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To Protect And Serve
Chapter 6 - Police Brutality
By Boyd Wunder

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By nightfall, the strange disappearances of Officers Akers and Matthews is on the front page of every paper in town and the lead story on all the local evening news broadcasts. As word leaks out that two more of Metro City's Finest are missing, panic starts to spread throughout the entire metropolitan area.

Commissioner Jack Radcliffe, along with Captain Mickey Squires, hold a press conference to try to answer the media's questions and calm the citizens of Metro City but, unfortunately, they have very little to report. Their investigation has yet to uncover any more information regarding the cops' whereabouts. It would appear as though Officer Akers and Matthews, like Officers Banes and Evans before them, have just vanished into thin air!

Since there are no leads to go on, rumors are running rampant throughout the entire police force that there might be a cop killer on the loose. This has every member of The Metro City Police Squad on edge, fearful that they might be targeted next. Some cops are even calling in sick, prepared to sit it out until they feel it is safe for them to return to work, meaning less policemen are out on patrol. As news of this reported "blue flu" hits the streets, Metro City soon finds itself in the midst of a crime wave, making the overworked officers' jobs (that is, those that actually did show up for duty) all the more difficult.

Morale hasn't been this low since a corruption scandal within the department made headlines a few years back, when the previous Police Commissioner and a number of crooked cops were charged and, subsequently, convicted of such serious offenses as drug dealing, taking bribes, extortion, excessive force, numerous false arrests, illegally incarcerating those who could incriminate them, even committing murder to cover up their wrongdoings. But that was then, this is now!

Meanwhile, sometime later that evening, Officers Akers and Matthews, still stripped of their uniforms and tied up to a couple of St. Andrews crosses, are rudely awakened by The Warden's roving hands as he feels up the battered and beaten bodies of his virile but vulnerable victims. Now that the imprisoned policemen are starting to regain consciousness, Parker can proceed with the next step of his diabolical plan.

As Akers and Matthews just hang there, still reeling from the whipping they received earlier, The Warden signals for Cop Slave Banes to hand him a pair of needles filled with a strange cum-like substance. He walks behind the captive cops and injects another dose of the mind drug directly into the base of their skulls. The mentally-corrosive chemicals instantly take effect as the restrained recipients start to spasm uncontrollably, then become totally lifeless, appearing to be in a zombie-like state. Their eyes remain open, so they are aware of everything that is taking place around them but helpless to stop what The Warden has in store for them next. After he administers their injections, Parker attaches some electrodes to the right side of their skulls and places a set of headphones over both of their ears.

Once that's accomplished, The Warden stops and stares at his sexy subjects, knowing soon these hot cops will be his to command. In fact, this cold-hearted captor is standing so close to his prisoners, he can feel their hot breath against his face as they struggle to breathe. Pressed against their rippling chests, both covered with sweat, the wicked Warden slides his hands down their taunt abdomens and takes hold of the imprisoned policemen's penises. His manly touch makes the captive cops so excited, the blood immediately races to their groins, causing their once-flacid cocks to become instantly erect. The vile villain starts stroking their stiff dicks until his victims are moaning with desire.

"I know you want to make love to me, don't you, my sex-crazed captives?" The Master teases his horny hostages, "Well, Officers Akers and Matthews, your lust for me will be your downfall! Now that I control your cocks, I should have no problem reprogramming your minds. Once you pigs are completely under my power, you two shall be my slaves. Then you cocky cops will become my obedient officers once again!"

Their cruel captor steps away from his captive cops to the wall on the opposite side of the room and flicks a switch. Suddenly, it goes completely dark except for one sole spotlight pointed at the police prisoners, shining against their already sweaty skin. Then, two laser guns drop down from the ceiling, hanging over The Warden's head, aimed directly at their intended targets. Parker pushes a button and they shoot a couple of green fluorescent beams of light right in the center of the cops' foreheads. As the burning hot rays rip their way into their very skulls, the immense pain they're feeling soon becomes unbearable. Their moans of pleasure are now just loud ear-piercing screams of torture as the laserized lobotomies quickly turns their minds to mush, reshaping their very wills in the process. After these mental alterations are complete, The Warden will be able to mold his subjects like two living lumps of clay (that is if the effects of the radiation doesn't kill them first).

Unfazed by his victims' bone-chilling cries of agony, Parker presses another button and a large television monitor slowly lowers from the ceiling until it is facing the punished policemen. The Warden states, "Akers and Matthews, I'm sure you remember all those boring training videos they used to show you when you first entered the police academy. Well, this is one training film I'm sure you will never forget! Observe!"

A swirling spiral suddenly appears on the monitor that proves to be impossible to resist. Now that the prisoners are under its hypnotic spell, the pain they're going through suddenly seems less severe. The spellbound subjects become totally still and silent as they find themselves slipping deeper and deeper into a trance. Meanwhile, the dreaded laser beams continues to drill a hole right through the center of their brains, completely annihilatng any memories in its path. As their thoughts turn to dust, the lives they once knew will soon be forgotten.

A videotape of The Warden with his mind controlled cop slaves Banes and Evans gradually appears on screen as the seductive swirl slowly fades into the background. In the training film, the previously reprogrammed policemen, wearing nothing but choke chains and dog collars, are kneeling at their Master's feet, ravenously worshipping the naked body of their sexy enslaver. The Warden doesn't even have his mask on, revealing his true identity to the captive cops for the first time. Both Akers and Matthews recognized his face immediately. This disturbing revelation causes the police prisoners to stir for a brief second but the mind drug makes certain that their resistance is short lived.

After that momentary display of independence, the mesmerizing spiral quickly has the imprisoned policemen under its seductive spell once again. The increasingly violent video currently playing on the television screen shows the wicked Warden physically abusing his cop slaves as he brutally beats them into submission, forcing them to satisfy his seemingly insatiable lust. The cooperative cop slaves respectfully accept all the abuse they receive, gladly giving in to his hedonistic demands. Through the headphones, the captive cops can hear their fellow officers crying out both in agony and ecstasy, begging to be abused some more. These sado-masochistic images may be too upsetting to watch at times but, unable to look away or even blink, Akers and Matthews must keep their eyes focused on the monitor. By the time are done watching this trance-inducing training film, these spellbound subjects will be willing to sexually submit to this sadistic slavedriver's every whim, just like the cop slaves they are observing.

Akers and Matthews just stare at the screen, with blank expressions on their faces, while a series of odd musical notes, purposely arranged to readjust their thought patterns, are pumped through the headphones. Within the high frequency sound waves, The Warden's voice repeatedly chants, " ... He is your Master ... You are his slave ... He commands you ... You must obey ... ". The captive cops' cocks start to throb the moment they hear their Master speak, compelling them to listen. As these sinister subliminals are continuously pounded into their heads, the entranced trainees, unable to think for themselves anymore, are forced to accept the Warden's words as their own.

After a few repetitions, the captive cops quickly find themselves repeating the words, softly whispering what they are told. It isn't long until the spellbound subjects are reciting this hypnotic chant out loud, " ... He is my Master ... I am his slave ... He commands me ... I must obey ... ". Soon they are thoroughly convinced that what they're saying must be the truth.

Suddenly the senseless brutality they are watching on the screen seems less shocking. With the help of the spellbinding spiral hidden within the perversely pleasurable programming and the mind-numbing chant playing continuously in their headphones, the spellbound subjects are becoming more and more aroused by the abuse they are witnessing. Normally, Akers and Matthews would be turned-off by such acts of viciousness but, for some reason, seeing this sexually depraved slavedriver disciplining his masochistic man-slaves is making them both extremely horny.

As the blood rushes to their pulsating penises, the Warden, watching their responses, notices that the captivated captives' cocks have become completely erect again. The sight of their swollen mantools twitching and throbbing in excitement makes him hard as well.

Meanwhile, at Akers' and Matthews' old precinct, Detective Tom Katt, an extremely muscular guy with a big hairy chest, black hair, goatee, and dark eyes, comes into Captain Squires' office demanding to know what the investigation has turned up so far.

Katt shouts, "Alright, Captain! I want the facts! What have your men been able to find out about the missing cops?"

Squires snaps back, "Look, Katt! I know you're upset but you have no right barging in here making demands!"

Katt softens his tone, "Sorry, Captain. It's just that Matthews was my partner and ... "

Squires comes over and puts his hand on Katt's shoulder, "I'm aware that Officer Matthews is your best friend. But we're all doing the best that we can. You must be patient."

"Have they found any clues yet?," Katt asks.

"Nothing concrete but we are checking out a few leads," Squires tells him.

"Meanwhile, Matthews may already be dead. Well, I'm not going to sit back and do nothing!," Katt informs the Captain.

"I'm warning you, Katt. Stay out of this. Let the investigators do their job," Squires cautions him.

Katt decides to take some action, "You can't tell me what to do when I'm off-duty. If you're not putting me on the case, I'll conduct an investigation of my own! I'm taking my vacation time, starting today!"

"You can't do that, Katt!," Squires officially states.

"Just try and stop me!," A hot-headed Katt says as he storms out of the office.

Squires sighs to himself, "That's just what I need. A renegade cop who thinks he's Superman or something. He's gonna find himself in deep trouble!"

While Katt goes out in search of his former partner Matthews, back in the dungeon, The Warden continues to reprogram his friend and his fellow officer Akers. Monitoring his now-receptive recruits' reactions to the extremely violent video, the readouts seem to indicate that they are actually responding quite favorably to what they are seeing on screen. So their evil enslaver decides to change the audio cassette.

Suddenly, a new series of subliminals are pumped into the mind-altering muzak coming out of their headphones. While the first instructional tape robbed them of their free will thus preparing them for their impending servitude, the second set of instructions are designed to drastically distort their perceptions of love and intimacy, thereby transforming them into a couple of sexual deviants in the process.

The new conditioning cassette starts chanting, "PAIN ... IS ... PLEASURE! ... PLEASURE ... IS ... PAIN! ... SEX IS VIOLENCE ... VIOLENCE IS SEX ... ." As the Warden's wicked words repeatedly ring in their ears, the spellbound subjects soon find themselves saying them aloud. Their minds quickly absorb their Master's mesmerizing messages of masochism like a dried-up sponge.

Parker's own cock starts to throb when he sees these two hot cops slowly succumbing to his mind control methods. As much as he enjoys capturing and humiliating his prey, The Warden considers this to be the best part. First, the seduction, then the enslavement. As The Warden watches these formerly defiant foes become his agreeable allies right before his very eyes, some pre-cum starts to drizzle out his cockslit.

Rather than beat his meat, The Master turns to Cop Slave Banes and commands, "Get down on your knees and worship your Master."

The brainwashed Banes immediately obeys, dropping to the floor and taking his Master's already-moist manhood in his warm, wet mouth.

Then, Parker shouts, "Give our prisoners a blowjob worthy of your Master, my mind-controlled cocksuckers!"

The two slaves comply to their Master's wishes. Cop Slave Evans buries his face in Officer Akers' crotch while Slaveboy Stone swallows Matthews' manhood. But the prisoners aren't even aware that they are being serviced. Instead, their eyes remain focused on the impressive physique of Parker as it appears onscreen, glistening with sweat, further moistened by the drool of his dutiful love slaves. Meanwhile, the electrodes send a charge directly to the cops' skulls. The shock is so devastating, it has dramatically altered their previous brainwave patterns, making them much more emotionally equipped to handle the despicable new duties The Warden will expect them to perform. Now that their mind-sets have completely changed, the corrupted cops are ready for next stage of their enslavement..

The Warden shuts off the mental conditioning cassette that was playing in their headphones so he can personally issue the next series of commands himself, using a microphone contained inside his leather hood. As the captivated cops see him beating up their buddies on the monitor, Parker speaks directly to them, "Look how far your fellow officers are willing to go to serve their commanding officer. ... As you can see, these cop slaves love to be disciplined by their Master. ... That's because a slave needs discipline!"

Both in awe, Akers and Matthews repeat the last words they're told, "A slave ... needs ... discipline ... "

"Behold their commanding officer! ... So strong, so rugged, so handsome! ... Watch as he disciplines his subservient subordinates. ... Giving them the discipline they both deserve and desire. ... You two eager-to-please policemen would love to be disciplined by such a sexy superior officer, wouldn't you, my cop slaves?," The sinister spellbinder asks his agreeable subjects.

These two normally upright law-enforcement officers give in to their drug-induced desires, "Oh-h-h ... yes-s-s-s ..."

The Warden corrects the corrupted cops, "YES, SIR!"

The receptive recruits respectfully reply, "YES, ... SIR!"



"Well, that sexy superior officer you can't take your eyes off of is ME! And soon you will be serving under me just like the cop slaves you've been observing! All you have to do is listen to your commanding officer and then follow my instructions! Now repeat after me! I WANT YOU TO DISCIPLINE ME, SIR!"


Amused by the readiness of their responses, The Warden snickers sinisterly before he says to his highly-suggestible subjects, "That's right! Just obey my orders! For I am your commanding officer. And now that you two are my cop slaves, I, your Master, will give the discipline you both desire. After all, you know that you deserve to be disciplined, don't you, my slaves?"

Now completely under his sadistic spell, both Akers and Matthews agree, "I deserved ... to be ... disciplined, ... Master!"

The wicked Warden immediately notices their willingness to referred to themselves as slaves, so he continues with their enslavement as he informs his reprogrammable proteges, "A slave derives a great deal of pleasure from the pain his Master inflicts upon him."

The programmable policemen immediately process the information their Master has given them as fact and follow their instructions, "I shall derive ... a great deal ... of pleasure ... from the pain ... my Master inflicts ... upon me!"

"You like to be punished, isn't that right, slaves?"

"I like ... to be ... punished, ... Master!"

"In fact, the more severe the punishment, the more you will enjoy it!"

"The more ... severe ... the punishment, ... the more ... I will ... enjoy it!,"

"So, since you have just admitted to yourselves that you enjoy being abused by your Master, you will allow me to abuse you anytime I want in whatever way I choose, won't you, my submissive subordinates?," The wicked Warden inquires, knowing exactly how they will respond.

"I will ... allow you ... to abuse me ... anytime ... you want ... in ... whatever way ... you choose, ... Master!," The cooperative cops confirm.

"That's right, my obedient underlings. In fact, you won't even try to defend yourselves. Instead of resisting him, you will accept all of his abuse without question!"

"I will ... accept ... all of ... his abuse ... without question, ... Master!"

Well aware that they have fallen for his manipulative mind games, The Warden continues to lead his lovesick subjects astray, "Excellent, my masochistic minions! ... Now tell me again, only this time when you hear your own voices say the words, you will know them to be true. ... After all, you would never lie to yourself or to your Master, would you, slaves?"

Matthews echoes his enslaver's sentiments, "Hear my own voice ... say the words ... I will know ... they are ... true ..."

Akers reiterates, "I would never ... lie to myself ... or to ... my Master ... "

"Well then, you both know that you want to be abused by your Master, my slaves! ... NOW SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT! ... I WANT YOU TO ABUSE ME, SIR!, " The Warden commands.

The duty-bound duo do as they're told, "I WANT YOU ... TO ABUSE ME, ... MASTER! ..."

Parker demands more of his prisoners, "That will never do, boys! ... I want you to say it again, this time with conviction! ... 'PLEASE ABUSE ME, SIR!' ... "

As programmed, Matthews pleads, "PPPPLEASEEE ... ABUSE ME, ... SIR! ... WHIP ME ... INTO SHAPE, ... SIRE! ... HIT ME! ... HURT ME! ... POUND ... MY ASS ... TIL IT BLEEDS, ... MASTER!"

At the same time, Akers concedes as well, "PPPLEASE ... ABUSE ME ... TOO, ... SIR! ... I BEG ... OF YOU, ... SIR! ... BEAT ME! ... FIST ME! ... FUCK ME ... HARD, ... MASTER!!! ..."

As soon as the words leave their lips, the spellbound subjects hear their coerced confessions playing repeatedly in their headphones. After listening to their own voices begging to be abused over and over again, both Akers and Matthews are forced to believe everything they have said and heard is true. Now the "truth" can no longer be denied. Seeing this sadistic slavedriver sexually and physically abuse their fellow cop slaves in the video is making them hornier than they have ever felt in their whole lives. These feelings are so intense, they must be real. Suddenly, a smile come across both their lips as they watch this vengeful villain torture their fellow officers, knowing they will be receiving their punishment next.

The Warden commends them for their complete cooperation, "VERY GOOD, BOYS! ... I shall be happy to abuse you both once you have completed the retraining program!"

A gleam of excitement come over the cops' faces, anxiously awaiting what's to come.

Observing their reactions, The Warden proceeds with their enslavement, "Now pay close attention to the monitor, slaves!"

At that instant, the monitor shows the previously brainwashed cop slaves urgently servicing the cock of their Master. While they eagerly watch, they smack their lips and start to drool.

The Warden continues, "Observe your new duties, officers. ... A slave should worship his Master! ... Repeat!"

The slobber drips down their chins as they open their mouths and say, "A slave ... should worship ... his Master!"

"A slave is always willing to satisfy his Master's every desire!"

"I am ... always willing ... to ... satisfy ... my Master's ... every desire ..."

"A slave exists only to please his Master!"

"I exist ... only ... to please ... my Master ... "

As the paralyzed policemen watch the cop slaves worshipping their Master's manhood on the monitor, they remain unaware that their own throbbing cocks are still being serviced by The Warden's cocksucking slaves, leading the spellbound subjects to come to the misguided conclusion that servicing their sexy enslaver will give them with the same kind of pleasure that they are currently experiencing. Once the connection is made in their drug-altered minds, both Akers and Matthews would do just about anything to worship The Warden's big thick dick. As the monitor zooms in for a close-up of their Master's cock, The Warden commands, "Study your Master's cock. ... See how eager your fellow cops are to serve their Master's cock. ... That's because they are both slaves to my cock. ... You will be my cock slaves as well. ... You are enslaved by my cock! ... Say it!"

Hungry for The Warden's rod, Akers and Matthews readily repeat the words without hesitation, "I am enslaved ... by your cock, ... Master!"

"You must serve the cock that has made you its slave!"

"I must ... serve ... the cock ... that has ... made me ... its slave, ... Sir."

"You are in love with my cock!"

"I AM ... IN LOOOOVE ... YOUR ... COCK, ... MASTER!," The spellbound subjects shout out as they stare at his magnificent manhood, appearing larger than life up on the monitor. As the video shows the Master sticking his dick into Cop Slave Evans' accommodating ass, The Warden intends to turn both his victims into bottoms, "You must accept the cock that has you enslaved!"

"I must accept ... the cock ... that has me ... enslaved, ... Master!," The captive cops concede as their cocks remain rock-hard at the thought of bottoming for their new Master.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you, my submissive slaves?"


"You need to feel me inside of you, my obedient bottom boys!"


Their eyes remain glued to the television monitor as they watch The Warden sliding his stiff dick in and out of the obedient Banes' butt. Soon their own assholes are spread wide open in anticipation, hoping to be fucked by this hypnotic hunk's huge hard-on as well. After a few repeated viewings, the newly-brainwashed bottoms are completely ready and willing to take their Master's cock up their asses.

As they reach the final phase of their programming, the trance-inducting training film repeatedly shows The Warden shooting his wad all over the adoring faces of his cocksucking cop slaves, who anxiously lick up their reward for a job well done. Akers and Matthews can hardly contain their excitement when they see the cum pouring out of the cock that has them enslaved. As Akers and Matthews wet their lips, wanting to taste their new Master's manly load for themselves, their rock-hard erections unexpectedly ooze out a little bit of their salty contents, spurting directly into the already-moistened mouths of both Evans and Stone, who are giving them both the best blow-jobs they ever had.

Up on the monitor, in between each cum-splattering climax, are brief snippets of various crimes, such as rape, robbery, even murder, subtly and strategically placed within the video. They rush by so quickly, Akers and Matthews don't even seem to notice them. But, as these sinister subliminal messages start appearing on screen much longer and far more frequently, the spellbound subjects soon can't help but be aware that they're there. At first, the captive cops find them distracting, even unsettling but, before long, these increasingly violent images are showing up so often, they are no longer bothered by them. Within a matter of minutes, these once-honorable officers are almost as turned-on by these criminal acts as they already are by gay sex.

The Warden tells his hypnotized trainees, "A slave will do anything to please his Master."

The corrupted captives are already convinced, "I will do ... anything ... to please ... my Master!"

"A good slave would gladly break the law for his Master."

"I would gladly ... break ... the law ... for ... my Master!"

"A true slave is totally prepared to commit any crime his Master commands of him!"

"I am ... totally prepared ... to commit ... any crime ... my Master ... commands ... of me!"

Now that they've both been brainwashed into committing these crimes themselves, Akers and Matthews are fully programmed to perform their criminal duties. The demented look on their faces prove these newly-reconditioned cop slaves have become just as evil as their enslaver.

The Warden knows that Akers and Matthews must achieve orgasm before he is through brainwashing them. That's because if the entranced trainees do not ejaculate during the enslavement process, the effects will wear off the moment their Master forces them to confront someone they really care about. But if he makes his spellbound subjects cum by the time he has finished reprogramming them, he will possess their love forever and they will want to remain his devoted slaves for as long as they shall live.

Realizing his latest victims are waiting to pop their loads, Parker proclaims, "You must prove that you are truly worthy of being my slaves. ... A slave has to show his Master his love and respect. ... When I order you to cum, you shall shoot those big guns of yours just for me. ... Then you will be mine to command for all eternity. ... Are you ready, boys?"

Trying to hold back the cum aching to be released, Akers urgently agrees, "I am ... ready to ... show you ... my love ... and respect, ... Master!"

Unable to keep his cock in check much longer, Matthews must concur, "When you ... order me ... to cum, ... I will shoot ... my big gun ... just for you, ... Sir!"


As Evans and Stone needlessly assist Akers and Matthews by jerking them off, the newly reprogrammed recruits respectfully follow their Master's orders and cock, aim, and shoot! The Warden watches as their manly fluids flow from their dicks, dripping into Evans' and Stone's clenched hands, slowly streaming its way down their thick forearms. As the previously reconditioned cocksuckers totally ring their cum-soaked cocks dry, The Warden knows they're his at last!

After Akers and Matthews cum, they experience a severe shock from the electrode purposely located near the brain. Both their mouths drop open as if what little remains of their old selves tries to scream out in horror but not a sound is heard. Then, once the laser shuts off, the pupils of their eyes fade to gray, further proof that these once-stubborn subjects have become a couple of mindless zombie.

Knowing he has two more Metro City Policemen under his power, Parker creams inside the mouth of his cum-hungry cop slave. Banes eagerly swallows his evil enslaver's sperm, devouring every last drop.

Now that he's achieved his sinister goal, The Warden decides to reward to assistants, "Thank you for your help, my faithful servants. Slaves, as always, your services proved to be invaluable. You horny bastards may relieve those swollen cocks of yours now before they burst!"

Banes, Evans and Stone finally release their own pent-up loads, satisfied with the knowledge they helped The Warden recruit a couple more cop slaves into his puppetized police department. All three bow at their Master's feet to express their appreciation. In return, the wicked Warden pats them on head for a job well done.

"Very good, my lustful lackeys. Cop Slaves Banes and Evans, it's time for your next assignment. Now get dressed and head to the Metro City Motor Lodge!," The Warden issues his commands.

"Yes, ... Master!," the brainwashed Banes and Evans respectfully say as they leave the room to perform the mysterious task they were previously given.

The Warden turns off the monitor, walks over to his newly created cop slaves, looks directly into their blank faces, void of any expression and says, "From this day forward, I am your Master. Repeat!"

As programmed, Akers and Matthews must obey, "From this day forward, ... you are ... my Master."

"You are no longer a member of The Metro City Police Force. You are now my cop slaves. Repeat!"

"I am ... no longer ... a member of ... The Metro City ... Police Force. ... I am now ... your cop slave, ... Master."

"You are sworn to protect and serve only me. Repeat!"

"I am ... sworn to ... protect and serve ... only you, ... Master."

"You will do as I command, my obedient officers. Repeat!"

"I will do ... as you command, ... Master."

"It is your duty to enforce my will on the citizens of Metro City. Repeat!"

"My duty is ... to enforce your will ... on the citizens ... of Metro City, ... Master."

The Warden grins with fiendish delight at his latest cop creations, "Your compliance pleases me, my obedient officers! But then, you have always followed orders quite well, haven't you, men? It will be a pleasure to have you serve under me once again. I herby accept your requests to transfer to my perverse police precinct. Welcome to my sinister squadron of cop slaves, Akers and Matthews!"

Matthews, sounding more like a machine than a man, states his gratitude, "Thank you ... for allowing me ... another opportunity ... to serve ... under you, ... Sir. "

Almost as if he were a robot, Akers reaffirms his loyalty, "It is ... an honor ... and a privilege ... to have you ... as my ... commanding officer ... once again, ... Master."

Master Parker is quite pleased with their responses, "Why I think you new recruits are ready for your first assignment. Help me free my latest cop slaves from their restraints, boy!"

Slaveboy Stone starts to remove the ropes around Akers and Matthews' legs as The Warden unties their wrists.

Akers and Matthews stand at attention, awaiting their commanding officer's orders. In fact, they're so eager to serve their new Master, their cocks are already hard again, standing at attention as well, both ready for duty.

Staring down at their rock-hard erections, their Master marvels at their firmness, reveling in the fact that now they belong to him. Then the wanton Warden grabs hold of their hard-ons and informs his sexy subordinates, "My horny hot cops, have I got an assignment for you!"

Parker passionately kisses both of his newest sex slaves, then leads them out of the room by their throbbing mantools. Akers and Matthews follow along like a couple of lovesick puppies, totally prepared to perform any task their new Master gives them.

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