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By Unruly Dogboy

BRO-TAP: The Prequel

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Eddie didn't usually attend parties at other fraternities; he was a brother at Beta Sigma Sigma and had a very active social life.  But Brett had been his roommate freshman year, and Eddie had difficulty saying "no" whenever Brett twerked his twink ass against Eddie's crotch.

According to Brett, the KTT brothers wanted to bury the hatchet and cultivate a better image on campus.  Known for their hazing, lack of racial diversity, and frequent allegations of sexual assault, Kappa Tau Tau was everything Eddie's multicultural fraternity Beta Sigma Sigma opposed.  When Brett pledged KTT despite Eddie's protests, it ended their friendship.  Now, two years later, Brett surprised Eddie with this invitation.  


Eddie sent a text to let Brett know he had arrived, and Brett escorted him into the frat house.  Eddie was proud of the BSS house, but he had to admit, the KTT house was a palace by comparison.  Brett introduced Eddie to all the brothers.

Just like the house, Eddie had to admit, the brothers of KTT were, almost without exception, good-looking studs.  Eddie hoped the KTT's desire to improve their reputation was genuine because he'd like the opportunity to party in private with some of these guys.

"Brothers," Brett announced.  "My old roomie, Eddie, turned twenty-one this week.  Let's give him a KTT celebration he'll never forget."

Brett fist-bumped Eddie and handed him a beer.  The bottle was already open.  Eddie pretended to drink but discreetly disposed of the beer and retrieved an unopened bottle from the pledge working the bar.   Maybe the guys of KTT were looking to turn over a new leaf, but Eddie wasn't taking any chances.  

Eddie was chatting with Brett when he realized how warm it was and how disorienting the music had become.  Brett recommended Eddie remove his top to cool down.  Light-headed, Eddie stumbled toward the exit.

"I have to llleave, wwwha did ... how did ... didn't drink your ..."  Eddie's words were slurred.  

Brett took his arm, "Let's go someplace, private, let you lay down."

Eddie tried to pull away, but the room was spinning, and he practically fell into Brett's arms.  

Brett maneuvered Eddie down a hall, "I know you didn't drink the beer I gave you; it hurt my feelings that you didn't trust me.  Of course, you were right not to.  Fortunately, we had several spiked 'sealed' bottles stashed at the bar.  Tonight we remind you pretentious BSS assholes that KTT runs this campus."

Eddie had flashes of Brett stripping him naked and lots of different guys holding him down.  He was thankful he remembered little else.


Eddie was found the following day under the deck of his frat house.  His frat brothers rushed him to the hospital, where he was treated for hypothermia.  Eddie woke late that evening; his muscles and ass ached.  

A man sat next to his bed.  "You have a great bunch of fraternity brothers; they sat with you all day.  I told them I was a family friend and sent them home."

Eddie groaned.

"Rough night?   Been there.  I mean, not 'there' like what was done to you.  Fuck, let me start over.  I'm Carl Moore. I am here to talk about the trust that your father left for you."

Eddie was groggy but knew the man was mistaken.

"My father?  I never knew him.  My father left when he learned mom was pregnant."

Carl leaned close.

"Now that you are twenty-one, there is a lot you need to learn."  He placed a business card on the table next to Eddie's bed.  "Call me when you get out."


It took Eddie an hour to drive to the address Carl provided.  Eddie was glad he had asked his two brothers to come with him.  Technically they were his cousins, but they had been raised together and beat the shit out of anyone who implied they were anything less than brothers.  

They drove through a security gate and pulled up to a large cabin on a private lake.  

"You sure this guy is legit?  'Three brothers from the city arrive at an isolated cabin on a lake' is exactly how many horror movies begin."  Demetrius joked.  

Tareek wasn't in a laughing mood, "Why are we wasting our time? We should be at that frat house beating the shit out of those racist rapists."

Eddie tried to calm T down, "The police and university are investigating."

Tareek scoffed, "I know you've seen the videos those assholes posted online; at least half the fraternity was involved, and none of them seem troubled by the investigations.  They've done it before and gotten away with it.  Probably will again."

D punched T's arm.  "We're with you for whatever you need," Demetrius assured Eddie.

Carl stood at the door and greeted the three young men.  "Welcome, Eddie. "

Carl offered Eddie the official Beta Sigma Sigma handshake.

"You're a Beta?"

Carl rolled up his sleeve and revealed an impressive bicep and a Beta tattoo.  

"And you must be Demetrius and Tareek.  Glad you came along.  A cabin out in the middle of nowhere sounds like a horror movie.  Am I right?"

Demetrius glanced at Eddie and mouthed, "We should run."

Carl didn't notice, "Here, Eddie, these are yours."

The man handed Eddie a set of keys.

"What are ... "Eddie started.

"The keys to your house, outbuildings, vehicles, and the fob for the security gate.  All this belongs to you; it has since you turned twenty-one."

Eddie was speechless, but Tareek found the right words, "Shut the fuck up!  Who are you, Oprah?"

Carl laughed.  


An hour later, Carl had given them a tour of the considerable estate and gone over Eddie's equally substantial finances.  D and T left to explore the property on ATVs while Carl sat with a slightly overwhelmed Eddie.

Carl cleared his throat.  "There is one important thing we have not discussed; it is somewhat complicated.  You can decide whether to tell your brothers."

Carl opened a security door and descended the stairs.

"I hope D wasn't right about this being a horror movie," Eddie mused and followed Carl into the basement.

The steps opened on a large modern lab.  Carl slipped on a labcoat and handed on to Eddie, "Your father was Edward Jennings, of the Jennings brewery.  They are one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the state.  Edward kept his relationship with your mother and ... his relationship with me secret from his family.    He built all this and created a trust for you without his family knowing. I didn't understand at the time, but he did so to keep us safe."

Carl informed Eddie that the Jennings family kidnapped young, fit men and used their bodies to produce an ale called Stud Sauce.  They strapped the men into milking machines and pumped them full of drugs.  The beverage the men produced was sold to wealthy clients for a hefty profit.  

"That sounds very illegal and morally reprehensible," Eddie stated.

"I can think of a few people I'd like to strap down," Carl quipped, "But I suspect your father would agree with you.  His family's drugs cause permanent brain damage and reduce the men to little more than drones after the initial dosage.  Edward believed that the process could be performed in a way that did no lasting harm and was even pleasurable for those involved.  Which brings us to this lab.  Edward created this facility and foundation in secret."


"Yes, the Empowering Future Leaders Foundation."

"Wait, my college scholarship is from...  What happened to my father?"

Carl did his best to explain the events of twenty-one years ago, but there were a lot of details he didn't know.  

"Edward made careful arrangements so his family would remain ignorant of you, your mother, and my work.  Above all else, I was to protect you and your mother."

Carl looked away.  "I'm sorry.  Edward had prepared a letter for your mother.  I delivered it and a wad of cash.  Then I told your mother that Edward wanted nothing to do with a bastard child, and if she caused any trouble, he'd ruin the lives of everyone in her family.  I regret that she never knew how deeply he loved her.  For years I worked to accomplish what Edward didn't live to see.  I am very close to perfecting the process.  If you wish, you can pick up where your father left off.

Carl showed Eddie a video of a test subject hooked up to his bro-tap machine.  Eddie was instantly captivated.

"Why the mask on his face?"

"The improved drug formulation is best administered in aerosol form.  It makes the subject instantly docile and highly aroused, and because it is inhaled, only a small dose is needed."

The man in the video produced tremendous quantities of ejaculate.   Apparently, the combination of drugs, fluids, and prostate stimulation was highly effective.  Carl offered Eddie a taste of the product, and Eddie immediately understood the appeal. Still, when Carl gave him a sample of Jenning's Stud Sauce, Eddie realized that Carl had not yet perfected the formula.

Carl's excuse, "We need more test subjects, but discreetly finding large numbers of young hung men to hook up for several weeks and additional studs to assist with prostate stimulation is nearly impossible."


Brett agreed to meet Eddie at the coffee shop; he was suspicious, but after the night at the KTT house, Brett would have risked just about anything for another chance to fuck his former roommate.  He was a block away from the coffee shop when Eddie called out to him, Brett turned, and Eddie sprayed something in his face.

Brett was walking with Eddie toward a campus parking lot.  Eddie had his arm draped across Brett's shoulders, and Brett nuzzled Eddie's neck.  Eddie rubbed Brett's ass, and Brett moaned.   They walked up to a bus, and Brett hesitated.

"We're going on a little field trip," Eddie whispered encouragingly.

On the bus, Brett saw Beta Sigma Sigma brothers occupied many of the seats.

"My brothers and your brothers going on a little field trip,"  Eddie elaborated.  

Brett walked down the aisle and observed each Beta Sigma Sigma brother getting head from a KTT brother.   Brett stopped and stared at the Beta Sig president as he fingered the KTT president, who also happened to be the backup football quarterback,

Eddie massaged Brett's shoulders, "Find an empty seat so we can join in the fun."

After another fifteen minutes, the last of the BSS brother arrived at the bus with their horny, obedient KTT companions.  The KTT brothers moaned and sucked for the entire hour-long ride.  

Eddie noticed the bus driver found his horny passengers distracting and was driving with only one hand.   He sent Brett up to lend a hand or a mouth, whichever the driver preferred.   It turned out to be both.  When Brett started deep throating the driver, Eddie moved to stand behind him, and Brett struggled to fit both the driver and Eddie's cock in his mouth simultaneously.

"Sweet mouth," the driver said after he deposited a large load down Brett's throat, "but love a shot at his thick ass."

Eddie smiled and told the driver that today was his lucky day.

At the lab, Tareek and Demetrius helped Carl and the Beta Sigmas install the KTT brothers into the bro-tap milkers.  Several of the KTT brothers were so aroused that they shot their loads while being hooked up.  Once strapped in, tubes pumped a steady flow of malt into the frat boys and caused their stomachs to bloat.  The masks on their face administered just enough drugs to keep them in a constant state of arousal.  The BSS brothers, the bus driver, and a group of trusted friends from Demetrius and Tareek's catering business volunteered their time and cocks to keep the frat bro-taps stimulated and producing.

It was a cultural exchange program, as young men of all races deposited their loads into the moaning, aroused KTT brothers.  Many of the 'boner donors', as Carl referred to them, became especially adept at stimulating the bro-tap prostates and generating vast amounts of bro-brew.  Demetrius and Tareek, who considered themself straight, volunteered more time than nearly any other participant.  They got so good at their work that several bro-tap would begin leaking just from hearing Demetrius or Tareek's voices.  

Carl tweaked the drug cocktail and the liquid ingredients to steadily improve the taste of the ale and the arousal of the casks.  Initially, most of the bro-taps made only incoherent moans, but over time, they recovered a limited ability to speak and thanked their boner donors profusely.

Eddie noticed that Carl had a particular fondness for Brett's ass and output.  Brett had started calling Carl, daddy.

"That boy has an ass made for fucking, and his ale is uncommonly sweet."

Eddie and Carl bonded over the pleasure they got from fucking Brett.  One evening as they sat on the porch of the cabin enjoying the latest batch of Stud Sauce.  Carl drunkenly kissed Eddie.  "Your dad would be so proud of what you are doing."

"I'm sure he'd be proud of you, as well.  Want to go tap Brett again?"

That night Brett set a record for the amount of ale he produced for his daddy.


The weekend before spring break, the Beta Sigma Sigma brothers threw a massive party at the old KTT house.  The KTT fraternity had signed the house over to the Beta's; several KTT brothers still lived at the house and eagerly shared a room with a Sigma brother or two.  Demetrius and Tareek had large rooms on the third floor, and KTT brothers would visit them throughout the day.  Several brothers still started to leak whenever D or T spoke to them. When asked about the small number of KTT brothers in attendance at the party,  Eddie reassured everyone that many were helping with refreshments.  

Later that night, Eddie escorted a select group of wealthy Beta Sigma Sigma alumni to the basement.  The alumni tapped the newly installed bro-casks, sampled the product, and signed on as regular customers.  

Eddie knew he had an excellent business model; now, he needed to deal with the competition.