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Rivals Reunited
Chapter 3 - Rivals Reunited 3
By Tyler Bernard

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Rivals Reunited part 3

The night before the ‘main event’ as he called it, Bernard had sweated, worried about all that could go wrong. Everything was prepared. He had rented the truck, prepared all the equipment.  It was not too late to back out. He was about to cross a line, and there would be no going back. But every time he began to waiver, the same thought returned to his mind. Those models of perfection, those teenage gods... they were going to be his. Bernard, when it came down to it, was not a clever man. He was a brutal and angry man, and he had a great inventive streak when it came to his fantasies. But he was a caretaker for a reason. He dismissed his doubts and got down to work.

When the minute came, It went much more easily than he could ever imagine – the boys both often stayed late at the gym, long after almost anyone else had gone. They both had water bottles in their lockers, ready to refresh them after a furious workout. It was not unusual for Bernard to be seen in the locker room at that time of night, clearing out lockers, so it was easy for Bernard to open up each of the boy’s lockers using his skeleton key, a matter of a few seconds to empty the drug into the water bottles, relock the doors, move away. No one saw him. The wheels were now in motion and there was no going back.

He moved to the far corner of the locker room, pretending to be repairing a fault on a light switch. He knew there was no one else using the facilities, no one else likely to walk in and spoil his fun.

First Tyler enters the room, sweaty and hot from a vigorous workout. As usual, he doesn’t even register that Bernard is in the room. Tyler drinks the entire contents of the bottle in one sustained swig, before chucking the empty on the floor.

Bernard smiles at the boy’s arrogance. No thought for anyone but himself. Expects people to follow him round, clearing up his mess. He’ll pay for that arrogance soon.

The boy grabs his sports bag and heads for a changing cubicle. Bernard waits, expectantly, not knowing how long the drug will need to take effect, hoping that he won’t have to follow the boy round the whole building. He can’t get away.

A soft thump answers all Bernard’s worries. Gingerly, Bernard pushes open the cubicle door. Tyler, still dressed in his sweaty singlet and shorts, is sprawled out on the floor, out cold. Bernard pushes him gently with his toe. No response. He’ll be out for hours. I’ll deal with him after closing time, he thinks. He locks the door with his skeleton key and waits for the next muscle-bound fly to enter his web.

10 minutes later Kraig appears. The mystery voice had said that their rivalry was such that they now hate to be in the same room at the same time, and as predicted Kraig, having seen Tyler heading for the changing room, had waited in the pool, giving Tyler plenty of time to change and leave before entering the room himself. Bernard, still pretending to fix the light switch, took a moment to admire the spectacular body, standing there, dressed only in those tight Speedos. Kraig reached both hands up behind his head and brushed his unruly damp mane of hair back, his eyes closed as if with pleasure. Bernard looked forward to having this fine specimen in his zoo, but he also experienced the hunter’s pleasure of watching this wild animal in its natural environment, dripping wet from the pool, powerful and confident, not knowing that it’s captor already had it in his sights, not knowing that it was experiencing its last few minutes of freedom. Kraig took the water bottle and raised it to his lips...

At that moment, Kraig opened his eyes and looked directly at Bernard.

Bernard froze. He was so wrapped up in his fantasy that he had forgotten not to stare, and now here he was, gazing directly into the eyes of his next victim. He knew his lust would be written all over his face, and as if that wasn’t enough, he knew the uncontrollable bulge in the front of his overalls would tell its own story... A lump rose in his throat. Had he ruined it all. For a few seconds, the two of them stared directly at each other.

And then, Kraig began to drink. He emptied the bottle in slow, leisurely gulps, still staring directly at Bernard. Bernard knew he must turn away, but he could not. And then Kraig turned and headed for the shower. He slipped out of his Speedos as he walked, giving Bernard a fine show of his perfect ass. Bernard could catch glimpses of the end of the boy’s cock, swinging freely between his legs as he walked.

A few days later, Bernard had wanted to document the whole experience, to write it down in detail in the notebook, while he remembered the fine details of those first glorious few days, so that he could enjoy them over and over again in the future, but in the end he took a long time to write it all down.

Every time he started filling in the story the sheer erotic power of the events caused him to break off after a few lines... why write about what happened a few days ago when you can walk downstairs and experience it in the flesh, he thought. And that was exactly what he did. Page 267 took him about five days to write, because who could write these things when they could go and experience them, all over again?

As a result, when he came to re-read them, several months later, he noticed that the style was abrupt, breathless, not like his usual detail or restraint at all. Page 267 really marked the point that his life changed, forever.

‘Page 267: Slave 1 naked, alone in the shower, starts feeling dizzy, collapses to the floor. Shut off the shower; drag the body into a side room, unable to resist the temptation for a quick examination, running my hands over his body. Examining the cock for the first time, more than I’d hoped. Very satisfactory. Lock the door behind me.

Wait for the gym to close and security to go home – balls are practically bursting in anticipation but must have patience. Definitely no one left in the building. Pick up Slave 2 first, using the post room trolley to take him to the lift, lift to the basement where the carrier bag of straps and bindings is waiting. Tempted to strip off the gym shorts and singlet, no, more fun when he is conscious.

Open the slave’s mouth, insert the rubber wedges on either side, inside the teeth. Run the strap from one wedge, round the back of the head to the other wedge. Adjust and tighten. There’s no way that mouth is going to close. Grab Slave 1’s Speedos, ball them up and stuff into slave 2’s mouth. Lie him face down on the floor. Begin with leather straps round ankles, then wrists tied together, behind back. Mailbag over the head, hate to hide that blonde hair but unveiling is all part of the fun.

Chose the thick leather dog collar for this slave; tie a rope from the bound ankles to the two iron loops set into in the floor, and another rope from the collar vertically upwards up to the pulley hanging from the iron pipes.  Pull on this rope so that the boys head and neck rises about two feet above the floor. Adjust collar and check his breathing is not obstructed,

OK, Return upstairs for Slave 2. Same procedure, bring him down in the lift, tie him up but differently - legs spread-eagled, seated flat on the floor, handcuffs behind back round the iron girder, no way he can move. Use the silver chain and padlock round the throat rather than the dog collar. Pleased to note measurements are correct, two bodies are in exactly the right positions.

Slave 1 can have that red jockstrap as a gag, the stinking, sweaty one I found dumped in the changing rooms after Tuesday’s wrestling finals. Get an added buzz from tying up a completely naked 19 year old slave. Restraint, must show restraint. Take a moment to admire my composition of the two bodies. Still much to do before the fun can begin. A syringe of blood needs to be taken from each body. Makes me squeamish – funny when you think of all the other things I’m going to do... Back up the rented truck, and load Tyler’s car to take it to the cliff top. Deliver the car, add the blood, smash the windscreen. Go back to the gym.’

All the while when he was driving out to the cliffs to prepare the fake crime scene, Bernard never once worried, never thought for a second that he might get pulled over, or something might go wrong. Because he knew tonight was his night. Everything would be perfect. The traffic lights even seemed to change for him, as if willing his forward. The roads were clear of traffic, not a soul in sight. The whole operation went off spotlessly.

Even so, he was quite exhausted as he returned to the darkened gym. It was only just before midnight, and he knew he had a long night ahead of him. Patience, have patience. He was not a young man, not physically fit at all, but he intended to have a physical workout tonight unlike any in his life. He took a long, cool drink from the water fountain before taking the lift to the basement.

The lift doors opened, and there before him lie the two hooded bodies, immobile but not motionless, as it becomes apparent that the sedative is beginning to wear off. He was tired from his exertions, so he pulled up a chair and sat down, watching as the two studs slowly returned to consciousness. He would need his energy for what lay ahead, and for now, it was enough just to watch. He waited for his victim’s first words as a slave.

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