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Taming Trent
Part 1 - Taming Trent - Demitransference 1
By Unruly Dogboy

Taming Trent

Demitransference - 1

This story is an excerpt from a free online game I am writing at . The game has elements of CYOA, which is why this story is written in the 2nd person. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated: .

You didn't know where you were or how you got here.

> Am I dreaming? It doesn't feel like a dream.

You were in a large open-air pavilion; there were no walls, only tall, thick stone columns around the perimeter. Mounted on the side of each column were dimly burning torches. A slight breeze blew through the pavilion, but the torches did not flicker. Looking out past the columns, you saw only blackness.   You shuddered.

A voice sounded from behind you, 'I think you will find it is nicer in here than out there.'

You turned around, expecting to find someone at your back; no one. Instead, you noticed a figure near the center of the room.

> Was someone there before?

You could not discern anything beyond a basic outline, but the figure beckoned for you to approach.

The voice came again, but this time from all around, 'Approach quickly; we have very little time.'

> That's creepy.

As you walked toward the middle of the pavilion, the room got progressively brighter.  It soon became clear that the figure was, in fact, a statue. The statue's stone glowed, and you felt an overwhelming urge to touch it.

> Great abs. This one could be an underwear model.

You reached out, and your fingers lightly brushed the smooth marble.  A blinding light surged from the statue. When your vision returned, you found that in place of the statue stood a stunningly handsome man. He seemed to be admiring his body as if seeing it for the first time.

When he finally looked in your direction, he smiled warmly, 'This body will do nicely. Thank you.  Now, to our urgent business. As you are in my temple, it is only appropriate that you introduce yourself.'

He waited as you stood frozen in shock.

"I see.  It is all a bit too much.  Perhaps, a little adjustment ..." he reached out a hand and cupped your cheek; warmth and confidence flowed across your body.

You stared into his eyes, unable to look away, 'I'm Adam. Adam Thompson. Who are'…'

'Who am I? I am the god Horcliff, son of Horcus.' Horcliff paused, looking at you; his smile never wavered. 'Horcliff? No? I know. No one remembers me. Some scholars remember my dad, god of oaths, but no one remembers Horcliff, god of the mistreated and maligned. Do you think it's the name? Horcliff. Now Zeus or Huitzilopochtli, those are godly sounding names. My worshipers call me Horcliff, but my friends usually call me HC.'

You could not believe what you heard, 'I am sorry. '…God'? Did you say you were God? Like immortal, all-powerful, God?'

HC chuckled, "Immortal, hmmm? Mostly. All the other stuff, not really. I am more of a lowercase '…g' god than capital '…G' God. I am one of the gods you know about from myths and legends."

His hands moved seductively across his torso.  "I look pretty hot for being several thousand years old, don't I?"

You started to respond when the room, no the world,  twisted. You felt dizzy, and things began to lose focus. HC tensed, clenched his fists; he appeared to be fighting against something. The room snapped back into focus.

HC looked concerned.  'Adam, this is our initial meeting, and your attachment to this realm is weak. I'll need to do the Cliffnotes version. I am Horcliff, god of the mistreated and the maligned. This place is an echo of my earthly temple. The original structure in your world is long since gone, but I maintain this remnant. I can look into your world from here, and I have been looking for a long time. Looking for someone, someone like you.'

You found this hard to accept, 'Like me?'

HC reached out and grasped both your shoulders. "Yes, Adam, like you. You are very special to me. You are my great, great, a lot of greats grandson. Probably not a direct line, but your bloodline is most assuredly divine. Adam, you are a demigod."


HC seemed to read your thoughts, 'Yes, demigod. Child of a god and a human.  You are a demigod many times removed, but I sense immense potential within you.'

A glowing aura appeared around HC. He seemed taller, more powerful, intoxicatingly masculine. The energy coming off him was nearly overwhelming.

You were very aroused.

'Adam, child of my children, you have been mistreated and maligned. This I cannot abide! Become a vessel for my power, act as my agent in your world.'

HC snapped his fingers, and a screen appeared hovering in the air. 'Look at yourself.  You are an athletic, intelligent, good-looking young man. You attend a good college. You are in my lineage. Your life should be glorious. But recently, something has happened to derail your rightful destiny.'

>How could he know?

During the fall semester of your college freshman year, you occasionally hooked up with Tiffany. It was nothing serious; the two of you hung out in the same social groups, and when you were both in the mood and had nothing else lined up, you fooled around and fucked around.

One evening shortly after returning from winter break, you were in your room with Tiffany. She was taking pictures with your phone when you received a text message. It was a dick pic from Carlos, a guy you fooled around with over break. You never told Tiffany that you were bisexual. Tiffany read the rather explicit text exchanges between you and Carlos and freaked out.

'What the Fuck! Care to explain why some guy is texting you dick pics? Are you some kind of homo pervert? Did you actually hook up with this, Carlos piece of trash? Holy shit! Is that a picture of you with his cum on your face?'

Since that day, Tiffany made it her mission to ruin you. She started with your roommate Jake. You got along well with Jake, but that soured once he and Tiffany began regularly hooking up. Tiffany encouraged Jake to ridicule you when hanging out with your friends. Soon he needed no encouragement.

One evening Jake came home drunk. You tried to help him to his bed, but he violently knocked you to the ground.

'Stop trying to feel me up, you pervert.'

A few days later, Tiffany found a pair of Jake's used underwear under your pillow. Then another was found in the back of your closet, along with two pairs of Tiffany's panties, a pair of Tiffany's roommate panties, and underwear with the name Carlos written in them.

People started referring to you as the dorm pervert. It was apparent to you that Tiffany planted the underwear, but no one believed you. Jake spoke to your RA, who, in turn, brought you before the residence hall discipline committee (who even knew there was such a thing). They required you to attend five hours of sexual harassment sensitivity training. They also informed you that you might not be allowed to continue living in the residence halls. Someone posted fliers all over campus and on social media, with your picture and messages like 'WARNING SEXUAL PREDATOR!'

Now you were the campus pervert, alleged sex offender, and social pariah. Your grades suffered, and your position on the swim team was in doubt. You were a walk-on alternate for the team. It meant you got to practice with the team, and hopefully, you might qualify to swim at official meets in the future. Jake was also on the swim team, and it wasn't long before the entire team believed you had a fetish for stolen underwear. Several of the teammates accused you of stealing their Speedos and jockstraps.

As an alternate, you were already an outsider, while Jake was a future swimming star recruited out of high school and a family friend of the coach. Naturally, everyone took his side and either avoided you or were openly hostile toward you. The worst was Trent.

Trent was a senior and top athlete; he would have been captain if everyone didn't universally dislike him. Your teammates respected Trent's talent but hated his personality. The coach partnered Trent with a different swimmer for each hour of training. The partner's job was to push Trent. You had the misfortune of being Trent's swim partner for the final hour of practice and all of his weight training. Trent never liked you, but his animosity dramatically increased once he learned you were a pervert.  At first, you dismissed the kicks to the head while swimming laps as accidents. But after he nearly concussed you, you knew it was only a matter of time before his 'accidents' resulted in more than bumps and bruises. You considered complaining to the coaching staff but an alternate versus the star athlete? You would be off the team before you uttered two sentences. Your options were to quit or to endure. There were few things you loved as much as swimming. You chose this college because you knew you had a good chance of one day competing as a member of the team.

HC stood in front of you, 'Those three have stolen your happiness. You do not deserve what is happening to you, and if you don't take action, it is never going to stop.'

The dread you had been holding inside rose to the surface. HC put into words precisely what you had been feeling. The mistreat was unfair but what depressed you the most was seeing no end, no way out. A sob tore from your throat.  

You could barely form the words, 'I'm sorry. I don't usually...'

HC wrapped his arms around you, and calming warmth enveloped you. 'It's the nature of this realm. Feelings are more substantial. Divine and mortal essence combine to create a powder keg of emotional energy.' HC relaxed his embrace and held you at arm's length. 'Today, we change your fate.'

> Change... Wooh! What was that?

You felt your stomach drop'…that feeling when a roller coaster plummets down a sheer drop. The room began to fade, and you felt yourself slipping from HC's grasp.

HC cried out, 'No! Not yet! We need more time!'

A surge of force burst from HC, and the world came back into focus with a violent wrench.

HC stood in front of you again. 'No time left for explanations. This must happen now.'

HC kissed you. It was not gentle nor loving but hungry and demanding. You were rarely submissive in sexual encounters, but you surrendered to the embrace. All you could think about was how amazing his naked body felt pressed against yours.

> Wait, why am I naked?  When did I become naked? Fuck! How is he doing this?

The heat coming off his body, his smell, and his kiss overwhelmed your senses; your dick began to throb. HC reached down with one hand and stroked the head of your penis. You erupted almost immediately. He steadied you with one hand as you shot load after load into his other hand.

"I'm sorry, I've never cum like ... What did you? ... Oh god."  Drenched in sweat, you collapsed against HC, your head pressed against his chest.

HC lifted a cum covered hand to his mouth. He licked his palm and sucked each finger. With your head resting against his chest, you heard him quietly moan as he consumed every drop of your seed.

When he spoke, it sounded like words from a ritual, 'Your gift is accepted. In return, I bestow a portion of my power.'

Again, HC kissed you and forced his tongue into your mouth. You didn't taste your cum, though there was plenty of it coating his lips.  Instead, you tasted a familiar spice; you knew it but could not recall its name or the last time you had tasted it.  Exhaustion left your body, and your dick stood at attention once again.

HC broke off the kiss, took you by the hand, and pulled you toward the pavilion's edge. He looked out past the columns. HC seemed to be searching for something because he kept moving from one column to the next, pulling you along. Finally, he stopped.

"This time, I could only share a small part of my power, and it will not last long. When the moment comes, you must choose."

Your gut twisted like before, and you spilled from HC's grip. Everything faded. You heard HC shout as if from a great distance. 'When they mistreat you next, exact your price. Remember, CHOOSE.'

The next day.

Your classes did not end until late, so most of the team had already started when you arrived at practice.  You dove in the warm-up lane.  Something about swimming laps relaxed you; it was your form of mediation.  As you settled into a rhythm, your mind reflected on the day's events.

You woke with a raging hardon and vague memories of a dream involving Greek underwear models.  After a great run, shower, and breakfast, you attended class. The day flew by; everything seemed brighter you managed to avoid any 'pervert' encounters.  For the first time in weeks, things were going great.  Now swimming laps and lost in your thoughts, you didn't notice the kickboard until it connected with your head.

Trent was hanging on the lane ropes glaring at you. He had another kickboard in hand and was ready to throw.

'What is wrong with you? Dicks on the brain?' Trent chuckled at his stupid insult. 'Get over here. Time for me to smoke your ass for the next hour. I got shit lined up for after practice, and I ain't waiting on you.'

You swam under the ropes and into Trent's lane. You promptly informed Trent, 'Today, I'll be smoking your ass!"

The coach's instructions were for you to follow Trent and push him to set a fast pace. You pushed off the wall and shot out at top speed. Trent followed immediately behind.

> Let Trent stare at my ass for a few laps.

You knew you could not outswim Trent for long, but it felt good to piss him off.  You were several laps in, and, strangely, Trent had not caught up to you. You reached the end of the first set and discovered that you were nearly half a lap ahead.

Trent's face was red from exhaustion and anger when he finished, 'What are you doing?' Trent backed you into the wall and reached over your shoulder. He pulled your head forward and placed his mouth next to your ear, 'Are you trying to show me up? You will never be the top dog around here pussy. Cut the shit, be a good little bitch, and stay behind me.'

>Not today, Trent.

You answered back, 'Did you like the view of my ass Trent?' You knew it was a mistake, but backing down hadn't worked out. Maybe it was time you stood up for yourself.

Surprisingly Trent just patted the back of your head and swam across several lanes to the ladder on the side of the pool. You ducked under the ropes and swam up behind Trent as he waited at the ladder.

Trent called out to one of the coaches on the pool deck, 'Coach! Bathroom!'

Trent climbed the ladder and kicked back with his left leg. His foot smashed into your face. As soon as it happened, you knew he broke your nose.

Trent turned to face you, 'Watch it! Were you trying to stick your nose up my ass?  Pervert!' Trent strutted off toward the bathroom.

One of the assistant coaches hurried over and helped you out of the pool. He gave you a small towel to hold over your bloody nose. You noticed a few of your teammates looking your way, and on the far side of the pool, you saw Jake high-five another swimmer.

> Really, Jake? You hate Trent as much as I do.

The assistant coach told you to go into the locker room and get cleaned up. In the locker room, you stood at the banks of sinks, looked in the mirror, and gently probed your nose. It hurt like hell. You could see Trent standing at the urinals behind you. He stood with his legs far apart, hands behind his head, and he swayed slightly from side to side. Some of his piss splashed on the floor.

> Man, what fucking asshole. Unfair that a total douche like him has so much talent.   He is an absolute monster in the water and, looking at the size of his cock, probably a beast in bed. Even soft, his cock is huge. Is there no justice?

Trent finished up, turned, and walked to the sink next to you, 'Princess, you need to be more careful. When you don't stay in your place, you get hurt."

He glared at you with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.  "Oh, I got your nose.' Trent reached out to 'honk' your nose, but you were faster and caught his arm.

Time seemed to stop, and you heard a voice as if from far away. 'Exact your price.'

> Who does Trent think he is? He does whatever he likes and doesn't care about anyone else. Someone needs to take him down a peg. Teach him that the world does not revolve around him; see what life is like when you are the bottom bitch and not the top dog.

The lights in the locker room flickered and then went out. In the darkness, you could see a yellow aura surrounding Trent. Dark, shadow-like tendrils emerged from your hand and coiled across Trent's arm, shoulder, and finally, his chest.

Trent was feeling something, 'Mmmm no'… stop'…what'…. ooooh. What are you? Oh, god.' He was gasping for breath, and his body began to convulse in your grasp. Where the tendrils engulfed Trent's body, the brightness of his aura was absorbed and transferred to you. He paled, and you blazed like a star.

Suddenly the lights were back on. Trent gave a final extended moan, slipped from your grip, and slumped to the floor. You noticed cum leaking out the side of his Speedo.

You felt invigorated.  You knelt next to Trent and rolled him onto his back. With three fingers, you scooped up a glob of Trent's splooge and pushed one cum coated finger into his mouth. In his dazed state, Trent suckled your finger.

'Good boy.' You removed your finger from Trent's mouth and patted his face, depositing the remaining spunk on his cheek. You stood and, with your own self-satisfied smirk, looked down at Trent.

'See you soon, princess!'

You walked out to the pool deck; you felt confident and in command. The assistant coach that helped you earlier approached and asked about your nose. Instinctively you reached up and found it no longer hurt.

You put your hand on the coach's shoulder, "Thanks, I'm good."  You rubbed his shoulder.

He stammered a bit, broke eye contact, and looked down, 'I saw you earlier. Even timed a few of your laps. It was only practice, but you were putting up great times. Competitive times.' He leaned in, 'One of your teammates told me what has been going on. The trash talk, the abuse, how you have been mistreated.'

>  Mistreated.

That word sent a ripple through your body. The coach was a young man, in his 20's, probably recently out of college.

He took a deep breath as if making an important decision. 'If you need someone to talk to, you come see me.'

You moved your hand down his back and leaned forward, 'I can think of better things for us to do than talk, Coach. If you think I am impressive in the pool...'

He laughed off your remark, but not before you saw a spark of interest.  Then he noticed something over your shoulder, 'Break time over.' You turned around and saw Trent emerge from the locker room and hop in the pool.  You turned to follow.

The assistant coach called after you, 'I'm Joel.'

You smiled at Joel and dove into the pool.  Without speaking, Trent pushed off the wall and picked up where you left off with practice. You were right on Trent's heels for the rest of the training session. You and Trent were two of the last swimmers to finish practice.  

Most of the team showered and took a few hours to study and relax before heading to the weight room. Trent preferred to work out immediately after practice. He said he liked working out when there were fewer people around, but the truth was the team chose to work out when Trent wasn't around.

You changed into your workout gear and saw Trent trying to get to his locker, but another swimmer, oblivious to Trent, was standing in the way.  Uncharacteristically, Trent just waited. Eventually, the other swimmer noticed, 'Sorry, Trent. Didn't see you there.'

You walked over to Trent and rested your hand on his shoulder. He spun around, and you met his gaze.  He immediately looked down.

You spoke, 'I have something to do before I meet you in the weight room. Start without me.'  It seemed like Trent was going to reply. Instead, he nodded.

You walked out the back of the building to the reserved parking area. Since the practice was ending, you knew the coaching staff would be leaving soon. You leaned against the wall. Within five minutes, Joel emerged from the building. You made eye contact, and he walked over to talk to you.

'Great practice today, Adam.'

You smiled and grabbed Joel's shirt, 'I never did thank you for helping me with my bloody nose, coach.'

Joel tried to protest, but before he could say anything, you pulled him forward and kissed him. At first, he was surprised, but soon he was an eager and energetic accomplice. He was an excellent kisser. You made a weird high-pitched moan, and Joel started laughing. Soon you were both laughing.

Joel broke the kiss, 'I don't think I have ever heard a human make a noise like that. I'll take it as a compliment.'

You traced a finger along his jawline, 'I wonder what noises you'll make for me?'

Joel pulled your hand away, 'I can tell you are going to get me into so much trouble.'

He turned to walk away, but you grabbed his hand and pulled him back. You quickly unbuttoned his shorts and snaked your hand down his pants and under his underwear. You cupped your hand around his cock and balls and gave a firm squeeze. Joel sucked in his breath, leaned into you, and started to nuzzle at your neck.

You whispered into his ear, 'You have no idea the trouble I have planned for you, coach Joel.'

You squeezed harder. Joel shuddered, and he made a grunt of discomfort. You extracted your hand from his pants and rebuttoned his shorts. Joel stood there waiting expectantly for what came next. You ruffled his hair, chuckled, and walked back into the building and to the weight room.

> Always leave them wanting more.  Fuck I feel amazing.

Trent was ready to start his workout routine when you arrived at the weight room. It was an upper-body day, and Trent went immediately to the bench press station and started racking his weights.

You approached, 'Need me to spot?' You always asked, and Trent always told you to fuck off.  

But today, you were shocked when he responded with, 'Ummm. Would you? Please?'

> Please?

You moved to the bench press station and stood behind Trent. Trent had a great body, and it was amazing watching him work out.

When he finished, Trent sat up and turned to you, 'Thanks. I have two more ten reps at this weight. Unless you want to get in?'

Trent was oddly agreeable. You decided to see how far you could push it, 'No. I do not bench this weight. You finish your reps, and then you can spot me. Why don't you take off your shirt?'

Trent reached down and started to remove his top. Then he reconsidered. 'Why?'

Angerly, you shot back, 'Come on, don't be a pussy! You wanted me to spot you?  With your baggy shirt on, I can't observe your form.  Lose it.  Now!'

Trent paused, shrugged, and tossed you his shirt. He got back under the bar to start his next set. You stood so close that your junk was almost resting on Trent's face.

'Back up a little?' Trent asked quietly.

'I need to be close enough to observe and give you good feedback. Quit your bitching and start lifting. Ready? On my command. Up.'

You took over Trent's workout. He lifted, held, and rested to your count. The more direction you gave, the excited Trent seemed to get. Near the end of his set, Trent could barely continue; you pushed him for one more rep. His arms shook, and when it looked like he was about to fail, you reached out and helped.

He completed the rep and sat up, exhausted but happy, 'Thanks, man.'

You massaged his shoulders briefly, tousled his hair, and told him to rack the bar with the weights you needed for your set. When the equipment was ready, you got into position. Trent stood behind the bar, ready to spot you.

You turned and glared at him. 'Bro, we have been through this. You need to stand closer so you can observe my form.'

Trent apologized and stepped close to the bar. His semi-hard cock was visible through his shorts. You reached up and grabbed his junk.

Trent jumped back. His face was red, and he clenched his fists. 'What the Fuck?'

You started laughing, 'Bro, you should see your face! I am messing with you.  Relax. You are so serious.  I thought you needed to blow off a little steam. Don't be such a whiney bitch.'

Trent's shoulders slumped; he took a deep breath and half-smiled, 'I guess it was kind of funny. Sorry, I overreacted, bro.'

You coached Trent through an intense upper body routine for the next hour. He was physically depleted at the end of each exercise, but the more you took charge, the more compliant he became. Also, the firmer his erection became.

Between sets, your 'jokes' at Trent's expense continued. You goosed his ass, tweaked his nipples, gave him a wet willy, and pulled down his shorts. Trent's rock-hard dick tenting in his shorts was visible to everyone.

You patted Trent's back, 'Great job today, bro." You gesture toward his hardon, "I always get horned up from a good workout too.'  Embarrassed, Trent covered it with his hands.  You pulled them away, 'Don't be such a prude. You have nothing to be ashamed of; show off that bod. Let's me see those guns.'

Trent laughed uncomfortably. You smacked his chest with the back of your hand, and Trent looked at you and struck a bodybuilding pose. You ran your hands over his torso.   Then you squeezed his crotch and made a honking noise.  Several guys from the team working out nearby laughed.  Trent turned bright red.

You tousled Trent's hair, "Good boy. Looking real good. Now hurry to the locker room and hit the showers."  You smacked his ass as he walked past you; you heard him moan.

Except for you and Trent, the locker room was deserted.  You removed your workout gear, grabbed your towel and shampoo from your locker, and headed to the showers. Trent's strangely compliant behavior continued, and he stood next to you despite the large open shower area.

'Mind if I shower here?' He asked.

You shrugged. Trent launched into a conversation about the workout and how grateful he was for your training. As you both showered, Trent tried to engage you in conversation. After expressing an opinion, he would ask, 'right?' or 'what do you think?' He hung on your every word.

You were both about finished when you decided to ask Trent about his plans for the rest of the night.

Trent smiled, 'This sorority chick I been trying to hook up with invited me over to her place. Her roommate is away for a few days, and she has the place to herself.'

Trent held out his fist for a fist bump; you ignored it.

'You better rub one out before you see her.'

Trent was confused, 'What? Why?'

You turned to him, 'Bro. You were pitching a tent in the weight room, and even now, you are halfway to a full-on woody. You are so horned up; you'll blow your load as soon as you touch her.  If you want to last with this chick, you need to fire one off right now.'

Trent considered what you said, 'Fuck, you're right. I planned to head over to her place when I finished up here.  I don't have time to go home and jerk off."

'Don't be a pussy! Do it here in the shower. I'll stand watch. Just be quick.' You wrapped a towel around your waist and walked out of the showers. You stood watch like you promised but positioned yourself so you could see Trent in the mirrors.

Trent stroked his cock, ran his hands over his abs, and even pinched his nipples. Despite his best efforts, he was not getting fully hard, but he was getting frustrated.  Somehow you knew this would happen.

"Fuck! Come on! Fuck! Fuck! "

You walked back into the showers, 'It's ok, bro, I got you.'

You stood behind Trent and began to massage his shoulders. He tensed at your touch.

You calmed him, 'Relax. This is just another part of our training. Learning how to let go. Breath deep and let it out slowly.'

Trent took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

You whispered in his ear, 'Good. Again. Just like the last one. Nice. You are a stud. This girl is going to receive a fuck she'll never forget.  Hold her and make her yours.'

You wrapped one arm around Trent's chest and pulled him back so that he was leaning against you.

'Just got to know how to hold her.  Remember how good it felt when I trained you?  How I pushed you when you wanted to stop?"  You pressed against him.  "How hard you got as you followed my instructions?  Now, I am going to take you there again. Your bro knows what you need.'

You reached down and took Trent's cock in your hand. He began to pull away, but you held him tight against you, 'Relax, bro, I got you. You need this.  This is all part of your training. You got a big night ahead of you, and you need me to get you ready. Follow my instructions. Let go. You know you want me to take over.'

Exhaling, Trent closed his eyes and relaxed in your grasp. You held him firmly against your naked body as you stroked his cock. His head rolled back and rested against your shoulder.

"Dude, fuck!  I need this."

While you jerked Trent off with one hand, you ran the thumb of your other hand across his lips. Trent opened his mouth slightly, and you inserted your thumb.

'Suck it.'

Trent started sucking your finger as you moved it in and out of his mouth. Trent surrendering to you was incredibly arousing, and you pressed your erect penis against his butt. As you masturbated Trent, you slid your cock along his ass crack. Trent made quiet moans and whimpers and pushed back.

'Good boy. I got you. Your bro knows what you need to feel good. Let it go. This is what you need.'

You felt Trent's penis throb, and he took a shuddering breath.

'That's it. Let it go. Let it go now!'

Trent put his hand against the wall to steady himself as he shot his load.

'Nice, bro.' You pulled your thumb from his mouth and ruffled his hair. You gave his penis a few more strokes, and Trent shuddered from the post-climax sensitivity. You wiped your cum coated hand on his chest and abs.

'Now clean up and head out. You don't want to miss your 'big date.'  Make sure you clean your back.'

You gave Trent a sharp smack on the ass and headed to your locker as Trent washed his cum off his abs and your cum off his back.

You changed at your locker, threw your clothes in your gym bag, and headed back to your dorm. You felt great.

>  I wonder if Jake is home.

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