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Space Rangers
Part 3 - Sector G
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Sector G

(Gamma Sector), 265.78.6543, year 4060

They were Hivedriving, the H Drive was simply purring and the maiden voyage of Intrepid3 was officially underway. Dixon had reluctantly disengaged his body and erosuit from the cockpit control integration device, he so enjoyed the way the ship caressed his erosuit bulge so evocatively as it communicated with him. He approached the huge screen providing the panoramic view of space, he stood with Blaze and thought of the responsibility the three of them had, emissaries of The Hive, and the countless adventures ahead of them. They stood arm in arm looking out into the vastness of space and from where they stood it looked as if the ship was stationery, Dixon felt the grip on his left buttock and Blaze felt his right buttock squeezed. It was Aereon nudging in between the two.

“Here’s my boys, what an adventure we have!” Aereon had successfully manoeuvred his body between Blaze and Dixon, he kept his hands firmly plastered on his boy’s glutes. Dixon looked across smiling at the mischievous and sexy Aereon as their bodies collided playfully, but Blaze decided to spin around to gather Dixon and Aereon inside his strong arms. “We are Ranger Force, Boys! I don’t ever want to lose either of you!” He squeezed them as close as he could, their embrace was magnificent and full of emotion.

“Gamma Sector is locked in!” Dixon always had his calculating mind on the job, “Three days at Hivedrive will drop us into the edge of the system.” Aereon just loved the way Dixon’s confidence oozed out from him, he had calculated the whole first voyage in his head and he just loved his nerdy Ranger boy to death.

Aereon had accessed the databases on Sector G during their departure sequence, “Yeah while you were setting course, I accessed the data on the systems of that sector. Seems there are several thousand small planetary systems, but two major ruling authorities and they are not exactly friends. They get on but only just. It seems our arrival will help foster better agreements for peace in the sector.” Aereon stated, looking at Blaze and Dixon.

“Nice work boys!” Blaze walked back toward the rear section the bridge, he had disengaged his formal envirosuit collar and his envirosuit. Dixon loved the way Blaze looked when he walked in his erosuit, Dixon just couldn’t keep his eyes from Blaze’s tight buttocks as he walked up the stairs and Aereon noticed! Laughing, Aereon called over to Blaze, “Nerdy cute boy here can’t keep his eyes off you Blaze!” Aereon gave Dixon a quick pat on his arse and Dixon just laughed, “Do you blame me?” he called over toward Blaze. Dixon then grabbed Aereon and pulled their bodies close, he grabbed Aereon’s bulge first and disengaged the envirosuit, it caused Aereon to purr, as the whisps of delicious pleasure erupted inside his suit. Dixon then disengaged his own erosuit and he pulled Aereon closer toward him, he enjoyed the warmth and softness of Aereon’s bulge as it collided and pushed up against his, Dixon had his palms firmly on Aereon’s buttocks, he pulled Aereon to him tightly and he purred, “y y uuum!” as the warmth of Aereon’s body and beauty of his hot bulge rubbed against Dixon. Dixon whispered in Aereon’s ears. Aereon’s hands were free, so he lent backwards in Dixon’s grip to get a better view of Dixon’s face, Aereon, could not resist, he played with the long straight sexy hair that dropped across Dixon’s face. “You are more than cute Dixi Boy, he then licked his partner erotically. “My Dixi!” Aereon pushed his erosuit as hard as he could into Dixon’s delicious bulge, he rubbed their suits erotically and the sensation caused Dixon’s eyes to roll backward as delicious sensation caressed his penis. Aereon’s body was warm, smooth and sexy and the feeling of it pressing against Dixon was just superb.

Aereon smiled, looking into Dixon’s eyes, “you know where Blaze has gone don’t you?” Dixon’s smile was unforgettable as Aereon spoke to him, Aereon could feel the excitement in Dixon’s body as Dixon pushed his erosuit bulge into Aereon’s body as hard as he could. “Let’s just say I noticed Blaze disengaged his envirosuit!” Aereon teased Dixon, “I think he might be getting a little horny and we have at least a day to fill before we need to get to work!”

“Blaze has plans Dixon and they involve us! Now you can come peacefully, or I may need to restrain you!” Aereon’s penis was becoming semi-erect, Dixon could feel the heat of Aereon’s cock as their suit’s rubbed more. Dixon pulled away and threw Aereon on the floor playfully, you’ll have to fight me and capture me first!” Dixon’s voice was playful and calculating, he would require Aereon to wrestle him sensually into compliance, he would need to deliver Dixon to the Atlantis Suite tied up!

Aereon jumped up immediately at the challenge and flew to capture Dixon off guard, they tumbled on the floor of the bridge their bodies entwined as they play wrestled, Dixon pulled Aereon’s arms backward causing Aereon to groan as Dixon forced his body into the stretch, Aereon however had other ideas, he quickly squirmed out of the hold and landed on top of Dixon. He grabbed Dixon’s erosuit and pulled the wedge between Dixon’s buttocks, Dixon felt the smooth delicious fabric pull tightly between his arse cheeks, it was erotic, and Dixon squirmed as Aereon quickly spun the sides of Dixon’s erosuit forcing the thong to remain in place. He held Dixon’s arms together next as Dixon squirmed and twisted, he broke free and pulled Aereon off him, causing Aereon to summersault through the air landing on his back, his legs sprayed out on the floor with a huge sexy smile on his face. Aereon’s light blue erosuit had a distinct wet spot-on on the apex of Aereon’s growing tent of nylon, and Dixon used this as his point to aim toward. Dixon launched himself flying through the air and landed on top of Aereon, bulge to mouth, they were in a sixty-nine position and Aereon’s fingers were exploring Dixon’s arse pulling his bulge into his mouth, his tongue caressed Dixon’s thong bulge enthusiastically, but it was a ruse, to distract Dixon. As Dixon cried out in delight Aereon surprised him, quickly repositioning himself with an arm around Dixon’s throat and slapped a restraint around Dixon’s wrists, he pushed Dixon to the floor and slowly began to rise, as he caressed Dixon’s majestic pouch of penis. You, my delicious hero captive are coming with me, we will milk you slowly hero!”

Dixon loved the game, he played his role enthusiastically and pulled on the restraints struggling, NEVER!” Dixon struggled as Aereon continued to molest Dixon’s bulge.

“Now get up!” Aereon forced Dixon to his feet as Dixon pretended to squirm in his bondage, his arms restrained behind his back, he struggled, in his captive role enjoying the bondage and excited about what his two sexy partners had instore for him, he was becoming super horny and his penis felt beautiful inside his erosuit, the thong only fed into his excitement and the sight of his beautiful expansive bulge was magnificent, he was turning himself on!

Aereon pushed Dixon out of the Bridge. Intrepid 3 was purring in auto pilot, and Dixon only had erotic fun on his mind as Aereon pushed him to the lift.

“H Deck” was Aereon’s instruction to the lift.

They were in the lift and Aereon, pushed Dixon the back of the little room as Dixon continued playing his role, struggling, the hot sexual hero captured for their sexual gratification.

“What do you intend to do with me?” Dixon bared his teeth and thrust his pelvis toward Aereon.

He could not resist; Aereon was becoming wetter, and he stepped over toward his sexy captive caressing Dixon’s mound of nylon testicles and penis, he felt the warmth and majesty of Dixon’s sex fill his palm.

“This hero boy,” Aereon looked longingly into Dixon’s eyes before slowly and evocatively lowering his gaze down to Dixon’s erobulge, “…this thong will be milked hero, we will take your power!”

“NO!” Dixon pretended to try and break free from Aereon’s grip.

“No, I will resist your attempts; I am a Ranger, ngf!”

But Aereon spun Dixon, pushing his captive forward into the back of the lift, he bent down and licked Dixon’s buttocks pressing forcefully against the tight sexy fabric pushing against Dixon’s body, between his buttocks. He pushed with enough power, causing Dixon the moan as his bulge was thrust against the wall of the lift.

Deck H announced the lift.

Aereon was up immediately and pulled Dixon away from the back wall of the lift, he pushed his captive out and onto the plush carpet of their special Ranger only deck. Aereon pushed his sexy struggling captive toward the huge H on the Atlantis Suite wall and Dixon’s excitement skyrocketed as he was thrust toward the Atlantis Suite, his erotic fate. The game was already sexual and sensual, he just loved their bondage play and knew Blaze was going to have fun with him.

Just as Three had shown them, the wall of the Atlantis Suite began to dissolve as Aereon waved his hand, brushing the air as he gave the open gesture.

Dixon was pushed forward into what looked like a void.

Blaze awaited inside the parlour; his arms outstretched to receive the captive.

Dixon was taken back by the beauty of Blaze, his muscles twitching, he had changed into a lime green erothong, it draped across his body, caressing his sexual organs with such clarity and perfection. Blaze was one sexy man, but he looked fucking awesome as Dixon arrived at his erotic play time.

“I hope you like it Dixon, I know Aereon loves a thong, and he has taken no time to ensure you arrive in a sexy thong too, yum. You had your eyes on my ass, so here it is hero!” Blaze turned for Dixon and Aereon to take in his beautiful body.

Blaze motioned for them to look around their first vista of horny fun. The Atlantis Suite was far from bright, it was illuminated with soft, sexy tones, they enjoyed the ambience as Blaze showed them around. I chose Atorian Dixon. These people, according to the Atlantis Suite’s database like to use pleasure as a means to an end, their captives are driven to insanity and sapped of knowledge in long sessions of intense pleasure. Atorians have perfected sexual mastery and I have decided that you my dear Dixon, Ranger, Hero will be milked here. Your fate is the Atorian Pleasure Condenser, my beautiful young hero.

Dixon fought the bonds, “No, No, No please” his struggles only turned Aereon on more.

“Your pleasure will be very interactive hero boy! You see in Atoria, they really dominate their captives and as they slowly immerse them into the layers of pleasure, and tease their hot juices from their bodies, they themselves become the pleasure tormentors, becoming one in the sensation as their pleasure condenser feeds on both the captor and the captive, it condenses the pleasure and diffuses it into the captive’s sexual organs in waves and pulses so intense so diabolical it begins to break the captive down. They beg for orgasm, they beg for hours, they seek only cum.”

Blaze walked over to Dixon, he pushed his body against the captive, his fingers exploring the bunching nylon around Dixon’s perfect pleasure pouch.

“Mmmm,” Blaze’s fingers caressed Dixon, Blaze felt every nuance of Dixon’s pleasure package, carefully and expertly. “We are going to play you like a fine-tuned instrument Dixon!” Blaze’s smile erupted on his face as he kissed his captive passionately. He grabbed Dixon by the buttocks pulling their hot bulging manhood together while he rubbed himself sensually against his captive.

Aereon had been to the eroapplicator and retuned in a similar lime green thong.

“Take him to the Pleasure Condenser and tie him!”

Dixon tried struggling in Blaze’s arms, their bodies rubbing together sexually and sensually, and Blaze smiled toward Aereon, “Yes this captive will submit to the Condenser well.”

Dixon turned, directed by Blaze and he saw his fate waiting for him. He would be milked on the device.

“Atorians employ a unique sexually charged composite material in the construction of their torment devices Dixon, once you are tied to the device it will scan your body and begin processing your sexual signature, it will feed on our pleasure and then reproduce a highly compressed copy of it that will explode in your erosuit bulge! The device will absorb the pleasure from your helpless body and then continually condense it, feeding it back in ever increasing packets of sensation. Directly into your penis hero!

Dixon was so horny, he was ready to explode and as Blaze stood back from his body, he marvelled at Dixon’s bulging thong. “So Beautiful Dixon, you are stunning my delicious boy.” Blaze felt his body tingle as he looked on the beauty of Dixon in the powder blue nylon thong.

Blaze looked at Aereon as he ordered, “Tie this magnificent creature to the Atorian Pleasure Condenser. Pleasure him, milk him!”

Dixon was so into his role, he struggled as erotically as he could and eventually submitted to four powerful Ranger arms as they lifted and stretched his body on the X shaped device. They ensured the restraint devices were locked and Dixon Archer, Space Ranger was helplessly laying, arms and legs stretched. He felt the coolness of the Atorian device against his flesh and shuddered, looking desperately left and right and then down over his body as he felt the device access his body. He tingled all over, his erosuit bulge felt alive and buzzed and he flinched as Aereon, the thong master made his approach, Aereon was intent on adjusting Dixon’s thong, it was an irresistible attraction.

“Wow look at this beautiful sight!” Aereon was super horny and Dixon laying on this alien machine writhing his body in sexual ways was overwhelming. Aereon stood between Dixon’s spread legs, his meat encased in the light fabric bunching up around his testicles and caressing his penis was outrageously beautiful to Aereon and Blaze. Dixon had become a super sexual bound god for them to enjoy and pleasure.

Aereon placed his fingers and traced the rounded beauty of the light blue nylon mound, Dixon felt sexual and tactile, the smoothness of the fabric and the heat of his anatomy felt exquisite. He caressed his Dixi with loving and reverent hands.

Dixon felt the sensation immediately, tiny explosions erupted across his skin and more tantalizingly, he felt the micro explosions deep inside his bulge, inside his penis and the delicious coating of his cock head.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dixon’s moans were deep and ethereal as Aereon’s hands played and adjusted Dixon’s beautiful mound, he tightened the sides of the thong as Dixon moaned in delight. Dixon moved his hips erotically and he looked longingly into the eyes of Blaze and Aereon, he was being overwhelmed with delicious sensation and wanted to play his sexy role for his partners to enjoy the experience as much as he was.

He lifted his hips and stared at this erosuit thong bulge, and seductively flicked his hair, “Please, no, I beg you, please no, I will not give you, my seed!” Dixon writhed slowly and evocatively.

Blaze was into the bondage role play in a big way; he played the villain.

“That my beautiful sexy hero is not for you determine.” Blaze ran his hands across Dixon’s chest, and this elicited a very sexual reaction from his captive: Dixon’s moans were deep, and he looked intently toward his bulge. He was instantly wet!”

Aereon almost came! The moment was irresistibly super erotic, and the evocative way Dixon turned his body as his juices began to saturate his bulge turned him on immensely.

Blaze pulled his hand back.

“The Atorians use this device to torture their captives in intense sexual pleasure Dixon. The device takes input from your entire body and condenses the sensation before driving it into your bulge, your penis and testicles. Your pleasure will be spectacular my delicious hero boy.”

Blaze played with Dixon’s nipples.

Dixon’s moans erupted and his bulge oozed pre-cum as the pleasure condenser directed his pleasure to his erosuit bulge.

Aereon dined on the wet nylon mound as Dixon trembled pulling on his restraints, he was helpless and at their mercy.

“Oh My God hero!” Aereon gasped at the sweetness of Dixon’s nectar as his tongue caressed the blue bulge, his Dixi delight! Hi hands caressing Dixon’s inner thighs, his tongue intent on taking every drop of Dixon’s juice.

Dixon remembered Three’s lessons only hours ago, he had to control his pleasure, this was like a training session a practice run. He did his best to regain his composure, but he knew they had only begun to pleasure him.

“I will resist your attempts to milk me!” Dixon looked defiant; he was so enjoying the fantasy.

Blaze continued.

“Look up Dixon, we are surrounded by a field, you see the Atorians use the pleasure of the tormentor or in our case tormentors, you see hero boy, as you suck my erothong bulge, you will pleasure me, you will have no choice. The system will identify pleasure from anything inside the field, it will condense it and flood it into your penis, your majestic thong will radiate delicious pleasure, yours and ours, you cannot escape its grip on your bulge, boy! The Condenser will transfer my pleasure into your bulge, your penis will erupt in sensations so amazing, you are in for a treat hero. Aereon will worship your bulge and you will worship us as we pleasure you. You will scream in powerful pleasure! Resist your orgasm hero, but we will suck every drop of your cum from your beautiful body eventually. Do I make my-self clear?”

Dixon pulled on his restraints; he played the captive with enthusiasm.

“I am a Ranger, I will resist your systems, you will not have my cum!” Dixon screwed his face as he struggled, but his bulge was now dripping his clear pre-cum.

“Is that true Ranger?” Aereon cupped the underside of Dixon’s now saturated bulge.

“Ngffffffffffff” Dixon’s purrs were delicious, his writhing body was pure and sublime as he fought the Atorian systems.

They pleasured Dixon for almost two hours.

“P p p penis is, is, is exploding, ohhhhhhhhhhhh please, such plllll ee aass ure.” Dixon was in a new world as they caressed his body, they worshiped his every muscle, Blaze kissed him as he cried into Blaze’s mouth.

“Your orgasm will form soon Dixon!” Blaze looked erotically toward his beautiful erotic captive.

Blaze mounted Dixon, he straddled Dixon’s chest and all Dixon could see was the beauty of Blaze’s wet and juicing, pumping green bulge, millimetres from his mouth. Blaze’s magnificent penis encased in erotic green nylon drew his mouth like a powerful magnet that Dixon was incapable of resisting; such sexual beauty, he knew that once he commenced to pleasure Blaze, the Atorian systems would overlay, and supplement the exquisite sensation produced by Aereon who was worshiping Dixon’s saturated bulge with intent and unrestricted devotion. Dixon’s body was screaming, every pore exuded pleasure, he felt his penis scream with his every tormented lick of Blaze’s hot gushing mound, the pleasure was excruciating, beautiful and insistent as were Aereon’s hungry fingers and tongue.

Dixon felt his cum gurgling, his body was enveloped in an orgasm of sensation.

“Noooooooooooooooooo!” he screamed, he did his best to resist, to access The Hive, but the trio were deeply entrenched in the Pleasure Condenser’s hold. Aereon was ready to cum, and he knew that his pleasure was erupting deep in Dixon’s bulge in detonations of joy. He jumped up, his orgasm screaming, he straddled Dixon’s screaming face. Blaze was ready to shoot too, he was now worshiping Dixon’s powerful erection, their erothongs stained to contain the three powerful erections.

Dixon’s body stretched and twisted, and his final scream erupted throughout the Atlantis suite. He shot his cum directly into Blaze’s face and Aereon shot his spunk into Dixon’s flaying face; hot hero juices spurted for minutes, Blaze drank Dixon’s first eruption, but the Atorian machine kept milking Dixon exquisitely and Blaze quickly mounted Dixon, his buttocks facing Dixon’s face, Blaze rubbed his spurting eruption into Dixon’s volcano. Cum collided shooting through the air like an aerosol and after several minutes Blaze had slumped forward with Aereon’s body slumping forward, his face firmly resting between Blazes buttocks, their exhausted bodies trembled. Aereon, pumped his final cum offering into Dixon’s face as he lay face down, his face in Blaze’s buttocks. Three Rangers slumped and exhausted from their first Atlantis Suite experience lay quivering and spent.

The Atorian Pleasure Condenser released Dixon’s restraints and he lay caressing Aereon’s body, still oozing into his face. Dixon was in heaven. He could feel the dual weight of Blaze’s body and Aereon’s, Blaze’s magnificent erothong was still attached to his, he felt the warmth of their juices as they mingled.

Dixon remembered the words of The Hive. They were bound as one. He smiled; he was so in love.

Atorian Pleasure Condenser program complete Intrepid3 closed the program and the three exhausted Rangers collapsed onto the floor of the Atlantis suite, they were bathed in white light, it was time for a turbo shower.

Sleeping on Intrepid3 was arranged in an expansive sleeping quarters, they were each provided separate spaces, however they preferred the magnificent huge bed on their first night. The sleeping facility was supplied with an eroapplicator for when horny heroes desired erosuit sex, it was able to restrain one or all three and had been supplied with a variety of restraint devices.

Blaze chose to sleep naked on his first night aboard the Intrepid3, he had finished his Turbo Shower before the others and he lay on the magnificent round bed feeling the silky sheets caress his body, his penis glided across the satin like material and he felt the delicious sensation caress his cock, it was like the ship was feeding him. Aereon appeared next into their boudoir he had so enjoyed his turbo shower, and its ability to restore his tired muscles which twitched as he moved his beautiful tall body, he had intended to visit the eroapplicator to choose a sexy loose-fitting thong, but he noticed Blaze lying face down caressing the bed with his loins, his beautiful buttocks flexing as he slowly fucked the bed, he gasped at Blaze’s beautiful body. Blaze had heard Aereon’s gasp and turned his head. He was suddenly struck with Aereon’s magnificence, the taller of the three and the darker haired too, Aereon was mighty man to look upon, his penis dangled down careering over his delicious testicles.

“Now they are serious buns of beauty Blazy Boy! Irresistible!” Aereon ran his fingers across his torso as he surveyed the huge sleeping facility and contemplated the coming night with the spectacular creature, who was now turning onto his back.

Blaze’s smile had a ‘get here now’ look about it, not to mention his cute curly sandy blond hair that caressed his face seductively, it was his erect penis and flopping testicles that were the real draw cards, his penis sprung upward as he turned his body and Aereon just stood looking at Blaze in all his male glory.

“Fuck you’re hot Blazy Boy!” Aereon’s eyes watered as he contemplated that pink bulbous cock head in his mouth.

Blaze stretched his legs and his testicles dangled evocatively, his 7-inch cock was hard and twitching as Blaze’s mind ran a thousand miles to the second contemplating Aereon’s beauty, he remembered the beauty of Dixon’s mighty bulge as it pumped pre-cum, he felt his erection tighten and buzz, the thought of both his boys made his blood race to his cock and his member to tingle in anticipation.

Aereon’s warmth, his tongue entering his mouth, exploring, hands caressing the back of his neck made Blaze explode almost. Aereon’s penis brushed against him, and hungry hands made their way to his buttocks, Blaze was in his happy place. One Ranger making love to him and a second Ranger still singing in the turbo shower, with powerful air drying his body, especially his love making bits.

Their legs entwined and arms pulled their bodies closer, two erections rubbing in harmony as their shared Ranger bed glowed green around its base, the bed was in stimulation mode, allowing tantalising miniscule sensations on their bodies and inside their penises.

Dixon arrived at a scene of sexual majesty, two of the galaxy’s most beautiful heroes cavorted and embraced in an act of sexual beauty. He caressed his cock and purred as he watched the delicious show unfolding.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh y yum” Dixon’s words were full of excitement and erotic desire, he held his flaccid cock in his hands and allowed his right hand to stroke the underside of his pink penis helmet, he enjoyed the way the pleasure evolved so nicely, he cupped his balls and flicked his cute straight hair from his eye and looking up from his genitals he noticed Aereon’s inviting hand approaching.

Aereon had momentarily left Blaze to writhe on the bed, Blaze lay on his back again, stretched again, his arms stretched to welcome his two Rangers, Blaze looked at his twitching erection with expectation exploding in his body.

Aereon’s aim was on target and Dixon was being drawn by his balls in Aereon’s playful grip and summonsed by the magnificence of Blaze’s cock, Dixi rolled his eyes in sexual abandon as his body collapsed and entwined with Blaze, Dixon grabbed Aereon’s buttocks and soon their bodies entwined in a warm delicious embrace. Dixon kissed Blaze passionately and then aborted the kiss, so he could engage Blaze’s saliva with Aereon, Dixon loved kissing his boys, it was one of the most sexual and natural things in the universe for him. He then felt the delicious sensation over his body and tingling evocatively inside his penis. Aereon’s smile as he realized Dixon was experiencing the bed’s little pleasure enhancement was infectious.

“Man, Dixi, the look on your face is priceless!” Aereon was caressing Dixon’s face as he spoke to him.

“Wow that is magic, my penis is almost singing” Dixon purred in his low whisper, erotic tone. I need to suck Blazy’s cock, I can’t help it.”

Dixon kissed Aereon and then licked Blaze’s nipples, Blaze moaned into Aereon’s mouth as they kissed and as Dixon changed position, he was close to Blaze, his body felt alive and sexual, he was immediately rock hard at the site Blaze’s penis, the pink head had a single clear droplet of precum sitting in the mouth of the penis. Dixon’s body trembled in pleasure and his tongue extended to savour the sweet nectar, Dixon’s left hand fondled Blaze’s testicles and he soon found the entire head of Blaze’s penis inside his mouth. Blaze slowly thrust his pelvis and Dixon could feel his penis encased in warmth, Blaze had gripped him and was slowly moving his hand up and down, squeezing gently on Dixon’s cock. Dixon felt the pleasure pulse in his cock with every squeeze and movement of Blaze’s hand.

Dixon moaned his mouth full of Blaze’s raging penis, he could hear Blaze’s muffled moans, Aereon had manoeuvred himself, so his testicles were dangling into Blaze’s mouth, and Blaze used his other hand grabbing Aereon’s buttock gripping it in a fit of passion.

“Put your cock in my mouth Aer…. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Dixon is fucking sucking my juices dry and ahh fffffff uck, I need yours in my body now.

Aereon caressed Blaze’s hand with his own, he was not letting Blaze loosen his grip on his arse, and he moved his body allowing his hard 8-inch penis to slap on Blaze’s face.

It was his best sexy voice: “This what you want hero boy?” Pre-cum oozed onto Blaze’s lips and Blaze licked the sweet Aer-juice into his mouth.

“Yeah, that is exactly what the Doctor ordered hero!” Blaze opened his mouth to accept Aereon’s raging member and the penis buzzed as it entered to the welcome of Blaze’s hungry tongue.

Three spectacular heroes moaned and cavorted for hours somehow fell asleep, smeared in cum after powerful orgasms.

Dixon was the first to wake the next morning. His penis was hard and Aereon’s buttocks were inviting. He moved across and positioned himself behind Aereon. Dixon enjoyed caressing Aereon’s hair, his beautiful face and he watched as Aereon’s chest lifted and dropped with his breathing. Blaze as still fast asleep but his erection was full and proud. Dixon was so in love. His cock craved attention and Dixon used some lube to cover his penis, he loved the feeling of the slippery substance caressing his hard member, he used some to lubricate the extremities of Aereon’s man-hole. Aereon stirred and purred at the same time.

“Morning” Dixon whispered in Aereon’s ear as he felt the warmth of Aereon’s body envelope his penis. Dixon pushed slowly and surely as Aereon purred, waking up to the beautiful sensation of Dixon’s cock filling his body.

“You smell nice and sexy hero!” Dixon was spooning Aereon as he fucked him. Dixon so enjoyed the warmth of Aereon’s body and the squeeze.

“How is that my delicious lover?” Aereon was awake and he squeezed his arse tightly so his body could caress Dixon’s member.

Dixon moaned as he thrust his body slowly into Aereon’s body.

Aereon reached for Blaze, his hand engulfing Blaze’s erection and Blaze awoke smiling, he was instinctively fucking Aereon’s gripping hand on his penis, Blaze moaned as he manoeuvred his body so that Aereon could suck his balls and penis. Their first morning on board Intrepid3 had a slow and sensual start as three heroes fucked, sucked and explored their bodies carefully.

Dixon screamed as his orgasm erupted inside Aereon and Blaze began to shudder spurting his jism into Aereon’s face, they were both spent again Aereon purred as he masturbated himself into a delicious orgasm, Blaze ensured that his mouth was firmly sealing Aereon’s cock as Aereon began moaning in orgasmic abandon, his hot juice spurted into the back of Blaze’s mouth. Aereon’s body arched and convulsed as a majestic orgasm reached through his beautiful body, his penis purring as he filled Blaze’s mouth.

“Yum!” Aereon’s tone was soft and erotic as Blaze collected his boys in his arms, his cummy mouth tasted outrageously beautiful as he kissed Dixon and Aereon distributing the sweet nectar of Aereon for them all to enjoy.

“You boys are beautiful!” Blaze lay back replaying their first night and contemplating their day ahead. Aereon arose on his elbow to Blaze’s left, ticking Blaze’s nipples and chest while Dixon flanked the opposite side of Blaze, his hand lightly fondling Blaze’s limp beautiful penis.

“So beautiful, my two boys!” Dixon lifted his gaze from Blaze’s delicious genitals and looked at Aereon and Blaze. “I love you!” he said.

“Sector G beckons and we will be at least another 20 hours till we arrive at the system.” Dixon’s mind had made the calculation, but he would soon confirm their position once on the bridge. “We have work to do before arrival!” Dixon ran his finger lightly across Blaze’s penis and testicles. “Come on boys we have Ranger Duties to attend to before one of you gets to fuck me!”

Aereon jumped up with a huge smile. “Me sir, me sir, pick me!” He ran to the turbo shower and Blaze laughed as he watched Aereon’s tight muscular body depart for cleaning.

“Well let go boy, we have work today!” Blaze grabbed Dixon and their bodies entwined in a passionate kiss. He then backed away from the kiss and looking at Dixon playfully, he said, “No, please sir, pick me!”

Dixon gripped Blaze as hard as he could. “I pick you both!” He licked Blaze’s nose and ran his hand through the tight curls of sandy blonde hair before gripping the back of Blaze’s head. “But you have to tie me up first!” With that Dixon kissed Blaze.

“Now I’m getting another erection” Blaze erupted pushing Dixon onto the bed.

“Lick it hero!”

Dixon complied!

They showered and dressed in their erosuits for the day, Dixon loved the soft light blue, Blaze chose red and orange and Aereon chose a lime green erothong, he intended to seduce his boys throughout the day, he would flash his sexy bulge around knowing they were getting hornier and hornier as the day went on.

Breakfast filled them with nutrients, special Ranger nutrients that would keep their powers developing, their bodies evolving into the powerful heroes The Hive had commissioned them and their ship to be.

They sat at the conference area on the bridge’s mezzanine level, they had full view out of the ship into the blackness of space it was such a beautiful vista, and the vacuum of space was spectacular as their H Drive propelled them expertly to the co-ordinates at blistering hyper speeds.

18 Hours 26 minutes Dixon announced as he checked the huge blue screen hovering above the elliptical table, he wiped his hand bringing up information on the ship and its systems, she was literally purring, Intrepid3 was humming. He then accessed the information on Gamma Sector. The Astrometric charts hovered for each of them to review.

Blaze stood and started to walk around the table looking directly at the charts.

“Ah yes Sector G, The Gamma Sector, it’s an interesting place, it’s a binary system, boys and has hundreds of worlds, they are mostly aligned to two opposing governance systems; Altus 6 has many worlds inside its economic zone and its planets are ruled by primes who form the council of Altus 6!”

Aereon looked at Blaze, he was in awe of Blaze’s knowledge of the system.

“Impressive Blaze!” he stated.

“I wasn’t only searching the Atlantis Suite for ways to milk Dixi as we connected to the ship on departure. I did lots of research!” Blaze bent down and put his arms around Aereon, you’ll catch on soon my delicious young man!”

Blaze continued his report, “The other major ruling authority, if you can call it that, is known in the system as the ‘Alliance of Cal.’ It is ruled by a Sultan, he rules hundreds of worlds with a strong hand and has up till now resisted any form of peaceful exchange with the other planets not in his control.”

“Sounds like an interesting clash of cultures and ideologies!” Dixon stood walking around the huge Astro chart looking at the different world’s “So they both co-exist and utilize two suns as their source of energy.” Dixon observed.

Blaze smiled and looked at Aereon who was approaching a section of the chart that Blaze had not referred to yet.

“So, Blaze, what have we here?” Aereon asked.

“These Aer are the outlying planets, they are not aligned with either major ruling elite – they are like neutral worlds, but word has it that one of these planets, a peaceful and orderly world” Blaze pointed to a small red planet, “…with 1 billion inhabitants is leaning toward accepting the protections afforded by the Sultan’s ‘loose’ alliance. Blaze looked toward his two beautiful Rangers. “This boys, is Ord! The planet Ord.”

“Our mission is to assist the co-operative agreement between Council of Altus 6 and the Sultan’s Alliance of Cal, they will be sending envoys to dock with Intrepid3, and we will host a small party to foster good will and encourage their dialogue. Let’s use Deck B, we will configure it for the function.” Blaze provided his suggestions for the party, and they discussed the different aspects of the mission.

Dixon provided his calculations and both Blaze and Aereon just knew that their nerdy cute Ranger boy would be spot on. They would be in scanning and communication range in twelve hours.

They each went to work, they prepared, scanning Intrepid3’s records on each of the different groups and their customs, Aereon ensured the docking ports were ready, he made sure the food and refreshments were acceptable to the peoples of each side and he programmed Deck B to provide wait staff, similar to the Atlantis suite, but more formal; these artificial, system generated lifeforms would provide impeccable service throughout the planned function.

Dixon was spot on with his calculations, and twelve hours later, Intrepid3 dropped out of subluminal speeds and was now traversing the edges of Sector G. Dixon, Aereon and Blaze adjusted their erosuits and engaged the formal envirosuit collar setting as they stood in front of the huge screens looking out to space.

Aereon engaged Intrepid3, he had become increasingly involved with her systems and enjoyed tinkering.

“Communication systems online please!” Aereon glanced to Dixon and Blaze, this was the moment.

The window to the galaxy morphed into a majestic long visual screen and Intrepid3 automatically engaged the hundreds of radio frequencies along with her communication scanners.

Hailing all frequencies, we are hailing as “Ranger Force – Intrepid3”.

“Acknowledged” replied Aereon, he was excited and wary all at once, this was their first open hail.

“Ah Intrepid3!” a voice boomed through the bridge, but it took several moments before the face appeared on the huge view screen.

“I am Cane” Cane’s face appeared on the huge view screens I am the Managing Prime of the planets of Altus 6, welcome to our corner of the Galaxy gentlemen.”

Blaze responded, “Thank you Cane! Intrepid3 is happy to enter your Sector’s economic zone and we look forward to meeting you in person.”

“Space Rangers, you are an impressive show of support for the sector and on behalf of the planets of Altus 6, we greet you. I am currently enroute and have looked into your ship’s beacons. We too look forward to meeting you shortly.” He smiled and the screen went blank.

Aereon, looked to Blaze, “Hm, he seemed nice enough, humanoid, intelligent and straight to the point!”

Blaze had moved toward the bank of screens on the back wall of the bridge, behind the conference area and was carefully looking through several of the scanning frequencies that Intrepid3 was utilizing.

“Hm no word from the Alliance of Cal.” Blaze looked back toward Aereon and Dixon who were standing ready at viewer screen. Blaze made his adjustments and then returned to the Dixon and Aereon. He then made his call.”

“This is Ranger Force, Intrepid3 seeks the audience of the Sultan of Cal!” He made his call in a regal tone.

The screens became white, and a human face appeared, green eyes, tall forehead and a thin looking mouth, he was wearing a royal robe which looked to be woven of fine material and encrusted with rubies.

“I am Fi, I am the Sultan’s ambassador. We welcome Space Rangers to our sector.”

Dixon returned the greeting. “Greetings Fi, Ranger Force is pleased to assist your sector in any way we are able, and we look forward to meeting you soon. Intrepid3 awaits your arrival.”

“Our arrival is imminent gentlemen; I hope you do not mind us arriving early.”

Aereon opened his arms and motioned around the Bridge, “Intrepid3 is ready to receive your party aboard what is your ETA.?” Aereon gave his most regal smile.

Proximity sensors connected with their erosuits, and data was immediately available in their minds, Dixon did his best to keep his straight face, his beautiful bulge was tingling as the data transfer occurred. “20 million kilometers to be exact Fi!” Dixon smiled as he stared into the face on their view screen. Your docking port awaits, follow the approach beacon Alpha once you are within 1000 kilometers from Intrepid3”.

“Understood!” Fi’s face disappeared from the screen and the view screens returned to provide a huge vista of the Sector.

Aereon de-activated the envirosuit and put his arms around Dixon and Blaze, all is ready boys, Intrepid3 will host its first inter-race reception.

Blaze looked across at his two partners, he looked at their majestic sexy bodies and their delicious erosuits, yeah you two are going to be a hit, these people are in for a treat when they arrive greeted by sexy Rangers like you!

Aereon, squeezed their shoulders, “Ok boys lets go to work, then we can play!”

They stood facing each other and held out their right hands, their left hands cupped their bulging suits, they joined hands, looked each other in the eye. “Ranger Force!” They said in unison before squeezing their hands together. They broke the connection and went to work.

Aereon attended to the docking ports and ensured that H Deck was prepared and locked down to receive their guests, he provided the ship with approvals to allow the visitors to access the private deck, their identifications had been communicated directly to Intrepid3 which had processed their approvals. Aereon was meticulous in checking their identities, he remembered Three’s warning that non-approved lifeforms would be terminated if they set foot on this part of the ship without approval. Each member of the arrival party would be screened and approved before joining their escort party. They would only be provided a glimpse of the deck anyway, the H Drive, Ranger Pods, Atlantis suite would be hidden and protected. Aereon and Blaze would ensure that their visitors were escorted directly to Deck B where the reception awaited. Dixon would host their arrival and facilitate introductions.

Dixon remained in the Bridge, he monitored the arrival of Fi’s ship, The Caltus Ruby was on approach and within 50,000 kilometers of Intrepid3.

Hmm 6 life forms aboard, she is a planet flyer class, the Sultan’s private vessel according to Hive records Dixon was running through the configuration of the party.

Dixon engaged the viewer.

“This is Ranger Dixon, Caltus Ruby – Docking beacons are engaged.”

Intrepid3 gave Dixon the available diagnostics and monitoring data, Dixon was acutely aware of the ship’s origin, her course, speed and approach trajectory.

“Alpha beacon engaged” There was no face, just the audio beamed through the bridge.

Dixon cupped his balls, his erosuit felt luxurious and he engaged his envirosuit along with his formal collar and wrist cuffs. He then messaged Blaze and Aereon to ready the docking port on the starboard side of the ship. His cock enjoyed the communication system as his erosuit broadcast the secure communication to Blaze and Aereon. “Yum we should communicate like this all day; my balls love it!” Dixon said with a smile.

“Agreed!” Aereon laughed as he looked at Blaze’s face. “Yum”

“1000 kilometers” Dixon’s voice reported directly into their brains.


Caltus Ruby was sleek and ominous, her long spear like hull extended nearly a Kilometre and her red hull was immaculately kept, she was of course, the Sultan’s private vessel and she glided into position drawn by Intrepid3’s powerful approach beams.



The boom of Intrepid3’s docking array locking onto the visitor ship reverberated down on H Deck, but Dixon barely heard the docking occur. He engaged the external viewing array and stood impressed at the sight of the huge spear like regal ship that had attached itself to his ship.

The view screen came to life and the smiling face of Cane appeared.

“Ranger Dixon!” Cane looked at Dixon.

Cane was also humanoid he had green spots across his forehead and piercing green eyes.

“Greetings once again! We expect arrival soon!”

Dixon smiled back.

“Acknowledged Cane, your approach beacon is Beta!”

“Yes, we have your ship on view, I see ‘the spear’ has docked already.

Dixon looked amused.

“Caltus Ruby has docked yes!” Dixon replied, he maintained his official facial expressions.

“Preparations are underway to receive the official party of the Alliance of Cal” Dixon responded with an update. “We look forward to welcoming you to Intrepid3 too.”

Dixon was already aware that the Altus 6 ship was a frigate, she was a Naval Class 6, highly weaponised however all her weaponry systems were stabled and locked. The Lucia was on distant approach, 5 million kilometers.

Dixon scanned the vessel Five Hundred life forms, however an official party comprised of ten, mainly primes and two senior officers. The Lucia had originated in the Altus cloud from one of the ruling worlds of their economic region.

Down on H Deck, Aereon stood at the docking station, he had changed from his erothong and looked regal in his yellow erosuit and his official yellow collar matched his erosuit, he, like Blaze had also engaged the yellow cuffs on each of his wrists. He looked tall, regal and sexy as he welcomed the members of the Sultan’s party to Intrepid3.

They were each adorned in red with flowing robes, layers of red draped across their bodies, and they graciously greeted Aereon and progressed along a set pathway and ushered by the ship’s drone life forms, beautiful male droids dressed in formal attire, they followed their programming instinctively and ensured that the members of the Alliance of Cal’s visiting party did not stray from their directed path. A diplomatic disaster would erupt should any of the party stray into areas of the H Deck they were not permitted; Intrepid3 would terminate the offender and that scenario was not going to happen.

Blaze ensured the party made their way to Deck B, he stood at the lift to direct the party, his muscles rippled, he was wearing a small erosuit, it looked erotic as the folds of fabric caressing his round penis and the fabric fanned outward across his pouch to each of his hips, the garment had small one-inch sides and his left hip had three green stripes set against the powder blue of the garment. His buttocks firm and pert completed the package. Blaze had engaged the envirosuit and his formal collar and cuffs too, he sported a green collar and cuff, and these matched his green sexy face mask. Blaze produced his trademark smile, he portrayed male sexual beauty with his sandy blond curls of hair gracing his handsome face.

The last to leave Caltus Ruby was Fi, he greeted Aereon enthusiastically.

“Thank you for hosting this important event, your ship provides the perfect neutral facility for our two sides to meet.”

“We see it as an honour Fi!” Aereon escorted Fi to the lift, Blaze was waiting and happy that the party was now complete and safely enjoying Deck B.

Aereon and Blaze felt their testicles buzz lightly; Dixon provided an update on the arrival of the Altus 6 Frigate, his voice appearing in their minds in a private three-way communication.

“The Lucia will be docking port side in 10 minutes!” Dixon’s voice was clear and concise in their minds.

Aereon touched the side of his erosuit “Acknowledged” he said speaking directly to Blaze and Dixon.

Dixon suggested he make his way to Deck B to host the Alliance party while Aereon and Blaze co-ordinate the arrival of the Lucia.

Fi ignored their communication his mind was engaged looking around the ship.

“You know gents,” Fi stated, as they rode the lift to Deck B, “…we don’t get lots of attention in this sector, The odd Space Cadet every now and then, but we are honoured to have a vessel of this stature to visit the region.”

Aereon liked Fi, he had a kind face, behind his royal emissary attire and his red headwear.

Dixon appeared instantly.

“Impressive!” Fi stated.

“And your technology too!”

Dixon laughed and took the compliment. He was wearing a similar erosuit to Aereon and a sexy yellow mask complimented the yellow collar and wrist cuffs. His body was tight and majestic and captured Fi’s attention, especially how he had made his entrance.

Dixon took control of the party, relying on the ship’s drones who were busy offering refreshments. He met each of the party and discussed what was like to become a Space Ranger and the responsibility they each felt to represent The Hive and work for the betterment of the galaxy. He discussed some of the capabilities of the ship but was careful not divulge the secrets of the H Drive, its control systems or the Ranger’s erotic connections with ship.

Dixon was glad to see the arrival of the Altus 6 party and his two sexy partners, the room became a cacophony of sound and excited voices as the function progressed.

Both parties provided speeches and then exchanged gifts as tokens of the new bonds for which the sector was hoped would soon enjoy, and invitations for future official visits of both sides were starting to become a possibility. It had been over a thousand years of conflict, so the deep-seated issues were expected to take years of diplomatic discussion and good will to work through.

Intrepid3 and Ranger Force had become a promoter, a catalyst for future peace and the presence of the ship and her Ranger crew was broadcast throughout the sector’s regions, thousands of planets including the outlying separatists including the Planet Ord. Vision of the majestic saucer with the emissary ships of both sides docked in a peaceful set of initial talks was big news in the sector.

Toward the end of the function and following the speeches and diplomatic gestures, the conversation amongst the parties turned to the future and plans for a fully-fledged summit. The Planet Ord was considering a closer alliance within the sector having commenced talks with formal alliances on the table. The planet, while small was torn between the two major powers of the sector and had always remained outside the two jurisdictions. Both sides in the room had been courting the small world and arrangements would be made for a similar and second accordance function to be conducted there once the Intrepid3 had departed the sector. The Rangers agreed that the world was a perfect candidate to hold the next meeting.

Fi had manoeuvred toward Blaze, he had been eyeing the beautiful ranger throughout the function, they discussed the sector’s different systems and worlds, Fi was appreciative of the actions taken by the Rangers to facilitate the first glimpses of unity within the sector and how such a unity could foster links to other sectors and worlds. The talk was positive and forward looking as they explored the possibilities such an accord could present to the sector.

Fi though was true to the Sultan only, his ruse and the ruse of the Sultan’s Alliance of Cal was kept discrete, each member of his party would be executed should any glimpse of the Sultan’s plan be revealed to the Rangers of members of the Altus 6 party.

Fi’s colleague distracted Blaze, causing the Ranger to turn and provide some information on Deck B, they feigned interest in the operations of the Deck and tried their luck at obtaining a tour of the bridge, which Blaze kindly denied. Fi took his opportunity, he only had moments, so he focused on Blaze’s drink, and as Blaze discussed the various operations the deck engaging Fi’s decoy in conversation, his eyes focused the vessel and he infused the drink with slow acting drug, a slow death was instore for Blaze. He would nothing of the spike, it was tasteless, but as Fi focused his powers, his colleague could see the transfer occur. Blaze’s drink fizzed as the infusion took place. Fi concluded his devious work just in time for Blaze to decide he would take another sip of his drink and the fizzing dissipated just as he started to lift his glass to his mouth. Fi re-joined the conversation pretending nothing had occurred.

Two hours later, with the function ending, Aereon was getting horny, he longed for the parties to leave, and he graciously escorted the Altus 6 delegation back to their docked ship. Aereon carefully checked the logs and Intrepid3 had not detected any of the ship’s crew attempting to access the Deck H, he was satisfied that the ship had not been breached and engaged the airlock doors.

Dixon was overseeing the departures and had returned to the bridge. He watched as the battle frigate disappeared toward its port of origin deep in the Altus cloud. He returned to Deck B instantaneously using the ship-wide atomiser system. Blaze was saying his farewells to the Alliance of Cal party and Dixon materialised next to Aereon, they were standing with Fi. Fi had been admiring Aereon and they were discussing the region and the beauty of some of the worlds in the Alliance’s control. They also discussed the Planet Ord and its relatively small stature in size.

“For such a small world, it is really taking on a gigantic task!” Aereon stated.

“Huge!” Fi Replied “…but we hold a debt of gratitude to you Rangers, both The Alliance and Altus 6! They showed up today with an impressive array of senior primes and a battle frigate, however we are determined to lead the way toward peace!” Fi Looked at Aereon, this tall dark-haired Ranger was sexual excellence, pure perfection, he was the perfect choice for the Sultan’s plan!

“We would be honoured Ranger Aereon, would you consider visiting the Sultan, he is preparing for a delegation from Ord. He would very much like to meet a representative of Ranger Force and for you to be the honoured formal witness of his Alliance agreement with the planet. It would take several hours to travel there, meet the Sultan and then attend the Grand Arena for the witnessing of the alliance. Your witness and signature will be celebrated in our history on this momentous occasion. Intrepid3 has full access to our star systems, and you could utilise your transport technology to return to your ship once the ceremony has concluded?” Fi had provided strong case and his delegation had played their ruse perfectly, they had purveyed a sense of reconciliation.

Aereon accepted the offer graciously.

Fi was overjoyed and made his plans for return to Cronus, he provided Dixon with the planet’s celestial co-ordinates.

“We would be honoured for you to arrive in Cronus onboard the Caltus Ruby, she is the Sultan’s personal vessel and your arrival on Cronus will signal the development of the new accord we have established and set in motion with you today.

Blaze smiled at Aereon and then looked to Fi, “I’m sure Aereon would be most honoured to represent us and The Hive, we will follow in six hours-time to retrieve Aereon.”

“Excellent!” Fi responded.

“Just one thing Ranger Aereon,” Fi looked at Aereon, the Sultan requests you to arrive in a red erosuit, it would honour the Sultan, as you can see, we adorn ourselves in red!” Fi’s request was not unreasonable.

“Departure will be in 15 minutes!” Fi ordered the members of his delegation to the elevator with a hand gesture, he followed the party along with Blaze and Dixon supervising the transfer of the delegation back to the Caltus Ruby.

Aereon used the atomiser and appeared on his dressing pads.

“Red erothong!” was his command.

He was suddenly feeling the sexy garment synchronise with his body, he just loved the feeling of the delicious light fabric caressing his penis as the fabric bunched and bulged, it had a slender elasticised orange piece of nylon across his hips which joined above his buttocks and then pulled between his buns. He looked at his beautiful body in the visualiser. Hm this will get that Sultan’s attention Aereon smiled as he thought of the impression, he was intending to portray to the people of Fi’s planet and the delegation from Ord. He tightened the drawer string of the garment and adjusted his cock to ensure his bulge was pronounced perfectly, Aereon then engaged his envirosuit and his micro-beacon, remembering his classes at the Academy on visiting strange worlds. His micro-beacon was that little extra piece of mind, and he knew Blaze and Dixi would have the signal.

Aereon caressed his body, he loved his body, he loved his sexy thong, he caressed his arse and the thong, feeling his bulge, his penis felt secure and sensual in its bulging red pouch, he looked stunning, and he could not wait for his return to the ship, he was horny, very horny and this red and orange thong had charged his desires, he needed Blaze and Dixon to worship him!

“Ah here he is, yes the Sultan will be pleased Ranger Aereon!” Fi motioned for Aereon to board the Caltus Ruby.

Aereon play punched Dixon and caressed the back of Blaze’s head as they said their departure goodbyes.

“Our Beacon will be engaged back to Cronos, and you have the co-ordinates Rangers. We’ll be honoured to host your envoy and he will be returned to you soon!” Fi farewelled his hosts and escorted Aereon to the Caltus Ruby.

Dixon watched as Aereon’s beautiful body disappeared into the ship and he looked at Blaze.

“Wow he is so sexy in the erothong, I could tell he was super horny! I think he needs to visit the Atlantis Suite on his return!” Dixon looked down as he said it. Blaze was already on his knees, his tongue busy as he worshiped Dixon’s bulge. He looked up playfully and stood up slowly, his tongue enjoying and lashing Dixon’s bumps and curves, he took his time and Dixon massaged Blaze’s head as he ascended. They kissed and caressed each other right at the entrance to the airlock.

Blaze was holding Dixon close to him, their bodies rubbing, hips thrusting, he disengaged his kiss and looked at Dixon.

“Yeah, you’re right, Aereon must visit the Atlantis Suite. I want to make sure that red thong is saturated in cum. Hmm,” he smiled and squeezed Dixon’s buttocks, “…it’s only fitting after the big day he’s having, hey and you will get to play a different role this time, Aereon will be OUR toy for the night.” Blaze smiled.

Dixon felt his penis smile, he felt pleasure as he contemplated their play time, he was now horny as all fuck too!

“Hey Blaze, I need to suck your erosuit, I’m so horny!” Dixon’s sultry look made Blaze tingle with excitement.

“You may!” Blaze looked down to his pale blue erosuit, he was wet, and Dixon’s hands were becoming crazed and needy, they caressed Blaze’s body, Dixon worshipped Blaze with devotion pushing him into the elevator and to Deck B, Dixon pushed his prey toward a comfy lounge, Dixon pushed Blaze down, and the sight of the beautiful Ranger laying on the soft lounge, looking at his erosuit bulge and feeling himself up drew Dixon down to him the attraction was inescapable.

Dixon licked the insides of Blaze’s legs, and then the underside of powder blue mound of nylon heaven caressing Blaze’s genitals. Blaze moaned as his precum formed a nice clear droplet on the tip of his bulge. Blaze’s penis felt sumptuous and Dixon’s mouth, his tongue, his fingers all worked to pleasure Blaze into a sumptuous erotic mass of writhing hero. Blaze’s erection filled the erosuit and Dixon surveyed his sumptuous prey with a huge smile.

“Fuck you are divine, sweet and delicious!” Blaze’s pre-cum oozed from Dixon’s mouth as Dixon made his way to Blaze’s mouth, the sweet nectar dripping from his tongue back into its owner’s mouth. Blaze and Dixon kissed, and the taste of Blaze’s juices danced in their mouths as they fell on the floor in a fit of sexual abandon.

On Caltus Ruby, Aereon could feel his boys were becoming passionate, he had a wry smile on his face, as his erothong caressed his cock, he could feel them, he could feel their love, but he was on duty, and he had agreed to partake in the ceremony and oversee these first historical steps in the history of the sector. He was excited to see new worlds and having grown up mainly on Space Stations learning about worlds and their mysteries, this short official journey was his special chance at meeting new species and landing on a celestial world, to feel planetary gravity and experience their atmosphere.

Fi could tell Aereon’s happiness and excitement as he provided Aereon a tour of the vast spear like vessel.

They had finally arrived in the ship’s reception and entertainment parlour and Aereon stood by the huge viewing portal ensuring his view of their arrival.

“Our technology is different to The Hive; however, we are more than compatible. Humans are liked amongst the sector but are rare, therefore your presence my Dear Ranger will be of huge interest on Cronos and our alliance of Cal worlds. The Sultan has arranged for the Minister of Ord and his delegation to transfer to Cronos and to the Sultan’s spectacular grand Temple of Cal, he has gathered the religious leaders and their parties and the Sultan’s personal concubine will be in attendance to welcome you.” Fi looked at Aereon, his eyes did not depart Aereon’s face as much as Aereon tried to look as regal and sexual as he could, an easy job for a young man of his stature and beauty, Fi purveyed the essence of duty and devotion to his world and its Sultan.

Fi continued his commentary, “Ord is fine planet, small, but rich in cultural diversity, beautiful as it is dangerous. It has a central fissure which allows the two main tectonic plates, almost halves, to move from time to time, the next movement is scheduled to occur in the hours to come. Ordinates believe that the movement of the plates and the resulting planetary vibrations are the result of their god’s continual enjoyment of their world. They have prepared a majestic religious festival that will climax on the start of the movement when the world’s central fissure begins its scheduled and highly revered grinding flares. Therefore, in respect to their religious rites, our ceremony will be short Aereon, the Minister of Ord will be returned to his world to oversee their grand celebrations.”

Aereon was immediately interested in the upcoming ceremony and the religious and historical implications of the next couple of hours. He had enjoyed culture and epistemological-religious studies at the academy, and he was now becoming to understand the diversity of belief systems and he was being immersed in something so rich and powerful.

He looked at Fi, they were alone in the reception parlour, “I am honoured to witness and provide The Hive’s approval of this historical agreement for the sector and for your worlds, we are pleased that the future agreement process has had a fine start on Intrepid3, and Ranger Force is behind you in whatever way we may assist.” Aereon could feel the tension in the air though, he dismissed it as his excitement and anticipation. Especially as the Caltus Ruby had just dropped from superluminal into static drive. Aereon was looking out at Cronos in all her glory, the vast blue and green planet was a far cry from the red that Aereon had expected, given the room he was standing in was draped in luxurious red velvets that matched the formal wear that Fi was adorned in and the fact the hull of the expansive spear like vessel was a deep expressive red colour. He had complied with the Sultan’s request to wear a red erosuit and he had hoped his sexy erothong would have evoked a more favourable response from Fi.

“They call this ‘The Spear’,” Fi smiled as he watched the interest on Aereon’s face light up as he took in the beauty of the planet slowly revolving below the Caltus Ruby. Fi so enjoyed Aereon’s magnificent buttocks and he had feasted his eyes on the beautiful Ranger whilst Aereon was standing glued to the viewing port, his attention returned to Aereon’s face once Aereon turned to politely continue the conversation. “She has the ability to pierce an atmosphere with minimal disturbance and this amongst her other abilities make this ship one of the most versatile in the Sultan’s fleet. We shall be docking in several minutes.” Fi approached Aereon and put his hand on Aereon’s shoulder, he knew that Aereon’s envirosuit had been activated, the spectacular device was an amazing technology that many in the galaxy had heard of but had not seen. Fi could feel Aereon’s skin, but he could also feel the nanitical power of the technology caressing the Ranger’s body so closely and intimately.

“Your Envirosuit will not be required on Cronos or our Alliance of Cal planets Aereon.” Fi had produced his most diplomatic and inclusive tone of voice. The Sultan will request you de-activate the technology on arrival into the reception hall of the space dock.”

Aereon considered the request and although it was not standard operating procedure, he decided to comply with the request. He smiled as he cupped his bulging red pouch and deactivating the envirosuit.

Fi was unfazed by the display of Aereon’s sexual beauty and display of such sexual technology, “Our atmosphere will be very compatible with your human requirements Aereon, and our religious and cultural norms will require such technology to be de-activated whilst on Cronos or any of her alliance worlds. The Sultan’s laws must be adhered to whilst you are a guest here.”

Aereon turned to Fi as he responded, “Of course, we have no intention to contravene your rules and beliefs Fi, I am here to observe and witness. I respect your wishes completely!” Aereon responded respectfully.

They have not requested I disengage the beacon and Dixi and Blaze will be able to locate me without the envirosuit signature being broadcast to Intrepid3. Aereon had become wary now that his protection suit had deactivated, but he had amazing strength and powers he had not fully developed yet, so he was not concerned by the request. He had decided to remain professionally aware of his surroundings he would be alert, feeling his environment and relying on the power of his erothong to scan and detect his environment in the coming hours. His cock felt tense, his erosuit tingled slightly and he put that down to his excitement of the moment.

The ship had come to a halt, they had traversed the atmosphere of Cronos and were at a space port several hundred feet above the surface of the planet.

Pressurisation complete , the airlock disengaged and Aereon stood with Fi to greet the welcoming party.

“Welcome to Cronos!” Fi turned and motioned for Aereon to exit the ship.

Not unexpected, the welcoming party were dressed in red, but to his surprise they were not adorned in the finery and luscious garments that Fi and his delegation had presented to the Rangers. To Aereon’s delight, these humanoid men were adorned in a red like paint that shimmered and almost sparkled as they moved. They wore red briefs not unlike an erosuit and their bodies were well formed. They wore gold choker neckwear with a central large ruby as a centrepiece to the lavish golden choker. They stood with their spears outstretched, the base between their feet and the spear head held out from the body at arm’s length in respect to Fi and Aereon.

Aereon scanned the large reception lounge. There were at least a hundred of these soldier looking men and they lined the passageway out of the hall and away from the Sultan’s ship.

“They are the Sultan’s guard!” Fi could tell the inquisitiveness on Aereon’s face as they walked through the huge room flanked by the guards. “Their duty is to protect the Sultan’s property; his ship is a favourite of his amongst other things and his guard are bound to him in duty. Delicious men and sexual dynamos, they provide the Sultan with all sorts of service.” Fi could tell Aereon’s interest had been aroused, he smiled as he turned to look Aereon in the eye. “The Sultan has many interests, and his desires can flare up any time. But he is a diplomat, and he desires to foster a closer alignment with The Hive, hence his delight to invite Ranger Force to the Sector.”

Intrepid3 had moved within one hundred thousand kilometers from Cronos, she was approximately twice that distance to Ord and was now cloaked. She scanned Cronos and had a close scan of Ord underway given the recent tectonic activity building on the planet.

On Deck B Blaze had succumbed to Dixon’s erotic worship. He could feel Dixon’s strong finger’s caress his powder blue erosuit bulge and his penis pulsed in delicious licks of pleasure as Dixon lovingly worshiped the outline of Blaze’s member inside his erosuit, he was a smouldering mass of erotic beauty, irresistible to Dixon.

Dixon purred, he was lying next to Blaze, he felt the beauty of the magnificent nylon fabric, it was soft and electric to his touch, and he enjoyed the way Blaze moaned softly as he gently squeezed and stroked Blaze’s round heavenly mound of meat.

“So beautiful, so magnificent. I can’t get enough of you and Aereon. Man, your cock is one of the most magnificent things in the galaxy to me Blaze.” Dixon felt the length of Blaze’s member, the majesty of this penis was overpowering. Dixon bent down, squeezing Blaze’s balls exquisitely, he looked up into Blaze’s sex crazed eyes, “Give me some sweet nectar Ranger!” Blaze suddenly trembled and a huge glob of clear Blaze juice appeared for Dixon’s tongue to lap up. Blaze could only cry out in abandon; Dixon’s tongue had caused his penis to shimmer as a wave of pleasure filled his erotic pouch.

“Fuck Dixi, you have a magic touch!” Blaze shuddered again, pulling Dixon on top of him.

“I need you to rub your bulge on mine Dixi, you and Aereon are the two most erotic creatures in the galaxy to me too.”

Their pre-cum secretions mingled and two spectacular Ranger erosuits designed specifically to pleasure their wearers glided and caressed each other as Blaze and Dixon made sensual erotic love. Two beautiful Rangers entwined in a carnal display of sexual attraction.

Dixon lifted his head to look Blaze in the eye, his mound thrusting into the sweet hot softness of Blaze’s expansive bulge, the pleasure ripping through their penises as they thrust as one. He smiled as he enjoyed the pleasure, “I’ve been searching the Atlantis Suite database too my delicious Blazy boy. I am going to capture you and tie you to a Selthian Harvester, they take hours to pleasure and milk their captives and I think it is your turn to be restrained!”

Blaze was in heaven, Dixon’s majestic body, his outrageously beautiful face peering into his eyes, his sexual organs purring as they mingled juices and the heat of his beautiful body on his was magical.

“Only if you and Aereon promise to set the climax controls on the that device to extend my orgasm”, he licked Dixon’s nose, and his fingers explored Dixon’s arse crack pulling their bodies tighter squeezing their shared pleasure experience further into the growing orgasmic level sensation.

Dixon returned the lick “oh yeah, you will be milked my dear Ranger and we will extract your precum for hours before we let you near anything like an orgasm, the Selthian Harvester is a diabolical pleasure extractor, I will make your bulge sing hero boy.”

Blaze’s eyes widened and his facial expression portrayed fear, confusing Dixon and taking him off guard.

“Wer, What’s the matter Blazy?” Dixon had become concerned, Blaze’s change in demeanour was alarming, he had removed his hands from Dixon’s buttocks, but he held Dixon with a vice grip.

Blaze was turning blue. He held tightly onto Dixon’s hips and then reached to Dixon’s shoulders.

Aereon was amazed at the force of hundreds, even thousands that lined the corridors of the reception port. Fi provided him with a precise of the city, they flew in a special pod above the city as Fi provided his commentary before the pod set down outside the Sultan’s expansive palaces, they had arrived at the majestic palisades complex, a huge arena capable of seating thousands of spectators, the arena’s roof was closed and it was filled with the pomp and ceremony befitting the grand occasion for the alliance between Ord and the Alliance of Cal. High ranking Ordinates were in the audience as were vast amounts of Calinans, this was a spectacle and the presence of the newest Space Rangers was a powerful draw card.

Fi explained the ceremony, Aereon would expect a central large dais where the Sultan, the Prime Minister of Ord and the leading Ordinate council members were sitting. Fi prepared Aereon with lies, lies concerning the vast number of Calinan soldiers, their spears placed in the same manner as they had been at the reception port. Aereon had no reason not to believe Fi, the soldiers were there as an honour guard to honour the many Ordinates in attendance according to Fi’s explanation!

Fi directed Aereon to the two huge regal red doors, and he explained that Aereon would be called and invited to enter the sacred arena he would follow a special path toward the central stage and remain at the specially marked spot on the path. He would be welcomed formally at that spot before being invited to the stage to greet the two official parties. Fi would not be accompanying him once the huge red doors opened. Fi explained that he had other roles to play in the ceremony, but their paths would meet very quickly.

“The Sultan of Cal and the People of Ord welcome Space Rangers, Ranger Aereon and we invite him to enter this hallowed ground.” The words boomed throughout the arena and through the Foyer and the magnificent doors opened inward to the sights and sounds of the impressive arena.

Aereon raised his right arm is a gesture of solidarity and thanks as he began to move into the arena, he would have preferred his envirosuit to be activated but he had no intention of dishonouring either side by arriving in a defensive stance, Fi had carefully lied about the Ordinate’s customs and pride, he was determined not to make offense at his first major public facing event.

Space Ranger Aereon entered the arena to thunderous applause, he looked sexy, he felt sexy, yet he felt exposed. But he smiled and waved to the crowd, he acknowledged the official party on the stage as he approached his resting spot and he noticed the many Calinan soldiers around the perimeter of the arena, he could see using his powerful new vision capabilities, the numbers of soldiers amassing at the top levels of the arena stands and along the different levels of the stadium.

He reached his designated spot on his approach to the stage and stopped. His feet felt the floor vibrate and he sensed the warmth rising from that spot. But he stopped and looked toward the Sultan.

He stood with both arms outstretched as he gave his welcome address. “Calinans, Ordinates, we are honoured to have the presence of Ranger Force within our sector. We are honoured to have Ranger Aereon present here to witness one of, no, the most important moment in the history of Sector G. Thousands of years of separation, of division are poised to end this day and the coming days, amazing moments in history will play out that in the sector that will shock the galaxy, that will place the Alliance of Cal in the premier position within the galaxy.

Aereon knew that was not the script.

Aereon could sense the unease in the Ordinate members of the audience.

The sound of huge locks grinding shut filled the arena and Aereon could see the locks on the doors as they turned, his vision had become acute as his powers were developing, he could hear the orders of the captain’s way up in the upper levels of the arena, his sense of hearing made their voices seem like they were only meters away and Aereon knew that somehow a trap was being set.

Aereon lifted off the floor and had flown to several hundred feet in the air he needed to get better view of what was occurring.

His voice boomed “What is the meaning of this?” Aereon’s body spun around as he reviewed the huge arena and as he began his powerful flight to one of the upper levels to investigate the build-up of force, he realised that every soldier on the ground, surrounding the perimeter of the arena had pointed their spears in his direction and at first he ignored them, considering spears to be primitive forms of weapons, but to his dismay, they powered up their spear heads, and the long shafts were also glowing orange.

Ordinates began to panic, but the doors to the arena had shut.

Aeron flew at blistering speed toward the northern perimeter of the arena, his intention was to get them off guard and possibly steal one of the charged spears. His body like a torpedo was only feet from the group of soldiers and they used their spears to form a forcefield so intense that Aereon hit the wall of orange light ricocheting backward to the centre of the arena’s airspace.

Aereon formed his own force field with clenched fists and made a second attempt to rampage the soldiers, but the explosion of power when the two energy fields collided lit the arena in blistering heat and light, and soon Aereon felt hundreds of light whips stinging his body, wrapping around his body flinging him in circles, spinning him and shooting him across the arena like a puppet. They played with him for fun, before Fi entered the arena and made his way to the central stage. Fi had several senior guards flanking him, and they each took an Ordinate Council member with a dagger held beneath their throats.

Fi pointed to the spot he had told Aereon to wait originally, and the power whips controlled by fifty or more soldiers whipped Aereon’s body through the air crashing him with pin-point accuracy on the assigned spot. The ground rumbled as the mighty Ranger Hero crashed, his body spread eagled laying on the floor.

Fi Looked down to Aereon’s supine body, “Now my dear Aereon, didn’t I instruct you to wait at that spot?” Fi’s smile was evil as he welcomed the Sultan to microphone.

The Sultan wore red, a red tight suit and red glistening jewels adorned his body, his hair was red and flowed down his back. He looked at the mighty Ranger sitting up and rubbing his head.


Aereon was surrounded by guards, they used their spears to crack powerful whips lifting Aereon from the ground, they bound his arms in golden rope that buzzed around his wrists, it shot powerful and painful shards of energy through his arms into his Torso and Aereon was suddenly standing in the middle of the huge arena bound and struggling before the Sultan, Fi, their guards, soldiers Calinans and Ordinates.

“Now where was I?” The Sultan continued as if nothing had just occurred.

“We welcome Ranger Force to our sector, that’s right!” He smiled toward the beautiful Aereon, and we have one of their band with us today!”

Aereon stood struggling looking up to the stage to the Sultan and the two-faced, lying Fi, he could see the fear in the eyes of the Ordinate Council members, and he spat his words with disdain.

“You will not get away with this, your evil plan will come to nothing!”

The Sultan looked to Fi and the Council Members “Sit down everyone!” The Sultan spoke with a calm voice and smile. Every person in the arena sat, they were forced to, thousands of guards with charged spears made sure that obedience was observed.

“But you do not know my plans, my delicious Ranger boy! Bring him closer I have some special plans for this beautiful young human.”

Guards pushed Aereon forward toward the stage and on the stage several ruthless guards stood behind the Ordinate council members large daggers were inserted into the sides of their necks, it would only take a small incision and the council members would bleed to death as they watched the Sultan’s evil plans unfold, but he wanted them alive, they would be witnesses to his evil plans.

The Sultan needed Aereon in place before he was prepared to announce to the thousands in attendance his evil plans for Ranger Force, the planet Ord and the future of Sector G.

“Agh!” Aereon struggled as they pushed him up the steps, the bright stage lights illuminating his majestic body and the audience were spellbound, they were witnessing the capture of this beautiful human Ranger.

“Ugh, agh!” Aereon struggled against his bonds.

“He struggles so delectably, wouldn’t you say Fi?” The Sultan looked to his devoted right-hand man and Fi walked up to Aereon with his hands outstretched.

“That my dear Sultan was difficult for me. Do you know how difficult it is to keep my eyes off something so delicious?” Fi had removed the red flowing gowns, he was dressed in a pale red tight-fitting garment with a red thong like garment. He rubbed his penis as he looked toward Aereon. “I so wanted to drug him of the ship and enjoy him, but in honour of you my Sultan, I have delivered him pristine and ready.

Aereon looked at Fi, “You, you-two faced scum!” Aereon’s anger was displayed for all to see as he struggled violently, but the two huge soldiers stood either side of him, their spear heads glowing, they each had him held, one huge hand on Aereon’s shoulder, the other holding a glowing spear.

“Those spears will keep his powers at bay!” Fi addressed the crowd as he looked at the thong clad beautiful captive. “I hope you are enjoying the beautiful young hero!” The crowd was silent, they were mesmerised. Calinans were excited, but Ordinates were in fear as the guards infiltrated the huge sealed off auditorium.

“We have a change in the program ladies and gentlemen, something way more entertaining than a signed document being paraded, I know what you’re all thinking and asking. The answer is NO! No there will be no peace in the Sector and No, Ord will not lead the outlying non-aligned planets into any form of agreement. Ord is going to play a central role in the future of the sector, but not as these insolent council members had in mind!” Fi walked over to one of the Prime Minister of Ord and grabbed hold of his head violently, he dragged the frightened humanoid official to the front of the stage and closer to Aereon.

“This is the beautiful Space Ranger known as Aereon.” Fi pretended to introduce them in-front of the crowd in a display of evil pride. “We have big plans for the Sector, and you will all play starring roles, look at Aereon, get an eyeful of this beautiful, sexual man. He holds the key to the future of the Sector!” Fi threw the official back toward his seat and the waiting arms of his ruthless guard who thrust the quivering man back to his seat, the long-curled dagger re-applied to the throat of the Prime Minister.

“That’s a good boy, sit back, we have quite a show for you tonight, it’s going to shock you, our plans are, how would you say, hmn, explosive!”

Aereon stood helpless struggling, the ropes were filled with power and his arms were aching as the pain developed and evolved, his struggles were in vain, and he knew it, but he couldn’t just stand there, he had to do his duty as a Ranger and seek a way to thwart their evil plans, if only he knew what they were!

“You my dear Aereon are a gracious host, and your partners are just as delicious as you, we did so enjoy visiting your ship. We know The Hive, it is a sexual being, an entity of great power and looking at its emissaries,” Fi looked Aereon up and down, he took in the majestic beauty of Aereon’s stature, his tall powerful body, his rippling muscles, his dark hair and beautiful face. He stared intently at Aereon’s bulging red erothong. “…It has fantastic taste! But it is time for the Sultan to rise, not only in this sector, but to show the galaxy his power and influence, and you my sexy Ranger, you and your partners will play a BIG role.”

Fi was in his element, he looked to the crowd. “He is beautiful, No?”

Calinans applauded and screamed, they were excited in what was shaping up to become an historical moment in their history. Ordinates remained silent for fear of their lives.

“I want to display him more! A prize catch such as this deserves to be shown off!”

The stage opened outward at the front of the dais and as it split and divided into two sections moving to the side, a large device began to rise from beneath, it was flooded in lights as the ominous device locked into place. It shone and glistened as Fi moved to its side.

“Bring me the Ranger!” Fi Pointed to Aereon.

Oh my god, this is not a role play, this is real, must use my power, but they are blocking it, can’t activate the erosuit, my hands are restrained, oh my god I have walked into their trap , Aereon’s thoughts were racing and the sound of Fi’s voice booming through the arena was like a garbled mumble as Aereon’s mind raced through his predicament, he knew he was going to be displayed for their evil purposes.

Aereon stood by the machine, he looked at the restraints and immediately knew his next hours were not going to be fun, the future of the sector was in danger if he could not break their bonds and find an escape route. He remembered that the erothong’s beacon was engaged so Dixon and Blaze were hopefully aware of his position at least. But his attention was bought to reality as they shot a powerful beam into his temple, he was somehow rendered powerless as they untied his wrists.

“Tie this beautiful sexual creature to the Invigorator!”

Aereon struggled but his powers were somehow supressed, they lifted his body and stretched his limbs he could feel the restraints locking on his wrists and ankles and the device adjusted itself so that its captive was held tight and displayed for the audience.

“I hope you all have a lovely view!” Fi looked smug as he surveyed his spectacular human captive.

The machine moved backwards toward the centre of the stage and the Sultan stood on one side while Fi flaked the other side.

“Space Rangers are no match for the Sultan of Cal!” Fi announced looking across Aereon’s struggling helplessly stretched body toward the Sultan.

Aereon’s body looked exceptionally sexual and erotic as he writhed and twisted looking at his restraints and vainly seeking escape from the bondage. His red erothong bulging with his beautiful cock and balls cupped in the soft red nylon fabric, he had become an erotic display, a toy in front of thousands.

“Agh, ugh! You evil monsters, once Ranger Force realises you have me, they will destroy you!” Aereon was struggling as he spat his words to his captors.

“Oh don’t worry about that my dear beautiful Aereon, we will be informing them soon, they will get a wonderful feed of your torture and we will expect their arrival soon.” Fi was in his element.

The Sultan approached Aereon, he walked to the front of the device so he could access Aereon’s magnificent body. He looked at the beauty of his struggling hero.

“Pity!” The Sultan went straight to Aereon’s manhood. Something so delicious as this bunch of red pouched human genitalia is so inviting, Pity I would have liked to witness this one spurt his power juice, he would have made a lovely addition to my concubine, don’t you think Fi?”

The concubine was under the control of Fi! Fi collected beautiful young men from the worlds under the Sultan’s control, his Alliance of Cal, and from anywhere the Sultan wanted. They were provided a sexual existence in servitude to the Sultan’s (and Fi’s) every desire. They provided pleasure, they were tortured, they were milked and served to ensure the Sultan was never bored. He used several in his bed chambers, he liked to make them cum before retiring, the sound of his little play toys erupting for him, helped soothe his soul. He kept one tied to his bed all night just in case he needed a drink or felt like some horny fun. The Sultan was a needy and ruthless tyrant and enjoyed his playthings.

“I want Aereon to see some of my toys. We will play with one, torture him with the Ranger, I want these Ordinate Council members to witness the Power of Cal!” The Sultan caressed Aereon’s expansive bulge. “You are an impressive beast, but I have other plans for you.” The Sultan looked toward Fi and it was Fi’s cue to proceed with the next phase of the show.

“Lights!” The centre section of the floor in front of the main stage opened and a dais began to rise, several beautiful young men were tied in presentation frames, their bodies restrained, and the presentation frame slowly turned so the audience could witness their beautiful bodies. They were humanoid, they were beautiful male specimens, their bodies dressed in erotic thongs and loincloths, some wore other fitted garments designed to show off their genitalia and their buttocks. Their bodies convulsed every minute or so, evil power torturing them as it coursed through their delicious bodies.

“Some of the concubine Aereon” Fi was caressing Aereon’s face.

“You won’t get to join them, pity, but I plan to recruit Dixon to their ranks. The Sultan will keep him as his prime sexual toy!”

Aereon tried to break Fi’s grip on his cheek bone, but his was held securely in Fi’s grip, he could feel the Sultan’s hungry fingers, exploring his red man-bulge as they molested his body in full view of the audience. Aereon struggled, but his writhing only turned the Sultan on more.

“Thank you for wearing such a sexual red thong, I will probably cum all over the place as I watch you die in that erotic garment, I will display your death for The Hive to witness! Ha ha ha!”

“Fuck you!” Aereon’s anger was raging, and the words of his impending death, only fuelled the anger as he thrashed and struggled, he knew he had to get a message to Blaze and Dixon, they had no idea that a trap awaited them, but how could he though? He needed to try and communicate to them through his erothong, but their systems were somehow jamming his efforts.

“What of Blaze? Y, you haven’t agh, ngf, mentioned him so far?” Aereon spat out his words as best he could, he was still being gripped by Fi on his jaw and the Sultan continued you caress his body and his erothong.

“Oh yes! Blaze, he won’t be feeling the best by now and Dixon will be vainly trying to work out how to alleviate Blaze’s pain; the drugs are slowly taking over his body right now - pity too, He would have made a delicious contribution to the concubine as well, but he will die, and the galaxy will know of the power of the Alliance of Cal and the emerging might of the Sultan.” Fi looked Aereon in the eye and smiled as he watched the information sink in.

Aereon’s face raged in anger, he was helpless and Fi’s evil plan was starting to take shape.

“You are such a sexual man, Aereon!” The Sultan wanted Aereon, he was tempted to pleasure him there and then, his sexual arousal was powerful and Aereon’s spectacular body was feeding the Sultan’s desires. “I want to see you scream Ranger!” The Sultan directed his sexual appetite in that direction, he wanted Aereon to writhe in pain, it was such an erotic turn on for the evil, power crazed dictator.

The Sultan turned to Fi, “Select your favoured concubine, we will torture them along with the Space Ranger, such a delicious bait for the beautiful Dixon.”

Fi erupted in joy, he pushed Aereon’s face away from him and then stroked Aereon’s hair! “That will be fun wont it Aereon, you will get a gorgeous buddy to share your agony as we contact your ship.” Fi stroked Aereon’s face as he pretended to make a difficult choice, he had already chosen his victim, but Fi enjoyed engaging in the theatre of the moment, he had a huge audience to entertain. “I choose Kroy of Ord!”

The Ordinate leaders on the stage were outraged, but with daggers at their necks, there was little they could achieve.

“Kroy was captured on Ord some time ago!” Fi announced to Aereon and to the huge auditorium, and there was a muffled groan from all the Originate captives held in the locked auditorium. Fi continued as the soldiers, untied the beautiful young Ordinate, forcing him to the stage. They bound him pushed him up the stairs and toward the diabolical Invigorator and its luscious captive. Kroy was then tied to presentation pole, they spread his legs and attached them to restraints on the floor. The beautiful Ordinate was bound and helpless.

“Kroy is a juicy concubine, and the Sultan often requires him for his enjoyment, he cums violently, such a virile young toy. He comes from one of Ord’s more distant tribes, a people not incumbered with politics or Sector issues. These primitive people produce beautiful specimens though, and the Sultan does enjoy milking this delightful young man.” Fi addressed the crowd and Aereon.

“We are making an example of Ord, and this is just the beginning. I will divulge the next phase of the plan once we have defeated the Ranger Force! Blaze will die a long painful death, and Dixon will have an intolerable choice to make. Stay and help his gorgeous Blaze or leave him to rescue his equally gorgeous Aereon.”

Aereon thrashed in his bonds, his anger was consuming him, they had infiltrated their ship and hatched their evil plans with such deceit and cunning, the future of the sector was now in jeopardy and Council of Altus 6 were none the wiser! Aereon watched as Fi toyed with Kroy.

Kroy was from a primitive people in the southern reaches of the planet Ord, he had been captured several space years earlier for the specific purpose to serve the sexual needs of the Sultan, he was well aware of what the Sultan was planning, he wore a red loincloth and the outer layer stuck to this bulging under thong: Concubines were kept in a state of sexual preparedness, they were perpetually marinating in pre-cum, required to meet the Sultan’s needs any time he desired them, so Fi’s systems continually caressed and pleasured them, carefully tantalising them. The Sultan liked his play toys wet, he enjoyed torturing them and watching them writhe and convulse in pain and at other times he would demand their slow milking in systems designed to pleasure them and extract their juices slowly. Kroy was one of Fi’s favourite sexual toys. He would torture well in front of this expansive and captive audience.

Kroy had long blonde shoulder length hair, his body was ripped and perfectly formed and he had the best set of buttocks in the concubine. Fi enjoyed Kroy whenever the Sultan desired another flavour for his enjoyment. His handsome face had three red lines across his forehead, and he was screwing up his face as he watched Fi approach him. Kroy knew his place, he knew Fi and the Sultan liked to see his struggle and he knew he had to play the game of pain if he wanted to see the next day. Kroy struggled and bared his teeth as Fi approached him, he could hear the struggles of the Ranger out in the centre of the stage and he could see one of the huge screens projecting the vision of Aereon as he struggled in his bondage, his magnificent body stretched. Kroy knew the agony they were going to use on them too well. Normally the Sultan and his men would pleasure themselves as he and his friends were bound and tortured, they got off on his pain.

“Ah the delicious Kroy, thankyou for coming to the stage!” Fi enjoyed toying with his sexy toy, and he knew the Sultan would be aroused by his plan.

Kroy could see the four restraint pillars next to the Invigorator, he was glad that it wasn’t him being restrained in the Invigorator and he felt for the Ranger struggling and thrashing. In the middle of the four pillars a central plinth had also arisen. Kroy looked to his fate, his job was to please his masters, he would struggle and cry out in pain, it was his sexual duty to the Sultan, his place in the hierarchy of Cal. He would serve. He struggled as the soldiers untied him and pushed his beautiful body toward the pillars, he did his best to thrash and wriggle free as several guards untied his arms.

Fi had moved from the Invigorator to the pillars and was standing in the middle his hands rubbing the central pillar, it was about two feet wide with a slightly rounded and sported an exceptionally smooth head, Fi rubbed it like a huge phallic object.

“Bring Kroy here, we will play with his body here, your pain will direct the torture of the Ranger, Kroy, perform well and I will reward you with beautiful pleasure later.” Fi smiled as he kept polishing the top of the pillar.

He struggled in their arms, but the soldiers were ruthless and cruel, they were denied the sexual delights of the concubine, but whenever they had the chance, they ensured they got to enjoy the wonders of these delicious and beautiful men. They stretched Kroy and restrained his wrists and ankles to the four pillars and the pillars restraining his wrists arose, tilting his stretched body toward the Invigorator and toward the front of the stage. He was now on camera along with the struggling Ranger and Kroy could feel the central phallic pillar as it connected with the top of his buttocks and the small of his back. It pushed his body forward, presenting his bulging thong to his tormentor and the audience. Kroy moaned and struggled he was securely restrained and presented, his hair hung beneath him, his loincloth sticking to his bulge erotically. He looked around his predicament pleading with his eyes to the Ordinate Council members, but they were helpless, daggers remained sticking menacingly to their throats. They were helpless to free their beautiful young ordinate, the sexual property of the evil Alliance of Cal and they knew the decision to join the Sultan was a huge mistake.

Fi was pleased, Kroy was perfect, he always spurted cum with amazing power, and he would be a fun toy later, once Aereon had been dealt with, Ord had been dealt with and Dixon captured. The Sultan would be enjoying the Ranger Dixon, so Fi looked forward to enjoying this spectacular young erotic plaything later. But for now, Fi was struggling perfectly, he writhed nicely, and his red thong was just too tempting. Fi had engineered the bondage set up, to ensure Kroy’s body was stretched out with direct access to his thong, his bulge, his genitals were to become his control panel for the torture of Aereon, a powerful display of diabolical and sexual power. Fi looked up into the defiant eyes of Kroy.

“Exquisite, No!” Fi looked at his struggling mass of male beauty, the evocative red loincloth draped over Kroy’s male beauty was sumptuous. He looked at the Invigorator and then the crowd. “Yes, such beauty, such power!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, let the show commence, we have another Ranger to attract, so without further ado we shall make a start on today’s entertainment!” Fi announced. Fi’s right hand was glowing and the tips of his fingers especially.

Kroy knew exactly what that meant, he struggled, thrashing in his bonds, but he was helplessly exposed, the toy to be enjoyed in front of thousands.

“No, no please!” Kroy’s voice was beamed around the audience.

“You will enjoy his screams and that of the Ranger, their torture has been decreed. They will attract the Ranger Dixon to this trap! So, we will make a start and then we will contact the Ranger Ship with the bait. Ha ha ha!” Fi’s evil laugh filled the Arena.

Aereon looked over his stretched body, he was helpless, he looked down toward his erothong, his cock was looking amazing, the red nylon draped perfectly over his penis and balls, the folds of fabric were sexual sirens and he knew he had been played, his writhing body would draw Dixon down to the planet to save him and he knew he had no choice in the proceedings, his restraints tightened as they stretched his body, he could feel diabolical energy in each of the restraints and surging powerfully through his erothong bulge; his penis buzzing, his balls were being zapped by some diabolical force and he was unable to stop writhing as he tried to escape the energy about to unleash on his loins. He had to concentrate and access The Hive somehow. Be strong Aer, focus Aereon, try and stop Dixi from responding, concentrate. His thoughts were calm thankfully, but a huge flow of energy bolted up his legs causing his body to convulse and interrupt his thoughts.

“Agh, nghhhff” He cried out as he twisted for the Sultan’s entertainment.

“You are Making my penis feel delightful Ranger.” The Sultan enjoyed torturing his captives and this Ranger was an erotic display of such magnificent beauty. He caressed his fingers around the extremities of Aereon’s erothong bulge. “The material of your garment is delicious; I hope Ranger Dixon is as delightful to touch as you are Ranger Aereon!” His fingers traced across Aereon’s bulge carefully.

“Pity!” The Sultan looked at Aereon as he said it.

Why does he keep saying pity? Aereon thought. He has my body for his enjoyment. Aereon thrashed in his bondage, he noticed Kroy to his left as he thrust his head in all directions in a fit of struggle.

Fi was standing by the delicious concubine, they had him stretched and he was about to be enjoyed by Fi, Aereon looked across in disbelief at the cruelty and public display of this depravity was breath-taking.

Fi Spoke and the arena quietened down, there had been huge displays of displeasure from the thousands of now captive Ordinates as well as clapping and cheering from the Calinans but the words of Fi, his evil tone captured the audience’s attention.

“I will direct the torture of the Ranger from my delicious controls.” Fi looked at Kroy, was now looking down over his body in desperation, his struggles only turning Fi on more.

Fi rubbed the outer layer of Kroy’s loincloth over the under thong, Kroy being a concubine of the Sultan was kept in a state of sexual preparedness, his loins were moist, his juices sweet and fragrant and they were a favourite of Fi’s. The huge arena screens showed Fi’s gentle caressing of Kroy’s loincloth, he rubbed it, caressed it, and slowly and erotically pulled the outer cloth so that it rubbed the under thong, the process pleasured Kroy intensely and Kroy’s moans of delight and his twisting body erupted around the arena. The screens showed his under thong and the beauty and curvature of the wet red fabric as it clung to Kroy’s penis and testicles was erotic and sumptuous.

“This is my favourite!” Fi said, “The beauty of this boy’s sexy thong is beyond compare in the concubine, it will be my control device for the torture of the Ranger Aereon!” Fi held up his right hand, it glowed, and each finger glowed a different colour!” I will torture this sexual toy and as I do his torture will control the Invigorator, two sexual gods will writhe for your entertainment! Ha ha ha!”

‘No, No!” Kroy cried out in vain as he thrashed before Fi, stretched like a piece of meat.

But Fi was intent. He ripped the outer loincloth from Kroy’s body, exposing the captive’s spectacular round and full bulging thong to the audience, the murmur from audience was palpable as the Kroy’s beautiful was displayed for them, many Calinans were not aware of sexual exploits of the Sultan or his chief right-hand-man. Fi then took the wet loincloth, Kroy’s pre-cum had been soaking for hours in one of the concubine play rooms that Fi supervised, the thin loincloth was displayed high in the air to the crowd like a trophy as Fi took it to the Invigorator. Fi stuffed the pre-cum soaked loincloth into Aereon’s mouth ensuring it was secured around Aereon’s head.

Aereon immediately tasted Kroy’s juices, they set off his sexual desires and he writhed in a spectacular show for the cameras. He pulled on his bonds with new vigour, his pelvis gyrating and thrusting, he was angry and once free his anger would be swift and powerful, he could feel The Hive deep inside him and his sense of justice for the beautiful men of the concubine was raging, not to mention how Fi had double crossed him and Ranger Force. His muscles twitched and flexed, but the Invigorator, had him held securely, his body lit up as the central attraction, he was on display stretched out in front of thousands. His torture becoming entertainment.

Fi returned to Kroy’s struggling and helpless body. Raising up his hand to the crowd and lifting his index finger, it glowed green. He then touched the tip of Kroy’s bulging thong causing exquisite power into the young concubine’s red bulge.

Kroy felt the power swirl around his penis, he felt his penis head heat up and he screamed violently and identically, Aereon felt the power erupt across the surface of his erothong, the energy seeping into his genitals, the torture precisely amalgamating on the tip of his penis, he cried out thrusting his hips, but he could not escape it. He was looking intently at the crowd, through the bright stage lights, he looked down to see his majestic bulging erothong wishing he could relieve the pain, soothe the agony, but it was just beginning! He looked up on one screen he could see Fi’s deviously poised hand ready to play an other note on Kroy’s impressive red thong bulge, and on another screen he could see the close up of his body as the cameras focussed in on different sections of his impressive body, the central screen displayed his majestic red erothong, his manhood’s curves, the fold of the delicious light fabric, his generous balls cupped in the erotic fabric were displayed for their entertainment.

Fi pressed harder on Kroy’s bulge, Kroy thrashed as the power cooked his penis exquisitely and Aereon felt the power caress the erothong once more and then intensify again on the tip of his sensitive penis, the power started to enter his cock, it was cooking the inside of his genitals as it slowly entered his penis and his screams, though muffled by the loincloth gag were broadcast around the arena as Aereon looked helplessly toward his erothong, his bulge was on fire, swirling with diabolical energy and creeping into his penis, on its agonising journey. Aereon could not escape it.

Fi continued his enjoyment of Kroy, the delicious concubine thrashed as the power of Fi’s fingers continued to molest and torture him, Fi played the beautiful boy’s bulging manhood like a tuned instrument. The power was now swirling around Kroy’s thong bulge, it was inescapable as Fi used his finger to enjoy his prey. Kroy’s balls vibrated in the agony, he could feel Fi reaching into his bulge, he could feel the power molest him, his every pore, his every millimetre of his genitalia was subject to the evil touch of Fi.

Fi was humming as he continued his work. Kroy’s struggles and his hot powerfully crazed bulge was spectacular to play with, the young sexual concubine was bathed in sweat, his body straining as he cried out in vain. Fi was now running his thumb and forefinger around the edges of Kroy’s bulge, the boy had a strong and handsome penis, his balls were one of the best juice production plants in the concubine and as Fi hummed away, he looked up across the trembling body of his delicious prey and into the young man’s eyes. Kroy was pleading and screaming at the same time. The power was now being broadcast from Kroy’s wet bulging mass of agony into his body, it reached up through his abdomen and through his neck, Kroy could feel his jawbone, his skull, his eye sockets being scraped by the diabolical power as Fi’s fingers continued to molest his red bulge.

Aereon was unable to concentrate any further, the Invigorator was now gripping his erothong and squeezing it with agonizing power, his penis was full of the diabolical flow of Fi’s power, it was infesting his penis, infesting his balls, his testicles with such divine power, he felt the tears caressing his cheeks, his body thrashing for their erotic enjoyment and the sound of the crowd, some cheering others in disbelief as the display of power unfolded. Three blue rings of agonising power encircled Aereon; one ensnared each of his powerful thighs and the third encircled his abdomen. The pain they excreted into his body was excruciating and even though he had the taste of Kroy in his mouth, all he could concentrate on was controlling the torture. The Rings started to move up and down his body slowly depositing outrageous energy, Aereon felt as if they were slicing his body. Hi penis and ball’s his entire erothong had become an erotic cooking device and he was being consumed.

Fi Hummed as he went about his work, playing Kroy’s body and tapping his feet getting into the precision of his piece of erotic torture, he was in the chorus, thrashing his head like a conductor would, he was having so much fun.

The sounds of Kroy and Aereon were being broadcast around the huge arena, Kroy’s screams, his pleading was so enjoyable to Fi, the sounds of Aereon’s muffled screams were pure magic and the Sultan stood at the front of the stage looking to the crowd, looking to Aereon’s thrashing, writhing body ensnared in the Invigorator’s power and then to his favourite concubine, screaming and thrashing at Fi’s hand. He looked at the horrified Ord Council members last and then spoke loudly above the cries and protestations of the two beautiful young sexual men writhing at the hands of Fi.

His voice boomed around the arena, but he was addressing the Ordinate Council members and every captive ordinate in the room, “Well I guess you, you have worked out by now, that I do not seek anything that you or your proud planet can offer my alliance, or should I use the more correct term? Dictatorship! I will however use your planet for the betterment of the sector!” He flashed an evil smile as he approached Aereon’s thrashing body. He reached across and pulled Aereon’s face toward him, Aereon’s face was contorting in pain, his body trembling as he did his best to glare at the Sultan. The Sultan then continued, “I’ll explain my plans for your beloved planet once I have this one’s,” he looked at Aereon and then back toward the Ordinate Council, “…Dixon captured, we will lure him from the safety of their ship to here.” The Sultan turned to face the crowd his face appearing on the huge screens around the arena.

The Sultan’s face appeared on the huge view screen in the Bridge, it diverted Dixon’s attention from Blaze.

“Ranger Force, so nice to see you again, I was wondering whether Dixon could come out and play?” The Sultan’s face portrayed self-satisfaction, his smug smile plastered across his face.

“Blaze won’t be much use boys!” He looked toward Aereon and so did the camera.

Dixon stood up in a fit of rage, the vision of Aereon stretched and being tortured was outrageous and he could feel his erosuit buzzing as the emotions filled his body, but he looked down toward Blaze, they were still in the lounge area at the rear of the bridge. Blaze was blue, but his body was hot, his erosuit wet with sweat, and he could still murmur and mouth words, but for the most he was paralysed and heating up like an oven.

“The drugs work slowly Dixon. Blaze has life left him, but the agony will increase as time goes on, a slow death will ensure he suffers as much as possible, it is inevitable!”

Dixon’s fists were glowing yellow, power buzzed between his wrists, it was an outpouring of his anger and feeling of helplessness. No matter what he was able to do for Blaze, had no effect, his beautiful Ranger boy was in the throes of the evil drug and from what the Sultan had announced, they could expect an agonising death. Dixon controlled the power and then caressed Blaze’s wet forehead before lifting off the floor and flying to the view screen. He glared at the evil image.

“Fi is orchestrating a symphony of delicious pain my beautiful Ranger, why not come and play?” The Sultan was so enjoying the baiting of the trap.

“I’m not playing your evil game spat Dixon, free him, free them, what is the meaning of this? We were negotiating peace, alliance for the sector…” Dixon was cut off.

“Just a front, stupid Ranger!” The Sultan was forceful.

“We don’t want that; we desire only to destabilise any talk of peace.” The Sultan continued and smiled at the defiant Dixon.

“Now we will eventually kill your delicious Aereon in the next hour, he is enjoying the delights of our hospitality, and unless you, my delicious young hero don’t come and rescue him, I will broadcast his last scream (once we remove his sexy gag) across the sector and you will have lost both of your super sexual Ranger boys, you will be alone Dixon!”

Dixon stood at the view screen, inside the fury and the feeling of helplessness raged, he had been thrust into an intolerable decision.

“I think I know what your decision will be! I do love what you are wearing, that delicious garment is as sexual as Aereon’s!” the camera zoomed in on Aereon’s writhing and helpless body. “He is in a world of agony Dixon, and he writhes so exceptionally, only you can save him.” The Sultan smiled and then erupted in a fit a of evil laughter.

“Thousands in my arena of fun await your arrival Dixon, but of course the choice dear boy is yours!”

Sector G explodes again soon.

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