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The Joker Has The Last Laugh!
Part 2 - The Invention
By SHeroNY
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The Joker Has The Last Laugh

by SHeroNY

Part Two - The Invention

(Story inspired by “Green Lantern is No More” by Hector Oppenheimer)

Batman wasn't exactly sure how long he had been out when he finally regained consciousness. He had no idea where The Joker had taken him either. Now that he was awake, the captured crimefighter opened his eyes and tried to take a look around at his new surroundings but he couldn't see anything at all. In fact, he saw nothing in front of him but total darkness, not even shadows. It was almost as if he were blind.

So the still-groggy superhero instinctively went to reach down for his utility belt only to discover that he could not move neither his hands nor his arms. Both his legs and feet were restrained too. Even his torso was inhibited by some kind of tight band that was now encircling his waist where his utility belt used to be. The Un-Caped Crusader soon realized that, except for the shackles that bind him, he was completely naked.

"Why are you holding me here, Joker?" the increasingly distraught superhero demanded to know. "Where the hell is my costume? And what have you done to my eyes?"

Suddenly Batman could hear the cackling voice of his captor coming from the headphones over both of his ears, "Ha Ha Ha Ha!... You won't be needing that silly Bat-suit of yours anymore, hero! It no longer 'fits' into my plans for you!... Woo hoo hoo!... You know, now that I've finally seen what you really look like without that damn costume on, I can't help but wonder why would you ever cover up a handsome face like yours with that dumb cowl? And all of those bulging muscles on your strong and powerful body were hidden behind that stupid cape! Such a impressive physique deserves to be seen. Oh yes, I think au natural is more your style, Un-Caped Crusader. Wouldn't you agree?..." As the ecstatic evildoer taunts his restrained prisoner, he has already figured out the exposed superhero’s secret identity. But The Joker has decided not to reveal that information just yet, preferring to toy with his captive a little while longer.

"I swear, if you tear so much as one thread on my Bat-suit, so help me I'll... " Batman threatens.

The villain interrupts, "Don't worry, Batman. Even though you won't be wearing it any longer, I'm sure that ratty old outfit of yours is still good for something. I bet it would make a great cum rag. Or perhaps I'll rip it into pieces and use it for toilet paper instead? After all, I've always wanted to wipe my ass with that Bat insignia you once so proudly wore!" The Joker proposes.

"You wouldn't dare!" Batman is clearly angered by the Joker's suggestion.

"Oh, wouldn't I?... Woo hoo hoo!" The Joker snickers. "Now, as for your eyes... The reason you can't see, my helpless hero, is because I replaced your cowl with a special helmet that I have just created. But I promise that, once I turn it on, you will be able to see just fine. As a matter of fact... "

"Enough with your mind games! Just cut the crap and tell me why you brought me here, you crazy clown!" interjected the increasingly aggravated superhero as he fruitlessly tried to escape his bonds.

Once again, the embedded earphones inside the helmet came to life. "For now, you can call me all the names you like, Batman. But, in a few weeks, you shall only refer to me as your Lord and Master." chuckled the villainous prankster.

Batman can't believe what he's hearing, "Lord and Master? Boy, you've really lost your marbles! I guess all those years you spent in Arkham Asylum haven't helped you one bit, Joker! You're more deranged than ever."

"On the contrary, Caped Crusader." The villain disagrees. "I assure you I am quite sane. You see, while I was locked away in that psychiatric hospital... you know, the one that you were responsible for putting me in... I had a lot of time to think about all of crimes that I've committed. I came up with one brilliant scheme after another, yet they would rarely go the way that I had planned. Mind you, my evil deeds weren't all failures, as you well know. But, even if they did succeed, the thrill wouldn't last very long. Win or lose, i always felt like there was something missing from my life. I've stolen a lot of loot in my day, had sex with some of the most beautiful women around, and was even on the FBI's most wanted list, still nothing seemed to make a difference!... Try as I may, I could never find the happiness I was searching for. Then, after much introspection and self-analysis, it finally hit me. You know, what good are money and material things if you don't have someone special to share them with? So I asked myself... 'Joker, who means more to me than anyone else in this world'? It was at that moment when I realized that everything I was looking for was staring me right in the face all along. Yes, I wasted so many years seeking fame and fortune, even females!... When all I ever really wanted, superhero, was YOU!"

"Me?" Batman asks in disbelief. "Is this your idea of some sort of sick joke?"

But The Joker is quite serious, "Oh, it's no joke! You see, Caped Crusader, I didn't break out of Arkham Asylum just so I could rob a bank or hold up a liquor store. For I am about to pull off what will undoubtedly be the greatest crime of all time! No, this time, I am out to steal the one and only Batman! Woo hoo hoo!"

But Batman still doesn't believe him, "That's a laugh, clown! You can steal a painting or a diamond necklace or a rare gold coin. But you can't steal another human being."

"On the contrary, Batman! Why should I settle for inanimate objects when I can steal a real live superhero instead!... He he he!... For you are a fine work of art, Caped Crusader. Much better than some boring old portrait. And what good is jewelry? Why, you, my heroic hunk, are worth more to me than all the gold in Fort Knox!... Ha ha ha ha!... Yes, stealing you will be the crowning achievement of my entire criminal career!... Woo hoo hoo hoo!" The Crown Prince of Crime boasts.

But the Caped Crusader isn't amused, "Like I've already told you, you're not stealing me. You've kidnapped me, you laughing hyena. But, whatever word you choose, you are never going to get away with it."

The villain corrects his captive, "Wrong again, my dynamic dimwit. First, I shall steal your heart. Then, once I have won your love and respect, I will take the rest of you! And before you know it, you'll be mine to keep!... He he he he!"

"Well, if you think that you of all people could ever gain my love and respect, then you're even crazier than I thought, Joker!" snarled the captured superhero. "I don't know exactly what this contraption is that you have me fastened up to. But when I get out of this thing, I am going to tear you apart limb by limb!" yelled the enraged Batman.

"You can just forget about escaping, Caped Crusader!" The Joker states with an air of confidence. "There's no way that you will ever 'get out' of my ingenious invention!... At least, not until I release you. He he he he!"

"That's what you think!" The strong superhero shouts as he tried with all his might to break his restraints. But it's no use. They just wouldn't budge. "EEERRRGGGHHHH!"

"Oooooh, I knew you would not give in to me so easily," mocked the giddy villain. "But soon you shall come to same conclusion I have!... That we were always meant to be together."

But the still-defiant Batman isn't convinced, "Thanks for the offer, Joker... But, as you well know, I already have a partner. As a matter of fact, I'll bet Robin is looking for me as we speak!"

But The Joker isn't the least bit concerned, "Oh yes, your trusty young sidekick... how could I ever forget him! Well, let him look all he likes, Batman. I'm sure that he will never find you."

"I wouldn't be so sure if I were you, you cocky clown!" Batman asserts.

"Oh, but I can say with the utmost certainty that he won't, Caped Crusader. You see, I already took the liberty of disabling the Bat Signaling Device on your utility belt." The Joker informs his prisoner. "So, you see, there's just no way that The Boy Blunder will be able to track you down!"

But Batman remains optimistic, "You really think that is going to stop him? Believe me, I know my partner better than anyone. And Robin will not rest until he finds me... "

But the Joker snaps back, "FUCK ROBIN!!! As of today, your partnership with The Boy Wonder has officially ended! Soon you and I shall join forces instead! Oh, what a Dynamic Duo we shall make! Only you will become MY sidekick and I shall be YOUR leader! And we shall rename ourselves 'The Diabolical Duo'! How do you like the sound of that? Pretty catchy, huh?"

"The Diabolical Duo? You ARE delusional!" Batman dismisses his captor's claims.

"Oh, am I? Just imagine!... The Joker and The Dark Knight... Partners in crime... As well as partners for life!... You and I are going to make the perfect couple, Batman, you'll see! With you by my side, my handsome hero, all of my dreams will finally 'cum' true!... Ha ha ha ha!" The evil villain reveals his true intentions.

As the ensnared superhero tried to comprehend the seriousness of what this mad criminal had just told him, he felt the filthy hand of that horrible fiend gently grab a hold of his flaccid penis and begin to fondle it.

"What are you doing, Joker? Have you completely lost your mind?" Batman screams in disgust.

"No, but you are about to lose yours!... Face it, my heterosexual hero," said the Clown Prince of Crime, slowly stroking his captive's cock, "This dick has fucked its very last pussy. From now on, I am going to own this big, long Bat-pole of yours."

"Take your hands off me, Joker!" Batman demands but the evil villain just ignores the hero's request.

Then, The Joker gripped the Caped Crusader's left ass cheek with his other hand and gave it a squeeze. "Yeah, soon I will even have my way with your nice, round Bat-butt too. For it won't be long now until I shall possess every single part of you, my straight superhero. Then you will completely belong to me, Batman... mind, body & soul!... Woo hoo hoo!"

"No way, you fucking pervert! Now let go of me this instant, you clown faced creep!" cursed the increasingly desperate superhero as he struggled against his bonds.

"In good time, Caped Crusader, in good time. You're not quite ready to be set free just yet. First, you need some extensive brainwashing along with a major attitude adjustment before I can remove your helmet, Batman. After all, you gotta have a totally new personality as well as an entirely new sexual orientation to go along with the brand new life that awaits you!... He he he he!... Now just hold still while I finish getting you prepared for your reprogramming. This won't take long and I know you're really going to enjoy it!... Woo hoo hoo!" The Joker giggles as he sneaks behind Batman, holding some unknown object in his gloved hand.

Moments later, a horrified Batman felt a long, slim metal rod being inserted into his rectum.

"Uuuggghhhhhh! Get that damn thing out of me, you disgusting degenerate!" the increasingly panicked superhero cried out. But Batman's protestations were for naught. Several seconds later, the invasive rod had been completely buried inside his virgin ass and a series of long wires were connected to the base of the invading butt plug.

As the Caped Crusader raged at his clown-faced captor, his entire body was similarly subjected to a whole variety of technological assaults. An electronic device similar to a hose clamp was fitted around the corona of his penis and both of his testicles, electrodes were placed upon each of his quarter-sized nipples, other sensors were strategically stuck in various places all over his body, and still more circuitry contained inside his helmet suddenly came in contact with his scalp. Then, two soft tipped probes also emerged from both sides of the helmet and firmly affixed themselves to his temples. The next to the last step involved The Joker sticking a sharp needle in the hero's muscular right arm. The injection port was connected to a long clear tube attached to an IV bag hanging from a hook on the wall next to him. For the final 'adjustment', the assertive villain forced the captive crimefighter's mouth open and inserted a flexible mouthpiece, which he then firmly secured around the squirming superhero's head.

Batman had never felt so powerless. As the effectively muzzled superhero emitted a series of angry grunts and groans, the vile voice of his crazy captor once again entered The Caped Crusader's ears. "There!... That should just about do it, hero. So, if you have any special moments in your life that ever meant anything to you at all, then I suggest you remember them now while you still can, my captive crimefighter. For after you experienced my mind-altering procedure, the only thoughts that will be left in your brain will involve feeling my big, fat cock shoved up your tight little ass!... Not to mention, all of those blowjobs that you are going to be giving me from now on!... Woo hoo hoo!... My dick is getting hard just thinking about it!"

As the gagged superhero tried to violently thrash himself free one last time to no avail, the smiling villain gently stroked Bruce's cheek just before he finally reveals that he now knows Batman’s true identity, "Now, I feel I must warn you... This isn't going to be pleasant at first... but don't worry, Caped Crusader… or should I say ‘Mr. Wayne‘, it will get better and better over time!... He he he he!... And once it is all over, I guarantee that you are going to be very pleased with the results. For you shall be quite content to spend the rest of your life worshiping my criminal cock as well as taking it up the ass! Woo hoo hoo!... Well, enough of this chit chat. It's time for your reprogramming, my glorious guinea pig! Ha ha ha ha!" laughed the jubilant Joker as he pressed the button on a nearby control panel.

To Be Continued ...

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