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To Protect And Serve
Chapter 7 - The Set Up
By Boyd Wunder

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Just before the break of dawn, the precinct receives a call from someone staying at the Metro City Motor Lodge, claiming they saw a couple of a strange men all dressed in leather lurking around the hotel. Normally this might seem a bit unusual but not in this neighborhood. After all, male prostitutes are known to hang out on that block all the time. But since this was the place where Officers Banes and Evans were last seen before they disappeared, some patrolmen are dispatched to the motel to check it out, more as a precautionary measure than an actual threat.

Since they were already assigned to the case of the missing cops, Officers Duke Miller, a big brown haired bodybuilder type with rugged good looks, and Nick Lord, a young rookie who's just as huge and handsome as his partner but with much darker features, go to the motel to get the facts. Based on the caller's descriptions, the cops assume the men in question are a couple of hustlers in kinky garb working the street. Thinking it's just another false alarm, the policemen say they will keep a look-out for these suspicious characters. As they leave the hotel room and start walking towards the parking lot to return to their patrol car, they notice that a big black van is now parked beside them. Just then, they hear an odd but familiar voice calling out to them, "Hold it ... right there! ... You pigs ... are ... under arrest!"

Lord and Miller are shocked to see Banes and Evans, both wearing a chest harness and a pair of skin-tight leather shorts, standing next to the van.

Miller is startled but still relieved to find out his fellow officers are alright, "Evans? Banes? Where the Hell have you been?"

"And why are you dressed like that?," Lord asks.

"Silence, ... Pigs! ... Just shut up ... and surrender! ... We're taking ... you in! ... ," Banes shouts with his fists clenched, preparing to attack his unsuspecting targets

When Banes and Evans lunge towards them, Lord and Miller suddenly realize this is no joke. They try to fight off their attackers but are quickly subdued. With an evil expression on his face, Evans forces Miller's hands behind his back and slaps a pair of handcuffs around his wrist. After he has restrained his prisoner, Evans injects a needle filled with The Warden's sinister secret formula directly into the base of his skull, then drags the immobilized musclemen into the van.

Banes is having a much harder time capturing his pray. So Evans sneaks up behind Lord and jabs him in the back of the neck with a syringe containing the debilitating mind drug. Lord tries to scream but not a sound is heard. Instead he finds that he is unable to move at all. A horrified look comes over Lord's face as the corruptive chemicals turn this vital young rookie into a lifeless statue. Banes shoves the captive cop inside the vehicle, then jumps in the back of the van and slams the door. Evans gets in the driver seat and speeds away from the dimly-lit parking lot as the corrupt cops haul their prisoners back to their new Master.

Meanwhile, as the sun rises, a pretty-boy anchorman announces on the air, "Hello and welcome to the "Good Morning Metro City" show. Today's top story continues to be the mysterious disappearances of four Metro City Police Officers. While investigators search for clues, all of Metro City is wondering where could they be? Are they still alive? And, if so, why haven't they or their alleged abductors tried to contact the authorities? It's almost as if they don't want to be found. As the mystery deepens, we go to our reporter on the scene ... "

Just then, Matthews' former partner, Tom Katt, an extremely muscular guy with a big hairy chest, black hair and goatee, throws his coffee mug at the television set. Slamming his fist on the kitchen table, Katt shouts back to the TV, "God damn fucking media! They don't know what they're talking about! Ted needs my help! Someone is holding him and the others against their will and I'm gonna prove it! I won't rest until I've found Matthews!"

Katt grabs his jacket and flies out the door of his apartment, determined to learn the truth and save his former partner before it's too late. But he has no idea who or what he is up against. Nor could he possibly fathom what has already happened to this missing cop in the past 24 hours. He's about to discover that Ted Matthews is no longer the man he used to know. And, as he'll soon find out, his friend doesn't even want to be found. He'd rather remain right where he is. As a matter of fact, his brainwashed buddy will do anything to stay with the man he now loves - even turn on an old pal!

As Katt searches for his friend, at this very moment, Matthews and his current partner Akers are trapped in a dungeon located within The Warden's secret hideaway, which has now become their home. It's a frightening place, filled with all sorts of bondage and enslavement equipment, from primitive torture devices, such as medieval racks, stocks and wooden crosses, to the latest methods of mind control, including the most technologically advanced brainwashing techniques. There's even a laboratory with an operating room, where Parker performs experimental brain surgery on his more stubborn patients.

The room is completely dark except for some pulsating strobe lights which are flashing and flickering all around them. Hanging on the walls are a wide variety of whirling, spinning spirals in various hypnotic patterns. Suspended from the ceiling are numerous shackles and wrist restraints to keep his prisoners from escaping. Down the corridor is a long prison cell, divided into smaller units, one of which is to be Akers' and Matthews' newly-assigned sleeping quarters (that is on those evenings when they are not the lucky slave chosen by their Master to spend the night alone with him in his private chambers, of course). Separated by iron bars, each of these sparely decorated tiny cubicles have a couple of mats on floor for his slaves to sleep on and two ceramic bowls, one for their food, the other is to piss and take a shit in. No one would ever believe that these cops could actually consider staying here but, judging from the contented looks on their faces, they really don't seem to mind their new surroundings. In fact, whether they've been forced to live under these dreadful conditions or not, those humongous hard-ons bulging out between their legs leave no doubt that they are quite happy to be here.

As Akers and Matthews bow before their new Master on the cold hard floor of their wretched new residence, their naked bodies are completely covered with welts and bruises. But these obedient officers wear these marks with pride, proud that they could endure all the discipline this despicable slavedriver could dish out. In fact, these masochistically-minded manslaves can hardly wait for their next training session so their sadistic enslaver to subject them to even more punishment.

Their rear ends may be bright red and whiplashed but that's nothing in comparison to what their assholes have gone through after the ferocious fisting and fucking the wicked Warden just gave them. Totally unaware that their cold-hearted captor was, in fact, raping them, these brainwashed bottoms were more than "willing" to accept the cock that they now must serve, even if it meant taking his entire arm up there first! Following their direct orders, these obedient officers assumed the position, getting down on all fours. Then their commanding officer slid his greasy hands past their anal canals, causing them to squeal like a couple of pigs. Their anuses immediately wrapped around his wide wrists and their rectal walls expanded, then constricted to the curves of his calloused knuckles as he repeatedly rammed his fists deep within their rectums until he could fit his thickly-muscled forearms inside of them all the way to his elbows. By the time he was done pounding them into submission, their newly-stretched sphincters were so sore, but it all seemed worth it when their Master grabbed hold of his manhood and took turns sticking it in each of their asses. As The Warden fucked the beautiful bubble butts of his two new sex toys, the excruciating pain they once felt quickly turned to indescribable pleasure.

Now they're down on their knees, stroking their already-rigid rods while they serve the cock that has them enslaved. Both Akers and Matthews breathe in their Master's masculine aroma as they bury their adoring faces in his crotch and clean up his dirty dick, soiled by the fetal waste of their unwashed asses, with their own drool. His manly scent only makes them want to take every inch of his manhood down their throats. These cocksucking cop slaves ravenously worship The Warden's throbbing hard-on, anxiously awaiting their reward for a job well done. As the pre-cum starts to drizzle out of their pissslits, they can't wait to consume the cum they so desperately crave.

The Warden, pleased with their performance, finally gives his reprogrammed playthings what they thirst for. His lobotomized love slaves lick their lips and open them wide as their sexy enslaver shoots his large load directly into their hungry mouths. The sex-crazed cops relish their reward, savoring the taste of his salty sperm before they swallow it. After they have gulped down the cum from the cock they now love to serve, they lower their heads, desperately looking for more. They notice a few wet spots on the ground and immediately start to wipe the floor with their tongues, making sure they've lapped up every last drop of their Master's manmilk.

Parker proclaims, "Now that you both have been sexually initiated into my sinister squadron, you cocksucking cop slaves have proven yourselves worthy of serving me, your commander in chief! So aren't you glad you were transferred to my perverse precinct, my obedient officers?"

"I love ... to serve ... the cock ... that has ... made me ... its slave, ... Master!," Matthews says as he starts licking The Warden's remaining cum off Akers' chin.

"PLEASE ... let me ... worship ... your incredible cock ... again, ... Sir!," Akers asks as he greedily shoves his tongue in Matthews' mouth, trying to get a taste of what Matthews licked off him.

"Not now, slaves. Our guests are arrived!," the Master tells them.

Just then, Evans and Banes return to The Warden's secret lair with their prisoners in tow. The Warden, wearing an executioner's mask, is please to see his cop slaves had no problem capturing his latest victims.

"Good job, my obedient officers. Now take these fine young specimens down to the lab. Prepare them for their reprogramming," their Master tells them.

"At once, ... Sire!," Evans respectfully responds as he and Banes drag Lord and Miller away to the laboratory.

As The Warden gives Banes and Evans their orders, his newly reconditioned cop slaves Akers and Matthews are both at his side, remaining perfectly still, saluting their new commanding officer like a couple of obedient soldiers. Even their stiff dicks are standing at the attention, waiting to be of service. It's very obvious that they're quite anxious to serve the cock that has made them its slave once more. They want to be fucked again so badly, they're prepared to do anything he commands.

The Warden looks down at his sex-crazed cop slaves' enormous erections and says, "Ready for duty I see, my lustful underlings. You have already performed your sexual duties to my satisfaction. Now let's see how well you handle your other tasks, shall we."

"My only ... desire ... is to ... please you, ... my beloved ... leader!," Matthews readily replies.

Akers agrees, "I will obey ... your every command, ... Master!"

Their Master commends their obedience, "Very good, my cooperative cop slaves! Cop Slave Matthews, I'm expecting a very important visitor very shortly. Your former partner, Officer Tom Katt, will be stopping by for what he believes will be a brief visit. But you shall help me persuade your old pal to stay on here permanently. It will be your duty to do whatever it takes to make sure your foolish friend never leaves!"

Matthews accepts his assignment, "You can ... count on me, ... Sir. ... That pig ... won't make ... it out of ... this place ... alive! ... If he tries ... to escape, ... I will ... k-k-kill him ... for you, ... Master!"

Overlooking his hesitation, The Warden grins with fiendish delight at Matthews' response, "Your loyalty to me is quite touching. But I'm sure there will no need for you to resort to murder just yet. I have some very persuasive methods for you to use on your former friend that will make him much more manageable and easier to enslave. By the time you're through with him, our dear detective will have no choice but to join my evil organization! With your invaluable assistance, the normally headstrong Katt will not only bend to my will, but his allegiance to me and my criminal cause will be assured."

Realizing the importance of his mission, Matthews will stop at nothing to achieve his Master's ultimate goal, "Just tell me ... what you ... want me ... to do ... and leave ... the rest ... to me, ... Commander. ... I'll have Katt ... down on ... his knees ... begging to ... serve you, ... Master!"

"Excellent, Matthews! Now as for your partner here. Akers, I have a very important assignment for you later. Until then, why don't you go join the other cop slaves down in the laboratory and help them restrain our rugged new recruits so I can complete their retraining after I'm through greeting our next guest. You have your orders," The Warden instructs him as he points his finger at the door.

Like an automaton, Akers immediately follows his instructions, "As you command, ... Master!"

As Akers leaves the room, The Warden tells his new police puppet, "Slaveboy Stone will inform us of Katt's arrival. Meanwhile, there is much work to do, Come with me, Matthews."

Matthews follows his Master like a well-train puppy dog.

While The Warden sets his sinister plan into motion, Detective Tom Katt goes to the scene of the crime where his buddy Matthews and his partner mysteriously disappeared to search for clues. He's about to give up when he discovers a trampled piece of paper on the ground just a few feet away from where the missing policemen's patrol car was found. It appears to be a business card. Printed on it are the words "THE MENTAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTE" in big, bold print along with the address but, oddly enough, there's no phone number.

Katt thinks to himself, "The Mental Correctional Institute? Sounds like a funny farm! Perhaps the person who dropped this is also responsible for Matthews' disappearance. Maybe he's a patient who has something against cops or some criminal who, rather than being sent to prison, was shipped to this nuthouse instead. This may be a wild hunch but something is telling me I'd better go check it out."

Katt tries to call ahead first. He manages to get the number from directory assistance but, unfortunately, the line is busy. So he jumps into his car and heads to the location listed on the card. It's about 25 miles outside the city limits in a very secluded, heavily wooded area of the state. In fact, the last signs of civilization was an old warehouse he passed about five miles back. Katt drives down a long winding path, past a tall electronic fence with an open gate and finally reaches a huge building at the end of lane. It looks like a hospital from the outside but there is no noticeable activity on the grounds. In fact, the only other vehicle in the entire parking lot is an old black van parked in the rear. An uneasy feeling comes over as Katt walks up the steps to the front door. The silence is deafening. It almost as if there was not another living soul around.


Spooked by the sound, Katt turns to check where that loud noise came from. The detective notices that the gate is now closed.

Growing increasingly suspicious, Katt says softly to himself, "Maybe there's an electronic sensor that opens the gate when a car approaches and closes it after you've driven through. Either that or someone knows I'm here!"

Katt enters the eerie building and looks around the seemingly deserted lobby. Well aware that Katt would come to investigate, The Warden had already prepared his slaveboy Marc Stone for the detective's anticipated arrival. Dressed in a shirt and tie, the muscleboy comes out of the adjoining office to greet Katt, pretending to be the desk clerk.

"Welcome to ... The Mental ... Correctional Institute. ... May ... I help ... you, ... Sir?", asks The Warden's well-programmed protege.

"I'm Detective Tom Katt, Metro City Police Department. I'd like to ask a few questions about your hospital," he tells the well-rehearsed "receptionist".

Slaveboy Stone inquires in an almost mechanical fashion, "Are you here ... on official business, ... Detective?"

Katt cautiously replies, "I am conducting an investigation. A crime was committed a few days ago and I have reason to believe one of your patients might have been involved. Tell me, has anyone been released or possibly even escaped from your facility in the past few weeks?"

"I'm sorry ... but I am not ... allowed to divulge ... any information ... about the institute, ... its staff ... or our patients. ... But you can ... speak to ... our head ... of operations. ... He might ... be able ... to help you. ... Come with me. ... You can wait ... for him ... in his office," says the slaveboy as he leads the detective down the hall.

Stone shows Katt to the office and tells him to wait inside. After Katt enters, the door slams shut and locks behind him. The lights go out and the entire room goes completely black. All of the sudden, four large glowing spirals of different shades begin spinning around in a hypnotic fashion on each wall. Katt's immediate reaction is to attempt to bust out but he is practically paralyzed by the mesmeric effect of the multi-colored swirls as they rotate faster, grow larger and move closer to their victim, closing in on him like a trapped animal. He falls to his knees and tries to cover his eyes but he is unable to raise his arms. As much as he tries not to, his eyes keep gravitating back to the twirling lights, which makes him light headed and extremely confused.

Just then, the lights flicks on and standing before him is his former partner in a full body harness and spiked lead collar, staring straight forward with no emotion. Next to Matthews is his Master, wearing a leather chest harness and a tight fitting black jock strap. A disoriented Detective Katt is shocked by the sight of his former partner, dressed like a bondage slave. But perhaps even more shocking is the identity of the man who is standing beside him.

Katt says in amazement, "YOU! ... But how ...?"

"Officer Matthews, seize the intruder!", Parker orders his cop slave.

The mind-controlled Matthews obediently pulls the weapon from his buddy's belt and the two struggle until the brainwashed cop, void of compassion for his former partner, emerges victorious. Matthews holds the gun up to the detective's head and forces him into a neck breaker to face his Master. The Warden laughs at his prey and says, "Your reputation for being a hot headed officer with little respect for procedure proceeds you, Detective. But who would know that better than I. After all, you and I have had our run-ins in the past, haven't we? Of course, I knew you would come to me eventually, Thomas. Little did you know it was my plan to capture you all along."

The heroic hot cop, in his weakened state, gasps and says, "I should ... have known ... you were behind ... the disappearances, ... Parker! ... You won't ... get away ... with this, ... you fucking ... bastard!"

The Warden confidently replies, "Of course I will, my dear detective. Now that you're here, I must insist that you stay. After all, no one knows where you are, not even your Captain. And, even if they do eventually find you, it will take them days or maybe even weeks. But, by then, Thomas, you will be so happy in your new home, you'll never want to leave!"

Summoning all his strength, Katt shouts back, "You can't keep me locked up here forever, you Asshole!"

"I won't have to. Your former partner will help me to convince you to stay. Why, Officer Matthews here is one of my best recruiters!," Parker informs his prisoner with a slight snicker.

"Re ... recruiters?," Katt manages to mumble before he passes out.

"Thomas Katt, welcome to my sinister squadron of cop slaves! A handsome hunk like you will make a fine addition to my reprogrammed police force! After Matthews through recruiting you, you will be proud to serve under me once again, my delectable detective!," Parker states with perverse pleasure, releasing a sinister laugh as he runs his fingers through Detective Katt's hair, then grabs hold of his head, forcing his prisoner to face his captor. After he hears those words, our helpless hero completely loses consciousness.

Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Captain Squires calls two of his detectives into the office.

Detective Jake Gianelli, a thickly muscled, macho Italian type with dark hair and a goatee, knocks on the door, "The sergeant said you wanted to see us, Captain?"

Squires says, "Yes, men. Come in. Has there been any breaks in the case?"

Detective Chad Conners, also a big, brawny bodybuilder with sandy blonde hair and boyish good looks, answers, "None so far. Whoever's responsible sure covered his tracks well."

"He has to have slipped up somewhere. They couldn't have just vanished into thin air! Someone had to have seen something. Did you question the desk clerk again?," Squires asks.

Detective Gianelli replies, "We've already questioned him three times. If he knows anything, he's not talking. Maybe he's too scared ... "

Just then, Sergeant Ben Archer, an extremely handsome man in his early 40s with brown hair (slightly graying) and a thick mustache, sticks his head through the doorway, "Sorry to inform you of this, Captain. But Officers Lord and Miller are not responding to their call. We sent some men over to investigate."

"When did they last report in?," Squires wants to know.

"They went to the Metro City Motor Lodge to check out a report of a couple of suspicious characters lurking around the parking lot. Nobody's heard from them since," Archer informs the Captain.

"Now that's just great! I've got some crackpot going after my men, the entire city is in an uproar, the Commissioner is breathing down my neck to solve this case, one of my best detectives has gone AWOL and now two more officers are missing! ..... ," Squires shakes his head, "Can this situation get any worse? ... "

A half hour passes by before Katt wakes up. The dazed detective is trapped in a dungeon, wearing nothing but wrist suspension restraints connected to a chain hanging from the ceiling and a head harness with a ball gag in his mouth. The Warden is standing directly in front of him, choosing to make his other prisoners wait while he attends to his newest plaything. The mind-controlled Matthews is at The Warden's side, completely naked except for the leather collar he has around his neck. Though his eyes are still blurry, Katt can't help but see the huge hard-on Matthews has on him. The prisoner's brainwashed buddy just stand there with blank expression on his face, awaiting his Master's instructions.

The Warden rubs Katt's muscular body with sadistic pleasure as the restrained cop struggles in vain. Parker looks in the eyes of his captive and says, "You don't know how long I have waited for this moment. I have had my eye on you ever since you graduated from the police academy. From the day I first saw you, I knew I had to have you, Thomas. ... And now you're all mine! At last, I finally possess the only man I have ever loved!"

The Warden gets down on his knees to face the detective's dick. Parker grabs hold of his prisoner's penis, stroking his cock until it gets firm. Then The Warden spreads Katt's pissslit open with his thumb and index finger and gently kisses his cockhead once on the tip to sample the drop of pre-cum he milked out of his victim.

The Warden lustfully says, "Your cock tastes delicious, Katt. And soon you will offer me all the manly cream it contains inside. Once I get you to shoot this big gun of yours, you'll be so madly in love with me, you won't want to give your cum to anybody else, not even your old friend Matthews here!"

Though he is unable to speak, Katt reacts violently to The Warden's last remark. He wonders to himself how Parker could possibly know how he really feels about his former partner. Matthews couldn't have told him. After all, Tom has never been able to admit his true feelings to Ted, much less to himself. It's as if The Warden could read his mind and somehow violated his deepest, most private thoughts.

Parker can tell this revelation has made his captive extremely upset, "Yes, Thomas, I know all about your dirty little secret. In fact, I've known how you felt about Matthews for some time now. If you only knew that Teddy always wanted to be with you too. To think, all those years the two of you spent in the closet, hiding the truth from one another when you both could have save yourselves a lot of needless pain and told each other how you really feel. I can just picture it - first you would discuss your feelings openly and honestly, then you'd hold each other close and share a passionate kiss, then, suddenly, you both rip your clothes off and, like two wild animals in heat, you would finally release all that sexual tension you've kept pent up inside for sooo long as you fling your legs up in the air and let him fuck your puckered hole until your raging cocks spewed out its cum like a couple of erupting volcanoes. Why, if you had only let him know how much you loved him, he would probably be down on his knees at this very minute, sucking your dick instead of me. But now it can never be. For Matthews' heart belongs to another. And soon I will have your love as well."

By this time, the detective is filled with rage. Katt tries to express his anger but the ball gag keeps him from being clearly understood. Nonetheless, The Warden knows all too well what his prisoner is trying to say.

The Warden continues to toy with his captive's emotions, "I know, poor boy! It's heartbreaking, isn't it? If only you had been honest with Ted, your lips might be wrapped around that beautiful cock of his right now. Just imagine taking his whole eight inches up that nice round ass of yours. What a shame! Oh well! At least you'll always be together, only you two hot cops will spend of your rest of your lives making love to me, not to each other. But who knows? Maybe I'll let you express your true feelings for one another but, by then, you won't care. When you finally do have sex, it will be strictly for my amusement only, of course. Soon your boyfriend here as just another nameless, faceless slave to you! You'll be much too busy sexually satisfying the insatiable appetite of your new lover to even think about fucking around with him or anyone else. In fact, your only thoughts will be thinking up new ways to please me, your beloved Master."

With those words, The Warden prepares to take his prisoner's whole manhood inside his warm, wet mouth. Unable to hold back his disgust any longer, Katt pulls his cock away from Parker's moist lips and manages to breaks free from his salacious grasp.

Deprived of the pleasure of devouring the manmeat he has desired for so long, a furious Parker gets up off the floor, slaps Katt across the face and shouts, "Insubordination will not be tolerated in my precinct! Matthews, hand me that whip on the table. I need to remind our new recruit how I punish those who foolishly defy my direct orders." Parker takes the cat 'o' nine tails whip from his obedient officer and administers some vicious lashes to Katt's broad back and massive chest. Then he flogs the detective's perfect ass until the marks turn flaming red. Throughout this ordeal, Katt bravely remains tightlipped, refusing to give his punisher the satisfaction of hearing him scream.

Undaunted, The Warden shoves an insertible electrode shaped like a butt plug in Katt's asshole.

The Warden tells his assistant, "Give me some power, slave. Our detective friend here is about to entertain us with a little dance. Now the sparks are really gonna fly!"

Matthews turns up the voltage on cue, causing the prisoner's whole body to jerk uncontrollably. While the captive cop goes into a series of convulsions, The Warden uses an electric wand on him, delighting in tormenting his silver dollar sized nipples, well hung cock, and equally impressive balls. The restrained cop, unable to withstand the unbearable amount of pain he's being subjected to, releases a horrific wail just before his head slumps forward. After the delectable detective collapses, Parker takes his hard cock out of his jock and douses Katt's battered body with streams of his hot yellow piss.

"This should cool you down a bit, my hot cop!," Parker exclaims as he pisses on his prisoner.

"Awwwwwww ... Oooooooohhh ... ," Katt cries out from behind his gag as, suddenly, everything goes black.

Once he through humiliating his captive, The Warden lifts Katt's head by the hair and sees that he's out like a light. Parker then instructs his cop slave, "Clean him up, Matthews, then prepare him for retraining. Don't forget to attach the electrodes to his nipples and cock. Our friend here is in for the shock of his life!"

His obedient officer respectfully replies, "At once, ... Master!"

The Warden leaves the dungeon to attend to other business as Matthews licks the manly mixture of his Master's piss and the detective's sweat off of his helpless victim. Then the cop slave releases the prisoner from his bonds to place him in some new restraints.

As Katt is tied up, spreadeagle, to a lage rack, back at the precinct, a nervous Sergeant Archer receives an unexpected call from an old friend on his cell phone. Seeking a private spot where he can have a personal conversation, Archer answers, "Oh, it's you. Listen, I thought I told you never to call me at work. It's far too risky!"

On the other end, The Warden's voice states, "Relax, Sergeant Archer. Nobody knows I'm here. Besides, no one would ever suspect that you still work for ME!"

Speaking softly into the receiver so no one else can hear, an edgy Archer is not so sure, "You're getting too cocky, boss. We had better be careful. What if someone else finds out you're back in Metro City? Both of us could end up behind bars! I don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison!"

The Warden snickers as he tries to reassure his accomplice, "You worry too much, Mr. Archer! By the time those idiots down at Police Headquarters figure out what I'm up to, it will be too late! Soon I shall have an entire squadron of mind-controlled cop slaves completely at my disposal! Their puny little police force will be no match for my evil army of brainwashed warriors! Then I will have my revenge on all those who have scorned me!"

Archer stammers, "But Commissioner Radcliffe ... ?"

Parker vehemently interjects, "Commissioner Radcliffe will pay dearly, as will those fools Captains Squires, Carrigan and Taylor. In fact, it won't be long until I'll be running the whole damn police department! After my obedient officers help me reclaim what is rightfully mine, that fucker Radcliffe and his stooges will all be working for ME!"

Archer apologizes, "Sorry, Sir. I just wish I was as confident as you seem to be."

The Warden tells his assistant, "Trust me, Sergeant. If you follow my instructions, nothing can go wrong! Soon we'll both have everything we've ever wanted!"