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Part 17 - Superman Is Ready for the Next Stage of His Enslavement!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Seventeen

Superman was still sitting there in his chair, staring vacantly ahead at that big beautiful spiral spinning in front of him. He couldn't look away from the screen, not even for a second. How many hours had passed, he hadn't a clue. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. He didn't even know his own name anymore. All our hero could think about was the sight of Lex's handsome face appearing right before his eyes ... the sound of his sexy voice reverberating in his ears .... the pleasurable sensations that were flowing throughout his entire body. These were the only things the Man of Steel had on his mind at the moment. Nothing else really mattered to him now.

Even in his current mental state, Clark's mind couldn't help but make the connection. If he obeyed Luthor, the superhero would experience sexual fulfillment beyond his wildest dreams! .... Superman's penis certainly received the message loud and clear as it remained fully erect the entire time while it kept pumping out one super-sperm filled load after another. His perpetual hard-on didn't even go limp in-between ejaculations. ... The Man of Steel had never cummed so much in his whole life. .... He now knew what ecstasy was.

After repeatedly reaching orgasm over and over again, Clark was sweating profusely and each breath was deeply labored. His unblinking eyes were bulging from their sockets and the circular motion of the spiral could be seen reflected in both of them. A long steady stream of drool made its way downwards from Superman’s open mouth .... a fact that did not go unnoticed by his sworn enemy, Lex Luthor, who was still observing him on the security camera.

But, since Superman was no ordinary Earth man, but an alien from another world, Lex had prepared a little something extra just for this Kryptonian superhero ... Something none of the other 20 other executives in the room had to go through. .... Every ten minutes or so, a pair of Kryptonite based laser beams would project from the optical light fixtures located just above the movie screen directly into The Man of Steel's pupils! .... The powerful rays would cause his irises to glow as red as the sun was back on his home planet of Krypton. ... Then, after a few seconds, his eyes would return back to their original color .... only the pigment would fade just a little and the apertures would contract ever so slightly each time ... Until finally ... Superman's baby blues had turned completely white, all except a tiny black dot in the center.

Gradually, the spiral began to slow down and grow more lethargic in its spinning. At the same time, the penis pump sucking on his rockhard dick was also bringing him to orgasm less and less frequently, the tit clamps weren't providing his nipples with as much stimulation as they did earlier and the vibrating dildo was no longer thrusting within him at the same speed it was before. .... Then, Otis pushed some more buttons on his remote control and, one by one, all three of the sexually seductive devices suddenly came to a complete stop.

Just then, the anal injector suddenly pulled itself out of Superman's sore asshole and receded back into the chair cushion.

“Stand,” Superman heard the stern, authoritative voice of Luthor command as it echoed throughout the entire auditorium, “Obey me now.”

As soon as his mind could process Lex's orders, Superman was up on his feet in front of the chair. The superhero stood there perfectly still .... his strong, powerful body completely paralyzed .... as he waited patiently for his next instructions.

“Remove the metal cups .... ” the voice of Lex ordered again. “Obey me now.”

Without looking away from the screen, Superman tugged the tit clamps off his tender silver-dollar-sized nipples. .... The wires retracted slowly, returning the metal cups back into the right armrest. ... Superman paid no attention to this minor detail. He just kept gazing blankly ahead.

“Remove the penis pumps from your cocks, boys, ” the voice of Luthor boomed throughout the room, “Obey me now.”

The roomful of slack-faced men immediately complied. ... Again, Superman used both of his hands to reach down and release his still-dripping cock from the clear plastic cylinder. .... The hose started to coil up all by itself, storing the penis pump inside the left armrest of the chair.

The helmets remained on top of their heads. But their cords were no longer plugged into the receptacles. .... Instead, the cables just dangled down behind their backs .... as if each man was now sporting what looked like a long ponytail.

Superman stood there in place. His empty mind was no longer capable of thinking for itself. .... He waited for the voice of Lex to command him so that he could obey. He felt an overwhelming need to follow Luthor's orders. ... Obedience was the only thought Superman would ever have from now on. This realization filled Superman with joy.

“Step forward, boys .... Now, walk towards to the screen .... ,” Lex's voice announced. "You must obey me.”

In a slow, silent procession, the twenty one helmeted men formed a single row, Superman being the last in line as they then started marching down the long flight of steps. .... Once they had reached their destination, the group of slacked faced executives then stood there .... silently .... side by side one another in front of the dais at the bottom of the stairs.

As their unflinching eyes still remained completely fixated on the ever-compelling spiral projected above them, none of the twenty one men had even noticed the rather imposing figures that were waiting for them below it. .... Superman, like all the others, stood there in place, not moving a muscle. He continued to stare blankly upwards at the screen as well.

As his view of the hypnotic spiral gradually started to fade, Superman was puzzled for a moment, not able to comprehend exactly what was happening. Slowly, his foggy mind registered that there was somebody standing directly in front of him. .... But the silhouetted figure waited there patiently, never once speaking or moving.

The pulsating patterns soon lost their glow .... the rotating spiral finally stopped spinning .... and then the undulating screen went completely dark. Now that the spellbinding video was no longer holding him in its gaze, Superman blinked for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. His eyes were tired and sore although they still floated upwards to the blank screen instinctively .... hoping that the positively hypnotic spiral would return once again.

Suddenly Superman’s wandering attention was captured by the person standing in front of him. “You are obedient,” the stranger announced distinctly. The masked man talking to him wore a silver jockstrap with a matching collar.

'Obedient' .... Superman’s body shuddered involuntarily upon hearing the word. .... Immediately his eyes opened wide again. ... Superman looked directly at the masked man there before him.

“I am obedient,” Superman replied without hesitation. He was obedient. Superman knew and accepted that fact. He liked being obedient because that meant unimaginable pleasure. His cock dampened at the thought of obedience. .... It was more than just a word. ..... It was a state of mind. He was now an instrument of pure obedience. .... And Superman loved it.

“You are obedient. And you will obey,” the masked man told him.

“I am obedient. .... And I will obey,” Superman repeated to the mysterious man speaking to him.

At any other time, Superman would have wondered who this strange man was standing before him. But right now Superman’s mind was silent. He wasn’t able to form any sort of coherent thought at all. ... All of Superman’s thoughts not involving obedience seemed to just disappear before he could even form them. .... Not that Superman wanted to think anyway. He just wanted to be told what to think. ..... It was so much easier to be obedient. Superman liked being obedient. Obedience was good.

Suddenly, Superman realized that the masked man was holding something in his right hand.

“You shall put this on. You will obey.”

"I will obey." Superman respectfully said as he then took the white jockstrap from the stranger's hand. Superman just knew he had to complete his task. He must obey. The masked man just stood there in silence as he watched Superman slide it up his thick, muscular thighs. The pouch in the front was big enough to cover his footlong still firm cock but the bands in the back left his asscheeks completely exposed.

Once Superman's jock was in place, the masked man held out his left hand and handed the superhero another piece of his new uniform ... before he spoke again in the same flat, emotionless tone.

“Next you shall secure this obedience collar around your neck .... ,” the masked man commanded. “You will obey.”

Superman accepted the heavy collar from the masked man. The exterior was just plain white except for the gold LexCorp logo in the center. .... But inside the collar was a mass of intricate circuitry and wiring. A series of tiny needle-like probes protruded outwards from the collar. But, since this was Superman, the sharp tips of these needle were coated with Green Kryptonite so they could penetrate his thick alien skin.

“I will obey,” Superman answered as he raised the collar up to his throat and tried to bring the two ends together at the rear.

Superman’s neck burned with pain as the tiny needles in the collar pricked his skin. .... The enraptured hero’s body throbbed with a combination of pain and lust. .... Superman closed the heavy, thick band around his neck firmly. ... There was an audible click when the two ends clamped and then fused together.

His task complete, Superman’s hands slowly returned to his side.

Superman’s neck felt heavy with the collar around it. The collar pressed tightly against his skin and the height of it, at least 4 inches, made it difficult for him to move his head at all. .... But these were minor considerations that evaporated in the face of Superman’s yearning need to obey again. He ached for the chance. If only this mysterious masked man would tell him what to do next. Superman’s mind lurched in hope at the possibility.

“Now you shall follow me. You will obey.”

“I will obey,” Superman agreed as the masked man turned to the left. Superman preceded to do the same. .... As did all of the other men that had attended the reorientation seminar. .... Every one of the 20 former Wayne Enterprise executives now had another masked man in a silver jockstrap at their side, just like Superman.

Wordlessly, each man marched in a slow but steady single line towards the back door of the lecture hall and out into the brightly lit white corridor. .... The only noise the group made was the collective sound of their footsteps against the cold tiled floor below as they proceeded in complete silence to the stairwell at the end of the hallway. .... One by one, they all went down the stairs until they reached the lower level of the building.

Superman marched onward. He was obedient. He had no desire to do anything other than obey. There was no need to think. He only had to follow his orders as they were given to him.

Meanwhile, back at the Daily Planet, Kent's editor, Perry White has finally received Clark's latest article (or so he believes), "Great Caesar's ghost! ..... I can't believe what I am reading! .... "

Jimmy hears his boss yelling and runs into his office, "What's a matter, Chief?"

"Here .... Read this! .... And quit calling me 'Chief'." White shouts as he points at his computer screen.

Jimmy starts scrolling down as he reads Clark's story, "Come on, Chief! I mean, Mr. White .... Mr. Kent's article can't be that bad!" But he quickly changes his tune after reading the first few paragraphs. "Oh no! ... This can't be??? .... "

"Well? ..... See what I mean!" an exasperated White says, nervously tapping his fingers.

"But Mr. Kent made such a stir at the press conference this morning! .... Now he makes this merger sound like the greatest thing to come along since sliced bread!" Olsen shakes his head in disbelief. "What could have changed his mind so quickly?"

"Isn't it obvious, Olsen? Kent soft-soaped the article just so he could land this exclusive interview with Luthor!" Perry suggests.

"No, not Mr. Kent, Chief!" Jimmy defends his pal. "He would never sacrifice his integrity or risk his reputation just to get a story! .... " Then, after a brief pause, Olsen wonders, "Would he? .... "

"Look, Olsen, I'm just as disappointed as you are .... maybe more. But what other excuse could there be? Hell, this puff piece reads like a Goddamn press release straight from LexCorp's PR Department!" Perry rants.

"But it's not like Mr. Kent to .... " Jimmy starts to say before his boss interrupts him.

"Save your breath, Olsen. I've been working with Kent long enough to know this column came from him. See, it's written in exactly the same style as all of his other articles over the years. No, Kent definitely wrote this story .... or it's one hell of a imitation!" White insists. "Well, at least we have something to run in this evening's edition."

"Surely you're not going to print that, are you, Chief?" Jimmy asks.

"What choice do I have, Olsen?" White says in frusration. "After all, there is a lot of useful information in there .... if you look past all of the boot-licking Kent does in-between. .... Maybe I can edit it here and there so it doesn't come across like one big advertisement for LexCorp. .... I'll see what I can do. ..... And Olsen ..... "

Walking towards the door, Jimmy inquires, "Yes, Chief?"

"I told you to 'Quit calling me Chief!' .... Now get out of here and let me do my work!" White barks as Jimmy rushes out of the office.

As he returns to his desk, Jimmy thinks to himself, "I don't care what the Chief says. A fine man like Mr. Kent would never suck up to a crooked guy like Lex Luthor just for an interview! There must be some other reason! .... "

At the same time, back at LexCorp Headquarters, Superman and the other executives kept marching straight ahead until they finally entered another part of this rather enormous business complex .... a secret underground laboratory Luthor had expressly built for one purpose .... to "scientifically" turn all of the former employees of the other companies he had already absorbed into his loyal employees instead.

This lab resembled the corridor in its austere minimalist bleakness. The walls, floor and ceiling were dazzling white. The only furniture were two lines of strange looking chairs facing each other. .... Each chair somewhat resembled the kind you would find in a dentist's office, only far more advanced. .... To the left of each chair were various computer screens on the wall as well as a keypad of some sort.

Guiding their tame charges in silence, each masked man brought their thoroughly entranced, utterly obedient new employee towards a waiting chair.

Superman stood facing the chair. Some sort of thought was trying to break through the fog of obedience that clogged his mind. But again, his desire to obey was much too strong to allow such a weak, unformed thought to form. .... Rodney Howard, the Wayne Enterprise executive Kent had befriended earlier today, was standing just to the right of him. But it was highly doubtful at this point that Clark would even remember him.

Superman now stood before his guide, wearing only that collar and skimpy white jockstrap. He felt quite calm. Not a trace of self consciousness or embarrassment even crossed his mind. .... Such emotions were incompatible with his newfound obedience. .... Superman just stood there, waiting to be told what to do next. Superman wanted to obey again. He longed to hear his next instructions.

“Now you will sit down on the chair,” the masked men ordered the 20 other executives, “You will obey.”

"I will obey", Superman managed to respond before he prepared to sit down on the waiting chair. But, suddenly, his guide grabbed hold of the superhero's thick forearm, preventing him from taking his seat.

"Not you! .... For the position the boss has in mind for you, boy, you will require a much different kind of training than the others. .... You shall come with me. ... You will obey." the masked man told him.

"I will obey." Superman repeated as he followed his guide to the rear door, then straight out the back exit. Outside, there was a limo waiting for the two of them. The license plate read "LEXCP3".

The mysterious masked man opened the passenger's door and ordered Superman, "Now get inside. You are about to be taken to your new home. There we shall complete your training. .... You will obey."

"I will obey." Superman got in the back of the limousine and the door slammed shut behind him. Then his guide got in the driver's seat and started the engine. As the limo drove out of the parking lot, Superman sat there silently, not even asking where they were going. He really wasn't that concerned about it. All he knew is he would soon have a new place to live to go along with the new life of obedience that awaited him. That was the only thing that was important to him now.

Meanwhile, the mysterious masked man called Lex on his cellphone, "Superman and I are now leaving the city. We should be there in about an hour, Master Luthor."

"Good boy. I'll be home in about ten minutes. I will be waiting for both of you." Lex replied.

"I can hardly wait to see you again, Master. .... Until then, Sir." The masked man said with a lustful sigh before he hung up the phone.

Lex leans forward to say to his limo driver, "Speed it up, Otis. I've got to get back to my estate and have everything ready before our honored guest arrives."

Driving Lex's limo, Otis asks, "But it's almost 5 PM, Boss! Kent should have returned to The Daily Planet hours ago. .... What if one of his co-workers reports him missing?"

"Relax, Otis. I already sent his editor a text on the cellphone I found in the front pocket of Kent's jacket. His friends at the paper all believe he is busy writing an exclusive expose on me. They don't suspect a thing." Lex assures his henchman.

Otis is very impressed by Lex's quick thinking, "That's pretty clever, Boss! You always know how to cover your tracks."

"And I also sent an article Clark supposedly wrote on the laptop he was carrying in his briefcase. Of course, it was really written by our public relations department but no one will be able to tell the difference. .... Believe me, nobody is going to miss him for a few days. .... Just long enough to make sure I have Superman completely under my control!" Lex boasts.

"Will you be needing my help with the next stage of Superman's enslavement, Boss?" Otis inquires.

"No, you can just drop me off at the mansion, then you may leave, Otis. I already found somebody else to assist me. .... Someone who knows just how to handle a superhero like Superman! .... " Lex says with a big smile.

To be continued .....