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Taming Trent
Part 2 - Trent Tamed - Demitransference 2
By Unruly Dogboy

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Trent Tamed

Demitransference - 2

An excerpt from the free online game I host at . The game has elements of a CYOA, so this story is in the 2nd person. Please support the talented writers on this site with your feedback.  I appreciate anything you want to share .

When you returned to your dorm room, your roommate, Jake, was not there.

> Probably spending the night at Tiffany's.

You emptied your gym bag and found a note at the bottom:  

You looked great at practice today. I coach a 5 am practice for motivated athletes. I would love to see you there. Call me ANYTIME (999) 555-0193. – Joel

Five AM sounded insanely early, but improving your team standing and getting a crack at Coach Joel's ass were strong motivators. You stored Joel's number in your phone and went to bed early after "reading" some erotic fiction.

That night you found yourself back in the strange dream temple. All the memories from the previous night returned, "HC?"

The chamber got brighter; HC stood in front of a thone in the middle of the room. He raised his arms, inviting you to approach. Despite the temptation to run to him, you managed to hold yourself to a quick walk.

> Why am I so attracted to him?

Horcliff held his arms aloft in greeting, "Well done, Adam. More impressive than I dreamed possible; a bold first step. Last night we rushed, but today you are more attuned to this place.  I imagine you have some questions. "

It took you a moment to collect yourself. Standing this close to HC, it was hard to focus.

> God, he smelled amazing.

But he wasn't wrong. You had a lot of questions, and they started pouring out of you.

HC chuckled, "Slow down, child. I will explain as best I can. Like I told you last time, you are a demigod; with that comes power and purpose. Fueled by divine energies, you can punish those that have wronged you.  In retribution for what they have done, you can take from them what they value.  Trent cared only for himself, used others, and thought of himself as 'top dog.' You changed that."

That certainly fit Trent's recent behavior, "But you said I ‘take.' Does that mean I…."

"Haven't you noticed a change in your behavior; since Trent, aren't you more forward and assertive?"

"So, I am going to become an asshole like Trent?"

HC grinned, "You are still you." he placed a hand on your shoulder; it was like a jolt of electricity coursing through your body.  "You just have more settings available. You are a demigod now; humanity plus plus."

> Did HC make a computer programming joke?

"Trent thought himself better than others, but you actually are better than normal people; reality will warp to suit your will."  HC stood behind you and massaged your shoulders.

"But be careful; your power is not limitless; you will need to return here to recharge.  Also, you have directed your divine gifts toward Trent.  Refrain from seeking revenge on anyone else until you have grown stronger."

HC kissed the back of your neck, your entire body tingled.

> I want him to ... No, I need answers.

HC sighed, "Fine, clearly, you want the unabridged version. I will try, but this isn't science. Science wants to be discovered; it strives to fit theorems and equations. Magic is elusive; it resists comprehension. It grows through faith and mystery and fades when constrained by rules. The only edict that magic respects is balance. When you take, the void wants to be filled."  

HC pressed against you.

"When you take something from your tormentors, they will hunger for what they lost. They will sense within you what they need to be complete again."

You were suddenly naked.  

HC placed his mouth at your ear.  "This is how you held Trent in the shower.  I can see why you enjoyed it."  His hand caressed your chest.

> Fuck, I need this.

HC's explanation explained Trent's behavior, but what about all the other changes. Your stamina, strength, the way other people acted toward you.

HC hands slid down your torso, "You are a demigod, and you have come into your inheritance. You are stronger, faster, smarter."  HC hand reached your cock, "more desirable."

You leaned your head back and moaned.  HC spoke warmly, "Your pleasure is important to me, my child, and your needs will soon be fulfilled.  Yet I sense another question?"

"Will Trent be obsessed with me forever? Are the changes permanent?"

HC considered your question, "He is forever altered, but magic is ephemeral; over time, Trent may regain some of his old characteristics, and his obsession with you might fade into a more generalized urge, maybe become a fetish. As for your changes, if you embrace them, you will keep them. Your powers afford you options. You can even bestow some of your gifts on others."

You started to ask how, but Horcliff dismissed your question before you even finished asking, "It is not something I can teach you. In time, if you want it and have grown sufficiently powerful, it will happen. Now…"

HC spun you around and pushed you down onto the throne, "…there is the matter of my payment."

> Payment?

His mouth was on yours, and, as before, you surrendered control. All you wanted was to taste, to please, to give yourself entirely to him.

HC flashed you a predatory grin and, as he knelt in front of you, and scratched his nails down your chest drawing blood. He wrapped his lips around your cock and, in one motion, swallowed it to the root. You shuddered and felt yourself close to climax.

> How does he make me cum so quickly?

HC sensed your need for release and clamped his lips tightly around your penis just as you started to shoot your load. It was another mind-blowing orgasm. He continued to suck after you finished. You tried to push him off, but you were spent, light-headed, and fading.

HC held you down on the throne and licked the blood from the scratches on your chest.  Something felt wrong.   HC pulled you roughly from the throne and bent you over its arm.  You felt his cock press against your hole.  HC whispered something in your ear, something important.  Something you needed to remember.  You faded from awareness.

You woke early the following day in your bed with a feeling that you had forgotten something important.   There is a small amount of blood on your sheets, and when you looked in the mirror, you had faded scars where HC scratched your chest.

> What the fuck is up with that?

Later at practice

You walked out onto the pool deck for the AM swim practice. Coach Joel was kneeling and talking to a swimmer at the opposite side of the pool. Joel saw you, stood, and hurried to you. "Adam, glad you decided to..."

You cupped your hand over Joel's crotch. "Don't worry; your needs will soon be fulfilled."

> Why did I say that?

Joel dropped his clipboard. When you made eye contact, Joel lowered his gaze and spoke quietly, "P...Please not now.  Not during practice."

You gave his balls a quick squeeze and moved your hand away. Joel bent down to retrieve his clipboard.

> Nice ass.

Joel collected himself and asked, "I was thinking today, we should collect information on your ... ummm ... abilities."

You grinned. "I have always been a mid-distance freestyler and backstroker, but I have other unquantifiable but no less impressive talents that may interest you."

Joel blushed before speaking to the swimmer in the far lane, "Andrew, can you move over. I want to use the video equipment with Adam."

Andrew glanced up and smiled, "Okay, but are you sure you don't need a chaperone, Uncle Joel?"

Joel turned to you, "Warm-up, fifteen minutes. I will set up the recording equipment."

You dove into the pool, and your body glided through the water. Swimming always felt great, but today was an elevated experience.

> This must be what HC meant by "humanity plus."

You pushed off the wall to do a 50m lap of backstroke and did several dolphin-kicks underwater. You broke the surface just two strokes from the opposite wall.

Joel shouted from across the pool to you, "Impressive, but slow it down; this is warm-up."

You relaxed and stretched out your strokes.  After fifteen minutes, Joel gave you directions. "The cameras are ready.  Hop up on the block, and on the tone, swim a 400 individual medley."

"I don't compete in the IM; my breaststroke is crap."

Joel dismissed your comment, "You don't compete in any events yet."

You got on the block, and Joel sounded the starting tone. The butterfly leg felt good, and you kicked it into high gear during the backstroke. You expected to feel fatigued at the end of the first 200 meters, but when you made the turn to start the breaststroke, you still had plenty of fuel in the tank. The 100 meters of breaststroke was not great but better than you expected. You poured everything into the final 100 freestyle. When you finished, you were tired but not exhausted. Andrew was resting in the lane to your right

Joel looked upset, "Four-minute fifty seconds. Get your towel and come into the office." He turned and walked to the office.

"Is that time good enough to get me…"

Joel wheeled around, his face red, "I said, grab your fucking towel and meet me in the office. Andrew, get up on deck; I need you to supervise the other swimmers for a few minutes."

Joel turned and walked into the coaching office. Andrew spoke mischievously, "I don't know what you did, but I think you're in trouble.  Good luck."

You climbed out of the pool and walked into the office.  Joel closed the door behind you, walked around the desk, and sat down. Water was dripping off your chest. You looked up, and cooly met his gaze. Joel gestured awkwardly toward you, "I said you could get a towel."

"No," you walked around to his side of the desk the spun his chair around.  "What you said was, ‘Grab your fucking towel.' " You saw a towel hanging on a rack over Joel's shoulder. You reached over him and pulled the towel from its hook.  

"Your choice."  You held out the towel.   "You can dry me, or we can spread the towel on the ground and christen it as my ‘fucking' towel."

Joel looked down, "I said, not during…."

You slapped your hand on the desk and roared, "I heard you the first time, coach!  Did you hear me? Dry or fuck?"

> Why am I acting this way?

Joel started drying you. Your crotch was at his eye level, and you put one leg on the desk to give him easy access to all the essential bits. You exhaled slowly and released the tension from your body.

> I need to dial it back.

You placed a hand under his chin and tilted his head up.  You smile apologetically, "I got a little carried away; I wouldn't have fucked you in your office, coach."

Joel stood and dried your hair.  "Sir ... err Adam; I don't understand this thing between us. I don't fall for people, but I haven't stopped thinking about you since practice the other evening.  I believe you feel something as well."  

You started to speak, but he went on.  "I want you to know that I'm all in."  He draped the towel over your shoulders and stood in front of you.  "I am down for anything. But, I need to set one boundary. Here, on campus, nothing can happen. I need access to the University facilities for my training, which means running these AM practices, offering physical therapy, and not being inappropriate while on duty.  Understand?"

You smiled, "Down for anything?"  

Joel grinned, "If you think you can handle it."

> Playful Joel might be fun.

Joel continued, "I also need to explain why I got so angry. Just a few days ago, you were one of the weaker swimmers on the team. None of your times were competitive. Then the other night at practice, you swam a 100 freestyle split that would place at a duel meet, and today, you swam an IM that would qualify for certain regional competitions.  Nobody improves that much in a few months, and you did it in less time. It makes no sense; the only thing that seems remotely possible is illegal performance-enhancing drugs."

You laughed off his concern, "Is that really why you freaked out? Nothing but fresh air and clean living for me, coach."

Joel was not laughing, "I am serious, I have lost people I cared about because of shit like this, and I will not go down that road again.   If you are messing with any of that crap, I will see you thrown out of this University."

You assured Joel that you were clean.

"If you are telling the truth, I would like to train you privately. In a month, you'll be on the competition team. In two years, maybe less, you'll be the best swimmer this University has ever produced. Is that something you want?"

You grabbed Joel and pulled him into a hug, "Yes. YES!"

"Good. You will need to keep attending evening practices with Trent. Coach rarely gives walk-on's a chance, but we will blow him away in a few weeks. I will design you a custom training regime. For today, hop in with Andrew. He is a great athlete, and his workout is unique. Maybe ask him for some weight training tips; he is a beast in the gym."

You turned to leave, and Joel called you back, "One more thing." he opened a desk drawer, pulled out a small container, and tossed it to you. "Urine sample now, and it better not come back positive for anything."

You looked at the container and sighed heavily, "I don't know, coach. I think I might need your help holding it."

Joel chuckled, "I guess I should supervise."

You tried to start something in the bathroom, but Joel kept it professional.

You dove into the pool with Andrew and held out your hand, "Hey Andrew, I'm Adam. Coach says I should join you for the rest of the practice."

Andrew pulled off his goggles. "I go by Drew. Only Uncle Joel calls me Andrew. Also, I don't do handshakes. Bro bumps only."

You chucked and raised your fist. Drew shook his head, "Guess again." Drew jumped forward and body-slammed you, "BRO BUMP!"

You laughed at the big guy, "I haven't seen you at the evening swim practices. What are your events?"

"I'm not on the swim team.  Water polo team is where it is at. My beefy bros are way hotter than your swimming twinks."

You grabbed Andrew's hand and pressed it against your Speedos, "I think you'll find I am thick everywhere it counts."

Andrew smiled, took your hand slipped it inside his swim trunks.  "No need to say anything; I know you're impressed."

> Wow.  He is not wrong.

"Before you arrived, Uncle Joel talked nonstop about you. He asked me to take you under my wing; said you could probably use a friend."  Drew squeezed your ass. "But I think I'd be your friend even if he didn't ask.  

"What makes you so sure I want to be your friend?" You quipped.

"Maybe because your dick twitched when your hand touched my junk.  So like I said before, BRO BUMP."

Once again, Drew crashed into you.

The practice was long and intense, but Drew knew how to keep it fun. He added "Bro Bumps," a game called "Balls in the Air," and the dreaded "Freight Train" to the session. You weren't sure if these were actual water polo drills or something Drew made up, but they were fun. When you finished, the other swimmers were already gone.

You turned to Drew, "I was wondering. ‘Uncle Joel'?"

"He's not my uncle, but my dad used to train him, so he was always around my house; he is like family.  Hey, you want to grab breakfast?"

You told Drew that you had plans. He eyed you suspiciously and offered to come with you, but you convinced him it was unnecessary.

You started to walk away when Drew called after you, "Enjoy your one on one. Oh, one more thing." Drew ran several steps and took a flying leap toward you, "FLYING BRO BUMP!"

You got your arms up just in time to "catch" Drew. You both fell to the pool deck with Drew on top of you.

He pinned your arms to the ground and kissed you.  "Thanks. You smelled so good; I had to have a taste.  Don't forget; you owe me a breakfast."  

He climbed off you leaving you slightly stunned.  

> We might not have breakfast today, but one day, I'm going to sample his sausage.

You walked to where Joel was rolling up the lane ropes. Working together in silence, you finished putting away the practice equipment. Joel followed you into the locker room and watched as you changed into your street clothes. You gave him a good show. You walked outside together.

"My place?" Joel asked.

You smiled and nodded. You held out your hand, "Give me your keys." Joel paused, then placed his keys in your hand. You used the remote to unlock the doors and walked around to the driver's side while Joel climbed into the passenger seat.

You kissed him, "Normally, I'd have you to blow me while I drive, but this time I'll need you to give me directions. So, handjob?" You exited the parking lot and drove to Joel's place. Joel gave good directions and an excellent handy.

"Pull in here and drive around back. I rent the room above the detached garage." You turned off the road and drove down a long driveway. You parked in a sheltered area next to a sizable multi-car garage. You both got out of the car, and Joel walked around to your side. You backed Joel against the vehicle as you aggressively kissed him.

"Lose the shirt, coach."

Joel pulled off his t-shirt and started to fold it. You ripped it out of his hands and tossed it behind you. Joel looked good.  A light coating of hair covered his chest and tapered into a sexy trail through his abs and into his shorts.

You grabbed Joel's arm, "Flex."

You ran your hands over his bicep and across his upper body, squeezing, smacking, and pinching him in places that made him wince.

"You like it a bit rough, huh?" That question earned him a firm pec squeeze.

You responded, "When I am with a man, I like to be with a man. I want him to look like a man, smell like a man." You lifted his arm and licked his pit. "And yes, I like that I can be a little more forceful with a man.  I think you want that too."

Joel looked you in the eyes, "I told you before that I am down for..."

You kissed him to shut him up.  Then you opened the driver's side door, turned Joel around, and pushed him into the car so that he was leaning on the driver seat.

"Your mouth isn't the hole I am interested in."

You pulled his pants down around his ankles. Kneeling behind him, you spread his ass cheeks, spat twice onto his butthole, and licked your tongue across his rosebud. Joel moaned.

> Someone likes a little ass play.

You varied your technique taking note of what made Joel squirm, but you needed a free hand to prep him.

"Hold your cheeks apart."

Joel reached back and spread his ass. You spat several more times and swirled your finger, gently teasing the opening. Joel was tight but knew how to relax his muscles; he was no shy virgin. You worked a finger in up the knuckle.

Joel moaned approvingly.

"If you are moaning now, you are going to be howling when you get the real thing."

You inserted a second, then third finger. When you felt Joel was ready, you stood up and rolled on a condom. You reached into the car and placed your hand under Joel's mouth, "Spit in my hand."


"Unless you want me to go in dry, spit in my hand."

Joel spat several times into your hand. You had a small packet of lube that you used, but you thought Joel would find it hotter if he believed you were using spit.

You positioned yourself behind Joel, tapped the head of your dick against his outer ring, "Tell me what you want."

You expected hesitation, but Joel answered immediately, "Fuck my ass, sir!"

You held onto his hips and pulled him toward you as you pushed forward. His hole engulfed your dick, and you pressed steadily forward.  When your pubes pressed against his ass, Joel let out a long lusty moan.

> Let the fucking begin.

Joel was loud. His approval of your efforts was apparent, even if he never verbalized actual words.  You rolled him over, so he lay on his back with his leg over your shoulders. He gazed up at you and seemed to worship you with his eyes.

You felt yourself getting close. You pulled out and yanked off the condom. Joel tried to stand up, but you pushed him down and shot your load on his chest.

You helped him out of the vehicle and jerked him to completion. Joel wanted to use his hands, but you placed them on the roof of the car; this was your show. It wasn't long before Joel shot his load onto the front seat.

You scooped your load from Joel's chest and fed it to him.  You swatted Joel's ass as he led you up the stairs and into his apartment.  Joel pulled two bottles of water from the fridge and tossed one to you.

"You don't have anything stronger?" you asked.

"It's not even 10 am, and you're in training."

"I'm just messing with you, coach. I am not even 21."

Joel paled, "Oh shit, that's right. How old are you?"

"Don't worry; I'm 19. I'll be twenty in two months. How old are you?"


You sat on his sofa, and Joel laid down with his head in your lap. You ran your fingers over his chest as you both relaxed.

"Are you going to get in trouble with the University because of us?"

"I'm not sure. I'd rather we keep this secret and not find out. I am not a University employee, so there is no conflict there, but I doubt Coach Keller would keep me around if he learned about us. Is there an ‘us'?"

You chuckled, "I thought you were the team's assistant coach."

Joel explained that he had an arrangement with the University. He helped coach various teams and provided physical therapy services to University athletes (at reasonable rates). In return, the college gave him access to equipment and facilities for his training. A consensual relationship with a student was not a violation of any agreement but best to avoid any controversy.


Joel responded, "I compete in triathlons."

> Hot.

"It's no wonder you are in such great shape.  Let me get a good look at the goods."

Joel posed naked for you while he talked about running track in college and getting into triathlons while earning his M.D. in sport's medicine.

"Wait, are you a doctor, as in Dr. Joel?"

Joel grinned, "I am, but I rarely use my title. I find patients open up easier if they think of me as a fellow athlete."

> I sure opened him up.

Joel took a long drink of water, "Full disclosure, I am not looking for a boyfriend; I don't do monogamy. I just think we could be good for each other."

You grabbed him and kissed him; you got hard again.

Joel noticed, "I'm a doctor; I can help you with that."

Joel wasn't lying; after a fantastic blowjob, you fired a load down Joel's throat.  You tried to continue fooling around in the shower, but it was too cramped. You dried each other off and got dressed.  You drove Joel's car back to campus while he sucked you off.  You parked in a remote location and rewarded Joel with your third load of the day.

As you hugged goodbye, he started grinding against you.  

"You are such a horny boy, coach."

He grinned sheepishly, "I am not usually this much of a slut."

You both agreed this would be more than a one-time fling.

Later that evening

Because of your class schedule, your swim practice start time was later than the other team members; you found an empty lane and swam your warm-up.   You finished and were surprised to see Trent in the pool chatting with another swimmer.

> Fuck, Vadim.

Vadim was legendary for having the largest cock on the team. He always wore Speedos that were a bit too small to intimate the competition and establish his position at the top of the team's social ladder.

Vadim stood close to Trent and whispered something in Trent's ear. When Trent tried to back away, Vadim held onto the back of Trent's head.  Their other hands were underwater, so you couldn't see what was happening, but Trent froze.

> I did not crack open Trent just for you to scoop him up!

You tossed a kickboard toward Trent and hit his back.  He turned toward you, and you waved him over.

"Get over here, bro.  We have a lot of training to do. "

Trent smiled and swam to your lane.  Vadim glared.

> Sorry, V.  No one takes what is mine.

The practice the coach designed was demanding, and you set a rough pace; Trent struggled to keep up.  He was in awe of your stamina and intensity and frequently leaned on you during rests between sets.  

Following one especially rough interval, Trent pounded his fists on your chest, "Bro, who are you?  You beasted it!  That last sprint was brutal."

You sighed, reclined in the water, and Trent moved between your legs.  He asked, "Could you help work out some tightness in my shoulder?"  You rubbed his shoulders and then pulled him back, so he floated on top of you.

> Someone is being quite the slut.

You spoke softly, "You fell behind a few times, bro.  Keep up.  I don't train losers."

Trent stiffened, but he didn't move away.  For the remainder of practice, Trent swam at your side and, despite his exhaustion, he never allowed you to pull ahead.

During one of the longer rest intervals, you and Trent stood side by side against the pool wall.  Under the water, you slipped your hand inside his Speedo and stroked his cock.

> Damn, he has a big thick dick.  

Trent glanced at you, nervous, "Bro, maybe we shouldn't..."

"Quiet."  You moved and stood in front of Trent.  He looked down when you made eye contact, but you lifted his chin, so he was forced to meet your gaze. "This is part of your training regiment. We have five minutes before our next drill.  Do not disappoint me."

"If we get caught."

You stepped close; the heat pouring off his body excited you.  "If you aren't ready for this, maybe another swimmer is."

Fear flashed in his eyes.

"Accept my guidance, boy.  When you do, you'll be ready for the next level."  

"What ... mmm... what is the next level?"

You placed your mouth at his ear as if to whisper a secret, "You have four minutes remaining."

You had to support Trent when he shot his load into the pool with only thirty seconds remaining.   You squeezed his ass, and he beamed with pleasure.

You finished practice and changed for strength training.   Trent waited for you, and as you walked down the hall toward the weight room, he took your hand and pulled you into the Physical Therapy Gym. It was a smaller version of the general weight room but included equipment modified for individuals with different accessibility needs. Trent locked the door and walked toward you, his hand on his crotch.

"Coach gave me a key last year when I hurt my ankle.  My junk could use some more of your special training.  I thought this room would give us some ... "

You shoved Trent back.

"YOU thought?  You need to stop thinking with that thing hanging between your legs.  Leave the thinking to me."

You walked him back against the wall and slipped your hand into his shorts.  Trent was hard despite having just blown his load fifteen minutes ago, and he moaned the instant your fingers brushed against his cock.

"Thanks, Adam, I need this."

> Not this time, Trent.

You shocked Trent when you pressed your forearm against his throat and pinned him to the wall.

"Were you expecting another handjob?  Do you think I am here to service your cock?"

"Yes...No.  I mean no.  I thought.   In the shower the other day and then in the pool.  It's never felt so good."

You recalled all the times Trent mistreated you, "I know what you need, Trent."

Your power flared up around you.  Trent was staring wide-eyed at you, "What is…what are…? I…sorry."

You leaned forward and whispered into Trent's ear, "I don't need your apology. Everything I need, I will take."  Your grabbed Trent's junk.

Trent's body shook.  You envisioned Trent's cock shrinking while yours grew.  

Your power enveloped Trent. "Your big dick energy is sending you the wrong messages, and that stops now.  With a small, and I do mean small, adjustment, you'll realize that the only big dick you need is the one stretching your holes."

His shrinking dick twitched in your hand, and he moaned, ""

"This is what you need; let it go."  You guided his hand to your crotch., his eyes were closed, and he was trembling.  "You still with me, Trent? I know what you want.  Here's all the dick you are ever going to need."

"I need ... "

Trent's cock grew hard in your hand; it was now only slightly longer than three inches when fully erect.  You let your power fade, but Trent seemed unsteady on his feet.  He hadn't moved his hand from your crotch.

"Go on, pull it out."

Trent slipped his hand under the waistband of your shorts and extracted your junk.  That seemed to push him over the edge. His knees buckled; you caught him, and his body convulsed as you lowered him to the floor. Most of his load landed on your leg.

You pulled off your shorts and moved your underwear to the side. Your penis was at least 10" long semi-hard. You pulled up your shorts and knelt next to Trent.  You pulled down his shorts.  Contrasted with his muscular body, his penis look tiny.  You sat on the floor, placed Trent's head in your lap, and waited for him to wake.  

When Trent stirred, you told him that you'd be working out in your underwear.  Trent walked over to the bench press and started his workout.  After a while, it was clear to you that Trent had no recollection of his transformation.  

During the workout, Trent focused on your dick, which your underwear barely contained.  You had to be overly assertive to keep Trent training, but your aggression only increased his excitation.  After one intense set, Trent grabbed and squeezed your junk.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I … I … I'm sorry. I thought …"

"You thought?! We have been through this already, dipshit."

You poked his chest.

"You. Don't. Think. Since the day we met, you have been an asshole and treated me like shit.   Why would I let you play with my cock?"

"The training.  You said I might be ready for the next level.  I need ..."

You cut him off. "Down on the ground!"

Trent lay face down on the ground. You stood over him and prodded him with your foot.

"Rollover.  On your back!"

Trent rolled over.

"Open your mouth!" You assumed a push-up position above Trent and lined your cock up with his mouth.

"Do you like what you see, Trent?"

Trent started to speak, but you lowered your hips until your balls covered his lips.

"That was a rhetorical question.  Everyone knows that pussy jocks like you love looking at big cocks.  You will be much happier once you accept that."

You lifted your hips.  "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue."

You did a push-up until the head of your cock rested on Trent's tongue.

"Taste that?  I bet it is the most delicious thing you've ever tasted.  That is what you need.  This big cock, is everything you need."

You lowered your body further, and your cock slipped between Trent's lips; he suckled your dick and moaned.   You lifted until only your cock head remained in Trent's mouth.  You repeated your push-ups several more times; Trent gagged each time you bottomed out.

> A workout and a blowjob.  I think weight training just got a lot more interesting.

"You feel that? That is my cock fucking your mouth. You are bigger and stronger than me, but who is on the ground with a cock in their mouth? For months you acted the role of top dog, but now we see who you really are."

>Damn. This is awesome. My bully is now my personal cock sucker.

"Are you my cock sucker, Trent?" You pulled up, and your cock popped out of his mouth.  You slapped his face, "I said, 'are you my little muscle bitch cock sucker?'"


"Say it."


You stared down at Trent, "No. Say, ‘I am your little muscle bitch cock sucker.'"

"I am your little muscle bitch cock sucker."

You lowered your body until your cock was down Trent's throat.  He was choking.

"In the pool, you may be the star, but when we are alone, I own you."  Trent couldn't breathe, but he didn't fight you.  

"If you are good, maybe I'll share you with some of the other men on the team. Vadim looked interested."  There were tears in Trent's eyes.  He was stronger than you; he could push you off him if he wanted.

You climbed off Trent, walked across the room, and sat on a bench.

"What do you need, boy?"

Trent crawled rapidly across the floor until he was between your legs.  He bathed your cock and ball with his tongue and then tried to swallow your entire dick.  Each time he gagged, you found it harder and harder not to fuck him unconscious.

You painted Trent's face with your load.  You stood to leave.

"Adam, the next level.  Am I ready?"

"Stand up."

He stood.


He flexed his muscles; you smiled and thought how good they would look on you.  You squeeze his pecs.

"Don't worry; I know what you need."