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Supermans Nightmares
Chapter 4 - The Fourth Night
By Wrstlr

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Superman’s Nightmares:  The Fourth Night

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, The Flash, The Atom, Firestorm and Green Lantern are the property of DC comics.  Gunther the villain is the creation of the author.    No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual authors fantasy.

Metropolis: Hotel room of Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer and Barry Allen arrived back and Ray’s hotel room and poured themselves a couple of drinks. These two were good friends and even have gotten together secretly for some man to man action even though they were straight and married. Taking their fresh made drinks they went into the sitting area of the room and started to discuss between themselves about the events each had participated in or witnessed in regards to Superman and his behavior recently. To both of them it seemed that somehow had been given a mental suggestion when faced with a dominate control personality individual he would react as if a soldier awaiting orders. He was stand stiff legged at attention and await for commands from that individual. What was strange to the two of them is that in all actuality Superman himself was a dominate control personality type and they believed he would even be that way in a sexual situation. Ray himself could actually play both roles very well. With his wife he was the more dominant individual and in his rare forays with other men he was more of a submissive type in everything. Even today he was letting Barry control the conversation, waiting to answer until he was certain that Barry was done. If Barry asked a question he kept his answers short, focused, and would follow up asking if Barry agreed, as if searching for approval. If he noticed that Barry’s drink was getting low he would get up and fill it without even asking. He knew that even when it came time to write up and send information to the other members of the Justice League so they could be aware of their beliefs that it would be left to him but Barry would want the credit for it and Ray would give him that satisfaction. After about thirty minutes of conversation on this topic Barry instructed Ray, “Why don’t we retire to the bedroom for some rest and relaxation.” Ray’s response was a short, “Yes SIR!” and he got up took Barry’s drink, set it on the counter and walked behind Barry into bed chamber. “We have both had busy day’s today how about we get comfortable by undressing and you lay face down on the bed and I will give you rub down.” Barry ordered. Ray did as instructed, he always admired how Barry was willing to take control but in such a manner that it came across like a respectful request. Lying down on the bed face down Ray reached out and opened the nearby nightstand drawer where he kept his personal toys, lube, and scented massage oils. As he reached in to grab the oil he felt it quickly brushed away by Barry. “Not yet, I may get to those in time but right now I just want to use my bare hands. When I am ready I will get it myself or ask you for it.” Barry whispered leaning down to Ray’s ear and then nibbling on it. Barry rubbed down Ray’s backside for about a full thirty minutes with the last ten focused on spreading Ray’s cheeks and teasing his anal opening. The two of them switch positions but Barry laid face up for Ray to rub his neck, chest and legs. “Do not touch my crotch and balls until I tell you to.” Barry requested and Ray complied knowing that if he did touch those without permission he would not get to taste that wonderful seven and half inch sausage or the walnut sized nuts in their dangling sack. “I want you to kiss it and slowly work your way up and down my hard cock.” Barry states with authority. “You may not touch it with anything more than your mouth tonight. When I get close I will let you know to stop because I am going to fuck you tonight.” Barry informs Ray that he is getting close and to stop before he shoots his load and Ray complies. Barry then gets up on his knees and lies Ray back face down on the bed. Barry leans in and gives Ray a wonderful rim job and then starts to loosen his ass up with fingers. Ray starts to hump the bed but Barry gives him a smack on the ass cheeks saying, “Stop, I will get you off when it is time.” Ray stops the humping of the sheets and lies there moaning in the pleasures from Barry. When Barry feels that Ray cannot take anymore he has Ray get up on all fours, doggy style, puts a condom on his erect cock and slowly teases Ray with the tip for a few minutes before going all the way in. Changing intervals every couple of minutes from Rapid fast to long slow thrusts the two of them fuck for almost a full hour. Barry plays with Ray’s nipples, nibbles on his ears and neck, and to signal that he is getting close to cumming he starts to tug on Ray’s own erect seven inch cock. The two of them cum simultaneously and collapse on top of each other in the Bed. Ten minutes later Barry states, “Well that was wonderful but I have to get home to my wife, Take care of that report for us and send it to the other members of the League.” Ray responds, “Yes SIR!” and rolls to watch Barry get up and dressed. “Oh and if Superman ever needs another favor from you like he did tonight give me a call. I would love to get a piece of that fine Krytponian ass myself. “ Barry states before leaving for home. Ray gets out of bed and writes up the report for him and the Flash sending it first to Batman and then all the other Justice League male members as a heads up and that it requires further investigation and confirmation.

Clark Kent’s apartment:

Clark is lying in his bed trying to reflect on the activities that have happened to him in the recent days. The unexplainable loss of his powers, the having sex with another man, the allowance of Professor Zoom to torment and humiliate him in the manner he did. It was enough of a situation that an ordinary human would have probably had multiple aneurysms but with his super intellect he was able to figure out that the common denominator what he was experiencing now was caused by his dreams. The only problem he had was what was causing those dreams and was the loss of powers permanent. He resolved that for the time being, and since he never required much sleep over the course of a week, that he would do everything he could to stay awake. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t even two minutes of lying in bed that he drifted to sleep and the dream world again.

Dream World:

It was eight in the morning and the crew of Good Morning New York was in Gunther’s penthouse suite ready to conduct a live interview with the Olympic Gold Medalist. Gunther actually was in a more formal dress shirt and slacks outfit for the interview which snuggly fit his massive frame accentuating every muscle and bulge on his body, When they turned on the stage lights his whole body seemed to just shimmer where they touched it. The tests with the cameras showed that he did not even require any makeup at all or adjustments in focus. It was as if his body was automatically doing the adjustments by itself. The director pointed towards the reporter across from Gunther and started to do a countdown with his fingers from 5 to indicate when they were on the air. “Good Morning New York, today were honored to have with us six time Olympic Gold medalist Gunther Mueller. So Gunther what brings you here to New York City and how long you going to be here?” , the reporter questioned right at the start. “Thank you. I am here today as an ambassador for Germany and asking for a meeting with the hero to discuss some possible humanitarian initiatives that our country has to offer. I understand that few of the world’s heroes are already in the area like Superman, Aquaman, Hawkman, and the Flash and request some time with them at their Hall of Justice. I would also like the opportunity for a charity wrestling match with the hero called Superman. I am putting up $100,000 of my own money for any Charity he chooses for a one on one match between me and him in front of all the gathered hero’s. Then I want to request a second match for the public to take place at the Meadowlands, televised for the entire world to witness with all the proceeds going to whatever charity the heroes choose. I hope to hear their answer by tomorrow morning. “, Gunther responds not hinting at his true reasons for these encounters. “Well Gunther I am sure that they would be honored to have someone such as you meet with them. I look forward to hearing what they have to say and wish you well.” The reporter closed and the camera turned off. It took a little over an hour more for the reporter, producer, light crew, and cameramen to leave the suite. Gunther immediately ripped off the shirt and slacks once alone because despite how they did not hide much of his appearance he just never could be comfortable in them. Instead he walks around the suite nude waiting for the right time for him to make his next move on the hero called Superman. Earlier in the morning he had gone to the empty factory building that he had just purchased and prepared it for the torture he was going to inflict on Superman in order to learn and push him just a bit beyond his limits. He had put a large kennel like cage there, a stretching rack, a pummel horse, Various pulleys to suspend the hero in different positions, a large sling chair, and a standard restraint chair with an open bottom to use dildo’s through or fist the hero if he can take it. Gunther also had the other toys that he made previously in a gym back at the factory and planned to make use of those as well. There was running water and a shower to clean them both up when and also it was large enough to allow more sexual play. If Gunther was successful though he would be able to keep the hero from climaxing until the very end of the session which he planned to take all day and into the early night. Superman would be begging for release and totally submit to him by the end of the session. It was now time to capture the hero and take him to the facility for his training. With superspeed Gunther flew to an alley next to the Hall of Justice and began to scan the facility and form his plan to abduct Superman. Upon scanning the building Gunther realized that the abduction of the hero was actually going to be relatively easy. Superman was currently located just outside the entrance of the hall and all the other remaining heroes were in the back of the building. If Gunther timed his super speed just right he could streak up to Superman when his backed was turned, choke him unconscious, and then fly off to the factory. In reality what only took about 5 minutes of waiting actually felt like hours for Gunther but his plan worked very well and Superman was caught so unaware that the choke hold took immediate effect and Superman could not say a word. Gunther immediately removed the costume from the hero, locked on the kryptonite cock cage and alligator clips to each nipple attaching leather restraint cuffs around the hero’s waist, neck, wrists, and ankles attaching chains to them all. Pulling on two of the pulley’s Gunther raised the hero from the floor with his arms stretched out overhead and spinning like a large punching bag. Superman was still unconscious from being choked out and for a few minutes Gunther just stood there and watched the suspended hero hang there. Gunther was now only wearing a leather strap vest and leather jockstrap with hard leather cock cover. The vest crossed his chest and had gems of green kryptonite every 4 inches apart the size of a small marble. All the fasteners on the Jockstrap were made of kryptonite and on the outer cup was the symbol that Superman always wore on his costume. While admiring the six foot two inch two hundred fifty pound mass dangling in front of him Gunther reached into his gym back and pulled out a straight razor that the blade had kryptonite fused into it during creation and glowed a faint red. To be Gunther’s submissive he was going to have to be clean shaven except for the hairs on his head. The hero actually didn’t have much hair except for a bush around his cock and on his nutsack, a light cropping on hair between his pectorals and a light covering on his back. Slapping the hero in the face a couple times makes Superman wake up and immediately realize what happened to him. “Gunther, what are you wanting from me? Why are you so intent in attacking me the way you do? What is the point of all this? What do you hope to ….”, is all Superman can say before his mouth is stuffed full with his own red briefs preventing him from talking. “You still have not fully learned your lesson I see. When we are alone, you do not talk unless given permission to speak. The point of all this is that you are going to learn your proper place as my boy. You will service me in every way that I instruct you, from how you appear when in my presence or I public, to doing my cooking, cleaning, and servicing my every need including sexually. The first step in transforming you to be my boy is your appearance. As my boy you skin must be completely hairless and smooth except for the hairs on your head. I should never see any scrapes, cut or bruises when you do this and it must be done with this.” Gunther states flicking open straight razor. Superman’s eyes bulge just at the sight of the razor and what Gunther plans to do with it. He starts to thrash about out of fear of the harm that might befall with that razor. Gunther states, “Stop moving or you may cause me to accidentally slip as I do this for you today. Eventually you will be able to do all this yourself with this razor except for your back which I will assist you with. You will notice that I my hair is well maintained, which you will be responsible for keeping it that way.” Gunther starts with the hair on Superman’s chest, nicking the hero’s skin when he tries to pull away from the razor. Gunther unlocks the cock cage and begins to rub a small amount of the kryptonite cream over the hairy bush and nutsack of the hero. Superman the first swipe or two of the razor tries to pull away causing nicks but finally adjusts to reality of what is happening to him. Gunther lifts up the flaccid cock and starts to pump it into an erection so he can remove all the hair underneath the shaft as well. Then he shaves the nutsack of the hero pulling occasionally to stretch them out so as to not miss a hair. Once in awhile Gunther reaches up and strokes the erect cock of the hero just to tease him and hear him moan. Gunther finishes the front side and moves on to the back. Superman sustains a couple more nicks from thrashing. Completed Gunther looks over the now completely smooth naked Superman. “For each nick that you caused you are going to get a round of 5 lashes with the whip. Five nicks totals 25 lashes.” Gunther states pulling out the kryptonite tipped whip. Not targeting any particular place on the body Gunther delivers the full 25 lashes to the helpless hero leaving welt marks in many locations. “Now the remainder of the rules on your appearance, first you will wear this cock cage on your manhood at all times, I hold the only key and am the only one allowed to unlock and release you from it at my discretion. You may ask for me to remove it but it is solely my discretion when you deserve to have it freed and for how long. When alone that cock cage, this collar that I am snapping on, and either a set of alligator clips or stretchers on your nipples are allowed. When I allow you in public you eventually will still wear the collar, cock cage, and whatever outfit I choose appropriate for you to wear.” Gunther is admiring his handi-work while instructing superman with these rules. “Nod you head if you understand the instructions that you have just been given.” Gunther requests to which Superman nods his head once in reply. “Now I am going to remove your briefs and we shall continue your education. “ Gunther states pulling out the now soaking wet red briefs Superman was wearing. Superman takes in a couple long deep breaths but does not say a word. “Everyday I work out for a least an hour to two hours doing various exercises. As my boy It is your duty to be sparring partner, spotter, weights, and practice dummy for my moves so I can hone my abilities to be at my best. It will also be your job to prepare my whirlpool, shower and clean me, and give me my daily massage. Today I am going to be practicing my fighting moves and you are going to be the punching bag. After every series of blows I want to hear you say “Thank you SIR!!” without hesitation. If you forget to say that before I start the next set or say anything else you will punished with another set of lashes from the whip.” Gunther instructs taking a posture of a martial artist directly in front of the hero. For the next ninety minutes Gunther practices series of kidney punches, upper cuts, jabs, snap kicks, round houses, and even an occasional low blow to the hero’s crotch region. After each series of blows Gunther would pause for about ten seconds before starting his next series and Superman responded all times but twice “ Thank you SIR.” The hero was on the verge of passing out but still had to take another ten lashes of the whip before he was allowed to rest for a period of thirty minutes. Once the time had passed Gunther released the hero from the chain restraints and attached a leash to the collar on Superman’s neck. Gunther then pulls the leash and Superman responds by heading in that direction without a sound to the cage, which is just big enough for person to fit into and move around a little bit. “This is your degradation cage. When we have company over or you misbehave seriously out in public you will be sent to this cage. While in this cage you are going to have to wear this muzzle, these paw gloves on your hands and feet, and a butt plug resembling a tail will be inserted in your ass.” Gunther states putting each implement on top of the cage for the hero to see. “For the time that you are in the cage you will be subject to any type of humiliation that can be put upon you by either the guests, tormentors of my choosing, and sometimes even me. It may be as simple as being pissed on, to prodded by sticks and other implements or even teased like the dog you are while in that cage. I am now going to put these implements on you and put you in the cage just to let you feel what it is like.” Gunther states while putting the implements on the hero. Gunther then pulls on the leash in the direction of the cage opening and the hero squats down and enters with no resistance. The door shuts and Gunther puts the padlock on the entrance. Gunther gives Superman a couple of minutes to get use to the cage, and then decides to give Superman an example of what humiliations he might receive by pulling out his cock and dousing the hero from head to tail with urine from his member. Then he starts to wag it right next to the cage but when Superman moves forward Gunther pulls away quickly not allowing contact. For a full fifteen minutes this kind of treatment goes on with Gunther even unloading a second load of urine directly into the face of the dog hero. “Good Boy.” Gunther states opening the cage and letting the hero out while patting him on the head. Pulling the leash up means for Superman to stand which he does without saying a word or making a sound at all. This full treatment has been going on for a full four hours to the hero. “Now we get to the good part of your education. We are going to define the limits in our relationship sexually through experimentation. Because a master needs to realize that there has to be some limits in order to keep the respect of his boy.” Gunther states pulling the leash toward the stretching table. Superman is fastened to the table with arms stretched out over his head, ankles at the other end restrained by solid metal fasteners. “Now some of these situations may start out with some pain but eventually you will either adjust and enjoy them or they will be used as possible punishments when you get out of line.” Gunther says while cranking the wheel pulling the heroes body from both ends. At the first utterance of pain from the hero Gunther pauses to let him adjust before cranking the wheel a bit more. The strain on Supermans muscles is so great that sweat is just pouring out all over his body. Finally when Gunther thinks the hero has been stretched out enough he takes out a leather lace rope, removes the cock cage from the hero and wraps the lace around Supermans sack about 10 times. The other end of the lace is wrapped around a pulley which Gunther turns adding pressure and stretching out the sack. Superman moans in response so Gunther stretches it out more until the moans of ecstasy turn into groans of pain. He then attaches a pump to the sack and starts the vacuum. Superman’s cock immediately sprouts a full ten inch erection from the suction. Gunther strokes the shaft of the erection until he starts to hear Superman’s breathing quicken meaning he was getting close to cumming and immediately stops the stroking and released the stretched balls. Superman moans in agony from being denied release. Gunther then tests out nipple stretching, hot candle wax to sensitive regions, and even physical abuse to the pecs and cock region directly, which all build up close to Climax by themselves but Gunther stops the hero just short and refuses to give him release. Satified with these results Gunther loosens Superman from the Stretching table, fastens the cock cage back on the hero and leads him by the leash to the pummel horse. Gunther has the hero bend over the pummel horse and binds his wrists and ankles together fulling exposing Superman’s backside and ass. Gunther starts with his hands and blisters the hero’s ass repeatedly, he can tell Superman is excited by this from hearing him moan in pain by the erection trying to form in the cock cage and the occasional humping the hero does to the pummel horse. Superman also responds erotically when the leather strap Teng electrical unit is applied. Whips, canes, and paddles all resulted in no sexual stimulation for the hero, but could be used as punishments. After releasing Superman from the pummel horse he takes him over to what looks like a standard chair with the bottom missing. Fastening Superman’s ankles each to a leg, and wrists behind the back of the chair Gunther sets up his anal toys for use on the hero. This time he removes the cock cage again because he wants to push Superman to the edge without letting him cum. Superman experiences his first ever enema to start the anal assault, It take a few tries for the procedure to be done properly. “You will do this at least once a day so that I always have a fresh clean ass when I want to either eat you out or fuck you.” Gunther states giving the hero a mind blowing rim job and light penetration by darting his tongue in and out of the heroes ass. Gunther then starts to massage Superman’s pucker with his hand applying gentle pressure occasionally with a single finger. Superman actually thrusts down to try and make the finger penetrate but Gunther withholds it and hears the hero slowly begging to be penetrated and granted release from this torment. A huge smile comes across Gunther’s face hearing this mixed in with Superman’s sexual moans. Gunther squeezes some lube in the anal area and starts to finger fuck the hero first with one, then two, then three always only for short periods that would not bring the boy to climax. Gunther then starts to work his ass over with the kryptonite dildos starting with the smallest and eventually building up to the small fist dildo he created. “Sir please let me cum.” Sneaks out of the hero’s mouth after being denied this last time. A nice rosebud has formed in the hero’s crack so Gunther stands up and releases Superman from the chair towards to the sling, The hero is now so weakened and broken down he cannot steady himself on his legs so Gunther carries him to the sling and lays him in it. “This is going to be the last test Gunther states applying lots of lube to Superman’s rosebud and applying a generous amount of cream to his fist and wrist area. Slowly Gunther applies pressure to the rosebud with his fingers first then eventually his fist and pushing it in about a third of the way slowly pistoning the arm in and out but never removing the fist. “Eventually you will be able to take me all the way up to the elbow.” Gunther whispers to the moaning hero. Finally Gunther speeds up his fisting and starts to give Superman a blowjob bringing him to that climax that he has been deprived of for the past 8 hours. Superman sends almost 40 ropes of cum into Gunther’s gullet before starting to go soft and Gunther removes his arm and fist. Superman never passes out after all this action but is extremely weak so Gunther gives him some time to recover before directing him to the shower to clean them both up and for the boy to do his proper service and eat his master’s seed and drink his masters piss. While in the shower Gunther tells Superman, “You are now truly my boy. You will not tell anyone this fact, they will find out when it is time. Tonight I am going to return you to the Hall of Justice and you will redress yourself in a fresh costume since you have soiled this briefs of this one so much. Once you are strong enough you will meet with the rest of the heroes there and recommend that they accept my offer. Coming from you they will have no objection and in the morning you will confirm the arrangements for my visitation and accept my public challenge to you. We will have our meeting and you will insist on being seated next to me, getting me anything I may require even over the objections of the other members or staff and we will have our wrestling match where you are going to put on a show of a good fight but eventually be defeated by me. When I prepare to leave you are going to insist that you accompany me to my hotel for my own personal safety and from then on you will be my boy completely and always do everything I say. If I find out you told anyone about your trainings here I will kill you. Do you understand me boy?” “Yes SIR. I will do as instructed SIR.” Superman replies fully realizing that Gunther is now his master and better in all ways. Gunther leans in and gives Superman a prolonged sensual kiss. “Good boy.” Gunther says dressing, picking up the hero and flying him to the Hall of Justice where the dream fades away.

Metropolis: Clark Kent’s apartment

Superman/Clark Kent awakens to again see his bed covered in ropes of thick white cum and soaked in torrents of piss. When he tries to move though his body feels like he has thousands of broken bones and is in immense pain. He hobbles to the mirror and what he sees is that the nicks from the razor cuts in his dreams, the welts from the whipping, and other slight burns from the wax are present on his body. Slowly he starts to see most of the burns and welts heal but a few bruises are still visible and the nicks on his chest and crotch region are still present. Clark then walks to the kitchen to have some breakfast and fresh coffee to start his day off right. While the outside markings have receded the stiffness and pain through his muscles and joints is still very present. Knowing that he has built up a cache of days that he can work remotely he decides that for the rest of the work week that is what would be best. After breakfast he calls Perry White to inform him of his intentions and get his assignments. Perry is insistent that Clark really needs to be in the office because the assignment he gives out to start the day frequently change and he needs all the reports on deck to cover them. When Clark starts to talk about what has been going on with his family situation and that he really does not want to drag down the resto of the staff with his mood and presence Perry starts to soften up on the idea. To clinch it Clark promises that at the end of the week he will deliver a bomb shell to Perry regarding Superman. Perry agrees to let him work from home for the rest of the week with that promise. To try and relieve the stiffness and soreness in his body Clark decides that today instead of a shower he would take a warm spa bath in his tub. Walking into the bathroom Clark starts to fill up the spa tube with steaming hot water, not that it every bothers him. As the tub is filling he gets some bromide salt and some scented bath oil to add to the tub. Clark reaches over and turn off the water, turns on the jets, and begins to step into the top. Clark quickly pulls out his foot because the heat from the water stinges his skin, Clark has never felt heat or cold before except at the fortress where the water there is in a room with red son solar radiation which he allows himself to use from time to time. The heat is not enough to burn or hurt him but just the sensation of warmth from his tub at home he takes his time slowly entering the tub to adjust to its warmth fully submerging into it first and then raising his head out just high enough that when he lays back the water comes up the the bottom of his neck with the rest of his form layed out the expanse of the tub. The jets and heater are set to automatic timer to run for a full hour before shutting off and Clark decides that would be plenty of time for him and then afterwords he would make his way to the roof in a pair of shorts and enjoy the bright sunny day to absorb its wonderful rays. Within ten minutes of the being in the spa tub Clark closes his eyes and drifts off into dream land.

Dream World:

Gunther is flying his way home when he hears a radio call coming across the radio of a armored truck being hijacked by gunmen. The radio states that the nearest police are over ten minutes away and that they may not make it in time to catch the crooks. Gunther has always prided himself as being a honest, just man and since he has the ability now would be a perfect time to train more with his new capabilities. Arriving at the scene with Superspeed Gunther to the side of the truck and starts to scan it with his X-ray and Telescopic vision, What he does not see is that one of the robbers in the back has spotted him flying thinking he was superman and pulled out a rocket launcher. The robber fires it at Gunther and the impact blows Gunther smashing through a nearby building giving the drivers some distance from him. When Gunthers momentum stops he is buried under tons of building materials, plaster, steel, office desks, and filing cabinets. With the slightest just a simple slight effort Gunther blasts the debris away from himself with a simple stretch of his arms and legs. Tons of material blasts in all directions away from his body and there is no bruise, burn or any other marking on Gunther’s pristine body. Gunther pauses long enough to scan his body with his visions and notices that he now seems to generate some sort of flexible energy field around his body that blocks direct contact of objects to his skin and he feels much stronger than ever. He decides that he needs to finish what he started and goes after the robbers in the armored truck. This time instead of actually scanning the truck Gunther flies underneath it and lifts it on his back flying setting it down just inside the prison gates and rupturing all the tires on the vehicle before streaking away at super speed. Satisfied with what he does he hears the prison guards thanking Superman who they believe is the one that delivered the robbers, not knowing it was actually Gunther, the new Superman. Just before Gunther arrives at his hotel Penthouse Suite he sees a large apartment complex set on fire. A quick scan with this visions he finds people trapped inside and feels he should rescue them. He flies into the building trying to pick up each individual but as he flies the 4 individuals out he finds that he has broken ones arm, the other got knocked unconscious from the force of his super speed and the others sustained major burns when they were carried through the flames. Gunther now realizes that he may have the powers and abilities but that he does not have the smarts or intellect required to keep these people safe so they would trust him. Hopefully his boy will be able to help him gain that knowledge. Gunther then streaks to his hotel suite, strips, and lies down on his comfortable down bed to rest and reflect. Even though there has been mistakes on his part his plan has been working perfectly and will be fulfilled over the next couple of days. Gunther drifts off to sleep dreaming of himself as Superman and followers of all kinds. The ironic thing is that in each of his visions he keeps seeing a five foot ten inch man weighing maybe one hundred seventy pounds, in his early twenties and freckles all over. “We are one and the same.” He heres the boy say as he tries to approach only to have the individual fade from view and then the rest of the picture starts to fade.

Metropolis: Clark Kents apartment.

Clark is startled back awake by Mother box chiming a message from Martian Manhunter requesting his immediate response. Clark steps out of the tub does a fast superspeed spin to dry off and then puts on his Superman costume. Superman opens up the teleconference viewer and talks to Martian Manhunter. It seems his support is needed for a mission with Green Lanthern and Firestorm. The villain Brainiac has been traveling all over the solar system collecting life forms and other creatures again. With Superman’s intimate knowledge he would be the best suited to lead the team. Before Superman can object Manhunter offers to teleport him directly to Green Lantern and Firestorms location on a nearby space station near Brainiacs destination and they would have about thirty minutes to strategize, intercept, and defeat him. Superman does not want anyone to know exactly how much weaker he is so agrees like he normally would and the martian transports Superman to the Space Station where he is greeted by Green Lantern/John Stewart. Following Lantern into the conference room not a word is exchanged between them. Firestorm stands up and greets Superman in his normal prankish way and they all sit down to discuss the situation. Right off the bat Superman starts to try and take control of the situation and dictate the plan of action versus Brainiac. “Stop right there.” States a upset Green Lantern to Superman who immediately shuts up and stands rigidly at attention. Both Firestorm and Lantern have already received the report that Atom filed in regards to Supermans recent actions and state and both had agreed that this time they would be the ones in Control. “The two of us have developed a plan of our own that we are going to use to defeat Brainiac. All you have to do is an attack directly at him and the two of US are going to sneak in to the ship and deactivate his computer matrix. In other words you are the distraction you got that, Boy.” Superman responds with a simple, “Yes Sir!” and the three of them head off for their assault on Brainiac who has just arrived. Superman does exactly as instructed and breaks through the hull of the ship for a full frontal assault on Brainiac, The distraction seems to be working as Superman is taking care of all the robots and even get to Brainiac while Lantern and Firestorm are able to reach the computer banks of the ship. Unknown to them Brainiac had actually forecasted such an attack and was prepared. Flipping a switch on his chair Superman was shot directly in the head with concentrated green kryptonite radiation causing him to pass out and a second switch sends high voltage electricity that incapacitates both Firestorm and Green Lantern. Robots quickly capture the three heroes and throw them into a cell. When the hero’s come to they realize that they have been captured but are unable to escape the cell that they are in. “I leave the three of you here to think about your failure as I go and complete my mission. When I return I will decide what to do with you boys.” Supermans response is immediate to the blank staring and at attention again as if awaiting orders just as Brainiac teleports himself out of the ship. Realizing that they are only in this predicament because of their own power trip and wanting to control a mission the two heroes attempt every way they can to snap Superman out of his trance like state. Firestorm finally remembers that Atom said that after Superman was sexually dominated and had cum he was released from the state. “We need to be dominates and have Superman sexually service us in order to free him from this state.” Firestorm states while stripping out of his costume. John Stewart uses his ring power to dissolve his costume. Standing in front of the stupefied hero are a 6’1” 230lbs orange glowing man with a seven and half inch cock and a prince albert in it and a 5’10” 190 pound black man with a full eight inches of cut cock only semi hard at the moment and thick as a soda can. “Man they are not kidding about black men being bigger there” Firestorm quips checking out Lanterns physique and cock. “Boy I think you better get started we both need you to pleasure us. Start with the Wild Guy over there.”, Green Lantern commands pointing towards Firestorm. Superman drops to his knees and starts to massage Firestorms cock and balls with his hands then leans in and kisses and licks the tip until it starts leaking precum all over it. Ironically the nuclear radiation from Firestorm stimulates the hero’s healing response and the nicks that he had as well as last burns and scars. All the while Green Lantern starts to jack off his own monster cock when fully hard measures ten and half inches. With his willpower he creates a dildo and orders Superman to stand up and bend over while taking all of Firestorms cock, prince albert and all. The dildo which has low level kryptonite in it to ensure penetration actually causes the hero to bleed for a bit so Firestorm up his own radiation and the bleeding stops and Lantern is able to piston the dildo in and out of Superman without injury. Finally Lantern feels that Superman is loose enough and dissolves the dildo inserting his own all the way to the hilt. “You are about to be fucked on both sides, Boy.” Green Lantern states as the two of them start to fuck the hero, one in his mouth and one in his ass. The two heros quickly build to their climax and Superman also is as well. The pull out just before they release their loads all over Superman while he sprays his load of cum all over the floor of Brainiacs ship. The three heros collapse on one another and fall into a deep sleep.

Supermans Nightmares: The Fifth Night - Superman is no longer the man he use to be and even Brainiac no longer sees him as a rival as his super intelligence is stripped away and all that is left has the IQ of a normal human male in his thirties.

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