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The Last Kryptonian (Prologue)
Chapter 3 - Part 3
By Wrstlr

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The following characters Superman, new Kryptonians, original Kryptonian, seeders, and other alien beings are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual authors fantasy.

25 years before arrival near earth:

In the Andromeda Galaxy the Planet known as Krypton is exploding into millions of pieces and chunks. Virtually all the residents of the planet are killed due to the explosion but at least one survivor is known, The little boy rocketed away by Jor-El named Kal-El. He is on his way to the Milky Way galaxy and the planet known as earth. The original Kryptonian that was awoken just a couple days before the explosion had already extracted part of his revenge for the murder of his people by raping and killing Jor-El just before the explosion and transported home to formulate his plan to hunt down and kill all the remaining invaders on his home planet. Just as soon as he appears at home he feels the planets earthquake and explosion. By shear luck his home, which is embedded into a large chunk of the planet is intact. It is quickly though loosing its atmosphere and being bombarded by severe radioactivity of various types. His only chance to survive is to put himself in a stasis tube again in hopes that his home lands on a future habital planet so he can resume his revenge on the interlopers that invaded and destroyed his world. Fully naked, sweaty, and with still some cum on its hard cock the ancient being enters the stasis pod and sets the timer for 10 years in hopes that would be plenty of time to plan his revenge and figure out how to survive. Unfortunately what the ancient being is unaware of is that his pod has cracks which exposes him to all the ambient radiation that his chunk of planet is being exposed to as it travels through space. All this radiation is changing him in some minor ways like coloring, mass, and hormone physiology. What will he be when it awakes it will not know but it doesn't care. All the thoughts it has are about revenge on the invaders.

2 years before arrival near earth:

For a period of 23 years the ancient Kryptonian floated around various parts of the Andromeda Galaxy without waking and unaware of the changes that was happening to his body. The color of his skin went from very pale tan to a rich dark green as well as the iris of his eyes turning to a green color. All of the muscles including its cock had become even more massive due to the radiation exposure that was sustained. The alarms on his stasis pod started sounding alerting the being to a change to his environment. The stasis pod that he was in was no free floating in space no longer attached to the chunk of planet that it was launched with. It was being pulled by a alien craft into its cargo hold which is why the alarms were going off and trying to awaken the being. The alien craft bringing in his stasis pod belonged to a race called the Seeders. They are scavengers of the Andromeda Galaxy who pick up debris, artifacts, and various junk and sell it to other aliens throughout the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies. The Seeders themselves were a bipedal alien species with four legs, four arms, standing about five and half to six feet tall. Average body weight of about 200lbs and well formed muscle structures. Even the women of the species looked like developed men due to the nature of their work. Their breasts looked more like male pectorals and they even had hair in some of their areas that normal women did not have. They were a homo-erotic species with each gender having their own roles to play which was done for recreation for both as well as reproduction. The seeders actually thought they were bringing in a piece of debris to examine to look for things to sell. They are about to get the suprise of their lifetime once the stasis pod is aboard their craft.

The stasis pod settles on their floor and immediately it opens up and the being inside steps out into their cargo bay. The radiant green being that they see emerge from the pod is actually pouring out energy radiation from all over its now almost 9 foot frame on two legs that are large enough to seem like great oak tree trunks. His body is rigid and mounding with muscles at almost 650 lbs smooth all over with no sign of hair anywhere on his body. Its muscles fill out the mammoth frame of the being with perfect symmetry that it looks like a god that other beings dream of. When it opens it eyes green sparks flash out of the corners of its eyes. The cock between the beings thighs is the envy of all the seeders because they have never seen a uncut cock so massive. It is easily 10 inches with a nice hood in a flaccid state. I just radiates energy from it as it swings between the beings thighs.

Once they are able to speak they all start talking at once but the being is unable to make out a single word they say. The seeders finally realize that and reach to a computer screen and flip a switch for a universal translator in hopes that they can communicate with the being. The seeder who seems like the head of the crew starts saying simple words in his native language but the being still does not understand anything. Finally the being pipes up in his native language "Where am I?". The translator seems to recognize it and relay a simple hello to the seeders. Communication has begun. The ancient Kryptonian realizes that this is place for him to begin his new life and makes his plans for the extinction of the invader people that destroyed his home. He just will have to keep that to himself though for the time being.

For the first week on the seeders ship the being basically was like a student learning the native language and about the seeders purposes in life embracing their culture. The leader of the seeders who was the commander of this space ship gave the being a empty quarters that they had on the ship for him to be able to rest and gather his thoughts. The being decided that he was going to identify himself more as a male now even though he still had interest in having sex with both types of sexes and it seemed that his reproductive organs were all intact. To test that out he actually took a full day in the privacy of his quarters and worked over his entire body. His Pectorals and nipples were now highly sensitive to touch and even some harder pinching and tweaking as he worked over them. He then worked over the rest of his tight abdominal area with a firm but smooth massage which only made him more excited over the sensations he was feeling. His cock actually enlarged to a size of easily 14.5 inches and still just as thick as it ever was. Pre-cum flowed out of his cock like a river providing lots of natural lubrication for him to jack off with. His balls looked like they were the size of grapefruits apiece and hanged in a large sack that swung like a pendulum when he walked. He started off rubbing and squeezing his nuts which only made him shudder even more in sexual ecstasy. Finally just to verify his lower genitals were still working he started to rub around the entrance to his pucker hole with his fingers. Slowly moistening the area with lubrication his pucker made so he could insert his finger. This drew him to a hands free climax of cum that erupted out of his cock. The cum continued to shoot in spurts for almost 5 minutes while he was fingering himself. What the ancient Kryptonian could not see was that his aura of radiation was fading his skin tone while still green was fading. The leader of the seeders was watching all this activity and noticed though and ran into the beings quarters just as it collapsed from all its activity. He did not want to see this prize potential slave die on him. He wanted the biggest pay day he could get for this being. Seeing the being passed out he called for a couple more seeders to help him pick the being up and set him on the bed. They gave him a run over with a medical unit and noticed that his heart beat was minimal and that his energy and radiation readings had dropped to minimal. The brought in a solar lamp to see if that would help revive the being. Within seconds they noticed the beings color and radiation levels returned to level. It seemed that when ever the being exerted himself he was expelling radiation which was required to keep him alive. The lamp they used replenished the being so fast because it was powered by a fragment of a yellow sun. They would later learn that more exposure to this radiation would yeild even greater results as well as intensify the green radiation that the being expelled. Unfortunately though the green radiation expelled from the being at a faster rate then the lamp would ever recharge it. Especially when it was sexually active or stimulated.

After that first week the leader of the seeders welcomed this being to be a part of their scavenger crew while he was on their ship. The being agreed to these terms and became one of their kind. He decided to give himself a name of Jax. During the days Jax would work hard for the seeders and help them out as scavengers to retrieve debris and valuable products to sell. When not at work Jax would take every opportunity he could get to learn and study about the other races in the two galaxies. When he was horny he would only be alone because the seeders seem intimidated by him sexually and would not approach him, but the captain loved watching the shows that jax put on when he thought he was alone. The captain actually did inform jax though about his radiation and that he required the lamp to replenish his energy depending on how much exertion he put out. The captain just advised that when in his quarters he keep the lamp on low level which Jax did.

1 week before Jax's arrival near earth:

Over the next 2 years Jax endeared himself to the seeders and fully learned their language as well as most other known languages. He actually even learned of a planet called earth and all the humanoid type creatures there including one named superman that seemed to have superhuman powers. This was something that Jax felt he would just have to investigate once he entered the Milky Way galaxy in hopes that this hero may be one of the intruders that destroyed his planet. The captain of the seeders just kept seeing more and more money potential for a big cash pay day with Jax on the ship. He has formulated a plan to capture and restrain Jax with his own sexual pleasuring and release which would leave Jax in such a weakened state that without the radiation lamp he would be easily restrained and able to be sold as a slave at this alien trading post in the Milky Way Galaxy. He was so confident in himself and his plan after watching Jax's sessions each and every time he pleasured himself in his quarters.

The day finally arrived when the seeders and Jax arrived in the Milky Way galaxy. The leader informed Jax that they would arrive at the post in a couple of hours and invited Jax to join him in his quarters. Jax welcomed the invitation with the captain and followed him to his quarters. Upon entering the quarters the captain had Jax sit down in a chair and walked up behind him. The captain started asking Jax about how he felt to be with them all this time and if he wanted to remain with them, knowing full well he wanted to sell Jax as a slave. Jax was in his usual attire, which mainly was only a pair of shorts and when alone he never even really wore those. The captain asked if it was OK if he got more comfortable himself and Jax had no objections. The captain slowly stripped out of his button down shirt with two of his arms while shucking his pants to just his underwear with his other pair or arms. Jax's eyes took in the captains 6'1" 200 lb frame which seemed so frail compared to his mammoth frame. The captain could tell that Jax was not really impressed by this and decided he would need to use a different approach to get Jax stimulated. He walked behind Jax and started to rub Jax's big shoulders all the while praising Jax for the wonderful work that he was doing. Then slowly and subtly the captain took his other arms and wrapped them around to cup each of Jax's pectorals. Jax let out a low sigh which made the captain smile. The captain new this was eliciting the sexual stimulation that he was hoping for. He twisted, pinched and rubbed Jax's nipples continuously for about 5 minutes getting Jax all the more worked up. The Captain then walked around in front of jax and started to suck on one of Jax's nipples sending shudders throughout Jax's body. Jax's cock went ridgid immediately from this attention and reached out to grab his throbbing 14.5 inch cock but the captain caught jax's hand and moved it to his own 9 inch erection while he continued to work on Jax's nipples. The captain then took his second arms and started to cup and roll Jax's nut around in his hand which caused Jax to shudder even more with excitement while jacking off the captain. The captain did this for almost 10 minutes holding from cumming himself as best he could while working Jax over. He started working down licking Jax's smooth firm chest down to throbbing cock. The captain started licking at the piss slit of Jax's cock which was oozing pre-cum at a tremendous rate. He pulled back the hood of the uncut cock and started lapping at the head of the cock. He even tried to open himself up enough to such on the head of cock which took him some time to do. Once he was able to get down the shaft of the cock about a third of the way he decided to start fingering Jax's lower regions. This made the room illuminate brightly due to the radiation pouring out of Jax at this moment. Jax was in sexual bliss. The captain started paying attention to Jax's member even more now and watching his skin tone looking for the signs that jax was weakening. He started to see the brilliant tone of Jax's skin start to fade and thought it was time to make Jax climax so he could restrain him. Sucking more rapidly and fucking jax with 3 fingers set off a torrent climax from both the captain and Jax spraying cum all over Jax's chest and all over the face of the captain. Jax immediately collapsed and passed out. The illumination in the room faded and the captain quickly composed himself and tried to bind Jax with some chains he had hidden in the room. He then called the rest of the seeders into the room to help him restrain Jax. Unfortunately for them with Jax in the Milky Way and near a yellow sun he was able to recover before they could fully restrain him. In a instant he turned the situation around and had the seeders in restraints. Upon arrival at the trading post Jax instead sold them into slavery in returns for information about this solar system which contained earth and this hero named Superman. He learned from the post that Superman claimed to be the last Kryptonian and named Kal-El. This infuriated Jax even though he knew the rest of the galaxy had no idea who or what he was. It seemed that Superman had endeared himself to many of the races in the Milky Way Galaxy that just simply killing him would not be enough. Jax must devise a plan to humiliate, destroy his image, and get this Superman to surrender and beg for jax to kill him. After getting this information Jax determined that it was time for him to go observe this interloper and formulate a plan for Kal-Els total destruction. He got into the former seeders ship and flew off to the solar system containing earth. Upon arriving he took up a orbit around Saturn which allowed the ships long range sensors to track all the activity on earth. Soon the time would come that there would only be one true Kryptonian alive and Jax was sure that would be him.

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