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Supermans Nightmares
Chapter 1 - The First Night
By Wrstlr

Superman’s Nightmares: The First Night

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Pa Kent are the property of DC comics. Gunther the villain is the creation of the author. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual authors fantasy.

Metropolis: Late Evening at Clark Kents apartment.

Superman aka Clark Kent flies in the living room window of his tower apartment that he owns as Clark Kent reporter for The Daily Planet exhausted from the hectic day that started at 5am this Saturday morning. As Superman his day started with a meeting of the Justice League at the watchtower to discuss the universes events and the absence of some hero’s when they were needed to assist in encounters in the universe, of which Superman admitted that he has been derelict because of all the crime in Metropolis lately and the constant riding of his boss Perry White. Superman offered for a short time to take a step back as a fully active member of the Justice League and just a reserve member until things had settled down and returned to normal. The Justice League accepted the quest by a narrow margin asking Firestorm if he could take Supermans place temporarily. At precisely 8am Superman arrived at the Daily Planet building and changed into this Clark Kent persona. Perry White had been on everyone’s case because of the influx of crime wave reports that kept flooding his phone, pager, and fax machine trying to get a reporter to every scene all over town. This crime spree had been going on for almost a full month now with only a few of the criminals getting caught, usually with Superman’s help. Most of the crimes were petty to the normal affairs that Superman handled, usually petty theft, arson, purse snatching, stolen cars, and general vandalism which was overwhelming the local metropolis police department. The only common link that the police, Superman, or anyone was able to put together was that all this crime was being done by teenagers that when caught would swallow a capsule that would paralyze their body and put them into forced coma’s so they could not be questioned. All the targets seemed to be random in both time and location that Superman as well as the police had to be constantly on the streets keeping their eyes and ears out. This was an opportunity for Clark Kent though because daily he was able to have more news reports sent to Perry for publishing then any reporter, except maybe Lois Lane. Today superman had to handle twelve different incidents capturing the suspect each time and delivering them to the police for incarceration. All of this flurry of activity had begun to wear on the Man of Steel that he needed a break which is why he had just flown home to shower, rest and get ready to go this parent’s home on Sunday to assist his father with some chores that were needing done.

Superman walks into his bedroom and removes his outfit, gives it a quick examine to ensure that it was all intact and not in need of repair, and then opens the hidden closet door where he stored them and placed his red boot in it. Closing the closet door Clark walks over to his dresser and picks out a pair waist size 40 boxer shorts and slips them on to cover him a bit just in case someone knocked on his door, not that he was expecting anyone. Walking his six foot two inch frame from the bedroom towards the kitchen Clark stops to look at himself in the full length mirror, his entire 250 pound frame took up the entire display area of the mirror. Clark noticed that he must have forgotten to shave this morning because with his microscopic vision he noticed small hair follicles present all over his face, arms, and legs. Taking note of this he continues on to the kitchen and puts a TV dinner in the oven for a quick meal for the night as well as grabbing bottled water out his refrigerator and heads into the living room turning on his radio for some soft sounds to relax to while his dinner cooked. Sitting in his rocker/recliner Clark lets the instrumental sounds reverberate in his head helping him to relax to a point that he drifts into a soft slumber and dream, while his dinner is cooking.

Dream World:

Clark Kent awakens this morning at precisely 6am as was always the case for him. He throws the covers from off his body revealing his magnificent six foot two inch frame two hundred fifty pound filled out muscle framed body glistening smooth from head to toe and climbs out of bed. Standing upright you can see his six inch flaccid cock and nutsack dangling around as he works his way to the shower to clean up. Today is a special day for Clark Kent, he had been personally requested to proctor an interview with him and six time Gold Medal winner, for freestyle & Greco-Roman wrestling, Gunther Mueller from Germany. This is a special treat since normally Gunther never grants any type of interviews to anyone and is always surrounded by trainers and doctors. There have even been rumors that his entourage is mainly responsible Gunther’s success and possibly have been using medical science to give him an advantage. Gunther has agreed to discuss all of this for the first time ever but only to Clark Kent. Clark took his shower, turned off the water, and did a quick super speed spin to dry himself, which was nothing for his other persona of Superman. Walking to his bedroom Clark opened up the door of his closet and started making his suit selections as well as a set of workout clothes, because he has also been granted the opportunity to wrestle Gunther just to see how good the Olympian is for himself. Normally he would also open the hidden chamber closet where he kept his Superman suits but today his duties were going to be covered by his fellow Justice League members. Packing a singlet into his gym bag as well as some workout shoes, jockstrap, and old headgear that he use to wear when wrestling in high school Clark dressed up in his nice 3 piece suit, tie, and dress shoes and headed towards the kitchen to make some breakfast before his 8am appointment with Gunther at a private gym across town near the Metropolis Hyatt Hotel. Clark eats a light breakfast full of protein and carbohydrates just to ensure he is fueled up and ready for his match. At precisely 8am Clark Kent arrives at the gym for his interview and match with the Olympian. Gunther’s trainer welcomes Clark at the entrance to the gym, an older gentleman in his mid sixties , standing about six foot in height and about two hundred pounds that seems reasonable fit for his apparent age. The trainer takes Clark to the conference room where the interview with Gunther is to happen explaining that Gunther will be there shortly for the interview. Out of curiosity Clark uses his X-ray vision and locates 4 other bodies in a nearby room, attuning his super hearing Clark hears them talk, “Today is the first day of our futures. It starts with this simple gesture and by the end of the week our lives will be changed forever.” They all then stand up, shake hands and head out the door and towards the conference room that Clark Kent is in. The door begins to open and Clark stands up ready to greet the group as they enter the room but almost immediately Clark stops in his tracks and gawks at the hunk in the door entrance. The man stands six foot five inches and weighs at least 265 pounds of solid muscles from head to toe, and clad only in a pair of loose fitting knee length shorts and a T-shirt. “Guten Morgen, Ich heisse Gunther.” Gunther says while stretching out his hand to Clark. It takes Clark a minute to compose himself before he responds in German himself, “Danke, Ich heisse Clark.”, and he returns the handshake. Gunther has a firm grip even in a simple handshake. “Do you prefer German or English?” Clark asks as he turns to allow Gunther entry and the rest of the group into the room. “I can speak both but some of the others only can speak German.” Gunther states sliding past Clark taking the seat next to where Clark has his notepad and supplies. Clark shakes hands with the rest of the group as they enter and introduces himself to each and every one but they do not say anything at all. The interview proceeds pretty much without interruption for almost ninety minutes and all of Clark’s questions are answered. In particular when Clark ask about the potential drug abuse all the party members deny that anything that Gunther has ever used was not natural or banned by any organization. They even supply Clark with medical records to support their claims. Gunther has undergone many types of radiation, steroid, and hormone treatments over the years but all of them are approved medical practices. “Guess you can just say I am a mutant freak of nature with everything that I have overcome since my childhood to be this specimen of health sitting next to you.” Gunther laughs while punching Clark in the arm. Clark actually was able to feel the punch even though it didn’t hurt but he acts like it did by quickly rubbing the punched area. “Well I want to see just how good you really are. As you know I use to wrestle myself and would be honored to have freestyle match with you. If you are still willing that is.” Clark states looking directly at Gunther. “I may not be of your caliber but I believe I can hold my own to make it interesting. “ Gunther in response states, “I always look forward to new challengers. I hope that you truly can give me a great match. Lets go to the Locker Room together and we will both weigh in, change and meet on the mat. Gunther and Clark get up and walk towards the locker room with the trainer while the rest of the party stays in the conference room. In the Locker room Clark puts on the jockstrap that he brought in his gym bag, which barely contains his eight inches of flaccid cock and nutsack and shows a pronounced bulge as he steps up to the weight scale. “248 pounds exactly for Clark.”, the trainer announces as Clark steps off the scale. Turning around Clark sees Gunter directly behind him but instead of wearing a strap he is completely nude, and the sight of this mammoth Olympian standing there revealing all, including a uncut eight inch flaccid sheathed cock about four inches in diameter. Clark steps to the side and Gunther steps on the scale for weigh in. “267 pound for Gunther.”, the trainer announces and Gunther steps off and stands next to Clark. Clark actually feels small compared to the mass standing next to him even though they statistically are not that far apart in height, weight, or mass. They meet in the squared circle precisely 5 minutes later both clad in their singlets, headgears, and red and green colored wrist bands. The match will consist of 3 periods or a total of 2 pinfalls which ever happens first. Each period would have a time limit of 5 minutes with regular freestyle rules applied through the match. A man who worked at the gym was brought in to referee the match and award the match points or pinfalls. The two grapplers met in the center of the ring, shook hands, and took their neutral upright starting positions. The referee blew his whistle and almost immediately Gunther shot for Clarks leg and lifting it off the mat with ease. Quickly Gunther followed that up with a trip smashing Clark down to the mat and hooked up in a double chicken wing maneuver trying to turn Clark over for a quick pinfall. It took Gunther about a full 45 seconds to get the first pinfall on Clark ending the first period. “That was way to easy.”, Gunther boasted getting off Clark and helping him back to his feet. “You sure you want to continue?” “You just caught me by surprise but not again.” Clark states getting back into his neutral starting stance in the center of the ring. Clark decides that maybe he used to much restraint of his powers and needs to be a stronger challenger for the remainder of the match. Gunther takes his stance as well and the referee blows the whistle to start the second period. Gunther immediately shoots for a single leg takedown again but this time Clark is able to sprawl out on top of Gunther and keep his leg back out of Gunthers reach. Clark preforms a underarm swim technique on Gunther and hops on top scoring points for a takedown himself. For the next 2 minutes Clark is able to accumulate riding time by blocking all techniques form Gunther. The referee blows the whistle to break the action that has moved outside the circle. They both move back to the center of ring, with Gunther down on the bottom starting stance. Clark places his two hands on the Center of Gunther back while standing upright ready to drop once the whistle blows. The referee blow the whistle and before Clark can drop Gunther has already scrambled back on his feet and to a neutral upright position once more. Gunther tries another single leg takedown and fails but blocks Clark from scoring a takedown. The referee blows the whistle for a stalemate and they return back to the center neutral position. The whistle blows again and this time Gunther shoots for a double leg takedown with success and rides Clark for the remainder of the period. The points are tied for the second period but Clark is in the lead because of longer riding time. The two take a thirty second rest period where Clark begins to notice that he is sweating and actually a little fatigued for some reason. They meet in the center of the ring for the third period, shake hands, take their positions and the referee blows the whistle. For almost 2 minutes the two of them attack and defend without any points being scored. After the latest stalemate Clark, who is breathing a bit heavier knows that the only chance he has to win the match is to score a pinfall which means he needs to be more aggressive. The two grappler clinch each other when the whistle blows when Clark quickly slips into a chest clinch and tries to perform a leg sweep on Gunther. Clark is able to take Gunther down on his back but only gets a two count before Gunther escapes and returns to neutral position. They Clinch once more but this time it is Gunther who is the aggressor and locks Clark up in a front headlock. With little effort at all, even though Clark is trying to block, Gunther is able to thow Clarks body with hipcheck onto his back. Clark tries to do a bridge quickly but is not fast enough and the referee slaps the mat indicating that Gunther has scored another pinfall. “That was a wonderful match.” Gunther says shaking Clarks hand in the center of the ring once more. The two grapplers retire to the locker room, strip to shower standing side by side. Clark actually collapses in the shower for a minute feeling shaky and week. Gunther helps him up and takes him to the massage room to recover. Gunther excuses himself to allow Clark to recover. While in the room Clark hears the people in the conference room now all talking in plain English, “Our mutant project seems to be a complete success and soon no one not even the mighty Superman will stop us from controlling this world.” Clark listens for a bit more to hear that Gunther has mutant strength and agility which has only been enhanced by the radiation treatments that he has taken, and the steroid injections that had been irradiated before being injected. Clark decides that this is something Superman should look into very soon just as Gunther walks back into the room.

Clark Kent’s apartment:

Superman is suddenly awoken from this dream scene by the oven timer going off and buzzing indicating that his dinner is done. Taking a minute or two to gather himself and gather himself before getting up and grabbing his dinner from the oven. While eating his dinner Clark tries to figure out what the dream he just had means. There is no such man named Gunther Mueller, let alone a 6 time wrestling Olympic Gold medalist that he knows of. Just to verify that he does a records search to confirm that there is no such individual ever. Clark convinces himself that the whole dream was just nothing more than just being tired from all the work that he has been doing lately. 10pm comes and Clark decides it is time to retire for the night. He promised his father that he would be at the family farm by 6am to start the work that needed to be done. Clark never needs to have an alarm set because due to his super hearing and advanced intellect he always is able to know what time it is without any effort needed so he just turns out the light and streaks into bed for a good nights rest. In a matter of minutes Clark has fallen into a sound sleep.

Dream World:

That afternoon Superman had been keeping an eye on all gym where he had his match with Gunther earlier in the day. After hearing about the treatments that Gunther had undergone and the claims of him being a mutant which he was starting to believe. Using his X-ray and Telescopic vision Superman kept watch of the gym watching the workouts that Gunther was put through. Unbelievably Superman watched him able to run fast enough to burn up a treadmill with little effort, Lift a weight press exerting a force of over 10,000 pounds without breaking a single bead of sweat or signs of fatigue. When Gunther was being massaged down, fully naked Superman noticed that the oils seemed to have a faint radiation signature to them with his X-ray vision that he could not make out from this distance. Finally after about 2 hours of observation Gunther and his group locked up the gym and left for the day. Taking one last look with his Telescopic vision Superman drops down from the nearby roof top he was waiting on and enters the gym. He intends to learn the truth about Gunther and get to the root of the issue of him being a mutant or illegal drugs/steroids. Once Superman is in the Gym he starts off by examining the offices in hopes to find something about exactly who Gunther really is. Unfortunately Superman is unable to find any records at all about this man. Heading to the medical/treatment room of the gym Superman starts to examine the computer records and paperwork in the room. He quickly learns that Gunther has been receiving treatments and radiation as mentioned in the interview but that the scientists and doctors who were working on him actually were scientists trying to create a master race during World War 2 and were experimenting with a new type of radioactive element that they discovered that they hoped would help them achieve their goals. Every treatment that they used on Gunther had this element added to it which they attribute to his enhanced abilities that he kept suppressing over the years. The full extent of his abilities was unknown to everyone it seemed but they hoped to learn that in the near future. Superman walks over to the refrigerator and opens the door only to immediately feel pain and sickness by the greenish glowing syringes and containers it contained. Superman slams the door shut immediately realizing that the element in question was in fact kryptonite. This brought lots of questions to his mind but unfortunately Superman was never given any time to think about that because almost immediately a radiation lamp illuminates that contains a kryptonite lamp causing superman to collapse on the floor due to immense pain from the radiation. The lamp then is shut off as Gunther walks into the room and approaches the helpless man of steel. Unknown to Superman he was being watched due to a silent alarm that was triggered once he entered this room alerting Gunther to his presence. Gunther witnessed Supermans reaction when opening the fridge and immediately knew how he could incapacitate the mighty hero Superman. “Well look what we have here, I wasn’t expecting to confront you for a few more days but yet here you are.” Gunther states picking up the weakened Superman and throwing him through a solid wall out to the main gym and on the wrestling mat. “Let’s see exactly what you are made of.” Gunther states stripping Superman out of his familiar costume and putting him into a sleeper hold. The direct touching of Gunther to Supermans naked skin a faint green glow transfer seems to surround them both making Superman even more weaker and near the point of passing out. “I can see that this radiation that I have been exposed with since childhood has actually made you severely weakened which I plan to use to my advantage. “ Gunther say while releasing his sleeper hold just before Superman passes out causing him to collapse to the floor. Gunther starts to work his uncut cock making it hard and retracting the foreskin as it grows to its full ten inch size and large girth. “I will tell you now, I am a mutant who is able to absorb the abilities of other aliens and mutants by ingesting their sperm. I am also a homosexual who loves to overpower and dominate my subjects while taking their abilities. I wonder how long it will take for me to drain you of all your abilities and make you my boy. “ Gunther gloats rolling superman over onto his back. Gunther starts to spank Superman’s face with his mammoth erection keeping the hero alert the whole time. Gunther then shoves the first third of his cock into Superman’s mouth prying it open at the start. Pausing a bit to let Superman adjust to its girth Gunther then shoves the full length of the shaft all the way to the nutsack into Superman’s mouth and starts pistoning in and out of the open mouth. The whole time Gunther is doing this Superman can provide no resistance due to the weakened state he is in from the kryptonite blast and in Gunther’s body. Gunther pulls out wanting to save himself from cumming right now and leans down and plants a firm kiss on the hero which he holds for almost 5 minutes before releasing for air. Gunther then flips around and positions his ass firmly over Superman’s face. Grabbing a nipple in each hand Gunther begins to twist and stretch them causing the hero the wince and push his face even further into Gunthers ass crack. “If you want this to stop you better start licking and eating that crack. I want to feel you penetrate my crack with your tongue or the pain will only increase. Realizing he has no choice Superman starts to lick Gunther’s anal opening and even darting the tip of his tongue in and out periodically. Gunther releases the nipples and instead pinches them and massages them until they stand out erect and hard. Gunther then starts to massage the slowly hardening cock of Superman building it to a full eleven inches upon completion. Keeping his ass planted on Superman’s face Gunther bends over and starts to suck on the now hard shaft of Superman. Gunther’s Suction and motion quickly lead Superman close to orgasm but Gunther stops just before hand. “You will only cum when I want you to cum and I am not ready for that quite yet. First I want to show you how to properly eat out an ass. “ Gunther states while positioning himself and starting to eat out Superman’s anal cavity. The sensation of Gunther’s licking, sucking, and stabbing Superman’s anal entry with his tongue repeatedly causes Superman to shudder in excitement and pleasure. Superman tries to reach and stroke his own cock but has them swatted away by Gunther. “You are only allowed to touch yourself when I let you. Gunther then starts to suck on Supermans cock again eventually leading him to unleash his load into Gunther who eagerly swallows every shot of the hero’s cream even licking the shaft completely clean until it goes soft. Gunther then reinserts his own member into Superman’s mouth and fucks it until he unleashes his own cum load into the hero. The amount of cum is so great it starts to spill out the corner of Superman’s mouth. Gunther wipes up the spilled cum with his fingers and orders superman to lick it off and swallow it all. The cum itself has a light green tinge to it and once fed it Superman passes out. “Consider this lesson one. I need to go get some things and then we will move on to Lesson two.” Gunther states smacking the defeated hero once more with his slowly softening cock before getting up and heading to the locker room to prep. While Gunther is gone Superman comes to and find enough strength to leave the gym unfortunately leaving his costume though. Gunther returns to the mat to see Superman has escaped but left the costume there then spontaneously he is able to see through the fabric to inside the suit he notices another set of clothes which he quickly recognizes was the suit that Clark Kent wore for their interview. “Let the hunt begin, I am looking forward to this Superman/Clark Kent and now I have the upper hand knowing your alter ego. Gunther surveys the room and notices that he can now see through walls and pick up even the faintest of odors which will benefit him in tracking the weakened hero. Gunther approaches the gym door to begin his hunt for the hero but doubles over in pain clasping both of his ears due to being bombarded by millions of sounds all at once. Gunther drops to his knees for almost 30 minutes before he finally adjusts and can start to separate the different sounds. In about another 30 minutes Gunther has control of his new hearing and heads back to the door. “The Hunt has now officially begun and I can’t wait to see what I will reap from you next.” The naked German Olympian heads out in pursuit of his prey.

Clark Kents Apartment:

The sleeping Superman is stirred awake by the nightmare that he has just witnessed occur during his sleep. He notices that it has even caused his own manhood into a raging hardon that is still mostly hard even though he has sprayed cum all over himself. Clark get out of bed and walks into the bathroom and shower to clean up after his mess. It is still night out at this time so once clean Clark lays back down in the bed hoping to get some rest before the sunrise. Clark drifts back into sleep and it is restful for the remainder of the night. In reality it is so sound it is 8am when Clark wakes up and that is because his phone is ringing. Answering his phone he is greeted by a very upset Mr Kent who had been expecting his arrival over 2 hours ago. Clark quickly apologizes, suits up and says he will be there in a matter of seconds. During the flight Superman notices that he no longer seems to be able to hear like he normally does and almost flies directly into a jet liner, Trying to activate his telescopic vision he is unable to locate his parents farm. This causes him to actually land over an hour away from his intended location. Choosing to run instead of fly Superman finally arrives at his parents farm. Due to Clark’s lateness they all decided to eat breakfast before starting the chores and repairs that are needed around the farm. While the three of them are at the table a fire breaks out in the kitchen on the stove but they are not made aware of it until the fire alarm sounds off alerting them all. Clark rushes in and quickly extinguishes the fire with his breath. When they ask him why he didn’t detect it sooner Clark has no reply other than it may just be something from fatigue and that hopefully a lighter day here at the farm. The rest of the day the subject is not brought up and the chores/repairs are done without any complications. It comes time to leave and Clark changes back to his hero costume and flies off back towards his own apartment. To prevent any possible collisions though he flies so fast that he is able to phase through any potential obstacle and once at metropolis he slowed down so his normal eyesight could direct him home.

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