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East is West
Part 4 - Jim & Artie together again
By swphillyboi

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East is West 4 - Jim & Artie together again

The morning gong woke Jim. He groaned as he stretched. His whole body felt sore. The breakfast tray was pushed under the door and Jim went over to eat the food. He made up his mind that he would not pull the wagon today, no matter what they did to him.

Once he managed to eat all the mostly tasteless food on the tray he went over to suck water from the wall dick before the guards arrived. Jim was doing some stretching exercises to try and loosen up his stiff muscles when the stall door was opened by the guards.

Jim stood where he was.

“I don’t know who you have to tell but there is no way I can pull a god damned wagon today. I’m a man not a horse and I’m done with this stupid game.”

The guards said nothing, just stepped out & shut the stall door. Jim felt pretty pleased with himself. He thought that Dr Morelike might soon pay him a visit. Maybe if Jim acted helpless enough he could lure Morelike into the stall. Once he was in the stall Jim would kill him, it should be easy enough to snap the little guy’s neck.

Jim curled up on the straw and waited. He felt his scrotum, it felt really full and his balls were sensitive to the touch. The skin was getting pulled taunt. He had to get away from here before that crazy Dr Morelike did permanent damage to him.

The door was pulled open and Jim tensed, ready to spring at Morelike at the first opportunity. He was surprised when several guards rushed into the room and pinned him to the floor of the stall.

One of Morelike’s assistant came over and plunged a hypodermic syringe into one of Jim’s firm buttocks. Jim grunted in surprise & pain. His next surprise was a naked Artie pulled into the room. His hand tied together in front.

A sawhorse was brought into the stall and Artie was bent over it. Two guards held him down. Jim sensed some recognition in his partner’s eyes. He suspected his partner wasn’t as drugged as he had been.

Jim immediately sensed what was going to happen.

“Okay, okay! Hook me up to your damned wagon. There’s no need to involve Artemus in this.”

Now that there was no chance to attack him, a smirking Dr Morelike entered the stall.

“I’m so glad you have decided to be more cooperative Mr East. However I have told you the rules about any disobedience on your part. As a government employee I know that rules are very important to you. I would be a very poor host if I did not abide by the rules we have all agreed upon.”

Jim struggled to rise from the floor but was held too firmly by the guards.

“I’m the one who broke your rules. I should be the one that you punish.”

Dr Morelike laughed delightedly.

“I’ve told you I don’t want your lovely body disfigured in any way. No ugly marks on your lovely bottom. I think seeing Mr Seagram caned will be punishment enough for you.”

Artie couldn’t help but struggle to escape but it was in vain.

The cane was produced and one of the guards brought it down across Artie’s buttocks as the restrained man screamed with pain. Five more strokes of the cane and five more shrieks from Artie. The tears were running down his face and he vomited as the sixth stripe was made on his ass.

Artie was pulled to his feet and turned around so Jim could see his brutalized ass and the blood running down his legs from where the skin had split.

“You deformed little man! I swear to god I will make you pay for what you have done. You cannot get away with this, you have never defeated me.”

Morelike laughed again.

“Brave words Mr East but remember that it is your actions that caused poor Artemus to be punished like this. You have been warned about the consequences of your disobedience. You have always been too hotheaded. I plan to break you of that unfortunate habit.”

Artie was half walked, half dragged from the stall and Jim was pulled to his feet. The guards marched him to the prep room where he received an enema with ice cold water, was quickly showered and oiled. His pony gear was roughly put on him and his mane was pomaded.

The drugs that had been injected into made him feel strange. There was a fluttering in his stomach and he felt like he couldn’t stand still. He was quickly led out to the courtyard and hooked up to his wagon.

A guard came over and stroked Jim’s cock until it stiffened much to the amusement of those watching. Jim could feel his face flush with embarrassment. Along with the ache is his balls, his dick was more sensitive than he could ever remember.

Another guard came over with two glass cups held in thick flannel cloth. Jim understood why they were held in the flannel when the hot glass cups were applied to his chest, trapping both his nipples underneath.

Jim hissed as his flesh was pulled into the warm cups. His tit rings were soon pushed against the glass. It was oddly erotic and painful at the same time. Since they couldn’t attach bels to the tit rings they hung some from his genital cinch ring.

The driver shook the reins attached to Jim’s bridle and they headed down into the quarry. The drugs helped Jim cope with the trips to the quarry. They actually moved more stone & gravel today than on his other two outings.

Eventually the drugs started to wear off and the driver steered an exhausted Jim to the courtyard. He was detached from the wagon and collapsed onto the ground. The guards laughingly loaded him into a wheelbarrow and took him into the stable building. One guard worked on removing the bit & harness. The other guard ran a finger around the edge of the cups loosening them so he could pull them off Jim’s chest.

He rubbed something on Jim’s sensitive nipples and rotated the rings that pierced them. It hurt but Jim was too exhausted to even moan. Riding in the wheelbarrow, as it bounced across the cobblestones, had pushed the plug with his tail further into his ass.

Once they had his pony boots off the guards pulled Jim out of the wheelbarrow.

“Okay Jimmy squat down now and shit out that plug.”

Jim seemed to not understand what was said to him. He just looked blankly at the guards. Once of the guard grabbed a nipple ring and twisted it. Jim found the strength to moan.

“Now I got your attention! Squat down and shit out that plug!”

Harold came out of the infirmary.

“Bring Jim in here. I’ll take care of him now.”

The guard shook his head.

“The doctor said he doesn’t deserve any special treatment tonight. Jimmy was a bad pony this morning. He needs to learn to follow the rules.”

“Well the doctor won’t want him damaged. Let me help get that plug out so his muscle isn’t torn.”

The guards shrugged & Harold went back into the infirmary to get a bottle of liniment. He gently rubbed Jim’s sphincter and helped ease the plug out of his ass. After the plug was out his liniment covered finger gently spread the cooling liquid inside Jim’s rectum.

Harold gave Jim a comforting pat on the shoulders and winked at the guards before going back into the infirmary. The guards chuckled.

“So Jimmy you seemed to like it when Harold stuck his finger in your asshole. Did that feel good?”

Jim refused to say anything but gasped when he felt the finger of one of the guards enter him. The one guard took Jim’s arm and the other guard guided him with the finger in his ass on the way back to his stall.

They went into the stall and pushed Jim down into the straw.

“Dr Morelike said not to give you a shower tonight but that seems really mean. I bet a nice warm shower would make you feel better. If you ask us real nice, we promise you a warm shower.”

Jim looked up at the two men. They seemed too anxious for him to ask but he was sore and he stunk from sweating in the sun all day. He decided he didn’t have anything to lose. The worst they could do was refuse him.

“Oaky guys. Would you please let me get a warm shower?”

The guards looked at each other and seemed to be deciding what to do. They both smiled.

“Since you asked so nice, we think you deserve a nice warm shower.”

Jim started to try and get to his feet. The guards smiled as they unzipped their flies, took out their dicks and started to piss on the unsuspecting Jim.

He opened his mouth to protest and got a mouthful of foul smelling piss. He spit it out and attempted to roll into a ball to escape the piss hitting his face. The guards moved around him as they continued to piss. When they were done they laughed and went out of the stall slamming the door behind them.

Jim crawled over to his water source, the rubber dick. He sucked some water, swirled it around in his mouth and spit it out. Several times he filled his mouth with water and spit it out on his body in an attempt to wash the piss away.

He realized that it was pretty ineffective and just crawled back to the straw. He attempted to move the driest straw away from the straw that was piss soaked. A bowl of gruel was pushed into the cell but Jim was too exhausted to retrieve it.

He lay in the meagre amount of straw and sobbed. He found that if he held his hands on his puffy nipples they didn’t hurt quite as much. Jim ached from his head to his feet. He felt sick to his stomach from the stench of sweat & piss on his body. It finally happened, he was broken.

Tonight he did something that he hadn’t done since he was a child and his parents died. Jim cried himself to sleep.

He woke several times during the night and once crawled over to the pissed on straw to vomit there. Of course that just added to the nauseating stench of the closed off stall.

The morning gong woke Jim. He saw the morning gruel pushed into the stall. He was able to go over and get it. His stomach was empty but the smell that pervaded the stall made it difficult for Jim to eat anything and keep it down.

Once his gruel was gone Jim went to the rubber dick and sucked water until the door opened and guards reluctantly walked into the room.

“Come on Jimmy. Let’s get you cleaned up, you stink to high heaven. Don’t make us touch you!”

Jim stood up and walked out of his stall. Other guards were standing in the hall but they all kept their distance as Jim walked down the hall to the shower room. The water was warm and they gave him some soap that had a pine scent.

Jim was grateful to clean his body at last. The guards didn’t seem in any hurry and Jim was anxious to stay under the warm water as long as possible. As he ran his soapy hand over his swollen balls he noticed a thin white discharge dripped out of his piss slit.

His nipples and the surrounding area were still tender as he carefully washed his chest. Eventually the guards said to rinse off. As Jim exited the shower he was marched to the enema area and it took three of those until the discharge was clean enough to suit the guards.

They washed his ass thoroughly once the enemas were done. His body was oiled but to his relief no pony gear was attached. They had him slide on some canvas shoes before they went across the courtyard to the main building.

They had to hold Jim tightly as they entered the room where his sperm was taken. One of the white coated attendants came over and with a greased hand and masturbated Jim to an erection. Another attendant took a tool and tightened Jim’s cinch ring to keep the blood in his dick so he retained the erection.

A short chain was attached to one Jim’s wrist rings. His hands were pulled behind his back and the chain was attached to his other wrist. They turned the confused Jim around and a screen was removed.

Jim was shocked to see Artie attached to an apparatus that kept him on all fours with his legs spread painfully apart. Jim got a good look at Artie’s red, swollen asshole. It was coated with oil which made it glisten in the light. He could see a small trickle of oil leaking out and running down Arties ball sack before dripping onto the floor.

Dr Morelike appeared by Arties head.

“Good morning Mr East. I’ve always wondered just how close your friendship is with Mr Seagram. I’ve always suspected there must be a physical side to your friendship. Although your ass is quite delectable I think it much more likely that you would be the top in this partnership.”

Jim was incensed by the implication that he & Artie were anything more than friends.

“Your mind is as diseased and disgusting as your body. Only a pervert would even have thoughts like that.”

Everyone in the room but Jim & Artie found his remarks funny and laughter filled the room. Pieces of chain were attached to Jim’s ankle rings. He struggled futilely as he was pushed forward. The chains were attached to the frame that held Artemus.

A horrified Jim attempted to lean back away from his friend. He was pushed forward and felt a finger hook push into his own asshole. A hand guide his dick to his partner’s asshole.

Jim screamed “NO!” and tried to back away. With his ankles attached to the frame and his hands fastened behind his back there was no way for him to stop what was happening.

With his cock positioned against the well-greased asshole he was pushed into his friend. Artie moaned at the intrusion and Jim gasped as his dick slowly entered the smooth, warm tunnel. His friend had been fucked too many times for there to be any resistance.

The finger in his ass hooked inside him and pulled him back from Artie’s ass, only the head on his dick remained imbedded in the asshole. Suddenly Jim was pushed forward and his hard stomach slapped against Artie’s sore ass cheeks.

Jim tried to block out his friend’s shouts of pain as the finger pulled him back and the hand was used to shove him forward so that he roughly fucked his best friend’s ass. It seemed to go on forever but eventually Jim could feel his engorged balls contract and he shot a large load of cum into Artie’s ass.

The man with his finger in Jim’s ass announced. “He just shot his load. I could feel his ass contract.”

Morelike got close to Artie’s ear.

“Mr Seagram. We’ve reduced the drugs we’ve been giving you. I didn’t want you to miss Mr East pounding your ass and delivering a load of sperm in there. He really seemed to get into it, didn’t he?”

Before Jim could say anything about being forced, a gag was pushed into his mouth. His ankle rings were released and Jim was forced over to the milking chair. His hands were unchained but he was in a stupor and didn’t resist as he was strapped into the chair.

Artie, still attached to the fucking frame, was wheeled out of the room.

His cinch ring was slightly loosened, the collection tube was slid over his dick and hooked to his cinch ring. The electric probe was pushed up his ass. As the first jolt was delivered to his prostate his body spasmed and semen started down the tube to the collection bottle.

Jim bit down on the gag in his mouth and tried his best to stay quiet and not give Morelike and his assistants the satisfaction of knowing the pain they were causing him.

After five or six electric jolts, Jim lost count, he started to shriek. He tried to stop but couldn’t. The jolts kept coming, his swollen balls kept delivering sperm. The first dry orgasm hurt worse than the ones that produced semen. The second dry orgasm was so painful Jim passed out.

Some ammonia under his nose roused Jim. They unstrapped him from the chair and pulled him to his feet. He seemed dazed, his eyes blank.

Harold had come into the room while Jim was being milked. When he saw the state that Jim was in when his torture was over he rushed over to Dr Morelike.

“You are going to kill that man. As a physician I can’t stand by and watch you commit murder. You must place him under my care for a few days!”

Guards quickly moved into place near Morelike but he waived them away.

“I am not done playing with Mr East. However he is no use to me dead. Very well Doctor you may take over his care for two days. You understand that he will still be under guard. I know too well how tricky our dear Mr East can be.”

Jim’s hands were refastened in front of him and he was loaded into a wheelchair. One guard pushed the chair and two others followed behind as Harold led the way out of the room.

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