a turquoise blue patch to the sides of the erosuit at the hip! Ensure their bulges stick out deliciously, two folds of fabric from the side of the bulges and ensure their penis heads are displayed inside the soft nylon!” Beau submitted his order to the eroapplicator.

Dixon felt the sensual embrace of his erosuit. His moans so delicious feeling the applicator adjust his balls and penis inside the erosuit to create the pouch effect that Beau had ordered, his outburst of delight seizing Aereon’s attention. Aereon and Blaze were now wearing the matching suit too. Their bodies feeling the luxurious garment caress their buttocks, scrotums, their penises filling the pouch of their garments so perfectly, their bulges proudly displaying every curve and bend of their magnificent erosuit packages. Aereon drooled when he watched the way the garment caressed Blaze, the two folds of nylon extending from the apex of Blaze’s bulge across to his hips charged Aereon’s sexuality to the max, he was so horny, and Dixon’s bulging suit charged his craving for Dixon’s body even more. Aereon could feel the soft, crisp new nylon stimulate his penis, he felt complete in his erosuit and the look of Dixon and Blaze, they too were enjoying the same assurance their erosuits provided their genitalia.

“I trust your erosuits feel delicious, mmm, they look so attractive, so ready to enjoy, you look perfect gentlemen!” Tom turned quickly over his shoulder after surveying the spectacular Space Ranger sexual smorgasbord set out around the eroapplicator. He focused his attention momentarily on Interstellar, “What do you think Interstellar?” Tom was revelling in his power over the magnificent heroes in his Sacristy, and in his care.

Interstellar grimaced as delicate eruption of pleasure particle energy caressed his bulge and invaded his rectum, he was spitting drool fighting his delicious bondage.

“Gahhhh” was Interstellar’s only response, and it lingered for several seconds, his voice deeply sexual and intense.

“I thought so!” Tom smiled as he returned his gaze back to his Ranger Force buffet of bulge. He spoke to the Rangers, looking them each in the eye behind their newly applied baby blue masks.

“I so love the new suits, boys!” Tom gloated admiring the beauty of his captives.

“Don’t worry your pretty heads about Interstellar, we will look after him after we dispatch you three across the ship to the Council Members. Drake’s Royal Suite is forward, and the Hero Suite is mid-ships, while the Sepulchre Suite is aft. But don’t fret beautiful boys, you will re-join each other in several hours for your grand presentation at the Captain’s Gala Dinner. Bordello is abuzz with expectation! Our promotions team have been playing a trailer of your time in Toy, its full of red, green and powder blue bulge, the odd erotic facial expression of your handsome faces thrown in for effect, and the short promo ends with a globule of Blaze’s jism splashing across the screen. I watched it several times and I’m sure our guests have too by now!”

“Before we despatch you to your masters, I have one final job to oversee!” Tom looked to Beau and then commanded the presenters to retract and leave their captives in a spreadeagled and stretched position. Beau took up position behind Dixon, he was running his hands along the backs of Dixon’s stretched legs, enjoying the ripples of muscle as Dixon fought his bonds looking behind himself as best he could, trying to view Beau’s attentive enjoyment of his smooth tanned legs.

“Beau is a legs man!” Tom laughed enjoying the way Dixon’s face screwed up trying to escape Beau’s attentive hands.

“He loves hero butt too, yeah, I’d say a legs and butt man! Me, well bulge is my thing, so you three have Tom’s tick of approval, ha, he, he, he.” Tom was circling the three Rangers inside the newly formed ring around the eroapplicator device.

“Beau, do your thing will you!”

Beau ran his right-hand index finger down the fabric caressing Dixon’s butt, he pushed the fabric into the crevasse of the two beautiful nylon encased buns, tantalising Dixon, his finger glowing and causing the drilling wand inside Dixon’s body to expand and then melt, allowing the powerful pleasure energy siphoned from Dixon’s penis earlier to absorb into Dixon’s body. It was supercharging Dixon’s sexual engines, his anatomy prepared for service.

Dixon’s face communicated his desperation and the beautiful, blissful, yet powerful detonation of delicious energy inside his rectum. The controlled explosion enveloped his new erosuit as well, like a coating of tingling enjoyment. His sexuality exploding through his bulge, exploding inside of him, his bulge energised and sensitive in that moment of delicious grandeur.

Dixon’s moan was so deep and erotic, both Blaze and Aereon felt their cocks’ expectations, their love for Dixon pumping through their bodies, they craved him, they needed Dixon’s mouth enjoying their bulges, they craved his boy pussy.

But Beau was not finished, and he attended Blaze, releasing the same sexual charge and then concluded his final procedure with Aereon. Leaving the three Rangers writhing masses of sexual decadence, perfectly ready for their masters to enjoy. They were destined to service, and their masters had never been hornier and more expectant.

“Goodbye Ranger Force, your masters’ await your bodies which we have now prepared for their enjoyment, now it is up to you to please them!” Tom said smirking.

Ranger Force are prepared for service and will return soon! Will Dale and Vega be able to mount a rescue?

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