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Part 8 - The reprogramming of The Boy Wonder begins!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Eight

When Lex entered the small booth adjacent to the gym, he could see that The Penguin had Dick well prepared for his upcoming downward spiral into the new life which awaited him. Inside the gymnasium, Dick was seated on an exercise bike .... a very special exercise bike. Dick’s hands and feet were restrained to both the handlebars and pedals so there was no way he could get off the bicycle until his captors decided to release him.

No longer dressed in his formal attire, Dick was now wearing only sneakers, tube socks, and a white one piece workout suit. The suit was form fitting in every way. The top was sleeveless which allowed Dick’s well-defined chest and thick biceps to be displayed. His nipples were quite visible as they sat snugly in little clear suction cups which were fitted right into the suit. Speaking of cups, the outline of his cock and balls were likewise very noticeably encased in the similar protective cup down at his crotch. An earphone sat snugly in each ear.

“Can he hear us? .... ” Lex asked The Penguin.

“No, he ..... ” The Penguin starts to say before he is interrupted.

“I can hear you just fine, Luthor .... ” Dick said, smiling at them through the window.

Both Lex and The Penguin looked at Dick in surprise.

“You didn’t know that I could read lips, did you, Luthor? .... Just a little trick I learned from my days back in the circus .... ” Dick tells them.

Lex turned around so his back was now facing Dick. The Penguin understood what he was up to and did the same.

“Stupid kid, isn’t he? .... But that ability might come in handy once we have him enslaved. We’ll have him at your side at business meetings and he will eagerly tell you what the other executives are saying in hopes of gaining your favor .... but that’s for another time. ... What music are you piping into his headphones?” Lex asked.

“The Aggression Program ... That way, it will get him all pumped up and he will try to defy us even more .... But once his adrenaline levels start to fall, so will his resistance .... ” The Penguin informed him.

“Excellent! ... The fact that he told us he could read lips is already a good sign that it’s working! ... If he was in control of all of his senses, he could have used that information to his advantage. .... Okay .... Let’s get started! ... Lower the music, Ossie! ..... ” Lex said as he switched on the microphone, then turned to face the window once again, “Can you hear me now, Richard?”

"That's Dick!"

“I can see that you're ready for your workout, Richard!”, Lex continues, unfazed by Dick’s objection to how he was addressed.

“So, this is your instrument of destruction, Luthor? ..... An exercise bike? ..... Why, I must ride one of these at least 5, 6 days a week! .... ”

“ ...... and that is exactly why it is the perfect weapon to use against you, Richard! .... ”

“Dick ... I told you my name is Dick! .... ”

" ..... Or maybe I should call you 'Robin' instead!" Lex said as he held up Batman's wrist communicator for Dick to see.

Dick is totally caught off guard, "What .... ???"

"Yes, I know all about your secret identity, Boy Wonder. .... And don't even bother denying it. Your legal guardian, Mr. Wayne already admitted to me that he's the Caped Crusader! .... So you might as well confess too!" Lex flashes a sinister smile.

Dick is stunned, "Holy unmasking! So is that the real reason you rotten villains lured us here? .... "

Lex answers, "Actually, no. .... Well, at least, not initially. .... At first, all I wanted to do was get my hands on Wayne Enterprises. It wasn't until my meeting with Mr. Wayne earlier today that I learned that The Dynamic Duo came along as part of the package! .... Needless to say, that clinched the deal for me!"

A defiant Dick says, "You haven't closed the deal yet, Curly! Batman and I have beaten The Penguin many times before. And I am sure we can beat you too, Luthor!"

"Oh, but I'm afraid that this time .... you two goody-two-shoes will not be able to find a way to beat us bad guys! .... No, the only thing you will be beating off is your cock, Boy Wonder ... for The Penguin here, that is." Lex points at his partner-in-crime.

"In your dreams, Mr. Clean!"

"No, in YOUR dreams, Richard!" Luthor replies with a sly grin.

"What do mean by that, you cryptic criminal?" Dick inquires with a perplexed look on his face.

"Just ask your buddy, Bruce!" A smug Luthor states.

"What have you done to Batman, you fiend?” Dick demands to know.

“Don't worry, Robin!" Luthor reassures him. "Batman is just fine. In fact, he's sound asleep in my office .... having dreams .... wet dreams .... about me .... about my cock .... not necessarily in that order. By the time he awakens in an hour or so, I shall have him thoroughly enthralled with me ...... with my cock .... just as I am going to have you thoroughly enthralled with The Penguin's cock, Boy Wonder! ..... ”

Dick snaps back, "That's no dream. It sounds more like my worst nightmare!"

"Well, get ready, Boy Blunder! .... Because your nightmares are all about to 'CUM' true!" The Penguin claims. "By tomorrow morning, you are gonna be down on your knees, sucking me off! ..... Waaa waaa waa!!!"

Dick turns him down flat, "No thanks, you bird-brain! I'd rather catch the avian flu!"

"Oh you're gonna be sick alright ... Lovesick over me, your new 'dream man'! .... Or should I say, 'dream lover'! ..... Waaaa waaa waaa!!!"

"No way, you waddling whackjob!" A disgusted Dick shouts back in anger.

"Oh, I think these will change your mind, my stubborn young superhero!" Luthor insists.

With a nod from Lex, The Penguin reentered the gym. In his hand, he held three electrical leads that were connected to some wires that led back to the computer in the booth. He then proceeded to attach them to the cups on both Robin's nipples and crotch.

“Holy jumper cables! .... What are you going to do, Uncle Fester? ... Electrocute me ???” Dick asks.

“No .... not if I can help it .... You see, Richard, these electrodes that Ossie just hooked up to your nipples and groin are going to teach you to hate pussy and learn to love cock instead!” Lex replied as The Penguin joined him back in the booth.

“You keep saying that, Luthor .... but there's no way you could ever get me tooooo ..... OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

Dick stopped talking and started moaning as soon as Luthor pushed the button on the panel in front of him .... The result was a very erotic stimulation of Dick’s nipples, cock, and balls. Dick reacted like all the other males given this treatment. .... He found himself unable to express himself in anything other than basic sounds.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, Richard? .... Now, how does this feel?”

“AAAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!” Dick screamed as the pleasure in his nipples and crotch was replaced by an extremely painful electrical shock.

“Which would you prefer, Boy Wonder? .... Pleasure ... or pain?”

Luthor proceeded to alternate the switches, making Dick sing accordingly. After a few repetitions of this, Lex stopped.

“EEEERRRGGGHHH!!! .... Cut it out, you bald-headed bastard! .... ”

The Penguin and Luthor both watched in amusement as Lex gave Dick another hit of the pleasure .... this time intensified ....


“Feel your nipples and cock getting hard, Richard! ....”

By the time Lex returned the settings back to normal, Dick was anything but ...

“Holy hard-on! .... M-m-more! ... Do that again! ... Please! ..... ”

Luthor smiled ... Dick was all but begging for another hit of the erotic pleasure he controlled.

“In a moment, Richard, you’ll be in complete control of your own destiny. ... The bike you are on is electronically linked to this computer. The faster you pedal, the more pleasure you shall receive .... However, your pedaling will also cause a pretty beguiling spiral to appear on the monitor attached to your handle bars. .... The faster you pedal, the faster the spiral shall spin .... drawing you into it .... putting you into a deep, deep hypnotic state .... As you are about to find out, the pleasure you feel in your nipples, cock, and balls combined with the hypnotic spiral will prove to be positively irresistible. ... Both shall compel you to pedal faster and faster! .... ”

“And if I don’t .... ”

“Pedal? ... ", Luthor finished the thought for him, “Then the pleasure will be replaced by a dose of pain. .... The slower you pedal, the more the pain will increase. ..... And if you stop pedaling, you will experience the most excruciating pain you have ever felt in your whole life! .... But it’s all up to you, Boy Wonder .... You are totally in control of your own destiny. .... The pleasure of servicing men or the pain of fucking women ..... That's your choice!”

"I don't care how much pain you put me through, you cold-hearted cue-ball! .... If you think I would ever 'service' this Butterball, you've got another thing coming!"

The Penguin flicks his cigarette ashes on the floor of the booth as he states with the utmost confidence, "Oh, I'll be 'cumming' alright, Robin! .... Right down your throat! .... Waaaa waaa waaa!!!"

"Holy upset stomach! ... I think I'm gonna throw up!"

"Just wait until I shove my Penguin pecker UP your butt, Boy Bottom! .... That's bound to cure whatever ails ya! .... Waaaa waaa waaa! .... "

"Don't you put that dirty old dick of yours anywhere near my ass, Blimpie! I'd sooner let Baldy here shock me to death!"

A pissed Penguin puts his face up against the window of the booth and says with a sinister squint, "Insult us all you want, Boy Wonder. But it still won't change the inevitable. ... So why don't you just shut up and ride your bicycle, kid? .... Waaa waaa waaaa!!!"

"Why don't you go fuck yourself, fatso!"

"I'd rather fuck you instead, pretty boy!"

"This should teach him some manners." Lex pushed some buttons on the control panel and then just crossed his arms and stood back. “There, now you’re on your own, Richard! .... And just to show you I’m not as cruel as you seem to think I am, I started you off with a dose of pleasure .... What happens next is entirely up to you!”


Dick tried to think straight but it was getting to be impossible because of the overwhelming feelings of pleasure stimulating his nipples and crotch. So he decided not to pedal. As he sat there motionless on the bike, he could feel the pleasure slowly decrease to the point where it became annoying .... then irritating .... then downright unbearable.


He gritted his teeth and tried to focus on something .... anything but the pain. But then, he started to hear a voice come through the earphones ... The deepness of it seemed to be beckoning to him .... If he had been more in control of his situation, he would have recognized that the cleverly disguised voice indeed belonged to The Penguin .... Just as he would soon belong to him, if Luthor got his way.

“You can stop the pain, boy! .... Start to pedal! ... Obey me boy! ... It will give you pleasure! ... Stop the pain! ... Start to pedal! .... Obey me boy! ... It will give you pleasure! ... Stop the pain! ... Start to pedal! .... Obey! .... Boy! .... Stop! .... Pain! .... Pedal! .... Pleasure! .... Obey! ... Boy! ... Stop! ... Pain! .... Pedal! .... ”

Over and over, Dick heard The Penguin's manly, authoritative voice urging him on. Finally, Dick could take no more ... he started to pedal slowly ... very slowly. Sure enough, the pain was replaced by a small dosage of pleasure ... small as it was however, it was much more desirable than that awful pain .... At the same time, a pretty spiral suddenly appeared on the screen attached to Dick’s handlebars. It flashed as it spun at the same speed Dick was pedaling.

As soon as the spiral appeared, The Penguin changed his message. “Feel the pleasure! ... Pedal faster, Boy! .... Feel the pleasure! ... Pedal faster, Boy! .... Feel! .... Pleasure! ... Pedal! ..... Faster! ..... Boy! .... Feel! ... Pleasure! ... Pedal! ..... Faster! .... ”

Dick still had enough of his wits about him to know what was being done to him. So he chose to pedal real slow. But the computer could not only gauge his speed, it was programmed to respond accordingly. Gradually, the pleasure was being replaced by the pain .... although the alluring spiral continued to spin on the LCD monitor in front of his face. Summoning all of his remaining will power, Dick managed to defy The Penguin's commanding voice, not to mention the temptation of the enticing spiral by turning his head away from the screen. Dick focused his attention on a tiny spot on the far wall to the right of him. Feeling somewhat safe for the moment, Dick decided he could pedal a little faster to alleviate the pain in his nipples and cock.

The faster speed brought back the pleasure ... only this time it was even more arousing. .... His cock started to stiffen back up again as Dick let out another lustful sigh, but this one was much longer and louder.


This pleased both Luthor and The Penguin. The Penguin intensified his urging, “That’s it, boy! .... Faster! .... Faster! .... More pleasure! .... Faster! ... Faster! ... More pleasure! ....”

Dick could not help but follow the suggestions The Penguin was planting inside his head and increased the speed .... which brought even more pleasure to his nipples and cock. But he refused to look at the spiral .... nothing they could do could make him look at that damn spiral ......

Penguin nodded to Luthor ......

Suddenly, there was a loud 'CLICK' and all the lights in the gymnasium went out. All that is except the light of the spiral on the screen in front of Dick.

“The human eye is an organ that needs stimulation! ... It is naturally drawn to the light! .... See the light of the pretty spiral spinning before you, boy! .... ”

As much as he didn't want to look, Dick found his eyes moving towards the spiral. He strained with all his might to turn his head as far away as possible ... but he could still see the glow coming from the spiral. He closed his eyes but, just then, the spiral started to strobe. The bright flashing light seemed to shine right through his eyelids. There was no way he could possibly ignore it.

The erotic stimulation Dick was feeling in his nipples and cock suddenly changed too so that it was pulsating right along with the strobing spiral. .... It was all proving to be too much for The Boy Wonder. .... He could feel his will slipping away .....

The Penguin continued to encourage him .... “See the pleasure! ... Feel the pleasure! ... Look at the spiral, Boy! ..... See the pleasure! ... Feel the pleasure! .... Look at the spiral, boy! ...... ”

Penguin kept up this cadence ..... Dick’s eyes showed a will of their own as they started to blink, then eventually opened all the way.

“Your neck would be much more comfortable if you look directly at the spiral, boy! .... Less stress! ... More relaxed! ... Look directly at the spiral, boy! .... No stress! ... Total relaxation! ... Look directly at the spiral, boy! ..... ”

With The Penguin's encouragement, Dick’s head slowly turned back to the left until he was staring right into the spiral. Because of the total darkness of the rest of the room, Dick’s pupils were dilated which allowed the flickering strobelight to reach deep inside his mind ...

“That’s it, boy! ... Stare deep into the spiral! ... Deeper! .... Deeper! ... Now pedal faster! .... Faster! .... Deeper! ... Faster! .... Deeper! ... Faster! ... Deeper! ... Faster! .... ”

Dick was soon lost in a world where he saw nothing but the spiral .... heard nothing but the Penguin's voice coming through his earphones. .... This was always the best part for both Luthor and The Penguin. .... The seduction and then the enslavement. ..... Both their cocks were rock hard from the excitement.

Meanwhile, it's now a quarter past 1 AM in Metropolis and Clark Kent still can't get to sleep. Something is bothering him. He just can't understand why his buddy Bruce Wayne hasn't called him back yet. He had left him several messages on Friday evening but still not a word. That just isn't like Bruce. Clark cannot help but be concerned, especially since he knows that Bruce had a business meeting with his arch enemy Lex Luthor earlier that morning. Since he is not able to fall asleep anyway, Superman decides that maybe he should get out of bed, put on his costume, then head over to Gotham City and check on his friend.

To be continued ....

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