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Rivals Reunited
Chapter 7 - Rivals Reunited 7
By Tyler Bernard

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His name was Doyle, and he was a thief. He never ceased to be amazed at how much information people just transmitted into the air for people like him to tap into – cordless phones, mobiles, wireless internet, and his personal favourite, baby monitors. He could sit outside houses in the better districts of town, adjust his scanner and it would be like he was in the room, overhearing every detail of the household’s plans. It was practically like they were telling him when they would be out so that he could enter and burgle the place. He often just spent lazy afternoons cruising around town, waiting until he picked up some kind of signal, and then he would pull over, listen in, and prepare his plans.

This is exactly what he had been doing the evening he picked up Bernard’s voice, just as Bernard burst into the cellar room and pulled Tyler and Kraig apart, just as Kraig was about to go down on Tyler’s cock. Immediately Doyle knew he had stumbled onto something, and although he couldn’t make out all the words, the sound effects were crystal clear – the creaking of a bed, an older man taunting a younger one, unmistakeable sounds of sex building to an explosive climax.

Doyle didn’t like to spend too long sitting at the roadside after dark as someone would get suspicious, but he had to know where the voices were coming from. He had listened in on many a sex session beforehand, both between couples and performed by lonely people on themselves, but he had never heard anything like this before, and immediately he realised there was something here which needed further examination – he had an instinct that there was some profit in this for him.

 There was not much around here, just a few industrial units, and that large, old hospital, which had been converted into a gymnasium many few years ago. He was surprised it was still in business. That seemed like the best place to start. The noises had died away now, apart from what sounded like an occasional animal like cry.

Doyle rigged up his portable scanner in his jacket, and got out of the car. The gym was closed for the day, but that was not an issue. He was going to explore.

The old building was far from secure, and he had no problems accessing a downstairs washroom. He doubted there would be much in the way of security, but Doyle was confident he could handle any situation if it came up. By the look of it, the premises had some kind of caretaker apartment attached, so there was probably some old man up there, watching TV or something, no match for Doyle if their paths crossed. Doyle was in his early thirties, and he was strong and fit, but he didn’t need a Gym to work out – his chosen career gave him all the exercise he could ever need.

He walked the moonlit corridors silently, confidently, always monitoring the weak signal through his earpiece. The building was large, and he moved up and down the corridors, trying to locate a source. However, the place was cold and quiet. Maybe this place wasn’t it? Maybe the event was occurring in one of those empty looking industrial units?

In the small and filthy caretaker rooms where he lived, Bernard had been resting– he knew he had almost overdone it earlier, when he was on top of Tyler – it felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest. He had taken his medication and had lain back on his grim little bed, waiting for the pain to subside. He was determined to get a good night’s rest, as tomorrow was his day off, and tomorrow he had a whole day of activities lined up for his living sex toys.

But there was something he wanted to do tonight, before he went to bed. He had a special game lined up for his two studs. Something to keep them busy during the night while he slept soundly upstairs. His heart had stopped pounding so violently, so he felt now he could continue. He got up and, without bothering to dress, got the keys to the main building.

Doyle was just considering if there was anything worth taking, to make his trip worthwhile, when he heard a noise. Someone is approaching. He swiftly pulled himself back into a concealed space as a figure approached, and watched.

A man, old but still strong, marched along the corridor, muttering to himself. This must be the caretaker, Doyle thought. The man looked stronger and more powerful than Doyle had imagined, but was sweaty and red faced, as if he had just run up ten flights of stairs - he would be no match for Doyle if the two met. Doyle was initially surprised to see that the man was totally naked, but he had seen many unusual things in his life, and why shouldn’t the man walk around in the nude if he wanted to? He obviously thought was the only one there.

Doyle pulled himself back into the shadows as the man walked past, muttering to himself. Doyle had a brief whiff of the man’s unpleasant sweaty smell as he passed by, only a metre or so from where Doyle was concealed. He could clearly hear the man’s voice and what he was muttering to himself... something about teaching someone a lesson, and Doyle immediately recognised the voice. This was the man who he had heard earlier on the scanner. Doyle smiled, his instincts had been correct, this was definitely the place. But where was the action taking place? Should he sneak up to the caretaker flat and see if that was where the transmissions were coming from? He decided to see where the caretaker was going. As soon as the man moved out of sight, Doyle began to silently pursue him.

Doyle was good at what he did, he was quite confident that the red faced, sweaty naked man had no idea that he was being watched as he unlocked the door marked ‘boiler room’. As soon as the man was inside, Doyle moved to the door. The man hadn’t bothered to close it, why would he? Doyle peered inside, and saw a flight of metal stairs disappearing into the gloom. The sound of footsteps receding could be heard, and then the sound of something moving, like a heavy door. Doyle went down the stairs.

An oily corridor, lit only by bare bulbs, led off into the depths of the building. Cautiously, Doyle walked further into the maze of corridors. He came to the end of the corridor where a single doorway opened into a final room. He looked inside, and was momentarily confused. The room was a large room, full of all sorts of junk and rubbish. There was nowhere else the man could have gone, yet he was not there... where had he gone?

One shelving unit looked out of place, though, not flat up against the wall like the others. There was light shining from underneath it. Doyle came closer, and noticed the shelves were hinged to the wall. He pulled, cautiously, and the whole thing opened, to reveal further corridor extending beyond. A hidden entrance. Doyle smiled to himself – anything kept this deliberately hidden always offered him the possibility of profit. He sneaked inside.

When Bernard entered what he called the games room, the two youths were exactly where he had left them – not surprising, with the way they were bound. The blond one was still face down on the bed, still shining with sweat, still smelling of the recent sex. The dark haired one was still half-standing in the middle of the room, with an expression of pure anger on his face.

Bernard went out into the hallway and retrieved the first of the two special harnesses he had built for this next game. Each one was formed from a single metal bed frame, pivoted in the middle, so that it could be moved from its usual flat level position to a position where it was almost vertical. Secure bindings were fitted in each corner and across the middle. In addition, a hinged metal arm extended to a small box, about the size of a shoebox, which was mounted next to the centre of the frame. The two studs stared at these strange contraptions as Bernard brought them into the room, fearing what was to come next.

Doyle watched the man dragging the strange apparatus into the room. He wanted to get closer, to see what was going on inside, but there was no safe way to do that yet. He would wait. In the mean time, he examined some of the other strange objects piled up in the wide corridor – many of them looked like they had once been exercise equipment, but they appeared to have been cut up and re-welded into all sorts of bizarre and unusual shapes. He really had no idea what many of them would be used for, but he was certain he wanted to find out.

Bernard went to get the second, identical harness, but, as he was returning to the room, he noticed something interesting. He had assumed when he first entered the room that the expression of anger on Kraig’s face was aimed at him, but he noted from the doorway that the boy had shifting his gaze to stare at Tyler, and, just for a moment, Bernard thought he saw a similar glare of anger aimed at Tyler. Bernard could not be sure of what he had seen, but he certainly hoped the animosity between the two was still alive. Many of his schemes were based around the assumption that these two hated each other, but the recent sight of the two of them snuggling up together had risked affecting Bernard’s plans. Well, what he had planned tonight would quite likely test that theory. He closed the door behind him.

He gave them both a quick blast with the electro-shock collars, to reduce any resistance, and while they were recovering, he grabbed the chloroformed Speedos and shoved them into each boy’s face, one after the other. The solution he used was weaker than previously, it would only knock the boys out briefly, maybe for less than 30 minutes. He could have just about moved them into position while they were conscious with the pulleys, but he wasn’t feeling so hot at the moment and he wanted to do it the easy way. Releasing them from their bindings, he manoeuvred them one by one into the new harnesses.

Doyle moved cautiously to the door. There was a hole in the door, like the flap you would see in a jail cell door, for the jailor to keep an eye on the occupant, and with great care he peeped inside. He immediately understood the situation. There were three people in the room, the old naked caretaker, and two naked, bound up studs, both with what looked like excellent, toned bodies, but both looked like they had been tied up for days – their hair was scruffy and unkempt, and stubble was forming on their faces. They both also appeared to be unconscious. Doyle watched, fascinated, as Bernard continued to set up the equipment.

It didn’t take long to rig the two of them up. Bernard then simply had to sit back and wait for them to wake up, so he could explain the night’s game to them. He amused himself for a few minutes by licking Kraig’s tight muscular chest, gently pinching the nipples between his teeth, and then giving the boy a good long French kiss on the lips, exploring with his tongue deep inside the boy’s sleeping mouth. He hadn’t really allowed himself to explore either of the boys thoroughly yet, and he appreciated this brief, quiet moment of exploration without having to fight against a struggling conscious young body. But the moment passed quickly as the two boys began showing their first signs of life. Bernard adjusted the positions of the harnesses and waited for the boys to come round.

Doyle was mesmerised by the sight before him, but he could not stay here in the corridor, he was too exposed. He saw there was another room next door to the one he was peering into, and he decided to investigate. His instincts told him that a set-up like this would have more than one opportunity to observe the inhabitants of this room. The next door room was smaller than the games room, but he immediately found what he was expecting. A large opening had been cut into the wall between the two rooms.

Doyle could see directly into the main room, but why hadn’t he noticed this before? The answer was simple – he had seen a large, dusty mirror covering part of one wall in the games room, this mirror was obviously one way glass, designed so that someone could observe the goings on without being seen. An armchair was positioned directly behind the mirror, for comfortable long term viewing. A speaker, connected to some unseen microphone, relayed all the sounds of the room. There were also a couple of TV monitors, currently switched off, and a table with empty drinks glasses. A peeping toms private pleasure room. This was perfect.

Doyle turned on one of the TV monitors, but was confused as to what he was seeing – it looked like he had tuned into some sort of nature channel, the image looked like an infra-red picture, taken in some darkened cave or something. He could see a large number of ugly cockroaches scrabbling over what appeared to be lettuce leaves. He watched, curious for a moment. He left the monitor on as his attention drifted back to the scene before him.

Doyle wondered whether anyone else would be coming down to sit in this seat and observe the goings on, but he suspected that the caretaker was the sole intended occupant of that chair. Doyle eased himself into the seat, and began to watch the show.

Tyler awoke first. His head was pounding from the knock-out, and he felt disorientated – it took him quite a while to work out what was going on. As the realisation that he was still in the basement hit him, he let out a low, animal wail, from behind the gag which filled his mouth.

Tyler could see Kraig, who was still unconscious and also gagged by a cloth in the mouth held in place with a leather strap, immediately opposite and facing him. They were probably about five feet apart. Like Kraig, Tyler was in a vertical, standing position, although their feet were not touching the ground, instead his legs were spread and strapped to the corners of the metal bed frame, with his arms secured by the wrists, just above his head. They were both totally naked.

Between the two of them, some sort of trolley was parked, with a cloth over the top of it, as if something was waiting to be unveiled.

Instinctively, he tugged at the restraints, although he knew it was hopeless. His arm and wrist restraints were as tight as ever, but he noted he had a certain amount of movement around the waist. He doubted that freedom was accidental, and he suspected it had something to do with that terrifying looking box.

The box was spray painted black, and in itself it would not be something that caused alarm, however it was its current location that filled Tyler with the most fear. The shoebox-sized box was attached to the bed frame by a metal arm, which pivoted out to the centre of the apparatus, directly in front of and only a few centimetres away from Tyler’s crotch. Another one was fixed in the same position in front of Kraig. There was a hole, covered with strips of loosely fitted clear plastic, in the side of the box level with the boy’s cock- and the hole was just the perfect size for Tyler to put his cock inside, if he wished. He had no intention of doing that – what horrors were hidden inside that box? Two electrical wires dangled from the rear of the boxes, running off to the trolley and disappearing under the cloth which covered it. There was also a few tiny holes pierced n the top of the box... breathing holes?

As he stared, he had the impression that the box shuddered – as if something alive was moving inside.

It may have been an illusion, but already Tyler’s mind was filling with horrible images – was something sharp or painful going to emerge unexpectedly from that hole? He remembered seeing that film 1984, and the rats emerging down a tube attached to someone’s face – he had never liked rats, so he sincerely hoped that there was no rats inside, ready to burst out and bite the first thing they see...

‘I see you are awake’ said Bernard to Tyler. ‘I may as well get you ready while we wait for your fuck buddy to come back into the land of the living’

Bernard grabbed the cloth on the trolley, and theatrically pulled it away to reveal... well, at first it was difficult to make out what was on there – a grey metal box, a lot of wires, some of which ended on crocodile clips, some ending on metallic rings, about the same size as the hole in the box, but with tiny little leather pouches, like a pair of pirate’s eye patches, attached. The wires from the black boxes connected to electrical terminals on the gray metal box, and there was also a couple of dials and switches on top of the box. Finally, another wire connected to the bed frame via a large metal clip.

Bernard took two of the crocodile clips, and brought them over to Tyler’s chest. Tyler tried to pull away, but Bernard restrained him with one hand, and with the other carefully and sadistically applied the clips to Tyler’s nipples, one at a time. Tyler yelped in pain as the little blunt metal teeth gripped into his sensitive skin. It felt like they were biting right through, and Tyler looked down, expecting to see blood, but the clips were just squeezing into the flesh, holding it tightly.

Then, Bernard picked up one of the metal rings, and Tyler knew where it was going. With little difficulty, Bernard slipped it over the end of Tyler’s cock, and slid it right up to the base. It was a fairly loose fit, But Tyler realised immediately it was intended to be a tight fit around an erect cock. Bernard strapped the tiny leather pouches like slings around Tyler’s ball sack and tightened them, effectively encasing the balls in leather and also locking the metal ring in place. The metal felt cold and surprisingly heavy against the skin of Tyler’s flaccid cock, and the little harnesses felt like they were thoroughly restraining the boy’s balls. The three wires – two from the crocodile clips and the one from the metal cock ring, were carefully connected to a set of terminals on the grey box.

Kraig had regained consciousness during Tyler’s wiring up procedure, and he had stared in silent horror at the apparatus before him, because he had seen it before, in a drawing, in Bernard’s notebook. The book had described in detail how the apparatus would be manufactured, and how it would be applied to the victims, and what they would go through. Bernard had even crudely sketched a figure in the midst of sexual anguish at the hands of the machine, and Kraig remembered jerking off to those images when he had first seen them, when he was still furious at Tyler for rejecting him, and in his mind he had turned Bernard’s crude drawing into a detailed, live sweating image Tyler suffering the indignities of this machine.

Well, he was getting his wish now, for he was going to watch Tyler being tied to this machine, directly in front of him, but somehow he didn’t feel so hot about it, because he realised immediately that this machine needed two slaves to make it work, and he was going to be slave number two. He also remembered the text which had described this device as an overnight application, and Kraig knew instantly that the two of them had a very, very long night ahead of them.

As soon as Bernard had finished wiring up Tyler, he turned his attention to Kraig. On went the crocodile clips to the nipples, and the heavy metal cock ring. Kraig was also wired into the box. And then Bernard set some of the dials on the box, and took an extension lead, which he dragged across the room to plug into a mains socket. All was ready.

Bernard, as usual, took a few moments to enjoy the sight of the trussed up and wired victims, and then began his explanation of what lay ahead.

‘Tomorrow is my day off’ Bernard began, ‘... and the three of us have a busy day’s worth of activities planned, so I’m going to get a good night’s sleep tonight. However I’m afraid the same can’t be said for you’

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