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Part 11 - Robin wakes up with no memory of the night before!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Eleven

The next thing Dick Grayson consciously remembers is working out in a gymnasium full of nothing but muscular men. He had no idea where he was or how he got there .... This certainly wasn't Bruce's weightroom at Wayne Manor or even the old fitness club he used to be a member of back in Gotham City. In fact, this place didn't look familiar to him at all. But, despite the strange surroundings, the fact that he was in a gym makes him feel somewhat at ease.

He found it quite odd that there wasn't even a single woman in the whole gymnasium. But what seemed even weirder was that everyone here, including himself, were all dressed the same way .... in a one piece workout suit .... only they came in 3 distinctively different shades .... silver, bronze or white like the one Dick was wearing. ... Apparently, the colors must stand for something. ... Could they be some sort of uniform? .... Perhaps it all depends on what kind of gym membership you purchased? .... Or maybe so the customers could tell which were the instructors and which were the other patrons? .... Whatever the reason, Dick didn't have a clue. ....

He's not sure why but Dick finds himself looking at all of the buff bodies of his fellow gym-rats. “Holy hyper-masculinity! .... I’ve never seen so many good looking guys in one room before!", The Boy Wonder thinks to himself.

Wait a minute! .... Why would he ever think such a thing? Dick certainly doesn't remember being this interested in other men before. ... Well, at least, not in that way. Still Dick cannot deny the fact that he is kind of attracted to them. ..... Particularly the studs who were much older than himself.

As he puts down his weights and starts cruising around the gym, Dick cannot help but look down at their crotches .... wondering to himself how big their cocks are. ... He finds himself only checking out the bulges of the more mature, huskier males in the room. ..... He does not know why ... but he simply cannot take his eyes off of these hot muscle daddies! ....

Then .... all of a sudden, his eye catches a short, fat fellow with a rather big nose and a cigarette holder pressed between his lips who just entered the gym. It certainly would be hard not to notice him ..... Especially since he is only one dressed in a glittering gold one piece suit ... But what made this guy stand out even more was the fact that he had on a black top hat, wore a monocle over his right eye, and was holding what appears to be an umbrella in his left hand. ... Even more impressive was the way the other men seemed to stand at attention whenever he passed by them, like they all revered him for some reason .... Dick could definitely tell this was a man of great importance.

“WOW! .... What a hunk! ... ” Dick thinks to himself ..... Although this stranger looks kind of familiar to him, the young superhero couldn't quite place him. After all, Dick would certainly remember a man like that. The Boy Wonder felt an immediate attraction to him. He couldn't explain why .... but this guy was just his type .... His 'dream man', so to speak. ... Dick couldn't help but want to get closer to him for a better look.

As The Penguin walked through the packed gym, heading straight to the steamroom on the other side, Dick began to make his way through the crowd so that he could try to catch up to him. Still, Dick didn't want to appear too eager, so he made sure to always stay a few steps behind him, just enough not to lose sight of the gold suited stranger.

Once he entered the steamroom, The Penguin was handed a towel by the attendant who then escorted him to his seat. As soon as he sat down, the man in the sparkling gold suit was quickly surrounded by every other guy in the room. They all immediately started doting over him. The Penguin chose a different boy each time to pat the sweat off his brow. One boy put a fresh cigarette in the Penguin's holder, then lit it for him. Another boy offered him his bottle of water and held it up to the Penguin's mouth as he took a sip.

After a few minutes, The Penguin finally spied Dick standing over by the door, intently watching him from a distance. It pleased him that The Boy Wonder was following him around the gym like he was some kind of a stalker or something .... It felt good to know that Robin was so obsessed with him .... but he purposely ignored him ... showing the young superhero absolutely no attention at all the whole entire time he was in the steamroom.

But, just before he left, The Penguin turned to Dick, handed him his towel, then flicked his cigarette ashes at his feet before he said, “Boy, ...... you shall attend to me in the jacuzzi! .... Waaa waaa waaa!!! .... ”

“What?”, Dick thought to himself, " ..... Why is he calling me 'boy'? ..... " The term had been a particular source of contention between Batman and Robin over the past year or so. Now that he was over the age of 18 and no longer a kid, Dick had grown tired of being called 'The Boy Wonder'. In fact, he was just about to tell Bruce that he was considering dropping his old alias and changing his name to 'Nightwing' instead. So this stranger had definitely struck a nerve.

Dick was just about to object when The Penguin reiterated, “Come, boy! .... ”

Although he disliked being called 'boy', there was something about the way this gold-suited gentleman said it that caused Dick’s cock to stir. ..... His conscious mind told him to return to the gym and finish his workout. But there was a much more compelling voice within him which told The Boy Wonder that he had to listen to this stranger ...... if only to find out more about him. As much as he wanted to correct him, all Dick was able to say was, “Yes Sir!" as he followed this mysterious man out of the streamroom.

Meanwhile, in Luthor's lavish playroom on the next floor, Lex and Bruce are lying in bed together, holding and kissing one another passionately after a night of hot sex, getting ready to make love all over again this morning when suddenly, the phone rings.

"Yeah, what is it?" an obviously annoyed Luthor answers.

"Sorry to disturb you this early in the day, Mr. Luthor. .... But I thought you ought to know .... there has been a security breach, Sir. .... Illegal entry. ..... Someone managed to allude the night watchmen at the front door and broke into our Corporate Headquarters around 4 AM! .... Apparently from the rooftop! ..... " answers the LexCorp guard on the other end.

This news makes Luthor jump out of bed, "What? ... Was anything taken?"

"No, not as far as we can tell, Sir. After reviewing the surveillance videos, it appears that the trespasser just entered the building, searched the premises, then when he didn't find what he was looking for, he simply left."

"Did you get a good look at the intruder?"

"No doubt about it, Sir. .... It was Superman alright."

"SUPERMAN!!! .... I should have known!"

"Should I contact the authorities?"

"No! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT report this to the police! .... I prefer that they don't get involved. Believe me, I know just how to take care of this nuisance. Just leave everything to me!" Luthor instructs his head of security as he slams down the receiver. "So Superman has decided to stick his nose in my business once again. .... Obviously he was looking for you, Brucey boy! But it's time to put an end to his interference. ..... So, Batman, before you can suck my cock again, there is something I want you to do ... "

"Anything, Master Luthor! .... Just ask!" Batman immediately replies, desperate to please his new boss.

"I want you to tell me everything you know about your old pal Superman! .... Like his real name .... Where he lives .... What he does for a living .... Any inside information you might have on your fellow superhero! .... And don't leave out a single detail! ..... " Lex demands to know.

Batman gladly cooperates, "Of course, Master! .... I'll tell you all that I can .... "

As the brainwashed Bruce unwittingly betrays his best friend and divulges Superman's secret identity to Lex to gain his sexual favor, back on the first floor, Dick followed The Penguin straight to the hot tub where they would soon be alone.

“So I've never seen you in this gym before. What is your name, boy?” The Penguin asked as he put out his cigarette with his gym shoe.

“Dick ... ”

“How appropriate, Dick! ..... Waaaa waaa waaa! .... But I think I like 'boy' better! .... You like it when I call you 'boy', don't you, Dick? .... ”

Though he no longer liked it when Batman referred to him as The Boy Wonder, for some reason, it didn't seem so offensive when this stranger said it to him. “Yes, Sir ... You can call me 'boy'... ”

“Well, boy, you can’t go into the jacuzzi with that suit on ..... So why don’t you take it off for me ....”

“I didn’t come here to get in the jacuzzi with you ....”

“Then why did you come, boy?.... ”

Dick froze as he searched for an answer ..... Just why did he come along with him??? .....

“.... Because you had to find out who I was and why you felt so attracted to me .... Isn’t that right, boy! ....... ”

“No, you're wrong .... and I am not a boy ..... ”

"You know .... you should never lie to your elders, BOY!" Penguin corrected him as he circled his prey, who just stood there perfectly still, like he was hypnotized or something. Dropping his umbrella, The Penguin approached The Boy Wonder from behind. He put his slimy hand around Dick’s crotch and pulled the paralyzed young man towards him, squeezing his hardening cock and balls through his tight fitting workout suit. With his other hand, The Penguin started massaging Dick’s nipples..

The groping villain then whispered hotly into The Boy Wonder’s ear, “Tell me the truth, BOY! .... Tell me you don’t like the feel of my cock pressed against your ass .... Tell me you don’t like the touch of my hand grabbing your dick .... Tell me you don't like the tips of my fingers pinching your nipples ... Tell me ....... boy ...... ”

The only sound heard from The Boy Wonder was his ever quickening breathing.

Penguin undid the velcro straps of The Boy Wonder’s workout suit at the shoulders and crotch ... allowing it to slip down to the Boy Wonder’s feet. Next, he pulled down Dick's white jockstrap as well. Then, still having a firm hold on the young man, The Penguin stepped back. Robin had no choice but to do likewise, stepping out of both his jock and suit in the process. Now the stripped superhero only wore white socks and gym shoes.

With a snap of his fingers, Penguin made his two ugly but muscular henchmen appear. Both were dressed in only a white jockstrap with a matching collar. While Penguin held Dick upright, his obedient manservants each removed a gym shoe and a sock. Then, CLICK!, with another snap of The Penguin's fingers, the two men disappeared along with Dick's clothes .... leaving him alone with the butt-naked Boy Wonder once again.

With his hand still fondling Dick’s cock, The Penguin repeated ..... “Tell me, boy ..... You love the feel of my touch, don't you? .... ”

This time Dick replied, “HHHHHMMMMMMMMM! .... feels so goooooooooood! .... Please .... don’t stop! .... ”

Penguin spun the young superhero around so they were now standing face to face. Stepping away from his new toy boy, The Penguin removed his top hat and slowly slid his own gold body suit off his shoulders, loosening it down to his big round waist. As the villain revealed his upper body, Dick just stood there in awe of his flabby chest and big belly. The Penguin then placed his hands on Dick’s wide shoulders and gently guided him down to his knees. The Boy Wonder found himself staring at the hardening bulge in The Penguin’s shorts.

“Take off my gym shoes and socks for me, ... boy...... ”

Dick felt overwhelmed by all that he was experiencing. Not wanting to take his eyes off of The Penguin’s crotch .... he reached blindly for a shoe. When he found that he could not accomplish the task that he had been given without looking, he briefly looked down .... but only long enough to untie the laces and loosen each shoe. His eyes immediately found their way back to the bulge in The Penguin’s gym suit. Then while Penguin used his strong shoulders for support, Robin removed each sneaker and sock.

“Very good, boy! .... Now slide the rest of my suit down to my ankles .... ”

Dick readily complied because he couldn't wait to see what was under there. To his disappointment, he found that The Penguin was also wearing a matching gold jockstrap. The Penguin stepped out of his gym suit and kicked it aside. Taking Dick’s hands, Penguin first placed them on the jockstrap’s crotch so he could feel the fullness of what was hiding underneath. When he saw Dick’s eyes open wide in amazement, he then guided them over to the straps on either side.

“Now remove my jock ... boy .... and hand it to me!”

In a daze, Dick did so .... As the jock slid down The Penguin's fat thighs, it exposed Dick to the well hung villain’s ten inch flaccid cock. Dick’s eyes were held transfixed by the dangling, mesmerizing shaft while he completed the task of taking the jock off of The Penguin and handing it over to him.

The Penguin wasted no time in putting the jock to its intended use. Slipping the waist band over Dick’s head, he looped the straps over his ears so the crotch was positioned right over Dick’s nose, much like a surgical mask.

“Sniff me, boy ..... I shall allow you to keep this jockstrap as a treasured memento of our first rendezvous. You shall wear it when you sleep so you will come to know my scent!”

Penguin knew that Dick was in no state to hear what was being said to him. This suggestion was intended for Dick’s subconscious mind (which not only heard but readily accepted it).

“Now boy, take the pale of soapy water and carefully wash my body! Become familiar with every part of it. Pay special attention to my ass, cock and balls. After you have done so, you shall sponge me off with the rinse water.”

Dick gently rubbed the sponge all over the naked Penguin, washing off his hairy back, then front as he worked his way down to the part he was most interested in. As he cleaned his crotch, the adoring young superhero could see that The Penguin's cock was started to get firm from all of the attention. This excited The Boy Wonder more than he could have ever thought possible. He had never realized before how much he was attracted to other men, especially dumpy looking daddy types like this mysterious stranger. But there was no sense in denying it any longer.

Dick was in love. And he knew it ... The fact that a fit young men like himself was in love with a older, overweight guy like The Penguin did not seem to bother him. No one ... not even any of the women he had known before .... had ever made him feel this way .... so he gladly performed what was ‘asked’ of him. It gave him special joy to wipe the soap suds off every inch of the pudgy Penguin’s body.

To his delight, The Penguin then invited him into the jacuzzi when he was through. It was there that The Penguin kissed him for the first time. When Dick felt the evil villain’s tongue come searchingly into his waiting mouth, both his nipples and cock hardened to full erection. Though he enjoyed the sensation immensely, he could not even begin to understand that his mind had been manipulated to feel this way. Even if he could, he would not have cared anyhow ... such was the deep hypnotic spell Lex Luthor and The Penguin had him under.

(As he broke the kiss, The Penguin smiled thinking to himself, "At last, The Boy Wonder is mine! .... All mine! A few hours ago, I was probably the one man he hated most in this world. The very sight of me made his skin crawl. Now I am the one he lusts for. Just one look at me makes him mad with desire. And the best part is he has no idea what caused his feelings to change. All he knows is he has just fallen head over heels in love with me!" )

Then, The Penguin chuckled out loud, "Waaaa waaaa waaaaa!!! ... Now, aren't you glad you came to this particular gym today, Dick? After all, if you had not come here to work out, you never would have met me! Right, boy?"

Dick gazed longingly into his squinty eyes as he gushed, "Yes, Sir! I am sooo happy I met YOU, Sir! .... Today must be my lucky day!"

("Yeah, good luck for me, Boy Wonder! .... But bad luck for you!" The Penguin thinks to himself as he smiles back at the young lad.)

The Penguin then took Dick by his hand, which was noticeably trembling, and guided him out of the pool. Next he handed him his towel, "Dry me off, boy!"

Dick attentively patted his upper body down with the towel, then dropped to his knees to dry off his lower half. While he was already in that position, The Penguin pulled The Boy Wonder's head forward and buried his face in his crotch. Dick didn't up put any resistance. He couldn't get enough of the musky male odor of him.

"You want to service my cock, don't you, boy?"

"Ooooohhh, yesss, Sirrrrr!!!" Robin cooed.

"Would you like me to take you back to my place so we can get to know each other better, boy?"

"Ooooh yes, .... I think I would like that, Sir! .... Very much! .... " Then, it just occurred to the spellbound young superhero, "By the way, I don't even know your name?"

"Why, my friends call me Ossie, boy. But you shall call me Master!"

"Yes, Master!" The Boy Wonder said without even questioning. The title just seemed to fit him.

With that, The Penguin grabbed a white leather collar and placed it around the kneeling Boy Wonder's neck, then he hooked a matching leash to it, "Come with me, my pet."

Down on his hands and knees like a little puppy dog, the bare-assed Boy Wonder gladly followed the nude Penguin through the long hallways of Luthor's large mansion, up the elevator, and to his bedroom waiting on the top floor. There, these two love birds shall spend the rest of the weekend in his private little love nest where they would do everything but sleep.

If Robin only knew last night that he would be having sex with The Penguin the next morning, he probably would have let Luthor electrocute him right then and there. But now, the horny hero was moaning in ecstasy as he felt that rotten bird shove his filthy cock up his virgin ass. Now that he's been fucked by The Penguin, Dick would never again wear a white jockstrap. For The Boy Wonder had just worked his way up to a bronze!

Batman's young sidekick shall also forget all about the idea of changing his superhero sobriquet to Nightwing as he had previously planned. From now on, Robin would be known as The Penguin's Slave-Boy Wonder! Of course, Dick had no objections. This new name much better suited him anyhow.

To be continued ....

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