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Space Rangers
Part 14 - Vega Part 9
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 9

Email: Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2353, year 4063


The Space Rangers have been captured aboard the secret space sex-liner – Bordello. They are the newest erotic attractions for the rich and influential passengers to enjoy. They along with a host of other space heroes. The Rangers are being offered as sexual objects, bound and helpless for the delight and whim of their captors. Torture and pleasure sessions keeping the ship’s company of horny clientele entertained and aroused.

The Rangers have been paraded around the huge dining facility, strapped helplessly to floating Bondage Bots, pleasured, and teased for the hundreds of diners to enjoy. The latest hero captures being displayed as trophies for the enjoyment of the ship’s passenger elite. But the lavish hero reveal had come to an end, the Bondage Bots returning to the altar in the center of the ground floor of the three-story dining room once the diners had departed. The mighty Interstellar remained tied down to the altar, his body trembling as the altar delivered it’s pleasure sequence. Interstellar’s bulge bubbling with his juice.

Out in stellar space and in hot pursuit, Dr Dale had located them, and Intrepid3, the Ranger’s trusty ship in hot pursuit with the latest hero of the Hive, the mighty Vega on board; previously known as Kroy from the planet Ord. But Vega is inexperienced, yet to fully understand or discover his superpowers. Vega is the Rangers’ only hope.

So, Blaze, Aereon and Dixon must all be strong and valiant whilst help is on the way, there are still hours of debaucherous enjoyment to be had before Intrepid3 is in locking range. Heroes to be milked and tortured before Vega embarks on his maiden mission.

With the reveal complete, the Bordello’s company of horny oligarchs, royalty, captains of industry, galaxian drug lords and hosts of cashed up sex crazed devotees had exited the grand dining room. The ships company were ready for a night of debauchery and exquisite sexual satisfaction. Every hero on board the secret space liner prepared and readied by their evil handlers, bound and tied to serve their masters, their hungry and aroused fans. Every outlet onboard Bordello booked out; every hero booked to serve the needs of their captors.

Yet Captain Parallax and this Hedonic Council members had remained behind inside the dining room, they and their delicious bound captives alone and to themselves.

“You have inspired the ship, you have set in motion sexual needs and appetites gentlemen, and this night will be remembered, the inauguration of Ranger Force, the next dazzling attraction for the Bordello!” Parallax announced to the Rangers, who remained spread on the floating Bondage Bots, their bodies struggling, filled with erotic energy constantly germinating inside their rectums and coursing out through their bodies. Their bulging erosuits, buzzing with pleasure, but still dry. Parallax wanted their pleasure and their Ranger juices stored and ready for their owners. The council members would be the first to drink of the fountains of Ranger juice awaiting release.

All three Rangers were trembling and helpless, thrusting and writhing as the council members approached from their special table at gala dinner. Aereon, Dixon and Blaze were fanned out around the central altar. Interstellar, remained tied to that altar, he continued to moan and thrust his bubbling bulge in response to the pleasure program feeding his body, feeding the Fillip inside his penis. Interstellar too was pulling on his bonds, his struggles and cries of delight attracting the council member’s attention.

“Pleasure too strong, bulge exploding, Gahhhhhh!” Interstellar’s words were full of drama and despair, his clenched fists were white, an indication of the pleasure energy his body was being fed.

Councillor Tarn approached Interstellar and stood next the crazed helpless hero, staring into Interstellar’s desperate eyes, enjoying the sight of this beautiful, young hero stretched out and struggling, seeping his super syrup from his bulging red thong. The altar slippery with special hero juices.

“So exquisite Interstellar, you never fail to delight, so many have savoured your precious juices tonight. Parallax will milk you slowly later, your cum will be harvested slowly and your screams of pleasure will be broadcast to every suite on board this ship, the vision of your sexy red thong exploding with your cum will ensure your Jism Bar is filled with patrons tomorrow, all wanting one of your spectacular milky cocktails.” He said with an evil smile on his face before looking up toward the three spectacular Rangers writhing, riding their Bondage Bots surrounding the altar. His smile widened as he looked toward Aereon, then Blaze and finally Dixon.

“Your experiences will be far more private boys. You will serve us…” Tarn looked around at the other council members and toward Parallax as he spoke, “…we will milk you and drink all that pent up nectar, exquisite sexual heroes of the Hive, you are ours to enjoy. I think you want to cum, you are yearning to ejaculate, your virility demands release, and we will take it, milk it, we will enjoy your magnificent bodies, bulges of pure perfection shall pump your pre-cum and your cum over and over. We the Hedonic Council, own you and we will take your cum first! We will take what is rightfully ours before we sell your beauty, your sexual allure to the galaxy. We must have our fill, then we will release you to the public areas of the ship, where you will become cum cows, income streams that will fund evil throughout the galaxy! The mighty heroes of the Hive defeated and servants of evil! Ha, ha, ha!”

Tempest the vampire was brimming with expectation too, and he couldn’t resist Interstellar’s heaving bubble of pre-cum emerging from his red thong. He slid his right hand over the bulge enjoying the way Interstellar was trembling with sensation, scooping a wad of juice. Tempted as he was, he resisted the vampiric urges smashing through his evil mind. He wanted a taste of Interstellar, it had been quite some time since his last visit to the Bordello, around the time of Interstellar’s capture in the Rahpius sector. Tempest savoured the warmth of the bulge, the trembles of delightful inflections and shudders across every region of Interstellar’s groin, his fingers traversing the bulge, a slippery mountain of delight, and it was infusing Tempest with urges so primal, so basic, full of sexual yearning. He felt his body surge with energy. The beautiful and handsome vampire may have been several hundred years old, yet he looked to be in his mid-twenties. He looked Interstellar in the eye, enjoying how the string of hero juice formed when he disengaged his hand from the red thong bulge. He used his dry hand to caress Interstellar’s baby, yet beautiful face, allowing his fingers to enjoy the hero’s handsome cheek bones, he brushed Interstellar’s forehead, caressing the beautiful young hero and then ran his fingers through the flowing blonde hair. Tempest made sure he didn’t lose any of the precious pre-jiz in his other hand, which was being lifted toward Dixon floating to their right.

“Such exquisite beauty Interstellar, your body produces some of the sweetest nectar in the galaxy. You are always on my list when I am considering a visit to Bordello!”

Interstellar was screwing his face in delight, his body simmering inside a sexual current of energy, his Fillip delivering its diabolical Pleasure Particle diaspora across his thong.

“Gag ah gag caah!” He was not able to pronounce coherent speech, but his defiant eyes stared up toward the vampire.

“Don’t speak beautiful boy!” Tempest responded, “Let the altar energise the pleasure, we give it to you freely, lovingly!” His evil smiling face then turned slowly toward Dixon.

“This is for Dixon!” Tempest said looking at the pre-cum he had harvested from Interstellar, it was staring to run down his outstretched hand he was holding up toward Dixon.

Tempest floated upward to meet Dixon’s straining face. The Rangers were several feet off the floor, floating and riding the diabolical Bondage Bots. Tempest wasted no time offering his outstretched hand to Dixon.

“Get it while its warm hero!” Tempest demanded.

“The mighty Space Ranger Dixon!” Tempest was taking in Dixon’s magnificence, his beautiful features, his sexuality on display as his body writhed and strained inside the competent bondage. The vampire was raging inside, controlling the urges of carnality that pricked at him. Tempest was a master at controlling his basal urges, he let them aggravate deep inside his predatorial psyche. He was a master of evil and he intended to pour the charm onto his next sexual conquest, to enjoy the sweet, sensuous conquest.

Tempest’s eyes were glistening and glinting, it was sign of his arousal and it was something that this powerful being was not able to conceal. Yet he presented a calm and controlled manner as he addressed Dixon, gently pushing the fingers of his pre-cum soaked hand into Dixon’s drooling mouth.

“Good boy, suck it, lick it Dixon, I harvested Interstellar for you. Just for you!” Tempest said leaning in toward Dixon’s straining face. Tempest said the words loud enough, enough for Dixon to hear above the din of moans and cries of submission, erotic delight filling the room. It was as if they were alone in the moment.

Tempest felt Dixon’s mouth sucking, he enjoyed Dixon’s tongue hungrily striving to extract as much of sweet Interstellar nectar he could, like a hungry babe suckling, Dixon’s moan communicated his longing and satisfaction. His body tensing, his bondage straining as Dixon slowly twisted and pulled against the restraints.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Drool ran down from the sides of Dixon’s mouth and Tempest enjoyed the expression of enjoyment plastered across the Ranger’s face, as he slowly extracted his fingers from Dixon’s mouth. He scooped up some of the sexy drool erupting out of the hero’s mouth and coated Dixon’s lips.

“Good! It’s so good isn’t it Dixon?” Tempest said, tracing the cute little mask covering Dixon’s eyes. Tempest then played with Dixon’s hair falling across his brow, that sexy, alluring hair was driving Tempest into an internal frenzy.

“It has been a lovely evening, exciting is an understatement, but Dixon and I have decided its time I take him home, I will enjoy this beautiful man tonight, won’t I!” Tempest had turned to face the others but turned back toward Dixon, when he said, ‘won’t I’.

Sensual vigour erupted from inside Dixon’s body, the volcano of erotic energy from the drilling wand was not abating and a fresh explosion had released a new wave of energy through Dixon’s body, causing him to arch his torso, and his muscles flexed, his head shot backward, and his scream peeled throughout the dining room.

Tempest smiled.

“That’s our cue gentlemen, Dixon and I wish you all a pleasant evening” Tempest said looking down toward Parallax, Tarn, and Drake, then across to Blaze and Aereon and then finally to Interstellar. “We will look forward to meeting again soon! Ta ta!”

He clicked his fingers, and they were instantly taken from the room.

That same instant, they were inside the vampire’s sepulchre. An expansive section of the ship that was maintained solely for Tempest’s visits, and like his corner of the galaxy, it was a place that offered privacy, an air of danger and intrigue provided Tempest with the discretion he needed. The Sepulchre Suite had a reputation onboard Bordello. They were inside what looked to be a harshly lit featureless space.

Tempest span around and looked across to Dixon who was writhing on the floor. His feet and arms bound, his delightfully erotic moans filling Tempest with the glee and expectation.

“I can feel my cock is yearning Dixon, almost as much as my mind. I have been waiting to have you to myself for quite some time, since the first images of you and your Ranger mates exploded across the galaxy!” Tempest said watching his prey struggle on the smooth featureless floor.

Tempest stood over Dixon undressing slowly for Dixon’s benefit, Tempest could have changed instantly, but he wanted to put on a show for his captive, he knew the level of arousal coursing through Dixon’s body, he knew that the drilling wand was raging, feeding the Fillip, pleasuring Dixon whilst fuelling Dixon’s deep carnal, sexual essence. Tempest was just adding an erotic layer to Dixon’s experience.

Tempest removed his tie first, undoing his top button of his dinner suit shirt. He had already disposed of his jacket. Tempest then removed his shoes and socks, his feet feeling the cool air as his socks were removed.

“Mmmm, I so love letting my feet enjoy the cool air after being stuck inside those shoes. I feel invigorated already!” Tempest said staring at Dixon enjoying the way Dixon was watching him, his eyes fixed on the beautiful vampire, lost in the waves of erotic energy captivating his being.

“I know how you feel, your cravings are so primal my beautiful boy, don’t worry, they will be stroked! Do you like what you see so far?” Tempest asked ripping the shirt from his torso in one violent action, the torn garment shooting across the room and disappearing into whisps of light.

Tempest was left with his black suit trousers remaining on his impressive body. He stood six feet tall, a foreboding body, defined musculature crowned with broad rounded shoulders. His face handsome and alive, Tempest was controlling himself allowing a pert smile on his face, yet inside he was raging, his vampire blood seething with desire. He knew exactly what Dixon was experiencing with the drilling wand exploding inside him. These urges were normal for him, he had learned many years ago how to control himself. Tempest ran his fingers through his short blonde hair, he had stepped over Dixon’s bound feet, Dixon was struggling and looking up toward his captor; Tempest was a beautiful but imposing sight.

“I think it’s time to remove my pants Dixon! I know you will like that, you’re in such a sexual frenzy, your fleshly desires are raging, your eyes are undressing my trousers as I speak!” Tempest said licking his lips, indulging himself in the sensual nature of the moment.

“Well ok then!”

Dixon’s eyes widened.

Tempest had removed his trousers slowly, his belt first, then the buttons and fly, he bent slightly sliding each leg out of the garment. He discarded the trousers like did with his shirt. The stunning vampire was straddling Dixon, wearing a black lean thong, his bulge shining in the lights of the room.

Dixon’s body ricocheted with sensation, the sight of the stunning male form above him set off the drilling wand, it set off his Fillip, his erosuit was being bombarded with a cavalcade of Pleasure Particle explosion, he needed to release his juices, he was frustrated. His moan filled the room, and his tongue hung from the side of his mouth. He pulled on the ropes binding him, straining in vain.

“Good boy, I thought that might turn you on!” Tempest said with a huge smile erupting across his face. “Aereon, won’t mind, neither will Blaze, it’s just you and me tonight, and one other little morsel I thought you would enjoy!” Tempest said, knowing he had Dixon’s attention.

“Gah! What are you up to?” Dixon fought through the waves of energy filling his body and infiltrating his mind. His struggles against the ropes binding his ankles and wrists enthusing Tempest’s primal urges.

“Fuck you’re sublime Space Ranger!” Tempest oozed his words.

“Let’s not waste any more time Dixon, your body demands my attention, and your bulging erosuit, your penis are mine. I do have a little surprise for you, so let’s get a wriggle on, so to speak!”

Tempest ran his hands across his black thong pouch, he was a beautiful sight and his handsome face, and beautiful body did not show his age. To Dixon, he was a stunning and erotic man, and his striking features were causing Dixon, bewitching Dixon, attracting Dixon, spurring the drilling wand’s explosions deep inside Dixon’s body, pulsating erotic energy through his body.

Dixon was horny, and elevating by the second, he needed to release his juices, he was yearning for it and the sight of Tempest’s beautiful body, the black bulging thong sitting majestically on Tempest’s body, his captor’s bulbous thong pouch was driving Dixon even further into the erotic net.

“Pleasure time!” Tempest announced.

It was effortless for the vampire, Tempest could have lifted Dixon off the floor by just willing it, but Tempest was in his lair, on his grounds and the proceedings would be on his terms. This was now physical; he would enjoy everything this Space Ranger hero had to offer. He chose to lift Dixon off the floor with his left index finger.

“Up you get beautiful boy!” Tempest said gently, hiding his raging vamp urges.

Dixon found it difficult to stand, he was uneasy on his feet, even after Tempest had removed the ropes binding his ankles; every part of him was tingling, he was bursting inside, ecstasy was filling his body, leeching into his mind, his thoughts, and desires. He was aroused and semi-hard inside his erosuit. The touch of Tempest’s finger inside his tight armpit made him tremble, it was as if Tempest was drilling into his body and mind. Dixon felt amazing and he couldn’t determine if the sensations were from the drilling wand, his aggrieved fillip pleasuring his bulge or if it was Tempest himself infiltrating his psyche. All he knew was that he was raging a sexual inferno. Tempest had lifted him off the floor with ease.

“Welcome to my place Dixon, we are in my workshop, my play den.”

Tempest waved his left hand around like a magician and the room transformed, it was no longer stark and filled with bright white light. It wasn’t darker, but the lighting had become subdued, an imposing candelabra glinted with light hung from the dark ceiling expanse, its jewels sparkling. The edges of the room were darkened and cool whisps of air pushed around the space, moving whisps of gas-like puffs around.

“We vampires like a little atmosphere when we want to play and feed, when our primitive and timeless sexual urges become strong and forceful.” Tempest said looking to Dixon’s straining face.

The bonds were tight around his wrists. He couldn’t escape his own innate enjoyment of bondage; this too was feeding into the torrents of sexual energy bursting inside him.

Dixon avoided Tempest’s lusty eyes, he threw his head upward, his legs apart, he was pulling on the ropes binding his wrists, struggling, and twisting, drool running down the sides of his mouth.

“H, h, her.” He struggled more.

“Her, horny, so horny, please Tempest? Exquisite sensation, can’t er, es, escape!” Dixon was twisting his body inside his bonds.

“I know Dixon, enjoy the pleasure, enjoy the sexual energy we are going to have so much enjoyment, aren’t we Cosmos?”

Dixon’s eyes were bursting when he noticed the movement from the shadows. Cosmos was laying stretched out on one of Tempest’s restraint devices, he was at a sixty-degree angle, legs spread to the edges of the device, his arms stretched directly above his head.

“I chose Cosmos for tonight’s play session!” Tempest said.

“We have history, don’t we Cossy?”

Cosmos struggled twisting his body.

“Ffff fuck you Vampire!” Cosmos responded.

“We will discipline him tonight, Dixon!” Tempest said looking over his shoulder at Dixon while making his way over to Cosmos.

Cosmos was captured on a planet in the Etro system, he was one of Tarn’s little projects. Cosmos, a twenty-three-year-old hero stood almost as tall as Dixon at nearly six feet, his grey skin-tight suit fusing with his skin, powered by sub-atomic particles caressing his body intimately, his silver thong form fitting to his genitals, creating a handsome and mouth-watering bulge. His dark hair, complementing his handsome face.

“Tarn’s little toy boy, aren’t we Cosmos!”

Cosmos glared through his silver mask at Tempest, pulling strongly on the restraints holding his wrists above his head.

“Gahhhh ah!” was Cosmos’ only reaction, he looked at the Vampire with disdain, he was sure Tarn would have ordered him for the evening, yet it was Tempest that had decided to have him. He knew the vampire would show no mercy, the predator blood flowing through the handsome vampire would be burning deep. He could tell Tempest was super horny.

“I had his gloves, and boots removed, oh and his delicious little silver belt!” Tempest was running his fingers down the side of Cosmo’s side, enjoying the way the sexy suit fused with Cosmos’ skin, enhancing every bump, every muscle bulge that Cosmos had to offer.

“His suit is such a sensual part of his body Dixon! I hope you like it. I love the beautiful silver thong he wears too, look at the size and shape of that thong pouch. I turns me on so much. You know I really want to have my fill of sexy thongs tonight boys.” Tempest said, running his left hand over his own black thong pouch. He kept his other hand caressing Cosmos’ bulge.

“Get off me vampire!” Cosmos said trying to twist his body out from Tempest’s touch.”

Tempest turned to Dixon

“Spread your legs Hero!”

Tempest’s demand was forceful, and his eyes narrowed complementing the tone and force of the demand.

Dixon fought the ropes; he twisted his body sideways fighting for escape. But the vampire’s power was intense, the compulsion was so strong, so powerful, he felt his legs obeying his captor, they slid outward from Dixon’s body.

“That’s better Dixon!”

Tempest’s attention was on Dixon, and he approached the Space Ranger with raging lust oozing from every pore in his body.

On arrival he caressed Dixon’s face. Dixon felt his body react to the touch, he was brimming with sexual energy, every part of him tingled.

“Gah!” Dixon cried out as the sensations buzzed his body.

Tempest turned to look at Cosmos.

“I think Space Ranger Dixon likes my touch, Cosmos; do you find Dixon as beautiful as I do?”

“Get off him!” Cosmos said writhing violently.

“Dixon likes bondage, I can tell, he struggles perfectly, I can smell it oozing from him!” Tempest said toying with the rope binding Dixon’s arms behind his back.

“Yes, tight and strong.”

“Does Cosmos’ bondage turn you on Space Ranger?” I can also sense your arousal, us vampires have heightened senses, and, well your eyes too, they give you away Ranger!”

“Now let’s pay attention to your nylon erosuit Dixon, I know it feels exquisite, the Fillip in your penis is very aroused too, are you enjoying the way the Pleasure Particles are feeding on your penis?”

Cosmos fought valiantly, he too could sense the sexual and erotic torment being inflicted on the beautiful blonde Space Ranger. Tempest was just getting started and Cosmos knew he and Dixon were in deep trouble, the vampire was raging sexuality, he was a beautiful looking man yet innately sinister.

“Light blue and turquoise, it is such a piece of beauty!” Tempest said licking Dixon’s face causing Dixon to flinch his head to evade Tempest’s hungry tongue.

Dixon tried to move his feet, he was stuck, Tempest was controlling his body effortlessly.

“I want your bulge Dixon, it is exquisite, I want it wet with your juices, and Cosmos is dying to taste it too, ha, ha, ha!”

“Mind if I taste the Pleasure Particles partying in and on your bulge?” Tempest licked the Dixon’s top lip.

“I think that will be exquisite!” Tempest played with Dixon’s left nipple causing the beautiful young hero to tremble and cry out. Dixon pulled on the bonds tightly wrapping his wrists, his sexuality was screaming, his bondage fuelling the tornado of sensation captivating every cell in his body, marinating his mind in sexual juices.

Tempest’s tongue drove Dixon wild, the vampire adding to the fury, his tongue flicking quickly in and out of his hungry mouth so fast, it was like a stimulator device flicking the sweaty flesh of Dixon’s striving body with precision.

Tempest had Dixon trembling, both hands caressing Dixon’s lower back, his tongue had ceased the sensual exploration, it had lapped up Dixon’s flesh competently, feeding on the sexual juices filling the beautiful Space Ranger. Feeling the way Dixon responded only made Tempest’s rage flare, but the vampire was a master at concealing his delight, even as he fed.

Dixon was feeding him well.

Dixon felt every one of the thousands of tongue lashes the vampire had inflicted, the evil creature was poised with that amazing tongue now embedded in his belly button. It was drawing the sexual energy through his body toward it. Dixon hissed with delight as the vampire’s hands began to lower onto his buns, he could feel the beauty of sensation that Tempest’s expert hands were brewing as the brushed and caressed his nylon erosuit. He threw his head upward and moaned toward Cosmos, his eyes screaming exquisite delight.

Tempest moved to the erosuit pouch.

“Dessert tonight will be served by the stunning Space Ranger Dixon!” Tempest spoke loud enough for Cosmos to hear.

“This bugling erosuit, is exquisite, amazing power, sexual perfection Cosmos, just like yours!”

Tempest was glancing over his shoulder toward Cosmos watching the beautiful young hero twist and turn in his bonds. He then returned his attention to Dixon’s pouch. He used his heightened senses, he could feel the Fillip buzzing inside Dixon’s flaccid penis, his visual acuity could see the penis throbbing inside its beautiful erosuit nylon tent, he could see the waves of pleasure like ripples embracing the penis from the tip of its head along the snaking appendage. He could smell Dixon’s juices gurgling, waiting to release and thrill the beautiful bound boy.

Dixon could only moan and murmur his delight, he could feel the vampire’s power encouraging the Fillip, his penis felt warm, embraced in a blanket of pleasure, every movement of his pelvis made the nylon erosuit brush the underside of his penis, enraging the Fillip, allowing the Pleasure Particles to explode their payloads of beautiful sensation. He was in a spiral of delight. His bondage fuelling his growing arousal and now Tempest had installed Cosmos’ beautiful and sexual body opposite him, bound helplessly, the silver thong bulging with unbelievable beauty, it was driving his sexual urgency to new heights just looking at this beautiful bondage scene that Tempest had conjured.

His attention was forced toward Tempest.

Tempest was caressing Dixon’s erosuit, his hands running over every surface of the garment, feeling the beauty of it, feeling the magnificence of Dixon’s erotic and bound body. From the peachy and firm buttocks across the slim sides, down the sides of the bulge. He caressed the apex of the bulge, feeling Dixon’s penis head vibrating inside the hood of pleasure, he then slid his fingers down the mountainous sides of the bulge again toward the lower extremities of Dixon’s nylon wrapped scrotum, feeling each testicle, feeling the Ranger’s vibrations. He felt Dixon’s taint, Tempest felt his rage exploding. He wanted this Ranger’s cum, every drop of pre-cum, he wanted the Ranger to feel the immensity of pleasure that would bring him to the edge of death. He wanted to use the mighty Ranger’s pleasure stream with Cosmos and create a symphony of noise a visual feast of two mighty beings struggling together.

“Your bulge is exquisite, but I will enhance it.” Tempest remained playing with Dixon’s erosuit but was looking Dixon in the eye. “Cosmos is a beautiful creature, so sexual, so virile, he deserves to have the best and we’re going to give it to him Dixon!” Tempest’s words communicated just a fraction of his growing carnal rage, the primitive vampiric urges Tempest was holding in.

“You bastard, gah, Ohh ffffffffffffurck!” Dixon trembled all over as a global wave of pleasure emanating from his Fillip filled his bulge and then sent the wave across his body, he felt the tight ropes eating into his wrists as he struggled trying to break their hold on him.

“Naughty Fillip!” Tempest smiled. “It will do that; it follows my implicit instructions. I hope you enjoyed that Dixon, I did enjoy that rush of Pleasure Particles buzzing in your bulge and onto my hand. My you are a beautiful boy, and very voluptuous down there. I can’t wait to taste your juices.”

Dixon was barely regaining his vision after that onslaught of sensation, and he looked back toward Tempest with delirious eyes.

“Let’s make your delicious thong, like the one I enjoyed in your initial milking, your admission to Universal. I was forced to cum from afar then, just the sight of the thong bulge, your exposed glutes made me shoot Vampiric juices, so I’m going to have to control myself boys.”

Tempest then turned his head, his attention on Cosmos over his shoulder.

“Wait till you get a load of this Cossy! Ha, ha, ha!”

Dixon tried to prepare himself knowing that Tempest would use every leverage to make this into a massive erotic show.

Tempest then moved his hands, he did not extract them from his erosuit connection, his infatuation with the eroticism of the garment, its powerful properties, Dixon’s exceptional genitalia. He returned his gaze to Dixon.

The growl, the change in eye colour to a deep yellow gave away the primal and erotic arousal of the vampire, it also revealed the ruling House of Vampire that Tempest belonged to. Deep seated sexual urges changing the eye colour always gave the vampires from Tempest’s part of the galaxy away. Yellow indicated the house Velurian.

A wicked house and widely feared.

Dixon felt the sensation reverberating from Tempest’s fingers, he was shaking, pulling on his feet, still stuck, his legs spread, his arms tied behind his back, vulnerable. The sensation sending tingles up his back and down his legs. He felt the pulling, the violent wedge between his buttocks came not as a surprise, but the force was. The vampire moving fast, lightning speed, fingers twisting, adjusting, pulling.

“Fuck I want to cum!” Tempest burst out as he stood back to look at Dixon.

He was shaking with delight, Dixon’s pouch fashioned into a thong pouch, the bulge magnificent, the sides twisting, the rear tightly between Dixon’s gluteals. His body standing tall, arms pulled back, legs spread, the blue bulge round and full, it was showing the underside of Dixon’s penis head, the sensitive and delicious corona could be seen throbbing with salacious sensation.

“What do you think Cossy?” Tempest said wiping pre-cum from his own black thong bulge.

“Exquisite, sexual!”

“He will milk well, that bulge will be drenched, saturated, Ranger cum, Ranger pre-cum is on this vampire’s menu.”

Cosmos too was stunned at the sight of Dixon. He pulled on each of the leg restraints pulling his shapely legs apart. His formfitting silver bulge beginning to show his arousal. The sight before him was bordering on perfection, erotic artisanship at its finest.

Tempest circled Dixon, looking at the beautiful enticing image. His eyes fixed on the skimpy thong pulling tightly across Dixon’s body, the way the bulging pouch rounded, not as tight as the rear portions of the garment, it allowed movement inside the pouch. The pouch now totally fashioned and focussed on producing the seductive bulge.

Dixon thrust his hips upward and outward, the new thong bulge crawling with a fresh wave of Pleasure Particle diaspora, his Fillip alive and moving inside his penis. Dixon shuddered.

“Per, P, please Temp” He stammered his words.

“Juices building up, need to release, Gahhhhhhhhhhhh” Dixon threw his head upward as his deep-seated cries fille Tempest’s parlour.

Tempest also knew that the pleasure was also building up Dixon’s power, even with the ship’s Hival dampeners engaged, this mighty hero’s access to pleasure would excite the Hival properties of that delicious erosuit thong. He would tap this power, he wanted to understand the Hive, he wanted to destroy the Hival threat to his vampire evil.

“Soon beautiful, erotic boy! Patience!” Tempest said, his finger lightly brushing the left and side of Dixon’s new thong bulge.

“Such ecstasy, to touch!”

“I will milk you!”

“But first you will look much more fetching tied down to the Ejaculor, you and Cosmos together the dynamic duo, my pair of erotic boys, I will feed tonight!”

Tempest walked to the shadowy edge of the lit-up space, whistling, enjoying the sound of Dixon’s unceasing and sensual struggles, and how Cosmos was twisting and straining to escape his bondage and fate. He allowed his fingers to run over the smooth surface of the device. The Ejaculor was another of Tarn’s devices. The dark Vampiric worlds that Tempest controlled and the glittery and exclusive worlds of finery, of the Etro Triangle which Tarn ruled were a strange alliance. Their combined wealth and deviously evil intentions had found a way to co-exist in a union which benefited both parties. Tempest was happy to take Tarn’s enemies, torture them slowly, drain their blood and send Tarn the images and footage of them begging, their final gasps before Tempest sent their bodies to the slaughter. Tarn returning the favour and feeding the vampire’s deep sexual urges with implements and toys.

The Ejaculor was one such device. It and its various attachments were new in Tempest’s arsenal of play toys. He was looking forward to enjoying its inaugural captive, the mighty, the exquisitely sexual Space Ranger Dixon.

It rolled out through the misty floor of the play parlour out into the light, Tempest walking with it, feeling it, caressing it.

Dixon’s body tingled all over, the wave of sensation preparing him for his fate. He needed desperately to release his build-up of juices; they had denied him for hours. His entire body was hankering, needing, screaming. He craved his release, but he knew the vampire would feed and what of Cosmos? Dixon watched as the machine locked into place.

“The Ejaculor, Dixon!”

Dixon fought his bonds, his feet still firmly stuck.

“Come on in boys” Tempest said announcing Tom and Beau’s arrival.

“You too are busy tonight, but I thought you would enjoy binding Ranger Dixon to the Ejaculor!”

Tempest watched them arrive; Tom and Beau could feel that the vampire’s raging erotic presence as soon as they atomised to the Sepulchre Suite’s parlour. They didn’t speak, they knew exactly what the vampire needed.

The words appeared inside their minds as Tempest used his extrasensory skills. They could feel the sexual rage of the vamp, like meta-data, it filled their minds. Tempest was fucking horny, ready to feed.

Tie him, stretch his limbs. The words boomed with intense power infatuating Tom and Beau. They felt the compulsion burning inside them.

They obeyed.

Tempest walked over to Cosmos and licked the beautiful young hero’s handsome jawline. Tempest’s incisiform on show. The canines extended and dripping, it was an imposing sight when a vampire of this stature’s arousal began to emerge. Tempest had been busily concealing his arousal, he was a master, but his oral anatomy always found a way to push through his attempts to control himself.

Cosmos showed no fear though, he exuded defiance and spat in Tempest’s face.

Tempest grabbed Cosmos by the jaw, it was still wet from his licks, he squeezed hard, pushing Cosmos’ head upward to the left and then upward to the right.

Fangs dripping.

Tempest’s low frequency growl reverberated through Cosmos’ chest cavity. His eyes glowing yellow, his enraged face exploding. He let go of Cosmos, stepped back, retracted his fangs and wiped Cosmos’ spittle from his face. Tempest turned and smiled toward Dixon.

“Tie him down! Or is that up?” a wry smile replacing the sudden fit of rage.

“The Ejaculor will manage your super juices Dixon, I will manage your bulge.”

“Gah!” Dixon cried out as he fought the ropes. His feet released, he stumbled to stand upright but couldn’t resist the strong hands of Beau and Tom.

Beau was salivating, his erection inside the black thong, oozing pre-cum. Tom too wore a black thong, they both wore tight black neck chokers. They loved being dressed for the occasion and Bordello was in party mode; the ship celebrating the capture of the Space Rangers in an orgy of fun and sexual mastery, every bondage den, every outlet onboard the debaucherous and secret vessel alive and throbbing. Tom and Beau were busy men but were relishing the time Tempest was allowing them to enjoy Dixon and Cosmos.

The Ejaculor’s restraints opened automatically, it changed shape moving into position in an upright mode, long and slim, dark, and foreboding. The device was warm and maintained a high frequency buzzing which emanated from the central buttock rest.

He fought them, every step. His body screaming inside and out. He had become the sexual dynamo, an internal erotic generator fuelling a craving lust, his skin tingling with waves of delicious energy. His erosuit pulsating with pleasure. He could see the dark and shiny tall device awaiting him and as he approached the machine, he could feel his body synchronising with the buzz. The Ejaculor welcoming him.

“No, no, Bah!” and then he moaned, “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Dixon’s tone became deep, undertones of his deepest sexual nature were being drawn out of him.

They turned him, resting his delicious, exposed buttocks on the waiting rest. His ankles attaching automatically to the machine. Tom and Beau then lifted Dixon’s arms above his head, enjoying the way Dixon’s smooth body trembled and vibrated, the sound of his growls and moans. The restraints accepted his wrists locking with a distinctive whir.

The Ejaculor then proceeded to stretch Dixon length ways. His moan making Tempest return with his own deep growl.

Tempest turned to look at Cosmos.

“Now how beautiful, you are so honoured to witness the beautiful Space Ranger Dixon restrained for his inaugural Sepulchre Suite milking. Does he turn you on Cosmos? I’m just a little turned on myself, ha, ha, ha!”

The buzzing synchronized seamlessly, his Fillip happier than ever, he felt his erosuit thong pouch electrify with new sensation.

“Gah, nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no!”

It was inescapable, his body twisting, his head inclined upward to the left, his tongue licking his lips. Dixon was a sexual siren, a tractor beam drawing Tempest’s attention.

Cosmos couldn’t resist the compulsion, it was as if the mighty Dixon Archer, The beautiful sexual bound god, had the vampiric skill to compel another living being, he had to enjoy the majesty of Dixon’s stretched body.


Tempest’s hands felt the smooth skin, each bump, each muscular bulge, Dixon’s rib cage, each leg so magnificent, Tempest worshiped Dixon, drooling. His canines extending and retracting, dripping. Tempest was filled with lust. He held Dixon’s jaw, like he had just done with Cosmos, and looking into Dixon’s eyes and toying with the sexy length of hair covering the Ranger’s right eye. Infatuated.

“Spread his arms, spread his legs!” The command was said in cool, soft tone. Evil and chilling.

“Bring me Cosmos!”

Tom and Beau obeyed quickly, they had witnessed the caged rage of the vampire before; a being of Tempest’s age and power was dangerous, one wrong move could be fatal when he was in this state of mind.

They stunned Cosmos with a violent shocking device installed into their fingertips for the evening, they removed the stunned Cosmos from his bonds, tied his arms and dragged him toward Tempest still worshipping Dixon’s writhing body.

“M m must release jer, j juice!” Dixon was trembling and mumbling, his hips pushing upward and downward faster, involuntary attempts to stimulate his penis to try and get his juices flowing, he had become a sexual erotic toy, the urges surging. He pleaded with Tempest, pulling on each of the restraints stretching his limbs outward from his trunk.

“Sexual isn’t he Cosmos!” It wasn’t a question.

Cosmos was just coming around, held up by Beau and Tom, held facing the seething Space Ranger. His vision correcting itself, the shock of the stun device wearing off quickly. He realised he was bound, and Tempest was fingering his silver thong bulge. It felt delicious, the pleasure was satisfying, Cosmos glared, trying to conceal his reaction to the pleasure releasing over his penis by Tempest’s attentive fingers.

“He has a Fillip installed inside his penis; it is raging. He has also been fucked by a Drilling Wand several hours ago and its rage is peaking right now. Dixon’s bulge is his god right now. His pleasure mutating, flowing captivating his mind and body, his soul, his bulge. Such a pretty bulge, beautiful and sexual, he is mine to enjoy as are you, Cosmos!”

“Let him cum you monster!” Cosmos demanded fighting the ropes and Tom’s strong grip on his shoulder. “You will kill him if he can’t release that sexual explosive! He is powered by the Hive, pleasure, please don’t overload him.”

Cosmos fought Tom and Beau, his silver thong drenched in pleasure, the vampire had many powers, and he could inflict pain and pleasure with just a touch, Cosmos had been on the end of both, knowing exactly what the horny vampire was capable of.

“Bend him down, he must worship the Space Ranger’s bulge!”

Tom used the same m-shock device. The micro shockers had been tattooed to his fingers for the evening, he and Beau enjoyed the little toys they were allowed on these debaucherously enjoyable Bordelloean celebration evenings.

Cosmos screamed, his beautiful young body taking the charge of energy in a long pulse, Beau grabbing Cosmos by this hair, hauling the hero’s head upward while Tom forced the convulsing hero to his knees directly facing Dixon’s writhing thrusting, body.

“How’s the view Cosmos?” Tempest said in a sensual tone.

“I wouldn’t worry about his Hival power overpowering him. The Bordello’s Hival dampeners are working a treat, and he and his, shall we say, er colleagues, or should I say lovers, were afforded a little Hival love hours ago when we admitted them to a sector of Universal. The orgasm was a taste of the power available to Bordello, Dixon screamed for nearly an hour as the Orgasm screamed through his mind, his beautiful erosuit, didn’t it, beautiful boy?” Tempest asked, looking into Dixon’s desperate eyes.

Tempest then continued addressing Cosmos.

“He and Ranger Blaze and Ranger Aereon enjoyed a top-up of Hival power, we might allow a flow of power to him when I release his juice fountain flow soon, he and his mates will be full of their beloved Hival power by the end of tonight’s celebrations. Ready to be tortured in Agony Hall tomorrow. It will be quite the show for everyone who loves to watch beautiful heroes writhe in pain. I can’t wait!”

Cosmos was still shaking in pain from the latest shock, but more so in anger, he felt Beau’s strong grip on his hair and Tom’s push between his shoulder blades, he was being forced toward Dixon’s thrusting bulge.

“You’re a lucky boy, you get to enjoy one of the three most sought-after bulges in the galaxy. The Beautiful Dixon offers you, his body!”

Cosmos watched as Dixon strived, pushing his pelvis forward to meet Cosmos’ face, it was a desperate attempt by the Ranger. Dixon frantically needed to release his pent-up erotic energy, he needed to feed his Fillip, his pre-cum, he was raging everywhere, especially in his bulge and especially since the vampire had expertly fashioned it into a thong. Dixon was being driven to the edge of a sexual fate, beguiled in the sensation corrupting every cell in his body.

He had the perfect view, the bulge was buzzing, almost shimmering in Pleasure Particles, it was perfectly rounded, and Cosmos could only picture the beauty of Dixon’s wrapped penis and scrotum. He could see the outline of one testicle, it was full and round, full of the Ranger’s cum and definitively in production mode. He could see the underside of the penis head, the beauty of Dixon’s sexual machinery captivated Cosmos intently. Cosmo’s mind was suddenly raging with desire.

“Lick it!”

His head dragged into the waiting thong bulge by Beau’s forceful hand.

Cosmos felt the Pleasure Particles leaping across the synapse to his extended tongue, a perfect receptor, and within moments his head tingling, sharing a portion of the pleasure that was infesting the delicious Ranger’s body. He moaned as his head become one with Dixon’s pleasure torment.

Two super space heroes moaned in a confluence of delight.

“Lick your master Cosmos, This bulge will control you!”

Cosmos obeyed Tempest’s command. He had to concentrate on his duties, the flow of such powerful and brutal animalistic energy into his body from Dixon’s bulge overpowered him momentarily. He felt the warmth of Dixon, the flavour of the soft sensual nylon allowing the heat of Dixon’s body to radiate through it was intoxicating his mind as much as the flow of millions of Pleasure Particles. He felt the flexible soft penis shaft snaking inside the bulge, the penis so full, delicious, a delicacy like none other in the galaxy. His tongue was wrapping it, engulfing it. He moaned even louder when he encountered the edge pf Dixon’s penis head. He felt the ridges of the erotic corona he let his tongue follow the edge until he realised that he had met the intersection of the underside of Dixon’s penis.


It was Dixon, he was screaming, vibrating, writhing violently, and crying. His pleasure raping his body as Cosmo’s tongue lapped up his bulge.

Cosmos felt the sting, Beau used his m-shockers again whilst simultaneously pulling Cosmos’ head away from the bulge in a most violent forceful motion, Cosmos felt the remnant of the Pleasure Particle diaspora dance on his head, he felt both sensations, pleasure, and the sudden stinging shock in that vicious moment. They threw Cosmos on the floor, on his back, his tied arms below him, ensured that his silver thong bulge presented to Dixon who was frantically looking down at Cosmo’s writing body.

“Good boy Cosmos! That bulge will be the master of your pain, I wanted you to have a taste of it before we begin our little session of fun!” Tempest said looking down as the beautiful hero gasped on the floor, his mouth still open, dazed by the sheer intensity and volume of pleasure that he had just siphoned from Dixon’s seething body.

“Engage Cosmos’ Ejaculor appliance, make sure it is positioned facing Ranger Dixon, oh I can’t wait boys, this will be fun! Get him up!”

Tempest’s voice was deeply erotic, the vampire was accessing his ancient sexual archetypical dominatrix persona, just the sight of Dixon and Cosmos igniting his deepest and darkest sexual needs.

Cosmos shook with terror, he had heard of this, he knew he was in trouble, so was Dixon.

The appliance was fitted directly into Ejaculor the two machines built to be utilised as a single functioning device or used separately. It was made of white shiny alloy and employed arms and a central multi-form section for the rider to be placed. Its restraint systems forming to the captive rider. Several lights pulsing along each of its arms were being directed by the central multi-form device which glowed different colours of the rainbow.

Beau and Tom lifted Cosmos from the floor backing him on to the appliance. The device form fitting Cosmos’ struggling body. They engineered the glowing device so that Cosmos was almost upright, his arms and legs extended out from his body, mirroring Dixon’s writhing body. The Appliance changed form so that the central glowing rest nudged into small of Cosmos’ lower back, forming to the hero’s lumbar. It pushed into Cosmos’ back, while extending its restraint extremities.

Tempest approached Cosmos when the installation was complete. He held the thin dark choker in his hand, and he stepped into the synaptic space between his two sex-toy heroes.

“Mmmm some would call this the holy of holies. The place of transference, of signals being communicated, from one to another, firing with precise accuracy. I find it intoxicating my two beautiful and sexual specimens.”

Cosmos, still groggy from the shock-stun, his face still tingling with the remnant of the Pleasure Particles he consumed when forced to worship Dixon’s infested bulge. He glared at Tempest and pulled on each of his restraints violently.

“You’re sick, your whole species are just parasites that infect the galaxy! Aghhh, Ughhhh!” his glare at the vamp was icy.

“Interesting Cosmos, and you and your space hero colleagues exist to do what? Eradicate the parasites? Deal with them? What exactly? You see where I am standing you are helpless, bound awaiting your fate. And Mr gorgeously mighty Dixon here…” Tempest turned to face Dixon, rubbing the thin choker across Dixon’s heaving body, reaching behind Dixon, and rubbing the choker between Dixon’s heaving and sweat soaked buttocks, allowing the hero’s essence to coat the device. He sniffed the choker allowing his eyes to roll into the back of his eye sockets while returning his attention to Cosmos. “…mmm Dixon’s scent is strong and rich! This ‘parasite’ my dear Cosmos, is highly developed, evolution has been generous to my kind, we are the victors, the apex, we have the right, we have the ability, we have the power, and I have you!”

Tempest grabbed Cosmos’ face sharply and with force, squeezing hard.

“Yes, I have you! My dear Cosmos. You serve me!”

Tempest smiled as a green hazy light beam attached itself to the side of Cosmos’ head.

“This tether will hold your handsome face and head in place as we proceed.”

Cosmos felt his head being pulled sideways to the left and upward slightly.

“Just enough tilt, that’s all this parasite needs Cosmos, I don’t want to obstruct your view of Dixi boy here, when I milk him, now do I?” Tempest let go of Cosmos’ face and bought the choker up beneath Cosmo’s nose.

“Can you smell his scent, sexual, erotic sensual. Perfection, isn’t he?” Tempest said with a growl, allowing his vampiric sexual rage to display across his handsome face.

Cosmos too had a heightened sense of smell in his array of powers, he could just taste Dixon, the aroma from the choker intoxicated him, and information about Dixon erupted inside Cosmos’ brain. He was still able to use his hypersomnia powers, and volumes of information unwrapped inside his mind. He could suddenly sense the extreme arousal and sexual energy infesting the Space Ranger, he could understand the Ranger’s overpowering exigency, his craving to release the bursts of pleasure erupting and detonating inside his body.

“Got all that Cossy?” Tempest asked, knowing fully what Cosmos was experiencing. “There is enough of Dixon’s essence on this choker to convey to your mind exactly what the Ranger is experiencing. The Appliance you are restrained in will do the rest of the transference for you!”

Cosmos tried to pull his head away, but the hazy green beam held it firmly in place.

Tempest then moved the diabolical choker, fitting it around Cosmos’ neck. The tight-fitting device forming its slender body around the base of Cosmo’s neck.

“You look hot with that on your neck Cossy! Sexy, er sexier! Yes, very fetching!” Tempest announced.

Cosmos could feel the evil device fitting itself, tightening and melding to his neck seamlessly.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhh, what are you doing Vampire?” Cosmos said straining to move his head, twisting his body. Glaring toward Tempest. He could feel the device warming up and releasing the Ranger’s scent upward toward his face. Cosmos could not escape it, information, sensation, taste, forming inside his head, he was experiencing Dixon’s torment in vivid panoramic sensations.

“Gah!” Both Dixon and Cosmos cried out in a confluence of frustration.

Tempest ran his fingers around the choker.

“This is a highly sensitive device, Cosmos, attuned to Ranger Dixon, it has his DNA all over it, and it has been ‘tuned’ into your appliance. I have programmed it to tighten ever so slightly with every pump of Ranger Dixon’s juices through his penis. He has been dying to cum for ages, he is so full of sexual arousal, sensual delights, which you can now understand! You see it now, you can feel his torment, so I would say that YOU are the parasite, Cosmos! What Dixon experiences, you shall experience too. A duopoly of sensation. But for you the arousal will become so much more painful as the arteries in your neck begin to strain, Dixon’s pumping penis will in effect pump your neck and when the time is right and when your neck is ripe, I will feed on Dixon’s cum and then your blood as your bodies pump a smorgasbord of delicious food for me to enjoy!”

Tempest was smiling at Cosmos, watching as Cosmos’ eyes began to narrow and glare. The vampire relishing his moment with the two heroes on the precipice of such a climactic process.

“And boys…” Tempest said with evil tones “…I’m so famished and parched!”

“One more thing Cossy! It has a mate, a devious little device too!”

Tempest opened his hand in front of Tempest’s restrained head. The small glowing black orb buzzed hovering just above the surface of Tempest’s outstretched palm.

“It might be small and I’m sure you won’t feel it touch the sides of your anal wall Cosmos but this little Glow Orb, I like to call it a Glorb will work its way into your anus and release chemicals into your bloodstream; potent vampiric additives to your blood, I prefer my beverages to be sparkling, I prefer that much more than still, and well since it is a celebration tonight and the effervescent Space Ranger Dixon is on hand and ready to pump his pent up sexual energy, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a few bubbles tonight. You will scream as your blood boils and your blood pressure begins to soar, just the perfect accompaniment to Dixon’s orgasmic screams as his Ejaculor delivers him a long excessive orgasm.”

Dixon understood his fate too, he needed to desperately release the pent up sexual and erotic energy pumping through his body, his erosuit pouch buzzing and bursting with Pleasure Particle activity, he was so turned on, so aroused and the vision of the beautiful and helpless Cosmos, stretched out before him only added to the raging sexual arousal pumping through his body, he could feel the tight fabric pulling against his body between his buttocks, he needed to cum, but he would be torturing Cosmos.

“Noooooooooooooo!” Dixon screamed.

Every heroic fibre in his body was fighting the sensations, fighting the sexual torture, he had been carried to the brink, to the edge of a pleasure explosion, the release that he desperately craved, whipped up into a sexual frenzy, and now he had become the instrument of torture to Cosmos.

He fought the Ejaculor with all his available might, twisting his body, thrusting his pelvis.

“Don’t, Gahhhhhh, Ughhhh, do this Tempest!” He pleaded.

But Dixon and Cosmos, as mighty and powerful as they were could not escape the Vampire’s evil and diabolical plans.

Dixon could only struggle and watch Tempest move behind Cosmos, watching as Tempest fondled Cosmos’ buttocks, enjoying the tight silver thong strap pulling between the perfect orbs of Tempest’s rear.

Tempest smiled and Cosmos moaned trying desperately to avoid the glowing Orb, but Tempest directed the device to Cosmos’ boy pussy, Tempest could feel the hero’s heat, his sexual energy even through the tight grey suit and the even tenser silver thong strap, stretching between Cosmos’ glutes. The glowing orb vibrated as if to show its delight and it disappeared into Cosmos’ body, Cosmos’ suit was no barrier to the evil device.

He tensed and thrashed in his bonds, Cosmos was unable to escape the first release of the chemical, he could feel the reaction almost instantaneously as his blood cells became carbonated and alive, his platelets energising. A cold sweat covered his body. Cosmos was now manufacturing, and Tempest continued to fondle and enjoy the hero’s buttocks, fuelling his erotic cravings, energising the moment of his conquest.

“You will be ready to serve in an hour or so Cosmos!” Tempest announced as he returned to face the two writhing heroes.

“Let’s make a start shall we boys!”

Dixon thrashed and pulled, his body shimmering with a wave of expectation, his mind a confluence of visions, of sexual scenes, his mind full of Cosmos’ bulge, he was so turned on, so aroused, his penis felt electric, the Fillip buzzing inside his urethra sending a stream of Pleasure Particles deep inside his body, they were inside his scrotum as well as infesting his nylon erosuit bulge, he thrust his hips crying out as the raging wave of expectation torrented across and through every cell in his beautiful body.

Yet deep inside his mind, he had to fight it, he had become the catalyst of Cosmos’ torture. He knew every pump of pre-cum and he had litres to extricate from his body would pump up Cosmos’ blood pressure, creating a sparkling beverage of platelets and plasma for the evil vampire to enjoy.

Cosmos could smell the scent so clearly, he could feel and taste what Dixon was experiencing, he felt his own bulge shimmer and sparkle along with the pleasure in Dixon’s bulge, the choker was drawing Dixon’s experience pumping it into his senses, Tempest was using his powers against him, and he was unable to escape. Cosmos looked at his bulge, he looked at Dixon’s outrageously beautiful bulge, it looked so full, so perfectly rounded, the folds of nylon were so erotic to him, he was mesmerised by the sheer sexual magnificence of the Space Ranger.

Tempest noticed!

“He is a special specimen my dear Cosmos, I can tell from your lustful eyes, you want Dixon. But he is mine and so are you! He is going to pump your pleasure, pump your blood until you’re ready to explode, I want to see your carotid arteries bulging and throbbing, ready for my teeth to puncture and I have your head held ready for me to feed. I will dine in an extravagant explosion of you and Dixon orgasming off your pretty, little heads, cum and sparkling blood. Mmm what more could a Vampire need?”

Cosmos fought hard, his bonds tightening with ever pull, every twist, every frantic attempt to free himself from his bondage. He cried out screaming, begging the vampire for mercy, knowing he could very well not survive the storm of sensation and the draining of his blood. He felt a sensational spike of pleasure fill his bulge, he tried to move his head inside the hazy tractor beam, but its strength was overpowering, his eyes rolled back into his head, and he felt Tempest’s fingers exploring his thong bulge carefully and expertly amplifying his pleasure.

“Dixon’s pleasure pleases you, Cosmos?”

“Gah, ugh, Mmm mmmmm!” Cosmos licked his lips.

Tempest could feel the hero’s penis, sliding inside the bulge. He knew that Cosmos could not stop the pre-cum, and nor did he wish to inhibit Cosmos from producing his nectar. Known on Bordello as Cosmonian Elixir, his pre-cum was a popular commodity. But for this session, Tempest was going to enjoy it all to himself. Tempest pushed the light material against the underside of Cosmo’s penis head, using his powers, he sensitised the penis head.

Tempest smiled as he watched Cosmos’ drool dripping from the side of his restrained head, he checked the arteries in Cosmos’ exposed neck, running his fingers along the narrow choking device.

“Your penis will pump your nectar, Cosmos; it will pump in synch with Dixon’s; you are his symbiont for tonight. Dixon’s delicious parasite!”

Cosmos screamed, his face animating by sudden intense internal pain.

“Oh, I hope you enjoy the explosions of the glow orb deep inside your rectum, it’s just releasing the first of my chemical enhancements to your blood. It will take a while to infect your system, so we will need to get the pumping process dialled up a notch or two. You will experience delicious pleasure and delirious torture Cosmos, but the final product will be exquisite, an excellent sparkling red to celebrate Dixon’s capture; Dixon will watch me feed while he and you scream in orgasmic decadence! I do hope you survive!”

The vampire turned to face Dixon, Tempest shuddered in delight, the vision of this sexual god, stretched, heaving with erotic energy, twisting, sweating, and thrusting his pelvis vigorously, combined with the sounds of desperation, delight, so sensual so carnal and engrossing made Tempest gasp in delight and admiration. He lifted his right hand allowing the tip of his index finger to pulse with a luminous yellow light, he let Dixon watch the illuminated finger. The beautiful Space Ranger thrashing in fits of delight, his beautiful eyes widening behind his sexy light blue mask.

“This will release your sweet and delicious lubricant Dixon. Your bulge is mine and it will soon be drenched in your pre-jiz. I will take all that you have to offer Dixon; every pump filling your bulge, enticing your penis with such pleasure, will pump Cosmos too, you’ll hear him scream along with you, but he will be conflicted with pleasure and agonising torment. Just as your pretty head is conflicted; needing your pleasure release so desperately yet needing to protect Cosmos. But you cannot! Accept your fate mighty hero! You will torture Cosmos and feed me in every drive, every spurt, every outrageously delicious explosion of pleasure that you so need and deserve.”

“Please, please, yes, Gahhhh, No!” Dixon was conflicted, he was inside a world hurricane of thoughts sensation, desires, his body demanding but his mind was starting to crumble, to give into the sexual torment the vampire was generously delivering.

He felt his juices moving, his body shimmering as the vampire placed his glowing finger on his nipple. First his left nipple, and then his right nipple was given the treatment. Resounding pulses invigorating his body. He could not fight the impulse, it was dragging his head, dragging his desires and needs, it was dragging his eyes to gape at his erosuit bulge. The garment was alive, buzzing with energy, it filled his beautiful buttocks, the sides of his hips, it elevated upward through the crevasse of glutes and outward across his taint caressing his balls, his scrotum engulfing his bulge. Tempest was now touching the tip of his bulge, he could see the yellow light illuminating his bulge intimately, inescapably.

The vampire was drawing out his pre-cum, his Ranger nectar, his body screaming with delight, Dixon needed it, his cravings were screaming, his mouth open as he gazed downward toward his boiling bulge, he was drooling and his face alive screaming his pleasure.

The erosuit bulge showed the first vestiges of his offering.

Dixon’s Fillip buzzing with excitement, his bulge was detonating with pleasure.

The first spurt of pre-cum caused Dixon to roar with pent up emotion, pent up sexuality, the erotic preparation from his drilling wand experience hours before was being released – at last.

He spurt through the fabric into Tempest’s waiting hand, splattering, warm and viscid.

His roar continued, Dixon was thrusting his bulge into Tempest’s lubricated hand, Dixon pushed his bulge into the vampire’s palm vigorously.

“Rub it vampire!” Dixon demanded.

“Oh, fucking god!”

Dixon’s voice was low and deep, his sexual frenzy igniting deep within his pulsating, beautiful twisting body. He roared again.

Spurting nectar into the synapse between his bulge and that of Cosmos. Tempest had retreated, he was standing back to watch the show, licking his hands. He watched as Dixon’s mighty body thrashed and thrusted in tune with the waves of juices erupting from his body like the waves of the sea, he watched as the bridge of Ranger cum formed between Dixon’s effervescent bulge and that of Cosmo’s bulge. Both hero bulges less than a foot apart, and Dixon’s body was spraying Cosmos, spurting, pumping.

To be continued when Space Rangers, Vega explodes again soon.

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