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Well I'll be Dawged
Chapter 2 - Well I'll be Dawged
By Telemachus

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After a short drive to the outskirts of town Butch pulled up outside the house he called home and climbed out. The kid hadn't moved for the entire journey and now made no effort to get out. When Butch opened his door and pulled him out he responded in the same mechanical way as before.

Butch took the kid by the back of the neck and guided him up to the front door and opened it. Just inside was another door down to the cellar where Butch kept his 'toys'. He manouvered his new playmate down the stairs and into the center of the room. The kid just stood there looking down at the floor as Butch positioned himself in front of him.

"Ok, let's see what we got to play with tonight" muttered Butch as he pulled the kids t-shirt up and over his head. The kids torso was slim, pale and hairless, the only ridges he could see were caused by his lower ribs.

"Not much meat on this chicken" muttered Butch as he circled the kid. "And not much spirit neither. " He stopped to face his new toy. "Let's just see how you react when we got you hogtied and squealin'." he said to the kids downturned face as he jerked a thumb at a nearby wooden table. Handcuffs, ropes, chains, ballgags and a whole assortment of other bondage paraphernalia lay strewn across it.

"Now it's time to get mean" snarled Butch as he gripped the kids throat in his big right hand and squeezed.

And then the world turned upside down.

In a single polished move the kid seized the hand at his throat, twisted and spun then flipped Butch over and onto the floor, face down in the dust.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" gasped Butch in shock. He tried to get up but he had been winded by the fall and the kid was kneeling on his back holding onto an arm and a leg in such a way that Butch could hardly wriggle. "This could not be happening" thought Butch, "I'm bigger, stronger and meaner than this skinny runt."

The next few moments were a blur for Butch, His ankles were roped together, his wrists were cuffed and as he tried to roar his anger a ball gag was popped neatly into his mouth and secured firmly around the back of his head. He had been hogtied by an expert.

Butch twisted and wriggled but with no effect. The kid was no longer on his back so with some effort Butch managed to get onto his side to look up at his captor. The kid was calmly brushing the dust off Butch's muir cap which he then placed neatly on his head, it was a bit too big and slid down, resting on his ears. The effect might have been comical but Butch was not in a laughing mood. The kid then picked up Butch's favourite dark aviator glasses lying on the table and put them on, then he picked up a leather harness and held it up, turning it back and forth. Butch stared at him, was he was figuring out if it would fit?

"MPH MMPH MMPH, MPHMPH" shouted Butch. It was supposed to be an angry yell - "Put that down, fucker" - but it came out as meaningless noise. The kid took no interest in the wriggling, grunting captive at his feet and continued to carefully check through all the items on the table as though he had all the time in the world.

After what seemed to be an eternity to Butch the kid finally settled upon a simple leather vest and slipped it onto his creamy smooth torso. Only then did he turn to look at the writhing figure on the floor. He leant over and slipped his hands under Butch arms and, with an audible grunt, he pulled his captive up and onto his feet, holding on to him so he didn't topple over. Butch shouted and screamed at the kid through the gag but only a meaningless torrent of MPH sounds came out.

"Sssshhhh" whispered the kid gently putting his index finger onto the ball gag in Butch's mouth. Butch paused in surprise, it was the first sound the kid had made since they had met. Then Butch started to shout again, whereupon the kid calmly took his nose in his fingers and squeezed, cutting off the air. Butch tried to pull free but with his hands and feet secured and with the kid holding him tightly around his torso with his left arm and keeping his nose closed with his right hand Butch was stuck.

As his air started to run out Butch started to feel dizzy, and still the kid didn't move, a gentle "Sssshhhh, ssshhh" was all he would say. Finally Butch admitted defeat and lapsed into silence, a few seconds later the kid released his grip on Butch's nose allowing Butch to desperately suck in as much air as he could. Trying to fight the kid was clearly useless, better to just wait and see.

The kid could see that his captive was admitting defeat, he smiled slightly then started to use his freed right hand to gently stroke the hair on Butch's chest, tracing his index finger around the edges of his big, heavy pecs and finally teasing his nips.

Butch quivered slightly at the touch. It had been a long time since he had last played the bottom position in a BDSM session but the feel of fingers stroking his nips caused a spontaneous tingle of electricity through his body.

The kid seemed to notice the reaction and started to work harder on Butch's hardening nips, pinching, twisting and pulling the sex-hardened pink mounds as they slowly turned into rigid bullets. As he did so he slowly circled around to face Butch's back, his two arms reaching around to work on the tits while his crotch pushed gently into the crack in Butch's leather clad butt. Then one hand slid downwards and unfastened the front of Butch leather jeans before pulling out his thickening dick and big, heavy, hairy balls.

As his right hand worked Butch's balls and the left worked his nips the kid started to gyrate his crotch against Butch's ass. The unfastened leather pants were sliding further down Butch's legs with every rythmic thrust. Butch's head tilted back as he started to lose himself in the increasingly hot and sweaty action, his thick dick growing harder with every grunt of pleasure.

The kid started to slow down his gyrations, concentrating on getting Butch's dick to its maximum rigidity. Once he had done so he stopped and stepped towards the table, leving Butch swaying and panting. Butch glanced over, the kid had his own jeans open now and was sliding a condom onto his own sizeable erection. He then picked up a bottle of poppers from the table and returned to stand behind Butch.

Butch could feel the kids dick pressing into his chute as a hand slid around and onto his pecs again, teasing and twisting one nip. The other hand now slid around and up to his face holding the popper bottle, now lidless. As the fumes hit him Butch shuddered, it wan now only the kids firm presence that stopped him collapsing to the floor.The world was spinning and Butch was only vaguely aware of the kids hand grasping, pulling, sliding along his greasy dick. He felt the kids own dick now inside him as the ecstasy in his head suddenly exploded in a torrent of stars...

After a while Butch started to gain awareness of his surroundings again. The kid was slowly withdrawing his own dick with an audible slurping noise that said he had cum, big time, in Butch's ass. A sticky presence on his belly betrayed his own orgasm and the weakness in his knees told him that it had been a big one. Suddenly Butch felt very tired. The kid seemed to sense it and his grip loosened allowing Butch to slide gently down onto the floor.

Butch was only vaguely aware of the kid moving about, probably cleaning himself up. It took a second or two before Butch realised he was still cuffed, roped and gagged. And as he opened his eyes he saw the kid walking up the stairs to the door, leaving him helpless. The kid was still wearing the Muir cap, aviators and the leather vest and he had his baggy white tee clutched in his hand. Butch wriggled and MPH-MPH-MPH'd at the kid in a desperate plea to let him loose, but the kid didn't miss a step, didn't look back, and suddenly he was gone.

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