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The Ride Home
Chapter 2 - The Ride Home II
By Bambamtop

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The Ride home II

     It has been six months sense my encounter in the Nevada Desert with the truck driver. I still relive that day and what transpired through the pictures he took. I had been drugged then raped in what my abductor called The Adventure. I often visit those pictures. They are what help me understand the change in the very core of my soul. The feeling that were awoken that I had buried for such a long time are now boiling to the surface like molten lava needing to vent and escape my balls and explode to the surface.

     In one of these pictures was a reflection of the driver’s truck and on the door of the truck was its DOT number. I have been able to track the truck to a company in Los Angels. Now I can track the driver. My mission is to seek revenge, no that’s not it. My mission is to fulfill my fantasy and I’m going to use the driver’s ass and his hard body to do just that. He may not like what is going to happen to him but I will and then I can get on with my life.

         I had to drive down to LA for a couple job interviews so I decided it was also time to locate my prey. I picked the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood to use as my base of operation while in LA. The hotel is centrally located to my job interviews and to where the trucking company is located. To aid in the hunt of the driver I have purchased high power binoculars, a long distant listens device, a full black spandex suit, black hood, black high top boots and black gloves. I look like a super hero that packing heat in his crouch. Every curve and muscle shows in the suit and sense I was a wrestler at UNLV for four years I have the lean body to make this look good, my abs even show in this suit. Not too bad for a 25 year old kid from Nevada.

     Three days of job interviews are over and now I can focus on the main task. The company registered to the truck is in Silverlake, just north of downtown LA. Across the street is a grocery store and it’s parking lot has a clean view of the company. So I set up shop in a small rented a delivery van with windows in the back, none on the sides. I now watch and wait. Two days go by, nothing. I’ve started to get a little dishearten, I have to return to Vegas on Monday. At 6:15pm Friday night a large box truck shows up, and has the same DOT number, guess what. Out steps my driver, my heart races and my dick goes rock hard, I have him, soon he will be mine to use.    

     I follow my prey to a house up Nicholas Canyon near Hollywood. He opens the garage door with a remote and pulls in. The house is isolated and sets away from the other homes. I park the van up the road away from the house on one of the wide spots on this narrow canyon road. I change into my black cat suit, grab my binoculars and the listening device then hike back to the house.  I set-up my surveillance post in the darkness on the hill behind the house and I wait.

      The back of the house is a wall of glass doors and windows and is totally private. From my vantage point it is easy to spy on my driver. There is an enclosed patio to the side which is converted into a gym. I watch and wait. First the driver BBQ’s some chicken for dinner then disappears into the front of the house, when he reappears he is wearing only a pair of tennis shoes and a small pair of workout shorts. It is at this point I realize that it would be foolish to try to overpower this man. He is 6’ 2” 220LBS and solid muscle. I will have to drug him or knock him out in order to have my way with him. He grabs a sport drink from the fridge then starts his workout. He begins with stretching then does 3 sets - 12 reps of 275lbs. bench presses, followed by dumb bell arm curls at 75lbs and then the universal machine for leg extension, between each exercise he does 100 crunches, know I know where he gets those 6-pack abs.

      The workout last for 1 hour before it is interrupted by a phone call. I quickly grab the listening devise but I can only hear one side of the conversation;

“This is John”, Now I know his first name

“Allen, what do you want”, he sounds a bit annoyed.

“Ok, I’ll come down, same place as before”.

“Be there!”

John closes the cell phone, he did not even say good bye. Then as if talking to himself and with a great deal of satisfaction. “This will work out perfect.  A Boy Toy as an appetizer before the man feast later tonight. Yep, this is perfect.”

John does three quick sets of declined push-up then strips out of his shorts, admires himself in the wall of mirrors and smiles, he likes what he sees and so do I. He is standing there totally naked, flexing and posing. It is a very erotic sight.

     John throws on shorts and a tee-shirt and leaves. He forgets to close the sliding doors and now I have access to his house. I hear the car leave then I run down the hill and into the house. I figure I have two hours tops but I want to be out in one hour, I do not want to get caught for that would ruin my plan. First I check the front door for a security key pad, nothing, next I check for motion detector and cameras, there are none. The house is mine to explore. It has three bed rooms, the master bedroom is huge, second bedroom is converted into an office and the third is converted into a play room. The play room is surrounded with mirrors on all the walls and in one corner are chains, ropes and restraint devices. The room also has a sling, St. Andrew Cross and a leather cover table. John has also mounted remote controlled digital cameras and video cams throughout the room.

     As I’m exploring the Play Room and the contents of the closet I hear the front door open. John has returned with the Boy Toy, Allen. Shit, I can not escape, my only choice is to hide in the Play Room’s closet and hope he does not open the door.

     John and the Boy Toy enter the room. John sets down, his back to my closet hiding place and orders Allen to strip. Allen faces John and my closet hiding place and complies, very slowly, first the boots and socks, then those tight 501’s are unbutton and slide off, next is the tank top. Wolf!! What a hot body, total swimmers body, skin sprayed over muscle, no body fat just lean and rock hard muscle. Boy Toy is now standing in front of the driver with nothing but his jock strap. John orders him to put his boots on and then strip out of the jock and get into the sling. At this point I’m totally hard. John gets up, strips, stands in front of the sling and straps his Boy Toy into the stirrups of the sling.

     The young man is now helpless and can not escape. John first sucks the Boy Toy cock to give him a ragging hard-on, this also has the same effect on John and myself. John then lubes up the boy’s ass, his own cock and shoves his hard cock into the boys exposed butt. The boy pleads for mercy but this does not slow John’s attack on the boy’s butt. After 15 minutes of hard pounding John grabs some poppers makes the boy inhale and as Boy Toy feels the sensation of the poppers and it takes effect. John grabs Boy Toy’s cock and strokes it until his cock erupts with cum. The cum shoots up and all over those hard muscles, this makes John pull from that tight ass and empty his own cock onto the boy’s cock and belly. I must have been rubbing my own cock through the fabric of my suit because I also explode, my cum shooting into my cat suit and then it oozes out of the fabric making a giant wet spot on my skin tight suit. Oops!

    John releases the Boy Toy Appetizer from the sling, tells him to get dress and to leave. Allen asks for a ride back down the hill but John declines said he had other more important things to do. Allen dresses and John escorts him out of the house. This is when I make my escape but before I leave I grab some of the date rape drugs I found in the closet cabinet. I ran out the back sliding doors up to my hiding place grab my equipment and make my way back to the van. I change out of my cum soaked cat suit back into my Levis, t-shit and boots. I turn the van around and head back down the hill. I could not feel save until I was out of there, that was too close. John was totally unaware of my visit but he will now the next time I visit his house. My plan is now set. I will use John’s own knock out drugs on him, he will feel the heat of my cock in his ass before the end of this weekend.

     I drive about 500 yards down the canyon before I come across the Boy Toy, Allen, walking, head down totally rejected kicking at the stones in the road. I slow the van, turn the overhead light on, roll down the window and offer this stud puppy a ride.

“Hey buddy, need a ride?”

He hesitates for a moment “Sure nothing else could go wrong tonight.” He climbs in.

I ask “Where are you headed?”

“Metro Station on Hollywood Blvd, but you can drop me at the bottom of the hill and I can get a bus from there.” Allen replied

“I’m headed that way, I can drop you. I’m staying at the Renaissance it is just a couple blocks from there, it’s not a problem.”

     After we exchange names and pleasantries I ask if he knew of a good club I could go for a drink. Allen asked what kind of club? I replied “A Gay club.”  Allen named a couple but then as we got closer to my hotel he said “But you know the best bar in town is the mini bar in your room and I could sure use a drink”. Five minutes later we give the van to the valet at the hotel and head up to the room.

      Allen and I play suck face in the elevator and when we got into the room we are naked in a flash and then we fuck, no foreplay no messing around, just plain hot sex. Allen is anything but the submissive he was at John’s house; in fact he was very aggressive. After making love twice, first he fucks me then I fuck him and each time was wonderful.  We fall asleep around 3 am. At 5 am I wake, I’m on my back and Allen  sitting on me riding my cock and it is buried deep in his ass, I go to touch him and he gently places my arms back above my head. He tells me not to move, not to touch him, this fuck is for him.  He said “I just want to feel your hard cock filling my ass and I want to enjoy looking at your beautiful body then I want to feel you hot cum shooting into my ass.” I did as I’m told. This a fantasy come true. I love watching this stud riding my cock and as I get closer to coming he starts jacking his own cock. I erupt inside his ass and fill it with a hot load of cum and them he unlashes a jet of cum that covers my body.

      Allen falls forward and lies on my chest my cock still entrapped in his ass. “I have wanted that for such a long time”.  

      What did he mean by that, must be a metaphor for something and I let it pass. We fail asleep and do not wake up until 1:00 pm. We fuck one more time then go to an early dinner because Allen has to go home.

    While at dinner I tell Allen that I want to see him again but that I have something to do first. I tell him everything about why I happened to be in the canyon. I tell him about the Adventure in the desert, my spying on John, and my hiding in the closet and watching them in the sling. I tell him about my need to get back what John has taken from me.

     Allen is speechless; he waits a few minutes then tells me he really wants to see me again and that he also has a secret but now is not the time to talk about it. He also understands my need to get back what John took. He tells me to be very careful because John is strong and very powerful. Then Allen gives me some information that makes my mission a whole lot easier. Allen tell me that on Sundays when John is in town he meets with friends at 1:00pm at the Four Seasons for lunch, returns around 3:00pm then always works out and goes to a private party around 6 or 7. Allen also tells me where John keeps his spare key to the back door.

       Allen then gets up, pays for dinner, kisses me and says, “Please call me if you survive. I want you in my life.”

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