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Pilgrims Perils
Part 2 - Rapture
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Pilgrims Perils

Chapter 2 - Rapture

By Wolfpek


Upon his release the next morning, the penitent did not speak. he shook off his friends greetings and stumbled to the lake at the edge of the wood.


Concerned, I followed discreetly behind

I watched him shed his clothes and dive into the water. he took an alarmingly long time to re emerge, and when he did, he stood stock still as if hewn from alabaster, the beads of water slowly flowing of of his firm sculpted form, the high pectoral shelf, and the pert hard buttocks.


I approved of the repentant baptism, and knew he would return to our colony a changed man, freed from his licentious ways and full of the Lord's light and goodness.

I left him there and returned to my chambers

It was not long before I was roused by a deafening pounding at my door

He stood there, soaked through. He had attempted to dress, but had thrown himself back into the water. His shirt was half open, and his breeches plastered , transparent over his thighs and buttocks, his manhood lay heavily against the saturated fabric.


His haunted blue eyes bore into mine

"I couldn't get clean"

He was clearly shaken, but a simmering rage coursed  through him, and filled the room

"My son, what is wrong? Has something happened to you?"

He did not speak for a long time

Finally he told me that he had been ... accosted during the night.

I normally do not approve of spirits, but do keep ale handy in case of medicinal need. He was clearly in great distress after his ordeal

"Here," I lead him to a bench against the wall and helped him to sit. I could feel the heat of his manly energy as I lightly touched his broad shoulder.

"Drink this, It will soothe and calm you"

I watched the sensuous movement of this throat,  his Adam's apple bobbing up an down as he  gulped ,The cool liquid ran down the sides of his mouth, along hin neck and over the planes of his half naked breast. I refilled his cup. He wiped his mouth with his ripped and dripping sleeve.

"A... man came to me in the night"

"Which man?"

"I do not know. He approached from behind. I never saw him"

"He.. he... entered me"

 I recoiled in shock.

"Sodomy????!!! My son have you engaged in the mortal sin of buggery???

I had thought last night's punishment would have brought you back to the righteous path, but this is a grave grave sin"

"But.... but I was bound and helpless. There was nothing that I could do to prevent it"

"Ahhhh but what did you do to cause it?"

He shot from the bench, and roared like a wounded beast.

"CAUSE IT????!!!!"

Unleashing his his  prodigious might, he kicked over a table, and punched a hole in the plaster

I rose to placate him

"Nathaniel, my son, we must pray together"

His mighty fist sent me spinning across the floor


He punched through and oaken beam as if it were paper.

He stumbled through the room like a violent drunkard, and sank to one knee.

"I WAS... I was.......raped!!!"

I cautiously approached him, softly laying my hands on those vast shoulders, and helped him to rise.

"My son, you have taken part in an infernal sin" He began to push me away. "But,.. but our Lord forgive the truly repentant, and  He surely understand the agony that you have suffered, all the while gagged so you could not even cry for help." I spoke soothingly as if taming a wild horse, patting his shoulders.

His head dropped and rose again.

"How did you  know...?

I ran my hand gently along the massive upper arm.

"Otherwise we would have heard you call"

He nodded with heavy lidded eyes

" I can help you to heal. Perhaps this assault was, in a way, a deliverance from your sin of pride, and may teach you to lead a more temperate life "

He shook his head slowly from side to side, his deep voice eerily measured.

"If I find them , I will kill them"

Horror dropped like a stone into my bowels


"Them, the men that did this to me. The men who crept up from behind while I was bound, and unable to see.... the men.. who..."

He did not finish. His head hung down.

I shook him

"There was more than one"

 His head rolled in exhausted anguish. Words were nearly impossible to form

"They touched me...tormented... the hands.. the cocks... so deep.

One suckled... my manhood, while another took me... his rough hands pawing at my breast... all night... must have been... must have..maybe twenty"


Abomination!!!  Rage ripped through my thundering heart.. oh horror! Nineteen sodomites prowl the streets of our village. The Lord cannot abide such a repugnant sin. Surely He will smite our little settlement if these deviants are not found and punished.

I grabbed his square rugged jaw in my hand, my delicate white palm chafing on the stubble of his unshaven face, and gaze into his brilliant blue eyes.

"Oh my wayward son, do you not see how you have brought this upon yourself?

How you have brought this abomination to our village?"

His heavy brows knit together as if he were trying to work out a difficult mathematical equation. 

"I  brought this on ..."

The brilliant blue eyes seemed to glaze. He struggled to focus.

The strong dose of sleeping draught, which I had mixed in with his ale seemed to be taking effect.

I had known when he came to me so troubled after his torturous night that he needed a sound sleep in order to recover. He would need all of his strength to withstand the battle for his soul, for I suspected the demon was still lodged within him.

I could see the healing draught had begun its work, otherwise how could this rough fighter have allowed me to reach up and stroke the hair from his forehead, like a child.

"Surely you know when you swagger and flaunt your naked sweating torso in the brilliant sun that is the devil within you. It is the devil which paints those threadbare hose across the ripe curve of your buttocks taunting and tormenting the good Christian men of this village, enticing them into debauched and unnatural acts"

His lids were heavy as stone now.

"My... ripe... torso?"

"This is a small village. You were born here. These were men you have known your whole life. Even when you were a child, they noticed you. They marked that you were stronger, and faster than all the other boys"

He moved feebly, shifting his torso as if lying in the sand trying to become more comfortable


"They watched as your limbs grew long and graceful, and you began to tease  and tempt them, as your buttocks filled out into a graceful curve, your shoulders grew wide, and your breast proud and strong."

His torso began to undulate, like waves gently lapping upon the shore.

"You learned how your, easy open smile could charm almost anyone into doing your bidding. That's when the devil began to speak through you and taught you how to flex and strut"

He sighed trying to focus and to wake from this nightmare, but he would not. He thought I was mad, I could tell. He thought he was just a simple young man trying to woo a young girl, but I knew better.

"You sent your spirit out to them to keep them awake with burning dreams of your flat rippling belly, and these men, these god fearing men, watched. They began to fall under your spell.  They watched, oh yes, and they waited so patiently, until the moment you reached the full perfect flower of your manhood, and so tormented by the fever of lust you placed in their hearts, they raped you with all the fury and passion you deserved"

He writhed in a futile attempt to maintain consciousness.

"Rape? ... manhood. you..unnghh..nooo"

"Thank the good Lord, that you have trusted and come to me. I will save you from those deviants, and yourself."

I kissed his neck.

"You.. you're.. mad... you're maa...."

His head fell backward onto my shoulder, exposing his thick, tender neck and the bronze flesh framed by his open shirt.

"You see? Even now your uncovered breast teases me, and invites me to.."

I rip open the thin soaking fabric. Golden skin flowed over the broad pectoral plates, dropping over the muscled cliff down to the rib cage and rippling stomach all the way to the soft blonde hairs peeping out above his nearly transparent breeches which barely covered his hips, like cream pouring over smooth wet rocks.


I allowed one hand to follow over those smooth hard surf aces, while the other back toward me turned his unresististing chin back toward me.

'But I know there is some goodness in you. You are one of my flock, and even though you have lost your way, I still love you"


To prove this I bestowed a soft paternal kiss upon his full, slightly parted lips. I wondered perhaps if the devil were hiding some where in there, so I pressed my mouth more firmly over is exploring the cavern of his mouth with my tongue, running it along his.

But it was my other hand which found it again as it grasped his weighty manhood.


I needed a closer look at my opponent, so I gently lay him back along the bench, his burly forearm flopped on the floor

With some difficulty I was able to peel away the second skin that were his breeches, and, for the first time gazed upon his fully naked form, so seemingly innocent and vulnerable.

I could clearly see where the demon was housed, and it was more of a monster than I had feared. There would be a fearsome battle for this youth's soul.


But his manly form was too large for the bench.

I would be best to bring my patient where he may fully rest.

I grasped the cable of sinew that was his forearm and let  him slide upon my shoulder.


He was a much bigger man than I and certainly stronger, but the Lord gave me the strength that I needed, as I hoisted my precious burden up, I could feel the cool hard flesh of his exposed rump against my cheek, and I carried his insensate form into my bedchamber, where I let him flop face up upon my bed.


I could see where those nineteen lechers might see what lay before me as a sumptuous feast, but I saw a soul in need of my help.

I let my hands sun over every inch of that unblemished skin searching for further signs of possession. My palms passed over the hard nubs of his nipples and I wondered what those diseased men may have done to these. I also considered that these may be a portal from which I might extract the demon, and so with some difficulty I  squeezed his member in one hand , in order to choke the demon, and nursed his wine red nipples going from one to the other. He moaned softly and rolled his head from side to side. I imagined that they were bruised during last night's torture.


This was not entirely successful, so I took his member fully into my mouth, running my hands along his belly and chest occasionally pinching at those nipples in the hope of extracting some of the evil.

His manhood grew to a behemoth against my throat. His torso undulated in waves.

I suckled even more furiously, up and down, until i could feel him tense, his toes curled, and those quivering muscles of his belly rose up and down. His whole body stretch like a tired cat, and I found myself gulping down a salty ocean of his warm seed.


Had I succeeded?

I was not convinced. I rolled the limp giant onto his stomach.


He was beautiful in repose, unaware of the battle for salvation that was to take place upon his naked body

There they were, those luscious ripe melons which had brought so much trouble to this village, and driven those nineteen deviants mad with lust.

I almost felt sorry for him. Was it possible he was just a young man who had suffered an unspeakable attack? Those two boulders so white against the dark skin of his back and shins, had suffered so much pain.I could even make out teeth marks. 

I placed a bolster under his hips to allow better access for my inspection, and to choke the demon as he press his manhood into it. In this position, they were even more full round, luscious, and oh so tempting.

I lay my healing hands upon them, marveling at their granite hardness. I tenderly kissed each one.

I could not imagine the agony that tiny hole must have experienced, I pushed the two meaty hams apart to inspect the damage. the pucker looked red, and a bit raw.

I ran my find along it and watched it try close against another invasion.


I blew on it to cool the burning, outraged flesh. All of that rubbing must have made it dry and painful. I pulled it open, examining the dark cavern within, and spit into it, the foaming white saliva coated the entrance, before disappearing within. I thought I heard him utter an unconscious moan. It must have been soothing on his wounded flesh. Out of concern for his wounds I licked the tender pucker, feeling  it quiver against my tongue. It's tangy taste drew me in and I pushed further and further until my face was buried deep into the cleft, and my tongue wormed deep into his bowels.My arms encircled the beefy spheres like a long lost love It felt like heaven.


No!!! This was luxuriant pleasure!!!! The devil had tricked me, tempting me with the youth's naked helplessness, the mouthwatering roundness of those pert high muscles.


Furious, I rose up, and bound the young buck's wrist and ankles to each bedpost against the unlikely event that he should wake, grabbed my strop and beat him mercilessly until that unblemished flesh glowed red.

'Try to tempt me, insolent youth?  I will not be swayed. You came here for my help, and by God you shall have it! I am here to save you!!!!


Smack!  The strop cracked against the bare white flesh.

"Oh Lord, deliver this poor sinner from his evil tempting ways"

Crack! The blow so hard the unconscious body bounced upon the bed.

"Oh Lord help me cast the demon out of him"

I raised the strop, and gazed upon the helpless suffering beauty. The devil was strong making my desire almost uncontrollable. I had to fight.


I threw the strop down, and fell upon the bound youth, forcing my vengeful manhood deep, so deep with just one thrust. the outraged flesh of his chute closed around my member like a velvet serpent, the devil was making this  sensation unbearable pleasurable. I struggled not to revel slowly in this ecstasy. I was here to do battle. I did not care if I had to rip this strapping youth in twain, I would save his soul


I pounded into him without mercy, his sleeping form jigging upon my rod.

The devil was clever,and strong within him. I knew this would take all night, but it was my duty.

The work of God’s servants is never done