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Part 9 - The hypnotic spiral puts Robin's head in a spin!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Nine

Back in the gymnasium, The Boy Wonder was still restrained to the exercise bike. Lex Luthor and The Penguin were closely monitoring the young superhero's progress from the observation booth. A quarter of an hour or so had passed since The Penguin gave Grayson his last instructions. But Dick didn't once take his eyes off the positively mesmerizing spiral displayed on the LCD monitor attached to his handle bars .... not even for a second. He just kept pedaling faster and faster, as the wires attached to his nipples and cock provided him with more and more pleasure, while he watched the spiral spin round and round, which only made him fall deeper and deeper into a trance.

The Boy Wonder exhibited all of the signs of the newly hypnotized. He had a goofy look on his handsome face, his complexion had turned pale, his eyes were opened wide and his mouth was slack. A bead of saliva was hanging from his lower lip and the drool was drizzling all the way down his chin. When the string of spit finally fell to Dick's lap, The Penguin couldn't help but notice.

Now that he was sure that Dick had fallen completely under his spell, The Penguin decided that this was the right time to make his move. After all, he had seen Luthor mentally manipulate his business rivals enough times in the past to know exactly when he should strike.

Now speaking in his normal voice, The Penguin held the mike back up to his lips as he told Dick, “You know, it's only appropriate that you call yourself The Boy Wonder .... Because that's what you are .... a boy .... repeat! .... ”

Dick goes along with everything The Penguin says, “It is only appropriate .... I call myself The Boy Wonder.... Because that what I am .... a boy .... ”

“You like it when I call you 'boy' .... because you are a boy! .... MY boy! .... now say it! ..... ” stresses The Penguin.

Once again, Dick does exactly as he is told, “ ...... I like it when you call me 'boy'.... because I am a boy! .... Your boy! .... "

"You would like to be my boy, wouldn't you, Dick? .... In fact, you want nothing more in this world than to be my boy! .... Admit it! .... " The Penguin demands.

" .... Yes, Sir! .... I would like to be your boy! .... I want nothing more in this world ..... than to be your boy! .... " Dick must concede.

"You answer to the name 'Dick' .... Because that is what you love .... A big, fat dick in your mouth! .... Especially my big, fat dick! .... Right, boy?" The Penguin asks, knowing full well what his answer will be.

"I answer to the name 'Dick' .... Because that is what I love .... A big, fat dick in my mouth! ... Especially your big, fat dick! .... " The Boy Wonder has no choice but to reply.

"You will suck my dick! .... You will service my dick! ..... You will worship my dick! .... Now tell me, boy! .... And when you hear yourself say the words, you will know that what you said is true!"

"I will suck your dick! .... I will service your dick! .... I will worship your dick! .... " Dick agrees without any hesitation.

"Tell me again, boy! .... " The Penguin insists. "And feel your own dick getting harder each time you say the words! .... "

"I will suck your dick! .... I will service your dick! .... I will worship your dick! .... " Dick's own dick keeps growing even harder with each passing word.

"Say it again, boy! ... Only much, much louder this time! .... Let me hear you beg for my dick! ... Plead for my dick!" The Penguin stipulates.

"OOOOH, PLEASE LET ME SUCK YOUR DICK, SIR! .... PLEASE LET ME SERVICE YOUR DICK, SIR! .... PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME WORSHIP YOUR DICK, SSSSSIRRRRR!!!" Dick obediently cries out as his loud, lustful 'pleas' echo throughout the entire gymnasium. By the time he was finished 'begging', The Boy Wonder's cock was at its maximum hardness.

The Penguin quickly corrects him, "THAT'S MASTER!"

Dick addresses him accordingly, "YESSSSS, MASTERRRRRR!!!"

Dick's cock throbbed in anticipation whenever he called the manly, authoritative voice his 'Master', though his blurry mind was still completely unaware of just who he was speaking to. The Penguin and Lex Luthor smiled at one another when they saw the cup over his crotch twitching. Robin's penis was so erect that it was almost ready to pop out of its encasement!

The Penguin is quite pleased with Robin's response, “Good boy! ... You were very convincing, Dick ... I really believe you when you say you want to suck my cock! .... And, even more importantly, now you believe you want to suck my cock! .... Don't you, my boy?"

"Yes, I do, Master! .... I do want to suck your cock!" Robin says, smacking his drooling lips without even realizing it.

The Penguin lowered the mike, then turned to his partner in crime and said, "Waaaa waaaa waaaa! .... We did it, Luthor. .... That meddling Boy Wonder is now ready to kneel before me and suck my cock! .... What a coup! .... Or should I say, 'coo'! ..... Waaaaa waaa waaa!"

"This is only the first phase, Ossie! .... Once we complete the next phase of his sexual enslavement, Grayson here will not only be giving you the best blowjob you've ever had, he shall also let you pound that tight teenage ass of his until it's raw! .... You know what they say, birds of a feather FUCK together!" Lex jokes as he and The Penguin share a hearty laugh at poor Robin's expense.

"Oh, how I have waited for this moment for so long! ..... The Dynamic Duo's defeat! .... Batman and Robin are finally going to pay for all those times they put me in prison! .... What's more, The Boy Wonder shall devote the rest of his miserable life to making it up to me! ..... Oh, I'm gonna teach this smart mouthed punk a good 'hard' lesson! ... Waaaa waaa waaaa!!!" The Penguin chuckles as he grabs his groin.

"Then why don't you go ahead and finish Robin's reprogramming, Penguin!" Luthor suggests. "Then I can get back to Batman! .... Just look at that poor dumb kid sitting there, staring at the spiral. He's obviously in no condition to cause you any more problems. So I have every confidence that you can handle 'bird boy' from here all by yourself!"

The Penguin takes him up on his offer, "You're right, Luthor! .... After all, it would be so much more satisfying if I do the rest of this on my own anyhow. .... Just leave everything to me, Lexie. I guarantee that I will have this Robin singing my praises in no time! .... Waaaa waaaaa!!!"

"Fine, Penguin. From this point on, Grayson's all yours! Do to him as you wish!"

"It's a deal! But we probably won't see you for a couple of days, Luthor. Because after we're done here, I'm going to fly The Boy Wonder up to my little love nest on the top floor just in time for mating season! ... Waaaa waaa waaa!!!"

"Good, then I will make sure not to disturb you two love birds until Monday! Besides, Batman is going to keep me far too busy both Saturday and Sunday to bother with his young ward anyhow!"

"It sounds like we both have a real romantic weekend planned for our two horny heroes, don't we? ..... Waaaa waaa waaaa!!!"

"Indeed we do! Well, see you later! Have fun with your new toy boy, Penguin!"

"Oh, I thoroughly intend to! Waaaaa waaaa waaaa!" The Penguin snickers suggestively.

So, just as Lex leaves the gym to see if The Caped Crusader has waken up from his nap, two scary looking manservants enter the room shortly after he exits, each dressed in basic white jockstraps and matching collars.

(The color of the jockstraps worn by Luthor's boys each had a very definite significance.

White was the color worn by slave boys (or 'Virgins' as they are called) who were deemed either too old or attractive to be worthy of their Master's cock. Unceremoniously demoted after LexCorp absorbed their former companies, these once-successful businessmen are still under Lex's hypnotic influence but were only retained by their new employers to perform the most menial of tasks around the office, often as janitors, night guards, bathroom attendants, gofers or such. And no matter how hard they may try to earn their Master's love, these less-desirable slaves stand little to no chance of advancement.

Bronze jockstraps were worn by those slave boys who have been deflowered by their Masters. These more muscular and attractive manservants work by day as LexCorp employees but their evenings are spent in service to their demanding, domineering bosses. Extremely loyal to their employers, not only are these devoted staff members always eager to perform their sexual duties, they are also willing to go to any lengths to win their Masters' favor.

Silver jockstraps are worn by those in middle management, such as department managers, foremen and supervisors. Although not quite Masters, their jobs are to oversee the other slaves and make sure that they do their work to their bosses' satisfaction. They too have the authority to punish their fellow slaves if they are not performing up to their employers' expectations. They may also, on occasion, take sexual advantage of their employees (with their Master's permission, of course) but they still must answer to the lustful needs of their superiors.

Finally, Gold jockstraps were worn by only the highest ranking executive officers of LexCorp like The Board of Directors, Chief of Staff, Chairman, President, and of course the CEO. In addition to their huge salaries and big bonuses, these Masters each have their own personal staff of sex slaves serving under them, which is one of the many perks of being in a position of power.)

The Penguin handed his white-jocked assistants each a camera and gives them their orders. Then, the two obedient manservants just stand there, waiting for the right moment to perform the task they have been given.

Robin was now ready for The Penguin's next series of instructions. So The Penguin turned the mike back on and informs him, "You can stop pedaling now, boy! .... Do not worry, Dick. .... The spiral will not go away .... Your strong, athletic legs have just given it enough power to keep it rotating for hours!”

Unable to think for himself anymore, Dick did exactly as he was instructed. He pedaled slower and slower until he stopped all together. Then he just sat there perfectly still, staring at the gyrating spiral. In fact, The Boy Wonder was so deep in a trance that he didn't even realize that The Penguin had already turned up the lights. As he did so, his two white jocked manservants walked over to the spellbound Grayson and starting snapping pictures of his face from different angles and distances. But Dick had no idea they were even there, much less what they were up to. After they had taken enough photographs of Dick to suit The Penguin's sinister purpose, their digital cameras were then rushed to LexCorp's lab for processing.

Meanwhile, at the same time back in Gotham City, Superman arrived at Wayne Tower to see if Bruce was still there, hopefully working late. But the night guard informed him that Mr. Wayne had left hours ago. At Superman's insistence, the guard lets the superhero into Bruce's office to take a look around. But nothing appeared to be amiss. Flipping through the appointment book on his desk, the last thing it mentioned was his initial meeting with Lex Luthor earlier that Friday morning. In fact, there was nothing else listed for the rest of the weekend. According to the log, Bruce is not even scheduled to return to work until Monday morning. So Superman decides to head over to Wayne Manor, hoping to find his friend there. But as Superman will soon discover, unfortunately both Mr. Wayne and his young ward Dick Grayson never made it back home last night.

To be continued ....

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