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Zach's Island Adventure
Part 1
By swphillyboi

Zach looked out his hotel window. The weather outside was as gloomy as his mood. He came to New York to meet with a producer about possibly staring in a Broadway play. Zach thought this might kick start his career which seemed to be going nowhere at the moment. Perhaps some “serious acting” on the stage was what was needed. The meeting did not go well, the producer had Zach in mind for a bit part, really almost a cameo.

The producer seemed to think that Zach should be grateful to be offered any part but Zach did not agree. The meeting ended badly. Now back in his hotel room Zach was unhappily taking inventory of his life. That did not improve his mood. Afraid that he might seek escape through booze or drugs Zach was considering looking for an AA meeting to attend when the phone rang.

It was his agent calling from Los Angeles.

“How did the meeting go?”

“It was a shit part and I let him know I wasn’t interested.”

There was a sigh on the other end of the phone.

“So you burned another bridge. A polite turn down would have left the door open to future possibilities. Now he’ll just tell everyone you are difficult to deal with.”

“Sorry, I’m not about to kiss anyone’s ass. Especially when they make an insulting job offer like this. I don’t care if I never work again, I’m not taking a shit job like this guy offered.”

Zach was annoyed by a second sigh from his agent.

“Well I might have some positive news. It seems like Brad, now that he is on his own, was looking for a project to work on. He was contacted by this billionaire, Paki Kalakaua, about some adventure books that he is a fan of. He is willing to finance a movie based on one of the books. Brad read the book and thinks it has potential and got a preliminary script started.

This guy made a fortune with a chemical firm he owns and lives on a private island in the Pacific. Brad is interested enough to fly out there and meet with Mr Kalakaua. He wants to talk about directing & producing the movie. Brad’s agent contacted me about the possibility of you going along on this fact finding trip. Brad thinks you might be a good choice for the lead character.”

Zach rolled his eyes.

“This sounds like bullshit. Why should I waste time going to some rich guy’s island in the middle of the Pacific? It really doesn’t sound like something Brad would be seriously interested in doing.”

“So what do you have on your schedule that’s so important? The agent told me that this could be a new Indiana Jones’ type sage. A chance for a bunch of sequels if the first movie catches on.”

Zach looked out the window at the sleet falling and thought about this possible opportunity. He just didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“I don’t know there’s just something about this that I don’t like. I want to take a pass on it.”

“Yeah, like your instincts have been so great lately. You were all gung ho for the beach movie and the circus flick. Those choices turned out really well. I warned you against doing either one.

From my perspective the downside of this is that you spend a few days on a tropical island talking about a possible starring role with a true Hollywood power broker and a billionaire. Yes, there’s a possibility this won’t pan out but you’d get to make two possible great contacts for the future.”

As much as Zach wanted to disagree; what his agent said did make sense. He agreed to make the trip and was surprised when his agent told him that he was booked on a red eye leaving for San Diego. Zach would change planes there for the flight to Honolulu. Someone would meet his flight there and take him to Mr Kalakaua’s private plane. The guide would be holding a sign that said “Paki”, Kalakaua’s first name.

Brad was flying to Honolulu from LA and they would fly together to the island for their meeting. Zach called down to the front desk to arrange a car to the airport. He ordered room service, took a quick shower. A short time later he was on his way to the airport.

Zach was still trying to decide if this trip was really a good idea when he settled into his first class seat and was flying across the country. He had a short layover in San Diego before boarding the flight for Hawaii.

Even though he had been able to get some sleep on the airplanes, Zach was exhausted by the time he exited the plane and saw the man holding the “Paki” sign. An electric cart was waiting to whisk Zach to an exit where a golf cart was ready to take him to the private jet.

Already on board was a man who introduced himself as Sam Jones. He told Zach that he worked for Brad’s production company. Unfortunately Brad had some family issues to work out and would be delayed for a day.

Zach considered exiting with Sam but he didn’t want to face trying to find transportation into the city and arranging for accommodations. He was just too tired to deal with the hassle. The door was closed, the engines revved and they were on their way for the two hour flight to Paki’s island.

Zach slept fitfully during the flight, he was wide awake as they went in for the landing. Zach got a good view of the island. It was larger than he thought it would be, partially wooded with some wide sandy beaches.

As soon as the engines shut down the pilot came out of the flight deck. He shook Zach’s hand and said he hoped he enjoyed the flight.

“I have some good news. I got a radio message during the flight to let me know they found your suitcase in San Diego. It should get forwarded on to Honolulu tomorrow.”

Zach was surprised.

“I had no idea my luggage didn’t come with us. No one mentioned that to me.”

“Wow, sorry about that but it should get here in a couple days.”

An annoyed Zach didn’t comment and the pilot went over to open the door and let down the stairs. Zach was surprised to see a huge man standing at the bottom of the steps dressed in a sarong. He was well over 6 foot tall, powerfully built, his massive biceps each had a band of traditional tattoos. His long, thick black hair was gathered into a man bun at the back of his head and he wore a strand of pearls around his neck & pearl bracelets on each wrist.

He walked over to shake hands with Zach as he came down the steps from the plane.

“Hello Zach, I’m Paki’s oldest son, Hale. Welcome to our island.”

Hale was head & shoulders taller than Zach who had to lean his head back to look Hale in the eyes.

Zach thanked him and was led over to a golf cart to travel to the main house. The path traveled along a rise with amazing views of the beach below. The path turned went down a steep hill and curved. The main house sprawled in front of them. The first floor had a covered porch that wrapped around it.

Hale pulled up by a set of steps. He grabbed Zach’s back pack from the back of the cart. Both men went up on the porch.

Paki Kalakaua stood waiting for them. He was a huge man, easily as tall as his son but massively fat. Zach suspected he has once been as muscular as his son but the muscles had gone to fat. Paki wore a sarong and appeared to be not at all self-conscious about his weight. He had the same bicep tattoos and wore a pearl necklace & bracelets like his son.

Zach went over and shook hands with his host.

“Mr Kalakaua, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh, we are going to be great friends and hopefully business partners so we must be on a first name basis. I am Paki and you are Zach.”

Zach smiled and nodded. “Sounds good to me.”

Paki indicated the blonde woman next to him. Her magnificent breast were just barely contained by the bikini top she wore. She was tattoo free but wore a pearl necklace & earrings and a sarong slung low in her hips.

“This is my wife Europa.”

Zach exchanged greetings with her and attempted to not stare at her displayed breasts which were just at his eye level. Paki made a sweeping gesture to indicate the two men standing beside Europa.

“These are my other two sons, Kana and Manu. You’ll meet their wives at the luau tonight.”

Both sons resembled their older brother in height and fitness. Manu, the youngest, had blonde highlights in his black hair which he wore loose, hanging on his shoulders. Both men had bicep tattoos and pearl necklaces & bracelets.

Zach decided that Manu was the rebel in the family since he had gold hoop earrings and one nipple was pierced by a bar with a pearl at each end.

A tall thin young man emerged from the house wearing a loincloth that just barely contained his cock & balls and left a good portion of his toned ass uncovered. He took the backpack from Hale and stood quietly with his eyes downcast.

Paki had a huge smile on his face.

“Zach I heard about your luggage being lost, quite shocking. Luckily since we knew you were coming from New York and probably didn’t have clothes appropriate for the weather here; we had some things sent over from a men’s store in Honolulu. We got your measurements from your agent.

I thought you would want to rest this afternoon. This house boy will show you to your room. Make yourself comfortable and one of the house boys will let you know when it is time for the luau.”

Zach thanked him and followed the house boy into the house. In the foyer the house boy informed him that no shoes were permitted to be worn inside the house. Zach pulled off his sneakers and placed them on the shelves which lined the foyer walls.

As he followed the house boy up to the second floor, Zach asked his name.

“Mr Paki does not permit us to use names. We are simply the house boys. Each of us is just addressed as boy.”

Zach chuckled.

“Trust me I won’t tell him if you break this rule. It seems kind of silly to me.”

“Mr Paki does not take rule breaking lightly. He is quite serious about all his rules.”

That ended any conversation until the house boy opened the door of door of the Zach’s room. It was bright sunny room with an attached bath. A double set of French doors led to a private screen balcony. Zach strolled out on the balcony. It looked out over the beach and was furnished with two cushioned chairs as well as a hammock suspended from the ceiling. The screens blocked some of the bright sunlight and there a breeze off the ocean.

The house boy came to the door.

“If you’d like to take a shower there are plenty of towels and toiletries in the bathroom. The clothes that were purchased for you are in the dresser. One of us will let you know when it is time for the luau.”

Zach glanced at his cellphone and frowned.

“I don’t seem to have any cell service.”

“No we are too far out for cell service. I can have a laptop brought up for your use. There is an intranet on the island that connects to the internet via satellite. The user name and password will be programmed into the laptop.”

Zach wasn’t pleased but nodded and thanked the house boy.

“If you’d like your clothes laundered just leave them outside the bathroom door. There’s a robe on the bathroom hook.”

Zach nodded and walked across the room to the bathroom. He heard the bedroom door open and close and thought the house boy had left. He quickly stripped off his clothes and opened the bathroom door. He was startled to see the house boy standing there.

The boy gave Zach and appraising look from head to toes, lingering for just a moment at his crotch.

“Another boy brought some ice water with lemon, let us know if you require anything else.”

The boys walked over and took Zach’s clothes from his hand, gave his body one more appraising look before leaving the room.

Zach was torn between being amused or annoyed. He took a long cool shower and put on the robe that was left for him. It was embarrassingly short, just barely covering his ass.

Zach took poured himself a glass of the water, swallowed it quickly and poured another glass. He sipped the water as he went back out on the balcony.

He looked down at the beach and saw Paki’s sons throwing a ball around with some of the house boys. Suddenly he realized they were all naked. Except for the hair on their heads the house boys were hairless. Hale, Kana & Manu all had thick pubic bushes but Zach was still able to see their impressive manhood.

Zach stood watching them and sipping the water. When the glass was empty he went back into the bedroom for a refill. He was amazed when he returned to see the ball game was over. House boys were kneeling in front of each brother and it was easy to see they were delivering blowjobs to Paki’s sons. Manu had a second boy kneeling behind him who was apparently giving him a rim job.

Zach continued to watch as the house boys were pushed away and got onto their hands and knees and the men moved into position behind them. Zach was fascinated but found he could hardly keep his eyes open. He sat on the hammock leaned back and was asleep before he even realized what was happening.

Two house boys cautiously came back into the bedroom. One quickly took away the pitcher of drugged water. The lemon hid the slight taste of the drug developed in Paki’s labs. The other boy came out on the balcony and untied the robe Zach was wearing and pulled it open.

He bent and took Zach’s cock in his mouth, coaxing it into an erection. All the house boys were quite skilled at performing oral sex. Once the cock was hard the house boy pulled a tube of lubricant from his pocket, squirted some onto his palm and switched to a hand job. The boy was able to quickly coax a climax out of the unconscious Zach.

He caught some of Zach’s cum in a test tube. He placed Zach’s hand on his hairy cum coated stomach, holding it there until the cum had dried enough to hold the hand in place. Then he left the room to deliver the test tube to Paki.

It was several hours later that Zach was awakened by a voice calling his name. Zach moved his hand without thinking and was shocked to pull some hair loose along with the dried cum his hand was resting in. He sat up quickly and attempted to pull his robe closed before a house boy appeared on the balcony. He didn’t quite get the robe closed in time. The house boy got a good look at Zach’s package along with the crusty dried cum on his stomach.

He smiled as he spoke to the blushing actor.

“It’s time to get ready for the luau. Looks like you’ll want to grab a quick shower before you get dressed. My Paki expect everyone to dress authentically so I have a sarong and some accessories ready for you.”

Zach nodded as he quickly pulled his robe shut and hurried into the bathroom. When Zach emerged, with a towel around his waist, he saw the house boy had laid out some articles on the bed. Zach picked up a length of flowered fabric and looked at the house boy.

“That’s your sarong Mr Zach. I can help with the proper way to wear it. You don’t want it falling off you during the luau.”

“What do you wear underneath this? The fabric seems a little thin to me.”

The house boy smiled.

“Traditionally nothing is worn under the sarong. If you prefer there is some new underwear in the dresser.”

The house boy walked over to the dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a silky white thong. He held it up for Zach to see.

“I’d prefer something with a little more coverage.”

The house boy just smiled and shook his head. Telling Zach this was the only style underwear that had been purchased for him. He waked across the room and handed the thong to Zach. Keeping the towel in place Zach stepped into the thong and pulled it up his legs. Adjusting his dick to fit comfortably into the thong. Once he had the thong in place, Zach dropped the towel.

He quickly picked up the sarong and attempted to wrap it around his waist and secure it. At first he pulled it so tight that he quickly realized he wouldn’t be able to walk too well with his legs so constricted. Next he tried to keep it loose but could feel it coming undone and ready to fall off as soon as he moved.

The house boy chuckled before offering to help. He expertly folded the fabric arranged around Zach’s waist. He secured the sarong high on Zach’s right hip, leaving much of his leg bare. It exposed the tan line from Zach’s preferred board shorts.

Next the boy picked up a pooka bead necklace and secured it around Zac’s neck. He also fastened pearl bracelets around Zach’s wrist along with pearl anklets. It made Zach feel a little foolish but the house boy again warned him that Mr Paki liked everyone to dress traditionally for luaus.

The house boy stayed behind to straighten up while Zach made his way downstairs. Another house boy was waiting to escort him to the luau. A bright red pair of flip flops was placed on the entry floor. Zach slipped them on and they followed the house boy out of the house.

They crossed the manicured lawn and Zach was amazed when they walked around a wall of flowering shrubs. The luau area was surrounded by torches, the pit where the pit was buried had smoke rising from it. The smoke from the pit & the torches created a haze that seemed to hang in the air.

The eating areas had grass rugs spread out on the ground. There was a long table with cushions to sit on. Paki and his family were already gathered there. Zach kicked off the flip flops and walked onto the grass rugs. He was introduced to Paki’s three daughter in laws: Alani, Lani & Kaipo.

His sons Hale, Kana & Manu gathered around him. Zach felt like a child with all these tall heavily muscled men surrounding him. The fact that he had seen them naked on the beach having sex with the house boys made him feel uneasy.

The brothers were anxious to hear about his experiences in Hollywood, particularly his leading ladies. Zach tried his best to not tell any secrets but still keep his stories interesting. The haze seemed to have an odd smell about it. Zach felt a little disoriented and his dick seemed to swell a little in his restrictive underwear. He felt like Paki was constantly watching him and for some reason Zach seemed to have some trouble focusing. He was relieved when a gong was sounded to announce the food was ready to serve.

Zach was assigned the spot to the left of Paki. Next to him was Alani, her husband on her other side. Europa sat to the right of her husband with the other sons & their wives arranged on her right.

Paki smiled at Zach as they took their places at the long table.

“I know you are avoiding alcohol. I have had a non-fermented fruit punch prepared for you. If you don’t like it just say so, we have plain bottled water as well as fizzy water available.”

Zach returned the smile, although he still felt uneasy about this entire visit.

“This is quite a spread. You have certainly gone to a lot of trouble for me. I really appreciate it.”

“Well if all goes according to plan you will be spending quite a bit of time with us here.”

Alani had lot of questions about life in Hollywood. Paki listened in to her conversation with Zach and frequently laughed at their banter.

The food and drink were served by the house boys, now wearing even briefer gauzy loincloths that left almost nothing to the imagination. As dinner progressed Zach continued to feel uncomfortable as his dick firmed up more and more.

The feast ended with trays of fresh fruit put on the table. The daughters-in-law left the table shortly after the fruit was served.

Paki turned to Zach.

“You are about to witness some authentic Polynesian dances. The Polynesian culture was a sensuous one. The concepts of sin and guilt were introduced by the missionaries who came here. Before that there was plenty of food for everyone and the native population fully embraced living in paradise.”

Zach nodded.

“But the missionaries opened schools and hospitals.”

Paki looked grim as he replied.

“They brought the diseases that made the hospitals necessary. They educated the children on European culture and their puritanical moral code. Like all conquerors they did their best to stamp out the native culture and replace it with their own.

You have been feed the propaganda doled out by our conquerors over the years. Hopefully when you spend some time here you can appreciate all that was lost. Land seized and stamping out local customs were the main occupations of the men who came. All under the cloak of helping and civilizing my ancestors.

I will never stop regretting all that was lost. Here on my island we do the best to embrace the ancient ways of our people.”

Zach didn’t know how to reply so he attempted a serious expression and nodded gravely at Paki.

The house boys took up their places by the drums and other percussion instruments. They started to play and Paki’s 3 daughters in law appeared dressed in grass skirts with their long hair worn loosely over their shoulders.

As the women started to dance Zach was shocked when he realized they wore nothing above the waist. As they moved in the dance their bare breasts were fully exposed. As the grass skirts swirled Zach realized they wore nothing but the skirts. He was treated to the sight of bushy pubic hair.

Zach suddenly realized the sons had also left the table. For a moment he thought they left because they were disturbed by the exposure of their wives. That thought disappeared when the men joined their wives in the grassy area in front of the table.

The three sons held flaming torches in their hand and were wearing tiny loincloths which left their asses completely bare. They spun the torches & tossed them back and forth as they danced and moved among their wives who continued their own dance moves.

The torches seemed to add to the haze that still pervaded the luau area. Zach was feeling more disoriented and more aroused. He was startled when Paki placed a pudgy hand on his right thigh left exposed by his sarong.

“They dance well don’t they? These are the dances that we enjoyed before the missionaries did their best to call them sinful and make the natives feel guilty and ashamed.”

Again Zach was stuck for a reply; he was mesmerized as the men abandoned their torches and the dancers started to interact more closely. The men’s hands were placed on the women’s breasts while the women placed their hands on their husbands’ bare buttocks which they massaged and caressed.

Loincloths disappeared and three erect penises came into view. The men moved to stand behind their wives as their hands reached under the grass skirts. Zach didn’t know where to look and he shifted as he tried to find a more comfortable position as his own dick hardened and pushed against his thong.

Paki squeezed Zach’s thigh and leered at him.

“They move beautifully together. Just a group of attractive people embracing their sexuality and fully enjoying the moment. If you like, Europa could give you a blowjob to, shall we say, relive the tension. I can assure you that she is quite skilled.”

Horrified and feeling completely embarrassed Zach looked over at Paki’s wife. He was even more horrified when she smiled at him. It was obvious that far from being upset by what her husband offered she would be happy to comply with her husband’s suggestion.

“Actually I think I still have some jet lag. I hope you don’t mind if I head up to my room.”

Paki laughed but kept his attention glued to the dancing couples.

“I am surprised you are so uptight and provincial with all the time you have spent in Hollywood. Do whatever makes you comfortable, you are a guest here.”

Part of Zach wanted to stay and sit through this display but he tamped those feeling down. He stood and hurried away. He quickly slipped on his flip flops at the edge of the rug and hurried out of the luau area and into the house.

He kicked off his flip flops in the foyer and ran up the stairs to his room. He shut the door and looked for a lock. There was a key hole but no key. Zach hurried into the bathroom and lifted the toilet seat before pulling down his thong underwear and stepping out it. His rock hard cock stood up straight, ready to blow.

Zach pulled the sarong out of his way with one hand before spitting into his other palm and grabbing his cock. It took only a couple strokes before his cum shot into the toilet. He waited until his breath stopped coming in gasps before wiping the rim of the toilet with some paper and flushing everything away.

He undid the sarong and let it drop to the floor with the underwear. He tried to remove his jewelry but could not find a way to release the clasps. Next he took a quick cold shower. As he dried off Zach felt a little more like himself. The one thing he was sure of was that he wanted to get off this island as soon as possible.

On the bedside table Zach found the book that was the supposed inspiration for the movie that Paki wanted to finance. He climbed into bed and read the book until he finally dropped off to sleep.

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