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Space Rangers
Part 17 - Vega Part 12 - Climax
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 12 - Climax

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(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2353, year 4063


The Space Rangers had been captured and taken on board a gigantic space cruise ship, the Bordello. Its mission was to collect every magnificent space hero the Galaxy had to offer and serve them to the rich and elite. Those who paid dearly for the anonymity and indulgences that Bordello had to offer.

They captured Blaze first and subjected Blaze to a long session of pleasure edging, denying his orgasm and subjecting him to a celestial hypno-spiral. Captain Parallax successfully made Blaze his drone and used Blaze to lure Dixon and Aereon. Parallax had also implanted a secret trigger inside Blaze’s mind so he could easily enslave the mighty Ranger when he needed Blaze to work for him.

However, capturing the Space Rangers was a mistake.

Intrepid3 under the command of Dr Dale had welcomed a new and emerging Hero, and the pair set about tracking down the Bordello and rescuing its captives. Dale and Vega succeeded and managed to infiltrate the huge mega-liner, compromising its control systems and rescuing its captives.

The Bordello, its crew, and its manifest of passengers escaped justice by atomising its inhabitants into micro-escape pods and destroying itself in an obliteration sequence.

The mighty Vega had used his immortal-like powers to rescue space heroes from the Bordello before it obliterated. They found themselves safely on Intrepid3 moments before Bordello was extinguished.

They were all safe except one, Cosmos was still in a bad way, his body set to explode from the diabolical drugs used by the vampire in an effort to carbonate his blood into a sparkling red decadent meal, fit for Tempest, the leader of the vampire-controlled sector of the galaxy and part owner of the Bordello.

On board Intrepid3, following the rescue mission and the unexpected obliteration of the Bordello

“…Divine Hival ecstasy.”

Dr Dale’s words were ringing in their ears as they embraced Vega for the first time. Vega let his Rangers kiss and caress him. They were horny Rangers; he could tell from the warmth of their juicy bulges rubbing against his skin. He felt the pleasure particles jumping onto his body. Their warm breath; warm mouths kissing him. He could not keep up, the reunion was overwhelming, to say the least.

Hands surrounded him, gripping him, loving him, Vega let the reunion fill him with joy. He didn’t notice, but Dale had; Vega’s green Ordian crystal set into his harness was glowing from deep inside its core. Vega was drawing power from their love, the warmth of their bodies, and their erosuit bulges. Sexual power, sexual energy filling him with intense pleasure.

It had taken several minutes, the Space Rangers and Vega emerged from their embrace, faces alight, bodies moist and glistening in boy juices. Vega took a deep breath and stood back from his adoring lovers. He hadn’t noticed Interstellar or any of the other heroes assembled in the Atlantis suite reception configuration. They looked on with excitement, their amazing escape dawning on them. Luna Lad, Meteorite, Sagittarius, Interstellar, Solar Boy and Positron amongst others were greeting each other, recounting their ordeals; thankful to their saviours. Shaking Dr Dale’s hand and embracing him as they looked around the magnificent facilities offered by Intrepid3. Their attention was taken by Vega as soon as he emerged from his embrace with his Rangers.

Vega licked his lips, as he stroked his harness, suddenly feeling the warmth of the glowing crystal. He allowed the power to infiltrate every cell in his body. He hadn’t realised, but he was undergoing a Hival Cycle, his first since his emergence as the mighty Vega. His erothong felt sumptuous on his loins, the fabric wet and slippery with not only his pre-cum but that of Dixon, Aereon and Blaze. Vega could not resist the urge to feel and caress his bulge as a beautiful sensation enveloped his penis, caressing his taint and cycling through the thong strap between his tight buttocks. Vega’s face beamed with enjoyment.

Interstellar felt the fillip installed inside his penis purr, just the sight of this beautiful new hero suddenly overtaken with so much enjoyment made him super horny. He caressed his bulging thong watching as his bulge became wetter by the second. Interstellar licked his lips watching Vega’s Hival Cycle unfold.

Dale could see their faces light up. He could feel their curiosity as much as their faces expressed it. This beautiful hero was a sexual masterpiece; his perfect body was exquisitely proportioned, his yellow harness gripping his back and chest. Vega’s handsome face slightly hidden by his yellow mask, and his buzz-cut hair were some of his most beautiful features. Almost as beautiful as his buttocks and the stunning erothong clinging to his loins. Vega was looking upward, his right hand caressing his buns, his fingers exploring his crack, while his left hand, gently ran across his bulge, tracing the beautiful, rounded lines, slipping around the moistened bulge as he thrust slowly toward them.

Every eyeball in the reception room, except that of Cosmos was on Vega.

Interstellar moved closer, he could not resist the pull of Vega’s sexual gravity. The beautiful young hero licked Vega’s cheeks, and lips before kneeling in amazement before Vega.

Vega was not aware of Interstellar’s attention, or the many sets of eyes taking in his luscious beauty, his Hival Cycle complementing his powers as if Vega was transitioning to a new power level; he was temporarily oblivious to his surroundings as the cycle enveloped him.

Interstellar gently gripped the backs of Vega’s legs, he could feel the immensity of the energy. Vega was a mountain of sexual energy. Interstellar pulled his face to Vega’s bulge, enjoying the energy enveloping his face, amazing beauty gripping his head, the scent of Vega’s bulge, sweet and luscious; irresistible. His tongue instinctively licked the left-hand side of Vega’s wet mound. Heat enveloped Interstellar’s tongue first, the bulge was firm, and it was powerful. His mighty hearing allowed Interstellar to hear the gurgling of the production of Vega’s royal Ordinate cum.

Interstellar worshipped the bulge as Vega stood trembling, Vega had to hold Interstellar’s head to keep from falling backward.

“Don’t be alarmed gentlemen!”

It was Dr Dale that interrupted the show.

“Vega is undergoing a power cycle. He is anointed Ordian godhead, and The Hive is powering his body, the first of his regular Cycles.”

Dale looked across to the Rangers and then to the other assembled heroes.

“Sexual power is The Hive’s way of maintaining the balance of Vega’s new bodily systems. Vega is intimately and intricately connected to Aereon, Blaze and Dixon. The mighty Space Rangers are fed by Vega’s sexual energy!”

Dale then looked down toward Interstellar.

“Interstellar understands! He is feeding on it, his worship of bulge, of Vega is in recognition of Vega’s omni-pleasure anointed by The Hive.”

Interstellar caressed Vega’s buttocks, both hands feeling, cupping, enjoying the beauty of Vega’s assets; his mouth licking, his tongue lapping, he sucked the erothong fabric, seeking as much of Vega’s juices as possible.

Dale moved across to Interstellar gently caressing the beautiful hero’s wavy blond hair.

“There boy, you have had your fill.”

He gently pulled Interstellar’s face from the bulge and Interstellar’s slick face glistened with Vega’s juices. He laid back, still kneeling, presenting his wet thong to Vega as if presenting himself to his god. His suit sparkling with stars twinkling on the suit, his red thong erupting with juice. Interstellar was enraptured by Vega’s erotic power.

“I thought it best to not allow Interstellar to become intoxicated! Vega’s intensity can destroy those that are not prepared!” Dale said.

Vega suddenly came out of his trance. His body zinging with energy.

“Whoa!” He exclaimed, “That was a trip!”

“What happened?” Vega enquired, first looking at his horny Rangers then toward his mentor, Dr Dale. He instinctively licked his lips before realising that a stream of pre-cum was dangling between his spread legs and a magnificent hero, in a suit that resembled space, and with an equally moist bulging red thong was prostrated backward right in front of him.

He asked again, “What happened?” This time a naughty smile was emerging from the sides of his mouth as he noticed the bevy of beautiful and sexy men starting to circle him and Interstellar.

“Oh my, I’m so, so horny!”

He looked around again at the assembly of beautiful heroes surrounding them.

But Dale interrupted before the inevitable was about to erupt.

“Welcome aboard gentlemen!” Dale announced looking around the bevy of beautiful space heroes.

“You are aboard the starship Inteprid3, the home of Space Rangers and now…”

Dale walked across to Vega and placed his arms around Vega’s neck.

“The mighty Vega!”

The assembly clapped in recognition and appreciation for their salvation.

Luna Lad rushed forward, putting one white-gloved hand on Dale’s shoulder and the other on Vega’s shoulder. Luna Lad wore a tight white bodysuit. The white fabric clung to his body like Lycra, and his light grey brief exquisitely fitted his tight bubble butt. The animated ‘L’ positioned on his suit above his heart was glowing. Luna Lad did not sport a mask, his handsome face and icy blue eyes were beaming and his wavy dark hair with flecks of white completed the handsome picture.

“Thank you both!”

Luna Lad spoke with a depth of voice that seemed at odds with the size of his impressive body.

“I was captured on Moon-base 6, part of the Eridius cluster. The Bordello was lurking behind the second moon of the system while I was attending to a series of so-called suicides at the Moon Base. They appeared out of the blue, two guys that paraded as Base Security. I should have realised when they suggested they had some extra evidence to show me. As soon as I entered their security station out on the edges of the Base’s dock precinct, I knew something was not right. One of them was talking into a device of some kind attached to his ear lobe and before I knew it we had lifted off the surface of that moon. After clearing the gassy atmosphere, I jumped one of the guys and we fought for some time. They seemed to enjoy themselves, taking turns to attack me and counter my punches and kicks. I used my Luna Lash and my gravitational powers and at one point, I had one of them wrapped in the ultra-white energy cord of the Luna Lash and the other stuck on the roof of the shuttle pod under the power of my gravitational inertia, but I knew I had to think fast, the lash would stay in pace, but I would soon tire if I kept the gravitational inertia exerted on the other guy. It was the guy wrapped in the lash that suddenly disappeared, he reappeared outside of the lash, with glowing eyes, I was astonished and taken aback at how easily he had released himself from the confines of my Luna Lash. But what he did next took me by surprise.”

Luna Lad had everyone’s attention; the looks on their faces, including Blaze’s face expressed the confirmation that each of their captures had involved these two same guys.

Luna Lad continued the recount of his capture.

“He smiled at me and then took hold of the energy lash, whipping it around my neck, it was choking me and he had somehow taken control of it. He had stolen my lash and soon had me hog-tied by the lash and suspended in mid-air struggling to free myself. The other guy was released as soon as I needed to use my strength and attention to fight the tightening chokehold of the lash. I couldn’t keep him at bay and maintain consciousness at the same time. Before I knew it, they had opened the viewing ports, and it was then I realised I was in some kind of shuttle-craft. We were transiting the hull of some huge ship before one of the two grabbed my hair and forced me to look at the ship’s dark hull and the sudden glow of the word ‘Bordello’. As soon as the name appeared, it disappeared again.”

Dale interrupted Luna Lad.

“It’s OK Luna Lad, The Bordello was on a mission to collect as many powerful heroes as possible, by removing your resistance to evil, it was paving the way for the influence of greed and organised galaxian crime. We will debrief each of you carefully and help you to overcome your experiences aboard the Bordello. Not only was the nefarious space liner vacuuming the galaxy of its heroes, but it was also selling your bodies, your bondage, your agony, and pleasure, serving the evil undercurrents of the galaxy with your punishment to fund crime and evil!”

Dale then looked at Dixon, Blaze and Aereon.

“They had Intrepid3 fooled. It was days, before I had realised you three, had been captured!”

Cosmos began to stir behind them, he was sweating and delirious, writhing on the treatment device and his state had caused Dixon to atomise to his side immediately.

“I’m here Cosmos!” Dixon said while caressing the back of Cosmos’ head.

“Gentlemen!” Dale said turning toward the group of assembled heroes.

“I must commence work on Cosmos, please excuse us, the ship is at your disposal, and there are service rooms prepared, enough to accommodate each of you, your quarters are on level 2 of the ship, please make yourselves at home.”

Dale atomised everyone, except Dixon, Blaze, Aereon, Cosmos and Vega, to their prepared accommodations on level 2 of the ship. He knew they would find solace in each other’s arms, sharing their stories and preparing for the formal debriefing.

Intrepid3 had begun her journey to Space Base 6 and the Space Cadet Academy. She had completed her mission, Vega had been revealed to the Galaxy and it was time to return triumphant, to return to the Hive and replenish. But on board, Dale’s work was continuing.

“Will he be, OK?”

Dixon looked downtrodden at the sudden turn of events with Cosmos. He caressed Cosmos’ head wiping the beads of sweat that were forming on his forehead. Dixon could see the red bumps forming on Cosmos’ neck, and they were appearing on other parts of his exposed skin too. Small bumps emerging through Cosmos’ grey suit indicated to Dixon that Cosmos was experiencing this outbreak across his entire body.

“Dale!” Dixon cried out when the realisation of Cosmos’ condition hit him.

Dale arrived instantly, while Aereon hugged Dixon from behind, attempting to comfort Dixon.

Grief and guilt engulfed Dixon’s thoughts, he felt warm inside Aereon’s arms though. Blaze stood behind Cosmos’ head, running his fingers through the deteriorating hero’s hair, reassuring Cosmos as best he could.

“You’re in great hands Cossie, Dale is the best The Hive has to offer!”

Dale worked quickly, his scans were thorough and invasive. Dale was scanning at the molecular level, his face looking grimmer with every passing moment. He looked at the Space Rangers and then at Vega. Dixon had tears in his eyes watching the doctor’s expressions.

“He is reacting to the device inside his body, it is leaking its diabolical compounds into Cosmos’ bloodstream, and it must be excised from his body immediately. Once this is completed, he will need a dose of pleasure; rich powerful pleasure, we will need to tie him, so his bondage feeds the orgasmic pleasure flow. Dixon I will need you to suck his bulge, lick and worship it. It was your pleasure that the vampire used to infuse the device, correct? it must be your pleasure which cleanses Cosmos!”

Aereon squeezed Dixon hard and whispered as he licked Dixon’s left ear. “You have got this beautiful boy! You’re so good at that!”

But Dixon looked puzzled.

“What if it isn’t enough, he can’t die!” He pleaded, looking around at his beloved boys.

“We have a secret weapon, Dixon!” Dale announced triumphantly.

“We have the mighty Vega, his access to Ordinate divinity might still be emerging, but while you were on board Bordello, he entered the ship’s H Drive and The Hive embraced him in the form of you, Dixon. Vega emerged from his experience energised and infused with Hival energy, his conduit to The Hive and his divinity was conjugated inside the H Drive, inside a huge torrent of Hival pleasure.”

Dale then looked toward Vega.

“Vega, you must pleasure Dixon as he worships Cosmo’s bulge, Dixon will be the pleasure conduit, his Hival power will trans-modulate the pleasure flow into Cosmo’s bulge!”

A smile started to emerge on Dixon’s mouth. Dixon was still powerfully horny from the drilling wand and he could tell that Aereon too was turned on, he could feel the warm juices from Aereon’s bulge lubricating his butt crack as Aereon squeezed him tightly, humping his buttocks as they contemplated the treatment. He enjoyed the way Aereon’s bulge was emitting pleasure particles, they infested his butt, exploring up into his heat.

“But the Filip device!” Blaze exclaimed.

“Parallax forced this creature onto our bulges, we each have one and they deposit millions of pleasure particles inside our penises and on our bulges. Constant pleasure!”

Blaze presented his bulge to Dale; it was dripping in pre-cum lubricant.

“May I Blaze?” Dale asked politely.

Blaze then presented his bulge to Dale again, and his erotic upward thrust was the answer that Dale was seeking. So, he caressed and squeezed the bulge sending Blaze into spin spurting his lubricant juice into Dale’s hand.

“Thank you, Blaze!” Dale responded before sniffing and then consuming the warm Blaze juice.

“Analysing!” Dale responded as if mimicking a twenty-fourth-century android, continuing his analysis.


“Etro Sector pleasure technology!” Dale announced.

“It does not pose a threat to the procedure! However, we will need to extract these in due course!”

Dale then looked to Dixon asking, “Are you ready Dixi?”

Dixon just motioned to his drooling and slowly humping bulge.

“Never readier, Dale, I have a lake of juice on the floor between my legs.” Smiling, he then looked to Vega.

“Pleasure me, hero boy!”

Dale smiled looking at Vega and Dixon. “I know I can count on you two!”

He then ordered the reconfiguration of the Atlantis suite.

ANTalARion Eliminator Appliance !”

The new setting emerged around them, and they were suddenly sealed inside an energy bubble dome the size of several large rooms. The blue hue of light pulsed as waves of energy sparkled around them, the base of the dome flooded with vivid blue light that reached up over them toward the centre apex of the energy field.

“We are sealed in!” Dale announced.

“The dome will conceal Cosmos’ screams; my scans have revealed that the Glow Orb inserted by the vampire has rooted itself into Cosmos’ rectal walls and is using its diabolical roots to distribute the chemicals which are converting his blood. The appliance will be able to extract these roots as it eliminates the Glow Orb.”

Within moments the Eliminator Appliance materialised, positioned close to Cosmos who was still writhing on the examination device and delirious. His body was now infested by the small bulges which Dale examined carefully.

The appliance was set within the confines of four poles, each glowing different colours which changed from time to time. Four restraint nodes were illuminated with white light and were positioned halfway up each of the poles.

“Bring the patient!” Dale commanded.

Dixon turned, obeying Dale’s request, ready to lift the Cosmos to the centre of the appliance, but his efforts were not required, he stepped backward allowing Cosmos’ limp body to float across to the centre of the appliance.

The four restraint devices then extended toward Cosmos, connecting and locking around each of his wrists and ankles. They tightened, stretching Cosmos, rotating him to a sixty-degree angle. His head limp and hanging backward, Cosmos had limited energy remaining, and his body was twitching as the appliance continued its stretching program.

“Good, phase one is complete!” Dale announced as Cosmos’ stretched body was illuminated.

Cosmos had no idea that the procedure was taking place, he was convulsing erratically, and Dale moved to work fast. Ensuring Vega and Dixon were prepared. As Dale approached his horny heroes, another device materialised in front of Cosmos. Two raised pedestals emerged from the base of the appliance, and between them two receptacles began to glow, clearly waiting to acknowledge the feet of the treatment participant.

Vega, you will kneel beneath Cosmos on the front pedestal to worship Dixon’s bulge you will know what to do. Dixon will be standing on the foot receptacles. Aereon, come, you will kneel behind Dixon, worship his buttocks, his boy pussy, and ensure Dixon’s pleasure is maximised You must also suck as much of the pleasure as you can into your body, there will be torrents of it if I know Vega’s powers! Dixon must transfer the pleasure up through his body into Cosmos’ bulge directly after the Glow Orb is eliminated. The transmuted pleasure transferred into Cosmos’ body will heal his rectum and purify his blood. Hopefully, his body will adapt as the healing pleasure takes the place of the vampire’s cocktail of evil drugs, Cosmos will become immune to this type of torture in the future assuming he survives this procedure.

Dale then looked at Aereon, “You must store as much of the divine pleasure as you can Aereon, utilise your Hival strength to contain it.

Dale then looked toward Blaze.

“This is for your good Blaze, do not be alarmed!”

Blaze had been wondering why Dale had not included him in the recovery procedure, he then noticed the band of energy wrapping around his feet, it was curling around his body, up each of his legs first, joining at his bulge after ascending his muscular legs, his bulge was tingling. It wrapped his abdomen after traversing his taint and slithering between his buttocks like a thread through a needle. It tightened around his erosuit as the yellow energy rope continued to wrap his body.

“Another ANTalARion attachment to the appliance Blaze!” Dale said as he glanced at Blaze starting to struggle!”

“What for?” Blaze looked more alarmed than angry, he looked at Dale then his eyes pleaded with Dixon, Aereon and then Vega.

“We will need to treat the deep recesses of your mind Blaze! It too will not be comfortable. The ANTalARion technology is proven and ratified in different regions of the galaxy; this is the best way to vacuum your mind from the damage that Parallax has deposited deep within your psych Blaze.”

Blaze could feel the energy filling his body, it was as if he was absorbing the energy like a hungry sponge, it felt sumptuous and yet also like tiny cuts were opening on his skin to absorb the strange energy. His arms were immobilised at his sides, yet he was able to twist his torso and move his head.

“I, I, I trus...” He wanted to say the word trust but was interrupted by a spasm of energy reverberating around his body which only served to set off the Filip inside his penis, the sensation of pleasure and pain, so strong, so outrageously feeding his fantasies.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Blaze moaned his reaction.

Aereon looked on salivating, watching Blaze struggle, watching the beauty of Blaze’s erosuit bulge oozing juice was making him extra horny.

Dale interjected, knowing that time was of the essence for Cosmos, and Blaze required time to marinate in the alien energy.

“Aereon,…” Dale said, “…Blaze will be your responsibility, once you have absorbed as much of the Vega-Dixon pleasure transfer from Dixon. But Blaze must be ready for the energy cleaning process to be at its peak performance levels. You must first concentrate on drinking as much sexual power from Vega and Dixon. Time is of the essence for Cosmos and Blaze!”

Dale needed this perfect timing; he needed the healing climax to form within the context of orgasm. All this damage had been performed by Parallax and the owners of the Bordello using sexual torture and this required healing within the embrace of pleasure to flood Cosmos and Blaze with the goodness and the purity of sexuality, to return their bodies to normality, their super, powerful normality, unstained by evil.

For Cosmos it was life and death, for Blaze it was to ensure that any vulnerabilities planted by Parallax be washed and cleaned through his body, washed from his mind.

“Let’s begin the process gentlemen!”

Dale motioned for Dixon to stand on the waiting foot pads.

He felt it immediately, the flesh-lock engaged immediately and Dixon looked to Dale for reassurance.

“Yes Dixon, the pads are extremely cold, the ANTalARion technology will fuse with your feet, stimulating them as the procedure progresses. This galaxy has 100 billion stars and many more trillions of planets, and the ANTalarion technology has been used on thousands of worlds in every sector of the galaxy. As I said before, it is proven, and it is potent!” Dale did not recount the many ways that evil empires had stolen the technology to employ in their coercive, torturous endeavours, he needed to focus their minds on the healing powers of the ANTalARion Appliance.

Dixon felt like his feet were frozen to the pads and then he began to tingle all over as the strange sensation developed on the soles of his feet. The pads had also moved away from each other, stretching his legs slightly. He was holding his face while the sensations engulfed him. The tingling had coalesced into a blanket of warm sensation and the Filip inside his bulge, feeding his penis from within, reacted too. He shuddered in delight.

“My oh my, you boys are going to enjoy this!” Dixon’s eyes were wide, begging intensely for Vega and Aereon to come and worship him. He looked at them with that look; that horny, hungry look.

But Cosmos was stirring and writhing more intensely, he was deliriously looking around, realising that he was tied between the four colourful pillars of the Appliance. His body was burning and he could barely breathe.

His gasps took everyone’s attention, even Blaze.

Cosmos managed a laboured smile when he noticed Dixon directly in front of him, slowly being drawn by the Appliance toward his crotch, the restraint system had Cosmos stretched between the poles almost horizontal, but slightly lifted so he could look down his body toward Dixon between his spread legs. But he didn’t feel sexual, he couldn’t, all he could feel was agony, every fibre in his body was boiling, he felt every bump and sore on his body, his suit felt as if it were sandpaper and his every move grating on, and jarring the enraged sores which were becoming hotter and angrier by each passing second; the vampire’s evil was diabolical and deep. Cosmos could feel the need for revenge, his mind racing, his body ready to explode, he needed to repay this evil, but Cosmos didn’t even know that the Bordello had been obliterated. He had no real recollection, except the memories of his torture and the look of pleasure and dread on Dixon’s face as the vampire pumped the pleasure energy from Dixon into his body, enraging the Glow Orb deep inside his rectum and inescapable nausea and pain that throbbed through his body as a result. The vampire had played mind games as much as physical torture, but somehow, he and Dixon had survived. Cosmos had no idea where he was, but the sight of Dixon, even through the horrific agony, was giving him a surge of hope.

He held no grudge against Dixon, only a deep sense of admiration and attraction. Pain shot through each of his limbs, it was like the machine he was stretched inside was drawing it through his body. He was coming to, he was confused. He screamed.

“Bah!” His scream was long and throaty.

Cosmos then began to spasm, twisting and screaming louder; he was coming out of his stupor and emerging into a world of violent pain and agony.

His screams were contained inside the ANTalARion dome.

“Vega!” Dale motioned for Vega to kneel on the small podium directly in front of Dixon.

“You must work fast; Cosmos has minutes before he explodes!”

Dale then looked to Aereon, who was already making his way to the podium behind Dixon.

“Do what you enjoy best boys, worship Dixon into a sexual frenzy, Aereon worship his buttocks and boy pussy, make his erosuit tight between his ass cheeks, Dixon likes that almost as much as you do! Vega, your powers will amaze you, make Dixon cry in sexual rage!”

“Dixon you will know when to engage Cosmos’ bulge, remember his body is in agony, your initial touches, the physical contact will cause him to writhe and scream. But your sexual energy will quickly replace that as it moves through his body. Allow that Fillip inside your penis to respond to Vega’s supercharging as he pleasures you with his divine power…”

Dale had not completed his instructions before Dixon thrust his head upward, his hair flinging off his forehead. The sensation was so magical, and delicious. Vega had wasted no time. He was gripping Dixon’s hips, licking the sides of Dixon’s erosuit bulge. He then adjusted the bulge and looked around Dixon’s side toward Aereon.

Aereon knew exactly what was on Vega’s mind. Aereon had taught Vega well, back when he was Kroy; before Kroy had left to finish his training at the academy, he knew that Vega wanted him to adjust the erosuit pulling the wedge of nylon suit tighter between Dixon’s muscular buttocks. Twisting the sides of the garment. Aereon, employed his lusty thong fetish, enjoying Dixon’s vibrating moans of delight as he worked the stretchy fabric, massaging Dixon’s butt crack as he tightened and twisted the erosuit’s sides that pulled the wedge of fabric tighter between Dixon’s buttocks.

Vega worked on the bulge, positioning Dixon’s magnificent penis and scrotum forming the delectable pouch. The fabric was wet, and Vega could tell that the sexual build had taken hours, he could feel how horny Dixon was, he could feel the drenched amazing erosuit fabric. Dixon’s bulge looked amazingly beautiful, oozing, dripping, the curvature of the bulge almost glowing with pleasure. Vega watched the head of Dixon’s penis moving inside the pouch, his every movement, his gentle thrusting causing his sex to move within the drenched pouch.

Dixon’s moan reverberated through his body and Aereon felt the tanned buttocks convey Dixon’s delight into his hands. Aereon had just finished his adjustments to the thong wedge of nylon erosuit, the garment was tight and clinging to Dixon’s body steadfastly, feeding the sudden urge of desire screaming through Dixon’s body.

To Dixon, it was like the last several hours of erotic build on board the Bordello, his bondage, the sensation from the drilling wand exploding deep within him, making his horniness elevate to extreme levels, yet denied the sexual release. The never-ceasing work of the Filip exploding inside his bulge, inside his penis, that magical delight building and constructing the layers of pleasure inside his bondage, yet the denial of release. His bondage and the long-lasting denial of release imposed by his captors on the Bordello were being unleashed at once. Throughout his ordeal, he had been teased and enjoyed, pleasured, and tortured by that very pleasure, to delight his captors. They had subdued his powers and had taken ownership of his body and his very sexual essence.

But in this moment with Vega and Aereon worshipping his body, he was beginning to experience that release, the power of pleasure was re-asserting itself inside his mind, inside his body. He loved the way Aereon was licking his buttocks, he could feel Aereon’s fingers exploring the taught nylon pulled between his buttocks, burrowing into his butt crack, pushing on the fabric clinging to his boy hole. It was glorious, he loved Aereon so much and he thrust purposely into the nub of Aereon’s nose. Aereon was sniffing his butt, breathing in the sexual energy, the warm moist air of his sweaty body. He knew Aereon was a devoted thong lover boy, and he knew that his arse was being handled by the best. Most satisfying of all, he knew he was pleasing Aereon.

But his bulge, the light blue and grey bulge, the epicentre of his sexuality, his magical pouch, was filled with pleasure, the Fillip was making sure of that and Vega too. Vega was kneeling before him, enjoying his manly beauty, salivating. Touching the sides of his tightened thong, teasing him.

“Touch me, Vega!”

Dixon’s voice conveyed, the mounting wave of sexual build-up from the Bordello. A huge wave forming and brewing, waiting to break and explode into action.

“Lick it Aer!” He demanded, twisting to see Aereon hard at work, worshipping his butt.

Dixon was enthralled at what was releasing inside him, brewing and ready to break free of the restraints that his captors had imposed. It was Vega in control, it was Aereon in control of his body now, it was irresistibly exciting. He was freely giving his body to them to help Cosmos.

Dixon then looked at Cosmos, his beautiful body stretched, yet covered in threatening welts, and on the brink of death. Dixon had to focus, he had to beat that Vampire!

He was now in position, his body shimmering in the ANTalARion energy, waiting to jump-start Cosmos.

“Hurry Vega!” Dixon Moaned extravagantly.

Vega, looked at the beauty of the bulge, wet, delicious, seeping sweet Dixi juice, the thrust and gyrations of Dixon's body as he revelled in the delights of pleasure, it was irresistible, so Vega followed his instincts, his tongue extending to make contact with the mound of nylon-wrapped sexual perfection, he was still getting used to the tidal wave of pleasure particles, he could hear them swarming, his powers of perception exploding inside his head, emerging powers, and it felt so normal, so innate to him. He could hear them, he could hear the Filip purring inside Dixon’s penis, slurping in pre-cum; savouring in the sexual stimulation, the very sexual juicy pleasure that feeds and powers it, the very enjoyment that makes it erupt in orgasms of pure delight, spewing millions, and millions of micro-particles of pleasure.

Dixon’s screams were enveloping Cosmos, preparing him as it were, reverberating around his body, like a warm blanket. Dixon then moaned so deeply, so powerfully, superhuman and intense. The dome filled with the intensity of the energy. It filled his head, so powerfully that Cosmos could barely think. Dixon was standing between his stretched legs, Cosmos could see the multi-coloured poles illuminating and pulsing as the ANTalARion Appliance began to hum, Dixon was throwing his head upward, his arms outstretched his legs stretching out, as the Appliance moved him into position. Dixon was screaming and moaning so powerfully the sound waves began to resonate with the energy dome surrounding them and Cosmos noticed the blue arks of energy forming at the top reach of the four poles holding his body stretched within its confines. The reverberating sound emitting from Dixon was wrapping his body, he could feel the agony giving way to the wrap of ANTalARion energy.

But the agony was not defeated, it kept fighting, and it kept poking inside his body, he could feel the Glow Orb reacting deep inside his rectum, its claws were clenching and gripping his flesh, it was reacting to the wrap working its way into his cells, the torture device was trying to counteract the healing process. Cosmos was conflicted and confused, his body experiencing waves of pain which were quickly absorbed by this new blanket of energy, he could feel his cells reacting, his heartbeat pumping fast, superhumanly fast, he was once again beginning to feel his powers re-energising, fighting the evil still clutching and clawing away inside his body.

So the healing had begun under the watchful eye of Dr Dale who continued to supervise the process scanning Cosmos with his eyes, monitoring the ANTalARion energy, and ecstatic in the glory of Dixon’s magnificent reaction to the pleasure technology, Dale realised his Rangers were growing and becoming even more powerful with each passing space year. He felt a sense of delight when he noticed Vega surveying Dixon’s bulge, sensing the emerging young hero’s powers of perception beginning to form. Not even Dale could know what powers The Hive had prepared for Vega and how Vega would interact with the release of his Ordinate divinity.

Dale also surveyed Blaze, he knew that Blaze was itching to be a part of Cosmos’ treatment team, but Dale needed Blaze to marinate in the brine of ANTalARion energy, his body absorbing as much as was needed for his cleaning process. The gold ropes were sparking as they moved and tightened around Blaze’s magnificent body, it was feeding Blaze’s tanned skin, allowing its energy to travel across every part of Blaze’s impressive body.

Blaze felt the rope’s emissions in waves, his body was struggling involuntarily as the energy engulfed him, he writhed and twisted, all the time his bulge reacting, his Fillip actively engaging with the strange energy. His mind wandered, and his fantasies began to emerge inside his mind. Bondage, he loved the concept of bondage and his favourite bondage boy, Dixon was putting on a show right in front of him. But his mind revealed his innermost desire, it was he who needed to be bound, that feeling of helplessness, that rush of hormones when restraints locked in place. He desperately needed to caress his bulge, the need was magical, it was consuming him, but he couldn’t. The ANTalARion energy ropes were preventing him. B O N D A G E. His bondage was feeding his desire, the pleasure was feeding his desire, the frustration was feeding the desire!

Dale just watched and smiled.

Blaze my beautiful boy, you are preparing well, your mind is actively engaging your fantasyverse; realms of sexual energy are marinating your mind just as your body is marinating in the power of the ANTalARion appliance. Engage your fantasy, Blaze.

Dale was indeed pleased as he watched Blaze's erotic struggles. He approached his mighty Ranger carefully, running his fingers through Blaze’s hair, toying with the sandy blond curls.

“Good boy Blaze, let your desires envelop you, you’re nearly ready! Listen to Dixon’s screams of delight, feel the deep richness in his moans; let him stoke the fire of your fantasy, Aereon will look after you soon.” Dale said softly into Blaze’s left ear, taking care not to disturb the brewing fantasy the ANTalARion Appliance needed to develop as the passageway into Blaze’s mind.

Vega tasted the pleasure, sweet and enriching, he felt the transverse of pleasure diaspora, leaping from Dixon’s moist bulge, the feeling of the erosuit fabric making Vega’s tongue hungrier by the second. He could feel Dixon’s trembles, Dixon had been through immense sexual torture, a slow build of orgasmic power, he had been denied for so long and now Dixon was his to enjoy, his power would release Dixon into another dimension.

Vega screamed into the throbbing dynamic bulge as if he was speaking directly to the powerful orgasmic energy. His words were resonating and the very frequencies of his voice changing and modulating, becoming one with Dixon’s impending orgasm.

~~Orgasm, we are one!~~

Dixon was thrusting into Vega’s mouth; the words were tuning his orgasmic response. His screams were thumping out of his body uncontrollably. He could hear Aereon behind him, Aereon’s tongue exploring his butt crack, parting the tight erosuit thong, allowing his tongue to lap up Dixon’s boy pussy. Aereon too was moaning deep into his body, sucking the orgasmic energy whenever Aereon took a breath.

Vega continued to converse in the language of orgasm.

~~build inside Dixon’s penis, make yourself gratuitous make yourself explosive, drive Dixon’s mind to overdrive, access the cosmos, the healing power, engulf Dixon now! ORGASM!~~

Dixon gripped Cosmos on each hip, his hands trembling, his moans majestically filling the dome surrounding them. His hands were working as an extension of the orgasm, Dixon was suddenly possessed by the powerful surge of pleasure. He was not in control, he was suddenly a part of the orgasm, he had become, as it were, its drone!

Cosmos could only pull on his bonds, the beautiful Dixon, his beautiful new friend was suddenly possessed, he could feel the orgasm starting to travel into his grey body suit. Dixon’s probing hands were moving across his hips, the pleasure racing across his suit, engulfing him. He watched moaning in harmony with Dixon, his body starting to tremble and vibrate in sympathetic resonance, the orgasm was energising his body, Cosmos’ eyes widening as Dixon’s hands began to explore his bulge, he was instantly rock hard. His penis and his balls were filling with orgasmic energy, delicious, outrageous magnificence, delight so rich and deep, his mind blanking in and out of reality, his thoughts suspended as the Orgasm migrated, possessing his cock, and his body as it had done with Dixon.

They all heard Vega’s godhead voice, it was deep and booming, it demanded respect, and it was the power of the gods infiltrating the ANTalARion Appliance dome. They could not escape its influence and its demands.

~~ I D E M A N D C U M ~~

~~ FE E D M E ~~

Dixon was not the only super, space hero possessed in that climax of decadence and healing! Vega had become engulfed in Ordinate-Hival theopleasure too. Vega was extending his divinity, demanding his right as a god, he demanded Dixon’s cum, he also demanded Cosmos’ cum, he demanded the orgasm to career and develop as these two beautiful heroes, ejaculated streams of healing semen, rich, in Ordinate and ANTalARion infused energy.

They began to ejaculate in unison, Dixon squeezing Cosmos’ bulge as the hot hero cum began to spew through his fingers, they were screaming in perfect harmony.

Vega began to feed, Aereon too, sucked the pleasure as much as his powerful body could contain, his erothong dripping in his pre-cum and his cock raging and hard, his body filling with the orgasmic healing power.

Every flow of cum fed the orgasm, tears streaming down Dixon and Cosmos’ faces they were spurting their juices in perfect harmonics, Dixon could feel the orgasm flowing into Cosmos’ bulge, his hands massaging the slimy cummy bulging beauty. Cosmos’ penis was throbbing and pumping into Dixon’s hands, sliding inside his silver thong, and drenching the already saturated fabric clinging to his scrotum. He watched Dixon’s eyes screaming for more of his cum. His new friend was so erotic and magnificent.

Cosmos then screamed louder than everyone in the dome. His body had finally rejected the vampire’s diabolical Glow Orb; its roots disintegrating as the healing orgasmic power wrapped Cosmos. The device was decaying inside Cosmos under the combined power of the ANTalARion appliance and the power of Vega, delivered through Dixon’s mighty orgasm. Every pump of semen, every new nuance of the delicious all-encompassing orgasmic pleasure driving the evil out of Cosmos like a celestial vacuum.

Aereon was at breaking point, he had absorbed the orgasmic pleasure as instructed by Dale, his body now trembling, he had fallen to the floor, a mass of sexual energy, sweating and oozing pre-cum lubricant like a hydration machine as Dixon continued to orgasm into Vega’s face pumping his Ranger cum and whilst simultaneously massaging Cosmos’ erupting bulge in a frenzy of lustful delight, possessed by the climax; possessed and enthralled.

Aereon watched as Vega disengaged from Dixon’s bulge, crawling across the floor toward him, Vega was outrageously, erotically beautiful, making his way toward him. Aereon instinctively opened his legs, presenting his bulging oozing erothong to Vega.

~~Aereon mighty Space Ranger!~~

Dixon’s cum dripped from Vega’s face as the words were uttered.

~~Give me your B U L G E!~~

Aereon spurted pre-cum through his erothong bulge, as he presented his magnificent offering to Vega.

~~Agggghhhhh~~ The satisfaction oozing from Vega’s moan.

Vega used his hands to caress Aereon’s bulge, using some of Dixon’s cum as lubricant. Feeling the wet soaked majestic offering, he caressed the penis head, feeling the Fillip inside Aereon’s penis resonating inside the pleasure energy.

~~My lovely Aereon bulge, so exquisite, so rich in beauty, you are M - I - N - E!~~

Power filled Aereon and he floated off the floor, his body thrusting into Vega’s hungry hands and fingers as Vega lifted his body to match the rising of Aereon’s pleasure-wracked body. Vega could feel the Fillip inside Aereon’s penis, Aereon was fully erect, the penis throbbing energy and he could feel and hear the purring of the Fillip inside Aereon. His fingers were tingling as pleasure particles swarmed onto his hand like a lust-filled mob.

Aereon was floating, thrusting, and writhing in mid-air his hands holding the back of his head and his fingers combing through his hair fueled by his heightened and growing lust, he pulled his head upward to look over his supine sweat-drenched body. He opened his legs for Vega, wrapping them behind Vega, pulling him to worship his pre-orgasmic bulge. Aereon wanted to cum, the orgasmic energy was sitting deep inside his system, it felt like his penis was ready to explode and the Fillip inside his penis was vibrating at millions of cycles a second, fueling the orgasmic energy, but he trusted his beautiful Vega, he trusted the majesty of Vega’s immortal voice.

Vega lapped up the oozing beautiful bulge, so wet, shining and glistening as Aereon thrust and writhed mid-air goading him to worship. Vega allowed his hands to hover above the bulge, the shaft of Aereon’s stunning erect penis, wrapped in the erosuit, such a magnet, such a siren, but he let the pleasure particles seep through the penis and wet thong bulge, attracted upward into his palm like a synaptic emission, pre-cum spurting toward Aereon’s lust-crazed face, over his throbbing musculature and core. Aereon thrust upward, ensuring the bulge connected with Vega’s palm.

Vega gripped it, clasping his fingers around the majestically wrapped shaft. His other hand, caressed the underside of Aereon’s lower bulge, filled with cum enriched testicles waiting to release their payload. He began to speak.

~~Hello bulge, you know me, I am VEGA!~~

Aereon screamed as the words harmonised with the burgeoning orgasmic energy enthralling his erosuit bulge, threatening to erupt any second.

~~You will releasssssssssssssse soon!~~

Aereon screamed again, grasping his hair in both hands, trying to keep focus as the enormous erotic energy overtook his body and mind. He felt the warm moisture settle on his chest and face. He was spraying pre-cum, and he could feel the pleasure particles that infested his juices tingle on his skin as his pre-cum settled on his chest and heaving abdominals.

~~You will transfer into Blaze! You must drench Blaze in your super JISM!~~

~~Your super orgasmic pleasure will infest Blaze’s mind seeking the evil and demented triggers planted by Parallax!~~

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” That was all Aereon could say to communicate.

Aereon thrust hard, but he was not able to ejaculate, he needed to ejaculate that very instant, he wanted to give it to Vega, his beautiful Vega.

Vega knew it too; his powers of perception and omniscience allowed him to peer into the very lust that Aereon was experiencing. He had to take control of Aereon’s pleasure stream or Aereon could be lost inside an erotic fantasy world, he needed to connect that lust with Blaze’s fantasy. It was the royal pathway into Blaze’s mind and he and Dale needed to unpick the devious mind-control triggers that Parallax had installed inside Blaze’s fertile mind.

Blaze was ready. Dale had been preparing the patient whilst Vega had been busy powering Dixon and Aereon. The ANTalARion treatment room was throbbing with spectacular energy, it was filled with the sensual sounds of healing; the shared orgasm between Dixon and Cosmos was in full force, it had taken a life of its own, their bodies writhing and spurting in unison allowing Cosmos to transition back into a world uninhabited by the vampire’s evil agony.

Dale had prepared Blaze with yet another ANTalARion Appliance attachment, a blue energy headband was drawing its power from the four poles holding Cosmos suspended, it too feeding from the massive spike of orgasmic energy generated by the two horny heroes. The energy formed a delicate net across the top of Blaze’s head, it was intertwining with Blaze’s hair, connecting at specific meridians of Blaze’s skull.

Blaze had been trusting Dale, he wanted to be helping the others, that was an innate hero instinct that the Hive instilled in him, Dixon and Aereon, but his mind was filled with fantasy, his body felt electric, it felt charged and powerful, yet the ANTalARion energy ropes had tightened significantly on his wrists and ankles, it was feeding a stream of erotic thoughts, feeding the need for him to attend to his erosuit bulge, the garment was significantly more sensitive on his body, and the Fillip was pumping pleasure particles like a factory.

Blaze was horny.

He felt the energy holding him in place begin to change, the ropes were pulling his arms and legs down toward the floor, yet his pelvis and lower lumber were being drawn toward the top of the ANTalARion dome. The reverse stretch ricocheted through his muscles and his sensual moan developed deep inside him. Blaze felt sexual he felt electric but most of all the feeling of helplessness inside HIS bondage was feeding his fertile and sensual mind.

“Mmmmm… My head is tingling almost as much, bah, gah.”

Blaze struggled, he needed desperately to touch and feel his bulge. He was oozing pre-cum, feeding his Filip his exquisitely sweet lubricant.

Twisting left and twisting right.

“M mer my head, wha, what is on my head. Bah…”

Blaze then proceeded to scream as three of the meridian connections pierced Blaze’s skull and settled into the neocortex of his brain. His eye’s pleaded with Dale, who was standing behind Blaze’s head using both hands to massage the energy net as it made the trio of incisions.

The pain dissipated quickly, much faster than Dale anticipated.

“Your body is amazing Blaze, I must say, your recovery from the ANTalARion incisions is amazing!”

Dale looked into Blaze’s eyes, Blaze upturned face, looked so amazingly erotic as he winced turning his amazing body inside his bonds, his muscles, straining in the backward stretch. Dale bent down on one knee and caressed Blaze’s forehead.

“My beautiful boy!” Dale said tenderly.

“Parallax compromised your mind, there is no telling what triggers and compromises he has stored deep inside your psyche. I have requested the ANTalARion Appliance to survey your mind and your memories. It has peered into your experience with Parallax before you were sent to capture Dixi and Aer. I have interfaced with the Appliance and have witnessed the experience from deep inside your memory stores!”

Blaze looked at Dale with a sense of alarm and was about to speak when Dale placed his fingers on Blaze’s lips.

“Shh beautiful boy, you are in good hands.”

Those hands were shaking! Aereon was ready to explode, his body serving as a container of orgasmic ANTalARion energy enriched by the powers of the mighty Vega. Aereon could not speak coherently and would collapse under the intense power consuming his body if he tried to stand on his own two feet. Still floating supine, his raging, rippling musculature moisturised by his spurting pre-cum, shimmering in the mass of pleasure energy. He looked toward Vega, pleading for release, the orgasm drawing his very soul into its magnificence.

“Ler, le, let m, m, m, me cum!”

He couldn’t believe he could even get the words out of his mouth, and suddenly realised that he was moving and turning, Vega was drawing him toward Blaze.

Vega’s eyes were wide as saucers, he too was experiencing this sort of power for the first time, but he followed his instincts, allowing himself to trust his gut. Trust the horny omniscient, omnipotent presence inside of him. He was drawing Aereon through the air, his powers coursing through every fibre of his being, he was outrageously horny too., yet he knew he needed to concentrate on his work for Blaze’s good.

Vega looked to Dale for direction, following Dale’s lead, he directed his floating, writhing, spurting, Aereon toward Blaze, toward the Blaze’s sumptuous erosuit bulge, so wet, so beautiful, Aereon’s eyes filling with tears, dealing with the outrageous orgasmic flux enraging every cell in his body. But Vega had to concentrate, no matter how outrageously beautiful Blaze and Aereon looked at that moment in time. He followed his instincts, maneuvering Aereon through the air, lifting his body, up inside a forward flip.

Aereon could feel the energy holding him aloft, he felt the orgasmic energy all around him, it infested his very soul and it was only his super Ranger powers keeping him from exploding. He was flipping, his penis so erect, so hard, so powerful, the Fillip delivering billions of pleasure particles across his erosuit bulge. His skimpy nylon suit was wet and stretched to accommodate the impressive pleasure grunt packed inside it. Every spurt of pleasure particle infested pre-cum, sending his body into spasms of delight. He realised that he was tilting upward, he could see Blaze’s body, writhing, his eyes taking in the majesty of Blaze’s bound beautiful body, Blaze was presenting his erosuit, so wet, glistening in lubricant, warm inviting orgasmic decadence. Aereon could see the distinct outline of the underside of Blaze’s penis head, moving through the wet sea of drenched nylon, the erosuit, like his own, stretching dutifully to accommodate Blaze’s impressive rod of pleasure.

Blaze was thrusting, moaning, twisting, begging for his ejaculation.

Vega had them both in his grip, his immense power generation impressing Dale, who was floating and supervising the process.

Vega positioned Aereon’s body so that the bulges were directly over each other, as much as Blaze and Aereon tried, their attempts at connecting their orgsmabulges failed, it was the ultimate tease and their spurting mounds began to lubricate and coat each other in warm pleasure infested love juices.

Vega wanted to supercharge Aereon. Floating upward, and still holding the two Rangers at bay, he surveyed Aereon’s delicious writhing body, he wanted the cum, he was so pumped so horny, it was fueling the Ordinate godhead within him. He was P O W E R F U L.

He whispered in Aereon’s ear, yet his power boomed inside Aereon’s head as if the very words were pushing the orgasm even tighter and bolder. The words boomed in Aereon’s head and scintillated Aereon’s penis, every divergence, every inflection, driving the orgasm deeper and more gratuitously explosive.

~~You my beautiful Aereon are mine, I love you, your body is exquisite your orgasm is perfect~~

Aereon could only moan and scream in delight, he had no way of communicating his thoughts and emotions, he was lost inside the orgasmic power.

Vega wiped Aereon’s forehead enjoying the micro-vibrations of pleasure oozing from every pore of his body.

~~I can make it even better, beautiful boy~~

Aereon could see Vega massaging his body, he could feel the touch of Vega’s power, massaging the pre-cum and pleasure particle cocktail into his heaving muscles. But his excitement was piqued when he realised that Vega was adjusting his erosuit, making the thong, wedging the drenched delicious nylon tightly between his buttocks, twisting the sides, he worked carefully knowing that Aereon’s fantasies were erupting inside his head, he could tell by the altering pitch of Aereon’s vocal cords, his moans and cries communicating and confirming Vega’s attention to erothong detail.

He worked on Aereon’s bulge, working through the pre-cum, pleasure particle smorgasbord of sexual majesty, forming and adjusting Aereon’s pouch and bulge into a sumptuous feast.

~~You cannot be more perfect!~~

Having completed his work fashioning Aereon’s luscious bulge, Vega flew away from the two Rangers to survey his work, he had spoken to both Aereon and Blaze, knowing that Blaze was lost in orgasmic fantasy land, his bonds pulling his majestic body down in a backward arch with the force of the ANTalARion appliance pulling his hips upward, the backward stretch and the bondage fueling his erotic adventures into fantasy.

Veg made his way around Blaze surveying the blue energy crown and its three incisors pinpointing the meridians on Blaze’s skull, their incisions clean and reaching deep into the three regions of Blaze’s brain; one in each side of Blaze’s Parietal Lobes and a third had entered Blaze’s Occipital Lobe. In effect, the ANTalARion Appliance had made its roots into the very regions of Blaze’s mind controlling vision and the use of his senses. Allowing Dale pathways to search for the triggers that Parallax had buried deep. Blaze’s enhanced dopamine production was yielding a steady flow throughout his mind, enriching his visions, stimulating his senses and working with the ANTalARion systems, modulating and saturating his mind.

It was time.

Vega kissed Blaze on the forehead, wiping sweat from Blaze’s skin. He tasted it, his heightened senses filling with information and insight into Blaze’s mental state, Vega was amazed at what he was gleaning, he had never experienced this sort of data from mere sweat, but he immediately understood; his Ordinate powers were emerging every step of the process. After several seconds, he silenced the information stream and just tasted Blaze, his beautiful Blaze. Vega ran his fingers across Blaze’s straining face, feeling his moans, his sexual joy, his amazing body reacting to the enhanced sexualised treatment.

He then spoke into Blaze’s left ear using his divine powers.

~~Time to cum!~~

He then switched to the right ear.

~~Cum for Vega let us enter your fantasy mighty Blaze, let us fix the evil implanted deep inside your mind.~~

Blaze’s eyes suddenly opened, staring blankly toward Vega, his pupils wide as saucers, he was drooling with every heightened breath and thrust of his elongated and stretched body.

Vega then ordered the merge.

~~join as one mighty Space Rangers, join your orgasms, ejaculate in H A R M O N Y!~~

Their screams harmonised into erotic chords, Aereon’s body began to lower, his erosuit bulge, so perfectly fashioned, so powerful, the nylon fusing with his penis as he spewed pleasure particles and pre-cum.

The touch of his bulge to Blaze’s volcano ripped through his body like a torpedo blast. Not even the experience of the Universal orgasm, back on the Bordello could compete with the feeling, the ecstasy pounding through their bulges. The nylon was so slippery with boy lube, yet the friction and coupling effect of the orgasm-meld process on their sliding bulges sent shivers of delicious delight through both their bodies.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

It was like a song, expressive and emotional, their moans so sensual as the first grenades of hot magical cum energised the ANTalARion appliance, sending their two Fillips into overdrive.

The joint Orgasm had begun. The process was irreversible.

Vega caught the first volleys of ejaculate, hot delicious, Ranger semen, so prized across the galaxy, precious and rich in nutrients. He resisted the urge to taste the sumptuous fluids, this delicacy was for Blaze’s consumption.

Semen, the warm nutritious essence of Ranger coated both of Vega’s hands, the balmy ejaculate felt like a velvet glove on his hands and Vega instinctively used his powers to charge the fluid with erotic Ordinate ardour.

~~For you Blaze!~~

The words were like orders, they boomed inside Blaze’s mind, he was in a sexual, decadent daze, his eyes still wide and popping behind his mask, Blaze opened his mouth to receive his communion.

Vega inserted his forefingers into Blazes’s mouth, allowing Blaze to inhale and suck the fingers into his body, Vega then used his powers to cause the rest of Aereon and Blazes’ semen to flow like two streams across his hands to the entrance of Blaze’s mouth past his hungry lips. Blaze was feeding on ejaculate and Vega could feel the beauty of Blaze’s tongue encircling his fingers, warmth, erotic and lascivious, such a decadent sexual response from one of the most beautiful heroes in the Galaxy.

Aereon was lost in so many feelings, physical, sexual, and spiritual. All that mattered to him was the release of the orgasmic potency exploding in every cell of his body. He wanted to hold Blaze, he wanted to feel the torrent of cum and pleasure gushing from Blaze’s nylon-wrapped bulge, but his body was being held in position by Vega’s immortal powers, his arms and fingers stretching up and away from his agitating body. His orgasm was alive, it was no longer his, he felt Blaze, he was one with his darling Blaze, their orgasm was joining them and every pulse of orgasmic pleasure was causing his mind to open into a world of fantastic vividness.

~~Join the F A N T A S Y~~


Vega’s voice was leading Aereon’s mind, leading Blaze’s mind too, they were together inextricably tangled together in the bonds of orgasmic delight, their minds joined inside a fantasy world.

They had joined the fantasy, Blaze’s fantasy, they were in the fantasy yet inside the tumultuous orgasmic reality of the ANTalARion Appliance and mid-ejaculation.

Inside Blaze ’s fantasy.

Blaze could see Aereon, and Aereon could see Blaze. They were both tied facing each other their arms above their heads, their legs spread unforgiving pulling toward the base of the machine. The machine was stretching their arms upward and the pull on their musculature felt erotic. A current of energy flowed through their erosuits. Blaze was wearing green, Aereon looked down over his straining body, he was wearing red. The current of energy was delivering delicious sensual energy to his body. His penis purred inside the soft and tactile energy-infused pouch of nylon. He looked up to see Blaze’s face, full of expression; Blaze too was dealing with the same stretch and the same energy current consuming his green erosuit.

They drooled together in perfect sync.

They twisted their hips in sync.

Their bondage felt exquisite, it was feeding their appetites; they were immensely super horny.

Aereon could feel the fantasy, it was Blaze’s deep sexual enjoyment of bondage, of helplessness. He was somehow, someway experiencing the very sexual motivation deep inside Blaze’s mind. He too felt the craving for bondage. He was looking at Blaze struggling, thrusting before him, he could tell it was Blaze’s lust, he could feel his bulge tingling as the current of energy enraptured his red erosuit and every time he looked at Blaze, fighting his bonds, twisting, and turning sensually, he could feel the lusty desire welling up inside him too. Aereon went with the fantasy, he instinctively pushed his pelvis forward and moaned deeply, staring into Blaze’s eyes, they were mirroring each other’s struggles in perfect sync.

Outside the fantasy.

Vega and Dale kept watch, Vega was covered in the joint cum flows, spurts of Ranger delicacies colliding with his face as he massaged Blaze’s head, being careful not to disturb the three meridians of energy reaching into Blaze’s brain.

Vega then felt new sensations exploding beneath his skin, everything was new for him, but this was something welling up deep from inside him and before he could let Dale know what he was experiencing, he threw his head back forcefully, Vega was floating upward with his arms and legs spread, his head held in the backward position; his eyes rolling back into his skull.

Inside the fantasy.

Vega entered the fantasy too; he was inside the scene with Blaze and Aereon. They were towering on either side of him, stretched and writhing in pleasure, in syncopation. They were struggling and they looked erotic, their magnificent bodies were delectable. He had to lick them, touch them, but he was stuck, spread out on a slowly turning device, lifting from the floor as it turned, his wrists and ankles secured by powerful restraints. Vega tried to get their attention, but they were lost inside a fantasy land. He struggled trying to free himself as the device slowly turned as if unscrewing from the floor, lifting as it turned his body until his head was at bulge level with Aereon and Blaze. He craved Aereon’s bulge, he craved Blaze’s green mound of sexual decadence. But he was unable to free himself. The sexual frustration mounted with every second.

“Welcome gentlemen!” the voice said. Vega had no idea who owned that voice but from Blaze and Aereon’s increased vigour and attempts to break their bonds, he knew they recognised who it was. They had suddenly opened their eyes.

“Parallax!” Aereon gnarled! Thrashing violently.

“How? Show yourself, fiend!” Blaze snarled.

But all Vega could see was Dixon walking into the pleasure device to greet the three captives.

“That’s not your Voice Dixon! Who are you?” Vega demanded, struggling and pulling on his bonds.

The entity, in Dixon’s form, began to smile as he entered the ring.

Vega was stretched on an X-shaped device, and it allowed Dixon’s facsimile to access Vega’s beautiful and helpless body. Dixon ran his fingers over the Vega’s thumping chest, playing with the tight yellow harness and the glowing green crystal.

“So you are Kroy, the object of many of Blaze’s fantasies. Mmmm, Yes I can see how Blaze finds you and erotic indulgence!”

“Yes!” Vega responded lifting his torso so he could watch Dixon’s facsimile tickle and twist his erect little nipples. “But I am now Vega!”

“Such a beautiful young hero, I can feel your power, Vega. But, I am the effigy of Blaze’s most deeply held and deep-rooted fantasy, his craving for and attraction to bondage. In Blaze’s fantasy you cannot escape your restraints, your body is an offering.”

“You are sexual!”

“WE are all, S E X U A L!”

The facsimile of Dixon then bent down to lick the left-hand side of Vega’s yellow erothong bulge. Causing Vega to thrust his pelvis slowly, moaning as the tongue lapped his mound.

“Yes, my dear Vega, you are deeply erotic and sexual, just how Blaze, err, should I say, we like!”

“Why have you? How have you invoked the manifestation of this erotic fantasy?” The facsimile inquired in a smug, yet inquisitive tone, licking his lips and lifting his face away from Vega’s bulge.

Vega pulled frantically on the wrist restraints, and the facsimile purred feeling the power of Vega’s strong arms straining and pulling, drastically seeking freedom.

Then it dawned on Vega, and he shot a look across to Aereon. Who was watching the conversation, from where he was located; Aereon had suddenly realised it too. All Parallax needed to do was capture and bind Blaze to access Blaze’s responsive subconsciousness. It would take just one lick of Blaze’s bulge after Blaze had been rendered helpless in bondage to trigger him into becoming a mindless slave once again. Parallax had somehow planted the trigger deep inside the Blaze’s preeminent and supreme bondage fantasy.

Diabolical Vega thought to himself.

“Parallax must pay for this!” Aereon screamed toward Vega’s straining body.

“We are inside Blaze’s fantasy, right?” Vega responded, lifting his head as he communicated with Aereon, grunting and thrashing his body.

“We need to disable the trigger!” Vega said.

“Exactly. It is bondage! Blazey LOVES his bondage, and his most secret desire is the rush he gets from being tied and restrained helpless as a sexual toy.” Aereon knew his friend inside and out, but this sudden realisation had only dawned on him whilst inside the fantasy and watching Blaze’s enjoyment. The confirmation from the facsimile of Dixon, Blaze’s favourite bondage subjugate only served to cement the realisation.

“That’s the trigger!” They both voiced the realisation at the same time.

“We need to trust our instincts!” Vega said straining his body left then right while keeping his eyes on Aereon.

Aereon too struggled, fighting the powerful restraint system stretching his magnificent body. He could tell from Vega’s look, that Vega was indeed super horny, the bondage systems in Blaze’s fantasy were very effective and erotic. Aereon craved the taste of Vega’s hot yellow bulge at that moment, but he too needed to concentrate on the task at hand.

Vega had an idea, he had to use his godhead powers to enter Aereon’s mind and speak privately to Aereon without the fantasy’s Dixon manifestation becoming aware; he had to trust his abilities could work even inside the fantasy construct that they had found themselves in. Vega closed his eyes and began to glow. The green crystal pulsing from deep within its anti-matter core.

Vega had done it!

~~Aereon, it’s me, Vega. DON’T let the fantasy know you can hear me!~~ Aereon recalled the same experience of Vega’s voice in his head, before his release on board the Bordello. He returned Vega a wink so that Vega knew the transmission directly into his mind was working.

~~I will blast your ankle and wrist restraints, once you are freed, blast my restraints and then blast Blaze’s restraints, we will have seconds before the trigger explodes, we must hug and protect Blaze’s body from the termination of the trigger.~~

They executed the plan immediately. Vega fought through his horniness, lifting his head so he could aim four beams charged with dystopiate energy into the restraint systems holding Aereon’s limbs at stretch. The restraints disintegrated causing the facsimile of Dixon to scream, holding his head and twisting his body into a bent-over hunch.

Aereon was freely floating using his own power, he had no time to relax his attention, swiftly raising his clenched fists out in front of him, lifting them upward before aiming first at Vega’s wrist restraints melting them like wax before attending to Vega’s ankle restraints. Vega was free and lifted his body from the bondage device. He kept an eye on Dixon’s facsimile as Aereon attended to Blaze’s restraints.

Completed, Aereon and Vega rushed to encircle Blaze’s body, Blaze was dazed and incoherent, so Vega and Aereon entwined their legs and arms, pulling their bodies tightly around Blaze, squeezing and carefully surrounding Blaze’s flesh.

They could now speak freely, having executed the plan. This was the moment they needed to trust their instincts implicitly.

“We have to finally destroy the trigger!” Vega said, glancing at Aereon, then licking Blaze’s lips. “We have to rescue Blaze from this sleeper agent!”

Aereon Agreed. “Do it, Vega!” He had tears in his eyes, but Aereon knew deep down it was only a facsimile, it wasn’t him, it wasn’t his wonderful Dixi.

So Vega wasted no further time. he blasted the facsimile of Dixon with the same dystopiate energy he had used to free Aereon, the energy blasting from Vega’s eyes, he used a single emission beam, targeted between the eyes of the facsimile as it was rising and preparing to attack them, in a last ditched effort to resist their attack.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooo!” It started to scream.

Its scream lasted only seconds before it faded, the facsimile was being deleted; it began to sparkle as millions of diabolical unknown particles began to untangle and repel from each other, creating a shimmer of white light, then blackness, before the sound of air rushing out into the vacuum of space.

It was gone. The fantasy construct had evaporated!

They had emerged from the fantasy and were back inside the ANTalARion dome of energy. Blaze was no longer bound and stretched backward, he was however embraced by Aereon and Vega, the three of them floating, their bodies entwined as if they were still inside the fantasy construct. They were kissing, rubbing and squeezing their bodies.

They were covered in semen and the trio were moaning uncontrollably as the final vestiges of the massive orgasm pumped more semen from their cavorting entwined bodies.

Their moans and the squishing sound of decadent pleasure made Dixon smile, he had his arm around Cosmos, completely exhausted from their sexual encounter, their faces glowing with enjoyment, they too were covered in semen. Dixon licked Cosmos.

“I’m so glad we were able to rescue you, my new friend!” Dixon said licking his lips.

Cosmos was still panting and was being supported by Dr Dale, who relieved Dixon from holding Cosmos up. The ANTalARion appliance devices had been removed from the treatment room and Dale gently moved Cosmos to a recovery recliner.

“Thank you, Dixon, we have been through much together, but you need to attend to something!” Cosmos said looking toward the erotic tangle of Vega, Aereon and Blaze. “They might need some assistance untangling!” Cosmos said smiling with a wink. “Go ahead, I’ll be here with the good doctor.”

Dixon leaned over and kissed Cosmos. Their tongues explored the warmth of each other’s mouths, their breath combining, as they joined in their newfound friendship, Dixon could feel Cosmos tremble, Cosmos was gripping the back of Dixon’s head pulling their faces closer, sucking Dixon’s saliva, Dixon’s tongue energetically responding to Cosmos’ fervour.

“Go!” he said as they broke the kiss. “There is more than that for you soon!” Cosmos said smiling and motioning with his hand for Dixon to attend the floating orgy across the way.

As Dixon began to float across to his beloved boys, he felt elation and a sense of relief, seeing his gorgeous Blaze surrounded by Aereon and Vega.

Blaze opened his eyes, he was crying, he had never felt such elation, he looked into the eyes of Dixon.

“Hello boys,” Dixon said as soon as he joined the orgy, he had maneuvered his way into the floating orgy, sliding his beautiful body, caressing slippery bubble butts with his fingers, massaging boy juice into skin, enjoying the feel of three saturated erosuits. He rubbed his bulge, still feeling the sumptuous post-orgasmic delights of his time releasing Cosmos. His arms stretched behind the necks of Vega and Aereon, his legs intertwined and his toes massaging Vega and Aereon’s calf muscles.

The look in Blaze’s eyes embraced Dixon, he felt Blaze peer deep into his soul.

“I love you!” Blaze said with a rich enjoyable moan from deep within his being.

“We have so much to tell you!”

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This is the end of the Vega series; however, Vega will become a permanent member of the Space Ranger crew. I hope you have enjoyed this series. Don’t think you have heard the last of Parallax and the diabolical Bordello! There is a huge secret, sexual market across the galaxy and I expect it will only grow hungrier and lustier as time progresses.

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