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The Ride Home
Chapter 1 - The Ride Home I
By Bambamtop

The Ride Home

       When this story stared  I was a senior at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). My name is Paul. It was mid term week and I needed to let some steam off so I decided to doing a little off road riding at the dunes south of Vegas off Nippon Road. I called all my friends and not one could go so I went by myself. Mistake #1. After about two hour playing on the dunes it was time to get back. Well guess what,  I run out of gas on the way home. Mistake #2.  Nippon Road is a two lane county road with very little traffic. I tried calling but my cell phone but had no bars. My only options were to wait until someone came along or walk, it is ten miles to the nearest main road, Interstate 15, so I waited. The first car came by after 20 minutes, out of state plates, and it does not slow down. Then a large delivery truck appeared 30 minutes later. I was thanking my lucky stars when I hear him down shifting and putting on those air breaks and he pulled over.

       This 6’2” blond guy gets out, cop sunglasses, muscle tank top, construction boots and very nice fitting and very tight 501’s showing a great bulge. He looked like the poster man for the Abercrombie Trucking Company.  He asked “Got some problems Buddy”?

       I relied “Sort of Ran out of gas”

       The driver asked “Did your partners go for gas”?

       My dumb replied was “ No, Out here by myself, and my cell phone isn’t working” Mistake # 3.  I told this complete stranger that I was out there alone and no one knows it but him.

       Driver said “Well we can throw the bike in the back and I’ll drop you off at Whisky Pete’s they have a gas station there.”

      “Great” was all I could manage, my problems were solved.  The driver lowered the lift gate and we raised the bike into the back of the van. Inside the van are a couple mobile generators with gas cans. I had asked if they had any gas in the cans

     Drive said no, “Not allowed to carry flammable liquids.”

      The driver told me to tie the bike to the tie-downs on the wall and he went to get me some water. He said I looked a bit thirsty. The driver returned with an open bottle of lemon flavored water.  Think I drank the whole thing in one gulp, Mistake #4. Mom always told me, “Never take gifts from strangers”.

      I started to feel a little dizzy and things went black, I fall backward into the driver’s strong arms and that is the last thing I remember. 


      I woke up hours later, a cloudless blue sky above me. I was not sure where I was or how I got there. I looked to my left and I could see the Nevada desert and the mountains in the distance. To my right was my dirt bike, standing upright on its kick stand.  A large Juniper tree was providing shade.

     I became acutely aware of four things.

     One, I had a head ache, sort of a hangover and it hurt to move my head.

     Two, my ass felt wonderful and the rest of my body feels alive.

      Three, I was naked, except for my motor cross boots. I thought to myself, why are my boots on?

      And Four, my upper torso, chest, belly, dick and balls were damp, sort of sticky, I felt it, I smelled it. It was cum. I was covered with cum.

     I sat up slowly, afraid to move to fast. I had been lying on my motor cross gear, jacket and pants; my helmet was on the bike as well as my gloves. I start to get dressed, I check my jacket for my wallet and it was inside the pocket and the money was still inside, at least I had not robbed and there was a note in the wallet. What happen? The note reviles it all but basically I’d just been drugged, stripped and used.

The note reads

 “You were too hot to let get away so I slipped something in your water. You will have a slight head ache but that will pass. I lied to you about the gas in the cans on the truck your bike is now full of gas and you can continue on your way back to Vegas. Take the path down hill about one mile then turn left on Nippon Road and in two miles you will come to I-15. Follow the signs”.

“I took pictures of our little adventure using my new remote controlled digital camera. In about two week I will send an envelope with copies of what happen.  By the way your body reacted to our session I’m sure you enjoyed this as much as I did. You only shot your load twice and the look on your face was pure pleasure.

So if you do not notify the Sheriffs Office I will forward copies. I have connection so I will know if a report is made.  I copied your address from the driver’s license in your wallet. So it will be up to you, open the envelope or simply destroy it and never know what took place today. But I’m willing to bet you will not make the report and you will open the package. I know you will like what you see in the pictures.”

     I finished dressing, headed down the hill, turned left on Nippon Road and make the ride home. I did not make the call to the Sheriff’s Office and I waited the two weeks for the envelope to arrive.

      The envelope sat on the coffee table for the whole afternoon. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to look but my raging dick told me I must look inside. There were about thirty pictures. The first ones were of me being stripped.

      First he took off my jacket and shirt. Then he tied my hands together above my head and tethered me to the wall of the truck. Laying on my back he then pulled off my boots and socks, unbuckled my pants, unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick. He sucked on my cock to get me hard then pulled off my pants. He must have liked the way I looked on the floor with my hands tied above my head and my body so vulnerable because he took a number of shots from different angles. The driver then rolled me on to my stomach with my ass up and available to him and he spread my legs. He made sure my hard dick was sticking out from under my body so he could lick my ass and dick at the same time. He must have liked this look also because there were a number of these shots too.

      Then with legs spread my ass in the air and my dick as hard as a rock he mounted me from behind. He shoved that cock into my willing ass and just fucked me long and hard. Next he rolled me onto my side and with this angle he could jack off my dick and fuck me at the same time. The photos revealed both his hard cock slamming my ass and my rock hard dick being jacked off . I must have liked it because my cock shot a load of cum that covered my chest, he also must have enjoyed that because he pulled out his cock and shot his load on my cock and balls.

      Next group of picture the driver had rolled me back onto my back. Tied my hand to the tie-downs in a spread eagle position then tied my ankles to my wrist. This position made my ass totally available to him. He ran his hand across my cum cover chest and used my own cum as a lube and fucked me again. The driver drove that big piece of meat into my ass, again and again. Using one hand to support himself and the other to jack my cock he made me cum again. I shot that load all over my chest, jet after jet of hot cum.

Again this excited him into a climax and he shoved that dick into my ass one more time them pull out and his cock exploded with cum all over my cock and stomach.

      Once again he must have liked this view because he took several picture of me tied to the wall, ankles tied to my wrist coved with cum. Then he released my ankles and took more pictures with just my hands tied spread eagle and my torso dripping with the results of the adventure. The final picture in the truck was me spread eagle on the floor exposed and waiting for another assault from his cock. But it was over.

      He placed my boots back on and pulled me out of the truck and into the lift gate. Then he untied my bike and gathered my gear and we told the ride out of the truck and back to the ground on the lift gate. 


     The driver placed the bike under the Juniper Tree, my clothes on the ground them drug me across the desert and placed me on my leathers. The final picture was me on the ground, naked, covered in cum with my bike in the back ground, with the helmet and gloves setting on the seat.

     End of story except one little detail. In the reflection of the helmet visor was the driver’s truck and the DOT number on the door. With that number I was able to track the truck to its owner and find the driver and where he works and lives. But my revenge and role reversal on the driver is a different story. But let’s say that the driver’s adduction and his photo session are some of my favorite pictures. I may have to share those pictures with you in the future. 

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