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Brett's Nightmare
Part 2 - Brett's nightmare
By shiba8

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Brett’s Nightmare - Part 2

The man stood up and leaned back against the kitchen counter. He crossed his arms and chuckled. “What’s the matter big boy? Embarrassed? It’s obvious how ashamed you feel to be tied up and stroked by another man.”

Brett’s face was now flushed with anger as well as humiliation. “God damn it, when I get out of this chair I swear…” He wriggled with all his might, his athletic body straining against the bonds holding him to the chair. He roared wordlessly like a chained beast, demonstrating an almost animal rage at being held captive.

“Yeah, get pissed off. It’ll just make this go by quicker if you give in to your emotions. In fact, I bet I don’t even have to stroke you for you to get hard. I’ll just stand here and watch.” The man pulled up a chair, sat down, and propped his legs up on the kitchen table. He smiled mischievously and winked at Brett.

Brett looked down at his cock. He had always been a grower, his cock thick but a short 2 ½ inches soft. It protruded from his body, hanging over his balls limply and glistening in the moonlight from the lube’s remaining residue. The head rested gently on the seat of the chair. In that moment his anger, fear, and humiliation all swirled together in his head. “You think I’m going to get hard by just sitting here? No way!”

The man didn’t flinch. Though most of his face was covered by the ski mask, the man’s eyes shone, looking straight into Brett’s. “You will get hard. It won’t take long, trust me. The more you try to fight it the harder it will get. It’s got to be terribly humiliating to be a grown man exposed and getting an erection against your will in front of another man.”

“Fuck you!” Brett yelled. Though the anger was hot, a chill went through his body. He glanced at the oven timer in desperation – 26:10. It was in this moment that the perfect storm of rage and humiliation sent a signal from his brain down to his cock. With one throb, his cockhead lifted briefly off the seat of the chair before it settled there again.

“Oh ho ho! Look there, I told you it would happen!” The man pointed, laughing as the head of Brett’s cock lifted up again, this time not returning to touch the seat of the chair.

“No! Fucker, stop laughing at me!” Brett looked down at his dick, which had begun lengthening slowly with every beat of his heart. With each twitch it grew slightly, which made him feel even more humiliated. The shame only fueled his growing erection, and it began to lengthen more rapidly. Brett closed his eyes tightly, tensing his pelvic floor muscles in an attempt to halt the process.

“Yeah, fight it. Fight it with everything you’ve got. It doesn’t matter.” Each word the man said fed Brett’s anger, but it only increased the rate at which his cock was growing. “Fight back against your stubborn cock. Don’t let it win.” Brett continued in his attempt to will his erection to go down, but his dick only continued to grow. It was now half-hard, sticking straight out from his body. The veins along the side were beginning to bulge, pulsing with every beat of his heart. “Please…” he thought.

Brett’s mind briefly drifted back to his high school baseball days when he and his buddies were showering after practice. He had been in the shower with the pitcher and the third baseman. He and the pitcher had been talking as they lathered themselves. They were discussing their most recent female conquests, describing in detail how they had fucked a couple of girls the night before. They noticed the third baseman was facing the wall, as if he were trying to avoid looking at them. Brett and the pitcher grabbed him and spun him around, exposing his rock hard cock covered in soap suds. Both Brett and the pitcher laughed viciously. They pointed to the third baseman’s hard dick, which was happily pointing to the sky despite the tears forming in his eyes. The third baseman’s face turned bright red and he ran out of the shower, his erection swinging heavily side to side.

Brett was brought back to the present moment by a tapping just above his belly button. Looking down, he gasped. His fully erect cock was proudly standing at attention, 8 inches long and thick, touching his abdomen lightly with every throb. The man laughed viciously, just as Brett and his buddy had in the shower so many years ago. “Look at that! What a loser! I thought you might have had a little more self-control than that, but I guess not!” The man jumped out of his seat and applauded mockingly.

“Motherfucker, I’m gonna kill you!” Brett writhed and pulled against the bonds even harder than before, but his efforts were futile. The ropes held tight, and the movements only succeeded in causing Brett’s hard cock to comically swing back and forth in the air. He was reminded again of the third baseman’s dick flopping around as he ran from the shower. Witnessing this, he immediately stopped struggling.

“You getting turned on there, big man?” Brett’s captor bent over and looked him in the eyes, bringing his mask-covered face as close as he could without touching Brett. He whispered. “You getting horned up, boy? Huh? Do you like being taken control of by a man? Maybe you’re not as much of a straight-boy stud as you thought.”

Flames appeared in Brett’s eyes, and with all the force he could conjure he spit in the man’s face. “Fuck you, I’m no faggot!” The man paused before he slowly stood up, turned around, and reached for a paper towel. He wiped his face and scowled. Before Brett realized what was happening, the man suddenly reached down between his legs. He screamed in pain as the man slapped his balls as hard as he could.

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOWWWW!” Brett’s scream echoed through the kitchen. The heavy sting passed through his balls and shot up to his stomach, and he was hit with a wave of nausea. The force of the strike caused Brett’s cock to wag side to side, slinging a web of precum between his thighs.

“Hahahaha!” The man howled in laughter nearly as loud as Brett had screamed. “Look at that fucking precum fly! You’re getting off on this so hard! I’m gonna have you cumming in no time, faggot.” The man snatched the lube off the kitchen counter and squirted some into his palm. “If you ever had any self control, boy, now’s the time to find it.” Brett was just beginning to recover from the slap to his balls when he was suddenly overcome with a wave of pleasure like had never felt. Caught off guard, he let out a loud moan of ecstasy before he even realized what was happening.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk…..” Brett’s gaze shot down to his crotch. He watched deliriously as the man gave one long, tight stroke up and down his cock. His eyes rolled back involuntarily as his dick throbbed with approval, giving up a glistening drop of precum. Attempting to regain his senses, Brett blinked quickly and shook his head back and forth. “No, I can’t let the feeling get to me” he thought to himself.

“Did you like that, stud? Did it feel as good as my girlfriend’s pussy did when you lost control and blew your load inside her? When you knocked her up?” The man gave another long stroke with his right hand while he slapped Brett in the face with the other. Brett reeled from the blow, but immediately turned his head back to look the man in the eye. “You son of a bitch, I told you I pulled out! There’s no way I knocked her up!”

The man pretended as if he didn’t hear Brett. He continued stroking Brett’s cock with long, tight strokes. Brett felt the pleasure course from his shaft into his pelvis, but he pushed the feeling back down. The coarseness of his captor’s hand coupled with the softness of the lube were the perfect combination for a mind-blowing handjob. Though Brett continued to reject the pleasure, his cock greedily accepted the intense strokes the man was giving it.

Brett quickly came to a realization – this was a battle. He knew from the start he was competing in a sick game, but he had now realized that the contestants were not who he had initially thought. This was not man versus his captor. Rather, this was a battle of body versus mind. Of a man versus his most prized possession, his best friend, and greatest ally. Simply put, Brett had realized he was fighting a battle against his own cock. His eyes opened wide upon this realization, and he turned his head to look at the clock. 17:30. He had 17 minutes and 30 seconds to resist giving in to a man’s most primal instinct – orgasm and ejaculation.

While Brett’s brain was overanalyzing the situation, his cock was eagerly savoring every stroke the man was giving it. It throbbed forcefully each time the man’s fist slid up and down the long shaft, the head flaring when his hand reached the base. At this point the man began to speed up his strokes, increasing the intensity of the pleasure and catching Brett off guard. Brett gritted his teeth as he attempted to push the pleasure back down, but it was rising despite his best efforts. His cock was harder than it had ever been in his entire life, and despite not wanting to admit it to himself he was ridiculously turned on. This was the hottest, most erotic, and yet most horrifying experience of his life.

“Getting close yet, faggot?” The man stared directly into Brett’s eyes again, seeing confusing mixture of anger, pleasure, panic, and shame. He continued to stroke Brett’s cock without breaking eye contact. “You’d better hold it. Remember what’s at stake buddy?”

Brett had almost forgotten that the loss of this battle had consequences. The images of his mom and dad’s faces flashed in through his mind, and for a moment he regained composure. “You won’t make me cum motherfucker, I’ll never let you hurt my parents!”

With renewed resolve to fight back against his captor, Brett closed his eyes and forced his mind to focus on something – anything – other than the relentless assault on his cock. He directed his thoughts toward the most non-sexual things he could come up with. He conjured memories of hunting with his uncle, the bus ride to the state championship in high school, playing beer pong with his fraternity bros in college. He took his mind as far away from that kitchen as he possibly could.

The man noticed that Brett had been oddly quiet for the last couple of minutes. Brett had been ignoring the man’s shaming taunts intended to play to his vulnerability and to drive him over the edge. Upon noticing Brett’s disconnection from the situation, the man lifted his eyes from Brett’s crotch. He chuckled softly to himself. “He thinks he can tune me out and win this, does he? We’ll see about that…”

The man returned his eyes to Brett’s dick. It had lost the steely hardness it had a few short minutes ago, settling into a semi-erection. His cock was a clear indicator of the inner struggle Brett was fighting in his mind. The manual stimulation and shaming taunts of the man were feeding his cock’s hunger for pleasure while Brett’s sheer willpower was keeping the building orgasm at bay. The man’s smug expression turned to one of anger as he realized Brett was gaining the upper hand. He turned and looked at the clock – 9:05.

The man clenched his hand tight, rared back and sunk his fist with all his might into Brett’s abdomen. Brett’s eyes flew open as his abs greeted the man’s fist and he burst out with a loud cry. “UUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Brett reeled from the gut punch, feeling the pain and nausea shoot through his abdomen. His concentration was immediately broken. Brett swallowed hard, keeping the contents of his stomach from spewing forth and choking off any further vocalizations that would indicate he was in pain. “Goddammit…” he croaked. Brett’s cock was nearly flaccid again, though it remained purplish-red as a result of the man’s rough hands stroking it relentlessly.

The man laughed. “Nice one, bro! You think you can keep that cock from blowing just by tuning me out? You’ll have to come up with something more clever than that.”

“Fuck you, cocksucker! I control my dick, not you! I’m not afraid anymore, and I’m going to win your fucking game.” Brett was now the one with the smirk. Noticing only 8 minutes remained on the clock he knew he could overcome the man’s assault.

“Cocksucker? Me?” The man scowled in disgust. “I’m not the faggot here, bud. You’re the one who’s getting off on being stroked by another man.” He paused for a moment before he spoke again. “I’ll give it to you though, you’re fighting back harder than I expected. I’ve got more tricks up my sleeve though.”

Brett was feeling confident, even cocky. Now that he had shed his shame and fear, he would no doubt get through the next 8 minutes, be released from his bonds, and take the Louisville Slugger to the man’s skull. “Bring it on, bastard.”

The man shrugged. “Okay, if that’s what you want.” He reached into the bag and pulled his hand out, revealing Brett’s worst nightmare. It was a magic wand vibrator, almost identical to the one his ex-girlfriend had. Nearly exactly like the one that, when applied to her clit, ripped an orgasm out of her like he had never seen before. Except this one appeared slightly different. Attached to the knob end of the vibrator was an odd rubbery piece, shaped like a cylinder. It appeared to be perfectly shaped to fit snugly over a man’s… “No…” Brett whispered as the man fingered the sleeve, coating the inside with lube.

“They call this thing a ‘magic wand’. You want to know why?” Brett stared at the man silently. “It’s a vibrator so strong, so intense, that the pleasure it gives you is magical. Magical enough to make even a cocky asshole like you blow his wad faster than a 14-year-old boy. Allow me to demonstrate.” The man lowered the wand, ignoring the sleeve attachment and placing the knob of the wand on the underside of Brett’s soft cock. Brett’s dick drooped over the knob lazily.

Brett squeezed his eyes tightly and held his breath as the man flipped the switch to the “down” position. The room filled with a combination of a loud buzzing sound and Brett’s involuntary moans. Brett watched helplessly as his cock immediately started to grow, stimulated by the intense vibrations. No amount of effort to redirect his thoughts could overcome his cock’s instinctual response to sexual pleasure. In a matter of seconds his cock was harder than it had been at any point that evening. The man turned off the vibrator and stared at his handiwork. “Pathetic.”

“Not fair! You said a handjob!” The man laughed. “Oops. My game, my rules. Forgot to mention that.” The man flipped the wand over and slid the sleeve attachment over Brett’s rigid dick. Even the stimulation from the attachment sent a chill down his spine. The man glanced at the clock – 4:50. “You think that was intense? Just wait for this – I won’t even need four more minutes to make your cock blow.”

Then it hit him. The low hum of the vibrator began again, and Brett’s cock was assaulted with the most intense pleasure that he had ever experienced in his life. His cock immediately tensed, and Brett felt his cum racing toward the bottom of his shaft before he even realized what was happening. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He screamed, quickly clenching every muscle in his pubic area. He felt the building of his orgasm halt and the rising heat of the cum subside a bit. He had barely caught it before his load came blasting out at light speed.

“Nice catch!” the man shouted. “Now comes the fun part. Watching you fight that feeling. Watching you fight back against the inevitable orgasm that is going to slowly overtake you.” Brett refused to give in, but he knew that he was fighting a losing battle. It was only a matter of time before he lost control. His only chance was to stave off the inevitable until the timer hit zero. Glancing over once more, Brett read the clock aloud between stifling moans. “Two minutes and forty-five seconds.”

With each second the man’s maniacal grin grew wider. “Yeah, give in to the pleasure. Just let it happen. Feels so good, doesn’t it? You know you want to blow that load. You may lose your parents, but it will be the most amazing orgasm you’ll ever have. Is it worth it?”

“No, fuck you!” Brett said defiantly. Nonverbally, Brett’s cock said otherwise. His dick had grown harder and thicker than it had ever been, pulsing with every rapid beat of his heart. Precum drooled out of his cock, flowing down the side of the sleeve and pooling between his legs on the seat of the chair. Brett began feeling the familiar heat of orgasm building in his balls. “Fuck, it’s coming… I’ve gotta do something!” He looked at the clock again – 1:05. “Just one more minute.” Brett clenched his muscles again, his six pack looking defined and taut in the moonlight. The orgasm was at bay, but barely. He had to hold on for one more minute. Just one more minute.

Brett didn’t notice as the man reached down toward the vibrator. His eyes were closed in an effort to resist the building orgasm, to avoid going over the edge and passing the point of no return. He didn’t notice that the man was about to flip the switch the other way. 00:45


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” With the flip of the switch the intensity of the vibrations increased. Taken off guard, it was too late for Brett to fight back. His cock twitched hard as he ripped past the edge and hit the point of no return. His cock had betrayed him – it had chosen the ultimate pleasure of orgasm over the wishes of its owner. The orgasm overtook Brett’s whole body as he screamed in anger and rapture. His cock bucked as it blasted rope after rope of steaming hot cum across the room. The cum landed heavily on the kitchen floor and sizzled as it settled. The shame of losing control of his own body added to the pleasure of the most intense orgasm Brett had ever experienced. The man roared with laughter at watching Brett’s failure. The clock began to beep. 00:00

As the ecstasy of Brett’s forced orgasm subsided, tears began to run down his face. “Please don’t hurt my parents. Please…” he sobbed.

“It’s not me who sacrificed your parents. It’s YOU. YOU are the one who couldn’t control yourself. YOU are the one who allowed your cock to take over. This is your fault.”

Brett sobbed harder. He felt pathetic. He looked down at his cum-covered cock. It was still hard and throbbing despite having shot with the force of a cannon. The betrayal of his prized possession – his cock – would lead to his parents’ bitter end. The shame of Brett’s failure was even hotter than he ever could have imagined. “Please…”

The man scooped up Brett’s cum from the kitchen floor. It had cooled a bit but was still warm from having churned in Brett’s balls for so long. He smeared the cum all over Brett’s face and kicked the chair over. Brett went tumbling to the floor, his hard cock slinging cum all over the rest of his body. Lying on his side, Brett looked down to see his unfaithful cum dripping through the matted hair on his chest.

“Good luck, loser. Hope somebody finds you in the next couple of days.” As the man walked out the door, Brett screamed wordlessly one last time. The only noise Brett would hear for the next two days would be the sound of the oven timer beeping. It flashed 00:00, over and over, mocking Brett for his monumental failure as a man.