The Telemachus Story Archive

By SHeroNY

Lex Luthor plots a takeover of Wayne Enterprises and not even Superman shall stand in his way.

Part 1 - Lex Luthor has a business meeting with Bruce Wayne
Part 2 - Bruce's meeting with Lex takes an unexpected turn
Part 3 - Bruce Wayne unwittingly falls for Lex's sales pitch
Part 4 - A funny thing happened on the way to Wayne Manor
Part 5 - The Penguin takes Robin The Boy Wonder for a ride
Part 6 - Robin learns what Lex & Penguin are really up to!
Part 7 - Lex Luthor places Batman under his sexual spell.
Part 8 - The reprogramming of The Boy Wonder begins!
Part 9 - The hypnotic spiral puts Robin's head in a spin!
Part 10 - Superman searches for the missing Dynamic Duo!
Part 11 - Robin wakes up with no memory of the night before!
Part 12 - Clark Kent investigates Luthor's new business deal!
Part 13 - Superman sneaks into a secret meeting at LexCorp!
Part 14 - Clark Kent's Investigation of LexCorp Takes a Wrong Turn!
Part 15 - At Last, Lex Luthor Finally Learns Superman's true identity!
Part 16 - Luthor Prepares to Make Superman His Latest Employee!
Part 17 - Superman Is Ready for the Next Stage of His Enslavement!