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Children Of The Sun
Part 2
By Wolfpek
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My brother,

I worry about you so much that soon you will reveal far too much about us bring great danger upon the both of us. I have dedicated my life to the sheer pursuit of pleasure. I have no need to entrap these angry men. It is far too easy instead for me to bend the will of the weak and suggestible to my wishes.

I came here to bootcamp to follow you, yes but also to pursue my own untrollable desires for men. The first day here we were made to change out of our civilian clothes and shower up. How easy it was for me to enter the shower after my fellow batillionmates he had already lathered up. There were about four of them each more delicious than the next. There was Joe the tattooed biker tough who had come here seeking some structure in his life. Daniel a young farmboy sent by his family in the hopes that he would make something of himself. Joshua whose father and grandfather had served in the army, and Jamal who came for the adventure. They had no idea the structure and adventures I have planned for them.

I strode into the shower displaying my muscular arms complete with a spiral tattoo that wraps around my left bicep (I know you've seen it in your dreams of my when you wake up panting covered in cum). my lean torso, my shaved balls which provide a throne for my bulbous relentless nine inch cock. I touseled my short brown hair looked in each of their eyes quickly and simply stated, "Gentlemen attend."

The poor things my brother. They were are all on their knees feeling each other's dicks while staring at mine with such hunger. This is not the vicious brutality you show your victims my brother. I simply open their minds to all the tasty possibilities I can avail to them. Jamal responded to my commands the most quickly and began to gently suck and then inhale my cock, while sweet Joshua suprised me by fingering and probing my ass. Joe and Daniel began to explore each other as Joe pinned the boy to the floor on his stomach and began playfully stroking his cock against Daniel's sweet hole. I was so engrossed with watching Joe's powerful hunger to fuck Daniel that I was stunned when I felt my brave Joshua thrust his young hard prick into my ass.

Brother to awaken such desire in a young man is truly wonderful as Joshua began to thurst his burning hot cock in and out of me with same ferocity as Jamal began swallowing my cock. It was if the two were in absolute synchronicity in their sucking and fucking of me as was Joe in fucking Daniel. We all felt our desire and passions became enfalmed and we all came like monsoons. Cum filled my ass and Daniel's as Jamal's mouth filled with cum and his the now rock hard edifice I had created between his legs spurted volumes. Daniel through the shre delight of experiencing his first man fuck exploded all over the steamy tile floor.

Then it happened as it always does when I choose to use my powers..Joshua, Daniel, Jamal, and Joe all just ceased to exist. they simply vanish. This has happened so many times before that after I take control of these men I seem to lose them literally to where I do not know.

So now I stand before you my brother looking at your bound captive. I could so easily make him your slave but I fear that if I were to play with him this wonderful specimen would be destroyed as well. Brother, I need your help.

To be continued

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