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To Protect And Serve
Chapter 5 - Seduced Into Service
By Boyd Wunder

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More than an hour passes before the Cop Slaves return to the dungeon with their Master. The Warden is wearing an executioner's hood, chest harness, a leather jock strap and black boots. His slaves are dressed in tight fitting latex shorts and dog collars. The Warden is holding the cop slaves' leashes in one hand and his prisoners' police uniforms in the other. He walks over to his delicious detainees, stripped naked and tied up to two St. Andrews crosses. The captive cops feel a sharp pain in the back of their necks, completely unaware of the fact that they both were injected with the mind drug while they were still hooded. As he throws away the torn and tattered remains of their old outfits, The Warden informs the imprisoned policemen, "Akers and Matthews, you no longer have a need for these uniforms. Your days on the Metro City Police Force are over. From now on, you work for ME!"

"Who are you?," Officer Akers wants to know.

Parker slaps the beefy bear cub across the face, then reprimands him, "I did not give you permission to speak! To answer your question, I am The Warden. But, since you are now my slave, you will call me 'Master'. And when I do allow you to speak, you must always address me as such! Is that understood, boy?"

Undeterred, Akers shouts back, "No way, you sick .... Oooooo ... !"

Just then, Parker grabs Brett by the balls and squeezes them hard, gritting his teeth, as he issues his demands, "Go on! ... Say it, Pig! ... SAY IT!"

Seeing Akers is in agonizing pain, his partner tries to break his bonds but the ropes around his wrists and ankles are just too damn tight. Forced to watch The Warden abusing his buddy, Matthews speaks up, "LET HIM GO, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!"

Akers finally complies, "Pleaseee ... ssstoppp, ... Mmmma ... maaasssster!"

The Warden smiles with approval as he lets go of Akers' testicles, "You learn quickly, Officer Akers. I demand strict obedience from all my subordinates."

A confused look comes over Matthews' face as he asks, " ... Subordinates? What the hell are you talking about?"

The Warden informs his captives of his plans for them, "The two of you were just transferred over to my precinct without your consent. Both you and Akers shall make excellent additions to my newly assembled squadron of cop slaves. I'm sure you're gonna like serving under me!"

Officer Matthews defies The Warden, "Thanks for the offer but forget it. We're already members of the Metro City Police Department, Asshole!"

Not amused, Parker punches Matthews in the gut. As he winces in pain, the captive cop releases a loud grunt.

The Warden asserts his authority, "As I have already told you, you are no longer Metro City police officers. You work for me now!"

Unfazed, Officer Matthews doesn't back down, "Kidnapping cops is a serious offense, you scumbag. You'll never get away with it. Commissioner Radcliffe probably has the entire force searching for us right now!"

Flying into a fit of rage, Parker yells back, "Commissioner Radcliffe is not your commanding officer. I AM! AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!"

Officer Matthews can no longer keep his opinion to himself, "YOU'RE NUTS!"

The Warden regains his composure and looks Matthews directly in the eye as he rebuffs his statement, "Nuts, am I? Let me assure you, I am quite sane."

Calmly, Matthews replies, "Well you must be insane if you think we would ever work for you!"

Their captor confidently exclaims, "Oh, but you will, my reluctant recruits! Observe! Banes, Evans, get down on all fours. My boots are in of need a spitshine. Polish them with your tongues, my cop slaves!"

Banes and Evans immediately drop to their knees and start licking their Master's boots clean. Akers and Matthews look on in disbelief, shocked by what they see.

Parker continues, "When Banes and Evans first arrived, they were just as defiant as you two. But now, they are mine to command. As you can plainly see, these cop slaves love to serve their Master, ... just as you will."

Officer Matthews responds, "I don't know what you've done to Banes and Evans but Brett and I will never serve you!"

The Warden tells them otherwise, "Nonsense. Soon you prospective cop slaves will be ready and willing to serve me too. Once I have you under my sway, you'll both obey me just like two puppets on a string."

Matthews shouts back, "Don't count on it, creep!"

Akers agrees, "Ted's right. You can't keep us locked up here against our will forever!"

The Warden takes hold of Akers' big round nipples and pinches them until they hurt. Just when the abused Akers is about to scream, The Warden shoves his tongue down the young cub's throat. As Parker removes his lips from his prisoner's mouth, he slides his hand down to the captive cop's cock and says, "Soon your will shall be your Master's will. Then you will want to stay here and serve me. In fact, you'll both be so happy to be my cop slaves, you will never want to leave!"

Brett balks, "No way, Warden!"

"You'll see! First, I will milk you, then I will mold you!," Parker tells him as he starts massaging the manhood of the uncooperative cub. The Warden keeps stroking faster and faster until Brett's whole body starts to quiver uncontrollably, especially the policemen's pulsating pecker. As the blood races to his hardened dick, the captive cop can no longer contain his excitement. A dribble of pre-cum spurts out of his cockhead as an aroused Akers releases a sigh of immense pleasure.

The Warden asks, "Enjoying yourself?"

All Akers can do is moan, "Ahhhhhh ... oooohhhhhh ... "

"That's right, you horny little bastard! Cum, boy! Surrender to your Master," The Warden insists.

Suddenly, Akers' erection erupts, shooting its seed right into Parker's palm. The Warden squeezes out every last drop, then licks his fingers as an exhausted Akers' head droops to the floor.

The Warden gloats, "Feels real good, doesn't it, Akers? You see, my boy, serving your Master can be soooo satisfying! I think you're going to like being my slave!"

Still looking down at the ground groaning, Akers softly stammers, " ... Ahhhhh ... y-y-y ... y-y-your ... s-s-s ... s-s-slave ... Oooohh ... "

Matthews mocks the masked stranger, "So you jerked him off, you jerk! Big deal! Are you our Master or our masterbater? Is that all you intend to do us, you pervert? Make us cum until we crack?"

"I'll make you eat those words!," The Warden screams as he sticks his sticky fingers, covered with Akers' cum, in Matthews' mouth, "Here's just a taste of what I have planned for you. Soon you will 'cum' to respect my authority just like you partner here."

Matthews tries to voice his anger but The Warden forces him to swallow his partner's semen instead.

"Didn't your mother tell you it isn't polite to talk with your mouth full, my disobedient officer? Boy, you sure were thirsty! Maybe, instead of wasting your time pounding the beat, you should have been beating off your partner," Parker says as he takes his hand out of Matthews' mouth.

infuriated, Matthews screams, "I'm gonna beat youuurrrggghhh ... "

Before Matthews can say another word, The Warden retaliates, hitting his hostile prisoner hard in the groin. As Matthews cries out in pain, The Warden disciplines him further, shoving his entire fist down his throat.

The Warden taunts his still-stubborn police prisoner, "Well, if you wanted more, all you had to do is ask, my cum-hungry cop. Your partner's ready to be milked again. Isn't that right, Akers?"

As he hears The Warden speak his name, Akers slowly lifts his head. A look of complete contentment has come over the captive cub's face. His wide eyes are dilated and unblinking, staring directly at his captor. He appears to be spellbound, like The Warden has him in some kind of a trance. Suddenly, the awestruck Akers opens his drooling lips and starts to beg, "M-m-m ... M-M-M ... MMMORE! ... M-m-m ... mmmilk ... m-m-m ... mmme ... s-s-s ... sssome ... M-M-M ... MMMORE, ... M-A-A ... MASTER!"

The Warden revels in his victory, "As you can tell, I certainly have had a profound influence on your partner. Perhaps you would like to experience my powers of persuasion for yourself. Just get a 'load' of this, slave!"

Parker reaches down and starts fondling the prisoner's limp penis until it becomes fully erect. The Warden keeps a firm grip on Matthews' manhood, sliding his hand, already moistened from the mixture of Matthews' saliva, Akers' cum and his own sweat, up and down his shaft, aggressively stroking his next victim into submission. The captive cop can't help but be turned-on by his would-be Master's manly touch.

"You're not protesting now, are you, my cocky cop?," The Warden points out, as he pumps the policemen into compliance.

Matthews is so stimulated, he can't even form words. He just hangs there, whimpering with approval. The pleasurable sensations he's feeling are unlike any he has ever felt before. His muscles tighten, his manhood twitches as his eyes roll to the back of his head and his body starts to spasm.

The Warden goads his vulnerable victim, "You have always wanted to be dominated, haven't you, tough guy?"

Ted tries to talk but the only thing he can say is "Aaaaahhhhhh!"

As Matthews falls under his seductive spell, The Warden takes full advantage of his highly suggestible state of mind, "You're just a boy in need of an authority figure! A confused cop looking for leadership! A lost soul looking for guidance! A SLAVE IN SEARCH OF HIS MASTER! ADMIT IT!"

Succumbing to his assailant's sexually manipulative methods, a much more manageable Matthews answers accordingly, "Ooooohhh ... yyyesssssss ... "

The captor corrects his now-corruptible captive, "YES, SIR!"

The no-longer resistant recruit respectfully responds, "Y-Y-Y ... YYYESS, ... S-S-S ... SSSIRRR!"

The wicked Warden keeps luring his lustful fly into his erotic web, "There's a void deep inside of you. A gaping hole that can only be filled by one man. The man that you have been waiting for. A man that will give meaning to your wretched, worthless existence. That man is your Master, isn't he?"

"YYYYESSS, ... SSSSIRRR!," Matthews repeats himself, this time with even more conviction.

"All your life, you have been a slave longing for a Master. A slave like you needs to serve his Master or he will never truly be fulfilled. NOW FEEL THE SATISFACTION THAT CAN ONLY 'CUM' FROM SERVING YOUR TRUE MASTER!," The Warden announces as he drains the pre-cum from his throbbing dick.

Coming even closer to climaxing, Matthews coos, " ... OOOOHHH, ... YYYESSS, ... SSSSIRRR ... !"

Knowing he has him literally in the palm of his hands, Parker proclaims, "At last, you have finally found the man you were meant to serve! FOR I AM YOUR MASTER, MATTHEWS. AND NOW YOU ARE MY SLAVE!"

By this time, Matthews is experiencing such ecstasy, he would say whatever it takes just so long as The Warden brings him to orgasm, so he agrees, "IIIIIII ... AAAMMMM ... YYYYYOOOUUURRR ...SSSSLAAAVEEE, ... MMMMAAAASTER! ... "

If Matthews had been in the right frame of mind, he'd have surely known better than to believe anything his captor tells him. And, under normal circumstances, Matthews would have used better judgment and never even considered making such a statement. But, in his highly-volatile condition, hearing himself say The Warden's words in his own voice convinces Matthews that what he's said must be true. The confused cop's coerced confession continues to echo inside his head, totally obliterating any objections he once had to his imposed enslavement, until it becomes the only remaining thought left in his beleaguer brain. Raped of his independence, Matthews stares directly at his Master with total adoration, ready to accept the new life that was forced upon him.

The Warden, realizing that he has won, give his latest victim his first command, "I order you to cum, my newly-converted cop slave!"

Obliged to obey, Matthews' manjuices immediately pour out his pissslit right into the hands of the waiting Warden. Once he has given in to these induced desires, the insidious sexual stage of his seduction is over. Serving his sexy enslaver gives the subjugated sex slave a false sense of fulfillment. A look of serenity comes over his face, completely mesmerized by the magnificence of his new Master

The Master samples the spellbound slave's secretions, then smears the rest of his cum in Matthews' face as he boasts, "See? You weren't such a hard nut to crack. Now you know what a joy it is to serve your Master."

As Matthews moans with delight, he mutters, " ... Ssserve ... mmmy ... Mmmaster!"

"Your sexual servitude is now assured. From this moment on, only one man can satisfy the two of you and that is your Master! But with pleasure comes pain."

Cop Slave Evans walks over and hands his Master a whip. Still tied to their crosses, the captivated captives watch The Warden in suspense. Enthralled by their enslaver, their eyes follow his every movement, wondering what he has in store for them next.

As he snaps his whip, Parker informs his still-restrained recruits, "Your enslavement is not complete. You may lust for your Master but you cop slaves will be expected to do far more than service me sexually. It will also be your duty to obey my criminal commands! Therefore, to prepare you for these diabolical duties, you must be thoroughly retrained! Once I have conditioned you to commit these crimes, then you will be officially reassigned to my perverse police department!"

Parker finishes his speech, then proceeds to flog the captive cops with all his might. As each lash becomes more intense than the last, the tortured twosome scream louder and louder as the pain gets far too excruciating to endure. Showing them no mercy, The Warden continues to punish the police prisoners, no matter how much they beg for him to stop. Finally both Matthews and Akers collapse into a state of semi-conscienceness. The Warden, realizing the duo have been disciplined enough (for the time being, at least), finally relents and hands the whip back to Cop Slave Evans.

Parker explains, "These Policemen have paid dearly for their past mistakes. But their suffering is not over yet. Soon I will start the second stage of their enslavement. The mental anguish they are about to experience will be even greater than the physical torment they have just endured. By the time I'm through torturing them, these once-honorable officers will become my sex-crazed criminally-minded cop slaves!"

As the restrained recruits are left hanging there in agony, Parker is busy preparing the lab for the final phase of their programming.

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