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Rivals Reunited
Chapter 11 - Rivals Reunited 11
By Tyler Bernard

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Bernard watched the stud fade out into unconsciousness, before picking up the second bowl, still loaded with Kraig’s cum and advanced on Tyler.

‘Your buddy slurped up your juices without much complaint, now it’s your turn.’ Bernard said. ‘You’ve already had some of his juices in your mouth, haven’t you? So I can’t see any reason why you can’t take the whole contents of this bowl in your mouth in one shot’

Scooping up as much of the juice as he could on the spoon, Bernard pushed the implement against the boy’s clenched lips. Tyler put up as much of a fight as possible, but eventually his resistance failed, and his mouth slipped open, just a few millimetres. Within a few seconds, a large spoonful of Kraig’s sperm was swilling around the inside of Tyler’s mouth. Bernard pressed his palm over the boy’s lips, to prevent him spitting it out, and held his nose, encouraging him to swallow. Tyler fought as long as he could, but his reflexes took over, and the cum was swallowed down his throat in two or three gulps.

Bernard smiled at the boy’s torment. He decided now was as good a time as any to begin turning the boys against each other.

‘You know, your fuck buddy beat you in the milking test. That means no sleep for you tonight’ He began.

Tyler coughed and spluttered, the taste of Kraig’s fluids still strong in his mouth. ‘Please. Please have mercy, master. Please let me sleep. I’m so tired...’

‘Of course, I haven’t told him yet. Maybe we could work something out. It would be our little secret. It would mean that Slave number one would have to take punishment tonight in your place. Do you want that to happen to him?’

Tyler looked up at the fat slob’s face. Kraig had helped him out so many times since this ordeal began, and Tyler wondered if he would have been able to survive this long without his friend’s assistance. But Tyler was feeling weak, and although he didn’t want to, he felt he had little choice - he was so very, very tired. He would do anything to get a few hours uninterrupted sleep, even if that meant betraying Kraig.

‘Please let me sleep tonight, master. I’ll... I’ll do what you want. Please take Kraig instead of me. Let me sleep’

Bernard wanted to laugh out loud, but he held it in – he did not want to break the spell he had cast. Instead he walked over to the old VHS video camera which he kept on a tripod in the corner of the room. He brought the camera back over, and kneeled down in front of Tyler.

‘Very well’ Bernard said. ‘After the ceremony is complete, you can go back to your bed for a full night’s sleep, but I expect you to be grateful for it. I’ve been feeling horny all morning, and I want you to help me relieve the pressure in my balls. I wish to video tape this moment, for my future viewing pleasure’

Bernard began to undo his belt, and the buttons on his trousers. Tyler realised, with horror, exactly what was expected of him.

Bernard started the video camera, and pointed it at Tyler’s red face.

‘Repeat what you just said, for the camera’ He ordered

Tyler moaned, loudly, and began to repeat his statement in a whisper. He avoided looking at the camera, as if in some way it would shield him from the impact of his words.

‘Louder’ Shouted Bernard.

‘Please let me sleep, master. I will do anything you want.’

‘And the other bit. Say how you want Kraig to take your punishment for you’

Tyler shook his head, but he was already defeated. After a few seconds, he made his shameful statement to the camera.

‘Let Kraig be punished instead of me...’

Bernard smiled. ‘Good, slave. Now, open your mouth wide, and let’s try that again...’

Over the next hour or so, Bernard enjoyed rehearsing the speech with Tyler, alternating between getting the boy to repeat his lines, and getting the boy to suck on his cock. Tyler resisted valiantly at first, flicking his head left and right to avoid contact, but the restraints were too tough, and his resistance was worn down. By the time Bernard got his final release, and spurted his cum deep into the hunk’s throat, he knew he had videoed enough versions of the conversation to serve his purposes. As his own seed splattered across the boy’s lips, and dripped down his face, he knew also that the seeds of destruction of the relationship between the two slaves had also already been sown.


Bernard had planned the ceremony with some care. Somewhere in the depths of his twisted, warped mind he still believed in what was once called ‘Family Values’. He had been brought up by strict parents, who had filled his mind with their own brand of strict morality and rules, and had never been happy with anything he had done. In their world, a man took a real job, got married, raised a family and acted in a responsible, moral way for their whole life. Bernard had tried to please them by leading this same life himself (he always considered caretaking, with its honest manual element, a ‘real mans job’). Yet he had always been hampered by his poor social skills and the fact that most women found him repulsive, and his prospects of living an idealised family life were virtually nil. Although his parents were long dead, their voices often echoed in his dreams, reminding him what a failure he was.

Somehow, through years of festering hate and anger, he had twisted these ideals into a new shape. Ever since the capture of Kraig and Tyler had become a possibility, he had been planning his way to honour his parent’s wishes. Now he was planning to go through with the marriage ceremony he felt they had always wanted. The fact that the ‘bride’ in this ceremony was in fact a 19 year old boy who he had imprisoned against his will made no difference to him. If they had been still alive, they would not be calling him a failure now, he thought.

He spent a good hour preparing himself for the ceremony, dressing in his best suit and tie (complete with flower in the buttonhole), setting out chairs in one of the vacant basement rooms to match his idea of what a chapel would look like. There of course would be no preacher or congregation, but he had obtained a video camera to keep a record of the ceremony. He had the wedding march music on audio cassette, he even had created a sort of marriage register. Instead of an altar, however, there was something unusual – an old fashioned, wooden-boxed television set, rigged up to a video recorder. Bernard looked forwards to the special role this would play in the ceremony.

He knew he needed a witness, but he had that covered.  He had tied Tyler’s wrists and ankles together, behind his back, and then, using a Car mechanic’s engine hoist, lifted his whole body into the air by putting the hoist’s hook through the ankle/wrist chains. Tyler was now swinging backwards and forwards, helplessly suspended. He wheeled him into the front row of the ‘Chapel’.

He had thought for a while on how to get his bride ready for the ceremony. He knew that the rules said he should not see his bride before the event, but as there was no-one else able to prepare the slave, he decided he could overlook this rule. The costume he had prepared was simple. Kraig was dressed in a white veil, and then he put the boy into a pair of women’s white lace knickers which he had bought from an online lingerie shop. A pair of white fishnet stockings finished the ensemble. As usual, the boy’s hands were secured behind his back, his ankles connected so that he could only hobble, and the shock collar was switched up to full power. He did not want the boy to make a scene and spoil his big day, so he kept the remote close at hand.

There was one other addition to the boy’s appearance. Bernard had shaved back the boy’s pubic hair, just immediately above the cock, and there, just a few hairs widths above the base of the cock, printed in half inch high black capital letters, was now a single word:


It was a temporary tattoo at the moment, but Bernard had plans to make it a permanent addition to the boy in due course. He had also applied one in the same place on the other slave. Bernard did not usually like tattoos, but in this case, he felt it improved the boy’s physique no end. He loved the way the boy’s perfect muscular stomach and the lines of his hips seemed to focus attention on that simple marking. He also liked the idea of making a permanent addition to his new toys, something to show for all time that this was his property .

Everything was ready. He pressed record on the camera, Started the audio tape, and the service began.

In years to come, the video tape became one of his most watched possessions. The music swelled, and there he was, a proud, elegant man, walking up the aisle with his young bride at his side, ready to start the rest of their lives together. He visualised the crowds of friends and relatives applauding him as he marched forward, admiring his strength and power, and the beauty of his loving wife.

A casual observer of the tape would have seen the a different sight – A fat, sweating older man, dressed in an ill fitting and ugly suit, waddles into shot, half dragging a mostly naked 19 year old boy, who is dressed only in tiny white lingerie pants and stockings. They move to the front of the room, and the older man brings out some cue cards, which he has written notes on. The man stops the tape deck, and begins his speech.

‘You are gathered here today to see the union of master and slave. Slave, do you willingly and absolutely submit to your master, do you permanently and totally surrender ownership of your body to him, to do as he wishes at all times, Do you promise to honour and obey him totally and carry out his demands, without thought or complaint, for as long as you shall live?’

On the tape, the boy shakes his head. The man raises his hand, threateningly. The boy’s answer is muffled, but the older man seems satisfied. He continues with his reading.

‘Master, do you commit to full ownership of this slave, to treat him however you want, to show him no mercy, to train him to serve you in all things, to take ownership of his body and punish it as you see fit, for as long as he remains of interest to you?’

The man pauses, and then answers himself. ‘I Do. I will now affix the ring’

The video is not clear at this point. All you can see is the man reaching down to the boy’s crotch, pulling down the lingerie pants. He has something shiny in his other hand, and some sort of tool. The boy struggles, but there is little he can do.

Bernard remembers the moment fondly. He pushed the golden ring down over the boy’s cock, painfully forcing his balls through, until the ring reached the very base of the organ, between the ball sack and the boy’s pelvis. The ring was loose fit initially, but it was designed to be tightened when in place, like a jubilee clip on a pipe. Bernard tightened the ring, and then, using the clamp attachment on his Swiss army knife, he pressed the two halves of the metal together, squeezing hard, fusing them tightly together, and making the ring as good as irremovable. He snipped away the excess metal, and the ceremony was now complete. It would take a skilled metalworker to remove that ring now. The boy had been marked as Bernard’s property.

‘Now, before we conclude the service, we have something we need to see...’

Bernard turned on the old television set, and pressed play on the video recorder. He forced Kraig down to his knees, with his face only a few feet away from the screen. The image flicked into life...

An image of Tyler’s sweaty face filled the screen, the image that Bernard had just recorded a few hours earlier on the old VHS video camera. Bernard’s voice could be heard, off camera, instructing the boy as to what to say.

Bernard: ‘Repeat again, what is it you will do for me?’

Tyler: ‘Anything, Master. Anything you want’

Bernard ‘Did you win the milking contest today?’

Tyler: ‘No, Master. Please, I cannot survive another night without sleep’

Bernard: ‘So, what do you want me to do about it?’

Tyler: ‘Please, Master, let Kraig be punished instead of me. He does not need to know that he won the contest, you can tell him he lost...’

Bernard: ‘And why should I do that, Slave?’

In response, Tyler leans forward. The camera pans across to reveal Bernard’s cock, engorged and ready. Apparently without hesitation, Tyler takes his master’s cock head into his mouth. He sucks on it energetically, slurping his lips over the flesh, before pulling back and looking up into his masters off-screen eyes.

Tyler: ‘Please master. I will do anything you ask. Punish Kraig, not me. Please...’

Bernard paused the video, and looked down at his bride’s face. He saw exactly what he had hoped to see – anger and disgust. His plan was working perfectly. He glanced over at Tyler, who was still hanging from the trolley jack. The boy had gone bright red, and was avoiding looking over at Kraig.

Bernard leant in close to Kraig’s ear for the last line of the ceremony. The closing words do not appear on the video, as they are whispered directly into the boys ear, beyond the range of the video camera’s microphone.

 ‘You hear what your buddy said? After all you did for him, he is willing to sell you out, for a mouthful of my cock. You think he loves you, but all he cares about is his own skin. How does that make you feel?’

Kraig said nothing. Bernard allows the room to remain in an uncomfortable, heated silence for thirty seconds, before making his last announcement to the imaginary congregation.

‘You may now fuck the bride’ he said.

The video ends with Bernard dragging Kraig from the room. Just before his image leaves the screen, Kraig turns and looks at Tyler. The expression on Kraig’s face leaves little doubt about how he feels about his colleague. Bernard often freeze-frames that image – the slave looks so hot when he is angry, and the expression on his face could not be misinterpreted.

The two boys were well on their way to becoming enemies again...