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To Protect And Serve
Chapter 4 - Ready for Duty
By Boyd Wunder

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In a weight room that looks more like a dungeon than a gym, two huge bodybuilders, wearing only black rubber gym shorts, are working out together. These enormous musclemen are actually the newly created cop slaves Brent Banes and Eric Evans, only they appear to be even more muscular now than they were before. Evans is lying on his back, lifting free weights in an almost mechanical fashion. His partner Banes is standing directly over Evans' face, assisting him with his rigorous exercise routine as his perfectly erect cock bulges within its latex confinement.

The man who now controls them, an intimidating figure known to them as "The Warden," comes into the room with his muscleboy by his side. The Warden's real name is Steve Parker. This distinguished looking gentleman, probably in his early 40s, has short cropped dark hair (which is slightly turning gray), a well-defined furry chest and wears a thick goatee. He is wearing nothing but a leather top harness and boots. All the young man has on is a dog collar strapped around his neck which is attached to a leash held by his Master. The slave boy drops to his knees next to his Master's muscular legs.

The Warden smiles with fiendish delight as he watches his new recruits gladly perform their assigned exercises. He looks down at his slave boy and says, "To think that only yesterday, these musclemen were members of The Metro City Police Department. Now these brainwashed bodybuilders are my obedient officers. With a fighting force of well-conditioned cop slaves like these at my command, Metro City will soon be mine!"

The hot cop slaves stand up and continue lifting weights as The Warden observes. In fact, their Master's presence only makes them even more determined to pump up those beautiful bodies to gain his favor.

The Warden speaks directly to his cop slaves, "Men, your workout session is over ... at least for the time being. Now stand at attention before your commanding officer. "

The musclemen drop their dumbbells and walk over to The Warden. As the cop slaves present themselves to their Master, they stare straight into his eyes like a couple of zombies, waiting to do as they are told.

The Warden inspects his pet policemen, feeling up their hot sweaty body, as they both release a pleasurable moan. Parker gives them his approval, "My accelerated steroid injections are working quite splendidly. Your biceps alone have already increased up to five whole inches in one day. You both are capable of lifting over a thousand pounds without even breaking into a sweat. By this time tomorrow, my strength tests indicate that you should be able to bench press more than three times your own weight. Very impressive, my slaves."

The cop slaves robotically respond, "Thank you, ... Master."

The Warden's hands reach down to grab the bulges in their shorts as he looks in their eyes and commands, "I feel that you are both ready for your first assignment. You are eager to serve me, aren't you, my obedient officers?"

The reprogrammed policemen anxiously reply, "We are ... very eager ... to serve you, ... Master!"

The Warden says, "Very good, my cop slaves. Officers Akers and Matthews are currently on duty. You shall apprehend these fugitive cops and bring them back to me for retraining."

The mind-controlled cops repeat their instructions, "We shall ... apprehend Officers ... Akers and Matthews ... and bring them back ... to you ... for retraining, ... Sir!"

"Excellent, my cop slaves. After I have Akers and Matthews in my custody, I will reward you both for a job well done. Wouldn't you like to feel your Master's cock inside of you again, my sex-crazed slave?, " The Warden asks the enslaved Evans.

Cop Slave Evans, enticed by the offer of such a tempting reward, enthusiastically answers, "Ooooooh ... Yes, ... Sir!"

Cop Slave Banes accepts their assignment with anticipation, "I can ... hardly wait ... to receive ... my reward ... as well, ... Master!"

The Master bellows with authority, "Then why are the two of you still standing there? I gave you your orders. Now go!"

The cop slaves immediately comply, "As you command, ... Master."

After his cop slaves leave the room to perform their duties, The Warden reaches down to his slave boy and gently touches his soft skin. The boy looks up at his Master with complete adoration. The Warden smiles, revealing a sensitive side he rarely, if ever, shows.

The Warden treats this young man much differently than he does his other slaves That's because he considers the boy to be a victim. He really had no reason to harm him. But Parker needed a human lab rat. Someone that could disappear without a trace. In his search for potential candidates, he picked up this hot hustler. Marc had just moved to the city only a couple of months earlier. His family lived hundreds of miles away and he hadn't been there long enough to form any lasting friendships. He could be missing for days and no one would ever know. At last, Parker had found the perfect guinea pig. So he bought the boy back to his lab and started conducting his experiments on him. Parker put the poor boy through one painful procedure after another. He tried deprogramming, reprogramming, electro-shock therapy, a laserized lobotomy, even performed brain surgery on his imprisoned prostitute but the results, at best, were minimal. So The Warden injected various combinations of hallucinogenic and synthetic drugs directly into Marc's skull until he developed the ultimate mind control formula. By the time he was through, the boy's brain had more needles stuck in it than a pin cushion. But, after trying for over a month, his tests proved that Parker had finally found the most effective way to enslave any man against his will. Still, The Warden will never be able to forget the many weeks of torture this unlucky lad went through before his research was successful. Nonetheless, The Warden quickly dismisses these feelings of guilt by telling himself the brainwashed boy is much better off now that he is his slave.

As The Warden caresses his slave's cheek, he says, "My poor boy, you have no idea what you've been through. The only life you can remember is the one that I've created for you. Don't bother trying to remember the past, boy. It will only cause you pain. Besides, you like being my slave, don't you, boy?"

The boy reaffirms his loyalty, "I am ... honored ... to be ... your ... slave, ... Master. ... It is ... a privilege ... to serve you, ... Sir."

"Then show me how willing you are to serve me," his Master commands as he rubs his cock in the boy's face.

The mind-controlled muscleboy Marc takes his Master's big thick cock in his hungry mouth. The slave boy worships Parker's penis like his life depends on it. After Stone services his Master's manhood, The Warden moans wildly, then jacks off and shoots his wad in the boy's beautiful face.

Master Parker states, "You would do anything for the taste of your Master's cum. Wouldn't you, my boy?"

The muscleboy, covered with his Master's jism, responds, "I would do ... ANYTHING ... for your cum, ... Master," then anxiously licks up what didn't make his mouth.

The Warden teases his brainwashed boytoy by pointing his still-rigid rod directly in the young man's face as he asks, "Do you hunger for more, slave?"

Marc just sits there staring at his Master's cock as if it had him under its spell, smacking his lips, then begs, "MORE! ... I must ... have MORE, ... Master! ... PLEASE ... let me have ... some MORE, ... Sir!"

Parker tells his obedient boy toy, "There is plenty more where that came from, my boy. Just continue to please me like you have and I will give you all the cum you desire, slave. Now get up off the floor. My next recruits will be here soon. Help me prepare the lab for their arrival."

Marc immediately follows his Master's orders, hoping to get some more of the cum he so desperately craves.

Meanwhile, two highly respected cops, Brett Akers (a handsome red-haired rough and rugged young cub) and Ted Matthews (a gorgeous goateed bodybuilder with a well-defined hairy chest), are called to the scene of a reported crime. Their patrol car drives down a dark and seedy alley until they reach a dead-end, so they get out of the automobile to search for the suspects on foot. At first, it appears deserted but a black van suddenly pulls up from out of nowhere, trapping its prey. Before Akers and Matthews can call the precinct for help, The Warden's recently-reprogrammed recruits, dressed in tight fitting leather police uniforms, jump out of the vehicle and ambush the cornered cops.

Matthews recognizes the missing cops and tries to reason with them, "Evans, Banes, What are you doing?"

Cop Slave Evans single-minded shouts, "We have ... a warrant ... for your ... arrest, ... Pigs!"

"You must ... come with ... us!," Banes demands, lunging at the cornered cops.

After a brief scuffle, the cop slaves sadistically subdued their fellow officers. Abducted at gunpoint, Officers Akers and Matthews are hooded, handcuffed, and forced into the black van. Banes and Evans drive the confiscated cops directly to their Master's lair for sentencing.

As Cop Slaves Banes and Evans drag their police prisoners into their Master's private penitentiary, The Warden, now wearing an execution hood over his face, congratulates his obedient officers for completing their mission, "Splendid job, my musclebound minions. I knew you would not fail me. You have definitely earned your reward."

The Cop Slaves both flash as evil grin as they respond in unison, "Thank you, Master."

Then The Warden greets his newest recruits upon their arrival, "Welcome, Officers Akers and Matthews. I'm so glad you could join us on such short notice. Let me relieve you of those bulky uniforms so we can get better acquainted."

Carefully using a knife, Parker slowly tears off their police garb, first removing their shirts, then their trousers until the captive cops are left standing there with nothing but their underwear on. Akers is wearing tight fitting white boxer briefs that conveniently showcases the considerable bulge packaged inside. Matthews has on a pair of blue bikini briefs that leave even less to the imagination. Now that the police prisoners are nearly naked, The Warden takes perverse pleasure in rubbing his hands all over their beautiful bodies. As he feels up their broad chests, big biceps, spectacular pecs and washboard abs, Akers and Matthews sweat and squirm in vain. The hoods over their heads prevents them from voicing their disgust, no matter how strenuously they try to object. To complete his physical inspection, Parker pull down their shorts and reaches down to stroke their flaccid manhoods until, inevitably, their cocks start to respond to their tormentor's tantalizing touch. Despite their objections, the captive cops are obviously turned on by the thorough manhandling they are receiving at the hands of their captor.

The Master voices his satisfaction, "Yes, I could use a couple of hot cops like these. They will make fine additions to my fledging police force. Prepare them for retraining, men."

"Yes, ... Master," Banes robotically replies as he and Evans drag the hooded hot cops to their impending fate.

The police prisoners are taken to the dungeon and are stripped of their hoods as well as their torn underwear. Then the officers' arms, legs and necks are tied up to two St. Andrew's Crosses, which are standing upright. After they have been properly restrained, the Cop Slaves leave the room so they can receive the reward that their Master had already promised them. During that time, Stone stands guard as Akers and Matthews struggle to break free but they soon realize it is hopeless.

Meanwhile, in The Warden's chambers, both Cop Slave Evans and Banes are down on all fours, ready to be rewarded. The Warden slips his finger in Evans' anus, causing his obedient bottom to release an extended moan. Grabbing Banes by the hair, The Warden shoves his face in-between his hairy buttcheeks. The brainwashed Banes starts to rim his Master's manhole with his drooling mouth. As Banes eagerly eats his ass, The Warden thrusts his already dripping dick deep inside Evans' beautiful buttocks. After a ferocious fucking, the wicked Warden takes his manhood out of the first cop slave and forces it into the next one. Switching places, Evans slides his tongue in his Master's asshole while The Warden pounds Banes' butt with all his might. The Warden continues to fuck his other cop slave until he's ready to cum.

The Warden pulls his drizzling dick out of Banes' rear-end and orders both of his obedient officers to kneel before him. The cooperative cop slaves get on their knees and stare directly at their Master as he stands there and strokes his hard-on, licking their lips in anticipation of what's to come! (Pardon the pun!)

As his manly juices rush to his cockhead, The Warden shouts, "You've been such good boys, you're about to be rewarded. Now consume the cum you crave! Open wide!"

The obedient officers open their mouths to receive their reward. The Warden jerks and grunts, then finally shoots his semen right in their faces. The cum-hungry cops lick each other clean, then lap up the rest of their Master's manmilk off the floor like a couple of eager-to-please puppy dogs. As they savor the taste of The Warden's mouth-watering wad, the satisfied cop slaves unconsciously release their own pent-up loads from their grateful cocks.

The Warden takes a deep breathe and states, "Relish your reward, slaves! It tastes so good, doesn't it, boys? Now lick it all up, my pet policemen!"

Banes and Evans dutifully clean the floor with their tongues, making sure not to miss a delicious drop of their delectable Master's sperm. As they lick up the last of his load, The Warden sees the cum seeping out of their still-throbbing cocks and realizes that they did not wait for his permission.

The Warden scolds his slaves, "Who told you you could cum? From now on, you will wait until your Master tells you to! Is that understood?"

The corrected cop slaves cling to their Master's legs, pleading for his forgiveness.

Evans looks down at his cum-covered cock, then expresses his remorse, "Yes, ... Master. ... I am ... so ashamed ... of what ... I've done, ... Sire."

Banes also apologizes for their carelessness, "Sorry, ... Sir! ... We promise ... that it will ... never happen ... again, ... Master!"

The Warden reprimands his recruits, "While it is understandable that you would be thrilled to taste your Master's juices for the very first time, still that is no excuse for ejaculating prematurely. As your commanding officer, only I can decide when and if you may cum! You got that?"

Not wanting to upset their Master any further, the cop slaves readily respond, "Yes ... Master!"

The Warden gives them both a stern warning, "You cop slaves must learn to respect my authority. Insubordination will not be tolerated. If you cannot contain your enthusiasm in the future, I'm afraid I will have to officially relieved you of your duties."

Banes begs, "No, Sir! ... Anything but that! ... I want ... to serve you ... forever, ... Master!"

Cop Slave Evans concurs, "You are ... the Master ... I have ... always ... longed for. ... I have been ... waiting ... a lifetime ... for your command, ... Sir. ... If I cannot ... be of service ... to you, ... I would ... rather be ,,, DEAD!"

"Then I trust you cop slaves will never cum again without my consent," The Warden decrees.

The dutiful duo faithfully abide by their Master's wishes, "YES, ... SIR!"

"Even though you may derive a great deal of satisfaction from serving your Master, a true slave must always be mindful that his Master's needs come first. It is your duty to please me, not yourselves. My pleasure should be your only concern. You exist for my amusement. Your bodies, your cocks, even your cum is solely intended for my enjoyment," The Warden reminds his reassigned recruits.

In unison, his underlings agree to these conditions, "YES, ... SIR!"

"Prove you are worthy to serve under me. Rise, cop slaves!," The Warden orders.

His obedient officers pick themselves up off the floor and then stand at attention, awaiting their next command. The Warden slowly drop down to his knees and grabs hold of their sticky, still stiff manhoods. The cop slaves tremble with excitement, releasing an audible sigh of arousal.

"Now, cum again, my slaves. This time for your Master!," The Warden demands.

With those words, their bodies writhe with excitement as waves of ecstasy rush to their erupting erections. A seemingly endless steam of semen gushes out of the cooperative cop slaves' cockslits right into their Master's open palms and starts flowing down his thick forearms. Their compliant cocks just keep cumming until their commanding officer orders them to stop. As The Warden swallows their seed, a sense of fulfillment comes over the physical exhausted but emotionally elated underlings, knowing they are shooting these lusty loads for the man they now belong to, mind, body and soul!

Now that he has confirmed that he is in complete control, The Warden commands, "Enough, my pet policemen. You have done well. Now, at ease, men!"

Like a damn, their Master's instructions immediately register inside their heads (not only the one on their shoulders, but also the one in-between their legs), suddenly cutting off the supply of sperm that had been pouring out of their pulsating penises. As their Master cleans up their cum-covered cocks with his tongue, the cop slaves manage to keep their manhoods in check and hold back the rest of their juices, just as they were told. The Warden is extremely pleased with their performance.

"Very good, men. You see, it is much more gratifying to give your man-gravy to your Master than waste it on yourselves. Wouldn't you agree, slaves?," The Warden asks his accommodating cops.

The obedient officers are obliged to agree, "Ahhhhhh, ... Yes, ... Master!"

"So, have you learned your lesson?," The Warden inquires.

"Yes, ... Master! ... I will only ... cum when ... you command, ... Sir!," Cop Slave Evans confirms.

Banes bows to his wishes, "My cum ... is yours, ... Master!"

"Now wipe up your mess with your tongues, then get suited up! We have a couple of new recruits waiting to be retrained," The Warden orders.

The Cop Slaves comply, "Yes, ... Master!"

As the cop slaves drop to the ground and lick up the seed that spilled onto the floor, The Warden sucks the cop slaves' cum off his fingers, thinking about the loads he going to extract from his next victims.

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