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Zach's Island Adventure
Part 6
By swphillyboi

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Zach’s Island Adventure

Chapter 6

A humiliated Zach made no protest as they walked towards the door. One of the house boys stopped.

“I almost forgot. Here are a couple pain pills, they will keep your new piercings from hurting too much.”

Zach started to say he didn’t want the pills but decided that was stupid. He took the pills and swallowed them with a glass of water. The trio walked to the luau area where Paki was waiting to welcome Zach.

Paki pulled Zach into a tight hug.

“You look wonderful Little Zach. I hope you like the alterations we’ve made.”

“No! I don’t like them at all. You have no right to do these things to me.”

Paki laughed as did his sons and daughter in laws who stood nearby. Europa looked at Zach with a sad face. She was well aware of what Paki was capable of doing when someone disagreed with his wishes.

Paki took a couple steps back from Zach forcing the shorter man to look up at him.

“I own you Little Zach. I paid quite a bit of money for you and I intend to make whatever modifications to you that I want. There are just a few more to go.

Once those are completed my sons will start your training. Not sure how familiar you are with blow jobs but I enjoy them so you will learn to give great blow jobs. I am not all that interested in your dick so if electric shocks damage your dick so be it.”

Paki reached down and grabbed Zach’s nuts in his hand, aggravating the new piercing.

“We may also have to geld you if you keep up your stubborn behavior. As a final resort we could stick a narrow sharp blade though your eye socket and do a quick lobotomy. That has been necessary for a couple of uncooperative house boys so we have some experience doing lobotomies.”

Paki smiled the whole time he delivered that message which Zach found frightening. Paki let go of Zach’s balls.

“Be a good boy Little Zach and we won’t need any of those extreme measures. Come and sit down now, we are ready to eat.”

Zach’s place was next to Paki with Hale’s wife, Alani, on his other side. He was starting to feel a little foggy. He thought that was probably from the pills he took before leaving the guest house.

He had no idea what he was eating, if he spaced out and stopped eating & drinking, Paki would reach over and pinch one of Zach’s tender nipples. After a few pinches Zach paid more attention to his surroundings.

Zach wondered if the sons and their wives would provide the show after dinner. When everyone was finished eating Paki turned to Europa with a smile. She looked shocked and shook her head. Paki slapped her across the face.

Europa quickly got to her feet but before she could move Kana, who had been sitting beside her, grabbed her arm. He was soon joined by his brothers. The three men forced the struggling woman into the grass area in front of the table.

Kana held Europa’s arms behind her back as Hale reached out and pulled off the flimsy halter top she was wearing. Her magnificent breasts stood out firmly from her chest. Zach noticed that a thin bar with a pearl at each end pierced her nipples.

Hale reached out and roughly squeezed his stepmother’s breasts causing her to call out in pain. Hale took one hand off her breast and back handed her in the face. A thin line of blood emerged from one of her nostrils and she sagged in Kana’s arms.

Manu pulled Europa’s sarong off, she wore nothing under it. He reached forward and stuck a finger into her cunt. Europa gasped with shock. A second finger joined the first and soon Europa was squirming as her stepson routed around inside of her.

House boys appeared and put some colorful cotton blankets down on the grass. Europa was pushed down onto the blankets. Paki’s three sons pulled off their own sarongs and knelt on the blankets. Europa looked over at Paki who chuckled and clapped his hands.

“Show her what she is good for boys.”

Zach turned away but Paki grabbed his chin and turned his face back towards the grass area. He saw that Paki’s daughter in laws were watching the proceedings with great interest. He felt sick to his stomach as he watched Europa attempt to crawl away.

She was pulled back onto the blankets and turned onto her back. Hale quickly scrambled on top of her and stuck his erect penis in her vagina. He pulled her onto her side and Hana got behind her. He put a condom on his dick and covered it with lube before shoving it into Europa’s asshole. She screamed but the brothers held her too tightly, she had no chance to escape.

Manu ordered her to open her mouth which she did. He placed a hard rubber ring between her teeth before shoving his hard cock into her mouth and face fucking her.

Alani, still sitting beside Zach, chuckled.

“Uppity Bitch. This is a good lesson for her. Imagine telling Papa she didn’t approve of his plans for you, Little Zach.”

Zach felt horrible that this was Europa’s punishment for attempting to help him. What kind of man has his sons’ rape his wife in front of him to show his power? Now he felt sure that Paki was not making empty threats when he talked about castration and lobotomies. Zach knew he had to find a way off this island before it was too late.

Europa’s grunts could be heard as she was roughly fucked in both her holes even with her mouth filled with Manu’s dick. Paki continued to yell encouragement to his sons. Their wives mocked Europa while she was abused. Nothing in his life had prepared Zach for behavior like this.

When it was over Europa curled into a ball and sobbed in pain & humiliation. Manu picked her up and with his two brothers following he walked towards the hot boxes. He turned and looked directly at Zach.

“Europa is going to spend the night in your hot box. We haven’t bothered to clean your piss or shit out of it yet. That should cure her of feeling sorry for you Little Zach.”

Paki pulled Zach into a hug and leaned down to kiss him. Zach kept his mouth tightly closed. Paki kept one arm around and with his other hand he pinched Zach’s nipple as hard as he could. Zach gasped with pain.

“Keep that mouth open Little Zach or it’s back in a hot box for you.”

Zach did as he was told and felt Paki’s tongue invade his mouth and aggressively probe. His hand continued to rub Zach’s tender nipples. Paki broke off the kiss and leaned a little more to lick and lightly chew on both of Zach’s nipples as the younger man squirmed and tried to pull away.

Paki bit down harder and paused to tell Zach to settle down. Paki pulled Zach’s sarong loose and let it drop to the ground. He spit in his hand and reached down to grab Zach’s cock.

Zach didn’t realize the pill that he took included a mild form of a boner pill. As Paki caressed his cock into a partial erection he returned to plunder Zach’s mouth again. Zach moaned and wasn’t sure if it was from pain or pleasure.

Paki moved away from Zach and gave him a quick slap on the ass.

“Back to your cottage Little Zach. Your piercing is too new to get you off. That will have to wait until another time.”

Two house boys appeared to escort Zach back to the guest cottage. Zach bent to pick up his sarong but Paki had his foot on it.

“Just leave it Little Zach. I enjoy watching your cute ass as you walk away. I am looking forward to your tan line getting darker while that adorable butt stays lily white.”

Zach flushed with embarrassment as he walked away. He could hear Paki and his daughters in law laughing. His dick piercing hurt with the PA pulling it down. He cupped his balls and dick with one hand as he hurried to the cottage.

Once inside the house boys had him sit on a bench in the bathroom while they removed his makeup. They also rotated his piercing and coated the openings with antibiotic cream. Once they left, Zach took another hot shower trying to wash away any memory of the obese & repulsive Paki pawing his body and slobbering over him. Once out of the shower he gargled half a dozen times hoping to erase any trace of Paki’s tongue in his mouth.

Zach was tired and went right to bed. He had a restless night where dreams of Paki and his sons raping him had him waking up gasping and covered in sweet. He went back to sleep holding a pillow over his aching nipples to bring them some relief.

He was awakened the next morning by two house boys. Zach felt out of it and his pecs felt swollen and sore. He mumbled for the boys to go away and leave him alone. Instead they rolled him onto his stomach and fastened his wrist bracelets together. They did the same thing with his ankle bracelets before throwing a pillow on the floor and rolling Zach out of bed.

Zach watched as one of the boys plugged the electric cord into an outlet. The boy pulled the cord across the room, placed the box on the floor beside Zach and attached the clip at the end of the wire to Zach’s PA ring.

“Come on Zach. Up on your knees for your first lesson of the day.”

The two boys helped Zach position himself so he was kneeling on the pillow. One of the house boys picked up the box attached to the electric cord and the other house boy dropped his sarong and stood in front of Zach.

“Ever give someone a blowjob?”

Zach kept his mouth firmly closed and shook his head.

“Well we need to see how well you can perform one. Paki enjoys blowjobs so it is something you will have to get good at doing.”

Zach just shook his head again. He grunted as the house boy pushed the button on the box to deliver an electric shook ay Zach’s dick.

“That was at number two.”

The boy turned the button to 3 and pushed the button again. Zach squealed with pain and sat back on his legs. His breath was coming in gasps.

“So Little Zach either open that sweet little mouth or find out what a number four shock feels like to your dick.”

Tears of pain & frustration start to flow down Zach’s cheeks as he reluctantly opened his mouth. The naked house boy pulled Zach back into a kneeling position and sticks his dick into his mouth.

“Suck it you little slut. Make sure your teeth don’t touch my dick.”

Zach is doing little more than letting the soft dick lay on his tongue. The house boy removes his dick and slaps Zach across the face.

“Little Zach you start doing a better job of sucking my dick or we are going to start shocking you until you are screaming in pain. Paki doesn’t care that much if your dick works or not so we can shock it just as much as we have to.”

Genuinely frightened Zach opened his mouth, the house boy stuck his dick in Zach’s mouth. Zach closed his lips around the soft dick and started to gently suck on it.

“Watch the teeth Little Zach and use your tongue more. Lick the head of my dick. Move your head back and forth but make sure my dick never leaves your mouth.”

Zach did his best to follow instructions and try to remember what he liked when he was treated to a blowjob. There had been plenty of women and a few men who had begged him for that privilege. The boy put his hands around Zach’s head as he started to thrust into Zach’s mouth, his hardening dick pushing against the back of Zach’s mouth.

Suddenly Zach’s mouth was filled with cum. He wanted to spit it out but his head was held tightly against the boy.

“Swallow Little Zach or get another shock. Swallow it all down like a good slut.”

Zach swallowed and his head was released. He fell on his side coughing and spitting trying to get the taste out of his mouth. The two house boys stood over him laughing.

Manu came through the cottage door and smiled at the scene in front of him.

“So Little Zach got his first BJ lesson. How did he do?”

“It wasn’t great! I’m pretty sure this was his first time. He was so bad at it I’m wondering if he ever got one himself. If he had had blowjobs they must have been bad ones. He seemed to know nothing about what feels good to a guy’s dick.”

Manu laughed.

“That’s pretty shocking. I would think a pretty boy like Little Zach would have gotten lots of blowjobs over the years. Maybe even given a couple himself. You boys can go. Time for Little Zach’s workout.”

Still chuckling the two house boys left. Manu undid Zach’s wrists and ankles. He handed Zach his pick bikini bottom.

“Go rinse out your mouth and put your suit on.”

A stunned Zach stumbled to the bathroom, washed his face and gargled with mouthwash to erase the taste of cum from his mouth. He looked in the mirror wondering how he could get control of his life back. Manu appeared behind him. He started to coat Zach with sunscreen. Manu washed his hand when he was done.

“Put on the suit Little Zach, time for your workout.”

Zach did as he was told and followed Manu to the outdoor gym. He put on his pink sneakers and lace trimmed socks without comment. The workout was tough but Manu suggestion of getting the shock box to motivate Zach kept him from complaining.

Finally Manu said Zach could stop and he sank to the ground, covered in sweat. Manu handed him a bottle of water which he gratefully took. Manu looked down as Zach relaxed and sipped the water.

“It is about time to take Europa out of her hot box. You might as well come along for that.”

Zach got up and followed Manu. Hale & Kana were already waiting by the hot box. Once Zach & Manu arrived Hale unlocked the door. The stench that emerged was even worse than Zach remembered.

Europa slowly emerged from the hot box. Her hair hung down over her shoulders. He face was bruised where Hale had backhanded her. She walked awkwardly, obviously still recovering from her rape the night before. She looked around to see if Paki had come for her release. She stood quietly with her head down waiting for instructions.

Hale grabbed her hair and pulled her had back so he could look into her face.

“Go clean yourself up. Papa will see you tomorrow.”

Europa said nothing but nodded and slowly walked to the house. Men awhile Manu attached a leash to Zach’s PA.

“Come along Little Zach we have a couple things to get done today.”

Manu lead Zach back to the cottage, Hale & Kana followed them. They had Zac remove the tiny swimsuit, shoes & socks. In the bathroom they had him sit on the bench while they applied a bleaching solution to the hair on his head and his abbreviated trail & pubic hair.

Half an hour later they had Zach get into the shower and rinse off. When he came back they used a blow dryer on his hair before applying hair dye. The waited about an hour before having Zach rinse again. The remaining hair on his body was now a bright blue color. Zach gasped as he caught a glimpse of himself in the bathroom mirror.

Once again he was placed on the bathroom bench. Kana’s wife, Lani, a former hairdresser arrived at the cottage. She expertly attached blue hair extensions to Zach’s head so that his hair now brushed his shoulders.

Zach just sat there and said nothing. All he kept thinking was how he would get away from this island.

After Lani left, lunch was delivered and the four men ate together. The brothers laughed and joked with each other. Zach answered any question sent his way as quickly and with as a few words as possible. He couldn’t wait for them to leave him alone.

After lunch Zach was told to lay on the bed. His wrists and ankles were attached to the bed frame. Hale sat on Zach’s stomach to anchor him to the bed as Manu approached with some syringes on a tray.

The syringes were already filled. Man inserted the first syringe beside Zach’s right nipple and slowly injected the contents. Zach shrieked with pain. Whatever was in the syringe burned as it was absorbed by his body. The next injection was on the other side of that nipple before Manu moved on to Zach’s left nipple.

“Papa has been working on a drug that can jump start the milk making tissues in the male breast. There might be a market for fathers’ who want to be able to nurse their children. Maybe not?

Meanwhile he thought this was a great opportunity to try it out on you Little Zach. Do you think you will like being a human cow? Chances are in a week or so, if we keep up the daily injections you will have perky little titties that will actually produce milk.”

Zach looked up at him.

“Please don’t do this! Why would you do this to me? I haven’t done anything to you people. Don’t you have any remorse for the torture you are putting me through? I’m not a bad person, I never deliberately hurt anyone but you are doing all these thing to me. You are making me a fucking freak! I don’t want to be a freak!”

Hale climbed off Zach and he and Kana left. Manu smiled down at Zach.

“Papa bought you as a pet. You belong to him and he can do whatever he wants to you. That is the way the world works. The rich and powerful can afford many things to amuse them. You amuse Papa. He enjoyed watching you display your body in your movies.

This drug will work faster if I massage your chest. I’m afraid it is going to hurt.”

Manu roughly provided Zach with a deep chest massage. Zach screamed in pain until his throat got too sore to continue. By the time Manu was done Zach lay on the bed semi-conscious, his eyes swollen from hysterically crying.

Manu knelt in the bed his large dick hanging in Zach’s face.

“You have a choice Little Zach. You can suck my dick or I can continue the chest massage.”

Zach mouth opened quickly. He did his best to bring off Manu and was rewarded with his second mouthful of cum today. It leaked from the corners of Zach’s mouth and when Manu pulled his dick out, Zach spit as much cum as possible on the bed.

Manu stood up with a smile.

“That was mediocre but your technique appears to be improving.”

He undid Zach’s ankles and wrists. Zach grabbed a pillow to hold against his aching chest and rolled into a ball. Manu smiled as he left the cottage. An exhausted Zach fell asleep quickly.

Zach woke up and took a shower. The warm water felt good on his swollen nipples. When he emerged from the shower, house boys were there to prepare him for yet another luau.

Tonight his elaborate makeup played on the blue theme. His lips were dark red. His sarong was flimsy pale blue materiel. It hid nothing. Zach allowed the house boys to do whatever they wanted to him. As they walked to the luau area he noticed his pecs seemed to have a little bounce to them. His nipples looked larger than normal.

Tonight Zach was seated with Paki’s daughters in law who complimented his makeup. Paki and his sons ignored him. The after dinner show involved house boys dancing in tiny loin clothes until the sons joined the dance and eventually roughly fucked the house boys.

Zach was amazed that the women had no problem with watching their husband engaged in homosexual activity. He wondered when he would be a part of the after dinner activity. Before Zach left Paki fondled and kissed him similar to the night before but he said nothing to Zach who passively let the older man do whatever he wanted.

The recently fucked house boys took Zach back to the cottage. Once they were out of sight of the luau area Zach bent down and vomited on the grass. He collapsed onto the bed as soon as he was inside the cottage. The house boys left and Zach eventually cried himself to sleep.

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