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The Lake (revised)
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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The Lake

By Wolfpek

Disclaimer: This story is based on a graphic story called "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost ", which was once featured on a website which no longer exists..

This story contains themes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy,



Where he came from they didn't believe in fairy tales, or any nonsense such as spites or ghosts. In his flat, ice covered land of marshes, windmills, and guilders, far across the wide world, they were ignorant of other creatures that inhabited the place between waking and dreams.

They only believed in trading and adventure. That's what brought them across the wide seas, in their wooden ships, from another world. Adventure. That's what brought the stranger to this remote hamlet. The villagers had never seen anyone, or anything, like the beautiful young stranger so unusually tall, with piercing round eyes the colour of cornflowers, and hair bright and yellow as the sun.

Hard work at sea had broadened his shoulders, and chest to heroic proportions. They tried to warn him, but he would not listen. The lake was irresistible to the handsome young men of the village. Something about it drew young studs like moths to a flame, and they never returned. The lake hungered for beautiful young men, and this one was the most beautiful man anyone of them had ever seen. This fine exotic specimen from the snowy lands beyond the sea was exactly what the lake craved.


In the stranger's faraway, marshy land, they did not believe in spectral need beneath the water.

The night was unbearably still and hot. Even in the village, the stranger could smell the sweet cherry blossoms. He could hear the cool water lapping on the sandy shores. His thickly muscled legs led him, of their own accord up the leafy path to the deserted temple. The gilded tiers of its pagoda roof shone dully against the twilit blue of the night sky. Its reflective twin floated upside down on the surface. A soft breeze whispered through the trees, and the moonlight danced on the rippling water forming an inviting shimmering path, which called him in. He could not resist 

He tore off his clothes. His pale skin the blue colour of the night sky. Broad shoulders capped by rounded deltoids. His gleaming pectoral muscles, so hard and pert shadowed sharply defined abdominals and contrasted with the graceful lean hips. His ass so round and full looked deceptively plump when in fact it was hard as granite, and mouthwatering as a firm ripe apple.


He stood, proud against the starlit sky like a young god of a long ago land. The sand whispered beneath his feet as soft as a Persian carpet as he waded in to a sweet cool aquatic heaven.

The water goblin's attack was as silent as it was unexpected. It sank its fangs into the muscular hunks low hanging balls quickly before the studly youth could even think to defend himself. In an instant, the beautiful young stranger was unconscious. 


Keeping a firm grip on the studly stranger's thick cock, the water goblin quickly dragged the unconscious youth into the misty underworld below the waters of the haunted pool.


Deep in the mists of the underworld, the water goblin quickly tied and hung up its virile young victim like a side of delicious beef.


The Water Goblin was diabolically thorough. When the youthful hunk opened his eyes, he found, not only his thick muscled arms, but his big cock and heavy, low hanging balls tightly and most painfully bound as well. 


Many believe that Water Goblins devour all of their victim's flesh and bones since no one has ever seen or heard of any young buck again, once captured by one of these demons.

Foolish mortals 



It is not their victims' bones and flesh that the goblins crave. It is their screams of pain, their angry curses and defiant threats, and the thick, hot and salty juice of their tortured cocks. 



The stranger's thickly muscled torso also attracted the wicked Water Goblin's attention. It was clear to the demon that the young beauty's large tender nipples begged for cruel, painful milking. 



But what the Water Goblin craved, more than anything was the helpless stud's big round, hard muscled ass. He bent the poor young hunk over, his head and shoulders pined to the ground. His arms still twisted and tied above him, for the best view of those creamy white dimpled mounds. The greedy goblin grabbed hold, drawing blood from the firm unblemished flesh with his claws and licked the crack with his rough tongue. 



Slurping and sucking like a glutton, he buried his face within the virgin hole, nibbling away at the golden hairs with his sharp fangs, and finally burying his huge cock deep within the young stud's warm constricting chute thrusting mercilessly until the helpless hunk had no more breath to scream. 


There is no time in the underworld so the studly stranger's long thick cock, and tender nipples are cruelly milked, again and again.


His big granite muscled ass is raped endlessly by the evil goblin. 


The youthful hunk's desperate plight, however, did not go unobserved Attracted by rough manly moans of sexual pain, an ugly little ghost was drawn to the Water Goblin's dungeon.



The creatures of the underworld had named the ghost "Pig Boy" and the unfortunate spirit was instantly attracted to the handsome stranger's thickly muscled body and long shapely virile cock. Slowly the young man's beautiful muscled body, the potent power of his thick cock, and spherical perfection of his big muscled butt won the heart of the ugly little ghost. 

Each time the water Goblin would leave to hunt, the pig-faced ghost never failed to heal the unconscious stranger's swollen cock, and soothingly blow into and lick away the bleeding wounds inside the beauty's asshole ravaged by the Water Goblin's massive cudgel of a dick. He heedlessly gave of every part of his very soul to save the man he loved.


Even the studly hunk's bleeding nipples are kissed and healed by the ugly ghost's selfless Sacrifice.

But the Water Goblin always returned delighting in the torture of the muscular youth's throbbing cock, luscious nipples, and irresistible helpless asshole.


Every kind of sexual torture imaginable was perpetrated upon the handsome stranger's swollen cock, bleeding nipples and ravished ass. The Goblin forces cum from the young man's cock again, and again, violating his deepest center over and over until the day finally came when the stranger's cock juice flew blood-red from the relentless abuse.

Pig Boy is horrified the day he discovered that almost all of his ghostly power is required to heal the handsome, helpless hunk's cock, balls and ass.


He knows the young beauty will not survive another session of rape and torture. This time the Goblin would really eat its delicious victim, skin, bones, flesh and all.

Although the effort drained him terribly, the ugly ghost was determined to save the handsome youth. Carrying the unconscious hunk over his shoulder, the pig faced spectre fled the safe rolling mists of his underworld for the mortal realm above.


As dawn broke, the fugitive ghost arrived in the mortal world with his precious burden. Too much in love to think better of it, he lay the handsome youth on the shores of the haunted lake, and blowing softly into his ear woke the young stud.


As the muscular stranger returned to consciousness, he became aware of the terrible pain all over his abused body, and remembered the feeling of endless savage rapes, brutal torture, and his big cock mercilessly sucked and milked, again and again by the Water Goblin. As his blue eyes came into focus, the first thing he saw was the pig-faced ghost. His reaction was not unexpected.


Just at the moment when the sun rose, and Ravaddi the sun god began his daily journey across the sky. With the pain of the terrible tortures inflicted on his throbbing cock, swollen nipples and ravaged ass still fresh in his mind, the stranger recoiled in horror from the loving embrace of the pig-faced ghost.

Nothing born of the Underworld can survive the searing touch of Ravaddi the sun god Not daring to so much as glance back the stranger fled the shores of the haunted lake, and time ran out for the little pig-faced child of darkness unable to explain, or tell the handsome mortal of his lonely love. In the bright light of the new day, the ugly little ghost began to burn.

A light breeze scattered the ashes of the ugly little ghost to the four winds. Nothing was left to mark his passing, save for a single, darkly glowing, tear-drop. All that was good and kind in his heart, his small sad hopes, and lonely dreams dissipated with the morning dew. But his unspoken longing, and love, for the handsome stranger, that, not even the sun god could destroy.


The End