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Gorm the Galactic Slaver
Part 5 - Pasozyt's Lair
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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Dry shattered bones crunched under his feet. It was impossible to avoid, for it covered the ground like sand on a beach. Littered, here and there, by the dried carcasses of marrow-less abandoned ships. Everything on this dark unforgiving rock was dry and empty any vestige of life, long ago sucked into the void of an eternal, irresistible appetite.

Death clogged his pores, and coated his tongue with a dry film of dust. Gorm was a master at finding his way into safe secret passages, a gift he's used to achieve the drop on many an unsuspecting hunk, but this had taken much longer than usual. Finally a fetid draft alerted him to a duct. Even mysterious presences need to breath. The slaver took a breathe to steel himself, and silently slipped in. Gorm was good at silently slipping into places.

It was a very long, and dark way down, through more dust and bone, a valuable reminder to Gorm that there was no place on this rock that did not hold the remains of Pasozyt's victims. Soundless caution was essential. He began to sweat as he approached the planet's interior He sensed a widening ahead, and almost cursed allowed to discover his path blocked by close set bars. There was no way back. he was trapped. He reached out to touch one. Impenetrable.

But the mortar surrounding it was not. In fact, it was crumbling. He applied pressure, and the rusty iron moved imperceptibly. It would take time to achieve quietly. Time he knew he did not have, nor did he have a choice. He pulled himself closer to his impediment and his jaw dropped. He was below floor level, like a mouse peering from it's hole, of a large damp cave. At least there was some life here. Fang like stalactites dripped ooze onto ropes of vine like black fungus, infested the stone, and tightly bound the ankles of Pasozyt's two new purchases. Their naked muscles slick and shining with a coating of stalactite goo, hung upside down, like slaughtered beef. Tendrils of black fungus wound around massive legs, strangled the bases of two stiff cocks, dug into nipples and armpits, and tightly encircled their throats They lived yet, but he doubted that condition would continue much longer. Gorm's own dick was enjoying the display, when all the little purple hairs on his forearm became as stiff as his member. A familiar terror squatted in his stomach. Pasozyt was near. The tiny antennae waived at him from under the hood. Gorm stopped turning at the bar and froze. He was good at invisible. The creature paused then turned back toward it's succulent new treasures. As it crossed the expanse, the cloak fell away, and Gorm had it's first look of the horror that was Pasozyt.

It became clear immediately why it chose to hide itself under the cloak. It's predominate colouring suggested something the interior rather than the exterior of an extremely unhealthy body.

Gorm would be hard pressed to answer, were he ever asked to describe it. His mind, in horror, rejected the image, yet he tried to force himself it categorize what he saw, as it floated towards it's prey on eight delicate rear legs.

The creature seemed to be slightly Mantodean in shape, it's main curving body consisting of a thorax and abdomen from which sprung, as he had suspected rows of six jointed "arms" on each side each ending in a set of razor like pincers, both upper and lower fingers of which were, uniquely, moveable. The first pair of pedialps were doubled in size and thickness to the other four, and set, ironically, in a praying position. All of it's limbs were lined with tiny hook like spines. Feather like sensory organs, aligned in rows of pegs on it's underbelly dragged along the cave floor. It's body ended in a long whip like tail.

Along it's back stood four curved black pipes,each long as a short sword. Gorm had no idea of the reason for these, except to terrify, of perhaps to breathe

A semi transparent carapace enclosed it's elongated triangular head along the sides of which three sets of tiny compound eyes bulges round, and moveable, crowned with whisker thin antennae. It's powerful gruesome jaw help uncountable rows or razor sharp metallic teeth.

Most gruesome of all was the absurdly long appendage which curved upward from it's belly coated also in tiny bristling spines, which curved backward so that it could slip inward, but destroy anything it pulled out of. It too ended in an eyeless mouth filed with miniscule snapping incisors, and oozed a smoking black oil.

It approached imperiled naked form of the sublime space hero. It's mouth dangerously close to the delectable at cock,and sniffed like a hunting animal at the pungent sent of masculine potency. Pazozyt growled, the sound of a rusty anvil dragged across a field of slate, and from the drooling rows of teeth, emerged a tongue-like body part with a second mouth at the end, a deep purple lizard tongue darted from his and licked the the engorged vein on the underside of Rawlin's exposed manhood. The little mouth enfolded the his member gingerly in it's rows of glinting fangs. The beautiful outlaw moaned unaware of the danger.

The first bar choose that moment to come loose. Gorm caught it before it clattered to the ground, but it was enough. the little mouth withdrew and Pasozyt whipped around, antennae waiving, at the possible intrusion. The slaver lay flat and very still while seeming millennia moseyed by. Gorm was genetically design for invisibility to creatures which relied on vision, heat, and smell, essential for a race of slavers. Pasozyt's hunger was too strong to investigate further. he turned back towards his valiant captives. This time he choose to explore the charms of his first purchase. His name was Bronic and he had been famous on his home world, and on many others. He had been bred to be from before his birth, and afterwards an army of trainers and nutritionists honed every muscle and tendon to absolute competitive perfection. He was constructed, rather than raised to win, and with his masculine blonde beauty to draw the eye of spectators. His life had been spent in training, eating meticulously designed meals meant for development rather than enjoyment. Woman were provided,at appropriate intervals to keep his hormones calm, and his mind focused on the goal. He had, at every moment exceeded his creator's designs and fattened their pocketbooks as well. Many had expressed surprise at Gorm's accomplishment in capturing so formidable a specimen, but in reality it was no more difficult to steal a thoroughbred racehorse. Bronic had been a sort of slave all his life, so it was not an excessive transition from the stadium to the flesh market. His exploited perfection remained the same, only the masters had changed. Pincers gingerly enclosed around a classical torso, and pulled the alabaster muscles from their vegetative chains and laid the insensate champion across a flat stone. Jointed limbs straddles the prostate form. The nightmarish visage leaned in closed for another deep predatory sniff. Claws gently traced square jaw line, as a tender lover. saliva dripped from myriad fangs and pooled on the chiseled curves. Pasozyt growled again, and the little tongue creature slithered out for another long phallic taste. Bronic moaned deeply. His hips,as if manipulated by an invisible puppeteer thrust upward toward certain doom. The monster knocked the mind conrtoller away in one swat. He preferred not to afford his victims the comfort of dulled senses. The youth gasped and struggled, but the many limbs, held iron muscle fast, and the sheer hideous appearance of his attacker subdued superior strength Primary claws encircled the knees, and raised the carefully sculpted legs exposing the full round ass, and tight vulnerable hole to it's malicious intent. Gorm had been working frantically on the second bar, but froze solid unable to tear his eyes from the unfolding tragedy. Pasozyt's animate phallus met the impossibly tiny orifice and pressed insistently inward, it's tiny teeth chewing away the golden hair surrounding the portal. Bronic screamed as the spiked leviathan invaded his virgin chute. What was most disturbing was the bizarre zoological rhythm with which Pasozyt thrust his need into the helpless athlete, at once still and insistent, graceful and disjointed. he seemed to be transferring some.. thing into the outraged body. Bronic's screams turned into something else, transformed by unthinkable pain, a grunting wail, and his head rolled from side to side, as whatever substance it was the parasite was pumping into him began to nest deep within his bowels. The athlete's cock pulses and expanded, swollen purple to twice it's natural size. The ravaged beauty howled as his distended member exploded into seemingly endless ropes of, no not cum. Something greeninsh pulsed from his loins and collected on the flat stomach in gelatinous mass, a pile of fish eggs which congealed into a twitching bleating thing. Gorm could not believe his eyes as the mass formed itself into a miniature of the still thrusting monster, and scrambled like a hungry infant to suckle from the breast of he who had given it birth.

But it did not suckle. Instead, the little tongue creature burst from it's mouth and tore the nipple from it's pectoral shelf. The little monster grew as it continued to feed upon living flesh. Pasozyt as followed his progeny's suit and began tearing at bits of flesh, wolfing down the still leaking cock. They flipped the squirming bloody form over, and Pasozyt lustily bit into the sphere of Bronic's ass, as if biting into a full round apple. His ungrateful child bit his father's face, jealous of the prime cut, and the two parasites fought over their host. Finally the larger Pasozyt, knocked his offspring against a far wall, where it slid lifeless to the ground it's acidic black blood etching into the stone. It would be a snack for it's father later. In the meantime Pasozyt had a more succulent feast before him. Gorm pulled himself from his horrified reverie and began tearing at the second bar again, trying to ignore the screams and snapping bones. Pasozyt kept his victims alive as long as possible. He could not let this happen to Rawlins A hideous silence filled the room as Pasozyt polished off his meal with a satisfied slurp.

He raised himself to his full height and surveyed the space, considering the carcass of his progeny. That would keep, for a later snack. He sniffed the air antennae waiving. Word of Rawlin's beauty had reached him even on the dead world, and he had travelled in person to claim it. Now the potent masculine scent filled his nostrils. He could wait no longer. He turned back towards the captive hunk and advanced slowly.

He was going to savour every moment.

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