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The Ride Home
Chapter 3 - The Ride Home III
By Bambamtop

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      I parked the van near the intersection of Nichols Canyon and Hollywood Blvd and wait. According to Allen my prey should be coming down from his den and on his way to the Four Seasons for Sunday Brunch. As advised John comes down the canyon, does a Californian stop at the intersection and races off to join his buddies. I figure I’ll have two hours tops to break into the house and get set for payback time on John.

      I drive up the canyon and parked in the same turnout as the previous time. I strip out of my street clothes and change into my black cat suit. I grab my gear and make my way across the road and onto the hill behind John’s house. Finding the hidden key where Allen said it would be I entered the house.

      First task is to place the knock out drugs into the sports drink in the refrigerator. Allen said he always drinks these during his workout after the brunch and before heading to the private sex party in hunt of a trick.

     The next task is to figure out how the camera system works in the play room. John has it set up with four digital cameras and two camcorders. I want to get my payback on tape. Lucky for me the system is on and very easy to use, one push of the button and the event will be recorded both on digital and video, this is going to be fun  

     Now back out side and I wait. John has been gone for a little over two hours before he returns. From my hillside hiding place I can see the entire back of the house. He enters the kitchen and garbs the front sports drink and heads into his gym. In the gym he strips out of his clothes and proceeds to start his work out. He’s only wearing tennis shoes and gym gloves, nothing else.  John takes a long gulp of the drink.  He does the same work out routine as before, bench presses and between each set he does ab crunches. Next he does his arm curls, another long drink from the bottle and more crunches. Then he moves to his leg extensions, he lift the whole stack on his universal, three sets, his thighs are budging from this. He gets off the universal takes another long drink, the bottle is now empty. Next he moves to declined push up with his feet on a chair, first set is fifty. He walks back into the kitchen for anther sports drink but does not open it. On his way back to the gym he rubs his head, stumbles a bit and leans against the wall for support and then melts to the floor. He is now mine.

    I enter the house, John is out cold on the floor, laying face up and butt naked, I want to roll him over and fuck him right there but that is not the plan. I do play with his nipples and fondle his cock and to my surprise it does start to stiffen.  Guess the knock out drug works only on the brain and not the body. This is going to be fun.

    I drag the body into the play room and try to hoist him into the sling. I just can not lift him. I notice a pulley above the sling, so I dress John in one of his own leather harness and host him up and into the sling, but while he is hanging suspended in the harness I again take advantage of his limp body and suck his cock until it is fully erect. I wanted to suck that cock until he explodes in my month but again that is not my plan.

     I lowered the stud into the sling. Grabbing wrist and ankle restraints from the wall. I attach the wrist restraints to the slings support chain so John arms are above his head and   then the ankle restraints in the same fashion but to the opposite end. This totally exposes his ass. I then find a leather hood with a gag, I place the gag in John month and the hood over his head. The vision I‘ve created is inspiriting. Here is this total buff stud, in a harness, tied into a sling with hood over his handsome face with his ass exposed and totally helpless to avoid my cocks revenge on his venerable ass.

    John moans a bit, he is coming around. I want him to be totally aware of his rape and 

my dick impaling his virgin ass like he did to me in the desert and so many before me. It is now pay back time.

     The big man wake then struggles at the restraints but it is no use. I whisper in his ear,

 “ Pay back time, hope your not going to enjoy this as much as I will. Your ass is mine to use.” And with that said I lubed up his butt as he fights to get free and I also lube his dick because I planned to jack him off as I fuck him. I place the tip of my dick against his ass and I gently guide it into his tight hole. He fights to avoid my cocks invasion into his ass but it is no use,  the restraints prevent escape. I look up on the wall and I watch the video monitor showing my dick going into his ass,  I thrust forward and plant my dick all they way in John’s ass, he moans in pain but it is of no concern to me and with the gag in his month it almost sounds as if he is enjoying it. After plowing the man’s ass for ten minutes I’m on the verge of cumming so I withdrawal and walk to the kitchen for a glass of water, I want this to last a very long time.  When I return and whisper in John’s ear

”Ready Boy, Ass plowing time again.” And with that and without mercy I thrust my cock back into his tight asshole and pound it and jack his cock. John is bucking and twisting but to no use, his cock gives his pleasure of the assault away. He is rock hard and I can fell that he is on the verge of an eruption. My our cock is feeling the need to explode, and then it happens, John’s whole body stiffens, he thrust his hips forward and his huge cock explodes with a river of cum that shoots covering his chest and pools on his abs. My dick responds and I pull my dick out of his ass and shoot my load. Cum covers his cock and balls, it drips down the crack of his ass.. I step back I want to make sure the cameras get a good shoot of this stud covered in cum. I plan to use this stud some more but I’m hungry so off to the kitchen and into Johns refrigerator for a snack. But before I go I hear a noise from the closet, the same closet I had hidden in the day before.   

     I open the closet door and there to my surprise is Allen, naked and with a very hard cock in his hand.

   “What are you doing here? I ask

    A bit embarrassed, his eyes lowered, he stumbles for the words.  “Well, I wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt you, John’s a big guy and very capable of doing a lot of damage and enjoying it, I just wanted to make sure you were OK. Second, I didn’t want you to do something stupid like killing him. I understand the need for payback and abusing him but that should be as far as it goes. And, well, I was hoping for a little payback myself. John raped me the first time and I was so ashamed of myself because I enjoyed it and I just kept coming back for more. I just didn’t know making love was so good until you came along.” He looked me straight in the eye, “ I guess the bottom line is I care about you and would really like to see more of you, plus I wanted to watch.”

     “We need to talk.’ I said “You hungry, there is a whole frig full of healthy stuff”. So off to the kitchen we go, totally butt naked. John still tied into the sling.

      In the kitchen I put together a great lunch, BLT’s on wheat, carrot sticks and a protein drink.

       Allen told me that John had bragged about my rape adventure in the desert and he had seen the picture. He also told me that he fell in lust with me from the moment he saw the pictures. For and hour or so we talked and then Allen tells me what he wants to do to John. I must admit it sounded fun and the symbolism was fantastic. I was game and with that we strolled back into the play room. John still tied in the sling.

      I whisper into John’s ear,” Hope your ready for some more ass plowing, I now have a friend and he is ready looking forward to filling your ass with his cock, and it is a very big cock.” Again we use the bondage stuff from the walls to secure John. This time we find two cross bars, place them between each hand and between his ankles. Allen and I lift him out of the sling and onto the matted floor. There we lay him spread eagle on the floor and attach his hands to the wall hooks, then we tie his ankle over his head and tie them to the wall hooks also. This leaves his ass up in the air and totally exposed to Allen’s hard cock.

     Allen wasted no time. He slaps some lube on the unprotected ass and drives his massive cock into the exposed ass. John could only moan as his ass was being assaulted by the big cock, the hood gage prevents him from screaming and there is no escape from the cock assaulting his ass.  I do not believe I’ve ever seen someone drive his dick into an ass as hard as Allen was doing. I guess years of pent up frustration were finally coming to the surface. Allen had suggested that I straddle the tied captive so he could suck my cock as he abused the stud below him. This was Allen’ way to let go.

     John seamed to be enjoying the big cock assaulting his ass. His body was in synch with the each cock thrust . Allen increased his tempo. He moaned that he was about to cum and I knew he was about to explode into John’s ass and  then John’s body tensed and his cock shot a load of cum, he wasn’t even being jacked off. That pushed Allen over the edge and his cock erupted hot cum into the tied mans ass and I also shot coving Allen”s sculpted upper chest.

      Allen withdrew his spent cock from the tied studs, his cum oozing out of the used ass. Allen announced “ I need a break before we continue”. We released John’s ankle from the wall but kept his wriest tied. We gave our tied captive some water and left. We still had use for his body and wanted him refreshed for his next round.

     Back into the kitchen, a glass of our hosts best wine and a little snack. Allen suggested our next adventure using John’s body. Again it sounded quite fun and after about an hours rest we were back in the play room ready to use our tied slave one more time. Again the symbolism was perfect. We were going to break this master using his own body against him.

     From the equipment on the wall we retrieved a black leather waist belt with a ring and black handcuffs. I placed the belt across his waist then roiled him over so I could fasten the belt. This allowed a full view of his perfectly molded bubble butt, I almost mounted him right then and there but that was not the plan. I could only think, maybe next time we’ll fuck him from behind, face down with his hands cuffed behind his back, that would be fun. With the belt fasten I rolled him back onto his back,  I sat on his torso while Allen released one wrist from the wall, cuffed that hand then ran the unused cuff and chain thought the ring then release the second hand from the wall and cuffed the remaining hand to the restraints. The beauty of this was he still could not escape but he would be able to jack his own cock as Allen fuckes him. The master would be defeated and this would be on film.

    As Allen sucked John’s cock to excite him, I sucked Allen’s cock to make sure it was rock hard. This work quite well, within minutes we all had raging cocks.  Allen positioned himself between John’s legs and raised them over his head, no need for lube as John’s ass was still dipping with cum. I positioned myself behind Allen and as he forced his cock into John, I eased my cock into Allen’s willing ass.  Allen let out a low groan as the two pleasures enveloped his body. His cock fucking the cum filled ass of his tormentor and his ass being filled by hot man meat, Allen was in ecstasy.

      . Allen grabbed a bit of lube from a near by bottle and placed it on John’s dick and then stroked it. Then he used both hands to play with Johns nipples Well, John could not resist the temptation to jack his own dick as he is being fucked. This was what it was all about. The master being fucked by his own Boy Toy and the master enjoying it. The master’s reign is over. Allen increase his pumping of the tight ass, and with each stoke my dick plants into Allen’s tight ass.  Johns jacked his dick and as before with a low moan from under the hood, John tenses his body and shots another load of cum. That got Allen off but this time he withdraws his dick and unloaded his cum onto John’s dick and balls. I also unable to hold the building tide of cum withdrew from Allen’s ass and shot coving John’s dick.  The symbolic transfer complete and on film. The Master no long holds Allen, and Allen had deposited his mark of ownership as well as his new lovers mark on the now debunked and former master. Allen and I have now released our revenge on our rapist.

     We released one of Johns cuffs and then ran it through the ring and reattached his hands over his head and onto the wall, we also release the ankle cross bar. The helpless handcuffed stud spread eagle on the floor cover with cum. Nice picture

       Allen and I showered then departed the house. But before leaving we gave John another drink of water laced with knock out drug and waited for its desired effect. Then we place two mini cams so we could spy on our host to make sure he did not return to his old ways of taking guys off the street and raping them. We gather all the digital camera cards and video.  Our mission complete we release the handcuffs and leave. John would wake in one hour with a terrible headache and a sore ass

        It was now very early on Monday morning so I dropped Allen at the subway station near Hollywood Blvd and Vine. I promised to call and come back to LA as soon as possible. I hated leaving him but it had to be done. I had to get back to Las Vegas by noon on Monday. I still had to go to work.

     Somewhere near Barstow Allen calles my cell and we talked for the next two hours On the ride home I realized that I want to spend a lot more time Allen and I would do everything I could to get back to him.  I also realized that the revenge that Allen and I took out on John was justified and to tell you the truth I’d do it again. I got into Las Vegas around 7:00 am took a 4 hour nap and woke at 11:00am  to get ready for work.

       At 11:30am one of the better companies I had interviewed with in LA called with a job offer, I could start next Monday.

       HMMMMM, I wonder if John will change the locks on his house?

      .  .